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Causes Of Sudden Death In Dogs - Most common causes of sudden and unexpected death in dogs that were considered healthy by their owners when last seen; potentially severe diseases and disorders of dogs that do not have clinical signs or become apparent in a very short period of time.

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By on 2013-02-27
Post ID: 307
On Sept. 9th I was playing with my almost 7 year old baby girl Michie and one minute she was fine and the next she swelled up 3 times her size and tipped over and just died!! I was BEYOND freaked out. I miss her every day. So sorry for your loss..


By on 2013-02-27
Post ID: 308
On Sept. 9th I was playing with my almost 7 year old baby girl Michie and one minute she was fine and the next she swelled up 3 times her size and tipped over and just died!! I was BEYOND freaked out. I miss her every day. So sorry for your loss..


By joshualillie on 2012-03-14
Post ID: 374

      Last Sunday, March 11, 2012, I lost my beloved Boxer dog Stella to what I suspect was cardiomyopathy.

      Stella would get allergies, but aside from that seemed like a very healthy dog. Every day when I came home from work she would run up to me with her whole butt wiggling and after a little smooching and petting she would zip off to get her toy for me to toss across the house.  She was my best friend and my pride and joy.  She went everywhere with me.  Stella loved everyone and everyone loved Stella.  She seemed almost incapable of being mean.  We were inseparable.

      When Stella was about 2 and a half years old, she developed a funny cough one day.  About every 5 or 10 seconds she would make a hacking noise like she was trying to cough something up.  After almost a day I took her to the vet, and of course, the cough completely stopped as soon as it had started even before we got there.  The vet told me it was probably allergies since it was fall and I didn’t live too far from fields.  I remember the vet listening to Stella with her stethoscope for a very long time.  She closed the door and again listened carefully with her stethoscope.  When she finished I asked “listening to her lungs?”  The vet replied “I was listening to her heart.”  She told me that Boxer’s were prone to heart problems and said that I needed to keep a close eye on Stella.

      About 6 months later, soon after Stella turned 3, my worst nightmare would come true.  I was in the kitchen with my sister in law hanging a ceiling light. The dogs were all playing, and I had just recently let Stella back in from a bathroom break. The 3 dogs went into the next room playing while we finished up with the light.  After I finished, I started to walk up stairs when I noticed Stella lying on the floor and Rucker (my sister’s Doberman) used her snout to lift Stella’s leg up and it dropped back down limp. I realized Stella was not just sleeping and shouted to her “Stella”.  She did not move. “Stella!” I yelled. She did not move. I knew immediately she was gone, but freaked out and drove her to the vet just the same while my sister tried desperately to give her CPR. When we got to the vet, they rushed her in, but I already knew.

      My poor Stella was gone.  My only comfort is that we were home with her, and it had to have been quick. I’m devastated, but quickly learning I am not alone.


By dawnacinderella on 2012-03-07
Post ID: 369
i was so shocked and so up0set this past sunday 3 4 2012 my husy suddenly died in my arms i dont know why he seem ok usual self he was my best friend and my only companion of ten years i am so filled with guilt i wish i could of seen something in his behavior no signs i feel i lost my child i took him fot granted, he was always here with me my life will not be the same without him miss him so, he droped his hind legs couldnt move lost bowels and died in my arms why i dont know i thought he had a heart attack i left it at that my husky named king born sept 19 2002 to march 4 20012 was a great friend a great fam member a good dog he has been creamated, and i had a piece of my hair cut of to burn with him , i know in time ill be able to walk by his bed and not cry as i loved him so much god bless our animals  piece my best friend we will meet again run king run mom xxoo i love you buddy amen.....


By mayzee67 on 2012-03-05
Post ID: 373

      We lost our boxer of 10 years just after christmas. He was suffering brain tumors and having seizures so it was expected that we were going to lose him. I didnt want another dog but my wife talked me into getting one.
      We got a beautiful black little cockalier (King Charles Spaniel x Cocker spaniel). We only had her for 7 weeks and she was so full of life, she turned my world upside down, our kids are older and pretty much have their own lives now but Bella was my baby girl she would sit in my arms and snuggle. She love unconditionally and was always their to greet me when I came home from work.
      On sunday the kids took her to the beach for her first swim and she was running around playful as evr.
      We had a BBQ tea and were sitting outside enjoying the sunset and evening breeze, Bella layed down at my wifes feet (something she loved to do) and was there for 10 minutes then she let out this loud painful moan cry, i raced around and picked her up, she was gone, she had relieved herself and even before we got her into the car to race her to the vet deep down I knew we had lost our baby.

      My wife was distraut and I felt so helpless. The vet tried but she was long gone.

      I just dont understand how a beautiful little girl who showed no signs of anything, good appetite, regular bowl momements etc, could just die so quickly.
      It has left me devistated and heart broken. I lost not only my dog but my baby.
      I will never forget my Baby Bella.
      Does anyone have any idea what it might have been?
      God bless and thank you in advance.


By roverbegood on 2012-03-02
Post ID: 363
My heart goes out to all of the families who are still grieving over the loss of their pets. Many  people here talk about heart diseases as the major cause of sudden death. But there are other, equally devastating diseases. Take infectious canine hepatitis, for example, which is caused by CAV-1 virus and  may be transmitted by external parasites, such as fleas and ticks. Dogs younger than 1 year (especially  older than 14-16 weeks) are at greatest risk, but all unvaccinated dogs are at risk. Common signs are vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Sometimes, neurological signs, such as disorientation and seizures, follow quickly. Dogs die within a few hours after the beginning of the signs and dog owners often believe that their dog was poisoned, but in fact, a dog dies from severe damage to the brain, lungs, and sudden internal bleeding.


By mypalmergirl02 on 2012-02-29
Post ID: 372
We suddenly lost our 10 year old boxer 3 days ago.  He had no signs, he played all afternoon in the front yard, the house with our lab and cuddled with us on a lazy Sunday afternoon.  I let them out back in our big fenced in yard that he loved to hang out in when the weather was nice and it was this past Sunday.  They ate about an hour prior and were barking a lot at a cat or something within minutes of going outside, I looked outside and asked them to stop, they did and my lab came within a few minutes.  I was freshening up for dinner and noticed that he still hadn't came in but I just thought he was enjoying the nice weather or still trying to take care of his business.  I went outside to see where he was and found him laying in the yard, i knew immediately he was dead.  I listened for a heartbeat and there wasn't one, his tongue was hanging out and turning purple, his eyes were glazing over,  his body was a little cooler and he had released his bowels.  I tried to give mouth to mouth and pump his chest, but I knew he was gone.  I just hugged him for a while.  I feel so guilty that I wasn't there for his last breath.  I really hope he didn't suffer and went immediately.  I feel he did as I found him about 2 feet from the fence where he was barking with all 4 legs straight out and a peaceful look on his face.  All of the 24 hour vets are at least 20 minutes away.  I called the one I usually go to and they said to bring him in if want a necropsy and have him cremated.  I did considering I had no idea what happened.  The vet said the only thing she could find is an enlarged artery.  She said he could've had some type of heart disease that they never detected, a seizure, a stroke or an aneurysm.  She said I could take him to another vet to get a full autopsy, but I wasn't going to take my dead dog to another vet.  I know we gave him a wonderful life and he had an amazing 10 years.  He made it through pneumonia when he was 2, getting struck by a car when he was 4 and losing all of his front teeth and tearing his ACL when he was 9.  He was on an arthritis supplement and a medication for his leg.  He was such a lover.  He made my life so fulfilling.  I pray that our 10 year old lab will be ok.  This is the hardest thing I've ever went through.  The comment on this post was comforting and the support of friends and family have been amazing.  The comfort of knowing that this isn't uncommon helps.  I know one day this won't be so hard and the tears will be fewer.  He was such a special boy.


By ubiratanguedes on 2012-02-19
Post ID: 371

      I love animals and especially dogs. I had 12, most of them street dogs who I adopted. Yesterday I lost one who was born at my house. He was 2years and a half, beautiful, happy and almost human. I had gone out to feed some street dogs as I do every day and when I arrived, he had just died - suddenly - without any previous symptons. In fact, I have already lost 5 of them; each one with a different but beautiful story. Every time I lose one of my children - that is the way I call them - it seems I am going to die as well. But I know I need to be fine to take care of the ones who are still here.
      I am so sorry for anyone who loses a so pure and sincere friend.
      I wish people could be more careful about animals. They deserve all our love and care.



By cris3528 on 2012-01-26
Post ID: 368

      I thought I had lost my baby this past Sunday morning.  My husband had fell asleep in the chair with her and when I walked in the room I heard her hit the floor.  She was on the floor and wasn't moving.  I think she got up when I walked in and when she did she just fell over.  This was at 1:45 a.m. in the morning!  I thought she was dead.  I performed baby CPR and started massaging and lightly pumping around her heart and rubbing her.  She couldn't move.  I was hysterical.  We took her to an emergency vet and she said her heart rate was low and her body temperature was low and her glucose was high.  All of these things came back to normal with IV fluids within 4 hours.  They said her liver looked enlarged on the x-rays, but didn't see cancer.  We let her stay until 3:00 the next day, but decided to bring her home.  Her vitals were fine and the vet couldn't tell us what was wrong.  She has seperation anxiety and I told my husband that as long as her vitals were up I thougth she would be better off in her own home.  I don't think the stress of being in a metal cage with dogs barking around her was the most conducive environment for her.  She started having diarehea(sp) 24 hours later.  She is only 5 lbs.  We have been given her chicken and rice and I gave her some pumpkin today.   I have also been giving her pedalyte.  She acts like herself just a weaked version.  Please pray she recovers.  I don't know what happened and neither does the vet.  They said they could do an ultrasound, but I don't put a lot of faith into what they can do for her at this point.
      She is 8 1/2 years old and she is like my child.  I just pray she comes back to her old self soon.


By Fmrich on 2012-01-07
Post ID: 365
I also lost my precious dog, Chief on Jan 1st.  He was a retriever/chow mix just turned 8.  I boarded him at my vet for a few days while we went on vacation.  He was happy and healthy when I left him.  Three days later he died in a cage alone at the vet in the middle of the night.  He was found the next morning. A necropsy was done and the vet said he was a perfectly healthy dog.  He does not know why he died.  I am devistated and feel so guilty for boarding him.  I truly feel if he was home he would not have died.  I feel the stress of being boarded in a strange place and away from home killed him.  I pray that he will be there waiting for me when my time comes and that he forgives me.  I miss him so much. He died alone.  My heart goes out to everyone who has lost their faithful companion.  Losing them is bad enough but when it is so sudden it is devastating. God bless our pets and God bless all that have suffered such a great loss.


By anissaanne on 2012-01-07
Post ID: 370

      I'm so sorry for all of your losses. It's a tragedy when we lose one of our family members, especially when you don't know what happened in a sudden death.

      My story:
      On a Wed I left for work and gave Nina (10.5 year old Dalmatian) a hug and she yelped. She had been fine - playing and running around. She always had a ton of energy.

      She had kidney disease, but it was under control. So her death didn't have anything to do with that. Luckily I worked at home for quite sometime and was able to take care of her 200% and keep her kidney disease minimal. I hand made her 4 meals a day from a diet made by UC Davis based upon her blood values. Vet visits constantly and monitoring her blood values.

      I mentioned she was completely fine - so active. I thought when I hugged her and she yelped that maybe it did something to her back. She had a problem with her back. So I gave her some pain medication and went to work.

      I got home from work that evening and she was pacing and shaking - just like she did when she was in pain from her back. So I did not take her to the vet. She was up all night. I stayed home with her the following day and worked from home.

      At about 1pm she ran outside to chase a squirrel (she still did that when her back was hurt). I was on the phone for work, but about 10 minutes went by and I didn't hear anything. She usually came back upstairs to be by my side (she was deaf and wanted to be next to me all the time).

      I had a strange feeling so I went out side on the deck to look fr her...could not find her. I went downstairs and she was passed away at the bottom of the staircase. Her back was flush on the bottom stair and her head was resting looking up the stairs.

      I was devastated. I also lost my other Dalmatian not long before that to a sudden death after a surgery.

      These two were my little family and had been my lifeline after I moved to Seattle by myself - for 9 years. It was just us.

      Previous to this happening I had taken a project working onsite at a company instead of consulting from home. I decided not to renew the project because I wanted to be home with Nina. I had had a strange feeling that I would not be with her much longer - although her kidneys were controlled. But they convinced me to work p/t.

      I was so devastated..I was hysterical..there is my dog..passed away in my house. My little girl who protected and put all of my energy into her health for the previous year and a half. It was surreal. I mean, what do you do when you find yourself in that situation. Your child basically.

      Last time she needed to be hospitalized for a kidney infection - this was only about 3 weeks earlier, the doctor noticed her heart rate was 200. But her BP also went up to a record breaking 300 when she was at the vet. Last BP was normal. But I told the doctor that her heart rate was normal at home. So he said OK. We didn't investigate further.

      About a year and a half earlier her regular vet said she had a heart murmur, but the specialist vet could not find it. So we assumed it was just her excitement.

      I don't know what happened that day when she died suddenly. But I'm assuming it was her heart. I don't know if dogs have pain when they have a heart condition or if she just didn't feel well and that is why she was pacing and shaking.

      I wish I would have at least had an xray done to see if she had a bleed in her brain or something. But I guess we can't look back.

      All I prayed for for all of both of my dogs was that if they every passed it would be a natural death, and both were. They believe Maxx (my other Dalmatian) had a clot after the surgery. He was doing fine..Sunday, the day before he was to come home (and I spent the entire day getting the house ready so I could focus on him 200%). After I finished and sat down to eat dinner I got the call...that he just gasped and yelped and died.

      This is all in a 1 year period. It's been very difficult. I love those dogs more than anything in the world.

      That is my story of sudden death and I hope it helps. I think if I would have taken Nina to the vet they would have put her down. I'm glad her last minutes were chasing a squirrel and in my home. But I still have much guilt over not being there with her, by her side.

      I fell in my garage a few months earlier and hit the back of my head on the concrete very hard. I had a bump the size of half of a grapefruit. The fire Dept came and before they left told me that I should bring her down for a photo on the fire truck. But I hadn't yet - I thought she was fine and I had been so busy.

      Now I wish I would have called them instead of a friend to help me move her body from downstairs to my car to take her body to the vet (I live in a small town).

      I cry everyday for everything I could have done and her loss. I desperately hope she did not suffer. Between Nina and Maxx dying, gosh I don't know what to say.

      I'm sorry for all of you who have gone through this.


By schabacker on 2011-12-30
Post ID: 366
Hi.  The trauma of seeing your dog die is real tough.  Happened to me on the 10th of December at 4:20am.  My 6 yr old girl (a Bichon) shrieked, waking me up, and immediately went into agonal breathing.  That lasted a couple of minutes. She died as I put her in the car to go to the ER, which I only found out when the tech looked at her eyes and gave me the horrible news after a freeway dash.   Perfectly healthy the day before.  The most helpful comment:  After living a great life and making our family happy for 6 yrs, or 12 yrs (fill in the blank), her job was done, and it was time for her spirit to go and help another family.  Like you, we are still wondering why she died and can only guess.  The vets cannot say.  We are thinking of burying her ashes in the yard she guarded from many varments and wild critters so faithfully for the past 6 years.  Each day it gets a little easier.  We are looking to adopt another, and the thought that we may get one a little like her is soothing.  Good luck!


By tim.eileen on 2011-12-30
Post ID: 367
i just read the sad story about the dog who had the seizures. I hope my story will help you. When my boxer girl, Holly was 9yo she started frothing at the mouth while I was walking her. I had to carry her home. When i got her to the vet she was overheated. She had another seizure that night. No cause was ever found. The vet had her on a drip and valium for several days. We just wanted her home because we could keep an eye on her 24/7 and we didn't like the side effects of the valium. When we got her home she was disoriented and acted like she was brain damaged, wouldn't eat etc. After about 2 days at home she started eating and gradually improved. we found a good vet who supported us all the way. She returned to normal and we then got a boxer pup and she was really happy and well. She had another seizure months later, and another and eventually she was put on anti-convulsants. She got to 12 but unfortunately the seizures got worse even on medication. Sadly, we had to have her euthanased in April this year. Towards the end she was circling and pacing continually. No cause was ever found for her seizures but we believe (and our vet agrees) that she likely had a brain tumour. We were blessed to have Holly for those extra years after the 1st seizure and for her to have quality of life for most of that time but it was really hard at the end seeing her suffering and having to make the decision to let her go. I absolutely loved Holly (who was a rescue dog) as you did your beloved dog but in time you will feel ready to get another dog. It will never replace the dog you lost but it will be special in its own way and you will gpost to love it too. Take your time, grieve, remember the happy times you had together but please let your heart open to another dog who needs your love and care-and that will add immensely to your life.


By dalejr929 on 2011-12-29
Post ID: 364

      On Thurs. Dec.22,2011 I was awoken by what I thought was my dog having a dream, with her legs moving as if she was running and having a pleasant dream, NOT A NIGHT MARE.
      I was shocked and siok to death and ready to die before my dog. She was a 12 1/2 yr old chocolate Lab. Her health was good. My poor friend was foaming from the mouth massively and I could not get her to stop convulsing or seizing. Living by myself I had to get dressed, carry her down stairs, lay her down, pick her up, get shoes on, take her outside, put her down , lock the front door. Go to the car, put her on the trunk lid, unlock the car, put her in the car and then drive 5 miles at a very fast speed.I quickly rushed her to the Emergency Vet and she managed to get out of the car somewhat when I got there. After 10 minutes the Doctor came out and said she had had a seizure and she may have another seizure or never have one again, but needs some blood work and possible an MRI or Catscan of her head. WHY WOULD THE EMER DOCTORS NOT DO THIS I HAD A HEALTH PLAN, MONEY WAS NO OBJECTIVE, I JUST CANT FIGURE OUT THE COMPLETE LAZINESS FROM A VET WHO GOES TO SCHOOL LONGER THAN A GP. IT JUST EATS ME UP THE LAZINESS OF THIS CLINIC.
      She had NEVER had any seizures, before and they advised she would walk into things, pace around. I stayed at this Emerg. Clinic who did NOTHING except take her rectal temperature and apparently examine her. The receptionist was more wanting to get paid and get home than give the proper and descent care on the OATH That ALL VETS TAKE, to Save and Preserve LIFE FIRST.
      The Emerg Clinic was closing, so they suggested to wait until my Regular Vet opened to go and see her Doctor. The drive was less than 1- 1 1/2 minutes. My dog walked into the exam room on her own steam, she had a pee outside and we went inside. She DID NOT LOOK LIKE A DYING DOG,My "pup was pacing around and I finally managed to get her to lie down, she had a poo, smelled it and laid down.
      The second collapse started, she fell to her right side and her body stretched out,  I yelled out to the Vet, she came in listened to her heart and said it wss slowing and I asked her to try to save her. They took my only friend in the universe and they gave her epenephrine but could NOT save her.
      Regrets. I did NOT do a necropsy, but it may not have found out the reason.
      How in the heck can a dog go from unconscious, convulsing, foaming at the mouth to conscious, moving around  what appeared to be normal and then within 5 minutes she is gone?????
      I am extremely upset at the emerg clinic who should have kept her a while later, at least started and IV Line in case  she needed any meds, monitor her more closely than pass her on to another vet. What a shame, she was eating, playing and NO tell tale signs of anything brewing. I just dont get it why so lazy.

      Devasted a week later and even worse, my dear "pup" was the only family I had and cannot stop having flashbacks regarding the entire incident and to boot, how lacadasical the emer vet was and NOT doing more and possibly save her rather than let her die needlessly and helplessly.
      I would NOT want anyone to go through such a grafic and tragic and not to mention life altering incident that has changed my life forever.   I work in the 9-1-1 profession I have had people die infront of me and in my arms. I feel that PTSD is setting in and I hope I can survive because I cant do this on my own. My dear puppy was my lifeline, conifidant and most importantly the ONLY thing I had in my life with NO family.

      Please I have been searching the net for answers, the Vet has none so this makes it even worse, not knowing and this dog went to the Vet just like a person, for all her wellness tests, regular visits and never neglected or forgotten, she was just like a person and understood two languages that I speak.

      Ive tried looking for pet loss support and found NO books at Barnes and Noble or Chapters. Life sometimes is NOT fair. I hope no other pet owner has to endure a nightmare like this one that keeps playing over and over and wont stop.

      Thanks for reading my Tragic Story and welcome all and any ideas.
      I would have given my life for her right there in the Vets Office at the blink of an eye, NOT FAIR, NOT RIGHT, just as an added insult, I had a regular Doctor treating my Mom for Cancer and killed her. She didnt have a stitch of Cancer in her body, the pain meds stopped her heart and liver.


By cathyaguero on 2011-12-29
Post ID: 384
Our American Staffordshire Terrier who was 11 years old passed away last night in my arms at home. She had arthritis and was on a medication called Rimadyl.On Christmas morning she vomitted 2 times, I thought my son gave her too many christmas cookies and that she would be ok.The following day she seemed to be ok. She ate, went outside to do her business.The last year she was fatigue, slow and slept alot.The vet said this was one of the side effects of her medication. Dec. 27/2011 she was fine we went for a ride in the jeep, hung out outside and basked, ate, and did her usual. That night she threw up and died within 15 minutes.She had what looked like muscle spasm, quit breathing and passed. My husband and I were devastated. She was a bit overweight and didnt have alot of health issues other than her osteoarthritis. We had no time to rush her to the emergency clinic, it happened so fast and unexpected. When we took her to the vet after she passed to have her cremated , they told us she had a cardiac arrest??. I blame the medication she was on. If your vet prescribes RIMYADYL for you beloved pet. please research this is not good. We miss our precious "JADE" she will always be with us. It just makes me cry to think I might of been able to save her.... Rest in peace our angel...mommy and daddy...


By dmmcmah on 2011-12-26
Post ID: 608
Sounds like your 11.5 year old German Shepherd died of bloat. The exact same thing happened to my GSD Sam who was also 11.5 years. Exact same scenario and he went into a bathroom. I took his body to the vet for a necropsy so i could find out what happened and they said it was bloat.The best thing to do with large deep cheated dogs is to have their stomachs tacked, you can do it when they are spayed/neutered.


By c.rae on 2011-12-19
Post ID: 362

      My heart is broken as I write this...

      My girlfriend and I purchased two Yorkie's on a whim from a Pet store just over two years ago. The Yorkie's were biological brothers as per their documentation.

      We acknowledged that both Yorkie's had kennel cough upon purchasing. Of course we had already fallen in love with them and named them Teddy and Brody.

      The kennel cough lasted two to three months.

      One of our boys however continues to experience health problems. This is Brody. He has had minor to semi-serious health problems that include: rashes, infections, skin irritations, dietary problems, extensive allergies and subsequent depression, fatigue and exhaustion.

      For Brody, we have purchased creams, ointments and special foods to minimize his allergies. This has amounted to thousands of dollars in veterinarian visits and associated costs. These various treatments have yielded marginal results.

      Brody is now on a three phase shot/injection schedule in which we have administered over the past several months. This will continue well into the new year.

      We continue to medicate and spend money willingly on our babies, Teddy and Brody as we love them more then life itself.

      The Pet store at present is no longer in business. Furthermore we have learned of poor management practices that have contributed to many cases of unhealthy animals. We are to understand this contributed to the closure of this franchise.

      We have had our boys two years and two months at this point in time.

      On December 13th 2011, we were looking at Christmas lights with our friends and their dog. Our boys were with us as usual. Teddy was in his reindeer suit, Brody was in his Santa suit.

      Teddy suddenly started crying. He had never done this before. I picked him up and brought him into the car to see him in the light. He didn't appear to step in glass as I thought may be the case. In the light I could see Teddy's eyes were dilated and completely black. His body had become limp in my arms and his breathing slowed.

      We thought he may have ate something. It seemed so strange and unexpected.

      We rushed over to the local hospital. The veterinarian wasn't certain what was happening with Teddy. Teddy couldn't focus his eyes on anything and he kept falling over. The vet said he would watch him for a few hours.

      My girlfriend took our friends home. I stayed at the vets as I was concerned for our Teddy. I sat down in the waiting area of the Hospital.

      Moments later the veterinary's assistant ran out into the waiting room to grab something. He then ran into the back area. I followed him back there. I asked if everything was ok. He wouldn't answer me.

      In the waiting cage Teddy's was contorting in every direction. His motions were forced and unnatural. My heart started beating fast and my anxiety sky rocketed.

      I asked is he ok. The veterinarian didn't answer me. He then took Teddy into a back area and put him on oxygen.

      The veterinarian told me to take Teddy to emergency. He told me the number and I dialled it into my cell phone. He then asked me to give him the phone in order to speak directly to emergency.

      The veterinary hung up the cell phone and told me to take Teddy to emergency immediately - he gave me back my cell phone. I called my girlfriend and fortunately caught her before she went back onto the Highway. I told her to come back as fast as she could.

      I called the 24 hours emergency vet that was 15 minutes away and said we were coming. I handled the administrative questions as fast as I could.

      The veterinarian could not reassure me things would be okay as I waited for my girlfriend to arrive.

      My girlfriend arrived seconds later. I got into the drivers seat a sped to emergency.

      Teddy was shaking and his breathing was slowing. My girlfriend and I were in tears. We were praying that Teddy would be ok.

      We arrived at the Emergency Hospital. Immediately Teddy was taken into he back. We were told to sit in the waiting area and the doctor would come out if there was a concern.

      My girlfriend and I were in tears and just trying to consol each other. We were there for less then two minutes before the nurse asked us to come back into the ER. We were terrified as we walked into the ER as we now expected the worst.

      Our beloved perfect little Teddy boy was on the operating table having his chest pumped. There were tubes going into his mouth and IV into his leg. He had urinated on the white cloth.

      The lead veterinary said, you may need to make a critical decision, Teddy is not breathing on his own.

      We asked will he make it. She replied, "he will have significant brain damage even if he does".

      My girlfriend and I fell to the ground in tears. We were watching our baby struggling to stay alive.

      The nurse asked if we wanted to go into a private waiting area. We didn't know what to do. The vet blurted out she will continue working on Teddy and told us to go into the private room.



By karenmarie.white on 2011-11-07
Post ID: 383
hi I lost my GSDStorm this morning  . She has always been healthy and active . she was 7 Nov 4th. At 6.30 this morning she let out an almighty howl and collapsed. her breathing was laboured and she coughed three times. she was gone within seconds as my husband and i tried to comfort her. we are heartbroken as so unexpected. we love and miss our big girl storm, a more loyal dog wiuld be hard to find. RIP storm .


By bolotrail on 2011-10-31
Post ID: 387

      We lost our beloved black lab Quincy yesterday and it was very sudden and unexpected.  Quincy had been fine, never had any issues so that makes it that much more devastating.

      Mom called me and said she thought something was wrong with him and started crying saying she thought he was dying.  I raced over to her house praying the whole time.  When I got there he was sitting by the back door and he looked at me and wagged his tail a little.  He was drooling and breathing a little heavier than normal.  Mom said he had been fine all morning, got up at one point and acted as though he were drunk then collapsed.  My brother and I got him in my SUV and we took him to the emergency vet.

      By the time we got there the breathing was more labored, they immediately took him back and we signed the consent to do CPR if needed.  We waited for what seemed like an eternity then the vet came in.  We were told they were doing CPR and that he had a large mass which had ruptured.  Mom asked if it was cancer and the vet said "most likely".  Mom said to stop the CPR and broke down crying as did I.  The vet came back a few minutes later and said we he had passed and we could go see him.  I let Mom go by herself while I sat and sobbed then went in and broke down while I said my goodbyes.

      The vet told Mom the mass was most likely a fast gposting one and it had ruptured that morning.  He had no signs of anything wrong with him which is why it is so hard to believe.  She said it also may have mestastacized to his heart.  We had thought Quincy was around 8 yrs old (Mom adopted him about 6 yrs ago from the SPCA) but the vet said he was actually more like 12 or 13 yrs old.  We gave him a good life with lots of love, he was a great dog...very sweet...never gpostled and loved everyone.  He loved getting his ears rubbed and would nudge your hand to make you do it.  I will miss him terribly.


By susannavy on 2011-10-28
Post ID: 382
two days ago, my beautiful 4 year old chocolate lab died for no apparent reason... as usual he was outside playing with our 3 other dogs.... they were out for about 2 hours because the weather was beautiful... when i went to call them in..the others came but he did husband and I searched our 10 acres and found him about 45 min later...he was lying on his injuries, no vomit, just a little bit of blood on his tongue looked like he may have bit his tongue... we are completely distraught....all the dogs had bones, i called pet smart and told them to take the meaty knuckle bones off the shelf in case he choked.. we are not sure... all i know is my heart is broken..he was such a joy and always brought laughter to our home and my children miss him terribly....


By eyefordetail2 on 2011-10-28
Post ID: 386
Oh my God, your dog died today?  You must be totally devastated.  I cannot imagine what you are going through.  I am soooo sorry.  I have been looking for solutions for my sick dog trying desperately to prove to myself that my dog will beat the odds, when I ran across your post. I am sorry for the sudden loss.


By nealeyjulie on 2011-10-27
Post ID: 385

      My story is slightly different from some on here, but concerning none-the-less.

      I own my own Professional Pet Care business and have regular clients that I walk daily. In particular I have a regular client that is a 9 year old rescued, Retriever/Chow mix. She is not as large as a retriever, and has a little more of a "barrel" chest, otherwise she is healthy, laid back and eager to walk everyday. She is not a puller on the leash, (unlike her walking buddy)

      I walk she and her room mate, M-F for one hour a day at a fairly brisk pace. They have been walking at this frequency for over a year.  I try and switch up their route so that we have intermittent hills and valleys to walk as well as new scents and stimulations.

      I have been noticing for the last two weeks that she has seemed to be scraping her toenails more frequently as well as she seems to almost stumble, particularly with the right front leg. She always recovers quickly and never actually falls. I have observed her at pretty intense levels and she has an episode sometimes 3x an hour on our walk, and then go the next day without anything but the scraping toenail.

      The days vary and the severity of the "faltered step" never upsets her and rarely if at all causes her distress. She simply recovers and plods on as happy as a lark. I have palpated the area along her flanks and legs and can find no evidence of inflammation, pain or sores.

      Is there anyone that has experience with this sort of incident and if so, what did you do to figure out what it was, and or how to rectify the issue.

      I have alerted her owner, but only as a puzzling precautionary thought, not a deep concern as I did not want to worry her unnecessarily. I would appreciate any advice, thoughts etc.


By d.sarileejane on 2011-10-23
Post ID: 381
My posts on websites never print. I'm trying sooooo hard to find out what happened to my Cane Corso. He just turned 4yrs old. He dropped over in our yard, we didn't see what happened, he was only outside about 5 hrs. My husband went to let him in & came running in telling me Kane was dead. He was laying on his side, no vomiting, no diarrhea, nothing in his mouth (foam). I am destroyed, my son is taking it really bad. He was active - walking, running along side my son's bike, swimming. The vet suspects a toxin because of his age. He couldn't get over what top shape our dog was in. The necropsy showed nothing. The lab wants $1,000 and we are to tell them what toxins to test for?? I can't get this out on the internet, I'm having a hard time w websites, they never print my posts. So I'm trying the comment section since I can't find orig post. I've tried vet websites, but they won't print my info either. Facebook only reaches our friends. Please - if you have a Cane Corso & this happened, please tell me if you found anything. I am heartbroke, he was such a fantastic dog & I'm concerned about my other dogs. If it was poison, but the vet wouldn't do any testing I guess because Kane was already gone? The necropsy showed nothing. Not knowing is awful, I don't know how long he layed there all alone. I don't know if he suffered. We don't know a thing, & I can't get anywhere on the internet for help. I've registered, I've put in passwords, ect and my posts don't get printed, so if you can read this finally - please spread the word for me. I can't leave my email because some idiot got it thro facebook & sent a bunch of viruses to my contacts, so I hope this post goes through. My orig post is gone. I need to know, my vet still has his samples & I'm STILL looking for a research lab to send them to. I'm sick. I need to know what happened. I'm getting my female's heart checked at a different vet. (She's 2) We have no idea if he was poisoned, or if it was "natural causes". Thanks, Sarah


By olliecans on 2011-10-14
Post ID: 379

      Hello I had a Jack Russell for 14yrs and I loved him very much. Sept 1st 2011 we were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden My loving dog Oliver howled like i never heard it before. it was really awful. I looked over as he howled and he also arched his back out. Right then an there I new what was happening I knew he was leaving me it was his time. I gently picked him up and brought him to the vets and they did concur that it was time.
      I was there in the room as they injected him with muscle relaxer and then gave him the final shot. I was there for my dogs last breath and i'm tearing up just typing this. Oliver papa loves you very much. glad I was able to give you a good life as you enhanced mine.


By mrsskaut on 2011-10-09
Post ID: 378
Our dog just collapsed. He howled, arched his back and collapsed. His breathing was labored and I think he stopped breathing. My son and I were rubbing him and talking to him so he was trying to stay. He and my husband took him to the ER vet. He knew we were sad, He tried to stay. I don't know what's happening. My son is 21, this is not going to go well.


By jeoangeljohn on 2011-10-05
Post ID: 376

      Hi, my name is Donna.  Melissa was a peekapoo 11yrs. old and July 17,2011 she had a cough and white mucous coming up.  Took her to the first of 3 vets, xrays revealed a colapsed trachea.  Antibiotics, then steroids, then hydrocodone for cough etc. another round of antibiotics, and she seemed better.  Cough still small but there.  2nd  xray as well as first showed lymph nodes above heart swollen.  Checked for valley fever.  Negative.  On to the next vet, more xrays and 3 xray showed trachea improved., lymph nodes down.  But now Missy was getting lethargic, not wanting to eat, etc.  cough controlled.  Now mucous and food coming up but only periodically.  Vet wasn't concerned.  On to my 3rd vet, who did blood work and another valley fever test.  She called and said Missys blood was perfect and no valley fever.  Now breathing is not right.  Didn't want to take her walks,  lost 2 lbs.  not a good sign.  She said I need to go to a internal medicine vet which I did.  He was terrific and spent  over 3 hours with her with another thoraic xray which revealed pleural effusion which was not there 2 wks. before.  Breathing not good.  Removed a large vial of fluid which was  a pale cloudy orange.  Not good.  Results next day was neoplasia (cancer) cells, and 3 days later I put her down.  Horrific that a healthy dog, in 7 wks. went down.  White count was normal, and nothing ever pointed cancer till breathing became labored at 48 respiratory beats a min.    Don't understand that less than 1% in dogs is cancer with a pleural effusion.  Inflamation etc, abnormal cells in this fluid present, yet 3 xrays before never found anything.

      Thanks so much for allowing me to vent.  This vet met with me, e mailed me and tried to explain the findings. I don't understand the medical reports and want to send them to another vet who could see that I tried everything and after 2700. still couldn't save her.  I just hope by not choosing a oncologist I did the right thing.  Thank you


By jeoangeljohn on 2011-10-05
Post ID: 377

      Hi, my name is Donna.  Melissa was a peekapoo 11yrs. old and July 17,2011 she had a cough and white mucous coming up.  Took her to the first of 3 vets, xrays revealed a colapsed trachea.  Antibiotics, then steroids, then hydrocodone for cough etc. another round of antibiotics, and she seemed better.  Cough still small but there.  2nd  xray as well as first showed lymph nodes above heart swollen.  Checked for valley fever.  Negative.  On to the next vet, more xrays and 3 xray showed trachea improved., lymph nodes down.  But now Missy was getting lethargic, not wanting to eat, etc.  cough controlled.  Now mucous and food coming up but only periodically.  Vet wasn't concerned.  On to my 3rd vet, who did blood work and another valley fever test.  She called and said Missys blood was perfect and no valley fever.  Now breathing is not right.  Didn't want to take her walks,  lost 2 lbs.  not a good sign.  She said I need to go to a internal medicine vet which I did.  He was terrific and spent  over 3 hours with her with another thoraic xray which revealed pleural effusion which was not there 2 wks. before.  Breathing not good.  Removed a large vial of fluid which was  a pale cloudy orange.  Not good.  Results next day was neoplasia (cancer) cells, and 3 days later I put her down.  Horrific that a healthy dog, in 7 wks. went down.  White count was normal, and nothing ever pointed cancer till breathing became labored at 48 respiratory beats a min.    Don't understand that less than 1% in dogs is cancer with a pleural effusion.  Inflamation etc, abnormal cells in this fluid present, yet 3 xrays before never found anything.

      Thanks so much for allowing me to vent.  This vet met with me, e mailed me and tried to explain the findings. I don't understand the medical reports and want to send them to another vet who could see that I tried everything and after 2700. still couldn't save her.  I just hope by not choosing a oncologist I did the right thing.  Thank you


By patterson.kimberly on 2011-09-29
Post ID: 380

      I really am at a loss nearly four weeks after both of my furbabies died September 2nd, and 4th 2011. Rexi my nine year old healthy HuskyShepherd mix died for seemingly no reason. I took him out to go potty then he seemed agitated or fearful so I brought him in, he grabbed a bit of food and a bit of water and seemed fine. Five minutes later I heard a short shrill howl and he was dead, just that quick. My Red Golden BudBud had been sick for about six weeks no amount of antibiotics and prednisone helped. He seemed to get better when I radically changed both their diets to complete organic (I have cooked and made their meals for years, even their milk bones) BudBud seemed to respond then two days to almost the minute after Rexi died BudBud wanted out laid down in the grass started to have seizures then just died. I'm devastated and cry at the drop of the hat over my babies. I just three weeks later started to clean my bedroom where the boys stayed and played and lived. I can understand BudBud since he was a few years older than Rexi and came to me as a stray (had him for eight years) Rexi I had since he was five weeks old. But Rexi's death hit me hard he was so healthy. I am doing up a scrap book for my precious ones and waiting for the day I join them in Heaven with our Messiah and our heavenly Father, GOD!
      Numbers Ch 6:24
      The LORD bless you
      and keep you;
      25 the LORD make his face shine on you
      and be gracious to you;
      26 the LORD turn his face toward you
      and give you peace.”’


By edseevers on 2011-09-18
Post ID: 375
We have a two year old Jack Russell terrier who is my pal. We love our dogs like they are our children. I recognize what you are describing. Your terrier had a seizure. Buddy has seizures about every three weeks, they started Christmas morning 2010. We will eventually have to put him on medication but are trying to wait as long as possible. Many of the medications will cause other issues for him such as organ failure. It is a terrible thing to witness knowing there isn't much you can do. What we have found is that we can make sure he is not where he can injure himself if the seizure intensifies; we can speak soothingly during the seizure and gently stroke his back or legs once he starts coming out of the not put your fingers near the mouth..and it helps. After the seizure and once he is over his confusion, we clean him up (he is to the stage where he will urinate and evacuate his bowels), give him lots of love and he will act normally again. One more thing, track when the seizures occur and see if weather patterns, changes in routine or anything else may be triggering these episodes.


By mrbmoran on 2011-06-01
Post ID: 351
Happy Birthday Buddy! We miss and love you!  Well that was my attempt to make him a cake!


By memorykubanda on 2011-05-10
Post ID: 350
Tear up, not rear up.  Sorry.


By auntiescrooge on 2010-09-09
Post ID: 342

      Thank you.. lovely poem.. its been over 12 months since we lost our girl.. but it still hurts worse than anything else I have ever known.. so to all you parents of much loved pets please accept my heartfelt thoughts and hugs..


By ccpetcare on 2010-07-31
Post ID: 356


      I just lost my boy Sonny to a sudden cardiac event last Saturday July 24th 2010.  He was only going to be 8 next month he had no history of heart disease and was just running around and playing the day before.

      We were out taking a small pee walk when he started to act like he had to vomit so we headed for home after wetting him with some water in case he was too hot.

      We turned to find our cat who had been following us and noticed Sonny wasn't trailing behind like he usually would so when I turned to find him I witnessed him come out of some bushes go completelystiff and fall over sideways.

      We began to carry him down the sidewalk towards home when I noticed he was starting to turn blue.

      By the time we got him to the E vets he had several more "attacks" while they were trying to treat him and his body began to shut down, he had no circulation whatsover and we had to put him down before he died slowly.

      We were devastated to say the least at this completely unexpected and sudden event.
      He had just had his physical and bloodwork last week and all was fine so I am wondering if something in the new 3 year distemper shot reacted with his boy in the wrong way.

      In any event I will be getting titers to check antibody levels instead of vaccinations in any other dogs I may have.
      he was my doggie "soul mate"  a very special guy he went everywhere with me and was by my side most of the time.

      Lori Light
      Rocky Hill CT


By sandi2mike on 2010-07-24T18:00:24.66-07:00
Post ID: 349


      I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...


By sandi2mike on 2010-07-24
Post ID: 358


      I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...


By sandi2mike on 2010-07-24
Post ID: 359


      I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...


By sandi2mike on 2010-07-24
Post ID: 360


      I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...


By sandi2mike on 2010-07-24
Post ID: 361


      I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...


By akrantz on 2010-07-13
Post ID: 354

      Was your dog given CAPSTAR?

      I just posted a really long story about my wonderful dog Charlie and can't seem to find it.  I don't know if I'm crying because I lost my story about Charlie or because I've lost Charlie. Charlie knows how much we love him and how much he is missed.

      I just need to get this out.  I feel like Charlie had an allergic reaction to the drug CAPSTAR. It's a drug to kill fleas in 30 minutes.  Vets give this drug to the dogs without calling if they find a flea on them.  I called the company and they told me they have not tested this drug on animals with diseases, only healthy animals.  They claim it is safe, but how can they really say this? Charlie had diabetes and they never tested this drug on diabetic dogs.

      Was your dog given CAPSTAR?  Mine was!


By doc on 2010-07-13
Post ID: 355

      Mikey was never given  capstar, but i still wonder about blue green algae in the lake, it is the hottest and calmest weather i have known in the UK for many years, and the poison from these algae can kill within an hour.The vet seemed to think little of this when i mentioned it.

      I have seen the poems, and I thank you all for your comments on this site and the way it helps me each morning including this one to get over that horrible emptiness that i feel especially in the mornings when he is not waiting for me to let him out into the garden.

      From this one event alone i believe there is more to life than the one we live in, so much powerful love cannot dissappear forever.Love that is stronger than any other need in life, by an infinite margin.


By doc on 2010-07-12
Post ID: 341

      I am from the uk, male 48 years old and this weekend was the worst 2 days of my entire life. I am a medical practitioner in the Uk and you would have thought death was something i could cope with having lived with it so regularly in my job. Our 2 1/2 year old king charles cavalier Mikey died  suddenly after a swim and walk in our favourite parkland  2 days ago, and i have been more traumatised by this loss than from anything else i can imagine. The only comfort i have had is from reading the very sad stories of others and trying to reasure myself that it was nothing we had done wrong.

      He will be waiting for us I told my daughter but I truely meant that.


By doc on 2010-07-12
Post ID: 348

      I am from the uk, male 48 years old and this weekend was the worst 2 days of my entire life. I am a medical practitioner in the Uk and you would have thought death was something i could cope with having lived with it so regularly in my job. Our 2 1/2 year old king charles cavalier Mikey died  suddenly after a swim and walk in our favourite parkland  2 days ago, and i have been more traumatised by this loss than from anything else i can imagine. The only comfort i have had is from reading the very sad stories of others and trying to reasure myself that it was nothing we had done wrong.

      He will be waiting for us I told my daughter but I truely meant that.


By sanchez_terrace on 2010-07-06
Post ID: 357
It's hard to believe there are so many of us that have lost a beloved pet to sudden death.  Yesterday July 4th, 2010 we lost our Husky, always happy when we came home rain or shine.  We had two Huskies, Sitka a female (Malamute) and Juno a male (Husky).  These two dogs both born in the same year just months apart became best of friends.  Actually, Juno was our friend’s dog, we happened to all move to Terrace BC during the same year.  Two couples venturing into new territory along with our newly added family members.  Over the next 6 years we hiked, swam, skied, skated, ran, biked, and walked together.  Of course having two young fearless huskies ended in long hours, back at the vehicles waiting for them to return.  Always, half expecting to camp out for the night.  We had many adventures together in and around the Northwest most were wonderful, some very costly!  It wasn't unusual to have $300 vet bills for pulling out quills!  During their seventh year, Juno merged into our family.  Like our two children they played, ran, protected and loved.  Sitka and Juno relied on each other’s strengths.  Sitka was solid and strong-minded, but with age she became arthritic and stiff.  Juno was leaner, standing taller with long legs. He aged without notice, looking the same as he did in his youth.  Juno would sit patiently overlooking our driveway and the road, waiting for our children to get off the school bus or for us to get home from work.  Juno watching over our family, protecting us from the odd bird or squirrel!  One year later, Juno roaming the alpine in the Yukon enjoying life suddenly died.  Like most of your stories, Juno showed no earlier signs.  He threw up some bile, but seemed normal by night.  At three in the morning he whimpered, cried, and took his last breath.  We had always expected to lose our Sitka first, but to lose Juno like this was wicked.  I often would think about how one day our dogs would die of old age.  But for some deranged reason I had comfort in knowing we could euthanize when their pain was too great.  Sudden death leaves you helpless and unprepared.  After reading your stories I've been able to find some closure, thank you.


By bhutun2000 on 2010-07-04
Post ID: 340

      We had a Labrador named Pupu. She was our joy, our dream our everything. One day, she suddenly started vomiting and we could not stop her vomiting. We consulted our regular vet. Also she was was examined by another so-called very famous vet. We did everything, whatever the vet asked us to do. But Pupu died. She just passed away. Till today we don't know why she died. The vets are nothing, but f-g fools - only interested in money and playing with our sentiments.

      But Pupu taught us the meaning of love and patience. She was not a pet -  but our own daughter. We will miss her as long as we live. We understand and sympathise with all of your loss and pray - let their soul rest in peace.


By corinnal23 on 2010-06-29
Post ID: 327
I am glad the poem struck a cord with you and your wife, we are all here to find some comfort with our losses.This was my first dog, i really call him my soulmate...he was like this little person to me..All the best...


By bjc70storm on 2010-06-29
Post ID: 347
I'm so sorry with what's happened to all of your pets. And, I've been hit with the same tragedy. By best friend passed away yesturday and it just hit me so hard. He was a 3 year-old German Shepherd, named Big Papi, and was the best dog I ever had. I was just thposting the ball with him and my other 2 dogs, his mom Dustie, and his brother Bucky. After a few thposts he just stopped going out for them, and I thought he was just tired so I just threw it to Bucky. But on the last thpost, he ran as fast as he could to get it, which he did. However, he never returned with it. He just stood there, limping on his left back leg. Then, he layed down and I ran to him and thought he had broke his leg. But then he got up and layed down by the fence. I went to get help and rushed back to him. But when I got back he was dead. I held his face and watched him go. It was so devastating, and he was in perfect health. The vets checked him out in March and they said he was fine. I still don't know how but we think it was either a clot, stroke, or heart tumor. He was a great dog. Whenever I would go outside he would be the first and sometimes the only one to notice I was outside. He would always have the ball in his mouth, ready to play with me and whenever I would thpost it he wouldn't come back with the ball most of the time. He would run around when I would try to get it from him. He loved to play sports, especially football. I remember he used to chase me down when I had the ball and tackle me. I always loved playing with him. Whenever I would come out sad or angry, he didn't care, he knew that a few thposts with him would cheer me up and they always did. I remember when he was done eating, he would lay down by me, and I would pet him. He was such a fuzzy dog. I would often call him my "Fuzzy Buddy". Whenever he ate, he would always have that ball with him, and just about everywhere else too. He was very special to me and I know I was special to him too. I alos remember how I picked him to be my dog: I heard him yelp for help when he was dangling from the porch and I got there in time to save him. And ever since, we were buds. One time he protected us from a dog when he was only 4 months old. He was my one true best friend. I'm gonna miss him so much. I'll never forget Big Papi. I loved him so much and I know he loved me even more.


By wing7 on 2010-06-29
Post ID: 353

      Every dog is special to it's owner but the poem struck a chord in myself and my wife.We lost our beloved Casper, an eight year and half  Lhasa Apso 2 weeks back .He had a bladder stone,was operated successfully,then 3 days later collapsed on the vet's table while on the IV.We were asking the vet to do do a blood transfusion but he delayed till too late.
      Casper had forged a special bond with our family,my wife and 2 kids.He would wait for us to return home,even after a short interval,and the raptourous welxome was his way of saying Welcome Back.
      His HB count had dropped to 7 from 14 in 15 days but the vet did not connect the dots in time.I am told that an IV drug called Oxyglobin could have saved him.
      We would like anyone with similar experiences to respond.
      He was a member of our family,and gave us so much more love and affection that we will never forget him.


By jpmalibu on 2010-06-28
Post ID: 352
It is so sad to read all of these tragic stories. When I first began researching the "why", I felt guiltier by the minute, since these events are considered "rare"-I was thinking that I missed the warning signs. But as I read through each personal, heartbreaking story, I, like all of you will always question the "why". Last week we were on vacation out of state. All was well until Friday morning when we received a call on our cell phone from our house/dog sitter. Our Zoe, 4 1/2 yr. old, 22 lb. labradoodle, had collapsed and died. Nothing can describe our feelings at that very point in time-we were devastated. Zoe and her sister, Roxy (6yr old Labradoodle) were our perfectly healthy "kids". (We have 3 gpostn children, all married, so my husband & I are "empty nesters") and Zoe and Rox have truly become our kids. We caught an earlier flight home so we could bring Zoe home from the vet-I needed to see her. The dog sitter told us that she had heard a loud whimper, and she found Zoe lying on the carpet moving her head to her chest-she called the vet and rushed her over, but it was too late, Zoe was gone. I talked to the vet over the phone-he explained that this was a fluke-similar to what can happen in humans-heart attack; blood clot etc. He felt that an autopsy would not show anything different. She had no trauma & nothing lodged in her throat. She was healthy-had regular vet check-ups and about 4 weeks ago was in to have her teeth cleaned-under anesthesia-but uneventful. By the time we got home from the airport, Zoe had been picked up from the vet and brought home.  She was curled up as if she was sleeping…..but I couldn’t wake her up.  We wrapped her in a pink flowered towel  & placed a new tennis ball with her-(she loved to play catch with her tennis balls-it was her obsession as most of our pictures of her are with the ball in her mouth ), and laid her under our magnolia tree with newly planted flowers- "Zoe's Garden".   Thank you for listening…….it is very helpful to share with those who truly understand the sad, sad feelings of experiencing  the  sudden loss of our dear and loyal friend.  I’m told that she is in a better place……but she was never in a bad place….She was young and loved very much. My consolation is that I do believe we will meet again…


By corinnal23 on 2010-06-21
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      I posted my loss on 6/9 regarding my Sheltie/Corkie Soulmate..i have been working hard thru my grief...the loss of a dog so close to you is very difficult when they were your bestfriend who slept in the same bed, drove with you most of the time,played with you...and the many other daily rituals you had together...i found this poem and hope it brings comfort to anyone reading and posting here, i am very spiritual and for that matter there have been two very profound messages from the universe regarding my "Ollie" since...

      I will say i have been researching info online about sudden deaths in dogs and what surprises me is i keep reading it's unusual???? how can that be when there are so many of us just on this site..

      I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep.
      I could see that you were crying, you found it hard to sleep.
      I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear,
      "It's me, I haven't left you, I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."
      I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea
      You were thinking of the many times your hands reached down to me.
      I was with you at my grave today, you tend it with such care.
      I want to re-assure you, that I'm not lying there.
      I walked with you towards the house as you fumbled for your key.
      I gently put my paw on you, I smiled and said, "It's me."
      You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair
      I tried so hard to let you know that I was standing there.
      It's possible for me to be so near you every day
      To say to you with certainty, "I never went away."
      You sat there very quietly, then smiled; I think you knew...
      In the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you.
      The day is over... I smile and watch you yawning
      And say "good-night, God bless, I'll see you in the morning."
      And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide,
      I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand, side by side.
      I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see.
      Be patient, live your journey out... then come home to be with me.
      ~Author Unknown~


By amy-ogden on 2010-06-20
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      I lost my beautiful little girl a month ago now. Libby was a 2 year old cavalier king charles spaniel. She had seen the vet only 4 days before we lost her and was given a clean bill of health. We took her for a walk with her brother and she was playing in the water as usual and came out of the water creeping around. Sometimes Libby did eat the water as she was playing which sometimes made her sick, so we thought that she was just feeling sick so we decided to make our way back to the car. She was quiet walking back and was sick twice. We got her to the car and she was drooling alot and lifting her head up, which again was what she did when she felt sick. I am a veterinary nurse so decided to take her up to work to see the vet as we were going to be driving past on the way home. I was sat with her in the car and trying to comfort her, she lay down so I left her alone to call ahead so they new we were going to be popping in. I was on the phone for only a few minutes and when I looked at her after the call she wasnt breathing. I pulled her onto me lap and could feel her heart was still going so I began to breath for her while my husband rushed to the surgery. By the time we got to the street where the surgery was her heart had stopped. My vets tried everything to try and bring her back but I knew she had gone. I was devistated. She had been playing in the park only 15 mins before and was having the time of her life. I decided not to have a post mortam as she looked so perfect I didnt want her to be messed with, instead we drove her to a crematorium and said our goodbyes.
      I miss her so much and know exactly how you all feel, I still break down everyday because I miss her, she was an absolute joy, such a huge character and a massive part of our life. Everyone says it gets easier but we are still a mess even a month after.
      My thoughts are with all of you who have lost a part of their family. We feel cheated that she was taken so soon from us but are thankful we had the chance to know her.


By guruchik on 2010-06-13
Post ID: 345

      I am so grateful to have found this forum.  My beloved, wonderful, amazing dog Snickers died just over a week ago on June 4th.  She was a 10 year-old black lab/ rottweiler mix with the best goofy, laid-back, tennis-ball loving attitude you could ever ask for in a dog.

      She had her spleen taken out over a year ago and it was found to be non-cancerous, and other than that, she has been a pretty healthy dog.  She had been having diarrhea for a few days prior to her passing away, but I didn't think anything of it.  Both her and our other dog have diarrhea from time to time and it doesn't really raise any red flags.

      My mom and I took Snickers and our other dog for about a 40 minute walk early that afternoon.  On the walk, she had diarrhea and I noticed a really small dab of blood in it.  I thought that was weird, but nothing crazy.  She seemed her normal self on the walk and got home and drank some water before we all went in the backyard.

      Right when she got outside, she threw up her meal from the previous day, which didn't look digested at all.  Then she walked over to our pool and got sick again, but this time it was clearish and mucous looking.  She then laid down underneath our deck, which is when I got really concerned.  I called the vet and they didn't seem too worried and I made an appointment for later that day.  In the meantime, she seemed to be having a hard time getting comfortable and was starting to dig a little scooped out area for herself under the deck.  This dog is really not a digger.  She was panting really heavily and it wasn't that warm out.  I called the vet back, but they said to keep an eye on her. She then started to make almost like gasping or little sounds like a hiccup.  I was terrified and talking to her, petting her, trying to make sure no bugs got on her.  I was so scared and there was nothing I could do.  I had a bad feeling and this was happening so quickly, all within minutes.  I went inside and looked up some information and ended up calling the emergency vet.  They said to bring her in right away.  Thank God my Mom was outside with Snickers.  That is when she passed away.  My Mom was sitting with her and had a cool washcloth on her forehead.  As I type this I don't know how to put into words how terrible I feel for not being there for her.  I was inside the house looking up information, talking to a neighbor on the phone, and finally talking to the emergency vet.  I don't remember what the hell I must've been thinking to have of left her and I am so grateful for my Mom.

      My Dad rushed home from work and we immediately put her into the back of his suv and we rushed her to the regular vet's office.  In my desperation for her to still be alive, I could've sworn I saw her chest move ever so slightly.  I thought maybe she's still alive!  The vet rushed out to the car and tried pumping on her chest.  I was so torn apart I was in a heap crying and thought I heard her gasp for air.  No one else heard that.  She was dead.

      Even now, just over a week later, I MISS HER SOOOOOOOOO MUCH.  I always tried to treat our two dogs equally, but our other dog Sheiba who is 13 is a survivor (against all odds) of liver cancer.  I feel like I always babied and protected her.  I never realized how much I relied on Snickers to always be there for me with her wonderful, dopey grin and constant enthusiasm for life.  My Mom said she's happy we didn't have to go through the painful decision of deciding whether or not to euthanize the dog.  We have been through that with our Cocker Spaniel Randy, and that's also extremely tough.  But this was just so unexpected and out of the blue!  I know the pain you all are going through.  You're not alone, and I wish all of you the best and know that you gave some lucky animal a life filled with love.


By klc2306 on 2010-06-09
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      Last Mon. my Schipperke mix and i drove home from a weekend at the river.  She was perfectly fine in every way except panting a little more than usual on the 2-hour drive.  She was 2 years old, and i had adopted her 6 months before.  We had a rocky and challenging beginning because Schips are a very unusual breed - extremely high energy, bordering on hyperactive.  They need a very, very strong, dominant Alpha person, and i had to work with a trainer to become that for her.

      Once we were past our challenges, i fell head over heels in love with her.  She truly loved every second of life more than anyone i ever knew.  Her energy was boundless.  Her love was endless.  She gave me mouth kisses when i asked and love nothing better than to lick me as if i were her puppy.  Although crate trained, she had started to sleep on my bed for at least part of the night until she got bored and jumped down.

      This little Schip was by far the most beautiful dog i've seen in my lifetime.  Her little pointed triangle ears were adoreable and so expressive.  Her feet were the cutest little compact feet i've ever seen.

      We came home, and i left her in my bedroom to go out for business.  When i returned 2-1/2 hrs. later, she was dead.  Her front legs were stretched out together, as were her back legs. She had defacated before she died, and there was a small amount of opaque liquid under her head, obviously from her mouth.  Otherwise, she looked perfectly normal.  Her eyes were more open than closed.  There was no need for CPR or taking her to the vet; she was gone.  She was much stiffer than i would have expected in such a short time, but there was no clue whatsoever as to what happened to her.

      As all of you have been, i am utterly devastated and keep asking myself why and was there something i could have done.  Most of all, i wish i could have been with her so that she did not die alone.

      i cannot imagine ever getting over the loss of my Schip (skip).

      Thanks for letting me share.  Hope it helps.  If you need to talk, my email is

      Let's all try to remember the wonderful times we shared.


By corinnal23 on 2010-06-02
Post ID: 343
I am devastated, i took my 9 year old, very healthy Sheltie/Corkie mix on our usual walk..Totally fine in the recent days...Happy,playing, warning signs...As we got out of the car, we walked maybe 100 feet, lets out a huge yelp/scream....i pick him up, horrified...he tilited his head up as if he died..went limp.i called to him, he came him to a vet, they sustained him for a few hours, transfered to an ER facility on the way, he went into arrest again, they did cpr, he was paralalized and found it hard to breath, they tried a temp trach..he held his own for 30 hours and i had to put him to sleep because the breathing was too difficult as he was paralized..He was compared to Christopher Reeve..I am heart broken, this happened over the weekend.


By dtobin on 2010-05-31
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My 7 year old Dalmation died on Friday evening, I got home from work and she was her usual self, running out to greet me, circling the car etc. Then suddenly I turned around and she was lying on the ground howling and wetting herself, I ran over to her but her tongue was out and her eyes were blank, I thought she might have been choking and tried to put my hand in her mouth, She had blood in ber bottom teeth, I put my hand on her side and felt her last breath. She was gone in a matter of seconds. I have never heard of this type of death in a dog before, She was perfectly healthy and in good form up to her death. I can think of anything that might have happened. A couple of people have suggested poisoning, but I though she would have been sick first, Is this usual in a dog of her age? She jus went so quick.


By roisindixon on 2010-05-21
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I can only bring myself to write on this forum which has comforted me in some way to know that other people have lost their best pals to sudden death. Scrappy was a 7 month old chihuahua x Jack Russell terrier who was a lovable and feisty little bundle of happiness to everyone who came into contact with her. She had no problem taunting and teasing Evo who was her 'big sister of her family' and who was also a doberman x rottie. Scrappy went everywhere with me for the past 5 months, to work (I'm a veterinary nurse here in Ireland), to my family home every week which is a 3 hour car journey and basically everywhere except bed. We went to the beach on the morning of 12th May 2010 and I was laughing to my friend as to how fast her little legs could go when she chased Evo up and down the beach, we went home and she played with Evo out in the back garden and would come in and out of the house just to check out what I was doing and was in great form. She jumped into my newly hoovered car expecting a trip but I had a flat wheel so instructed her to go outside to the back garden, I went upstairs to go on my treadmill for 20 minutes and came downstairs to feed Scappy and Evo and she was laid out on her side as if she was sunbathing, eyes looking straight ahead so I knew immediately she was dead, I tried to revive her but she musta been gone at least 5-10 minutes, there was a little bit of clotted blood at the back of her throat. My colleague did a post mortem on her wee body and there was no sign of poison, trauma eg (choking, struggle with Evo), haemorrhage, all her organs were perfect although her left ventricle was a little more thickened than the right but I was informed that this was normal. I didn't sent her to the Vet college for an intensive PM as I was too traumatised and wanted her wee body intact (they would have to open her skull to take samples of brain tissue) and at home with us to bury in the back garden. Apparently it was either a brain or cardiac related. She was spayed a month previous and her anaesthetic was very stable, she took a reaction to the catgut stitches which where just below the skin but with anti-biotics the infection had cleared up well, maybe it was a septic embolism due to the catgut used(very rare but a risk all the same with catgut), I'll never know but I do know that the bond I had with Scrappy 9even after the short 5 months) was so deep that I find had to imagine having again a bond so strong, she was my little angel. If anyone, vets include has had a similar experience or can shed any light I'd love to hear from you. God bless you all and we are not alone.


By TSharp109 on 2010-05-16
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I lost my beagle "EP" (short for Elvis Presley) yesterday very suddenly.  He was fine all day. All of a sudden I heard a loud painful bark. My daughter went to check on him and told me he was shaking.  By the time I got downstairs he was dead.  There was liquid on the couch were he was sleeping, but it wasn't blood, it was clear and it didn't smell like urine.  I keep thinking there was something I could have done to prevent this from happening. He was 9 years old and I had inherited him from my mom when she passed away 2 yrs ago this month. I promised her I would take care of him and now he's gone.  He was my buddy.  We grieved together when my mom died. I can't seem to stop crying.  He had such a presence about him. I just wish I knew what had happened.


By bpostnysabre on 2010-05-14
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Yesterday was the worst day of my life, my best friend Molson who was just 5yr old female cockerspaniel who was acting normal was running by the truck one minute and the next she gave one yelp and my mom hopped out of the vehicle and said her face and eyes looked funny and within in a couple minutes she was gone not even time to get her in the vehicle! I don't know what I am gonna do without her she was my best friend in the whole world wherever I went she went. Any ideas as to what might have happened to her?


By kim_kandles on 2010-05-12
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I came home today and went outside to feed my dogs and spend time with them.  When I opened the back door my rottweiler did not get up and greet me.  He was gone.  He must not have been gone long, he was warm and cuddly with only a bloody nose to give me any sign of what happened.  He looks like he died in his sleep, his eyes and mouth were closed and he was in his normal comfy position.  I can't stop crying.  I keep thinking that he had diareaha last week and I did not take him to the vet, and he had lost a little weight, but I was feeding him less because he was getting too fat.  He was only 7 1/2, it wasn't time for him to leave me yet.  We loved each other so much.  My Siberian Husky is going to be lost without him, they have gpostn up together.  I feel like I missed something, that  I should have known something was wrong and taken him to the vet.  But he was acting like his normal happy self.  My husband saw him at 5:00, an hour before I got home and he was fine.  I feel horrible, I want him back so bad.  I should have been able to do something.  Rest in peace my baby Gatti.


By bretlsmith on 2010-05-05
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We lost our beloved Tasha, a queensland/akita  mix, about 1:30am this morning.  We were watching late night TV and she started to walk across the room when her body just suddenly went limp and she collapsed and lost all control of her bladder.  She couldn't move at all and she was whimpering softly and moaning.  We rushed to her side and after a few minutes she tried to sit up but collapsed again.  We called the emergency veterinary clinic and they said to bring her right in.  We rushed her in as fast as we could, but her breathing started getting real shallow and she died in our arms shortly after we carried her in.  The Vet said she thinks she died of an Aneurysm.


By stablesk on 2010-05-01
Post ID: 331

      Hi stix, so sorry about your little one, rich has probably told you i lost a little one at 15 weeks, there are so many many congenital problems puppies can be born with, some hereditory, some not, some just really bad luck.  serious liver shunts and heart shunts, stenosis etc can cause sudden death in any dog, strokes, smaller vascular shunts in their circulation system, millions of causes, heart valve malformations.  Your right to get a necropsis done, you will get some answers, but it will take you a long time to get over this, its just too much when its a little one,  give me a call anytime if you want to talk, rich will give you the number. I specifically came on here to look up all the different reasons these things happen and came across your comment.  I'm still in shock at losing the little one in my litter and I got all the answers from the cardiologist, non hereditory just one of those unlucky things that happens one in a million litters, just our luck right.

      take care


By tattoostix on 2010-04-27
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hi im ian i lost my 18 week old dogue de bordeaux yesterday and for the life of me cannot figure out why one minute fine the next laying down struggling to breath no movement i tried absolutely everything to bring him round but nothing ,i am absolutely heartbroken and can not understand why this happened hooch is away for post mortem which i hope is going to help me with the grieving process has anyone had any info on sudden death with this breed ?


By ckroberts on 2010-04-27
Post ID: 337
There is an illness called HGE where the blood thickens.  It is an acute form of gastroenteritis and if not treated within 24 hours I understand it is fatal. I lost my beloved Maltese Aristotle who was two weeks past his 15th birthday last September.  He died very suddenly of gastroenteritis but to this day I believe it was HGE.  I was and continue to be devastated.  My heart goes out to all who have posted.  I am grateful to have found this blog.


By sublime7714 on 2010-04-24
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I lost my precious Lucy a month ago today and im still asking myself that question... When will the tears stop?


By pumpkinlisa on 2010-04-23
Post ID: 321

      How do you comfort the dog left behind?

      Bindy died yesterday leaving her best mate Penny behind...Penny keeps going to the place in the back yard where Bindy was found...she keeps going to the grave that we put Bindy in and it's heart breaking to watch.  The sparkle in Penny's eyes has gone and I don't know how to comfort her..I find that when I cuddle her and talk about Bindy, I'm crying and she's licking the tears off my cheeks.

      When do the tears stop?


By twofishers1 on 2010-04-22
Post ID: 319

      We lost our sweet "Hope" on Saturday April 17th. She was 17 but the day before she died, she played with me like she was a puppy, though she was a bit slow due to her arthritis.  The next day, while I was at a flower club meeting, she began acting strange.  My husband stayed with her and said she began walking in circles and was trying to bark but no sound came out. When I got home, I saw she needed her vet and we rushed her in. She continued trying to bark during the trip to the vet, it was heart wretching. I will never forget the way she looked at me and I know she was trying to tell me she was hurting. Our vet gave us the devastating news that she was going through catastrophic organ failure and her temp was 107. But as she lay of the table, she laid her head on my arm as I stroked her head and relaxed and closed her eyes. I feel she knew she was dying and it gave her comfort to know her "mom and dad" were with her. At least, I hope so. My sister said that when she was trying to vocalize but couldnt bark, it was called "silent cries", I was wondering if anyone had ever heard that terminology.

      I found a wonderful poem that I am putting on her tombstone.



By twofishers1 on 2010-04-22
Post ID: 320

      This goes out to all who have lost a pet and especially Pumpkinlisa.  I just lost my dog on Saturday.

      I know that it must be different, now that I am no longer there.
      I realize how much I was loved and how all of you did care.
      I know it will be hard at first when you look around for me,
      expecting to find me on my bed or beside my favorite tree.
      Someday you will begin to see although it'll take some time,
      the happy times you shared with me, the memories are yours and mine.
      I'll remember you, my friends, and how much you meant to me.
      So please don't grieve and don't be sad,
      it was just my time to leave.


By pumpkinlisa on 2010-04-22
Post ID: 328

      I lost my little 8 year old Jack Russell x Mini Foxie today.  My little puppy I bought from a junkie who came into my work and said to give him $20 or he'll put her down.  I gave him the $20 and took her, she was only 4 weeks old at the time.

      I have no idea what killed my little Bindy.  She's been fine the past few days, no signs that she was ill at all.  This afternoon my husband came home from work, played with Bindy and our other dog Penny then came inside for lunch.  Half an hour later he went outside and she was laying in the grass dead. She'd done a sloppy poo and I found some vomit on her bed.  My husband rang me at work and I rushed home. She was still warm to touch and I kept expecting her to bounce back up but she didn't move.  Her tongue was blue and I could get her eyes to close.

      We wrapped her in her favourite blanket and buried her in the backyard.  I hate to think of her in the ground but neither of us could handle taking her to a vet where they would cut her up or perform tests on her.

      We're thinking that maybe it was a snake bite or spider bite given that our neighbours have long grass and we've found a snake skin in the backyard a few years ago (we live in Sydney).  We don't use pesticides or have chemicals anywhere because we have a baby so she didn't get poisoned as far as we're aware.

      She was so healthy and happy, we can't think of anything that was wrong with her.  There was no whimpering, crying or anything at all...she was just gone.

      Our little girl was so gorgeous - I miss her so much and it's only been five hours since she died.


By pumpkinlisa on 2010-04-22
Post ID: 329
Thank you twofishers1.  I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.


By shalync90 on 2010-04-16
Post ID: 318

      I can NOT stop crying. We got Bandit as a puppy last Christmas from a family giving cattle dogs away from the back of their pick up truck in the grocery store parking lot.
      We named him Bandit because he had racoon stripes around his eyes.
      He was very active and doing fine when we all went to bed. He jumped into bed with my son as usual. My husband and I fell asleep on the couch and was woke up around 2am by Bandit standing next to the couch. He was drooling a foamy drool and held his head up high. We thought he was going to thpost up so my husband yelled for our son to take him outside. He quickly brought him back in and Bandit continued to breath hard with his head held high and foamy drooling. I started reading from my vet book about his symptoms and we all tried to recap the days event as to what might be wrong. We continued wiping the drool from his mouth and all of a sudden he started to move toward my sons lap and then he passed out and stopped breathing. This all took place within 15 to 20 minutes!!
      We did NOTHING but cry!! Why didn't we do anything? We were all in shock! He just turned a year old! He was trying to ask us for help and we did nothing!!! WHy?
      All we can think of is that he either had something stuck in his throat or it was the really bad tuna in a can that the neighbor gave him earlier that day. Either way we just accepted his sudden death and didnt do anything. No cpr, nothing! It happened so quick. Its been since February and I still cry uncontrolably every time I think about it. Mostly because I keep seeing the look in his eyes trying to ask us for help right before he passed out and I hate myself for doing nothing!


By survsylvania on 2010-04-01
Post ID: 324

      This afternoon, about fifteen minutes ago, Charlie died from what the vet said was probably a congenital defect, but she doesn't know the cause for sure. I think it was poison of some sort. He might have eaten something in the forest.  The vet thinks that is a possibility too.

      He had been very low key the night before last and then when he walked the next day, he seemed to have had a stroke of some kind, causing him to be very, very wobbly. We took him to the vet yesterday and she gave him a shot of a steroid. It worked, we guess, because soon after we got home, he did run across the yard to bark at  Pumpkin.

      She said yesterday she didn't know what was wrong but that if he didn't improve in a week, we would have to take him back for xrays.  She also gave him doggie aspiirin for muscle pain to start today, but we never gave him any.  Last night he vomited. He still couldn't get up on the bed or down the stairs by himself.

      He seemed to be resting comfortably on the deck while I gardened, but then later when  Tom went to check him, he was unresponsive. We realized he was going to die.  Then he started convulsing and foaming at the mouth, still unconscious. We rushed him to the vet and she gave him a shot to stop the convulsions. By now there was blood in the foam that was coming out of his mouth. It was only a few seconds after the shot that he just died on the table. The vet said she couldn't believe it happened so fast and that it was the worst convulsing she had ever seen.

      Tom is digging the grave for him now out by Abe and Maggie. We are so sad.

      ....Above is what I sent to my friends who knew Charlie, a sweet two-and-a-half-year-old mini-poodle who had been born with undescended testicles, which the vet said might have been just one birth defect he had but might have more that hadn't been manifested before. He wasn't very bright as poodles go. But he was SO sweet. He did once go blind but got his eyesight back. The vet said at that time she thought it was allergies.  Maybe the change to spring weather triggered something in him. I know it was making us choke and sneeze today.

      Thank goodness for this site.  I now realize it was most likely not that someone poisoned him.  Apparently it's all too common for our dear little friends to die suddenly and for us and our vets never to know why.But a moment ago as I pulled my chair closer to the computer, I looked down automatically to be sure he wasn't in the way, as usual.  How will I ever get to sleep tonight?  The other two dogs, much as I adore them, can't keep their own spots on the bed and fill Charlie's too. Each of them is beloved and unique, and oh, we are so sad.


By Nikkirn5000 on 2010-03-28
Post ID: 323

      Thanks for all if your posts. I lost my baby today and am utterly beside myself. Suki was a 10 yr old Maltese rescue. I checked on her at 2am and she was her normally bouncy self. At 5am she let out a few yelps/ whines and was gone... In a matter of minutes. I loved her sooo much as many of you love your pets. I find comfort in knowing that she didn't die alone and that she didn't suffer. And as Janet wrote, I find it reassuring to know that it will get better and that I will stop crying. Thanks for listening. There's a little peace in knowing I'm not Alone.
      Peace and blessings... And continue to hold on.


By sublime7714 on 2010-03-25
Post ID: 322
This afternoon we also lost our 2 1/2 year old yellow lab Lucy. She was very active and healthy. We adopted her 10 months ago, took her to the vet and got a clean bill of health. She loved to run, she would chase after the tennis ball all day if we would let her. She was extremely loving and well mannered. I had her running last night around 11 pm and she seemed fine. However this morning when i woke i was surprised to find that i had awoken on my own, rather than having her place the ball next to my ready to go play outside. She seemed a little lethargic this morning but i just attributed it to playing outside so late last night. She ate her breakfast this morning and had no vomiting.  I was in the living room with her and she was lying on the couch sleeping, she let out a long whimper and the hair on her back stood up. I immediately called out her name, and with no response i scooped her up into my arms and took her outside trying to get her into my car and to the nearest vet. As soon as i laid her in the grass i knew she was gone. She had a sever coughing episode about a month a go and we took her to the vet where they diagnosed her with Boardatella. She was put on trazadone and an antibiotic. Her cough went away and we thought everything was fine. She had also had past episodes of vomiting and diarrhea which we attributed to a sensitive stomach. Like so many others of you, i wonder if there was anything i could have done to prevent this. I dont know if the medication she was on could have caused any problems with her heart? Its just so tragic to love an animal and member of the family so very much and have them taken so very suddenly. Lucy was such a wonderful girl, and she touched many hearts. She will be so deeply missed. Leah, Anthony, and our girl up in heaven ~*Lucy*~


By ksobiera on 2010-03-14
Post ID: 317

      My beloved shih tzu died on Friday, March 4.  I am devastated.  He was (5) years old.  I came home from work on Thursday and he wasn't moving.  I immediately took him to an emergency vet and they diagnosed him with a blood disorder.  They pumped him up with steriods and Friday morning I went back to the vets to see his progress and their was nothing they could do for him.  They advised me to put him to sleep.  So within 18 hours he was fine and then death.  There are no words for my pain.  We were bonded together and I just can't seem to pick up my pieces.  I miss him so terribly and loved him with all my heart and soul.  My son purchased him for me while I was going thru advanced chemo from breast cancer and he helped me survive.

      Thank you for listening...God Bless
      Kathy S.


By ajtemple on 2010-03-12
Post ID: 316
I wouldn't blame yourself, its unlikely you could have saved her.  Our almost 4 year old black lab died last Friday very suddenly and I was right there with her.  She ran across the yard to get her ball, came back to the driveway, collapsed, convulsed for a minute or so, then her heart and breathing just stopped.  I tried my primitive, untrained CPR but she was gone.  Cried like a baby that night (I'm a 44yo man), but there was absolutely nothing I could do.  Didn't even have time to get the vet on the phone much less get her to the vet.  I miss her terribly.


By crystal.oleary on 2010-03-10
Post ID: 315
I read many of the posts and most seem to be about older dogs.  In my case, my Yorkie just turned 4 in February.  He was the picture of health in every way.  He was my constant shadow so even in hindsight I can't think of anything out of the ordinary.  He was energetic, ate well, healthy stools, no vomiting, no listlessness, etc.  We went to bed at 11:00 and when I woke up at 6:00 he was gone.  He sleeps right by my head and I never heard anything.  No signs of losing his bowels, vomiting or even a wet mouth, just gone.  I am thinking it was a heart attack, but will never know.  Thinking back, I remember the vet mentioning a slight heart murmur at his 8 week old checkup, but said not to worry about it and it was never mentioned again on any vet checkups.  He underwent anesthesia for teeth cleaning without any complications.  Sorry to everyone who lost one of their beloved family members.


By sunshinesherry711 on 2008-09-05
Post ID: 314
I havbe four pit bulls and they are my life. I do not work and have only time to spend loving these beautiful beast. But my world was shattered on August 24th as my 11 month old "new addition" let out the most horrible moan and scream i have ever heard and will certainly never forget. At 2:45 a.m, my Bugsy screamed, i grabbed him and said "Bugsy, what's wrong!!!???" It was too late, his eyw=es were fixed and his tongue fell onto my arm. I still can't understand what went wrong. Even with an autopsy, i got no answers as the vet said tht even though she found no poison and the fecal test showed no poison, she could not come up with an answer. All i know is that his lungs filled with blood and he died. This incredibly health, happy dog was just gone in an instant. I tore my house apart looking for this "POISON" and found nothing. I have no answers and yet I refuse to believe that my Bugsy Wugsy, who happily came to bed with me that Saturday night, showing no signs of even a stomach ache, is just gone. Devastated and bewildered, I am now even more protective of the three I still have even though it just did'nt matter for Bugsy, I couldn't protect him. My heart knows the pain you feel.


By SHARF315 on 2008-08-13
Post ID: 313

      Dear scw00,

      I'm very sorry for the loss of your dearly loved Apache.  I hope your story helps many more people and their pets.  I also hope that you have found some relief in your sadness of losing him by knowing that he is in a better place and that you will be with him again someday.

      Take care and all the best to you,


By agapiloren on 2008-08-02
Post ID: 312
I am sorry about your loss I am blessed that my Bichon survived the vet's prediction of her dying from breast cancer within 14 months it has been 2 years since the diagnostic and she just gave birth to 5 healthy Bichon puppies on July 7th, 2008. I am searching the internet to find out how to wean and avoid constipation because the puppies tummies are very hard and they are straining. I am from Boca  and I am willing to give one away for grief therapy to someone who has lost a child or a pet.


By NATALIEH22214 on 2008-07-13
Post ID: 301


By GNBRULLE on 2008-07-08
Post ID: 306

      It has been over a week now and the holiday was miserable without my Duchess. The animal hospital just called to tell me her ashes just came back. I feel better knowing that I can now take her home where she belongs. We planted a tree for her in our backyard and I swear that she is still with me. I can see her out of the corner of my eye sometimes. My kids are bugging me for a puppy now but I have to heal first. It may be easier for me because I already have another dog at home (who also misses duchess, but I can turn my attention to her. We will also get another dog in the near future. The time has to be right. My dogs have always found me, never the other way around. I think I prefer that way. Hope you are finding ways to cope and you are right you will never replace her because she/he will always have a special place in your heart.
      Duchess' Mom


By mkennedy001 on 2008-07-04
Post ID: 305
Thank you for your comment on Steiff.  It has been a week now and I too had been going over things in my head and on the internet and soul searching to see what I miss.  A friend emailed me this morning and was telling me how often pets die the way people do and wait to be alone before they leave us. We have no way of knowing if we did the right thing or if we missed something we should have seen.  I feel such pain whenever I get into the "what if onlies" that I need to remind myself that Steiff would have forgiven me anything even if I had missed something and he would not have made me feel bad about it if he was able to talk.  I have to forgive myself, and remember all that he did for me.  I have been on, and I see how many wonderful animals are out there by breed, area etc.  I know that I will get another silky at some point as my remaining dog Teddy is not the same without Steiff.  The house is too quiet.  I don't want to replace Steiff as I know no dog, even if they look like him will be him but I want to honor the love he gave me by passing it on to another dog in need.  We can only know joy through comparison with pain, I hope that joy will return to you and all those who understand how it feels to lose a beloved pet.  Thanks Steiff's mom


By ccrainbo on 2008-06-26
Post ID: 304

      My Brutus was a mastiff rescue approximately 10 1/2 to 11 1/2 years old when he died suddenly.
      he was very sick with lyme disease and emaciated when I got him 3 1/2 years ago.  It took
      almost 4 months of good food, vitamins, rice, yogurt, steamed vegetables and antibiotics for
      him to gain 40 lbs to a healthy 170 lbs.  The last six months of his life he was showing signs
      of arthritis and periodic incontinence.  The day he died started like any other he ate two good
      meals of good dog food, yogurt, vegetables and vitamins (glucosamine and chondroiton and
      ester C, which are good for arthritis)  He seemed a little more tired than usual but it was
      pretty hot that day June 23rd.  He had just come back in from being outside to do his duty.
      I was on my way to go upstairs while he was in the kitchen when I heard a big thunk!  I ran
      in the kitchen to see him lying on the floor and called his name, "Brutus, you alright?"  I got
      no response, it was like he was unconcious.  I yelled his name and nothing, I started cpr
      immediately but he never came back to me.  He was gone in only 5 minutes!  I was devastated
      and crying hysterically all by myself and my beloved 170 lb Brutus calling the emergency animal
      hospital for help.  They wanted me to bring him in, I only weigh 130lbs and he is unresponsive,
      I felt helpless! I had to call the Humane Society to come get my beloved Brutus - OUCH... my
      heart was stuck in my stomach.  2 days later when I could finally talk to my Vet without
      hyperventilating.  He believes Brutus had an aortic aneurysm which is common in larger breeds
      in their senior age.  He said that it is very sudden and they go directly into an unconciuos state
      eyes are fixed and dialated, painless.  My only consolidation is that he did not suffer, and I so
      understand anyone who has lost their best friend, for I miss him so deeply I wonder if the pain
      will ever go away.
      Brutus's grieving Mom,


By tinareneclark on 2008-06-22T05:15:35.183-07:00
Post ID: 297
I totally understand how you feel. My posting is back in February for my dog that died suddenly named Littlebit. It is absolutely shocking when it happens. She too was perfecty fine that day. I did not do a necropsy but my vet told me they are like people: they have heart attacks, aneursyms and strokes like we do. It almost always is not preventable. I now have a new lab, Daisy, and every time she acts funny I rush to her the vet. I have already been twice this last week worrying that the same things will happen to her. My vet has assured me that these things do happen and it has nothing to do with the owner normally. I hope this helps. I can tell you that time does heal the wound to some degree but you will always have a special place for your pet in your heart. Tina


By tinareneclark on 2008-06-22
Post ID: 298 is very hard to come to terms with it. It makes us appreciate even more the time we do have with our pets. Good luck with your journey to healing. And thanks for doing such a risky job so the rest of us can be safe. I have a deep respect for the K-9 teams. On a side note, I am having my 18 year old dog put to sleep today. The vet is a good friend of mine and is coming over this afternoon. It is time to let her go. Her quality of life is no more. But because I have been through this before and I knew this day would come for Maggie, I feel much more prepared to deal with her death. Littlebit's death was so unexpected that it was very difficult to handle. I also know that the good memories will eventually become more prominant than the sad ones. That will happen for you too.


By eakin3 on 2008-06-21
Post ID: 311
After reading this post i felt alot better myself.  On May 23, 2008 I just graduated from dog school with my K-9 AROS. Aros was a 3 year old Dutch Sheppard with no health problems.  Aros was shipped in from Holland and has been a working dog his whole life.  After 14 weeks of hard training I never once saw any sysmptoms of anything from AROS other then he did tire easily.  On May 31,  2008 at around 1030 in the AM, I took AROs to a small softball field only 3 miles from my house.  I pulled out his soft Jut Toy and began doing thposts with him like we have done hundereds of times.  The temp here in Georgia at thattime awas only around 75 degrees.  After doing about 10 thposts, I loaded him back up in his crate in my Yukon, withthe windows down and AC on.  By the time I got home and opened the back gate, AROS was already unresponsive , with his tounge all the way out and eyes rolled back.  After rushing him to the vet, there was no hope.  The first vet, in his autopsy stated taht he could not determine a cause of death, and that everything was normal withte dog.  After a 2nd look, the vet told me it was CARDIAC ARRYTHMIA. It's still hard to bealive and hard to stomach how fast it happenend. The dog showed me no signs of illness and his eating habits were fine. I always wondered if I over worked him or if I could have done something, but the vet said it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. If anyone has any input, please reply, I would love to hear from you. I am still amazed how this dog can go through 14 weeks of training, and then you simply take him out to the field to play and then he passes away......... AROS will be missed by all.


By debsdoor on 2008-05-30
Post ID: 310
My sweet girl Sandy died instantly today on my kitchen floor. I am feeling better finding this site, and reading the other shocking stories of a sudden dog death. Sandy was 9 1/2. By phone the vet said it could have been an aneurysm or stroke.  She died literally within a minute of collapsing on the floor in front of the refrigerator. We had just come in from a typical long walk, and she made it up my 18 steps to the door and into the kitchen, as if she knew she wanted to die at home with me. There was a tiny whimper, and I got down to see she was shaking, and I petted her neck, so I thought it was a seizure and she would come out of it. Then she stopped moving after 30 seconds, and I ran down the steps to tell a neighbor to run for the vet on my corner. I came right back up. THe vet was not in, but it wouldnt have done any good if he was. SHe was dead, tongue hanging completely out of her mouth sideways. I would like to know what happened, but declined the autopsy, as the vet said its not always conclusive.  Four months prior she did have a bout of thposting up and not eating, and not wanting to go for walks or even get off the floor. I felt it was her hips, and she was getting older. SHe also had excessive thirst, and was unable to hold her urine for even half an hour. I had all the bloodwork done, checked for diabetes and nothing turned up. The vet had recommended antibiotics for a SLIGHT infection, but a family decision declined them for her, as she had never been sick in her life and we dont like to medicate unless absolutely necessary. Of course now I second guess that decision, thinking that if it was an infection maybe it would have cleared it up. BUt since that bout, she was fine and back to normal everything-eating, urinating, and walking, playing. Everything was normal, so todays death is so shocking. Any of your thoughts /knowledge on possible cause would be appreciated.


By kaseymichele1 on 2008-05-16
Post ID: 309
The same thing also happened to my dog Zooey - she almost looked like she was having a seizure and her legs stiffended and she cried for a minute..took a few labored breaths and then died. I have since talked to my vet who said that he thought it might've been a tumor in in pancreas that had ruptured or some sort of aneurysm since it was such a sudden and quick death. She seemed fine before this. I did notice a couple of weeks before this happened her breath smelled kind of bad - this is what led him to think it might be a pancreatic tumor. I truly know what you are going through and our home will never be the same.


By jkcawms on 2008-05-14
Post ID: 303
Our sweet, energetic yorkie, Bogey, died suddenly without warning.  He had just turned 3 years old and was the picture of health.  He was tiny, only 3.5 pounds, but felt he was as big as any great dane. We are empty nesters and he became our little boy.  My husband's schedule was based around taking care of him.  Bogey had had a normal healthy day. We were over at our daughter's house, who has a big fenced in back yard.  Her boxer, Wrigley, was running around and playing with Bogey.  They were having the time of their lives, running, barking, chasing.  We were all outside with them.  My other daughter was thposting frisbees for the boxer to catch.  Bogey was following along.  The next minute, she looks over and sees Bogey lying motionless with his legs outstretched in the middle of the yard.  She knew something was wrong.  We picked him up screaming.  He had made no sound, his tongue was blue, his eyes were not him anymore.  We rushed him to an emergency vet knowing he had died.  WHY?  The vet surmised that he had a type of aneurysm or ARV which was a time bomb ticking in his little body.  I worried that I had let him run too much.  She said it was probably better because he died suddenly instead of slowly and panicy.  We miss everything about this little guy. We buried him in the yard with a marker that says JOYFUL on it.  We feel God made sure our whole family was together when he died and he was not alone.  We appreciated that.  We are heartbroken and depressed.


By edmkozakjr on 2008-05-13
Post ID: 296
Our husky, Frankie, died suddenly this past Mother's Day.  He was 10 and he was playing in the kitchen with our younger husky who's 2 when he had some type of a seizure.  His legs stiffened up and he arched his head back and made a couple of eerie, low-pitched, almost howling noises and then completely relaxed, dead.  I carried him out to the car and my wife drove to the vet while I tried to resuscitate him but nothing worked.  He had had a couple of seizures when he was between 1 and 2 and had been on phenolbarbital for years, but was being weaned off it and wasn't at the therapeutic levels for the past 1 1/2 years.  He hadn't shown any signs of sickness at all--no lethargy, his appetite was great, and he was very energetic until the very end.


By powellkl on 2008-05-08
Post ID: 300

      My sweet lady Pixie died "all of a sudden" on april 30th.  I am devestated by her loss as is my other dog, Fig.  I adopted them both from a shelter four years ago.  Pixie was a small, 35lb. energetic, bundle of energy, Jack Russell / sight hound mix and was always in perfect health and never had any health problems.  The only thing that I ever noticed was that she was cold in the winter at night, I thought it was because she had only one coat and it was not very thick.  I would always cover her up with a blanket and she slept right next to me and her shivering would cease.

      She was being boarded with her mate for the weekend and the stay was extended because I had hurt my hip.  The wonderful people at the boarders noticed that her gums had gotten light on the eve of the 30th.  Knowing that this sign is an emergency they immediately took her to the emergency vet while they had me on the phone. The vet gave her an IV and ran a blood panel.  Her blood only showed that she had low blood sugar and that her blood was really thick.  After her IV the vet said that she had improved 70% and that she was out of danger and they just wanted to keep her overnight for observation.

      At 11:23 after hearing just 30 minutes before that she was OK I got the call saying that she had curled up and died....just like that.  I am absolutely devestated.  Did I miss something?  Is there something I could have done?  I am wracked with guilt that I wasn't there with her and I don't know how to get over this pain.  I am a 40 year old single woman and my furry children are my life.  Having no explanation for her sudden death just makes it harder for me to get a grasp on.  I was told that maybe it was something to do with her pancreas (?), anaphalactic shock was mentioned, heart attack, but nothing conclusive and it is killing me....

      They asperated around all her organs and she had no internal bleeding.  No infections showed up in her blood.  She ate fine that day and played just like usual and then..........she was gone.  I dont understand.  I am sick with her loss and sick with out the knowledge of knowing what took her away.  I am so sorry for the rest of you who have lost your wonderful companions.  It hurts so much.  I just want an explanation.
      I miss her so much.  She was just 4 1/2-5 years old and she had so much life...I dont understand how the life can suddenly be sucked out of such a wonderful creature so quickly with no explaination.  If anyone has any other thoughts please email me at:

      Thank you and my heart goes out to you all and especially to my beautiful girl who I miss so much.


By kaseymichele1 on 2008-05-05
Post ID: 302
My dog also collapsed and died in my arms yesterday - I am wracking my brain tried to figure out what it could be and what happened. She was fine - she was running around the yard playing. Then she saw my neighbor whom she always liked to bark at and ran to the fence. The next thing I know she fell on her side and started kicking her legs. At first I thought she was trying to itch her back because she has flea allergies. Then I saw her go completely limp. I ran to her and she was gasping for breath and whining. I couldn't lift her and no one was home to help. So I sat and comforted her. She only took in about three breaths and then stoppped breathing. I was so upset I didn't know what to do - I should've tried cpr but I was too hysterical and didn't think to do now I just feel guilty. As far as I know - she was a very healthy and active dog. She was on prednisone for allergies - so I found the comment from the other guest talking about her dog being on prednisone and dying as eerie. Does anyone know if there is a link between prednisone and heart attack and/or sudden death? I am beside myself in grief and just want to make sense of her death.


By CREGCINDY on 2008-04-14
Post ID: 293
I thought I would post on here to possibly help someone who might be going thru what I currently am.  My pug Daizy just died out of nowhere with no previous problems or symptoms.  She was at a friend's house who dogsat for me quite a bit and would tell me anything about her if it was unordinary.  She was fine at 330 and died sometime between then and 730.  It appears to be a heart attack, but i declined an autopsy because it wasnt going to bring her back...I have been beating myself up for the past 2 days thinking I should have done something different or I failed her in some way that killed her.....That dog still means the world to me and I will miss her deeply...After reading some stories on here and seeing that this happens quite a bit, it has helped me lessen my blaming myself...I have lost my 2 pugs in less than 4 months (Duke had to be put down due to cancer).  Those dogs brought so much love and happiness to me that I hope I can come to terms with this so I can get another one.  I am a firm believer that there is something special about this breed.  Hope this helps someone else.


By dragonballzgq on 2008-04-10
Post ID: 299

      On April 6, 2008.  I lost my precious blonde labrador named Stubby.  He was around 10 years old.

      He had been in kidney failure for a long time and had several episodes.  A few times he had collapsed and urinated himself and was unable to walk yet he would try so hard.  These episodes are what had led to the discovery his kidneys were only functioning at 20% four months ago.

      Stubby and his sister Lady were found on a country road by my father.  A man had just shot their mother and had fled in a truck and left three puppies there by their dead mother.  The cruelty of some humans will never cease to amaze me.

      We took Stubby and Lady in and found a great home for the 3rd puppy.  For 10 years Stubby and Lady have been with me for almost every moment.  I love them more than anything and they are my children.

      Seeing Stubby suffer for so long with trembling and episodes was devastating to me on its own.  I felt so helpless.  All i'd been able to do is make him as happy and comfortable as possible.

      Then this last Sunday tragedy finally struck.  Everything had gone great that day and Stubby had been acting very happy.  He and his sister sat there and watched me stack wood from a recently fallen tree and the sun was shining on a beautiful day.

      Stubby had just ate and wanted to go outside.  While walking to the door he collapsed going into violent spasms urinated and defecated himself.  He was in extreme pain and was making heartbreaking noises.  I scooped him up and brought him into the yard to get some air and he seemed to be coming out of it.  But this was by far the worst i'd seen and upon opening his mouth discovered his tongue white and splotched white.

      I brought out a wet cloth and wiped his face and he even stood up.  Came back out with a bowl of water and he wagged his little nubby tail at me.  While watching him from the window while trying to contact a pet ER I saw him slowly lay down like slow motion.  Dropped the phone and ran outside and picked up Stubby and brought him inside and layed him on his bed.  His bed was a queen sized futon.  His heart wasn't beating right when I felt it.  His heart was going crazy.

      He laid on the futon and I stroked his back.  He seemed to be calming down and I brought water to him in a syringe because his mouth was so dry.  Went back into the kitchen and before I made it there I heard a howl.  Roooooooooooooooooooo.  I ran in there to find Stubby gasping for air.

      He looked so scared.  I felt like I was having a heart attack myself.  His tongue was hanging out and he was gasping.  Blowing in his face trying to help.  Then 4 more gasps and he quit breathing still staring in my eyes.  Tried to shake him and do some sort of CPR but I am not experienced.  Beat on his chest and he was just limp and gone.

      What got me was 2 minutes later he took 2 more gasps and then quit for good.  That just haunts me!  My poor little Stubby.  I am heartbroken and can't stop crying.  Lady is just lost looking everywhere for Stubby.

      This grief seems almost too much to take.  To me it is like my son died in my arms.  Didn't sleep the first night and I had to be rushed to the emergency room on Tuesday because I couldn't breathe.  It has been horrible.

      But I have to keep going.  Trying to occupy my mind and time like writing this message here.  Doing everything I can for Lady to occupy her time but she just doesn't understand.  She and her brother were like 2 sides of a coin and as close as could be.

      To everyone else going through the same pain.  May our days get better and our prayers heard.  My prayers go out to you all.  Please pray for me and Lady too.

      -William  &  Lady


By lilysong on Monday, March 6, 2017 4:36:12 PM
I am so sorry for your loss. My little baby girl, my little shih tzu died recently.

By molzak on 2008-04-05
Post ID: 292

      My dog also died suddenly on March 27th. Thank you for sharing your story. I did help me to know it has happened to other dogs. She was only 7 years old and I too feel like it wasnt her time to go.  She was fine and she threw up the night before and I just figured she wasnt feeling well like in the past.  The next moring she wasnt moving and she started shaking and her legs went straight up and by time I got her to the car she was gone.  So, sad. I am beating myself up too over this. Have no clue what it was. She was a female cocker spaniel. I can not believe she is gone.  I have no idea what the cause was. I was thinking an immune deficency and then I thought maybe she ate chocolate or got into something. I have no clue.  It will take some time to come to peace with this.


By june2008bride on 2008-03-30
Post ID: 294

      I cannot believe the number of people on here who have had there dogs died suddenly.

      My dog Brooklyn died suddenly friday night (March 28) with no warning at all. She was fine ate her dinner stole some of her brothers. Had a scratch and rolled around on her back for a minute. The she came to the room I was in a went to sleep. A few minutes late she let out a noise that was sort of like a yelp but not really. Anyways, I ran over to her and her legs were all straight out. I thought she was having a seizure at first but very quickly realized it was far worse then that. I looked at her eyes and she was still there but at the same time I could tell she was leaving us. I yelled for my father to come and by the time he got there. Which was litterally less then 30 secs. she had already stopped breathing. Her heart was still beating but faintly. We tried CPR but really there was nothing we could have done for her at that point. She let out 2 gasps and she was gone! We are in complete shock and cannot believe that she is gone and how quickly it happened.

      I had to work Friday (which is the day I usually have off) so I didn't get to see her very long that day. In the morning when I was getting ready for work nothing was anything but routine for us. She followed me around like she always did. But my dad said looking backing on the day she was much more lethargic then usual. When I got home from work she didn't greet me at the door like she always did and after her dinner she didn't ask to go outside which again she always did. So I guess there were a few signs but nothing that tipped us off that she was going to die.

      She was actually going to the vet for her check up in a few weeks. I can't help but wonder if I had taken her sooner would we have found something wrong that we could have done something for. Could she had gone on a medication that would have prevented this from happen. I know I can't beat myself up over it but I just feel so bad and feel like it wasn't her time yet.


By elsa on 2008-03-17
Post ID: 291
Good point about children. We have five rotties and whenever we have a litter we make sure to have our grandchildren come over to socialize with the dogs. We also have some mentally disabled people we know and they too socialize with the puppies. From Richard at


By tinareneclark on 2008-03-11
Post ID: 290
I appreciate your comments about my precious Littlebit. In hindsight, I should have paid closer attention to the little things but I so pamper my dogs that I never thought anything so sudden could rip one away from you. My entire family (me and my three dogs) are still mourning. Keep an eye on your baby and don't take anything for granted. When in doubt, call your vet. I hope your baby is okay. I hope that one day I will have another Pekingese but there will be another Littlebit. She was my heart. Tina


By jenni4475 on 2008-03-09
Post ID: 287
the same exact thing happened to my 2 year old Boxer Abby on Feb 27 2007. It was her heart...a heart arrythmia but it was exactly as you described.


By dutys6 on 2008-03-05
Post ID: 289
I lost my boston terrier Jingle yesterday at 3p.m.She was only 3 years old,I am also having a very hard time grasping that I will not see her again.I dont know how I will do it.


By Twoshadows on 2008-02-23
Post ID: 288

      Hi - I was searching the net looking for causes of sudden death in a dog and I am so glad I stumbled upon this site...

      I too, just lost my best friend Havoc on the morning of February 5th. Havoc was a 12yr. old Rottweiler that I had raised since she was six weeks old and she was without a doubt the sweetest, gentlest and most devoted friend I have ever had. And despite being at her senior age, was in outstanding health both physical and mental.

      I have been absolutely devastated by her sudden death, as just the day before and the morning of she was fine. That morning I had awoke and we did our normal routine; Havoc had her breakfast first and then she went outside to do her business. She came in and received her treat for her good deed, and then got her morning dose of hugs, kisses and butt scratching. :)

      I made my coffee and went in to shower and dress for work, while Havoc took her usual place (curling up on the floor by the bathroom door. When I came out from the bathroom she had moved into the living room and was laying next to her favorite toy (the fluffy plush bunny) which was normal for her to do as I went about the house preparing to leave for work.

      I did my usual quick scan of the house before heading out the door and as I made my way to the front door... Havoc suddenly got up yet seemed a little "off" to me. I called to her but she just stood there, not really looking in the direction of my voice. I called to her a second time, she began to walk toward me in the hall; she short-stopped and spurted out a little clear like fluid which looked like water (as she sometimes did if she drank her water too fast) made her way to me in the hall and then did the strangest thing ever; she walked in front of my and the door as if to block me from leaving and I could tell something wasn't right with her. I knelt down to her and said "what's wrong baby?' In an instant from that moment everything and time just seemed to stop...

      Havoc suddenly seemed to wobble off balance slightly and leaned against the wall, she turned, lost her bowels and fell down and could not get up. I got down on the floor and picked her head up... There was a distant look in her eyes, her gums were pale and her face had no warmth in it (really cold to the touch). With her head in my hands, she took a breath or two and then her breathing stopped... she was gone.

      It's been two and a half weeks since she passed... I can't get the vision of her head in my hands out of my mind nor the thoughts of what happened to her all of a sudden; I mean she was just fine that morning, and in a matter of twenty minutes did a complete 360 and ten minutes later was gone. She was just at the vets four days prior and passed all her test and blood work. I just don't understand this.

      However, I try to believe that it was "just her time" and that she was old. The only comfort that comes to me is knowing that she died at home and I was here and was able to hold my baby's head in my hands as she passed on, and I am relieved to know that she did not suffer and it was quick.

      A friend of mine once told me when Havoc was about five and had surgery for a case of "Bloat" ... "Trust in your baby to make the right decisions whether she has more to do here or whether it's time for her to cross over." And I believe that Havoc blocked me from the door because she knew she had to go and just wanted to spend every last minute with me so I would know she was going to be okay and I would not live in guilt or riddled with questions about her leaving me.

      I miss her very much; my chest hurts and I feel sick to my stomach every day, the house feels empty, I don't hear her snoring at the foot of my bed, I miss my "Good morning" face washing from her, and I cry at night as I sleep with her fluffy bunny toy because it's the only that comforts me at night. Though I know time will never erase her from heart or my memory... I also know that in time I will heal.

      I'm sorry you lost your friend too, and I know it hurts like Hell but keep in mind that your baby is not truly gone and will always be beside you in your heart and memories... There you will find your friend anytime you need.


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