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Small pictures of an Airedale terrierBlood-feeding parasites can make your dog very sick. Which tick control pruduct is most effective in not only repelling but also killing ticks? Chemistry and quality of ingredients confer to the products a large part of their efficacy properties.

Fungal particleHave you noticed recently that your dog's breath has somewhat offensive aroma? Bad breath should never be a reason of trivial concern such as "It does not affect my relationship with my pet," because it is often an indication of an underlying health problem that may present a risk for your dog and yourself.

Skinny pig Who said that one cannot be fat and skinny at the same time?

The owners of these cute pets claim that their pigs are the most lovable and cutest pigs in the world and although they require more works than other pets, it's worth the extra effort.

White catYou've noticed recently that your cat has become hyperactive, she is pacing and grooming constantly, but despite the attention, her coat appears dull and unkempt. She is losing weight even though her appetite is normal, sometimes even voracious. Occasionally, she may vomit and has diarrhea. These are the signs of the disease that is thought to be an epidemic.

KittenHow can you tell the difference between healthy pungent feline breath and the foul variety? There is only one way: Know the scent of your pet's regular breath by smelling it regularly. Plaque-caused inflammatory condition is one of the most common diseases in cats, affecting around 70% of cats over two years of age, and 85% of those aged over five years.

BirdPower in number
Never mind their small size. These tiny parasites are among the most important pests of poultry and pet birds which can kill your pet bird.

Dog Symptom Of The Day
Occasionally, a dog's skin becomes itchy and inflamed for no apparent reason, especially when he has no history of allergies or flea-associated dermatitis. Parasitic skin infections are fairly common in dogs, but sometimes quite hard to diagnose.

Dog Sudden Death

Coping with the loss of one's pet and learning how to live through the grief.

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Causes Of Sudden Death In Dogs
Most common causes of sudden and unexpected death in dogs that were considered healthy by their owners when last seen; potentially severe diseases and disorders of dogs that do not have clinical signs or become apparent in a very short period of time.

Horse Diseases

shetland pony's headGastrointestinal disorders that result in development of severe abdominal pain (colic) are one of the most frequent causes of death in domesticated horses and have a significant impact on equine health and welfare. A new cause for this condition has been recently established with some horses responding positively to drug therapy.

Brown horse wearing tackHindgut Bacteria Might Be Linked To Chronic Laminitis in horses who indulge in overconsumption of grain or after feeding on lush pasture rich with fructans (converted to fructose) which cause metabolic disease in horses. Fructose is unique among foods in its remarkable ability to induce metabolic disease in animals and humans.

. Przewalski's Horses touching heads across enclosure

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FalconNew Falcon Pictures The Saker Falcon is the second largest falcon, with a wingspan measuring from 105 to 135 cm. The species was listed as Globally Endangered in the IUCN as a result of uncontrolled capture for the falconry trade. Recently its status was adapted to Vulnerable, but in some countries the bird is still Critically Endangered.

Bird Of The Day

Long-eared Owl (Asio otus)
Long-eared Owl Asio otus

BedbugCan pathogens in a common bed bug kill you? Probably so. Especially when this parasite goes without feeding for several months or even years. It will be so eager to inject in its unsuspecting host a full load of bacteria and molds, including those that are known to cause multiple tumor-like lesions in skin, bone, brain, and other organs.

VirusWe Are Under Siege: Viruses' War On Animals And Humans: If you have had recently unexplained bouts of vomiting and diarrhea, chances are you picked up an infection at your local meat market. If it was your pet who got sick, the story gets somewhat more complicated.

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