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Paw lesionZoonotic diseases found in smuggled animals Most dangerous infectious diseases are caused by zoonotic pathogens. The United States is the world's largest wildlife importer and imports billions of individual animals. However, little disease surveillance is conducted for imported animals. This poses a great threat to public health and domestic wildlife.

FerretDisease Prevention In Ferrets Preventive measures are vital the health of ferrets and usually include physical examination and screening, vaccination, parasite control for external and internal parasites and quarantine procedures.

Bacteria Bacteria causing cancer?
Each year, approximately 1.2 million individuals are diagnosed with colon cancer worldwide. As the second leading cancer affecting both men and women, colorectal cancer claims the lives of over 600,000 individuals annually. Toxins from certain species of bacteria have been linked to human colon cancer.

Dog Disease Signs

Dog Disease Signs: Abdominal pain, blood in the urine, difficult or no urination, painful urination, urinary incontinence.

KittenCan a lone cat wipe out an entire animal species? Tibbles The Terrible became infamous just for that.

Tritrichomonas foetus, cause of chronic diarrhea in catsChronic diarrhea in cats often occurs as an infection with one or several protozoans. The disease is very difficult to treat.
Recent data indicate that a high-protein diet cannot be considered as beneficial for the prevention of calcium oxalate stones in cats, as previously assumed.

Fear and anxiety in response to a fireworks, thunder and gunshots is a significant behavior concern of dog owners. Hopefully, a new product reducing sound-induced fear and anxiety will soon be available.

Dog Sudden Death

Coping with the loss of one's pet and learning how to live through the grief.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016 2:31:14 PM
Posted on Dog Sudden Death
My 1.5 year old chihuahua and I had a normal everyday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary. My pomeranian, he, and I headed to my office as usual. When we arrived, as usual they both went to drink water and follow me around. My chihuahua signaled that he had to go outside to potty. While outside [...]

Saturday, January 16, 2016 11:37:34 AM
Posted on Dog Disease Message Board
My 2 year old min dachshund was diagnosed 3 days ago with cardiomyopathy. She was given 2 months to live. I am devastated. I constantly looking for symptoms. I haven't left her for more than a few hours. I don't know what to do or how to deal with this. I haven't stopped crying since I found out. I could really [...]

Friday, January 15, 2016 6:53:31 PM
Posted on Dog Sudden Death
I had a great GSD that died suddenly at 8years 10 months of age on 1-14-16 She did her morning romp with our other dog at 6:00 a.m. doing their business. Came in went back to sleep with me got up at 9:00 a.m. back outside I had to go to town for a Dr.S appt. and when I got back I [...]

Friday, January 1, 2016 11:50:31 PM
Posted on Dog Sudden Death
We have two older male shih-tzus. One was slowing down over the last few weeks and we also noticed he was snoring really loud at night and he never did that before. He also would cough when drinking water, but was fine with food. This did not stop or change his eating or drinking habits at all. [...]

Monday, December 14, 2015 4:46:13 PM
Posted on Dog Sudden Death
We lost our beloved Reba last night. My wife owned a plant nursery and Reba was the Nursery Dog. She was an excellent watch dog. Being part coyote and part German Shepard, she could be very intimidating when she wanted to be. But she was an absolute sweetheart with our family - even the grandchildren. She [...]

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Causes Of Sudden Death In Dogs
Most common causes of sudden and unexpected death in dogs that were considered healthy by their owners when last seen; potentially severe diseases and disorders of dogs that do not have clinical signs or become apparent in a very short period of time.

Horse Diseases

shetland pony's headGastrointestinal disorders that result in development of severe abdominal pain (colic) are one of the most frequent causes of death in domesticated horses and have a significant impact on equine health and welfare. A new cause for this condition has been recently established with some horses responding positively to drug therapy.

Brown horse wearing tack Hindgut Bacteria Might Be Linked To Chronic Laminitis in horses who indulge in overconsumption of grain or after feeding on lush pasture rich with fructans (converted to fructose) which cause metabolic disease in horses. Fructose is unique among foods in its remarkable ability to induce metabolic disease in animals and humans.

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ParasiteWhat's that scratching sound coming out of your belly? Grain or flour mite is a serious and widespread pest of stored foodstuffs, particularly grain and grain products. Some mites not only feed on a wide variety of food, but also exist in animal or human intestines.

VirusZoonotic Diseases From Guinea Pigs
Zoonotic diseases associated with infections carried by pet guinea pigs, including caused by parasitic fungi, helminths and viruses.

Black catDomestic cats from urban and rural environments are exposed to Leptospira bacteria. The purpose of this article is to increase the awareness of Leptospira infection among veterinarians and pet owners and to instigate appropriate preventive measures.

Reminder: Millions of dogs and cats are abandoned worldwide every year. It is an important issue because, first, it is considered a major animal welfare problem, and second, the care of stray pets carries a large public and private cost: $2 billion per year in the United States! This is exactly the yearly research investment amount required to find a cure for the Alzheimer or other debilitating diseases.

Pakistani subhumans torturing a dogPakistani subhumans torturing a dog

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