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Causes Of Sudden Death In Dogs - Most common causes of sudden and unexpected death in dogs that were considered healthy by their owners when last seen; potentially severe diseases and disorders of dogs that do not have clinical signs or become apparent in a very short period of time.

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By violinga1 on 2017-03-11
Post ID: 271
Just wanted to send hugs your way.  My Pekingese that I grew up with is going through something similar to what your dog endured.  The only difference is that she's still with my parents and I visit her as often as possible.  I got a call at work today saying she fainted again....she's hanging in there, but I am devastated and searching for answers online.  Just wanted to say your story touched me and all the best for you and your other dogs.


By anthrax on Tuesday, April 25, 2017 7:27:49 AM
I just made this account to tell you that you're a psycho.

By karen.benda on 2010-02-14
Post ID: 223
I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost our beautiful lab mix several weeks ago. She was running around looking normal suddenly collapsed and 3 hours later she died in at the emergency vet. We understand that she had fluid around her heart probably caused by a fast gposting tumor. Her lips and gums turned blue as we were rushing her to the ER and when they performed surgery to remove the fluid her heart stopped. I have been told that many dogs will not make it as long as she did but rather collapse and die. These heart tumors gpost rapidly and will put pressure on the heart and cause collapse sometimes bleeding out as it did with her. We had just taken her to the vet the day before and had bloodwork done a month ago. There were no clinical signs of any problems she had a perfect health diagnosis. We were shocked and all I can do is cry myself. My thoughts are with you and I hope you are able to find closure. We are still questioning exactly what happened as she showed no signs.


By trainer on 2010-01-22
Post ID: 222
Awoke at 4:00 AM Tuesday to take husband an hour away for cardiac surgery.  We went to let our three bullies out to go potty and found our male dead. He was only three years old and had spent a wonderful day playing in the snow and had a relaxing night before putting him in his bed. He did have a history of seizures, heart murmur and small trachea, but we handled all of these issues with meds and diet and careful monitoring of his activities.  We are heart broken.  Swaddled our boy and placed him in a safe place in our home.  It was torture leaving him, no Vets were available that early in the morning and we had to drive an hour and a half away for my husbsnds scheduled surgeries.  Friends came to our home and took our boy to the Vets.  We spoke with our Vet and he feels it was cardiac arythmia...simply went to sleep and never woke up. He showed no signs of seizure activity or distress from the position his body was in and no soiling of his bedding, etc. .  Our other two are constantly searching for their little buddy. I just pray he went the way the Vet thinks, can't dare to think of him frightened or in pain.  I'll miss him forever.  He was a little angel.  My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered a loss.  Cathy


By kate.moulton on 2010-01-12
Post ID: 227
You do know it’s only a dog right? How could some say that to us at a time like this? Those haunting words keep echoing in my ears as both my husband and I struggle to understand why at such a young age one of our precious pets was taken away from us.  There are those who can’t understand why people like us consider their pet as one of their family members. Our beautiful Suki, an 8 month old Dogue de Bordeaux, was only with us for a short 5 months but the pain of loosing her seems unbearable right now. She was a happy playful puppy one minute then paralyzed the next.  We did all we could for her but her little body just gave out.  We needed to know why, so in a few shorts months we'll have our answer but for now no matter why this happened it's still a hard pill to swallow. It will be all those memories of joy that she gave us in the short few months that she was with us, that will eventually bring us the strength to help mend our broken hearts.  Her memory will live on in our hearts but for now January 8, 2010 will be a date that brought us great sadness.


By daleflack8 on 2010-01-05
Post ID: 217
My little Dalmatian Kobi Died December 26th without and symptoms, we were out walking and noticed a twitch in his back left leg...he continued running nthrough the gress then just stoppep and wet himself..I picked him up and carried him home to call the vet, he passed away in the car on the way no more than 10 min after he was bounding through the field. So sudden and so young..he was only 5 Months..absulutely devistating.


By sweetreba77 on 2010-01-04
Post ID: 226

      I lost my dog 2 weeks ago.  I am still looking for answers which is how I found this blog.  December 20, 2009 was the worst day of my life.  My dog who I rescued in 2004, was about a year and a half when I got her and 6 1/2 at her passing. She was a 20lb papillon mix. I am so shocked and devastated at her death.
      She was acting weird the day before, walking in circles a little bit, just being kind of goofy.  She was a silly dog so I thought she was being weird, she still was eating and drinking and remaining with me.  Usually when she didn't feel well she hid from me under my bed.  She had just been to the vet on Tuesday getting a urine test.  She was perfectly fine.  We had done a lot of work in 2009 with xrays and blood, etc.  She had luxating patellas (knees) and bladder crystals which just cleared up.  I thought the strange behavior might have been reaction to the pain in her knees or her pain medicine.  I called the vet but didn't see reason to worry, they didn't say to bring her in right away.  I figured I would wait till morning and see how she was.  I didn't know she was in distress and I feel so bad.
      Sunday I still wasn't terribly worried, never in a million years did I think she was dying.  I got her leash to take her to the vet and as she walked towards me, she fell over.  That's when the panic began.  I brought her in and they said she was critical, they did xrays and blood and the only thing they could see was a slightly enlarged heart from her last xray.  She had an oxygen mask on and was being given fluids.  They called me right after I left her to come back as they thought she was dying.  I couldn't stay in the back but I pet her and comforted her and then I couldn't leave so I paced the parking lot for hours.  Then the vet said she was stable and her heartbeat was normal, I was to go home and come back to get her before closing in a couple hours.  I had hope she would be fine since before they said she would need to go to emergency when they closed and now they said she could go home.  An hour later, they called me back.  They were doing CPR on her when I got there and she was gone.
      My heart is broken and I still don't know why she died.  I hate that others went through what I did, but at least I get small comfort in knowing that it's something that sometimes just happens and it wasn't necessarily my fault.  I still feel guilty and miss her so much.  She was my child, my only companion and company.  She followed me everywhere and did everything with me.  My house is so lonely now.  Sudden death, how awful.  No expectation, no warning, young dogs taken too soon.


By Rogerdw2 on 2010-01-03
Post ID: 221
I never new a dog could die that quick till yesterday. My 9 yr old Golden Ret/Boxer mix Sheba Was healthy active and a perfect pet.On Jan 1 2010 around 7pm she started whinning like she wanted out to potty I let her out and had to call her to get her in.She would lay down for about and then get up whinning like she wanted back out so thinking she had a tummy ache and was eating grass I let her back out.I got her in a little later but nothing had changed she would walk around with her head down and when she laid down she would moan and wimper I called a vet hospital and they wouldn't see her unless I paid 125 dollars up front and they wanted 100 for x-ray and another150 for blood test all up front.Well needles to say I don't have that kind of money just laying around and don't use ccards so I had to wait till saturday to call my vet and got her a appointment.By the time I was able to get ahold of the vet she could hardly get off the floor by the time I got her in the car she died. SHEBA was a perfect dog we did everything together other than work if I went somewhere she was with me.She slept beside me in bed,she greated me at the door I could let her out and she wouldn't leave the yard.In warm weather I would come home from work and take her and our little dog to the baseball diamond to run and play fetch.Now I'm lost without her.It has torn me up inside and out.I have no kids so she was just like a daughter to me.I'm haveing her creamated tomarpost and placing her ontop of my tv with her picture and halter.My heart goes out to all that have gone thru this.I LOVE YOU SHEBA YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART AND MIND.You were the greatest friend I will ever have.Rest in peace.


By auntiescrooge on 2009-12-30
Post ID: 220

      Just wanted to say that you are not alone in how you feel. Losing your beloved pet like that is the most heartbreaking thing that I think anyone can go through or even endure through.

      We found our much loved little dog outside on the cement under the back porch, she had apparently just laid down and died, and like you we didn't get an autopsy because my husband said as much as he wanted to know what caused her death he didn't wan't to know. (presumambly guilt in case we had missed a vital clue that all was not well with her.)

      She was only 9 years old and just loved and got excited about everything we did and she did in life, whether it was just mowing the lawns or weeding the garden, she always found something exciting to do.. she loved getting the mail and bringing in the daily paper, loved going camping, walking didn't matter what it was she was always ready willing and waiting.

      Her only fault was that she was not a good traveller, she used to go right off, and would bark incessantly, jump, and chew anything she could put her teeth to.. although she absolutely loved the truck and going to different places travelling seem to turn something in her brain.. it was like a completely different little animal..

      Even though its been six months since she left us, I often find myself in tears and the loss is still almost as unbearable.
      Even my husband is still struggling with the loss, our other little dog was fretting so badly we went and got another little mate for her, but as much as we love the both of them its just not the same with our Apache and never will be.

      Anyway all I really wanted to say is that my heart goes out to you and your boyfriend for your loss, no one can really appreciate how much love you get from our animals and what they mean to us, we live with them 24/7 as they do us, so they give us their uncondional love for whatever we choose to do for them or give them.. how little or how much they don't care.

      And considering where you found him, you have given him a much better life than he would have had otherwise.. a quality seven years of life.. many do not get so lucky...

      Hugs and Hugs to you
      Di x


By jspaige00 on 2009-12-29
Post ID: 225

      I am suffering so greatly right now. My best friend and companion of seven years died suddenly on Christmas Day. I am so thankful that he didn't suffer long and that I was by his side, but I am wrought with the guilt that I should have know something was wrong. He was a golden retriever / great pyrenese mix - 7 years old. I've had him since the day I found him under a dumpster at 3 mos old. He was my everything - never so apparent as when he left. My boyfriend, who also loved him dearly, and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Simon, after a walk and playing tug - all the normal stuff, was resting on the floor. He awoke to get some water and fell fast and hard to the ground, but he bounced right back up. 2 seconds later he was down again and we ran to his side and held him, thinking he was having a seizure for the first time. He let out a short heart breaking howl and died. I'm having the hardest time with this. Even the people I've lost in my life have gone with some predictability and usually with the relief of some long suffering. I'm so thankful he went fast and DIDN'T endure long suffering and left in my arms - but now I'm just dying of heartbreak. He went to all his regular check ups, tested negative for heart worms a few months back, and was a very healthy boy. In my shock and grief I neglected a post mortem, but now I wish I had answers. We are picking up his ashes today and spreading them in the forest where he loved to go hiking. He was my first dog and I knew him so so well, and he me. We were a team, and now I feel like part of ME is missing - I'm just looking for some sort of solace now. I don't know what to do and i hate not knowing why he died at only seven.



By tracy5756 on 2009-12-27
Post ID: 224

      My dog Rex just died. He is the second to die in less than 4 months. I played with him this morning and feed him around 4:30 pm.,which is earlier than normal, but i was going to a christmas party and he didn't like to eat after it got to dark. I was only gone for 4 hours and whan i got home his stomach was real tight and he would not move in less than 20 minutes he was dead.This is the second pet I have lost during christmas, last year my 14 year old cat was laying in my bed dead when i got home from my brothers christmas day and she seemed fine when i left that day.I love animals and i breaks my heart to lose my best friends. I got Rex only 5 years ago, 2 days after my
      Ma-Ma died(we were very close)and he was such a comfort to me. Rex was not in good health when i got him, he was very skinny and dirty. I bought him from a man who did not take care of him. But with many trips to the vet and love Rex became a big beautiful baby. Rex was a redbone hound who would not hunt a thing and was scared of loud noises which most likely the reason the man i got him from didn't take care of him. But the minute i saw this scared dirty skinny boy i knew i had to have him. i will miss so much, he was my big baby who just wanted someone to hold and love him. he was alittle big to be a lapdog but we managed. he will always be in my heart. i love you rex take care of chi-chi and fat kat for me.


By brahmaforces on 2009-12-26
Post ID: 214

      Reading everyone's comments here gives us some solace that we are not alone. This is like losing a child it is emotionally gut wrenching.

      Mystique Jedi Night my beautiful german shephard puppy otherwise in perfect health with no health problems just died.

      My 2 year old girl german shephard vomited once when I was leaving my art studio in the evening. I ascribed this to a heavier than normal lunch that she had. I was away for the night and left her with the caretaker of the studio. In the morning he called me and said she was making rasping sounds while breathing and to come over. I drove over immediately and found her with her eyes glazed and tongue hanging out. She was dead.

      She was in perfect health. She ran in the park in the day and played ball. I brushed her in the day. She did her training and jumped about everywhere. The next morning she was dead.

      We cremeated her in the garden, it took all day and buried her ashes today. I am looking to plant some flowers over her ashes.

      Until two days ago we were the happy owners of a beautiful German Shephard Dog. She was going to be 2 years old on Christmas day. She was the most intelligent, loving and beautiful dog. She was loved by everyone and gave everyone a warm welcome and lived with us at my art studio. Whenever people came she sat with us for meetings on the couch and became the life of the studio playing in the garden, and standing at the gate and running with the neighbourhood dogs.

      I have called vets, experts, breeders and have got the following responses. She could have died due to:

      1) Cardiac arrest
      2) GSDs that are highly pedigreed can be genetically weak and prone to heart disease
      3) Poisioning by eating a rat, insect or lizard or something that caused a reaction
      4) Bloat (But she vomited and i read somewhere that in bloat this is not possible

      I dont know what the real cause is. She was only 2 years ago. In perfect health. Me and my wife are heart broken. We feel like we have lost our first child.

      Our studio has become empty and no one feels like going there now. We saw her at the gate when we came, and she followed us whereever we went there. She came as a puppy and captured everyones heart. We didnt realize that she became the soul of the place and it is impossibly empty without her.

      We are in shock. Only time will heal.

      We never ever thought that our 2 year old perfectly healthy beautiful german shephard, extremely loving and lovable good natured dog would just be dead one regular morning.



By mel_dorman on 2009-12-25
Post ID: 213

      My heart really goes out to everyone here. Sudden death is something that was completely foreign to me. I was at the dog park today with my 7 year-old and 1 year-old boxers. Everything was totally fine until my older boy, Oscar, seized up and I thought that he had a cramp. I was holding him and his eyes were unfocused. I figured that he was having a seizure so I protected his head. Well, he went limp and his eyes immediately went cloudy. A friendly neighbor at the park tried giving him mouth-to-mouth but his heart slowed and stopped.

      Now I am totally inconsolable and feel so cheated. Oscar was at the vet two weeks ago and had a complete physical and checked out on all tests. I honestly don't know what would be easier- to have a sick dog but be able to say goodbye or to lose a dog suddenly in your arms?

      Oscar was my best friend and a dog that will never be forgotten. He was an incredible companion and the most charismatic soul I have ever met. He will be missed by all!

      My thoughts and prayers are with everyone else who has lost their best friend!


By tonythibodeaux on 2009-12-22
Post ID: 212
i just lost my beloved chihuahua tipsy this morning she was going to be 10 on january 2010 she seemed perfectly fine last night and this morning she went out like she normally did but she didnt come back she just collasped and died right there im devastated its like losing one of your best friends and the thing that i cant except is that it happened all of a sudden R.I.P tipsy i miss you


By auntiescrooge on 2009-12-03
Post ID: 216

      We had the same thing happen to our beautiful little 9 year old female jack russell.
      I just wanted to say that we know how you feel, gutted and utter devastation hardly begins to describe the feeling that you feel when you find an apparently healthy little animal lifeless when you awaken.
      Its been 5 months now since we lost her and yet I still shed tears every day because she is no longer beside me. Had she been ill or anything I think it would have been easier to accept the loss..
      So to all of you who have lost your much loved pets, you have my love and sympathy, its just as bad as losing a loved family member, but sometimes harder because you live with your pet 24/7.
      Di xx


By janet on 2009-12-02
Post ID: 211

      Christine, please, if you feel like it, email me.  I do so understand how you are feeling.  I am still in such horrible pain after losing my Annie, my soul mate, to a sudden death.  It is so difficult to deal with her death, and I feel so bad that I was not with her.
      My thoughts are with you... keep in touch with me...
      Janet, Annie's mom


By Prostat on 2009-12-01
Post ID: 203

      I lost my best friend and love of my life on October 11, 2009. She was a Black German Shepherd. She would have turned 10 on 1/1/2010. I was in the hospital having my knee replaced and my husband found her dead the morning I was to come home. She had not seemed quite right to me the week before. I took her the vet and they ran blood tests, performed an abdominal x-ray and an ultrasound to rule out bloat. They said everything came back normal and they felt it was arthritis in her hips causing pain. She was restless at times and did appear to be in pain. She was not feverish. Every day of my hospital stay my husband said she ate and acted as normal as she ever did when I was gone. I was her person, we belonged to each other. That morning she was on her bed and did not come when he called her for breakfast. He went in to check and she was gone. No signs of a struggle , she just looked like she was sleeping. I would love to know why...but I can take some comfort in knowing she seemed not to have suffered. I am suffering because I was'nt with her. I miss her with every fiber of my being every minute of every day.After reading the comments I believe it must have been cardiac related.
      Christina Sullivan


By band26036 on 2009-11-11
Post ID: 215

      I am having a hard time dealing not only with the loss of my beloved Lola but with the sad way she died. We would have been together three years this February. I adopted her when her former owners, close friends of mine, died within a year of each other. She had been in the house with her dead master, the victim of a sudden, unexpected heart attack,for two days before they were discovered. She was six and I had known her as a pup. It was supposed to be temporary, until I could find her a new home. She was a Japanese chin who shed a lot. She was a quiet lapdog who I didn't think would get along with my playful Westie. I had a small apartment and a lease that only allowed one dog. But I fell in love with her funny face, the way she danced, her flood of goodnight kisses and how hard she worked to adjust to my house and to please me. She wanted to be my dog. I couldn't let her go.

      The first year together was one of turmoil. Lots of changes and temporary arrangements until we found a new place for the three of us. Lola came into a her own in her new home as a much loved little princess. She was so happy. How she loved being petted and groomed. For 11 months everything seemed wonderful. Then last winter, her first in a cold climate, she started coughing now and then. The vet said it was congestive heart failure. It sounded so ominous. But she had no signs of advanced disease. She was spirited, active and most importantly happy. There was only that cough. After she ate, she asked for more, please. She expected some apple in the evening and a treat before bed and let me know when it was time. She still was doing her little dances and spins up to the end.  She loved going for walks when it wasn't too hot, wet or cold. We explored Central Park on my birthday in April.

      Sometimes the night time coughing was a little more frequent usually when it was cold or damp, but sometimes it was just a single soft cough in the evening. She had great checkups. The vet said she was doing fine. The last time he saw her was the Friday before she died. The murmur hadn't gpostn worse. She still had no major symptoms that he saw.

      On Halloween she was at the door greeting the trick or treaters with her "woo woo"s. She was jumping around providing her night time entertainment, presenting her head for petting, demanding her apple with a stamp of her paw Sunday and Monday. She seemed a little quiet on Tuesday but not to the point it was alarming. There were little changes over the months. She didn't jump on furniture quite as often, or explore the yard when she went out quite as often, maybe she panted a little more often but nothing really worrisome. I was sure we had a lot more time together. I looked forward to out third Christmas and hoped the winter wasn't a bad one.

      As usual I was up at late at my computer that night and woke her from a quiet sleep for one last trip outside and then to bed It was 1 AM. As usual she coughed a couple of times when she laid back down. But this night, like one night before in September, she couldn't get settled. Like that earlier night, the temperature had dropped a lot and the house was a little chilly. When she started coughing again I brought her into me bed and held her close to me and put a blanket over her body She slept there quietly for a few minutes but she wasn't comfortable. She jumped off the bed to find another resting place. Each time she chose a new place or a different room she coughed four or five times. This went on for almost two hours, Every five or ten minutes she would wander, settle down, cough and then get up again. I was going to have to discuss this with her vet in the morning. He hadn't thought the September incident was a major problem and she was almost back to normal the next day. But I didn't like this development.

      Finally she seemed to have fallen asleep. I could hear her breathing a little heavily in the next room. Then suddenly she came to my room  and put her paws on my bed, her signal to be lifted up. She was panting rapidly and seemed distressed and frightened like she sometimes was during a big thunderstorm. It was now 3:30 in the morning. I petted her trying to comfort her and calm her down. The panting grew faster and developed a strange rhythm. My Westie rushed over to her side looking worried, Lola looked so vulnerable and scared. She laid across my lap. Now I was scared. The closest emergency vet was a 20 minute drive away. When I got up to the computer to print out the directions, half awake, afraid I would get lost, afraid she would die in the car, she came to the edge of the bed closest to me and stretched her head over the edge toward me. I patted her twice. She nuzzled her head in my hand then walked to the top of my bed. Suddenly she collapsed, a flood of yellow liquid flowing from her nose. I screamed her name and "No" No! No!"  over and over. She seemed to have stopped breathing but when I touched her I felt a shallow movement. I threw on m


By luvingdenver on 2009-11-11
Post ID: 218
I lost my 14 year old Sheltie 2 months ago and still cry all the time. He and I went to get our mail and our nightly walk and he came home and layed at the bottom of the steps. I coaxed him up the steps, he got on his favorite chair and then on the floor on his side and his nose was ice cold and his mouth was twitching and I could see his soul leaving me. I am so devestated.


By band26036 on 2009-11-11
Post ID: 219
I need to add that her vet said she had probably died after rupturing a cord that held her heart and valves in place. The vet at the Japanese Chin Club had the same opinion. They said it was impossible to foresee and nothing could have been done. But I will he haunted by the terror in her sweet face. Brokenhearted by her soft final goodbye. I will miss my funny face, pretty princess forever.


By raytock on 2009-11-03
Post ID: 362
Still missing you year later. Sierra, sometimes I see you in the backyard...running like you should be. I love you my precious Golden. You are in my heart forever


By cabacteria on 2009-10-31
Post ID: 210

      Very sorry about your loss of Bingo. It is tragic when our animals die so quickly. My dog was running and happy one minute, and collapsed and died within one minute the next. I miss her terribly.

      There may be some possibilities you could rule out. In a study that I downloaded on sudden death in dogs, 7% of the 1900 or so that were studied, died from sudden death and of that 7%, 33% died from heart related problems. In plain English, that means that about 2 or 3 dogs in a hundred die from a heart attack, the remaining 4 or 5 from GI-related problems, poison, snake bite, etc.

      You say that your dog was showing symptoms for about 45 minutes? If the cause of death was heart attack or something like an aneurysm or aortic stenosis, the dog probably would have passed much more suddenly. Although it is very possible Bingo was having a heart attack---just as a human would---and showed symptoms for a period of time. Do you live in a rural areas where snakes are a problem? Any possibility of something laying around the yard that could have been eaten by accident, etc.? Was the dog previously healthy with no stomach issues, etc.? If not, then probably heart related.

      The only way to be positive would be to have an autopsy which I believe must be done within several days. We chose not to, as I thought it would be undignified for Molly. Also, her symptoms were so sudden and occurred while she was running and excited, that I'm convinced it was heart related and nothing else.

      Hopefully, you will have fond memories of your pet to help you in the days ahead, but grief takes its own time.

      Best of luck


By kadu_neil on 2009-10-29
Post ID: 202

      we lost our dog named (BINGO) on 28th-october-2009 it was a sudden death with no clue what happened, symptoms were: difficulty in breathing, lots of saliva dripping, loss of mood and energy, blue tongue, red eyes. he died in my hands. all this happened in 45 minutes only.

      vet told us three possibilities:

      1) poisoning... toad, pesticide, insect etc
      2) snake bite
      3) acute cardiac arrest

      its a great loss for us :-( .... we will miss you a lot dear beloved BINGO may you R.I.P.

      ***B I N G O***       (05-11-2003 to 28-10-2009)

      { if possible someone please tell me what exactly went wrong }


By cabacteria on 2009-10-22
Post ID: 209

      Very sorry for your loss. The grief process will take time to run its course. It hurts terribly, I know.

      It's hard to say how your dog passed, because you found the dog after the fact. In our case, we saw our dog collapse in front of us and she'd been in the house all day, so we could rule out poisoning, snakes, etc. But perhaps a clue is that your dog had been losing weight. That isn't normal and might have indicated a pre-existing situation. I would call a local vet, animal shelter vet, etc., and run that by them. It might give you some peace of mind.

      Best of luck.


By surveytech on 2009-10-21
Post ID: 198
We just lost our 7y/o boston terrier joesie.  She passed away Friday October 16, 2009.  I was on my way to a Dr's appointment and saw another boston down the road and immediately called my husband. She was a hudinni and somehow sometimes found a way off her leash.  When he called to her in the back yard there was no response.  He called her several times and no response. I told him to send our son around there to check on her. Our son (4yrs old) came from around the back of the dog box as I was pulling in the driveway (I came back home to check on her) and told my husband she was dead.  I jumped out of the car and ran to the back yard. Sure enough she was dead behind her dog box.  We still have no idea why she passed away but recently she started losing weight and we couldn't figure out why. We fed her a bowl of high protien food on top of a bowl of canned food every day.  She was just fine the day before and I knew she just recently passed before we found her because she was still slightly warm.  I have her burried in my yard as I do with all our pets who pass (which has only been three).  If anyone can shed some light on what may have killed my beloved joesie I would greatly appreciate it.  She was one of my kids and I will always love her. I kept her dog tag as a memorial.


By cabacteria on 2009-10-19
Post ID: 208

      To Janet and the family of Boomer, and all the others who have had a terrible loss, what wonderful posts. Your Annie sounded absolutely wonderful and your post brings a tear to my eye.

      We lost our beloved 8 yr old mixed lab Molly on Tuesday. My son had come over for a visit from NC and Molly went to join him in the little routine they always did of son chasing Molly, and she faking him out. "Chase me" ended in Molly suddenly collapsing. I can't shake the image of my poor dog laying there limp and her life ebbing away and not being able to do anything. She died in my wife's arms.

      I never thought I would grieve so much but I am just jolted by the pain. Molly was the gentlest, sweetest animal I could ever imagine having; always considerate, never wanting to get in the way of anything. Even to the point where she would muffle her bark knowing that we didn't like too much barking in the house unless necessary. It was remarkable how that dog cued into our feelings. Whenever I was even the slightest bit upset, she would plant her chin on my knee and stare at me with her big sad looking eyes and just wait for me to assure her everything was "okay". The dog was the center rock of our family. She would often finish her supper or play with her bone only after everyone was home from work - as if to say to herself "I'm glad where all together, I feel comfortable resuming my activities now!" (That dog hated being alone in the house).

      I did notice over the years that Molly seemed to have not very good exercise tolerance; she would run for a bit and then kind of peter out. The vet said just last year that she had a murmur but it wasn't really a problem just yet. However, as my wife felt for her pulse at the very end, she could feel Molly's heart quiver and then stop. So we believe it was a sudden heart attack probably from an underlying condition that just wasn't obvious.

      Of course there are the what ifs; could I have done more? I know it's futile, but it's the way people think I guess.

      I know that dog was loved as much as a dog could be. We hugged her constantly and fussed her at every moment. And she would return the favor, coming up and lifting a paw over one of our arms for a few minutes, insisting we stay bonded. And that's the terrible part, not being able to do those things for her or with ever again.

      Molly is now buried in our yard and at least will be close to us. Anyway, I just wanted to share this and also tell others I know exactly how you are feeling. I am very sad. Stay strong all,


By fsa_usa on 2009-10-15
Post ID: 197

      It's been three and half month's since Boomer died (July 3rd, 2009). My family and I miss him terribly. I recently gathered the courage to watch "Marley and Me" and I cried many times. This from a 44 year old man who thinks he is built strong.

      I miss my Boomer. There hasn't been a day when I haven't thought of him, or have not wondered why he was taken away after just three years of life. There hasn't been a day when I haven't felt a physical blow, a physical stab in my chest each time I think of Boomer. I have to force myself to block the memory.

      At the same time I have often felt comfort from all the happy memories too. So many times I look for him to be at the window, or come running to me when I have plate food for myself. We used to hide from him whenever we ate anything. That boy always wanted his toll -- you couldn't get pass the Boomi Toll.

      I want everyone to know that the pain doesn't go away. You learn to live with the pain. And honestly, you don't want the pain to go away just because it has hard for you to deal with it, you know? You gladly bear that pain because with the pain you just felt you also felt near to your loved one. I don't ever want to be far from Boomer.

      We have visited so many shelters and looked at so many puppies online but we just haven't had the heart to replace Boomer. I know it is purely selfish but we just can't handle losing a second dog that I know we will love.


By j_cottman on 2009-10-14
Post ID: 207
My heart goes out to you... I just got a call from my mother 2 days ago that my 13 year old chiuaua Princess passed away all of a sudden, she let her out with the other two dogs and she's perfectly healthy, and they let her back in and she stumbled down the first step and my Dad picked her up and she started breathing really shallow and clear fluid ran out of her nose and she died an hr later... i'm just asking myself why? she was perfectly fine and then now she's gone, i've been crying every day and just want to know what happend.


By rusara1116 on 2009-10-08
Post ID: 206
Nearly 2 weeks ago I witnessed a near loss of our 10yo maltese Zuzu to sudden death after I had returned home from work. Although she did revive, it was severe and very serious. Yesterday, I took her to a cardiologist who was unable to find anything definative that would suggest such an episode. He did tell me however that Zuzu would probably not survive another event based on my relaying the severity of her collapse. I know that she is not well and I feel as if I am merely waiting again for that gut-wrenching howl, glazed-over eyes and horribly emotional experience of watching one of our 4 angels suffer. I notice that her demeaner is changing, becoming calmer and acting as, I feel, as if she is preparing for her death by the loss of interest in her favorite activites and becoming so much more affectionate as if to say "don't worry, I love you and will be okay soon." In the meantime, we will comfort her, try holistic remedies and hope for a few more precious day or more if we are lucky.


By ersnick on 2009-10-02
Post ID: 205
Two days ago we lost our 7 yr old male English Bulldog "Dante" to a sudden death. He was healthy strong and the love of our life and his sister's "Sydney" life as well. For a couple days he on and off had what seemd like little anxiety attacks when getting excited or moving his bouls .... his mouth would be agaped breath heavy in a stand still postion then back to normal. The night before he passed he was very restless in our bed ... laying for a few minutes then standing over us looking at us or resting his head on my chest or my wifes neck. Come morning he and his sister got up like normal when out for a walk and potty (no anxiety) and they wound up going back to sleep. 2 hours later I found him in bedroom on floor not breathing ... I performed mouth to snout ... and nothing rushed him to vet and we did the same but no luck. We just can't figure out what caused his acute death? If anyone has any feedback please share! My heart goes out to you all who have lost a pet. My wife, Dante's sister and I are in a daze and are finding it hard to cope without our precious Dante. Dante rest in peace my bubbies ... we miss you terribly and love you so much!


By kim.morgan on 2009-09-27
Post ID: 204
Today my 10 year old english bulldog died.I am devastated.She was fine all day .She spent the most of the afternoon outside playing with my 2 boxer's .They did everything together.She came in went to sleep on the couch and that is where i found her an hour later.My family is so sad my youngest grew up with her.I don't know what to do we loved her so much.Rest in peace Kaydee Patience we will miss you so very much.


By ronjohn on 2009-09-23
Post ID: 191
Yesterday at 130 p.m. we lost are beoved 10 year old westie (Duke) He had not been sick was playing and eating regular. He had to go pee and once outside he sat in the grass in the rain. He never liked going out in rain. We picked him up got him to the front door he walked in sat down and just looked  at us like ok where's my treat. As John was going in to get his treat Duke stopped halfway and let out aa  howl  John turned around  Duke was upsidedown having like a seizure lasted  less than a minute. Went to see how he was he was dead. Today is Wednesday Sept 23 2009 I'am still crying and I remember the day I got him from the animal shelter in 2000 he was a lost Purebred Westie about a year old.I do not know if I will survive this loss. I am 63 with heart problems I loved this dog so much. Thanks for Listning.Ron Orlando Florida


By larry on 2009-09-19
Post ID: 190
We lost our dog "Gromit" today. She was 12 years old and last year had one front leg removed because of cancer. She was doing quite well after that although she has been slowing down lately. Still, we walked every day and she was happy this afternoon. Then my kids said she was breathing strangely in the backyard and I went to see her. She was breathing in gasps and we brought her inside where she simply passed away a few minutes later. We are terribly devastated by the loss. As with so many others on this site, she was a wonderful dog and she will be missed. I am only happy that she was surrounded by her family when she died and it was quick for her. My condolences to all of you with similar losses.


By janet on 2009-09-17
Post ID: 201

      Even though we lost our Annie over five weeks ago, I have not posted on this site, as I wanted to be able to gather my thoughts.  Annie was about 10 years old, a large mixed breed dog, and I loved her more than I have ever loved an animal in my life.  She was fine when we left her that morning; ate breakfast, perched herself on the sofa, barked at delivery men, all was right in Annie's world, and when I came home a couple hours later, she was on the sofa, where I last saw her, only she was lifeless.  I totally fell apart, my husband came and we grieved over her together.  Even though I am beginning to pick up the pieces, I don't know that I will ever be the same.  I will tell you the things that have helped me.
      First of all, I spoke with our vet, who is not only a friend but a veterinary scientist at NIH.  She assured us that it was a cardiac event of some nature.  Next, I joined and have participated in APLB, Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement.  They have a wonderful website, and chat rooms for people who have lost their pets.  I cannot stress how much that has helped me.  The other thing that has given me comfort is the knowledge that my husband and I did not have to make a decision to end Annie's life.  God made that decision.  The president of the company that my husband works for called him the day Annie died and said to him "this is a horrible day for you, and a good day for Annie".  Those words have comforted me more than once, even though I miss her more than words can ever express.  Annie was a rescue and when she came to our home she was hungry and full of ticks.  She also was diagnosed with Lyme disease three years later and was treated for it, and never compained.  From the day she came to live with us, she never had a bad day. She was my baby and she knew it.  She went everywhere with us and Gracie, her black lab mix sister.  She traveled all over these great United States with us and camped with us and lived life to the fullest. She packed 20 years of fun into 10 years.  As much as I will miss her for the rest of my life, I will never have any regrets.  She was the happiest dog I have ever known.
      Please try to take some comfort in the fact that your dog was happy, loved you and you loved your dog.
      Please know that I understand, all too well, the pain you are feeling after losing your dog suddenly, and I wish I could do something to help minimize your pain and loss.  If you want to email me please feel free.  My email address is
      I hope that my words have helped you somewhat and may Annie's story bring you some peace and comfort.


By mariesher on 2009-09-16
Post ID: 189

      My husband advised me to look at this site as I am really struggling with the death of our beautiful 5 year old furry son Leon (a weimaraner). He was my baby boy, well ours in fact. my husband is struggling also but found this site a comfort. We both saw him on his bed (the settee) just hours before he died and he was his normal self watching us walk past to go to the loo peeping at us full of mischief. My husband covered him with his blanket just 40 mins before he died and he was fine.
      40 mins later we heard a loud screechy yelp and ran downstairs. At first I said " oh he's ok it wasnt him he's asleep" Then I saw he had wet himself and his eyes were open and mouth clenched.he seemed paralysed. I phoned our emergency vet 20 mins drive who said bring him in. He was a big dog so I ran along our road in my pjamas banging on neighbours doors for help to get him in the car. when we got to the vets they said he was gone. I held him and cuddled him and kissed him and didn't want to leave him there. He was still warm so I thought he was alive. This happened on Sunday and I haven't stopped crying since. My doctor has given me tablets to sleep and I can't eat.He has signed me off work. This weekend was busy and I feel guilty that I didn't spend as much time with him. Did we miss signs because we went out that weekend and drank.I amd struggling o accept he has gone and wake up thinking it isn't true.
      i can empathise with all of you on here and people who aren't animal lovers don't understand. I feel like I have lost my right arm!!!!
      My husband is worried I am going to make myself ill now but I can't help how I feel. my heart has broken.WHY??????????
      He was so fit and healthy. He was big for his breed and a bit overweight but very fit. there were no signs. He again was a heavy sleeper there and a snorer.


By nikki61974 on 2009-09-13
Post ID: 188

      I am so glad to have found this site..I have 3 English Mastiffs..A 6 year old a 3 year old and my baby was 14 months old. She was healthy, (to our knowledge) and very happy. A normal puppy...

      I came home from work yesterday and she wa in her normal sleeping position, however, she had passed. I had just been with her hours ago, outside playing and withno signs of anything wrong....I am struggling with the unknown..Why ?? 14 months old ? Did I not notice something ? Was she sick ? I can only hold near that she looked very peaceful, no signs of struggle, vomiting, anything...It looked like she closed her eyes and that was it....

      I am now struggling with WHY ??? I have 2 more dogs and I can't even leave the room without being scared I will find another dog passed. I am scared that they are all sick, poisoned, something....It all happened so fast and we buried her rightaway, now, I am second guessing, an autopsie for my peace of mind...I know I should not disturb her and I won't but the unknown is tearing me apart...

      I do know, both of my dogs will be going to the vet asap to be checked out..I am a nervous wreck !!!! Can anyone tell me, if she was poisoned or something wouldn't we have known, wouldn't she had been sick...Is there anything else that it could of been other than a heart issue..Could something have caused this "sudden" death with no signs..I am afraid to let either of the other dogs outside or anything....

      I have no kids, these are my kids...I spend every waking minute I can with them outside of work...Inever thought this could ever happen to me....I have had to put dogs down in the past, however, I can say that I feel better about that because I had justification and reasoning..This is just so hard !!!

      Any thoughts



By danayersman on 2009-09-100
Post ID: 196
I was bpostsing the Net and read your comment about your pomchi male.  Ours died suddenly today also.  Also a pomchi mix.  Also a male.  Only 8 months old. Completely healthy and energetic. It looked like he was having a seizure. One minute here, the next gone.  Sorry for your loss.  I know what it feels like now.  We have owned many different dogs over the years, and have never experienced anything like this. Sorry.  Really bummed out.


By yanste on 2009-09-10
Post ID: 200

      My beautiful Chiva, mixed Chihuahua and Jack Russel, died this morning.She was the smartest dog I'v ever had. She died suddenly, yesterday she was fine and playing, than she had her dinner Royal Canine Low fat food at 6PM, and after that she started to vommit at 10PM. I was hoping that she will get better
      when her stomach will be empty. This morning I found her dead,
      she was bleeding from her mouth, lying next to her kennel.
      RIP my best friend. You will be greately missed. Loved you so much!Chiva was 15 years old.


By cwodnerling on 2009-09-08
Post ID: 195

      Somehow it helps a little to know that there are so many others out there dealing with the same issue.  We lost our 11 y/o Black lab yesterday morning.  My husband and I awoke to a loud noise around 6am as if she had run into something or banged against the wall.  She immediately started whimpering like she does when she's dreaming and then it became louder and seemed to run out like a motor coming to a stop.  It was the worst noise I have ever heard in my life.  I keep wondering what I could have done.  I wasn't ready to let her go.  We miss her dearly and are still trying to decide what to do in her memory.  She had no health problems, no sicknesses, it just hurts even more when it seems so unexpected.

      We love you Legacy! 10.98 - 9.7.09


By pchofman on 2009-09-03
Post ID: 194
our 10 year old duke died unexpectedly with no warning on august 30, 2009.  much like your dog we found some feces near him.  WE feel your loss and wish all well.  We got no answer from the e-vet and concluded that it was either a anyresym or a heart, brain, etc.  The only comforting thing i can pass on about that is that even if our dog was in the vet office at the time the "episode" occured, there still wouldve been nothing they could have done.  My duke had laid in a spot i just vacumned and was unresponsive within 60 seconds.  There was nothing we could have done.  The only thing that haunts us was his final seconds and im trying to forget them. All thing considred we still are glad we were home with him and didnt come home to find him.   Please find encouragement in this


By pchofman on 2009-09-03
Post ID: 199

      Our 10 years old shepherd/lab mix Duke ate at 9 am on sunday morning august 30,2009 went upstairs and slept with me and my other three dogs till 12.  We all got up and duke ran down the stairs hesitation, no warning.  While my wife was making breakfast i was vacuming.  I came upon duke around 1240pm in a spot i had just vacumned.  He was makeing a horrifying high pitched sreaming sound.  He wasn't moving a muscle and never did again.
      The scream was constant in power yet it creschendowed up to finally end....and he was gone.  We rushed him to a e-vet within 5 minutes...nothing.  He had no signs of bloating, vomiting etc....He had a heartworm test within 11 months...
      was not lethargic, his appetite never waned.  We are at a loss.
      BEcause of his scream (it sounded like brain injury reflex not a yelping dog scream) and his almost instant parylsis we figured...stroke or clot.  The clot could be anywhere said the vet so he convinced me not to do a necropsy....i regret it.  I really want to know what killed our beloved duke so quickly...ecpecially since we have three more dogs and we want to be better parents if we can.   Does anybody know if i can still do a necropsy ofter 5 days...hes buried in the backyard. The ground is cooler than the air.  Im reaching....cause im hurting.............As a matter of encouragement, to all you who have lost your dogs so suddenly, it seems like if it was a stroke or a clot or an aneurysem...there would have been nothing anyone wouldve been able to do for your dogs so please remove the guilt from your feelings.  Think about it...a vet would have to locate a clot, remove it and reapir the blood vessel then start the heart all within a few minutes before the blood starved flesh begins to die.  Same with an aneuresym, patch the vessel.....If it was a stroke the brain would die quickly without blood and its oxygen.

      In memory of Duke..........


By sybrants5505 on 2009-08-31
Post ID: 193
We lost our beloved Kylie (5.5 yrs old) just hours ago. There was nothing out of the ordinary today at all. We had family and friends coming for dinner and just about the time to eat Kylie appeared to be having one of her "dreams". Everyone was like what is that noise and we just responded that Kylie was dreaming. She was laying in our entry way on the tile as she has so many times. She was doing a little howl in her sleep and then someone noticed that she had pooped. My first thought was not good. My husband thought she was maybe having some sort of seizure although she was not moving but having small labored breaths. We rushed her to the vet where they finally told us she had gone. I've had to explain to my kids that I think she had some sort of heart attack in her sleep. Nothing else makes any sense for such a young, healthy dog. We are still all in shock and I'm trying to answer unanswered questions for my kids via the web.


By kellymagoo5 on 2009-08-20
Post ID: 192

      We had a similar situation with our almost 8 year old english bulldog.  he was fine sunday morning.  woke up with a bark meaning he wanted to play and have his special sunday breakfast.  made in a few well done scrambled eggs and 2 strips of bacon.  he threw up a few times (which he does often) but seemed better.  was playing with his toy but didn't have interest in going outside since it was too hot.  so, he stayed in doors.  bill went out for a little while, came back. Beau had thpostn up again but seemed fine.  wanted to play.  jumped on the bed when it was time to go to sleep , brought up his stuffed toy.  around 11:30 pm he walked down his doggie steps from the bed and threw up blood.  he was rushed to the vet.  they were doing tests, blood work, trying to figure our what was going on.  while attempting to do the 2nd round of bloodwork / tests he went into cardiac arrest.  he had fluid in his abdomen, signs of ibd and peritonitis but none of these symptoms would have caused sudden death.  they're saying death had to be from either acute cardiac or respiratory failure.  i am heartbroken.  did you find out what happened to your beloved pet.
      best wishes to you.  i know how hard it is.


By dgeorg on 2009-08-19
Post ID: 267
I lost my 11 year old german shepherd suddenly as well this month. She showed no bad symptoms before she died and had ate 2 treats 30 mins before . She had heart arrythmia(rapid heart beat)diagnosed in DEC 2008 when she ruptured a disc in her back in my SUV but did not have heart failure or defective heart valve. Prior to that she was going to my veterinarian every 2 weeks for 6 weeks for treatment of skin infections due to allergies. My Vet and I were completely shocked over the diagnosis of heart arrythmia and the ruptured disc. The cardiologist said she had a strong heart and after many tests found no reason for this sudden heart arrythmia. She did have thyroid as well but that was under control per tests. Next, 3 months later in March 2009 she was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I am completedly devastated at losing her suddenly like this and all of the problems she had in the past 8 months including getting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Winter in Ohio when she was basically an inside dog. She did not have degenerative myleopathy or hip dysplasia like my 1st shepherd who lived to be 13 yrs old. She was my best friend and the smartest dog in the world! I know she had a heart condition but she did not have congestive heart failure yet so I thought she would live a little bit longer. These heart conditions in dogs are completely devastating!


By krazykatBJP on 2009-08-16
Post ID: 266

      I was surprised to read all of these terrible stories of sudden losses of loved animals. On August 13, 2009 I let our 6 year old Akita mix outside to go to the bathroom before bed.  She was outside with our other dog and ran outside with excitement as she always had.  I could hear them running around outside playing with each other and came back 5 minutes later to let them in.  From the doorway I could see her laying on her side in a position that she would sometimes lay, in her favorite part of the yard. I called her name with no response, after the second time with no response I tore across the yard but she was already dead, warm to the touch but completely lifeless.  I am a veterinary technician and my vet met me at the clinic where we could find no evidence of bruising, no marks or lesions, and even no drool from the other dog.  We could only come from the conclusion that she died instantly from either breaking her neck, thposting a blood clot or had an aneurysm.

      We are completely heartbroken, being a technician I do everything I can to prolong our animals lives, including monitoring them very closely at home.  Hailey was perfectly normal that day, she ate dinner normally, she is a slow eater and sometimes does not finish her meal, but did finish that night.  She was her normal happy self, a very happy mellow dog and I can not even remember the last time she had any vomiting or diarrhea.  She had completely normal blood work less than a year ago when she had a small tumor removed from her eye.  She ate Science diet Large breed adult dry food and Nutro canned food with Glucosamine powder at morning and night, and a product called Plaque off sprinkled on her food at night to prevent tartar.  She did have the occasional busy bone, rawhide or dog bone from Tony's as well.  I thought I would just mention all of this just in case there was any coincidence with other dogs.

      We are very upset about her passing, it was not her time, and we were no where prepared to let her go.  She was the best companion and who would always be dedicated first and foremost to my boyfriend of 5 years that has had her from 8 weeks of age.  She had the most unique personality and I am not sure how we will carry on without her.  It is so unfair that we all try  our hardest to keep our animals living as long as possible and for our them to die so suddenly from some unavoidable reason.


By drfeliciajohnson on 2009-08-06
Post ID: 265

      My 13y/o Chow Chow, Sheba died suddently last night (Wednesday, August 5, 2009).  She refused her dinner which was highly unusual.  I tried to coax her with the viena sausages that she loved.  She walked around for a while and then layed down.  I kept checking on her to see if she was ready to eat.  About 20 minutes after I had last checked on her I heard barking.  I thought she was letting me know that she was ready to eat.  When I got to her room, my other Chow, Sundae was barking, and Sheba was lying on the floor dead.  Thursday (July 30, 20009) I took her to the vet for her annual physical.  Because of her age, the vet suggested a geriatric battery of test. Although it costed more I agreed.  He called me on the following day and told me that everything was great, her heart, liver, kidneys, etc.  I thought that I had at least  2 or 3 more years with her.  Not just a week and a half.  We are all devastated  here and share your pain.  I'm becoming leery of the immunizations and the heartworm medication.



By cscott on 2009-08-03
Post ID: 263
We too just lost the most precious dog in the world on July 28, 2009.  It was sudden, one second our little pomchi man was his usual self, the next second he was dead.  My poor husband is still devastated by it.  Not that it helps any but at least with this information available it explains a bit as to what happened.  The little guy was never sick a day in his life and NEVER exhibited any signs of trouble.  If he had he would have been rushed to the vet, he was so dear to us.  Jojo had personality and was my husbands best bud, I was very close to him also, closer than I've been to any pet in a long time.  He's on our mantle now and he'll go with us if we move.  Thanks for the site, it doesn't ease the pain much but it does explain what may have happened.


By lkatora on 2009-07-29
Post ID: 262
I was just searching the Internet to try and find some answers as to what happened to our dog, Belle, and came across this site.  It seems like we have all gone through something similar. Our 4 year old Lab/Chow mix died very suddently last night.  We had just gotten home from a walk not even an hour before and she was completely fine.  She was an incredibly healthy dog that I assumed would be around for a very, very long time.  She was watching out our sliding glass window and started barking at the neighbors dog (she was always barking at something!).  I went over to her to pull her away from the window and make her sit.  One minute she was so exicted and then she collapsed to the ground.  I thought she just laid down like she thought she was in trouble, but then she started having a seizure.  I screamed for my husband.  We tried CPR, but it didn't work and within a minute she was gone.  I can't get over how fast it happened and how she was fine one minute and then gone the next.  I feel so bad that I was yelling at her to get away from the window right before she died.  The only thing we can think of is that when she got over excited and barking at the dog it triggered something in her heart or brain.   I never would have thought we'd be going through this right now.  It really makes you appreciate the time you have with your animals because their lives are so very precious and way too short.


By fsa_usa on 2009-07-07
Post ID: 260

      We lost our 3 year old BOOMER -- a shar pei/labrador/pitbull mix -- on Friday July 3rd, 2009 at around 1:20 PM. He suffered a lot towards the end and cried and gpostled before the fluids he took from baby bottle spilled out of his mouth and he stopped breathing. Just before that I called out his name. He tried to wag his tail like he always did but he couldn't move it more than a little bit. He died that following instance.

      My son noticed a lump on his belly a day before on Thursday evening when he took him for a walk. My wife took him to the Vet emergency. They performed several tests and eliminated snake bite and a tumor. The lump did not exist prior to Thursday. It was the size of an avocado. It was red around the borders. It had a bpostn center. My Boomer was chocolate bpostn.

      We brought him home that night around 2 AM. He slept with us until 9 AM. When he woke up he walked outside to the back yard to pee but he sat down right there. He didn't get up to come inside so we had carry him in a towel to our car to take him to his vet.

      The vet using the same blood tests down earlier concluded that it was not a snake bite given the coagulation rate was normal for Boomer's blood. His organ function was fine and his electrolytes were normal. So he gave him some more shots of penicilin and anti-biotics and told us to take him to rest. He said he will be all right. And that to bring him back if he doesn't get better until 4 PM. That was at 10:30 AM or so. We brought BOOMER back home and he passed away after crying for quite a while at 1:20 PM. I had just made a call to the vet asking him about his condition and he repeated what he told us at the clinic -- to wait and give the medications time.

      The guilt we will always carry is that we didn't take him back to the vet sooner. And that, given the summer heat in Houston with all kinds of snakes and spiders out and about and in people's back yard, we didn't keep an eye on him ALWAYS when he was out relieving himself.

      The pain of losing him was unbearable for me, my wife, and my 13, and 9 year old boys. The first day I could not breath. I did not want to go on with the pain. I wanted to go on to the other side also so that I would meet him and make sure he was all right.

      When he was alive we made sure he was all right. He feared thunderstorms. He hated water on him. He hated baths. He hated getting his nails trimmed.

      He loved turkey jerky treats. He loved KFC. He loved hot dogs. He loved Peanut Butter. He loved chasing cats and squirrels. He loved the Pecan Park by our house. He loved looking out the windows opening to the front yard -- he spent almost ALL his life doing that ...would NEVER tire of it. He loved riding cars with the window rolled down. He loved all five of us together on the bed as a family. He loved us.

      We will always love him. And I will look forward to meeting him when I pass away also. I know I will meet him and he will be happy to see me like he always did when he saw me back from work. ALWAYS!


By jtigrrl on 2009-07-06
Post ID: 256

      Please know there is someone who knows how you feel.  I lost my precious Bill on this July 4th.  I had to work in the a.m. and returned home at 1:00 pm to find Bill laying in the yard.  It looked like he had tried to run from firecrackers, as his lead was all tangeled up.  Nothing can console me at this point.  I have lost my best friend and feel terrible I was not there for him.  It never occurred to me that there would be firecrackers going off and scaring him at that time of day.

      Bill was 13 years old and was starting to sleep very deeply and was not meeting me at the door as much any more.  Still, there were may times he ran, romped, and always had a great appettite. I wish I had seen the signs of his age more clearly.  He did get much more upset about things he didn't like; namely rain, and firecrackers.  I had lost my dog Edgar to nerve damage 4 months before, and that was another stressor for Bill.  He was happy when I was there but now I can see he was much lonelier when I had to leave him, and it was another stressor for him.  I struggled to make time for him during the work week, but the week-ends were mostly for him.
      I loved him like nothing else and cry all the time.  Please know that someone out here understands. I am so sorry for your loss. TJ.


By jakz on 2009-07-06
Post ID: 259
My Casanova is gone. He died on July 4th - the worst day of my life to date.  He was 18 months old. This year was the best of my life becasue of him. The sweetness of him will never leave me. Caz was a Boxer, 65 pounds and full of life. I found him lifeless in the yard, 15 minutes after he was left out. He didn't return when I whistled for him - this never happened. I cannot sleep. When I do, I don't want to wake. He was the first pup ever in my life. I wish I hadn't waited so long to love a dog.


By liliballou on 2009-07-06
Post ID: 264
I am so sorry to read off of your stories. Isnt this a horrible thing we've all had to go through. I experience the same hearbreaking thing over the 4th of july weekend. i was traveling with my parents, and my husband was home with our min pin C-Krit. She was fine and happy and healthy when i left on the 2nd. She gave me kisses goodbye, and i had her lay down on her bed to wait for my husband to get home. he said they had some friends over, she was fine, and ran around and played. later that evening, they took a shower and got ready for bed. she hopped up onto the bed, into her very own spot, just like always, and went to sleep. my husband said he got up at 4am to shower for work, and said she was laying down, like she usually does with her legs out, and her head tilted back, just waiting for us to urge her to get up and go potty. when he came back in, he noticed she hadnt moved, and she wasnt breathing. rigger had already set in, so he knew she had been gone for most of the night. i am devistated not knowing the reason for her passing. she was 4 1/2, healthy, happy, and very active. she had regular checkups, and we gave her medication for heartworm every month, just like the vet told us. she was my baby. my husband and i got her together, before we were married, and she became our child. i am so sad, and very angry i dont know the exact cause. i have read that it is a common problem, in min pins and boxers to have heart failure, between the ages of 4 and 10. so i know what it could be. i just hope that sharing my story will give someone hope, to know that it isnt a lost cause, and we will see our pets one day, when our life is too, over. i am so very sorry for the loss of your fur child. its so hard not to be upset, when everything you look at in your home is a reminder of the fun you used to have together. i wish everyone well, and i hope you too, can eventually find the closure you need to continue on.


By sheilawick on 2009-07-05
Post ID: 255

      We lost our dear Jorge (airedale terrier) 5 days ago and are hearts are broken.  I came home from work and Jorge was his usual happy self, always waiting for me to come through the front door to greet him.  About 10 ten minutes later he was outside on our deck and fell flat on his tummy.  We took Jorge to the vet and had tests done to find out he had a tumor that burst by his spleen.  The vet did surgery on him and successfully removed the tumor.  Later on a blood vessel popped and took his life.  We were devastated.

      There are some people I would like to forget but never my dear Jorge.


By sandraanddeane on 2009-06-29
Post ID: 261


      I am new to this site, after searching for answers over the sudden death of my gorgeous Little Yorkshire Terrier...Shez.

      I miss her so much, she was so beautiful and so clever and I will never forget the whole weekend for the rest of my life.  I am absolutely devastated and traumatized.

      It was a bank holiday weekend...on the Saturday, I stroked her beautiful little head and she yelped.  I immediately called our usual vet and took her there immediately. She was diagnosed with an absess in her mouth.  She was given an antibiotic injection and a course of antibiotic tablets.  I was told to give her one twice a day, which I did, it was even written on the back of the tablets prescribed.

      An hour after giving her, her 4th tablet on the Bank Holiday Monday, she started panting, drool was coming from her little nose and her back legs collapsed. I would describe it as having some kind of stroke. Being a Bank Holiday Monday, I immediately rushed her to the emergency vets.  She had bouts of panting on the way.  The receptionist said that the vet will be with you in a minute, but as she said this, my little babe yelped and completely collapsed in my arms.  The vet immediately came out and laid her on his table, he said that she had gone.  He then asked would you like me to try and bring her round, he did not seem encouraging or enthusiastic about being able to bring her back and offered no explanation at this point as to what may be wrong with her...but it was obvious that she had gone, blood was coming from her mouth and she was barely breathing.  In a state of panic and disbelief, all I could think of is that I did not want her to be in any pain...and therefore I said no let her go.

      As she was struggling to breathe, he offered an injection to make it quicker...I just couldn't believe it.  I was in complete shock.   I comforted her and told her how much I loved her and how much I will miss her and I watched in horror as she slipped away.  Her little eyes showed pain with each of the 3 injections that she was given.  I have never seen a dog, that has been given a death injection, and I will never forget the look of fear pain and panic on her little face. I am absolutely devastated that I even saw this, it haunts me every day.

      It has now been 10 months and I still cry every day because I miss her so much....I can't forget the picture of her little face as she slipped away....It is so quiet and lonely without her.

      I completely miss everything about her...going to bed at night, getting up with me in the morning, our walks around the block, her exited greeting when ever I come in the house...I truly am traumatized and devastated.  I truly feel that I am going to die of a broken heart.

      Since her death, I did a search on the tablets that she was given, which were Stomorgyl 2...All of the searches that I found, states that a dog should take one a why was I told to give her one twice a day?  She was such a tiny little thing.  I cannot tell you how I feel.  The thought that I may have poisoned her with these tablets is driving me mad.  The one person that she most trusted, let her down.

      I emailed the manufacturer of the tablets and asked if they thought that 2 of these tablets a day for a tiny yorkshire terrier may have been too strong.  They refused to comment and said that they needed to know my dogs medical history.  I emailed them back and told them that she had no medical history.  She was healthy and active and was on no other medication.  They refused to comment and said that they could only discuss the facts with my vet.

      The nearest emergency vet that I went to on that horrible day, was not that helpful and said that he was unsure as to the cause of her sudden death…although he stated that drool coming from her little nose was a sign of kidney failure, could this have been caused by the tablets being too strong?   Being in such shock and in absolute tears, I just wanted to take her home.  I held her and spoke to her for hours before I finally had to give her, her final farewell kiss and bury her.

      If a vet is reading this post, do you think that 2 of these tablets a day, could have caused her death?  I am ridden with double guilt.  To think that I gave her these tablets that may have poisoned her, and the fact that as I thought that she had gone, not wanting her to be in any pain, I let her go.  What if the vet could have brought her back round?

      I am truly heart broken...I just need to know why and how she died.

      I will always love and remember you Shez.


By cheryls_rose on 2009-06-28
Post ID: 254

      Our beautiful 10 week old boxer puppy, Sasha, just died. She was fine an hour before. She was playing, and barking, was as feisty as normal. She laid down on the couch with my 17 year old daughter and went to sleep, and next thing she knew, Sasha yelped,like she was in pain, urinated on herself and appeared to have a seizure. We tried to resuscitate her, but nothing we tried worked. We are all heartbroken right now. The breeder tells us that nothing like this has ever happened with one of their puppies before and want us to have her autopsied at our expense, but I don't know if we want to do that to her.
      If there is anyone else that has had something like this happen, please let us know.


By everettsteve on 2009-06-27
Post ID: 253
I am sobbing as i sit here and write this post.  A few hours ago my precious 2 1/2 year old black lab died with no apparent reason.  He was the picture of health.  I still think I am going to wake up from a bad dream.  He had followed my daughter on the golf cart and ran around like he usually does.  An hour after getting back to the house, we found him dead in the yard.  I keep thinking either snake bite or heat exhaustion, but everything I research makes me think that wasn't it.  Is there anybody that can shed some light on this tragedy.


By lovesacbaby on 2009-06-13
Post ID: 248
I'm so sorry to hear the news as well. These stories are tearing me up. I am in Maui on vacation and still can't sleep or stop thinking about losing my sister 4 year old german shorthair. My sister lost her full term human baby one day after she was due from birth complications, after we came home her dog started acting wierd. Puka (her dog) wouldn't go anywhere near her. Puka previously laid on her stomach every night and I think understood something had happened to the baby. Anyway we had a very similar story to yours. I was taking care of her 3 days later and she ate breakfeast and went for a ride with me in my truck. However this time she wouldn't sit in the front seat, she wasn't hanging her face out the window, she just started laying down in the back seat. Sometime between errands she died. She had blood bruised all over her stomach etc.. which i understand means there was some type of cardiovascular or kidney failure. I thought at first that i had left her in the car too long or something but that didn't make sense because it wasn't hot at all outside. Anyway I have also heard that her symptoms could possibly be from poison as well. If you guys find any more info or if there is something out there hurting those most precious to me let me know. My only current explanation to why this dog may have died is the fact that she was so sensitive to our feelings that the whold baby death may have radiated through Pukas sweet heart. I pray that none of us have to go through that again!


By Karens40th on 2009-06-05
Post ID: 247

      Hello- I'm am devasted for you because it is SUCH a great loss and I feel for everyone else's great loss on this sight. I know the pain you feel all to well.

      On Thursday, February 5th, 2009 our beautiful Rooney, a male 2.5 year old yellow lab died with no warning. He was fit and full of life. He excercised playing fetch at the park nearly everyday and would run and run. We were scheuduled to go to Florida on a 6AM flight the next day, and dropped him off at the kennel where he was born, to stay the weekend.

      He LOVED the farm/kennel where he was born and we had taken him there several times when we went on vacation. Two hours after we dropped him off the breeder called to say that he was playing in the field and "dropped dead". We are just devastated.

      The breeder took him to our vet and there was no sign of trauma and his stomach contents were fine so he did not ingest anything. There were no signs of snake bites. His gums were pink and his eyes were clear. Our vet seems to think that he had a blood clot that dislodged to his brain. We did not want to have his skull cracked to find this out. We cancelled our trip and researched it for weeks. He was the picture of perfect health and had his heartguard and frontline faithfully. He had been just tested for heartworms 3 weeks prior and had his heart checked as well. He was 64 pounds and VERY fit and had a special place in our heart and on our couch:>)

      Now here's the odd part.  When I researched this 4 months ago, I did not see NEARLY as many posts about a healthy dog dropping dead as I do today. I was thinking of Rooney today and the "not knowing" part still eats at me everyday, so I decided to look it up again.  I'm wondering if there is something "out there"  that is killing these young, healthy precious dogs...if there is a common thread.  I wonder if we were to all say what we feed, treated, routine, and the products that we used, if we could find a common thread as to why these very healthy dogs dropped dead.  Like I said, it seems like since February, there is a TON of posts, that pretty much say the same thing, and the same diagnosis of "blood clot"....but why?  Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but after 11 weeks of not having my baby Rooney, we got a Female Golden Retriever when she was 10 weeks old.  She is a very good dog and I DO NOT want the same thing to happen to her.  Rooney was my first and only dog and he was totally my baby.  I got another dog quickly because I knew if I waited, I would not get another one, for fear this would happen again.  I need to protect her if there is something on the market that is killing our dogs.  I don't want to make the same mistake.  Sorry this is so long but it looks like it's becoming very common!


By lzoelrich on 2009-06-04
Post ID: 258
We lost our 7 yr yellow female lab, Sam, 3 weeks ago while we were out of town visiting family. Sam was the best friend we ever had. She connected emotionally and loved us unconditionally. She lived to retrieve a ball.  She was healthy and in great physical condition. Everyone called her the energizer bunny. The morning she died, she was completely normal. Ate her breakfast and drank perhaps much more water than usual. We were in the car and I commented to my husband that Sam was sitting up in the car and looking out the window, which was not her norm. Then she made 2 sounds that will forever haunt me and collapsed. We pulled the car over and my husband could find no pulse. We were 3 minutes away from an emergency vet hospital. They said that she was gone and nothing could be done. They checked her and no signs of anything so the said it could possibly be a massive heart attack or an aneurysm. We put her in a cooler with dry ice and drove 23 hours straight back home so she could be buried near our home. Her 5 year old sister, Zoie is totally lost as she looked at Sam as her mother and best friend. We are trying hard to get her through this but her zest is gone. We have a hole in our hearts as we miss Sam so much but try to put our energy into helping Zoie get through this. We are devastated that we lost our Sam so soon especially as she was so healthy except we did see her slow down the month before. She was experiencing arthritis in her back hips. Our vet gave us some Rimadyl to give her as needed. We only gave her 5 tablets over a 10 day period. Looking at other blogs on others that have lost their dogs, I am concerned that this may bave contributed to her death but who really knows. We are not going to dwell on  the reason or look for blame as we just want to remember our best dog ever and ensure that her sister survives as we could not handle the loss of another dog. Thanks for the ability to talk about our Sam.


By jennylm on 2009-06-03
Post ID: 252
I first want to express my deepest sympathy for everyone on here.We lost our baby suddenly(we adopted and are not sure but think she was about 7 or 8) tonight in the driveway. She went for her normal shots and heartworm test last week. She was drinking alot and not eating so I brought her in a few days later. They thought maybe it was a reaction to the shots. We kept our eye on her and noticed last night she was very out of it. No playing and still not eating. Didn't want to get up from laying down. She went to the vet today and had blood drawn and they said they would let us know tomorpost what they found. She seemed to be better today after the vet visit, playing with her kong with tail wagging. As I was pulling out of the driveway to go get some groceries my husband threw the kong for her and he started shouting.She had collapsed. I pulled in the driveway and ran out of the car to their side. She took a few strange gasps and was gone. Bad part is we can't bring her in to find out what happended until tomorpost because it is to late in the she is still here. We are sooooooo sad right now.


By spacyinpdx on 2009-05-23
Post ID: 244
I am so sorry. I lost my 2 year old lab/border collie mix yesterday at the park. it was so sudden. My son and i are still in shock. i dont know what happened. he was fine that morning, eating and playing as normal. that afternoon we took him to the park, and played some ball. he ran and fetched as always, tail wagging and all. he brought the ball to my sons feet and fell on his side. he seized for only 30 seconds and went into cardiac arrest and died. we are so lost and confused. we adopted him only three months ago, but are very attached and loved him so much. we understand how you feel. and you and your family are not alone!


By mct915 on 2009-05-23
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Our approximately 4 1/2 year old shepard mix died suddenly Thursday evening. She was fine all day, playing with her sister, eating, running, everthing she did on a daily basis. She was outside with us for awhile, I brought her in with me, ran outside to check on the grill and came in to find her stretched out on the floor not moving. I panicked and called for her "dad" but there was nothing we could do. She cried a bit and passed on. We are completely shocked and devastated by this sudden, unexpected loss of our sweet girl Lola. We are responsible pet owners and kept up on all shots, exams etc. All vet exams yielded a healthy dog, we are at a total loss as to why this happened. Our only comfort is that we were with her so she heard our voices, felt our touch and smelled our scents before she passed. I've contemplated a necropsy but I feel that she is resting now and she should not be disturbed. We LOVE and MISS our SWEET GIRL LOLA!


By mct915 on 2009-05-23
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As I'm reading through these posts I'm finding comfort in the fact that we are not alone. It does not take away the immense grief and saddness we feel. May all of our beloved pets rest in piece.


By goodman on 2009-05-12
Post ID: 243

      bigwaterscapes, that is exactly what happened to my dog very early Saturday morning.  He seemed fine all day, ate and drank well but when we tried to get him to go out before we went to bed, he did his duty then just layed down in the grass.  We had to really coax him back in the house.  Then we noticed his breathing was labored and his mouth and gums were very pale.  He would stand up and just stare.  We were also on the way to the emergency vet when he passed in the backseat of the car.    He is a 90 lb lab mix that my husband had to carry out to the car.  He was much loved and very missed, he was only 9 years old.

      He had problems with his back legs and was at the vet on Thursday and at that point she told us he was a healthy dog other than his leg problems.

      This is just devastating to have this happen so fast.  I sympathize with everyone who has gone through this.


By pwholman on 2009-05-02
Post ID: 257

      I have a 7 pound mini schnauzer, she is 4 years old. feeling lonely, i thought that i'd but another puppy that will get about her i bought her a yorkie.they fell in love with each other.he was 3 months didnot have his shots yet.
      In a 2 day period he could not move.getting gabby with all her shots, i figured he had to. i mean we pay so much for the pups i guess they should have there that time when i got the puppy there were so much going on.the week he died. i felt so guilty , that i did'nt take the time to make sure that he had his shot.any way i can go on and on, it is no one's fault that the puppy is first the guilt eat me up inside. but i learned a very important lesson. i think that if you feel like you've done every thing that you can to prevent it from happening again, in time you will heal. let the other pup be happy.


By jmtoots on 2009-04-26
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      I just lost my 9 yr old boxer, Brooklyn about 2 hrs ago. The only sign we had was that her eating had slowed and she dropped about 2 lbs. But she's always been a picky eater and for her to go up and down a couple pounds wasn't uncommon. We switched her to a new senior food about a week ago and also added some canned food like we usually do. She was just fine this morning and all afternoon, playing and barking like normal. I left to run some errands and within ten minutes my 15yr old son and 7yr old daughter called me crying that she was gone, no warning what so ever. She had just finished drinking some water and barking at a squirrel and my daughter told me she layed down in her favorite spot by the porch and fell asleep and by the time I arrived at the store 10min later, she was gone. I tried to revive her cause her body was still warm when I got home but it was no use. My condolences to all who have posted a blog about the loss of not just their pets but their family members. R.I.P Brooklyn and all the other angels.
      Sincerely, The Torres Family


By MShafer on 2009-04-24
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My last post was after my 18 month old cairn terrier had died.  I'm sitting here reading recent comments, crying about our losses but also have to remind myself that these beatiful, generous, loving family members left us with much.  I have not yet reached the moment when I can be comforted by those memories but Iknow that time will come.  I empathize with everyone who expresses a broken heart because that is what I feel.  My little Duffy was truly an "angel dog" as he helped me heal, brought happiness, devotion, etc.  I should have known he wouldn't be here long because he lived so much in so short of time.  I can be written at  OTherwise I send my heartfelt tears and hugs to all suffering and sharing a similar loss.


By jimoberg on 2009-04-21
Post ID: 249
I feel your pain. My 11 month old yellow lab died yesterday morning Apr 20 very suddenly. I understand what happened but I still DON'T understand is how this could happen to such a young dog. It is quite emotionally devastating although not like losing a child but still it is very emotionally painful. He ate all of his breakfast ( my that dog loved to eat - anything ). He played awhile with our great dane and came sat by me for awhile like he always does. All of a sudden he gets up, goes in and out of his doggy door about ten times, the last time he came in his mouth was all foamy. I followed him outside to the back yard and he'd stop to make sure I was following. He lay down in the grass. tried to vomit several times, it looked like but only foam woud come out. He took a few more deep hard breaths and stopped breathing. I held him and hoped I could somehow revive him but he was already gone. His body did a few more sudden jerks because I think he was actually having a heart attack and then he was still. I was in such such that this could so suddenly happen. I'm still in shock. I took him to our vet for creamation and he told me it could have been an alergic reaction or the stomach turned. I watched the movie Marley and me and that dog looked exactly like mine. That's the first I heard about stomach turns. Anyway, I am still having a hard time dealing with it but time heals all pain. As long as he is in my thoughts, I know he will never be forgotten. It will just take time.


By conalu1 on 2009-04-20
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My schnoodle is 8 months old and I had been using Puppy Tears shampoo provided by the kennel where I got it as a puppy. I knew I would be needing more shampoo so I bought the Perfect Coat because I could not find the shampoo I had been using. I have only used Perfect Coat shampoo once and I have noticed my dog itching (which he seldom did) and he now has several badly matted spots around his collar, belly and on his legs. I am taking him to get shaved since this is the only cure at this point. He has long fluffy fur normally. I really feel that it has to be this shampoo because he never had a matting problem until now. I went online and found the Puppy Tears shampoo and will be ordering it even though it is a little pricey --it's worth it!!


By conalu1 on 2009-04-20
Post ID: 246
My schnoodle is 8 months old and I had been using Puppy Tears shampoo provided by the kennel where I got it as a puppy. I knew I would be needing more shampoo so I bought the Perfect Coat because I could not find the shampoo I had been using. I have only used Perfect Coat shampoo once and I have noticed my dog itching (which he seldom did) and he now has several badly matted spots around his collar, belly and on his legs. I am taking him to get shaved since this is the only cure at this point. He has long fluffy fur normally. I really feel that it has to be this shampoo because he never had a matting problem until now. I went online and found the Puppy Tears shampoo and will be ordering it even though it is a little pricey --it's worth it!!


By bekais on 2009-04-18
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By oconnellstreet on 2009-04-16
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By annettemanlapaz on 2009-04-15
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That is pretty much what happend with our Buster who is a Boxer.  He was a very, very health pup (2 1/2) who would jog with us and was very playful. He lost him last Friday, April 10th.  We were home all that day and he appeared to be fine! He was playing with us and playing with our other Boxer, Precious. We left the house about 3:30 to take the kids out for the day, came home about 10 and he was dead! Our neighbor heard him about 9:30 barking at their other dog so he was alive and well at 9:30 and thirty minutes later he was gone; still warm to the touch. We were devestated not knowing what happened, especially the kids. Since it was late on a Friday and not knowing what to do, we just buried him the next day under a beautiful tree and the kids made a stone and cross for him. This kind of puts my mind at ease, in an unfortunate way, that we are not alone in this kind of terrible situation. Sorry to everyone who has lost their beloved pet..


By lalexanderbluiz on 2009-04-15
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      Please feel free to email me directly at  I would love to email about our loss as it is comforting to know that I am not alone in this horrible grief.



By stephaniesylvester on 2009-04-14
Post ID: 236

      My heart goes out to everyone who has posted their stories here.

      Yesterday, my sweet, funny 2.5 year old Golden passed away, suddenly.

      I stayed home from work yesterday and I am so grateful that I was able to be there for her last day. We played and she was her usual joyful self. I was cleaning the house and anytime I go near the kitchen door, she wants to go outside. She ran outside and a few minutes later, I heard her barking and looked out the window to see that she was excited about some kid walking down the street. She ran to the other side of the house so that she could still see him as he continued to walk. I decided to call her into the house but I saw that she was lying on her side. I thought she was hurt so I ran outside and by the time I got there, she was gone. Not even a total of 2 minutes after seeing her running on the other side of our home.

      The vet said that her trachea was clear so she didn't choke on anything and she had no visible signs of injury. They did a basic autompsy just to rule out any obvious causes of this tragedy but they said she appeared to be perfectly healthy. Without an extensive autopsy, they can only assume that it was a blood clot.

      I waited 28 years to get my first dog and when I did, I got the most loving, well-behaved and joyful dog in the world.

      My only comfort right now is knowing that her passing was very quick so she did not have to suffer. I also believe that she came into my life when I needed her most. My husband and I had a very difficult situation that we needed to deal with, but no matter how stressful our days were, she gave us a reason to smile and laugh every single day.

      I am not sure how I am going to get through this. It just seems so unfair that she only lived for 2 1/2 years, but I am trying to take comfort in the fact that she had 2 1/2 WONDERFUL years. My husband and I loved her like she was our baby and we are just crushed and lost without her.


By lalexanderbluiz on 2009-04-08
Post ID: 238
I lost Bella, our german shepherd/border collie mix on March 28, 2009. She was just 2 1/2 years old. She was fine all day. She played in the backyard with our neighbors dog....they chased each other. She had a normal bowel movement, she ate and appear completley fine all day...I was home with her the entire day. When I left to run to the store she was in the family room.  When I returned 1 1/2 hours later she was in her bed that is by the patio doors (this was her favorite spot). She looked like she was sleeping and I said she must be tired because she didn't move when I walked in (which is not abnormal for her). When I started to walk up to her I notice she didn't move to acknowledge me coming. As I looked at her I saw that she was dead. She was still warm to the touch, but no heart beat. She really did look like she was just sleeping.  I am heart broken beyond words. Cannot believe something so beautiful, loving and young is out of my life. I was in so much shock that I just couldn't even dial the phone. When we got her to the vets office he confirmed she had passed. I choose not to have her opened up to satisfy my curiosity, but now it is so hard to not know what happened.  She was my child and I watched over her like a mother. She never once showed signs of any problems. She was a bundle of energy and extremly intelligent.  She was just so young.


By nalugirl2nv on 2009-04-07
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      I share everyone's pain -- but mine is a bit different because my 6-year-old male German Shepherd Dog, Kona, has been diagnosed with ventricular tacchycardia, and I've been told that Kona will probably die of sudden death as a result. Over the years, Kona has survived more than his share of rare disorders -- if I had a nickel for every time that his posse of veterinary specialists started a diagnosis with "I've never seen a dog that had . . ." followed by the most unnerving catalog of symptoms, I would have retired long ago. And, my Kona has survived -- and thrived -- despite the naysayers who didn't expect him to live for a year, let alone nearly seven. But now, I feel like there is the proverbial axe just waiting to fall.
      At first, I was terrified to even let him out of my sight, let alone chase rabbits, go for long walks, or even experience the excitement of going for a ride in the car. But then I realized that he needs to live his life as he chooses to, no matter how anxious it might make me. But that doesn't change the fact that I watch him like a hawk, and wake up several times throughout the night to make sure he's still breathing.
      They told me last July that he probably wouldn't live six more months, and yet, here we still are. He's on a new medication (the last one left for us to try, according to his doctors), which has a laundry list of side effects (none of which Kona has exhibited yet). After that, another Holter test and then another prognosis.
      To say that Kona is the love of my life is an understatement. I've lost 5 German Shepherds in the last 10 years, and he's my sole (or should I say "soul") survivor. I'm trying to stay in the moment but this has been a real test of my resolve.
      As for all of you who are concerned that you didn't do "enough" or that you should have somehow known that something was wrong, stop, stop, stop. Look at my situation -- I have knowledge, I've been given a diagnosis, I'm doing all I can to proactively manage Kona's disease, and the outcome might still be the same for me as for so many of you. Be glad of your time together.


By cherijohnson on 2009-04-04
Post ID: 233

      Our beloved Cairn Terrier, Haylie was five years old and two months when she passed away suddenly Thursday evening, April 2nd, 2009.

      She had just had a small surgery for a broken tooth 15 days before and had a complete physical, blood panel, etc. and the works for this simple surgery to insure her safety and to give us a baramoter on her health.

      After our daily evening walk before bed, she came home, was happy and bubbly as usual and suddenly went to the floor on her back, legs shaking a little and an unusual sound of pain.  She rolled to her side, yelped when I tried to pet her and then she was gone.

      Bruce and I are beyond grief - we are tormented as to what caused this and did not want to put her thru an autopsy.  It was our search for an answer (and some meaning) that brought us to this site.


By MShafer on 2009-03-31
Post ID: 232
I lost my 18 month old cairn terrier mix two days ago.  He was outside running, chasing squirrels and cats outside the fence and the next thing looked and he was on the ground and was without resirations or heart beat.  He had no vomiting, diarrhea or other healthproblems.  He had been heart worm tested and was negative.  I am heartbroken as he was a best buddy and it was so unexpected and sudden.  I am trying to take comfort in the sudden losses others have written about, knowing I am not grieving alone.


By sdsmiley on 2009-03-23
Post ID: 231
This morning my brother in law and sister lost their 14 month old german shepherd.  I have two shepherds myself and bred this puppy that passed suddenly. He was such a good dog they are absolutely devasted.  They fed him a hot dog for the first time last night and gave him a few treats, then let him play in the backyard.  He threw the hot dog up. but was acting totally fine.  This morning my brother stopped by his kennel to say hi to the dog it licked him and he was on his way.  A few hours later my sister went to let him out of his kennel and he was dead. The vet said she was 95% sure it was gastric torsion a very serious emergency that cause the stomach to twist and shut off blood supply to the organ. This is a very sudden painful death in large breed dogs. he weighed about 100lbs and was lean with a deep chest.  She said that was common in these body types.  We wish there would have been more signs of this present.  Maybe this is the case to those of you who lost a young shepherd suddenly.  I am very saddened for all of you, shepherds are such good dogs and truely mans best friend.


By adsvick11 on 2009-03-20
Post ID: 234
Last night i was in the basement when i heard my mom scream. our dog, a wheaton terrior, which we got a few dyas before christmas was in the back yeard. our dog was only a few months old. she never had any health problems or anything. we took fantastic care of her and everything was great. but yesterday she sounded like she was choking on something because of the consistent gagging and thposting up of this clear-like fluid. she ate a whole bowl of food, so there was obviosuly nothing in her throat after this. as i was in the basemtn i heard my mom screwam, i ran upstairs and to the door that led to the backyard where my mom was. as i looked out, i see our new puppy, laying on the ground, lifeless. we rushed her to the vet but there waast any hope. she had already died. we still dont know why it happened for sure, but the vet was saying how abnormal it was for a 3 month old puppy to suddenly die like that. we were told it was possibly something heart related like a heart attack...or an annurism. point is: no matter how old your pet is...anything can happen. and unfortunately, i learned this 12 hours ago.


By petpeeve on 2009-03-04
Post ID: 229
My heart is sad for everyone who has lost their pet.  I've had pets before that have perished, but they were usually old and sickly so it was expected.  I used to dream of having a team of sled dogs and one day it became a reality.  We picked up a Siberian Husky and bred her; she gave us 8 beautiful puppies and we kept them all.  They're 9 years old and we take them mushing; I've even slept in the barn with them if one is ill.  I keep a close eye on their gait, breathing, diet, and weight because they're working athletes and yet, Sunday March 1st, 2009 one of them suddenly and unexpectedly perished.  The loss of this pet has hit me harder than any before; I watched the birthing process, raised and trained them, and they allow me to work with them as part of their team.  I have children, but somehow, this group of dogs is as important as my kids.  It was a complete shock!  I'm awaiting the necropsy report and suspect there would have been nothing we could have done as there were no visible symptoms.  Her name was Spot because she had a speckled nose.  I miss her terribly and it doesn't seem right that she's not with her litter mates.  I feel bad for everyone's loss but grateful that we can all share in each others experiences and know that each of us is not alone.


By petpeeve on 2009-03-04
Post ID: 230
I'm sorry to hear about Katie.  I am not a veterinarian but I have a team of sled dogs and a pet resort and have experienced many things.  Usually a consolidated lung is the result of a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection.  Leaving Katie outside for 4 hours in any temperature would not likely have caused this and neither would hypothermia.  I hope you're not blaming yourself for not realizing something was wrong.  Dogs have very different physiology than humans and their systems are better equipped to compensate for problems.  The problem with compensating is that we quite often don't see any symptoms and therefore realize there's a problem.  The dog is sick but doesn't show it.  Fluid can even build up in the lung(s) from congestive heart failure.  These things can be sudden and without warning from what I've personally experienced.


By pancake1951 on 2009-02-10
Post ID: 228

      It seem this monster only sells Yorkshire Terriers, I purchase on last year rec puppy June 22 on July 2 it die from Pravo, no refund nor replacement puppy, but this sell is a fraud, use false names, doesn't own a business license, or make taxes, use fake names, her husband is Armando Soutullo he should also go to prison and have charge on him but he is the silent partner.
      She claims that it is not her selling sick puppies then why she arrest on Jan 16 and she will appear in court for on Feb 10, 2009

      I have update this person (too bad only Julie because her husband should be going to prison and court as well) was arrested on Jan 16, 2009 and will be going to court Feb 10, 2009. If you have any information please contact District Attorney Officer Fredic Kerstien the cas number is F091912 that phone number is 305-547-0671 and fax number is 305-547-0717 this is for tax fraud, and unlicensed business

      Also another court filing under case number is M0742780 this is for fraud, selling sick puppies, unlicensed, grand thief, non certificate etc. Here you would need to find out who is handling this case in this department.

      If we all do our part we will be able to get this monster off the streets and in prison and with good luck reimbursement for all money due to all the victims.

      Please, please call these officers of the law to give them information, don't forget to file with Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Division of Animal Industry and put it to ATT: Diana Fucks address is 407 South Calhoun Street, Tallahassee, Fl,32399-0800 and phone number is 850-410-0900 and fax is 850-410-0946. You can get the form to file on the internet DACS-09214 - Pet Law Complaint Form you will need all documents from pictures of the puppy, vet bills, etc.

      I truly hope this help you reach your goal of getting your reimbursements.


By poockiekouchie on 2008-06-20
Post ID: 273


By mveno48 on 2008-03-29
Post ID: 278
Two nights ago my 6 yr old lab began acting strange very suddenly.  He and I live by ourselves so I drop him off at my parent's house so he can be with them and their dog while I am at work.  When I picked him up he seemed fine, greeted me at the door tail wagging as usual.  Seemed ok on the ride home too.  He even jumped out of the car on his own.  Then when we got through the front door he took two steps and his back end just collapsed.  I finally coaxed him over to his bed but he couldn't take more than a few steps before his back legs would collapse.  I thought he was just having a bad day since he has severe hip dysplasia.  Well, yesterday morning I woke to him howling like I have never heard from him before.  He was running through the house urinating in his path.  I picked him up and brought him outside where he went and collapsed on his backside again.  After about ten minutes he went into another howling spell followed by him getting up and running around, this time to the door which I opened for him.  He ran to the far end of the house and collapsed onto his side.  I tried to comfort him and calm him as it was very early in the morning and I was trying unsuccessfully to get a hold of a vet who could see him.  The howling spells continued for two hours then came the random convulsions for about 30 minutes.  I finally get a hold of his vet and I scoop him up to bring him to the car.  He began seizing right in my arms and I laid him out in the back of my SUV where he went into the full blown grand mal seizure.  I got him to the vet where they gave him vallium but he just kept continuing with the periodic howling episode only now it was a half-hearted howl and he just lay there on his side.  They assured me they were going to monitor him and that I could check in as often as I like so I went home to collect myself.  Later yesterday afternoon they called me in to discuss his conditon.  The girl at the front desk walked me back to where he was and said he had just lifted his head and seemed to be coming out of it.  The Dr. gave him something to bring up his blood sugar because they suspected a tumor near his pancreas which was causing him to secrete too much insulin, basically a reverse diabetes.  When we got to the cage the assistant just about turned white.  We looked at my Bo and he was lifeless.  The rushed him to another room where they got his heart beating again, although irregularly, and they were breathing for him.  He never regained consciousness.  The doc said it could be a million things that caused him to go into arrest.  He may have had a clot or a heart condition and the seizure was too much for him.  I did not opt for the autopsy.  I am absolutely heartbroken today.  My house is so empty without him and it is killing me looking at his empty bed and picking up his things around the house today.  I just needed to vent a little bit.  I will say however, if your dog is acting unusual like I described him the night before his seizure I would let your vet know right away.  I now know that Bo was experiencing the "aura" described by humans before they have a seizure.  I had no way of knowing about any other condition he might have had but I can't help feeling that had I been able to control or lessen that seizure at all he would still be with me.


By abr790 on 2008-03-17
Post ID: 272
my vet  tells me to stop trying to figure it out, but i can't. i want to understand what happened. she was super fine all morning, playing with the hose, her balls, my other dog. running and being crazy like always. then she started acting listless. started trembling. i thought she was cold because we were playing withthe water so i wrapped her in a towle.  she didnt seem to be trembling anymore but she kept acting like she wanted to thpost up and she did but it was only saliva. then she staggered and i knew something was teribly wrong. i looked in her eyes and they were glazed, which was a scary sight. ran in the house to give her a prednisone in case she was having an allergic reeaction to something. she pooped there on the floor. we raced to the vet but she died within minutes. and we dont really know why. i am heartbroken thinking was there something i missed, something i could have done. the vet thinks also that it might have been anaphylactic shock since she had a history of allergic reaction with the same symptoms. even though her blood work didnt show anything. i am devestated.


By jenni4475 on 2008-03-09
Post ID: 286
the same exact thing happened to my 2 year old Boxer Abby on Feb 27 2007. It was her heart...a heart arrythmia but it was exactly as you described.


By Bixbyb on 2008-03-07
Post ID: 270

      I too lost my male golden Brinkley suddenly, He was going to be 5 years old May 1st. He was himself...all Monday night and he woke me early on Tuesday, as if to say time for our walk. He jumped into the SUV, he barked at the lady walking the black lab, I got out of the car walked around to opened the door, Brooke my female Golden) jumped out, Brinkley was laying there. I said "come on Baby lets go"..then I realized he wasn't getting up, he just lay there. I jumped back into the car with Brooke and drove like a crazy person to the animal e-clinic...the Vets came out with a stretcher, got Brinkley....a few minutes later the Vet came in and told me, Brinkley was gone before they could do CPR. He was a healthy active dog. I am having an autopsy done.
      I too am so filled with grief, my heart hurts. My little girl, Brooke misses her buddy. I don't know how to say this, but finding and reading on this web site, I know I'm not alone.



By iashley on 2008-03-03
Post ID: 275
It is with very heavy heart that I have to say my beautiful little Pekingnese "Buffy" just died yesterday, March 2,2008.  I have no idea why she has died only that it hurts so bad that she is gone.  I took her outside on a leash to go potty around 4 pm and everything was normal.  She always gets a cookie bone after doing her duties, two if she does #2. Which she did and so she ate one then came back for the second one and then ALL OF A SUDDEN she was screaming like she caught a nail in her kennel.  I ran to her and found her lying half inside her kennel bed and thought she was choking.  I tried to find cookie stuck in her throat but nothing was there.  She wasn't getting any air or something but I didn't know what was wrong.  Her body was totally limp, head, neck, legs, everything.  I started giving her CPR, as best I could, and someone called the 24 hr vet hospital.  They advised to get her into the car, keep doing what I was doing but they are so far away from my home, she had no heartbeat when we arrived there.  They don't know yet what caused her death, she was only 5 1/2 years old.  My vet is doing an autopsy today to try and figure out what happened because she was a normal healthy dog with slight back issues but that was all.  I adopted her from a breeder who made her have 3 litters by the time she was 4 yrs old and they didn't treat her well.  She got along right away with my Pug and cat.  They miss her terribly also, I can tell. I miss her so much.  If anyone has any ideas of what may have happened to her please let me know somehow.


By tinareneclark on 2008-03-03
Post ID: 276
Oh my gosh! That sounds like my little Peke that died a few days ago at the age of 7. I posted right below yours. Please let me know the results of the autopsy. I did not have this done so I will always wonder what happened to Littlebit. Littlbit did have seizures but they were well controlled with medicine so I can hardly believe that caused her death but there really is no other explanation. Tina


By tinareneclark on 2008-03-03
Post ID: 277
I have the posting right below yours about my Pekingnese, Littlebit that I lost a few days ago. Please let me know what the autopsy shows on your little Buffy. I am so sorry for your loss. My other dogs and myself are hurting terribly. Tina.


By tinareneclark on 2008-03-01
Post ID: 269
I am so relieved to have found this website. I lost my precious Pekingnese, Littlebit, on 2/26. She was only 7 years old. She had seizures almost her entire life but they were very well controlled with phenobarbitol. She was actually doing better the last few months than she had ever done. The night of her death, she had been playing with the other small dogs I have and visiting the food/water bowl. I had a terrible cold and decided to lay down for about an hour. I got up and found her in the kitchen floor dead. Rigor had already set in. She had vomited a pretty good amount of clear liquid and tee-teed on herself. Her eyes were open. I have seen her have seziures before but she always came out of the just fine and resumed normal activity. The only thing I can think of is may be she choked to death on something if it was not a seizure. They did have a couple of rawhide bones (which I will never give to my dogs again) but the bones were still pretty new and a large in size. I would think that if she choked to death she would not have been able to vomit up so much liquid. My vet (who is also a personal friend) told me that without a necropsy (which I just could not bring myself to do) there was no way to know but he believes she had a breakthrough grand-mal seizure that she just could not come out of. I have been out of work since her death. I had to get medicine to sleep. The other dogs are a mess. I have trememndous guilt that I slept while she died. I hope and pray that it was a seizure that took my precious Littlebit because I know the dogs are normally unaware of what is happening to them when they are seizuring. I am absolutely devastated. We buried her in a beautiful pet coffin and I am having a little monument done for her also. I never knew that grief like this existed. If anybody would like to respond I would really appreciate it.


By Funneman96 on 2008-02-23
Post ID: 285

      I also am glad to find this site.  We got a ridgeback mix puppy in 1996 when we were first married.  He was our only "kid".  We named him Troy.  He has always been a ball of energy, never sick a day in his life.  And now, over 10 years later, he had no arthritis, no hip problems, nothing at all.  I took him out for his usual morning constitution, where he ran around his tree like an idiot like he always did to get rid of his excess energy, he came back in, ate all his breakfast and begged for a pig ear.  I told him he had to wait for "Daddy" to get home for his pig ear.  He wanted to go back outside so I put him by the picnic table, where he sat totally erect, ears forward and happy and extremely alert, and I went in to get a soda.  I as only in the house two minutes, came back out with my soda, and he was just lying there.  I thought it was awful quick for him to just fall asleep that fast, but then I noticed his eyes were open and his tongue was hanging out.  I was shaking his shoulders and crying out for him to wake up.  The neighbors came running over to see what was wrong and they started doing CPR and heart massage.  They worked on him for 15 minutes with no success.  To say I was, and still am, in shock is an understatement.  He was just to the vet two weeks before and in perfect health.  I didn't know dogs could just keel over and die that fast with no warning.  He was over 10 years old, and I was worried that some day he would start to go downhill and we would have to make that awful decision to put him down, but he just went in a matter of seconds.  He didn't suffer for even one second.  I'm so glad that he didn't suffer.  It's so much easier on the dog to go in this manner, but it leaves the "parent/owners" in such shock with so many unanswered questions.  It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that this has happened to.  There's some comfort in that, even though we miss our "kid" like crazy.  My husband is in the military and is deployed for months at a time, so Troy was my only constant companion.  He is dearly missed.
      Karen in Kalama


By lummus211 on 2008-02-22
Post ID: 283
Monday, February 18, 2008, my best friend, Tex, passed away during the early morning.  He was a healty happy guy sunday evening and now he is gone!  We are extremely sad and devasted and having a difficult time accepting that he is gone forever. I wished I knew how to prevent it.


By jesefs on 2008-02-22
Post ID: 284
My dog Zebediah, died Tuesday, February 19th while I was away. My husband was awakened by his thrashing at 3am. The seizure lasted for 45 minutes. He was 11 years old, never had a seizure, but had been acting a little senile and also had lumps on his back. He had lost weight in the last year, but was still in fairly good shape. My husband tried to call off, but had to go to work and leave him alone. He was lying quietly at this time. We had a neighbor check on him during the day and he never moved from the spot, was mostly unconscious. When my husband got home from work, Zeb was gone. I come home yesterday and have been crying all day when I see his rug and toys, all the things that remind me of him. My cat is also mourning as he was Zeb's best friend. I feel so bad that I was not here with him. I am thankful he did suffer for long. He was my buddy.


By stang73 on 2008-02-03
Post ID: 282

      I never knew about 'Sudden Death' before this.
      Saturday night on Feb 2, our 7 yr old Lab, "Sheba" seemed as normal as ever..only thing was a little out of the ordinary is that she did not beg for a chip that I was eating as she usually does.
      sometime during the night, she passed away.
      What a tramatic time this is in our household. She was my dog and I can't even bring to words how upset I am. I have been a wreck all day and still hardly even type this !! I keep blaming myself...what if I did this or that.
      I am so sorry for all of those who have lost their aniamsl this way.

      Sorry...I just can't even continue typing this...57 years old and I a total basket case !!


By thaidnhou on 2008-02-01
Post ID: 281
It's a horribly sad day and yes, like alot of you I did a search for sudden death of dogs. Kasey passed away yesterday on 1/31/08 while I was at work. I found him in my closet when I got home and realized immediately he had left our family. Kasey was a 8.5 yrs old Golden Retriever. Being a rescue dog I only had him for 2yrs but in that rather short time he was true member of my family. He will be remembered mostly for his sweetness; always. Kasey just had his annual 2 weeks ago and came home with a clean bill of health (though he did have a bout of diarrhea and was prescribed some antibiotics for a related high bacteria count). But he had bouts of this off and on over the years. While he seemed to slow down a bit over the last 4 months he still seemed ok and happy. In fact the night before he passed he was more lively than usual and kept me up late playing tog o war. As became his recent pattern he would sometimes "sleep-in" on work days and would not be up yet when I left for work. I just pat him on the head and said seeya tonight. My wife who left after me said he seemed funny, but I wrote that off because a storm rolled through and that always spooked him. That evening became one of the worst nights of my life. Thanks so much for listening, I do not feel so alone.


By rememberwhen on 2008-01-31
Post ID: 280
My Sadie died this morning too.  We got up, I let her out, fed her and petted her and then went to take a shower.  After I got dressed and went to give her her good bye kiss kiss, she didn't come.  I found her dead under he bed.  She wasn't sick or anything.  She looked like she just laid down and died.  I cannot believe it.  She was my snuggler.  She bowed her head to me to get kissed between her eyes.  What will I do?


By c.weismann on 2008-01-30
Post ID: 274

      I wanted to add my thoughts to the Sudden Death in Dogs posting.  We lost our champion Golden Retriever, Brandy on November 16, 2007.  I was late getting home from work that night and she was very excited to see me - jumping and running around - I thought more so than usual.  She ran into the kitchen from the family room, slid on the floor into her water dish and we thought she was in some water and couldn't get up.  By the time we realized she had a problem she was already dead and only about 30 seconds had passed.  We still question what we could have done differently to save her.

      We did get another Golden puppy a couple weeks later.  It has helped ease the pain a little but we still miss Brandy terribly.


By gazing_at_stars on 2008-01-08
Post ID: 268
well, reading all these comments is making me feel like i'm not alone. yesterday had to be one of the worse days of my goes up there with losing my grandma. sigh. my beautiful sweet black lab, sweetie was taken from me suddenly. i have been going through so many emotions..guilt, anger, denial, etc. my heart is missing. people always say it was her time, but to me, of course it wasn't. i am 22 years old, i got her when i was attending middle school! everything was fine, i had taken her and my other dog, gidget to the park, they always had a blast. yesterday in the morning, her legs..her whole body went limp, she couldn't even lift her head. she had vomited and peed a lot all over..and her heart was beating hard, her stomach was pulsing. we gathered her up into a blanket.. my gut knew something worse was happening. her tongue and gums were white, her eyes were searching.. i wanted her to so badly look at me, concentrate on me, please. in the car i sat with her in the back seat and she started to puke again..and then she tried to puke again, but she couldn't.. she took 2 more short breathes and then she stopped moving, it all happened so fast. i was freaking out and so upset that she passed away in the car and i wasn't able to make it to the vet. so very upset that she had to go :( and i wanted to take care of her. i know it was too late and the vet couldn't of done much... getting an autopsy would of costed over a grand.. it wouldn't matter. i miss my sweetie, she was most loving, understanding girl in the world..and i'm going to miss her dearly. love you sweetie. no one can understand the sudden lost of a pet, only their best friend can <3


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