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Sudden Death In Dogs

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Causes Of Sudden Death In Dogs - Most common causes of sudden and unexpected death in dogs that were considered healthy by their owners when last seen; potentially severe diseases and disorders of dogs that do not have clinical signs or become apparent in a very short period of time.


By edsconst

On June 23 2006 my husband and I arrived home to find our beautiful, sweet Mason, a 3 1/2 yo Male Black Lab/Golden Ret cross dead by our front porch. He had only been dead a very short time (minutes). I had him examined by our vet, and there were no signs of trauma whatsoever. The only synptom that could be observed was crackles in the lungs. he thought that heart problems or anaphylactic shock from bee stings were two possible causes. Mason had not been ill, but I had noticed a very, very subtle change in his energy level for maybe about the past month. I attributed it to the heat wave, but did watch for other signs. His appetite was great and much of the time he was full of energy. I wonder if cardiomyopathy or subaortic stenosis could be the culprit? Whatever the cause, it has been a horrible loss and we are still grieving and missing our boy, as we will always. I so empathise with anyone who lost a beloved pet in this manner.

By dont_let_the_sun_go_down

my husband and i were having a day off work as we were having a carpet fitted downstairs. we were outside with our pet miniature poodle called dougal who was 8 yrs old. he was or appeared to be a normal healthy dog, he spotted a frog in the garden and began playing with it and sniffing it, we thought nothing of this as we live in england and it looked like any common garden frog. however about an hour later dougal appeared to lose the use of his back legs and just flopped to the ground and died within minutes. as he seemed so healthy as was so very active prior to sniffing the frog could it be the frog that caused his death. i guess it sounds really silly but as this was the only thing he did different that day i am paranoid it was the frog. can anyone help?

By lfloridarules

My lab/german shep mix, Dixie weighing just 70lbs. died today within an a few hours after taking her on a walk outside. We only had her for 4 years but I am still numb that a perfectly healthy active young dog could just die so quickly. I gave her some treats outside with Bear, my other dog & then Dixe tried to go to the bathroom. Since I just moved to an new apartment, I was thinking how she was making such a big production when I was trying to discreet with her going to the bathroom & then cleaning up after her. She happily chased a jogger who laughed with her & I took her inside. Within about 15minutes, she vomited all over my rug. Not food, but clear, foamy vomit. I took her outside & she keep vomitting. Within the next half hour, her tongue turned grey, her eyes bugged out, and she began breathing wrong & fast. I raced her to an vet emergency center & they only took referrals. I raced her then to a vet, and they said it was aspir something or other where they believe she swalled her vomit into her lungs. She died within an hour of taking her to the vet. I am in shock still and cannot believe it. How can a healthy active dog go downhill so quickly. I thought she was poisioned, but she was with me the whole time I took her out. My heart goes out to everyone who lost their dog so quickly. It is terrible loss and I don't know how to tell the kids. Kathryn/Jacksonville. Florida

By craigandlisa

We lost Maggie, our 12 year old Shetland Sheepdog yesterday. Even though she was showing signs of aging we are still in shock. We are having a difficult time just because we do not know what caused her death. The day before she died she had a problem of not being able to walk. She showed difficulty with this until evening & then seemed to come around. She was also vomiting. At one point it looked to be a black substance--maybe blood? She was also being treated for a thyroid problem over the past few years. Not sure if her death could be a result with the thyroid or not? We miss her so.

By rachael_2376

My heart is broken into a million pieces today. Yesterday, 9/21/26 my 8 year old Doberman, Dante died. Playful and full of life just the day before we awoke Thursday morning to find him gone. His buddy, my Pug Chloe Bea has yet to realize her companion is gone. They were best of friends and I fear for her loss as well. Hip problems did not stop him, he was playing with his buddies, chasing cats and expecting total love and attention from me and my boyfriend just hours before he left us. We drove him to his favorite place in the world, Grandma and Grandpa's house and buried him there. He always got so excited when I asked him if he wanted to go see Grandma and Grandpa. The shock is still preventing me and my boyfriend from totalling realizing our loss. We hardly spoke a word the 2.5 hour drive to and from burying him. How do say goodbye to someone who has been by your side for 8 years and full of love and spunk? Pictures of my baby can be viewed at www.myspace.com/neverhome

By greenlita22@gmail.com

I also lost my dog recently and I have no clue what happened or what the cause was….. :'(

By ajckrupa

This afternoon my 9 year old doberman pincher, Jade, was laying on her bed when she began to gag. She tried to get up and couldn't. Less than one minute later she was dead. My family and I are extremely devistated. She was very healthy otherwise.

By jenni4475

The same thing happened to my Abby grace. she had a heart arrythmia and took meds but was pretty normal . she did suddenly on feb 27 and i mean SUDDENLY.she was 2 years old and weighed 48 pounds. I think her arrythmia turned into dilated cardiomyopathy. Poor girl....I miss my baby.

By jkc9943

Yes, Toads can be immediately toxic. Here in Arizona they do a warning every summer when people start going to the lakes. The toads release a toxin that can kill a dog with in minutes. You have to remove the toad and immeiately wash their mouths out. Then take them to the vet immediately.

By gefalenmt

We lost our baby "Casey Boo" yesterday to what we are not sure. We came home and she was dead. At close to ten years old she was still healthy. She was fine in the morning (very playful/ happy) by late afternoon she was dead. She had been dead for several hours when we found her laying under her favorite bush in the backyard. She had vomited a red substance and had loose bowels.We are still in shock. Our boxer is confused searches every room looking for her. And our 2 year old son keeps asking for Casey Boo. My heart goes out to those you suddenly lose a pet...they are like members of the family.

By mzlorenz

My deepest sympathy to all whom enter this site. My darling lil Raskal born Sept4,05 passed Sept21, 06. This was a sudden & shocking death. As it was we took his outgoing happy pleasant personality to the vet to have him neutered. All I have ever heard is positve benefits of this operation ever though I personally dont believe in it. But once again, it would calm him a bit, stop some of that spraying about...I still havent gotten an answer to the exact cause of death, but was told basically he was uthenized...I found one site that stated the stats were 1in 400, & I'm saying that is too many. With all this regulation on pets & so on these days, I think we need to push to have their rights better taken care of at the vets. I feel Im not being clear, SO basically the vet that wrote this page of information said that in most cases of death on the operating table was indeed due to oversight of the vet, as the vet is not an anestheologist...so in the course of a hectick day, sometimes pets are just left to come out of it without any monerting. So now we are completly grief sticken as we were that day. No more jumping, walks, ..hes just gone...to top it off it took me about 2 mins to race to the vets, he had already been put into a boxinside the box a black bag. I was getting stories from the vets employes, as one grabs both my arms & pulls me to her telling me to give her a hug. as she says but Im not the vet I really cant say what happend, I left abrubtly with instructions to send the bill, as my 13 year old daughter & BF got rady to take the box t leave..my BF said forget the bill you F%*%$ing killed our dog. SO 24 hours later the police show up to arrest him for using the "F" word & ruining the reputation of their office. This is the worst it can be. Our hearts were shattered as well as our minds, ya just dont take a pet in for a neuter & bring them home in a box.. with compassion for all who have suffered a sudden loss. Please be aware if your pet is going under you have the right to request an anestesthologist to watch over, it will be more pricey, but beats the untimely death without fully being informed to how sensitive our pets can be to this gas!

By sgallivan29

I lost my yorkie, Buster this week. I was trying to get him to go outside with the other dogs and he wouldn't get out of his bed. When he finally got up, he couldn't use his one paw. Within minutes, he couldn't use his other paw. By the time I got him to the emergency vet... he was paralyzed from the neck down. He quickly deteriorated where his brain was unable to tell him to breathe any longer. It's frustrating because his respiratory system was working perfectly... after trying everything, he was unable to breathe for himself any longer and we had to put him to sleep while they manually breathed for him. I am absolutely devestated. He was only 8 and my special boy. I have no answers and no idea why he died so quickly and tragically when he was perfectly fine and unbelievably healthy. It's frustrating and heart breaking...

By puddinhead1

I lost my 3 year old rottie/sheperd mix yesterday afternoon. Last week I found out that I am unable to have children, and 4 days later my Arwen was gone. I had just put her in the backyard after I fed her. She gulped her food like always, and we played ball. I was going to ask her in but she caught sight of my landlord next door and sprung happily away to help him do his yardwork next door. Half an hour later I looked out the back window and thought she was napping under a tree. I went to call her in and she didn't move. My landlord is a nurse and I yelled for him and when I got to her I knew she was dead(her eyes were open) I cannot believe this! She was the best dog. My 11 year old cat is looking for her. Up until now all of my pets have lived to be at least 15. I was unaware that this happens so often. Up until last week my husband and I were planning for a baby and introducing Arwen to other people's infants in preparation. When we were taking her to the vets my landlords friend asked if I would get another dog and I was about to say, "After we have a baby I plan to get another dog for Arwen." Of course, I can't have a baby and my precious dog is gone! I am in hell.

By apark

On November 26, 2006, we lost our beloved family member, Henry. He was a Black lab/mix whom we had adopted almost nine months before at the SPCA. He was at least eight years old at the time of his adoption, maybe older. Yesterday seemed like any other day. Henry acted like himself, politely begging for bacon at breakfast. Later in the afternoon, he wanted to go with my husband and daughter to tag our christmas tree. Instead, he stayed home with me. Not even an hour later, Henry collapsed and went into shock (cause unknown). He was taken to the emergency clinic where he died several hours later. The loss our family feels cannot be described. Both my husband and I could have sworn we heard Henry's bark at different times after his death. We love you Henry. You will be in our hearts and family forever. Thank you for adopting us. Love, your faithful family.

By unclereggie99@hotmail.com

I am sorry to hear it. It leaves a horrible hole in your life, I know.

By davval

Hi Last night my 4 year old Lhasa Apso Lucy was sitting on my lap as normal. She let out a howl and just died. She was a strong healthy and intelligent dog and we have no idea what happened to her. We will miss you heaps Lucy-Lou xoxo

By julie_glick

I am so sorry for you - I am in the same place. It is just awful.

By debpotr

For those who adore Pomeranians, I lost my best friend today and I guess I need to put it down in words....Scooter would be 9 years old in October, still very vibrant, playful and energetic, however had been dealing with a colasped trachea for some time. He had medicine daily (in the am and pm) and seem to respond to that ok. For the past year he seemed to be having more trouble with it but I was told this was normal by my vet, I also researched quite a bit over the internet and other resources and read that this could be managed - so I'm not sure if this had anything to do with is sudden death. Anyway, he seemed perfectly normal today and this afternoon around 2:45 pm we found him dead in the yard. He was laying there on his side and it was apparent he had bitten his tongue - which tells me he had some kind of seizure and possibly collasped from something like a seizure or maybe a stroke - we are not sure. We are totally bewildered by this and extremely sad to lose an important part of our family. Scooter had such personality, spunk and smarts - I know this may sound biased, but he was such an awesome dog! Scooter, after all these years would pretty much do whatever you told him -he was all about pleasing you. I keep going over and over in my mind what we could have done different...just wish I could have been there to possibly help him if there was that possibility...but I did not get that chance. Anyway, I wrote this because I was looking for comfort from other pet lovers who have lost an important part of their life and thought maybe this could help someone else. Scooter's Mom

By krimiller

I am so sad to write, that i just lost my 8 1/2yr old chocolate lab about 3 hours ago. He seemed fine when i got home from work, I let he and my black lab out to go to the bathroom. They came back in, ate dinner, ate some of my two year olds cheese sandwich which got tossed on the floor and he went and laid on his dog bed. A few hours later he whined a bit and laid on the kitchen floor. I asked him if he wanted to go out (which normally he jumps at) and he just laid there... I did get a tail thump and half turn on his back for me to rub his belly. When i did get him to go out, he wandered around the yard, squated and sat down. He didn't seem to want to come in, but I had him come in b/c it was raining and i didn't want him out there if he was sick. When we came in, about a 1/2hr. later he vomited all his food and i noticed his tongue hanging out. It was after that that he began to breathe heavy... I thought maybe he was just warm from being sick. It was about a half hour I sat with him, and it seemed to get worse. I didn't want to leave him, got the phone to dial the vet and within minutes I lost him. All i could think was Why? and What happened?... he was fine earlier!?... I kept asking what i did that may have caused it. Reading others comments, gave me some comfort. This does happen to seemingly healthy dogs. My heart goes out to all of you who feel the great loss and grief i have in my heart right now. I Love my Big Boy, Jax and always will.

By dheath7

My family is gone.My dalmatian Lucky was 13 years old and couldn't walk anymore.I kept him on his pillow for a couple months as he still had a few bones left in him! Painful as it was, I had all the arrangements made for the vet to come to the house(just like w/ his mom & dad) and the crematory pick up.Everyone was on call as I kept putting off the worst day of a dog lovers life. I prayed everyday for god to PLEASE just come take him,don't make me do it.Well when I came home from work.... god came,however he took THE WRONG DOG!There was my baby Sparky dead in the hall! sparkys dead and Luckys still here?? She did throw up before I left for work and she didn't annoy me with the ball that day,I just thought she had a tummy ache!I am convinced god makes mistakes.Another week passed as I sat in shock,then came the moment when you just know its time. I had to let Lucky go.Sparky was supposed to be here~no more slobber balls in my bath water,no one licking my toes,no one tripping me in the hall.I miss my little dalmatian family.I don't know what happened.......

By mchugh731

I just lost my Golden retriever on Thursday afternoon. I came home and she was asleep on the porch. There was no ditress, she died peacefully. I was at the vet 3 weeks prior where the doctor said she had a dime size tumor on her tongue. I had planned to go through surgury during the Holidays to haveit removed. She slobbered a little but showed no change in eating habits or activity. I have been reading about sudden death on the internet and have seen other stories similiar to ours. She was almost 13 and in great condition. I do not know if the place was malignant and I do not believe it attributed to her death. To all those dealing with death, I mourn with you. This is far more painful than I ever imagined.

By marlysrules

My siberian husky died in a similar way 2 months ago. She was 7 years old. I was driving with her in the car and she let out a howl, by the time I pulled over, she was gone. I was devastated and getting over it has been and will continue to be a hard journey. I loved my dog so much and take comfort in knowing that I gave her the best life that any dog could hope for. My dog taught me how to love, now she continues to teach me how to move on. I hope that you are able to find some peace and I just wanted to let you know that I know exactly what you are feeling.

By friend4him

I awoke the other day to find my faithful friend dead. He had been through everything with me and he was only 5. I had noticed his eyes changing but my vet said taht it was normal. But I am a vet tech and I knew something wasn't right. I had all intentions to take him in on Monday but he did not make it. I also had my faithful dane die on friday so I don't think it was from greif that quick but could it have been. I mean that he was playing though. He died while he was playing. I am now empty inside because I don't have a family that was my family.

By jeannehom

We came home New Year's Day to find our beloved pet "Whiskey" dead. He is a large (80lb) mixed breed who was abandoned in a remote area called Whiskey Rock, that is how we came to name him Whiskey. The vet determined that he was about 1 and one half years old when we took him in. I thought we would have many more years together as he was only 8 years old. He was my hiking buddy and my boy, his sudden death is devasting to us. I wish that I had taken him to the vet, when my daughter said that he was acting a little wierd. We watched him and he was more tired that normal, but the following day he seemed normal. I still have an appointment to take him to the vet Jan 5 for his six month check-up. The vet said he was in perfect health at our last check-up. Whiskey is a favorite at the vet's, he was such a special loving dog, we will never find another one like him. My heart goes out to all who have lost their special pet. We will always miss Whiskey and hopefully one day we will think of Whiskey with laughter and smiles instead of tears. Jeanne, Julia, Megan, Olivia and Amelia

By kellyjean624

I lost my Brandigirl, lab and beagle mix Wednesday night so suddenly, a matter of hours. She didn't eat her food 2 days before, that was the only sign she wasn't feeling well, but the next day she was fine, running around, playing, barking and eating normal. She was my first dog, 8 years old but so young. She was so special to us all and I am having a hard time understanding how a healthy dog could go down so fast! Now I am trying to find ways to blame myself, even though I know that we cared and loved her and spoiled her, she was like a child to us!The doctors said her heart was enlarged and white blood count was very high. I had given her heartworm pills, so I don't think that was it. Not knowing and guessing only makes it worse. I wish I just knew. My chest hurts from crying so much these past 3 days, the house is so quiet without her. I am shocked to see that other people have experienced the same loss...I am not alone.

By swanhilda

Yesterday my beautiful Siberian Husky Tara passed away suddenly in my arms. She was 8 years old and had slowed down a bit but the last thing I could ever have imagined was her dying suddenly at home. We were lying in the bedroom for an afternoon nap and suddenly she started to struggle as if she were having a seizure of some sort. I tried to calm her down but whatever was happening to her continued to get worse. She howled a long, painful howl and then she was gone. No more than two minutes could have passed. For the past day my husband and I have been trying to understand the entire episode but we are basically devastated. Finding all of the posts here has helped in some way and my heart goes out to all of you who have lost your beloved animals in this way. Connie

By jeanp

Our 13 year old German Shepard died suddenly last night. Although she was up there in years for a big dog, her health was excellent other than being a little deaf. Last night she followed us around the house as usual, laying in the middle of the kitchen floor as I cooked dinner and sticking her head in the refrigerator every time I opened the door. After our dinner I fixed her dinner and she ate every bite as usual followed by her Milk Bone dessert. She was sitting at the bottom of the couch as my husband and I watched a little TV right with her and suddenly she just fell over. We got down on the floor with her in about 2 seconds but she was already gone...I could tell because her eyes were fixed and cloudy and her tongue was blue and hanging out. I couldn't hear a heartbeat or any effort on her part to breathe. It is such a shock to have a perfectly healthy and content animal just lay down and die. As I struggle with the shock and grief of it all, I can only think that Wrigley wanted it that way...to be with her family when she died with no suffering. My husband and I travel a lot and there are many nights when either one or the other of us isn't home with Wrigley. But last night we were both there. I had begun to dread what might happen in the future as her age caught up with her and we had to watch her suffer with pain or disease. I think she decided that the best thing for her and for us was to just go this way. I don't think she suffered one bit but certainly my husband and I are consumed with grief and loss. She was a big dog and looked scary but she was the worst guard dog in history, she never growled or was aggressive to any person or animal. She was the best companion I could ever have hoped for and I feel blessed that God arranged for us all to be together and in a peaceful setting with her when she died. I hate it but I am grateful as well for the life she shared with us. My hearts go out to all who have lost a best friend in this way. I miss her so terribly. God bless, Wrigley.

By annpiszker

Our Bailey (a lab mix) died suddenly last Friday. My daughter was home, doing various things, and noticed Bailey wasn't being her usual nosey self, running from this room to that room, looking out the windows for squirrels and bunnies outside. She found her lying down in our computer room, like she was asleep. She was already gone. She was a healthy, VERY active 8 year old. Most people thought she was still a puppy wherever we took her because she acted so young. She had so many quirky, lovable things about her, as many of your fuzzy babies do also. The vet suspected the heart had a sudden irregularity. She asked to do an autopsy but my heart couldn't bear it. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who are also suffering from the loss of their furry loved one. Thank you Bailey for being a great doggie and friend!

By adinawace

Our hearts are broken and it feels like the world will never be the same for us again. On Sunday morning Jan 14 I went into my daughter's bedroom to wake her up and found that our 9 year old Viszla had died lying beside her during the night. We had taken him and our 3 other dogs out for a walk on Saturday night.He was happy getting his treats and sitting in front of the fireplace so his death has left us in shock and dispair. We miss him so much that our hearts are aching just to hug him one more time. He has hiked so many trails,and given us so much joy for 9 years that it makes it difficult to see past today. We love you so much Mocha and want to say thank you for making us all better people.Thank you for coming to say good bye to me at 3:00 am.I love you mom Forever in our hearts and souls Daddy, Mommy, Dallas, Stephanie, Jack, Caffery, Becky and Max

By notferris

We lost our beloved Charlie, a 9 year old Miniature Schnauzer, just yesterday. The events were very similar to others I have read here...no outward signs of anthing wrong. We were on our mid-afternoon "walkies" (we both loved to walk and did so 3 times daily). We had stopped to talk to our next door neighbor. Charlie let out a terrible howl, and our neighbor thought her little bichon had stepped on his foot! We walked back to the house (he was a little wobbly), he laid down at the foot of the stairs, and slipped away within minutes. Our vet surmised a stroke, but was not sure. I am OK not knowing, I just did not want my little guy invaded with any type of autopsy. This is still so raw, and we are still so devastated. I feel Charlie everywhere in the house, and know I will see him in the front window, waiting for his Daddy,for a long time to come. Thank you for your site, and allowing me to let these feelings out. Keith (Charlie's Daddy)

By jenthabella

MY dog died suddenly and he had "noisy" dreams as well. I find that very interesting. I am so sorry for the loss of your pet.

By asoltis887

Today we were devastated and our hearts are broken by the sudden death of our Pug name Parker. He was nine and a half years old and an energetic bundle in a small body. He woke up this morning, ate, went out, barked, played, and was his usual self - no signs of anything. At around 11:00 we found him dead in the living room, about fifteen minutes since we'd last seen him. His sudden death just crushed us. His vet said with how quickly things happened, there was nothing we could have done. We wish that we had seen some sign, but there was none. Losing Parker has crushed us. His Christmas present is already under the tree. We loved him so much. Thank you for reading our story and whisper a little prayer for us. Fran and Bob

By lmjh611

we lost our most precious siberian husky nikita dec 27th, 2006. she just turned four and seemed to be the healthiest dog. we are dvestated because it was so sudden and no explanation. one minute she was sitting on the deck...she came in and was playing chase around the dinning room table with me. i turned my back and heard a short whimper. when i turned around she was laying there and her tung was blue. she was gone in seconds. i tried cpr heart massage and it was no use. our home is so empty now. she was so lovable and would kiss you to death. she always followed one of us around the house and hated when we left her. the whole in our hearts is so huge. we have had two other huskys before her and a few other pets. and their lose was painful also, but this baby puppy has really hit us hard. maybe because she was so young and it was so sudden and unexplainable. i found some peace reading the other stories here and my heart goes out to everyone who has loved and lost a beloved pet. we miss you terribly nikita roo wait for us at the rainbow bridge.

By laurelrungolf

We lost Daisy yesterday, suddenly. She was running around our golf course, as usual and just fell over and died. It was devastating to witness our mixed Brittany Spaniel die like that because she was as energetic as she ever was with no indications of being sick. She did not vomit, there was no blood or anything. She laid on her left side with her eyes wide open and her legs still in a running position. I tried CPR but she was gone. If she had been sick or tired, maybe I could have done something to prevent her death, but it was just so immediate. Daisy ate Natural Balance Dog Food, never ate table food, always had her shots, was given Advantage + on a monthly basis and was given Vet prescribed vitamins. I wanted her with us forever, but she died doing what she loved to do most and where she wanted to do it. I buried her in a part of the golf course that she loved to dig for moles. Daisy was family and we will always love miss her.

By jeanp

Our 13 year old German Shepard died suddenly last night. Although she was up there in years for a big dog, her health was excellent other than being a little deaf. Last night she followed us around the house as usual, laying in the middle of the kitchen floor as I cooked dinner and sticking her head in the refrigerator every time I opened the door. After our dinner I fixed her dinner and she ate every bite as usual followed by her Milk Bone dessert. She was sitting at the bottom of the couch as my husband and I watched a little TV right with her and suddenly she just fell over. We got down on the floor with her in about 2 seconds but she was already gone...I could tell because her eyes were fixed and cloudy and her tongue was blue and hanging out. I couldn't hear a heartbeat or any effort on her part to breathe. It is such a shock to have a perfectly healthy and content animal just lay down and die. As I struggle with the shock and grief of it all, I can only think that Wrigley wanted it that way...to be with her family when she died with no suffering. My husband and I travel a lot and there are many nights when either one or the other of us isn't home with Wrigley. But last night we were both there. I had begun to dread what might happen in the future as her age caught up with her and we had to watch her suffer with pain or disease. I think she decided that the best thing for her and for us was to just go this way. I don't think she suffered one bit but certainly my husband and I are consumed with grief and loss. She was a big dog and looked scary but she was the worst guard dog in history, she never growled or was aggressive to any person or animal. She was the best companion I could ever have hoped for and I feel blessed that God arranged for us all to be together and in a peaceful setting with her when she died. I hate it but I am grateful as well for the life she shared with us. My hearts go out to all who have lost a best friend in this way. I miss her so terribly. God bless, Wrigley.

By bbweinst

Thank goodness for this site. I lost Cody yesterday, my nine year old lab/shepard mix. The hardest thing for me with it happening so quickly is that I feel like I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye. It's refreshing to hear all of your experiences in a way that we can all grieve together. My dog, like with all of yours, was one of a kind. I am already missing him dearly and will look forward to someday raising, teaching, and living out everyday with another dog. Be Well. BW

By bbweinst

Thank goodness for this site. I lost Cody yesterday, my nine year old lab/shepard mix. The hardest thing for me with it happening so quickly is that I feel like I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye. It's refreshing to hear all of your experiences in a way that we can all grieve together. My dog, like with all of yours, was one of a kind. I am already missing him dearly and will look forward to someday raising, teaching, and living out everyday with another dog. Be Well. BW

By eric

Saturday evening my son and I were on our way out to join the rest of our family that were waiting for us to meet them for dinner. We noticed our 6 y/o Yellow Lab sleeping as cute as ever, face on his outstreached paws. But he wasn't sleeping. Sunny was in (what we thought) exeptional health...muscular, strong, slender...all around the most loving animal we have ever had. One thing though...he often had what seemed to be noisy dreams. The feeling is that he died of an arrythmia from adrenaline producing dream activity. We are devistated. Thank you all for your stories. They are helping us cope. Eric and Family eric@familydoc.com Long Island, NY

By arthistjsr

Did you find out the results of the autopsy on Brinkly? My golden died suddenly as well.

By espinoza

I lost my Siberian Husky, Isaac, on New Year's eve, three days ago. He was only 8 years old. He was very energetic and healthy. I noticed he was lethargic in the morning, I checked on him several times throughout the day, the third time he was dead. He had the same symptoms last summer, but was fine and normal by the time I got him to the emergency vet. So, when he displayed the same symptoms Sunday, I thought it would pass. We were devastated. We have another Dog, she is quite upset and worried as well.

By jmazarva

My almost 11 1/2 yr. old sheltie, Ralph, died suddenly on Saturday night. He was definitely slowing down - not running anymore - and he had arthritis, for which he was taking Glucosamine, and his hearing was going. I also noticed that lately he was falling into deeper sleeps, but maybe that was b/c he couldn't hear as well - everything used to wake him up. He also had a little dementia - he used to love going to the dog sitter's when we went away, and when he was there in December, he didn't seem to know where he was. I feel terribly guilty because for the past few years I hadn't give him Heartworm pills - believe it or not, he always hated going for walks and disliked the heat. So he was only out in the summer to "do his thing" on the deck, and he came back in. He did love winter and playing in the snow, but there are no mosquitoes in winter. The vet said I'm trying to blame myself and doesn't think I'm at fault. My husband and I left Philly for NYC at 2:30 PM, after having fed Ralphie. He ate a normal meal and had a normal bowel movement. I said "see you later" in the kitchen where he was looking at me. We got home at 1 AM (late, I know, and I feel guilty about that too) and Ralph didn't meet us at the door. But lately, that wasn't unusual - sometimes we'd find him sound asleep on the couch and have to nudge him awake to let him know we were home. This time we found him on the couch in a peaceful sleeping position, but his eyes were rolled back... and his limbs were stiff. I got hysterical - I NEVER imagined it would end this way.My 22 year old son in DC is distraught - he and I were the most attached. We feel as if we lost a dear friend and have such an empty feeling. It is comforting to read the same kinds of stories here. I guess canine sudden death isn't as rare as we think. I do get comfort from the fact that Ralphie didn't suffer. He was somewhat of a lazy dog (ever hear of a dog that doesn't like to take walks??), so we used to joke that he should get a job. My son and I decided he really did work - his job was making us all happy with is unconditional love and affection. God Bless you Ralphie - we still see your paw prints in the snow on the deck, and our hearts are broken. You were the best sheltie we could have ever hoped for - rest in peace, little guy. We loved you DEARLY Mommy, Daddy, Jeff and Matt

By iain

last night our 7 1/2 yo 96lb black lab(mix), Eiggie, just dropped dead. It was devastating. She had been perfectly normal and happy when I put her in her run along with her sister, Rhum. When I returned from work Rhum was happy as ever but Eiggie was subdued and walked slowly into the house, with a "hang-dog" look. She climbed into her bed and went to sleep. I thought she must have been playing like crazy all day and was exhausted. When she still hadn't stirred a couple of hours later, I went to see her - she was responsive, but still subdued. I tried to give her a treat, but she refused it. A little later, she got up and ate some food and water, but 15 minutes later she vomited it back up. I cleaned up the mess and comforted her and she seemed OK, if still quite subdued. About 30 minutes later I heard gagging sounds - she had vomited mostly fluid with some food remnants in it. She was breathing heavily and looking very sad. It was late at night but I decided I had better try to get her to an emergency vet (regrettably the nearest to my home in rural SE ohio is 90 miles away) The next bit happened so suddenly it left me stunned. I sat down beside her to try to coax her to get up to go to the car. She tried to get up,looked at me sadly, gave two big gasps and lurches of her back, her eyes glazed and clouded over, and she sank back into her bed exhaling her last breath. A dog that was perfectly healthy and happy in the morning was now inexplicably dead. I'm shocked that so many others have suffered a loss like this. I'm beginning to understand something that had never crossed my radar screen before - dogs, like humans, can suffer massive heart attacks and drop dead; that one was never printed in my petcare manual.

By missyweets

yesterday on 4/7/07 our boxer was outside playing, when we went to let her inside we found her laying in the yard dead,,,, no explanation at all,,, she was only a year old and had no previous health problems,,, she had no wounds and no signs of any trama,,,, we are confused and heart broken,, the one thing we are curious about,, she only weighed about 40 -45 pounds,, that didnt seem normal for a boxer her age,, im wondering if she had a heart condition that made her so small.

By mtrotter

I lost my loving cocker spaniel last night with no warning,he was 12 years old.He was a wonderful loving dog and I well never forget him.I don't have a clue why he died. My wife is heart broken over this.I'am going to get another cocker spaniel.Can someone tell me where I can get another wonderful cocker spaniel. Thank you I feel sorry for anyone who well half to deal with their pet when they pass on. Mike Trotter

By writernd

We lost Czar Nicholas ("Niko") Saturday morning (the 21st of Feb., 2009), just 11.7 years after his birth. He was perfectly fine. Did his two most favorite things that morning, including a long walk and went outside as he always does after his walks. Later when checked on, he was already dead. :(

By janet

RonJohn, I am so sorry for your loss. My email address is janet@claimsurveys.com. We also lost our 10 year old mixed breed suddenly six weeks go. Please email me if you would like. There is a support group that has a chat room that has been very helpful to me. Please take care, you are not alone. Janet

By ajtemple

My last post was in reference to "Cool-Allison"s post about her 1yr old puppy she lost.

By sylvie

i'm sorry for Gucci not being here, and you having no idea he would be there one hour and not the next. i posted right below you. it is unbelievable, isn't it - that they are right there, and then not.

By jimbo545

My faithful dog Jake just died in about 20 minutes time. I can't believe this would be normal . He was a St. Bernard/collie/shepard mix about 85lbs and beautiful. He went outside for about half an hour and my husband found him on our deck just laying there. He got up and walked wobly into our door and layed down once inside. Twenty minutes later he just quit breathing. Why? What could of happened? He was only 3 years old and in perfevt health. I noticed sometime last month he wasn't as agressive when visitors came he actually would almost cower. Has someone done something to him. I know someone was in our home but found nothing missing at the time. I am now wondering if someone fed him something or heart attack. I don't know. His head as he was laying on his side looked like he was nodding yes about 6 times, seizure? There was a minute blood drop around his nose and nothing else. I just layed there with him on the floor petting him and telling him what a good boy he has been for me and how sorry I was that what ever was happening was happening. I thanked him for being so loyal and told him he was my very best friend that I ever had as I never really had a best friend before. I pray it was a heart attack as I just couldn't deal with the thought of some sicko cruelly and intentionally doing this to my fine and faithfull friend whom I will miss dearly. May you rest in peace Jake, I loved you with all my heart and soul. and right now am having a hard time believing how I am going to get along without you by my side everyday like you always have been since you came to live with us. We will you!

By lindalucchese

On Saturday, February 24th, 2007, my fourteen year old Pomeranian named Pepper died. A change occured when his skin last September became very itchy. He was scratching and scratching but there were no fleas or ticks. I shaved his fur so the skin could breath but that didn't help much. I read that dogs become allergic to chicken (he often had roasted chicken for dinner) and that bad skin is a sign of a more serious underlying problem. In short, I changed is diet to Lamb and Venison, then took him to a rather goofy doctor that prescribed CEFA-drops. I believe the combination of a change in diet and the drops helped tremendously but the end came shortly thereafter. He went out on the deck, a snowy/wet evening, to do his business. I was watching like I always do in cold weather so my dogs aren't out longer than they should be. As Pepper was coming back to the door he went down, spread eagle, on his stomach and gave a very unusual bark. I ran out, picked him up and brought him in. His heart was racing, his was panting and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth to one side. I tried to relax his leg muscles, relieve any tension, I gave him a baby aspirin which helped a little with the heartbeat but nothing slowed his heartbeat down enough. His tongue was cold and his body was losing heat. I knew the end was near. Finally, I told him to say "Hello" to Prince (his brother died last year), Paris (another Pom whose original owner we found after 10 months) and Priscilla Pearl Girl (a large white rabbit we found in the woods and had for three years), he then gave six unually barks and collasped in my arms. I'm so sad to lose him but happy I was with him at the end of the road. He wasn't alone.

By lilstars

I lost my special "Sammie" today. She was a "healthy" happy shetland sheepdog only seven years old. She was my family's first dog, and what a great dog she was. Just last night we called our dogs in from going "potty" and she wasn't the first one in this time; in fact she didn't come in at all. I reopened the door and called her and she came slowly in with her tail down. My daughter (18) and I looked at each other and wondered what could be wrong with her. She came in and laid down next to my chair and didn't seem to be labored in her breathing or throwing up or experiencing any discomfort. When we went to bed about a half hour later she didn't follow me up the stairs. Later when I let one of our cats out of my room she was at my door. I let her in and she evidently went to sleep. The next morning when I woke up, the other dogs (two pomeranians) were excited to go out as usual, but Sammie didn't come and I called out to her. She came very slowly, her eyes unfocused and her mouth salivating. She stumbled as she walked and barely made it down the stairs. I realized at the bottom of the stairs that she was deathly ill. I called to my daughter to wake her for help and to let her know we were leaving for the vet. It was 6:15 am when I came down the stairs, and by 6:30 we were in the car on the way to the vet. She die less than 15 minutes later. Our wonderful, faithful, sweet, perfect Sammie was dead laying next to my sobbing 18 year old daughter who had been talking to her and holding her head. We will miss her. It was over too fast...

By adele

I didn't know what else to do - its after midnight in England and this morning our beautiful golden retriever called Max 8 years collapsed suddenly and died while out walking with me. I have no idea why? and keep thinking i should have done something, that i let him down. I thought perhaps i could find some answers on the web. I am so grateful to all of you for posting your commments. It has helped me to reason a little and to feel as if i am not the only one suffering this experience. My thoughts are with all of you for your losses. I feel a little stronger now to face tomorrow and to think how best we might celebrate Max's time with us.We have buried him in the garden today so i know he is home and safe. He was a very special member of our family who we loved very much. Goodnight Max sleep tight!

By menglish432@yahoo.com

Hello this morning 2/9/2013 my 2yr old shitzo died of heart failure I am so devastated I keep blaming myself how could this happen

By adcleaningkd@gmail.com

Never ever blame yourself for the death of a beloved pet.

By mlethomley

I lost the best dog I ever had on Thursday 2/8/07. My mother woke up to go to work and Max (my beloved German Shepard) got up to get a drink of water as normal. She then noticed that his back legs were very wobbly. My father thought it was because he had just woken up. He then fell onto the floor. They got him up and moved him on the carpet where he quit breathing. My father performed CPR and massaged his heart. He began breathing again. They walked him into the living room trying to get him into the car to take him to the vet. He fell over again. My dad picked him up and he stopped breathing again. They rushed him to the emergency vet and they used the paddles and everything. It was too late. The vet said it sounds like a stroke of some sort or a seizure. Like some of you others, we did not want an autopsy. Max was 11 years old and in wonderful health. Just the day before he was running around with my dad outside playing. He was so smart and loving and he would not hurt a fly. No one knows what happened. I am so distrought over this. I have not lived at home now for about 2 years but Max was still my baby and I miss him terribly. I am not sure how to deal with this because he was not sick at all. I lost a cat a few years ago but he was 18 and getting really sick. This was so unexpected. I would still love to know what happened to my dog but I dont want anyone having to cut him to find out. They are cremating him and sending him back home to be with his family. I am just very happy to know that he never suffered. We will always love you poopsie bear. You where the best dog anyone could ever ask for. You are always in my thought. I LOVE YOU

By jnecmm

It has been 2 hours since my sweet mini schnauzer, Zoey, died in my arms. She had never given any indication that she was sick; in fact, she was at the vet for her annual exam less than a month ago and was given a clean bill of health. A week ago, I noticed that she was getting alittle short of breath-no symptoms up till that point. I took her to the vet & was told that she had end stage cardiomyopathy and a poor prognosis. The vet could give no explanation for the cause and admitted that she herself felt helpless because there was nothing much that she could do for her. I was supposed to take her to a cardiologist on Monday as a last ditch effort to see if something could be done, but she didn't have the energy to fight anymore. I am still in shock and am having a terrible time dealing with the death of a dog that was like a child to me. I will never forget her.

By juneangelus

We lost out 8.5 year old Golden Retriever Misty on May 30st 2007. She was a healthy dog... never been sick, sprained her front paw monday, by Wednesday she was walking good, Wednesday night she started to vomit around 7 PM, we spoke to the vet on the phone at 9Pm told us what to give to her, said that if she wasn't better by morning to bring her in. All night lone she vomited, it was really more of a gagging up muchus. Then at 6 am she had a bout of diarreaha. We were at the vets at 9 am they took blood, sent it out, and xrays they suspected that she had a viral infection. We left her at 9:40 am, she was put on IV fluikds and we expected to bring her home the next day or 2. She was fine at 3 PM actually was feeling better from the IVs than she had been in the morning. We received a call at 6 Pm saying that she passed. At 5:15 she became to coughing up blood, within minutes she was gone.The blood work came back indicating there was something wrong with her heart. so what we took her in to the vets is not actually ended up taking her. We are told that the vomiting and diaheara was from a viral infection but she actually died of a sudden heart failure. This is the most horrible thing that we have ever eXrerienced. She showed no signs or indications of having anything wrong with her prior to Wednesday night.

By ddks12

On June 12,2007 our 2 year old golden ret. died. He was in great health and was just at the vets on May 26, 2007 for a check up. Since we had him he was NEVER sick once. He was active every minute till he died. My wife was lying on the couch with Bailey at her feet, like he always was. She awoke to him grasping a breath and that was it. You call a vet and they can't tell you nothing. You put all your time and love into a pet and something like this happens and WE are supposed to just let it go. Explain that to my wife and 6 year old daughter. I hope one day we can find a ANSWER!!! WE WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU BAILEY, MY BUDDY DAN SUE KAYLA AND DANNY

By mepal

My dog died today. It was so sudden. He was never sick a day in his 10 years. We don't know what happened. He seemed to have some hind leg stiffness last night, and was acting lethargic. We made plans to take him to the emergency hospital the next day as it was Sunday. He died while I was waiting for help to get him in the car. He let out a horrible howl and died. I am too sad for words or even thoughts. I didn't know a dog could die like this. All of our other dogs got sick, treatment and put down in old age. this was a horrible shock and I am left with guilt and have decided to try and find out why he died. I took him to the animal hospital to find out why he died and they said I had to take him to a lab an hour away in the morning. This is too awful. I don't think I will get over this. It is so comforting to see that other people have had similar experiences. I just hope I get over this sudden death from unknown cause.

By alandria_pennix

On June 18, 2007 my dog was sick and I noticed because she wasn't running and barking as she normally does. We tried to take her to the Humane Socity but they would not take her. We brought her home and placed her in the basement where it was cool. I was going down every 5 minutes to check on her, then I went to the computer room to look up how I can help her because she couldn't move it was like she was paralyzed every time she tried to move her head she would shake and struggle. I looked up heatstroke for pets and all the symtoms that was posted was the same symptoms she had when I look up how I can help her it said with cool tiles and frozen ice when I went to go do it, it was to late she had already passed away. R.I.P. Issac January 7, 2007 - June 18,2007 She was only five months old.

By michaelgrefe@yahoo.com

I am sorry for your loss. Please don't blame yourself as I am going through that right now. I lost my beloved Tinkie who was approximately 14 years old a few days ago. She had been struggling with walking and I knew that she was having issues with her heart as she had a heart murmur. It was very hard for her to take a long walk anymore or walk more than a few blocks. She had a lot of pain in her back leg and had trouble walking. I encourage her to get more exercise and placed her on a strict diet. I added additional vitamins and she seemed to be doing better and then she started to throw up but she always had tummy issues so I was not worried and I was more worried about the carpets. I took her to be groomed and she seemed to be OK and when she came home that night but she was very disengaged and did not want to eat. I thought that since she was a little overweight that would be OK so I didn't force her as long as she drank some water. About 10:00 that night she threw up very heavily and I put her outside because I did not want her throwing up on the carpets anymore and then brought her back in and she could not stand up. The last time I took her to the vet it cost me $500 and they ran a bunch of tests that basically could not tell me anything. I thought that maybe she was just feeling really badly and that she would be better in the morning and I wasn't sure if running her to the vet in the middle of the night was the best thing to do. I'd tried to get her to sleep as she was trying to get up but kept falling over and I did not want her to hurt herself. I had no idea she was having a stroke otherwise I would have rushed her to the vet immediately. I was exhausted that day from work and taking Tinkie to the groomers as I have my own health issues. I suffer from chronic fatigue and cerebal palsey. I had to take a nap right by her bed and thought I would wake up and check on her, I ended up sleeping for 2 hours and woke up and she was gone. I feel guilty that if I wasn't so tired that day or if I did not have to work as hard as I do to keep my job to keep a roof over my head for me in Tinkie that I might have seen signs and help her but maybe it was just her time.

By freshstart06@gmail.com

Hello, I came upon your post in search of finding other Boston owners who lost their beloved family members suddenly. My Gus, 5 1/2 years young and full of life and endless energy died suddenly Monday afternoon. He was fine Monday morning, before I left for work, and my boyfriend saw him at lunch time, and he was fine then. However, when he got home from work Gus was lethargic, and not acting like his usual self, but in about an hour he simply stopped breathing. The pain is not like anything I have ever felt before, even for a human. I liked reading what you did to honor your pooch Pistol. I have a 12 y/o Boston, and she was my motivation for getting Gus, as Rosalie went blind suddenly around 5 years ago. Gus was so amazing for Rosalie, bringing new life to her. They played together, they laid together many times. I look forward to hearing back from you with any suggestions you may have to help me cope with this huge loss. Karen

By freshstart06@gmail.com

Hello, I came upon your post in search of finding other Boston owners who lost their beloved family members suddenly. My Gus, 5 1/2 years young and full of life and endless energy died suddenly Monday afternoon. He was fine Monday morning, before I left for work, and my boyfriend saw him at lunch time, and he was fine then. However, when he got home from work Gus was lethargic, and not acting like his usual self, but in about an hour he simply stopped breathing. The pain is not like anything I have ever felt before, even for a human. I liked reading what you did to honor your pooch Pistol. I have a 12 y/o Boston, and she was my motivation for getting Gus, as Rosalie went blind suddenly around 5 years ago. Gus was so amazing for Rosalie, bringing new life to her. They played together, they laid together many times. I look forward to hearing back from you with any suggestions you may have to help me cope with this huge loss. Karen

By helenleona2000@yahoo.com

we had 7 shih tzus in our home. my husband went out of town for heart surgery and I left my dogs with my sister-in- law on Sunday. I came back and got them on Tuesday and took them back to her house on Wednesday. On Friday night I was on my way to get them and about 15 minutes before I got there the youngest which was 4 years old passed away suddenly. My husband and i are both devastated over our loss. I am having an autopsy done on her to find out the cause. This not knowing is tearing us both up

By heitmeyer@earthlink.net

My beloved 14 year old Terrier/Shephard mix was doing fine. I had finally found a food combination she would regularly eat, her back and hindleg were getting weaker, but we could still take walks in her favorite areas. Before Christmas I went into a store, she was in the car as usual, I came back after 10 minutes, she had gone into a coma. I drove to the vet, they tried various things, but in the end I decided to let her go to her eternal sleep. My heart was ripped out. I came onto this site to look for a way to explain her sudden death to the many people who were so fond of her without going into too much detail. I did not perform a necropsy, so we are not sure why. I feel as if I am among friends who understand. Thank you for sharing your sad stories, we all feel for each others losses. My faith is tested, but in the end I am just so grateful for 14 wonderful years together.

By heitmeyer@earthlink.net

My beloved 14 year old Terrier/Shephard mix was doing fine. I had finally found a food combination she would regularly eat, her back and hindleg were getting weaker, but we could still take walks in her favorite areas. Before Christmas I went into a store, she was in the car as usual, I came back after 10 minutes, she had gone into a coma. I drove to the vet, they tried various things, but in the end I decided to let her go to her eternal sleep. My heart was ripped out. I came onto this site to look for a way to explain her sudden death to the many people who were so fond of her without going into too much detail. I did not perform a necropsy, so we are not sure why. I feel as if I am among friends who understand. Thank you for sharing your sad stories, we all feel for each others losses. My faith is tested, but in the end I am just so grateful for 14 wonderful years together.

By bapatterson@atlanticbb.net

i am so sorry for your loss, i too am going through a horrible sudden loss of my 4 yr old black lab, last week she started getting sick, a little throw up here and there, then last weds i came home from work and she had thrown up 30 plus coins, i panicked ran her to the vet, they did an xray showing only a few more coins in her stomach, i was told to induce vomiting with hydorgen peroxide, and in 48 hrs return , well i did and she never threw up the remaining coins, i ran her back to the vet sat march 9th, she started becoming really ill, the xray was taken again the coins were still there, we got referred to a surgery center 2 hrs away in another state, i rushed out of there taking her there, she had surgery but she died over nite, the vet told me that her pre lab work was bad, she was severly anemic, her WBC's were elevated and her kidney function was only 16 should of been in the 30's. but she did the surgery anyway thinking she would bounce back, she was only 4, i am devastated, my husband and young child is devastated, but i am having a particularly hard time with this, i sob all the time, i cant sleep ,i cant eat, she gave more to me than i ever could give her, we think she ate the coins while we were at work, we never thought to check my childs change jar that he had under his tv stand, i keep having feelings of the why didnt i know sooner, and all the what ifs . i have tremendous sadness, she was an amazing 90 lb black lab so beautiful. i felt safe with her. i am taking this so hard, the grief is overwhelming, i have a great support system of people who are fellow animal lovers but it doesnt make it any easier.

By bapatterson@atlanticbb.net

i am so sorry for your loss, i too am going through a horrible sudden loss of my 4 yr old black lab, last week she started getting sick, a little throw up here and there, then last weds i came home from work and she had thrown up 30 plus coins, i panicked ran her to the vet, they did an xray showing only a few more coins in her stomach, i was told to induce vomiting with hydorgen peroxide, and in 48 hrs return , well i did and she never threw up the remaining coins, i ran her back to the vet sat march 9th, she started becoming really ill, the xray was taken again the coins were still there, we got referred to a surgery center 2 hrs away in another state, i rushed out of there taking her there, she had surgery but she died over nite, the vet told me that her pre lab work was bad, she was severly anemic, her WBC's were elevated and her kidney function was only 16 should of been in the 30's. but she did the surgery anyway thinking she would bounce back, she was only 4, i am devastated, my husband and young child is devastated, but i am having a particularly hard time with this, i sob all the time, i cant sleep ,i cant eat, she gave more to me than i ever could give her, we think she ate the coins while we were at work, we never thought to check my childs change jar that he had under his tv stand, i keep having feelings of the why didnt i know sooner, and all the what ifs . i have tremendous sadness, she was an amazing 90 lb black lab so beautiful. i felt safe with her. i am taking this so hard, the grief is overwhelming, i have a great support system of people who are fellow animal lovers but it doesnt make it any easier.

By bapatterson@atlanticbb.net

i am so sorry for your loss, i too am going through a horrible sudden loss of my 4 yr old black lab, last week she started getting sick, a little throw up here and there, then last weds i came home from work and she had thrown up 30 plus coins, i panicked ran her to the vet, they did an xray showing only a few more coins in her stomach, i was told to induce vomiting with hydorgen peroxide, and in 48 hrs return , well i did and she never threw up the remaining coins, i ran her back to the vet sat march 9th, she started becoming really ill, the xray was taken again the coins were still there, we got referred to a surgery center 2 hrs away in another state, i rushed out of there taking her there, she had surgery but she died over nite, the vet told me that her pre lab work was bad, she was severly anemic, her WBC's were elevated and her kidney function was only 16 should of been in the 30's. but she did the surgery anyway thinking she would bounce back, she was only 4, i am devastated, my husband and young child is devastated, but i am having a particularly hard time with this, i sob all the time, i cant sleep ,i cant eat, she gave more to me than i ever could give her, we think she ate the coins while we were at work, we never thought to check my childs change jar that he had under his tv stand, i keep having feelings of the why didnt i know sooner, and all the what ifs . i have tremendous sadness, she was an amazing 90 lb black lab so beautiful. i felt safe with her. i am taking this so hard, the grief is overwhelming, i have a great support system of people who are fellow animal lovers but it doesnt make it any easier.

By sabrena

I had until yesterday a 6 year old Huskie named Timber. I am still trying to understand what happened to him. He was perfectly healthy. He was fine, been eating and drinking normal. But around 3:00 or so I was messing with the pool and I seen him laying on his side. No big deal I thought he was sleeping, my husband came out to talk to me about emptying the water from the pool and we pushed on the side and let a lot of water out which ran toward Timber but didn't reach him. Still didn’t think anything about him not moving …then all of a sudden he lifted his head and let out a long howling cry. Darin said that sounded like he was in pain. Well I started walking toward Timber talking to him…you know “what’s wrong buddy, you ok?” and he didn’t move, I got closer to the pen and he still didn’t move. I got about 3 feet from him and he looked at me without raising his head. I freaked I ran to him and lifted his head up….he was so weak his tongue was hanging to the side and his eyes were like they were not really seeing me. I looked all over him for injuries and seen nothing except a couple drops of blood coming from his penis, but there was not a puddle of blood or nothing. I couldn’t get him up. I layed his head back down and ran to the house to get Darin and call the vet. I yelled at Darin and was dialing the vet, I kept getting the number wrong when Darin came back in and said it was too late he had died. I ran back out there and just could not believe it I just hugged him and cried it still does not seem real. I just do not understand what could have happened to him. I have blamed myself now for two days but can not figure out what I could have done different.

By little_qt_pie

Sept. 14, 20007 started like any other day except it was not. My 18 year old daughter's dog Daisy May 5 year old Golden Retriever and Dixie 4 year old Bichon Frise start the day by going outside every morning at 6:00 a.m. It was raining and both of them usually do their business and hurry in. Dixie came but Daisy being inquisitive as she is was checking around the perimeter of the fenced in yard. Which she would do every morning except this moring she only made it around a 1/4 of the yard before she collapsed suddenly. We found her almost an hour later opened eyes and a blue tongue she had died. It was like she was still running. Her front paws still in running position. We took her to the vet for an autopsy but they did not answer my daughter's questions as of why her beloved Daisy died. We are sending tissue off to be tested. Hopefully that will bring us some answers. We are having her cremated and plan on burying her near the fenced in backyard where she loved to run and play. She has etched a place in all our hearts and she will never be forgotten and is deeply missed by all of us. Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered the loss of a beloved pet. We love you Daisy!!!!!!!! Until we meet again at rainbow bridge. Mark, Ann, Lauren, and Alysha

By marcinko4

Kay and Bob: I go back to this site every few days since the passing of our beloved Bear. Yesterday would have been his 11th Birthday. He died exactly like your Tio. Since August 7th I have been trying to make sense out this and this site has helped. I can now say...it wasn't the right time for Tio or Bear, but it was the right way. Evertime you think of Tio smile..it does get better. You are in my thoughts. Maria M

By jenthabella

HI, I lost dog "Max" suddenly on Tuesday. He was a Rat Terrier and Australian Shep. mix. He was the greatest dog and my family and I are left devastated. He died in a the snap of finger! I came home and he greeted me as usual. I was in a hurry so I pet him on the head and said, "not now Max" or something to that affect. I got what I needed and started to head out the door when I paused and looked back at him. I thought for an instant that I would take him to the park with us but quickly ruled that idea out because we had other errands and it would be too hot for him in the car. I went out and shut the door only to realized that I left my daughters' pom poms in the house. I went right back in only to find Max on the floor. I said,"what are you doing Max?!#" and gently touched him with my foot. I realized that something was terribly wrong, so I instinctivley picked him up. AT that point I realized he was dying and in the blink of an eye he was gone. I freaked out and after the shock of what had just happened had worn off, I started crying histerically. At that point I had no idea what killed him and still really don't. All that I can do is speculate. We had him since he was weeks old and I do know that he was the runt and barely lived at birth. I feel that my sweet baby had heart trouble. It probably was a congenital defect. I really can't be sure though. ALl that I know it that a huge void has been left in out lives and I know that it will get easier with time, but for today, it hurts soo bad. It has only been three days and I still find myself wanting to let him out or call him to come. I find his hair everywhere so I am constantly reminded. Max was not only our pet, he was our protector, our companion, and our friend. Max you will always be loved and never forgotten. WE love you! Mama Huey and the Fam

By mrwtallyho

Yesterday my husband and I lost our beloved Rottweiler, Tio, who was two months shy of turning ten. He was extremely healthy, active, athletic, energetic, and playful up to his death. There was absolutely no indication that anything was wrong with him. His appetite has been very normal, both for breakfast, dinner and any snacks in between. His eyes were bright, everything was NORMAL. Nothing to suggest he would die that day. We had both thought we would get a couple more years out of him because he was so healthy & active, and didn't act his age at all. He brought me his tug toy in the morning while I was drinking coffee to play with him as usual. When I took him out to potty around 12:30, he urinated normally and scratched the ground marking his turf. Everything was so normal. I was working on the computer in the dining room and never heard a peep out of him. Sometime between 2:00 & 4:00 he just died. I found him in a spot he doesn't usually lay down in , near the front door. It looked like he laid down and gone to sleep. I know he didn't fall down because I would have heard him against the closet door. Our hearts are broken and heavy with grief, but I know he has crossed the rainbow bridge to be with our other Rotties who have gone before him, and he will wait faithfully for us to join him. He was the light and life of our home with his high energy and drive. He was a devoted watch dog, and you could tell by his bark who was at the front door, whether friend or unknown visitor. God bless my faithful friend, I will always miss you but never forget you. "Tio" November 28, 1997 - September 25, 2007. Love Kay & Bob

By zoeygoetsch

I lost my dog on Saturday. He had his shots and was in perfect health (went camping and sailing this month). He was 9yrs old but never looked or acted it (probably helped that I had forgotten his age by a few years until this month)-tons of jumping up and down, barking, begging, etc. Ger Shep mix at 85lbs with no hip problems, only a few fatty tumors and a love of garbage trucks, mailmen and cats. He was the life of the party, and loved food (with a huge weakness for catshit). He didn't get me up (a 1st ever) but had my other dog get me up for food for her very urgently (she never wants to eat!-and sometimes no walk...) and demanded I take her out. My Ger Shep never has missed a meal or walk and didn't want either. I saw he had a 1 & 2 accident that were already cold. I called him and finally he came over and stood there kind of stiffly. I checked his eyes which were not bloodshot and told him he'd be fine-maybe a stomach flu. He went into the bathroom to lie down on his side (which he never does but my other dog always does because it's cooler there). We came back from a short walk (10-15 min max) and my dog was warm and still-doll like with a large blue tongue hanging out. He was considerably heavier than the usual 85 lbs. I couldn't lift him and realized he was gone. Very devastating as my other dog had set me up and they obviously planned exactly how it was going to go down (her job was to distract me). I was so flustered I couldn't find the vet info-busy and then they recommended the city shelter. I couldn't lift his body and half of his fans out of town. 311 said to "put him on the curb" which I couldn't do physically or emotionally. He's not roadkill! With the city's 24 hours turn around time and him already leaking fluids and feces this was not going to happen. I was on hold at the crematorium and his body starting to stink. Ashes sitting around would be too painful and I know they lump all the dogs together even at the "discount" price of $650. I finally lugged at least 150lbs of him with a friend and took him to the shelter where they were very helpful and kind. He was more than a dog to me- my best friend, child, and nearly a spouse, and clearly the love of my life! He's been my doorbell, alarm clock, garbage disposal, friend, security, and entertainment, and close family!--The biggest personality and goof-ball there ever was, trickster and constantly laughing and smiling. My entire life for 8 years has revolved around him out of necessity; the reason I live where I do, have the schedule I have, the PO Box that I have, and even the boyfriends I have-and the exes that still visited him. I'm completely in shock and devastated. At least my other dog is quite fine, but you never know I guess. I never knew 2 could be such a lonely number (although my other dog is sooo "fine" that I wonder if he is still here)! SOSKY 1998-2007

By randi_pdx

My broken heart goes out to all of you and your loved ones. We lost our big girl Joey today; in the same way a lot of you did. I was walking her (an 8 and a half year old Great Prynees) and Bella when Joey's back leg looked like it went out from under her. I thought she had tripped on something but she couldn't get up and was staring at me. I started freaking out and she tarted shaking and was gone. This happened all in 15 seconds. I somehow ran the half a block to our house screaming for my husband who came and tried to do CPR and to move her tongue from her throat, in case it was a seizure but she was already gone. She was my bestest friend in the whole world and changed everybody's life that she walked into. I'm in shock like you guys all were. We walked in the morning like normal, she ate, went potty... Everything normal. And now, gone. My heart goes out to all of you who feel this same devestation.

By randi_pdx

I'm SO sorry to hear about your loved ones! I know they're in a better place and are now watching us and taking care of us. My thoughts and prayers are with you all. And to the young husky owners. So young and no signs of any problems. Joey wasn't young (almost 9) but it was all very sudden also. I understand all the emotions you're going through. We send our thoughts with you all.

By a_g_d

Our beautiful black lab Bradley died at 4 o'clock this morning. He was seven months old. We were woken by some unusual noises, perhaps whimpering or dreaming, and by the time we had the lights on he had gone. He was pure bred with a pedigree as long as your arm and in perfect health.We are completley stunned and don't know what to do with ourselves.He was the best natured, most loving and affectionate dog and we are wondering how, in such a short space of time, he could have left such an unforgetable mark on our family.He truly embodied everything that is meant by unconditonal love and I'm happy to say that we returned that love in equal measure. Now we are left to sit and cry as we gather up his little possesions, such as they were. Our hearts go out to all who feel as we do now.

By jhalaby44

I lost my 10 year old White Standard poodle this AM. Her name was Gabi-Jo. She died early this AM and my vet thinks it was probably cardiac arrhythmia that comes on when they are sleeping. She had never been sick a day in her life. I am going to miss her deeply but this is my 8th dog, and the youngest, that has passed on. We have to believe that they are in a better place, we might not think so as we miss them so much, but God can take care of her from now on. I have entrusted Gabi-Jo to his care as she was an angel. joann

By rupertforever

This last Tuesday, 10-16-07, we lost our friend Fysha. She was a young, normally healthy husky/lab mix that we think was around 4 years old. We had rescued her from abandonment by an elderly neighbor almost 2 years ago. She was beautiful, kind, and our 8yr old son loved her dearly. It was so sudden that we had thought that she had been bitten or poisoned, but there were no signs of injury or trauma. That morning she was playing with our other dog, Brewster, as normal and she ate as if nothing was wrong. When my son got home from school and we were giving the dogs their afternoon treats, she was lying on her side breathing heavily and acting tired. She ate the treat and moved around a little bit. My husband and I decided to watch her a bit and take her to the vet if this continued, for she usually was perky. An hour or so later, while I was at the store, my husband called to say that she was dead. She looked like she was lying there just as she normally would to chew on a treat, it was still between her paws like she was guarding it from Brewster. We were in shock and not sure how to tell our son. We had no previous warning of a problem,and no idea what could have killed her so fast. It has been emotional and sad these past few days. We cry at the thought of her,dying so young and mysteriously. Now, reading this site and comments, it has given a little insight into what might have happened. We'll never be sure, but our hearts go out to all those here and anywhere a loved dog passes on. In memory of Fysha, she was a good dog. We'll miss her. Ruth, Tim, and Nick

By snowmobily

I lost my best friend, a 15 year old Border Collie. Her name was "Sparky", she was my bright shining star. She died on Tuesday 16th October. I was going out to give her her morning breakfast and she never came to the sound which was odd, I looked for her and found her lying still beside the pond, whilst she was still breathing, I knew that she was gravely ill. I raced her to the vet, they took tests, she struggled all day. Her temp was up very high and the tests showed that she had an overwhelming infection. After antibiotics and pain relief and a full day of struggle and uncertainty, I took her home at 5pm and she died at 7.30 pm. Not peacefully. Like another reported here that she let out a death howl many times and was paddelling with her feet. I was caught in a situation that I couldnt get her to the vet to ease her passing as we wouldnt make it. I believe it was her heart as xrays some months prior indicated an enlarged heart but the vets ensured me that she would suffer no effects. I know that there is nothing I can do to help sparky now, but I kick myself thinking I let her down. I share in everyones grief on this page. I ache every minute of every day. She was my joy. Love ya sparky... Thanks for being you.

By jenprds

On October 25,2007 my little love Sarafina passed away...I came home on my lunch break with a co-worker we were sitting at the table eating and I can hear Sarafina wimpering here and there I turned around and she walked over to me and sat next to my feet,I didn't think anything of it then I just assumed she had to potty, we got up and went out to the back yard walking around and I was talking to my co-worker about my yard and all of a sudden I heard loud disturbing yelping from inside by the time I made it inside I walked past the hall and found Sarafina lying on her ride side with her tongue sticking out it was grey and she was gasping for air, her little heart was beating fast I kept calling her name and was rubbing her heart and I was giving her cpr but she was still gasping her chocolate baby eyes were so round dark and watery she wasn't looking at me I got up grabbed the phone called mother and was hysterically crying my co-worker told me to wrap her up and take her back to work with us so the doctor we work for can give her something for pain because her heart was just beating but she was gasping she said Sarafina was in pain by the time we got to our job which is seven minutes her baby heart had stopped her body was warm and her eyes were alittle closed,I called my brother and told him and I got home got out of the car and just held her in my arms and cried I put her in my favorite blanket that she loved sleeping in and just craddled her in my arms, when I finally stopped crying hysterically which felt like forever I opened up the blinds in the guy room and the sun was strong I put her in her spot where she loved sun bathing and just cried I walked back to the hallway and noticed she had peed right outside the bathroom almost a foot away from where she had collapsed and looking at the pattern I now know she was looking for me and was confused and scared and it kills me thinking about it everytime she came to me when I was at the table to be right with me she was yelping loud for me because she was scared and in pain,her baby heart was beating for awhile while she was losing every breath she had in her...she was my life she had been through hell and back and had alot of adventrous times.She died six days before her 15th birthday.My friends and family mamebers are trying to console me and tell me she was not in pain but I know she was and I know she was scared.I got her a month and a half after she was born "Me Halloween Goul" she's my shadow my sunshine my diary my bestfriend my baby girl. Sarafina was my life next to my eight year old daughter everyday since then randomly with in the days it hits me and I can't believe that she is gone, we buried her in our backyard with her red balled ball my daughter made a cross out of chocolate fudge bars.I just want answers yes, I know she was old but I want answers and as long and agonizing with this web search thing I have going on it's hopless...I'm not grateful but I'm...I don't know I was home with her when it happened but I'm just relieved in the sense that she knows I was with her :(

By J_Man_La

My little pomeranian died this past Friday (10/19/07). I'm lost and can not stop crying when I think about him. He was the best dog I ever had. His name was Cubbie and he was 7 years old. He was 2 months away from his birthday. There were no signs of any heart problems that the vet detected. He always got a clean bill of health aside from a bad leg and a problem with his back. He had a disc that would aggrivate him from time to time. So this was un expected. He was fine all day and playing as usual. He was jumping around and everything. My mom had let him in from outside and he thought someone was at the door. He ran and barked and she showed him that nobody was there. He turned away and went to get some water. He fell over at teh water bowl and was dead instantly. The vet didn't know what it could be but said he was 100% sure it was his heart. So why didn't this come up in blood tests or anything? He had just had his shots 3 weeks earlier. Why did he have to die? He still had maybe 8 or more years to be with us.

By jenprds

On October 25,2007 my little love Sarafina passed away...I came home on my lunch break with a co-worker we were sitting at the table eating and I can hear Sarafina wimpering here and there I turned around and she walked over to me and sat next to my feet,I didn't think anything of it then I just assumed she had to potty, we got up and went out to the back yard walking around and I was talking to my co-worker about my yard and all of a sudden I heard loud disturbing yelping from inside by the time I made it inside I walked past the hall and found Sarafina lying on her ride side with her tongue sticking out it was grey and she was gasping for air, her little heart was beating fast I kept calling her name and was rubbing her heart and I was giving her cpr but she was still gasping her chocolate baby eyes were so round dark and watery she wasn't looking at me I got up grabbed the phone called mother and was hysterically crying my co-worker told me to wrap her up and take her back to work with us so the doctor we work for can give her something for pain because her heart was just beating but she was gasping she said Sarafina was in pain by the time we got to our job which is seven minutes her baby heart had stopped her body was warm and her eyes were alittle closed,I called my brother and told him and I got home got out of the car and just held her in my arms and cried I put her in my favorite blanket that she loved sleeping in and just craddled her in my arms, when I finally stopped crying hysterically which felt like forever I opened up the blinds in the guy room and the sun was strong I put her in her spot where she loved sun bathing and just cried I walked back to the hallway and noticed she had peed right outside the bathroom almost a foot away from where she had collapsed and looking at the pattern I now know she was looking for me and was confused and scared and it kills me thinking about it everytime she came to me when I was at the table to be right with me she was yelping loud for me because she was scared and in pain,her baby heart was beating for awhile while she was losing every breath she had in her...she was my life she had been through hell and back and had alot of adventrous times.She died six days before her 15th birthday.My friends and family mamebers are trying to console me and tell me she was not in pain but I know she was and I know she was scared.I got her a month and a half after she was born "Me Halloween Goul" she's my shadow my sunshine my diary my bestfriend my baby girl. Sarafina was my life next to my eight year old daughter everyday since then randomly with in the days it hits me and I can't believe that she is gone, we buried her in our backyard with her red balled ball my daughter made a cross out of chocolate fudge bars.I just want answers yes, I know she was old but I want answers and as long and agonizing with this web search thing I have going on it's hopless...I'm not grateful but I'm...I don't know I was home with her when it happened but I'm just relieved in the sense that she knows I was with her :(

By kimbos1970

We lost a very special member of our family on 12/2/07 around 9am, Smokey Joe was a Cairne Terrier- he just turned 5 years old on Oct 31, we just bought him a brother another cairn terrier named Oakly. Smokey Joe and Oakley loved to play together and Smokey loved to be chased when he had his tennis ball in his mouth, so the boys were doing this Sunday morning, and I said come on boys let's take it out side, only seconds later my sister looked out and said look Smokey is really tired and I noticed he was not breathing, he was already gone, my finace and I tried CPR to revive him, but were not successful. He was my baby boy and was such a good dog, I just do not understand what happened to him, he as fine and playing one sec and gone the next, absolutley no signs of anything being wrong. I loved him so very much, he will be very missed by our family. We all LOVED him so very much and it is going to be so hard to stop missing him, I am so glad he had a GREAT 5 years.


We just lost our young 7 yr old chihuahua suddenly and without warning. She was bought at a pet store, not because we waned a dog, we just went in to see the pets. She stuck in our minds the rest of the day. Without speaking we pulled into the parking lot of this pet store and made a deal and took her as a puppy home. She suffered greatly before 24 hrs had even passeed and althouh she could never realy recover, we made her the center of our lives for nearly 7 years. Now that she recently passed, leaving behind four 4-week old pups, I miss her so as if she was always here. Pups now regard me fully as Mom, but it is sometimes so little comfort. Please DO NOT EVER BUY FROM A PET STORE. The short life and the heartache it will bring to you and to your family is not worth it. This tiny little dog's life haunts me and will for many years to come. What we thought was to be one of our family, left too soo only to become what our family will try keep others from the same suffering. The Puppy Mills are strictly for monetary gain not anything else. Your state courts cannot protect you or reimburse you. No one ia on your side so please, DO NOT PATRIONIZISE these places.Why else would they sell you a "purepred" puppy and not pay for its immediate emergency care.

By tinareneclark

My last sentence in my last post obviously meant to say there will NEVER be another Littlebit. Never-Ever. Tina

By steersbylitning

We just lost our little Sheltie, Libby, this past Monday. She was a rescue dog -- her age was unknown, but the vet guesstimated she was around 12. Although she had some age-related problems like arthritis, she was full of energy as always. I got home from work at my usual time on Monday. Libby and our collie boy Aidan were, as usual, clamoring for their evening meal, which they both ate, with gusto. After they ate, both dogs went upstairs after the cat, who had been enjoying a saucer of milk while they ate their dinner. I called them downstairs to go for a walk. They both ran downstairs. I turned away for a minute, to turn off the radio, and when I turned back, Libby was lying on her side. I looked to see if she was breathing, but couldn't see her fur moving up and down rhythmically as it should have. I put my ear to her side - at first I thought I heard a faint heartbeat, but it was my own heart beating that I heard. She twitched once or twice and made a tiny sound, and she was gone. No warning, no nothing. The day was perfectly normal in all ways up until the moment she died. I called my husband to come back (a 5-minute walk) and he picked her up; she was limp in his arms. I called the vet and arranged to take her over there. The vet came out with his stethoscope, and confirmed what I already knew. I thought about doing a necropsy, but it's likely that she had a heart attack or a stroke, or threw a clot. I don't think she suffered - at least I hope not. And at least she waited until I got home. We're stunned; simply stunned. The house is way too quiet now. Debbie

By roverbegood

I was doing research on a few quite obscure canine disease and came across this website http://www.allaboutchagasdisease.com/ It is dedicated entirely to the deadly disease of dogs and humans called Chagas' disease. The disease destroyes your dog's heart muscle and may cause sudden and unexplained death. 18 million people in Latin and Central America are currently infected and are carrier of the disease. From what I read it appears that it is not a disease to be taken lightly. At least 400 dogs have died from Chagas disease in Texas, yet these are only the cases that were discovered and reported. Ask your veterinarian to do a Chagas disease test on your animals, and you will likely be told that it’s "not necessary". May you never have to experience the pain of losing a loved one to Chagas’

Protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi. T. cruzi is commonly transmitted to humans and other mammals by an insect vector, the blood-sucking insects.

By jschlarman

I would really like to talk to you about what happend with your dog, as i am writing this i am shaking, the EXACT same thing happend to my beloved shepherd mix this very past weekend. my story is so much like yours it scares me. Gordon was fine that morning and then gone by 10:00 pm on the 23rd. i thought it was just old age (he would have been 10 in Feb) now i just don't know. please contact me at jschlarman@woh.rr.com

By atomicadamji

As many of you I came to this site looking for an explanation for what happened to our beloved 4lb. Yorkie Zsa Zsa. As I live in one part of the country and my wife in another, until next month when my wife moves here, my wife came out for Thanksgiving and brought Zsa Zsa with her. Zsa Zsa was we estimate 8-10 years old (she came from a shelter) and we have had her for about three years. Yesterday my wife and Zsa Zsa flew back to DC. We had noticed that Zsa Zsa seemed a little older, a little less active, and had lost a little weight. Normal signs of aging to us and otherwise she was playful and happy. The trip did seem to be a bit rough on her but she has flown many times with us. My wife called from home late last night to say that Zsa Zsa seemed to be panting a lot. We tried to look information up online but could not find much info. We discussed the possibilities of what could be happening. She occasionally would have panting spells but usually in warm weather. We thought she might be stressed or in some pain from arthritis flare up due to the long flight. My wife decided to give her a little calm dog (an herbal remedy). This seemed to calm down the panting and she seemed to go to sleep. However a short time later my wife checked her again and she was gone. We have a million theories for what could have happened but also decided not to do a necropsy as I culdn't stand the thought of someone cutting her open. My best guess is heart failure of some sort. We are crushed and it helps so much to find this site. TO see that others have experienced the same thing and to stop blaming ourselves for what happens. For this reason I felt it important to post Zsa Zsa'a story for future readers in need.

By blankfard

i can't belive it. i am so devastated. my dog deco was found dead in my kids room this morning. he was 10 years old - good ole mutt - a big dog. during the night i heard him panting really badly but i thought he was just hot - he had done this before. so i did not get up. he actually got up after his panting fit and left our room to go the kids room. we found him dead this morning. i am sick to my stomach. i have no idea what happened. i don't think a necropsy would help. i keep thinking if only i had got up - but then again i have to believe that his time on this earth was up. i am so distraught. suzanne

By poovy4

This is my first post ever but after seeing the recent posts, wanted to share the story of what happened to my beloved Tipper on Saturday, 26th. She was 8 1/2, in good health except for a skin irritation that caused her to be on Baytril for a couple of months and a special Science Diet food. We had gone to visit my parents Friday and enjoyed a long walk there that evening. On Saturday, she seemed normal - went for a ride to Starbucks and she had her head out the window as usual. When we were back at my parents house, she did lay around a bit more than usual - my mom remarked that she didn't seem herself. I thought she was just a bit tired. Around 4:30 p.m., we left to go home, and as usual Tipper ran down Dad's sidewalk, jumping to get into the car. She put her head out for the slow ride through town. I stopped in a store for 10 minutes and when I came back to the car, immediately noticed she was laying down, not sitting up as usual. She was slobbering and her eyes were not moving to look at me. Her breathing was rapid. I tried to get to a nearby vet (was closed anyway) but in that short mile, she had died. So devastated - she was my baby and my best friend rolled into one. Thought I'd have her for a few more years.

By ncsflynn

It was just past midnight into the morning hours of Tuesday, Nov 20, 2007. Riley, a beautiful German Shepherd mix, passed away. Although she was around 11 years old, the worst that she ever truly experienced in her older years was stiff joints. My boyfriend and I regularly watch Riley and she truly felt like a part of our family as well. Yesterday morning, she was walking around, playing with her favorite ball, and showing all of the energy and playfulness that she always has. Sometime in the evening, she began to be very reclusive. She had the saddest eyes and her ears were back. We would call to her, go to her and pet her, and she would then move to another position. She would sit or lay down in parts of the house that she never would be in before. Riley is naturally independent, and although we would check in on her every now and again, it wasn't completely out of the norm for her to decide to be by herself. By the end of the evening, I decided to stay up with her a little while. She came into my office and laid down; then she moved into the bathroom. My boyfriend and I were talking about how different she was acting, and then we heard a thump. We immediately ran into the bathroom, and found that she was lying on her side, and trying to pull herself back up. We immediately called our friends, Riley's family, and got into the car to drive her to meet up with them. I was terrified that she would move on without her family being able to say good-bye. I can't tell you the complete sadness that I experienced on the way to meet with them. I held her head up and there were moments where I thought that she was going to be okay, but she never once attempted to get up. I kept reminding her that she was a good girl, that we loved her, that she had to hang on until her mom and dad got there. I kept holding her head up, trying to look into her eyes, trying to keep her distracted from what I knew she was getting ready to do. We finally got to where we always meet up -- I was terrified that we only had a few moments, and then Riley's tongue became listless and hung out of the side of her mouth. I tried to move her tongue to where it should be, but it would fall back out. I could feel my heart breaking with every minute that passed. Riley's mom and dad got there and were able to say good-bye; we followed them to the vet, and along the way to the vet, Riley passed on. When they stepped out of the car at the vet's and I saw her, I couldn't comprehend that the dog that I knew from college, who was one of the smartest and sweetest dogs, who seemed more human than most people, and was maternal and caretaking for her family through and through, had passed on. I can't tell you how much harder it hurts today then it did earlier this morning. I was there for those last few moments, and although I know that it may have been her time, it still seems so very, very surreal. Riley literally expressed her emotions in her face, her doggie smile and doggie eyes. Riley loved people, she loved her toys, and she loved to sit out in the back and watch leaves, she loved to sit in the dining room with the window open and watch the neighbors walk by, and she loved, loved, to chase squirrels. I only want to see her pop around the corner into the office with her stuffed soccer ball. -- Love you Riley. -- Natalie and Jason

By haze

Hi all, I lost my baby boy Mac, a georgeous 6 year old golden retriever, yesterday morning. My grandma was getting him for his daily morning walk, but he didn't jump up like he usually does, he was lying still... without showing any struggle, not even a yelp... he was gone. It's actually the first time i'm submitting a post on the net, but I really needed to channel my emotions to people that understand, and won't tell me "it's just a dog, get a new one, you'll get over it". Because we all know, it's not like that. They are family. He was always energetic and full of life, how can he be gone all of a sudden? We has professionals come to take him away today, we decided to have Mac cremated and bring his ashes home, so he still be with us, and always feel our love for him. He never caused us any trouble, no health issues, never urinated in the house, never ripped thing to shreds, he was polite and friendly to visitor and neighnours, yet he never accepts food from anyone except me and grandma. He was the perfect dog without even been taught how to be one. The vet said they didn't know how or why he died, the only way is to have an autopsy. Of course, we objected to that, Mac wouldn't have wanted that. I guess the only comfort for all of us is that our loved ones went so suddenly, that they hardly went through much suffering. I would have hated to see Mac suffer and then have to put him down. My prayers go out all of you and your loved ones, hope that they are in a better place now and hope they know that they are loved dearly and will never be forgotten. Samantha

By agcanallo

The same thing happened to my best friend an english bulldog.He saturday night he was fine.Sunday was such a different story,he seemed constipated and then eventually started puking bile.It was awful,i took him to the vet and they took x-rays that showed blockage in his intestines.The vet said he would be ok and would be ready to go home soon.He was'nt,he started bleebing through his rectum.And eventually his nose.He was six,and was taken from me far to early.Thanks for leting me share my story. angelo

By rsmith3855

We lost our "Matchik" this morning. He was healthy and happy when I left for work at 6 a.m. By the time my wife got up at 7:30, he was dying. She got him to the vet and they tried to revive him, but it was no use. We had rescued him this summer. He's a cute little Corgi mix and he just loved us all immediately. We have lots of cats and never dreamed of having a dog, but he made himself one of the family so quickly, we never put him up for adoption as we had planned. In his short time with us, he taught us lessons in unconditional love we could never learn with our cats. He leaves this big hole in our hearts...I have to be here at work for 2 and a half more hours and I can't for the life of me imagine doing anything productive. I want to thank all of you for sharing your stories. I hope it helped you as much as it has helped me. And you've lifted any sense of guilt from my heart - at least now I know these things happen. God bless you all. Robert

By homanme

This morning I googled "sudden pet death cause" and came upon this post. Last night I came home from my brother's wrestling tournament and my normally very boisterous girls were not barking from the backyard or the house. I walked inside and they weren't scratching at the door to get in. I opened the basement door and the little one, Annie, kinda just crept in and laid down. I started yelling for my 6 y/o lab/pit mix Daisy thinking she was stalking a bunny. I yelled and yelled and opened the outside door moving to the side for Annie but little Annie didn't move to go outside. That's when I knew something was really wrong. I flipped on the back deck light and saw Daisy laying on her side in her favorite spot in the yard. I ran down to her and she was already in rigor. I ran inside and locked Annie in my bedroom in case something was outside. I called my Dad and my neighbor and went outside and just started shrieking. I felt the weight of a thousand worlds collide on my heart. I just shrieked and shrieked for Daisy. My dad walked me inside and went back with a flashlight to look at Daisy. He came in and examined Annie who had blood on her collar. From the looks of things, it was as if Annie laid down next to Daisy while she died. I think Daisy bit Annie's ear as it is a little puffy but Annie was so sweet to Daisy so I hardly think it mattered. The last few days, Daisy seemed to be sleeping more but I attributed it to colder weather and "winter snoozing." The last 2 days, Annie would go up to Daisy and nuzzle her ear and Daisy would just roll over in complacency which is so atypical. Daisy was a healthy, strong girl who loved to go camping and every week we did a hearty hike and she ran around with Annie and never showed any tiredness or distress. Daddy and my neighbor Will buried Daisy last night. It was below freezing and they wanted to make sure she wasn't left in the cold. Yesterday morning, she snuggled up in my arms (as she does most mornings) and seemed just fine when I came home about 3 to feed and play with them before I left for the wrestling tournament. The fact that she passed after I left and in her favorite spot makes me think she knew it was to happen. She was such an "old soul." She taught me so much especially during those tough years of finishing undergrad and going through graduate school. She was such a faithful companion, sitting on the bed as I typed up papers late in the night, going spastic waiting for her lead to be attached to go on a walk, sitting patiently as little children pulled on her ears and nuzzled her neck. Daisy and Annie only knew each other 5 months but I'm so happy to have loved them both. I don't know if I could've taken such a loss without having Annie curled up next to me. Love your pets everyday and tell them as much. maire

By aprilia250

After reading many of the posts here, I would like to add mine. I can say I had the worst Christmas ever in my life this past week. I arrived home from my grandmothers and both of my boys were fine(one husky/dalmatian, one black lab/dalmatian)jumping around and barking as they always do when I come home. About a hour or so later my husky(willie)came to lay beside me in my office. I did notice a slight rasp in his breathing, but other than that he was fine. 20 minutes later he started to cough up a white foamy substance that led to him vomiting up his dinner. I thought maybe he ate too fast and it didn't agree with him. I let him out to let the rest of it out in the yard. I checked on him a few minutes later and he was laying where he normally does when he is out. I approached him and he had a weird breathing, it wasn't like he was choking or anything, but like a bronchitis breathe. I picked him up and brought him inside where he laid down and started to extend his neck as if you were rubbing his throat. he started to have more of the white foamy stuff come out of his mouth at that time. He then got up and walked over to the front door rug, laid down and with 2 large gasps for air, he was gone. All of this happened in 35 minutes or so and I don't think he would've made it to the vet. I don't understand what happened and what could cause this. He was very healthy and had a appointment at the vet on the 27th for a checkup. He will be missed dearly as he was one of my beloved children. Jeff

By ccwgirl

My little jack russell, Raskel just died a few hours ago. We were playing ball, then it looked like he was having a seizure. I ran to him and he was gone. I tried CPR, he was just gone. He was only 7 years old. We played ball every evening, there were no symptoms of being ill. I had said, just one more throw, now I feel like if I hadn't thrown that last ball, he would be alive. I feel really guilty right now. Raskel looked forward to playing and it was something we did everyday. My neighbor came over to help me bury the little guy. I'm in shock as it happened so fast. I can't stop crying and I miss him so much. That is why I did a search on Google on sudden deaths and found this site. I didn't know it was that common for dogs just to die in a few seconds. I can't get the image out of my mind, as he struggle to live. My two other dogs know something isn't right. They come for cuddles, as they know I'm upset. My dogs are my family and I just lost a family member. Cheryl

By kbarton

Yesterday I came home, expecting tail wagging and the happy noises my 4 1/2 year old beautiful golden retriever, Buddy, would provide each and every time. But he was laying down with vomit around him. I noticed 3 other places as well. I took him outside thinking it was just something minor. I looked for clues as to what could have triggered this and then cleaned up the mess. I called for him to come in but he just laid outside- and wasn't interested in eating- this was a first. I called the vet and she seemed okay with my coming at the next available time which was an hour later. He proceeded to get worse and he could not even walk to the truck. My son and I put him on a board and carried him. He was moaning a little. I knew he was sick with something but felt the vet could fix it. The vet assessed him and said he was in bad shape and would need to do tests. However they were closing. He did a preliminary exam and sent me to the all night clinic where a dr. could watch him all night. The dr. at the clinic was great- except he could not find the cause or cure. He had to put Buddy on a respirator and this morning we had to disconnect it. He is gone now- my best friend is gone- my heart is broken.

By fairclothc

I like many of you, have searched the "sudden death in dogs" on the internet. I wish I could say it was because I was writing doing research for a report or to find an answer for a friend but it's not. It's because at 6:44am today our beloved "baby girl" of 9 years, Chyna passed away. The "princess" we adopted from the local shelter after seeing her featured on our local morning show "pet of the week". She was only a year old when we picked her up and placed her beside me in our truck and has NEVER left my side since. We took her last night to the emergency hospital to find out what had changed her so rapidly. Like every night, I took her outside to run around and do her biz before my wife came home and we fixed dinner. Chyna ran down the stairs of the deck to the backyard, chased the birds away at the birdfeeder and stopped to check out a squirrel she thought about chasing after. I told her it was time to go inside and she marched right up the stairs but when she go to the top she had this "I might be in trouble look" on her face. I asked her if she ate a bug...ears went down and so did the tail...a familiar sign of "oh crap I'm busted" and I told her she might get sick so but lets go fix dinner before mommy got home. She walked into the kitchen and laid down, curious but not alarming, 5 minutes later the gargae door was going up, the sign that momy was home! Chyna's ears went up but the excitement of running to the door when one of us returns home was not there at all. Instead just a sad look. Something is very wrong. My wife and I ate with Chyna sitting beside me, but not much interest in what we were eating, highly unusual and then we went outside...Chyna got up to come with us, although not as energetic as usual and she went our and did her biz again. But instead of walking inside she laid at the door, I had to physically pick her up and carry her inside. My wife then called the emergency animal hospital and we took her in...her heartbeat normal, her vitals normal although we could see she was laboring some when breathing...abdominal was releaxed and all signs pointed to a good checkup. We had the blood test done and waited an hour for the results, during this time she progressively got worse. All work came back clean except one...there was an elevated level in Chyna's liver that couldn't be explained. Chyna was put on iv's and bloodpressure monitor...although she stablizied her O2 levels were dropping. Shortly after she went into cardiac arrest, after 15 minutes of CPR she was pronounced. I can't stand it!!! She's gone and I don't know why!? We had just run and played just 9 hours before and I don't get it. I know how each of you feel, it's been since losing my childhood dog that I've felt this way, we don't have any children as Chyna was our child and now I'm just lost without her under my feet under my desk, or stretching out by my leg at night.

By melissafreels

I happened upon this site while searching out possible reasons for the sudden death of my dog Bailey. An absolutely adorable dachshund mix with the markings of a Jack Russell, Bailey was my “shadow” for 9 years. On Saturday, January 19, I left home for a few hours, and when I came home, she was dead. That morning had been just like any other – Bailey and her Lhasa Apso sis Lindsey “helped” me with the laundry, explored the backyard for a while, and excitedly ran back to the house upon hearing my promise of treats. When I said goodbye to the pets that afternoon, Bailey was relaxing peacefully and calmly on the quilt on the sofa. There was no sign that anything was wrong, but today I still continue to search my memory, wondering “Was there something I missed?” The veterinarian suspects that Bailey had a heart attack, stroke, aneurysm, or some combination of the three. She had always been a very high-anxiety dog, and she gave everything 110 percent – her energy radiated throughout the household. Because of this, perhaps her body just wore out early – much too soon, in my opinion. I miss her terribly and more than words can explain. Thank you to the creator of this site and to those of you who have shared your stories about your dogs – it helps knowing that I’m not alone. Melissa

By cnelson0131

We just lost our "Granddog" Stevie Nicks last night...she was about 6-7 yrs old (she was an animal rescue) so we didn't know her exact age. She was fine in the am; ate, played went outside. After work at 2 pm she met meat the door with the other two dogs; I petted her and went about my day. At 521 pm, I got up from watching the hockey game to feed them; Stevie was lying on her side at my feet. She didn't get up to eat; finally did follow me into the kitchen, but wouldn't eat or drink. She seemed dazed, lethargic, listless. Did not respond to my other puppy licking her; no ear twitches, facial movement. I brought her into the family room and sat her on my lap; she just didn't seem "in there". By the time I had determined to take her to the vet (at 6ish pm on a Saturday) and found a place that was open or emergencies, she had died! Less than an hour had passed. Can somebody please give me an idea what happened? She was very happy, healthy, playful, energetic and then she was gone! My daughter is out of town; I need something to explain this...

By jennyoguinn

On August 31, 2006 my husband and I lost our 1st baby-Tucker. He was a beautiful reverse brindle boxer. I was 36 weeks pregnant and I had sat on the side of the tub to shave my legs. I left my Intuition razor on the side of the tub. Tucker ate the razor part of my razor-the part that has the shaving cream stuff around it. I think he liked the taste of the shaving cream. We discovered him in the bathroom eating the razor just as happy as can be but there was a little blood on the tile floor and we couldn't find the razor so it really scared us. He didn't have any blood on him that we could find so we were going to take him the the emergency vet to get him checked out. He acted fine during the ride to the vet-hung his head out the window like normal and he acted fine when we got there. So, we were thinking everything would be fine. Not five minutes after they took him back they came out and said the vet wanted to talk to us. When we got back there the vet said they were giving Tucker Torbitrol the drug that relaxes animals so that they could ex ray him b/c he was excited. She said as soon as they injected him he collapsed. We were devastated. We miss him soooo much. He was our best friend and hate that he died so suddenly. Now we have a new healthy baby girl and hopefully she will pick out our next dog. She was born 3 weeks after Tucker passed.

By kirsten8123

Last night 3/18 My 8 year old siberian husky Misha passed away. the cause is unknown but it left us devestated. i am only 17 years old so i have grown up most of my life with her. we had all gone to bed as normal when all of a sudden she let out the most painful sounding howel and by the time we could get to her she had already passed. this totally shoked my family because just that day we had recieved a foot of snow and she was having the time of her life playing in it. Misha lived a great life. she acquired the skill from the neighborhood kids to ring the door bell to get inside. she had so much personality and was so kind. and we are really going to miss her, and always love her.

By shekiaharper

Hi, Yesterday me and my finance's 11 month old rottweiler died. I came home around 4:30 PM to find Lycan lying in the backyard and the our other rottweiler standing at the door just looking at me. Lycan was very heathly (from what we could tell) and a big size for his age. He had the most beautiful coat and was so fun to be around. Me and and Apollo (our other rottweiler) are taking it pretty hard. I believe I am taking it hardest because I use to be so afraid of dogs and having my finance (Derick) bring them around me has made me lose this fear. Lycan helped a lot as well. Apollo is so depressed and it is really weird to see a dog depressed(he walking around sighing and seems to be looking for Lycan). Derick has been through this before so even though it hurts him, he is dealing with it much better than us and is very understanding. I was so close to Lycan and it truly hurts so I understand and empathize with each of you and anyone else that has lost a pet. I also want to say thanks to each of you for posting comments because it is helping me.

By olson1141

our much loved 12 y.o.,Bobbi,died in 2 hours on memorial day. She had been pretty healthy, mainly some arthritis and stiffness. She had a physical in March, except for the arthtitis was in good condition. Bobbi had a wonderful weekend enjoying time with our family, exploring the yard and eating treats. On Memorial Day, I decided to go to the hospital to see my sick brother in ICU. She was fine when I left. 1/2 hour later, my husband called my cell and said she was having trouble breathing.Against my better judgemet I went to see my brother, on the way home, my husband again called and was very upset. when I got home Bobbi was in servere respiratory distress. Due to the holiday, ours and most vets were closed. the nearest was 1/2 hour away. We carried Bobbi to the car and she died on the way. We are devasted by this, she was like our child and the suddenness of this is almost to much to bear. She was the most wonderful pet - so loving and she brought us much joy and happiness. I don't think I can get another dog and go through this again I regret not being with her when this terrible stuff started.

By double-z

I had the most incredibly beautiful Akita named Kurtiz.He was a giant Akita weighing in at 162lbs.and he was not over weight!He was a show stopper!I couldn't walk him without at least 10 cars of people stopping to inquire about him.Friday june 29th,he seemed fine,although he was 10 years of age,and hated hot days and nights.His appetite was great even though he was a little sluggish I blamed the warm day for it!Whenever the temp was in the 60's or low 70's he acted like a 3 year old.Saturday morning he was gone!Still protecting the house,he died across the outside door.No one could get in or out!I saw evidence of a foamy type of vomit in my driveway,but nothing else.My Kurtiz was my kid(don't have real ones).I gave him only the best care possible for 10 solid years.He took care of my dad who is blind and protected the house better than Sloamin's ever could. He saved me from having to have him put down which would have killed me>as I knew his time might be this year because of his age.It just didn't seem like it was going to be a few hours later than when I left him. My heart goes out to everyone who's endured this kind of tragedy! Double-Z

By sisinjo

two days ago, we lost our dear Bichon Frisee named Bijou. We miss him so much' the house is so empty and my husband and me' are so sad. He was 9 years old and in good health. our best body. something strange happened' he was extremely afraid of cell phones. total panic' when somebody used it. that day my grandson used a cell phone' and after that' Bijou started shaking very badly. we thought that' in a while' he will get over it. It has happened before. I still feel sorry about that. He went to the laundry room and just laid down. refused to go out at night to do his thing. we put him up on his chair and we went to sleep. the next morning' we found him laying in an akward position in the clothing closet. and he was very sick. his body went limp. He started having some tremors and his tongue was hanging out his mouth... I called to my husband and we took him up and drove to the emergengy. I think' that he was allready dead by then. and they told us yes' he was dead. We cried Oh no!!! We are so very very sad, we loved our very special Bijou so much. and we are still wondering' was it the cell phone ring' what started this...Has anyone ever heard of something like this? Mia Furstner

By louiseconnor21

Friday 20th June 2007 we lost our best friend Henry he was a 7 year old Airdale and in perfect health. One minute he was begging at the table asking for some titbits then noticing a black crow in our garden which he loved to chase tore after it, one miniute later when I looked out he was just lying in the middle of our lawn - I called out to him but he did not move, my husband and I ran to him but he was limp,eyes open and his tongue was blue - we tried massaging his heart but he was already gone. Our family is totally distraught. We miss him so much - life will never be the same, he was my shadow. Louise - United Kingdom.

By susan_shackell

We lost our precious Mystro last night and we are totally devastated. Our hearts hurt. Mystro was an 11 year of Maltese. We are in a second marriage and didnt have any children together so this was our baby. We took him everywhere. If Mystro couldnt go then we didnt go. He was only at home alone while we were at work. He got ecoli from a vet 2 years ago and it was touch and go for us then. He pulled through like a trouper but ended up with a liver problem. The vet never recommended anything for us so we thought everything was okay. Last night at supper, he was fine. He ate his dinner and share a popsicle with his dad. This was something they did all the time. He was okay for about an hour after and then started to throw up. Next thing we knew, he had lost his mobile skills and we took him to the vet (we changed vets). Once his dad laid him on the table, he peed and died. Our house feels so empty even though we have a cat as well. Mystro was one of those dogs that you just loved. He was so affectionate. Our hearts are heavy over the loss of our special little man. Mystro if you can hear us, we love you. We had our baby cremated and will put his ashes in with one of us when we go. Thanks for listening. It doesnt make it any easier

By ehusek

I've been searching on the internet, trying to find a way to cope with the loss of our beloved husky. We had him for 3 years and he's always been so happy and playful. The last 3 weeks he's been sluggish and didn't want to eat, but since it was so hot, I thought it was weather related. He got so bad that he was taken to the vet on Tuesday, where we were told he had an infection and lung cancer. We brought him home and gave him medication for his infection. He seemed to be doing better, but the next day he died suddenly. We were so shocked and couldn't let him go. He just laid there and we couldn't do anything. It is so hard to let go of a loved one when they pass so suddenly and when they were with you every day. I sympathize with all of your losses and hope that time will heal all our wounds.

By arthistjsr

Steviek, The question I had about Brinkly was directed to you. Thanks, J

By dmundhenk

My dear beloved Chica died Thursday, March 22, 2007 at 11PM. Chica was our 8 year old chihuahua who was very intelligent. She would always let us know when she wasn't feeling well or out of water by grunting or pushing her water dish around the room. She was full of life until the day she died. We noticed that day that her breathing was abnormal. I put her in bed with me that evening and checked her tummy which did look a little swollen. I checked her teeth and mouth and did not see anything wrong. I got up and told my husband that she did not look well. About 15 minutes after that I put her on the floor and she began to loose her balance. I picked her up and wrapped her in a blanket and told my husband we need to do something. I took her to the bedroom and my husband rubbed her tummy and about a minute after that she was gone. It was such a shock. I screamed and cried uncontrollablly. I am so heart broken. Chica was my baby who took care of us. We did not have an autopsy done on her. We buried her in out back yard. That weekend we drove to a small town outside Houston and bought a four foot St Francis statue, a memorial stone and marker and a tiny concrete bench. I also planted two scrubbs which I place one of each side of the statue. I call it my Chica's corner. I also have a concrete crucifix hanging on the fence by her tiny grave. She was my little angel who brought me so much joy and happiness and I will miss her terribly. "Sleep with the Angels" Dolores

By beautiqueenspa

We are numb and completely devastated. The best dog in the whole world just passed away in my husbands arms this morning-suddenly--in a matter of 3-5 minutes. He died on his 3rd Birthday today---June 20,2007 and we are sick to our stomach with grief. This Golden Doodle was the life of our family and especially to our son, who is an only child and 11 years old. He has brought so much joy to everyone that laid eyes on him and especially for my 89 year old widowed Aunt who nearly died coughing blood up on year ago. She stayed with us in our home for nearly 2 months and became so attached to our lovely dog Athens that she looked forward to her 'babysitting Athens" time of usually about an hour or two each week----he kept her with stories that she would remember all week long and I truly believe he was her medicine that kept her going.......and now he's gone and we are all completely in shock. We took him to the vet this morning and she did an autoposy and told us that Athens heart was not enlarged, nothing in his stomach and that they would be sending his kidneys, liver and whatever else to see what they can learn from his tissues. They will let us know sometime tomorrow what the results. We spoke with the secretary in a second call moments later when we wanted to ask if the dog maybe had an anuerisym and if they looked at his brain; and her response was you may never know what your dog died from. How heartless is that. We had to leave the house this afternoon---it is so painful and while we were out there was a message from the Vet office telling us to call them back before 6:00 pm to find out whatever---I'm not comprehending much at this point. I just can't accept a young perfectly, healthy dog, never sick, healthy weight, playful, full appetite----no symptons whatsoever suddenly gone. You have a loving dog at your feet and 5 minutes later---he's gone. Please help---any advice. We're having him cremated (he weighs 75 lbs.) and my son wants to bury him in our back yard behind his little homeade clubhouse we plan to plant a tree there--perhaps a Red Fern since that book is the last book my son and I read near the end of the school year. He also did a book report on that book---it may bring us some comfort.

By marthafwomack

I came about this web site by searching for Sudden death in dogs. I had a beautiful Siberian Husky. He was only 7 years old. He was in good health, I thought. I never missed any of his check ups. I gave him the best dog food and treats. I gave him a massage every evening when I got home from work. In fact, my Lobo was the first one that I greeted when I got home, not my husband. Three days ago, he was playing with my son's german shepherd and within an hr after I had checked on them, I found him lying by his favorite tree with his best friend. I called to him, he did not move. My heart sank. I ran over to him, called out to my husband, but he was already dead. I have never had anything so horrible happen to any of my pets. They all lived a very long life. He gave me such unconditional love. I did not have an autopsy performed. My vet said it would have had to be done within an hr or two of his death. I was still in shock at that time and would not accept that he was gone. My heart goes out to all of you who like me will never know the cause of my pet's death. He will live in my heart forever.

By yondi

I found your website this morning searching for answers of what happened to my baby 'Diamond'. She was a 9 year old westie and was the life of the family. She also was healthy and showed no signs of being sick. I went to work that yesterday and when I arrived home my daughter found her in pain and gasping for air. We rushed her to the vet and she died on the way. We are devastated. Finding this website helps me know I am not alone in this. My heart goes out to anyone else that loses a pet this suddenly.

By Flanaganbj

I just lost my little Scooter yesterday. I feel like I am going to die myself. I loved him so much and he really loved me. Two weeks ago he was gnawing on a bone and began vomiting. The Vet put him on antibiotics the next day. Two days later he had a temp of 105. He received IV antibiotics and antipyretics and seemed fine that night. A couple days later same symptoms. He was given a barium x-ray, lab work, etc. No diagnosis was made so they gave him a shot of Atropine. Much better that night. Appeared well the next day and appeared completely well the day after. The next morning he could not walk, eat, drink, potty, nothing. If I stood him down he would never move until I picked him up. His heart beat felt so heavy and his breathing so light. On Saturday about 5 pm on day 15 he breathed his last while in his crate. I feel so guilty that I was not holding him. Because of his up and down status I thought he would improve and I would take him back to the Vet on Monday. How can anything hurt so deeply. I will miss my little Scooter forever and always remember how he loved me and cried for me like a little baby. Heartbroken, Scooter's Nana

By sallyjbailey

My neighbors dog, a Sheltie died very suddenly, she was fine on Tuesday, on Wednesday she could not even keep water down, and was vomiting water, she died suddenly, he did taken her to the vet, he is older, I feel so sorry, it was very sad for him, I was wondering if the animal was poisoned?

By lharrison

I lost my beautiful maltese/poodle Monty on Tuesday 19/6/07. I am still in shock. I left home that morning around 10.30am to take my daughter to a concert. I left Monty home with our new Australian Terrier Jedda. Jedda was alot younger than Monty. He was 10 years and Jedda is around 2 years old. We haven't had Jedda very long. The two of them got along fine and spent plenty of time playing. At times I thought Jedda might have been abit to full on for Monty and not giving him a break when he needed it. Anyway later on around 3.00pm my daughter and me came home. I saw Jedda sitting at the window waiting. I opened the door and no Monty. I called out to him and he didn't come. I walked through the house and into the lounge room. He was laying on his side on the floor. I knew straight away he was gone. I walked up and put my hand on him. He was cold. There was some blood comming from his nose. By this stage I was hysterical and made some phone calls. Within half and hour I had my family there comforting me. I just couldn't believe it. My parter and I took him to the vet for them to have a look at. I told them I wanted an autopsy to see what had happened to him. The next day the vet phoned and told me he couldn't see any real cause for his death. There was alot of blood comming out of his nose but he didn't have any in his lungs. All his other organs were healthy and he had a belly full of food, which shows that he was feeling well. The vet did not go into his brain, so I'm thinking that he had a annuerysm. I am just hoping that it was quick and he didn't suffer. I just keep thinking that if I was there would it have happened? Did bringing Jedda into our lives bring it on? All I know is I miss him so much. I left a happy healthy dog that morning and came home to him dead on the floor. I love you Mont RIP.

By darlawes

We lost out 4 year old Saint Bernard Lab mix Chewy on Tuesday morning. Chewy had been at my side literally for the past few years. Like most of the dogs on here he ate his breakfast , was barking to come in and acting completley normal when I left for work (he didn't want to be sepearted from us for more than eating and going to the bathroom so he was always barking to be let back in). My husband took a shower and went out to get him and he was gone with only a small amount of blood running from his nose. We are deeply saddened and I am feeling very lost without my best friend. He was calm, loving and completely dedicated to us. My friends are sick of hearing about my dog-- I can tell, but I am stunned and feel like a piece of my heart is gone. I have lost a brother at a young age , so I am surprised at how terribley this is hurting me as well-- and how I almost feel devastated by it.

By margaritab

Hi, I lost my beautiful Collie Prince. He was only 4 years old and very healthy. He had just had a complete checkup last month. I was in my pool when I heard him barking, I ran inside and he was laying on his side dead. I could not believe it so I tried everything to wake him up. His little tongue was outside and had turned blue. I am so heartbroken I do not know what to do. We miss him so, his sweetness and his gentleness were his greatest gift to us. I hope he is happy where he is, maybe with our other dogs that we have had over some time. he will be happy. I need to know more about instant death, he was so young and healthy. My vet says he does not have an answer for me. I meanwhile am so lonely and sad without him. Prince rest in peace,we shall meet again I promise. Love you Mom & dad

By blatt_jason

I just want to say that I'm so glad I found this site and have been able to read all these stories from people who have experienced the same sudden loss and grief at the loss of a beloved friend and family member. As I was about to leave for work tonight, I received a call from home. It was my sister. She said my mother wanted to tell me something. I immediately thought about my two dogs - a miniature schnauzer named Buddy Mo and my great Dane, Jack. Considering the heat, I was almost certain she was going to say that something had happened to Jack. I was absolutely devastated when she told me our litte schnauzer, who was just 8, had just passed away moments ago. She said he was barking, wagging his tell. He ate as usual. Everything was normal. My brother-in-law stopped by and Mo, as always, began to bark...my god I am going to miss that voice...My mother said she noticed a few seconds later that he had stopped barking, she heard his crate rattle and raced over to him. She didn't even have time to do anything...he let out a few short breaths and was gone. It's just so shocking and I haven't even begun to think how my dane will react. They were like brothers. He was perfectly healthy. No real signs of age. All of his shots were updated. He was walked on a leash and kept inside most of the time, so it seems unlikely he got into something. It's just so hard not knowing. And the ride home from work was a long 30 minutes, even though I raced home. I just wanted to be there for him. I just wanted him to be there like always. The absence of the jingle of his collar is deafening.

By lauriek7

We lost our 8-year old Airedale Terrier, Snickers, 4 days ago. He was perfectly fine when I arrived home from work, but in less than 20 minutes I noticed something was wrong with him. He was unable to walk, stumbling, breathing hard, and just sat down. We rushed him to the emergency room, they performed CPR but were unable to revive him. We are heartbroken. Devasted. I'm so very sorry for all of your loses.

By marcinko4

Thank god for finding this site! Yesterday, we lost our almost 11 year old Bouvier des Flandres, Bear. Bear had some minor medical problems but for the most part was in great shape for his age and size. I volunteer for the American Bouvier Rescue League and also have another female Bouvier named Marge. Yesterday, I was volunteering for ABRL at an animal event. When I got up, Bear was on the floor in front of the bed. Not unusual...what was unusual was he did not want to get up and go out. I took Marge out and go their breakfast together...he did not want to eat. I then tried the ultimate trick....jiggle the leash...he got up and came to the door. We walked up the block, he did his business, came back in the house, drank a 1/2 bowel of water and went to lay in his spot. I knew there was something different about him but I didn't believe it to be catasrophic. It was almost like he told me to go and he would take care of things. I kissed him on his nose, told him he was in charge, take care of Marge and I would see him later. When my husband returned from work later in the day, he found him gone on the living room floor...Marge was in the corner watching over him. It was just like he was sleeping. After several hours of blaming myself, I found this site. I thank god I did. Now I know it was his time. Bless you all and I know exactly how you feel.

By kamal_sidhu16

on july30 2007 my 3yr old healthy lab went for a walk was chased by some dogs probably got a very small bite aswell and within minutes collapsed on the street dead .he was very energetic with a healthy appetite for food aswell as life.it is such ashock for me i am not able to come to come to terms with his death. i have so many regrets .he went too soon so many yrs more we could have had together .so many things left undone and unsaid.

By techx4

On 7/23/07 my wife and I lost our precious Katie. She was a beautiful pure bred golden retriever and was just a few weeks over 1 year old. Katie was simply playing with my wife in our living room, and she just fell over and died suddenly. We tried CPR but could not revive her, we took her to the vet which was 15-20 mins away but there was nothing they could do, she was gone. We were, and still are, completely devastated. We have no kids or other pets, she was our first puppy and we loved her very very much. The vet did NOT tell us that if we wanted an autopsy we would have had to decide the night we brought her in, as they freeze the body which damages the tissues. So we will never know why it happened but there will always be a big place in our hearts for her. For more on her story and photos, see here: http://www.goldenretrieverforum.com/golden-retriever-rainbow-bridge/18838-our-beloved-katie-gone.html

By budflip

Two years ago this month, we purchased two puppies...a chocolate lab named Yogi and a german shephard named Boo. They grew up together. They were best frinds. This morning, Boo woke me as usual by licking and pawing at my face. She played with Yogi for a while before my husband took them outside to their fenced in play area. I looked at Boo before she went outside, thinking to myself how cute she is. My husband filled their bowls and played with them. Boo was doing her happy Butt-in-the-air romp as they played. I was folding clothes in the bedroom not even 15 minutes later, and I looked outside and she was lying on her left side as if she was sleeping. My chocolate lab was sniffing and pawing at her. I got a sick feeling. I ran outside to find her dead...her tongue hanging out and blue. Her beautiful brown eyes open. That was at 10;30.We buried her at 4:00 in the rain with her laser toy and bone. My Yogi is wandering around the house lost. I feel like throwing up. My husband is breaking down every few minutes and my daughter is devastated. What the hell happened? She was my baby. I'm in shock. Why does something so beautiful enter your life only to be ripped away? Love you, Boostie.....Rest in peace.

By julie_glick

What happened today to my little Max brought me to this website. I feel helpless and devastated. This morning I brought my Max to work with me - he was a 2.5 year old 4 lb. Maltese. He was happy and playful - greeted my receptionist - then all of the sudden just went limp. I grabbed him, but his tongue was sticking out and his eyes were closing. I ran with him outside - screaming - he was limp and his eyes wide open - I just moved to NYC, so I didn't even know where to go. Someone told me where the animal hospital was - we got there and I gave him to the dr. After some time, she told me they tried to revive him, but he was not alive. I am so confused and upset. Rethinking our steps - did he eat something wrong? Was something wrong with his internal self? It happened out of nowhee and so suddenly. I am having them do an autopsy because I just can't live without knowing what happened to my little baby. It is surreal. Julie

By atomicadamji

Just an update- I spoke to our vet about Zsa Zsa and what happened to her. She said that dogs can get an embolism (sp?) like people can from a long flight. Zsa Zsa has always gone everywhere with us and we never knew this. Airlines have a rule about not taking dogs out of their carriers on flights (we've been caught a couple of times and they are not happy) so we leave her in the bag for the flight. Just be aware if you fly your dog under the seat that this can happen.

By wendy

For "budflip" who posted on Monday, August 20, 2007 about the loss of your dog: I found these posts while trying to make some sense out of the sudden death of my much loved dog. We lost our shar-pei/lab mix (Scully) on Saturday August 11th to sudden death. We adopted her from the local shelter 2 months ago. We fell in love. She had a rough life (was 9 yrs old) and we also talked about how cute she was, and how she just fit in perfectly with our family. We left town for a business trip and she stayed with good friends who are awesome dog owners. I wanted to call to check on her every minute. I felt guilty about leaving her for the first time since we got her. The day after we left, our friends called to tell us that she passed away in her sleep. She was up playing with the other dogs at 5:30 am, had a walk, and when they returned from lunch, she was dead. When we adopted her, the vet said she had an irregularly slow heartbeat, and I just thought, "oh great, I'm already in love with this cute creature, and now she's not going to be with us long". I thought at least a year, but we only got 2 months with her. We are also both devastated. We both got hooked on this dog instantly, and then she was taken away from us. After 2 weeks I'm still feeling absolutely horrible. My Husband almost had to check me into the local hospital during the week after it happened. I'm really thinking twice about EVER having another pet so that I don't have to go through this again. I didn't even get to say goodbye to her. Feel free to email me if you want to share more (wendy@eboucher.com). That goes for anyone else reading this forum who is saddened by the loss of your dog.

By Jaxxx4yahere

Lastnight my 4 year old Jack Russell Terrier Zack died suddenly. I was visiting my family about an hour away. My fiance' said he came home, let my boys out (we also have a 5 year old jack russell named Oz) and about 1 minute later he stepped outside to find my Zack lying on his side. He went to him and lied down next to him. He said he was in a pool of liquid not moving except for his eyes. Zack passed away within 2 minutes of being happy jumping and wagging his tail. I couldn't believe it when I returned home and saw him. My heart broke and I began vomiting. I loved him more than anything I have ever loved. He would follow my everywhere. I don't think that he was ever more than inches from my side when I was at home. I can't imagine how you get over a loss like this. I am completely devastated. I can't eat or sleep and I haven't stopped crying. I miss him so much already. He was never sick. My other JRT, Oz has had some problems though. I am so worried that Oz will suffer the same fate. I can't help but think that maybe I did something. Maybe I missed a sign that Zack had something wrong. I was searching on the net for causes of sudden death and I found this sight. I had no idea that this happened so often. Why? WHY? WHY?!!! I don't think I will ever get over this. It hurts so much right now. I keep obsessing over whether he suffered or not. Finding this website to tell my story and read others was a good thing but I can't say it helped. I am still hurting more than I have ever hurt before. I do feel comforted by knowing that there are so many of us who know it is not "JUST A DOG". Zack was my baby, my best friend and the love of my life. He will forever by missed.

By davval

Hi Last night my 4 year old Lhasa Apso Lucy was sitting on my lap as normal but then She let out a long howl and just died. She was a strong,loyal, healthy and intelligent dog and we have no idea what happened to her. She had her dinner 1/2 hour before and she seemed happy enough. She was annoying and full of energy and personality and we always knew she was around. We got her to keep our other frail blind epileptic 5yo Lhasa company, We always thought Sasha would have a limited life span. Go figure! We will miss you heaps Lucy-Lou. xoxoxo

By sedwards21

I lost my Yorkie, Maxwell Smart, suddenly on December 20, 2007. He was happy and healthy when I left for work and when I got home he was terribly sick with what appeared to be a stomach problem. He was throwing up bile and his legs were stiffening. In the morning I called the vet and took him in they immediately put him on antibiotic IV's. By 4:30 am he had passed away. He was gravely ill so quickly. They say it must have been an infection that quickly went to his brain and entire body. At Thanksgiving he had a bite that looked odd it was perfectly round the size of a dime. I took him in and he had been on antibiotics from that (we thought was a flea bite) He had only been off antibiotics for 5 days when this happened. Could it have been from that odd bite? Could it be from a case of dog food that I bought at Cosco recently? (Pedigree canned) I am devastated, has anyone had this type of thing happen. Any info would be appreciated. Sharon

By poovy4

This is my first post ever but after seeing the recent posts, wanted to share the story of what happened to my beloved Tipper on Saturday, 26th. She was 8 1/2, in good health except for a skin irritation that caused her to be on Baytril for a couple of months and a special Science Diet food. We had gone to visit my parents Friday and enjoyed a long walk there that evening. On Saturday, she seemed normal - went for a ride to Starbucks and she had her head out the window as usual. When we were back at my parents house, she did lay around a bit more than usual - my mom remarked that she didn't seem herself. I thought she was just a bit tired. Around 4:30 p.m., we left to go home, and as usual Tipper ran down Dad's sidewalk, jumping to get into the car. She put her head out for the slow ride through town. I stopped in a store for 10 minutes and when I came back to the car, immediately noticed she was laying down, not sitting up as usual. She was slobbering and her eyes were not moving to look at me. Her breathing was rapid. I tried to get to a nearby vet (was closed anyway) but in that short mile, she had died. So devastated - she was my baby and my best friend rolled into one. Thought I'd have her for a few more years. Ann

By violinga1

ETA - my post was intended for the owners of Littlebit and Buffy.

By maureenfoye

My heart is breaking after my 5 year old beautiful husky/chow died suddenly. I never heard of such of a thing and cry for those others who also loss their beloved companions.

By cherrybm66

I've been reading through all of your stories and am so sorry for everyone. This week my husband and I were dog sitting his best friends puppy, Jake. Early morning (3AM) our boxer puppy started crying and acting very strange. He wouldn't go to sleep and kept us up until the sun was up. We figured he wanted to play with his friend, now we are wondering if he was trying to tell us something... When we got up everything seemed normal. we went out for about 3 hours, when we got home, we found Jake dead. it was a hot day though we've had hotter and he had water. when my husband picked him up a large clump of hair came out. we were stunned and feel terrible. we had to call his friend while on vacation. I don't know if anyone can shed light on what just happened, but reading other's stories helps us feel we're not alone. thank you,

By jane-corso

My husband and I are devastated. Our OE Sheepdog was in perfect health died suddenly on August 13, 2009. The night before he ate, played, performed his daily outdoor functions and had his nightly dog bone. The next morning at 6:30 AM I couldn't wake him. We rushed him to the emergency vet who informed us he been dead for several hours. WE wre so shocked we didn't ask for an autopsy. However, we are still trying to make sense of this. He was 9 years old but very well cared for and in perfect health. I'm still asking myself what happened.

By nikki61974

I am so glad to have found this site..I have 3 English Mastiffs..A 6 year old a 3 year old and my baby was 14 months old. She was healthy, (to our knowledge) and very happy. A normal puppy... I came home from work yesterday and she wa in her normal sleeping position, however, she had passed. I had just been with her hours ago, outside playing and withno signs of anything wrong....I am struggling with the unknown..Why ?? 14 months old ? Did I not notice something ? Was she sick ? I can only hold near that she looked very peaceful, no signs of struggle, vomiting, anything...It looked like she closed her eyes and that was it.... I am now struggling with WHY ??? I have 2 more dogs and I can't even leave the room without being scared I will find another dog passed. I am scared that they are all sick, poisoned, something....It all happened so fast and we buried her rightaway, now, I am second guessing, an autopsie for my peace of mind...I know I should not disturb her and I won't but the unknown is tearing me apart... I do know, both of my dogs will be going to the vet asap to be checked out..I am a nervous wreck !!!! Can anyone tell me, if she was poisoned or something wouldn't we have known, wouldn't she had been sick...Is there anything else that it could of been other than a heart issue..Could something have caused this "sudden" death with no signs..I am afraid to let either of the other dogs outside or anything.... I have no kids, these are my kids...I spend every waking minute I can with them outside of work...Inever thought this could ever happen to me....I have had to put dogs down in the past, however, I can say that I feel better about that because I had justification and reasoning..This is just so hard !!! Any thoughts Nikki

By mariesher

My husband advised me to look at this site as I am really struggling with the death of our beautiful 5 year old furry son Leon (a weimaraner). He was my baby boy, well ours in fact. my husband is struggling also but found this site a comfort. We both saw him on his bed (the settee) just hours before he died and he was his normal self watching us walk past to go to the loo peeping at us full of mischief. My husband covered him with his blanket just 40 mins before he died and he was fine. 40 mins later we heard a loud screechy yelp and ran downstairs. At first I said " oh he's ok it wasnt him he's asleep" Then I saw he had wet himself and his eyes were open and mouth clenched.he seemed paralysed. I phoned our emergency vet 20 mins drive who said bring him in. He was a big dog so I ran along our road in my pjamas banging on neighbours doors for help to get him in the car. when we got to the vets they said he was gone. I held him and cuddled him and kissed him and didn't want to leave him there. He was still warm so I thought he was alive. This happened on Sunday and I haven't stopped crying since. My doctor has given me tablets to sleep and I can't eat.He has signed me off work. This weekend was busy and I feel guilty that I didn't spend as much time with him. Did we miss signs because we went out that weekend and drank.I amd struggling o accept he has gone and wake up thinking it isn't true. i can empathise with all of you on here and people who aren't animal lovers don't understand. I feel like I have lost my right arm!!!! My husband is worried I am going to make myself ill now but I can't help how I feel. my heart has broken.WHY?????????? He was so fit and healthy. He was big for his breed and a bit overweight but very fit. there were no signs. He again was a heavy sleeper there and a snorer.

By larry

We lost our dog "Gromit" today. She was 12 years old and last year had one front leg removed because of cancer. She was doing quite well after that although she has been slowing down lately. Still, we walked every day and she was happy this afternoon. Then my kids said she was breathing strangely in the backyard and I went to see her. She was breathing in gasps and we brought her inside where she simply passed away a few minutes later. We are terribly devastated by the loss. As with so many others on this site, she was a wonderful dog and she will be missed. I am only happy that she was surrounded by her family when she died and it was quick for her. My condolences to all of you with similar losses.

By ronjohn

Yesterday at 130 p.m. we lost are beoved 10 year old westie (Duke) He had not been sick was playing and eating regular. He had to go pee and once outside he sat in the grass in the rain. He never liked going out in rain. We picked him up got him to the front door he walked in sat down and just looked at us like ok where's my treat. As John was going in to get his treat Duke stopped halfway and let out aa howl John turned around Duke was upsidedown having like a seizure lasted less than a minute. Went to see how he was he was dead. Today is Wednesday Sept 23 2009 I'am still crying and I remember the day I got him from the animal shelter in 2000 he was a lost Purebred Westie about a year old.I do not know if I will survive this loss. I am 63 with heart problems I loved this dog so much. Thanks for Listning.Ron Orlando Florida

By kellymagoo5

We had a similar situation with our almost 8 year old english bulldog. he was fine sunday morning. woke up with a bark meaning he wanted to play and have his special sunday breakfast. made in a few well done scrambled eggs and 2 strips of bacon. he threw up a few times (which he does often) but seemed better. was playing with his toy but didn't have interest in going outside since it was too hot. so, he stayed in doors. bill went out for a little while, came back. Beau had thrown up again but seemed fine. wanted to play. jumped on the bed when it was time to go to sleep , brought up his stuffed toy. around 11:30 pm he walked down his doggie steps from the bed and threw up blood. he was rushed to the vet. they were doing tests, blood work, trying to figure our what was going on. while attempting to do the 2nd round of bloodwork / tests he went into cardiac arrest. he had fluid in his abdomen, signs of ibd and peritonitis but none of these symptoms would have caused sudden death. they're saying death had to be from either acute cardiac or respiratory failure. i am heartbroken. did you find out what happened to your beloved pet. best wishes to you. i know how hard it is.

By sybrants5505

We lost our beloved Kylie (5.5 yrs old) just hours ago. There was nothing out of the ordinary today at all. We had family and friends coming for dinner and just about the time to eat Kylie appeared to be having one of her "dreams". Everyone was like what is that noise and we just responded that Kylie was dreaming. She was laying in our entry way on the tile as she has so many times. She was doing a little howl in her sleep and then someone noticed that she had pooped. My first thought was not good. My husband thought she was maybe having some sort of seizure although she was not moving but having small labored breaths. We rushed her to the vet where they finally told us she had gone. I've had to explain to my kids that I think she had some sort of heart attack in her sleep. Nothing else makes any sense for such a young, healthy dog. We are still all in shock and I'm trying to answer unanswered questions for my kids via the web.

By pchofman

our 10 year old duke died unexpectedly with no warning on august 30, 2009. much like your dog we found some feces near him. WE feel your loss and wish all well. We got no answer from the e-vet and concluded that it was either a anyresym or a clot....to heart, brain, etc. The only comforting thing i can pass on about that is that even if our dog was in the vet office at the time the "episode" occured, there still wouldve been nothing they could have done. My duke had laid in a spot i just vacumned and was unresponsive within 60 seconds. There was nothing we could have done. The only thing that haunts us was his final seconds and im trying to forget them. All thing considred we still are glad we were home with him and didnt come home to find him. Please find encouragement in this

By cwodnerling

Somehow it helps a little to know that there are so many others out there dealing with the same issue. We lost our 11 y/o Black lab yesterday morning. My husband and I awoke to a loud noise around 6am as if she had run into something or banged against the wall. She immediately started whimpering like she does when she's dreaming and then it became louder and seemed to run out like a motor coming to a stop. It was the worst noise I have ever heard in my life. I keep wondering what I could have done. I wasn't ready to let her go. We miss her dearly and are still trying to decide what to do in her memory. She had no health problems, no sicknesses, it just hurts even more when it seems so unexpected. We love you Legacy! 10.98 - 9.7.09

By danayersman

I was browsing the Net and read your comment about your pomchi male. Ours died suddenly today also. Also a pomchi mix. Also a male. Only 8 months old. Completely healthy and energetic. It looked like he was having a seizure. One minute here, the next gone. Sorry for your loss. I know what it feels like now. We have owned many different dogs over the years, and have never experienced anything like this. Sorry. Really bummed out.

By fsa_usa

It's been three and half month's since Boomer died (July 3rd, 2009). My family and I miss him terribly. I recently gathered the courage to watch "Marley and Me" and I cried many times. This from a 44 year old man who thinks he is built strong. I miss my Boomer. There hasn't been a day when I haven't thought of him, or have not wondered why he was taken away after just three years of life. There hasn't been a day when I haven't felt a physical blow, a physical stab in my chest each time I think of Boomer. I have to force myself to block the memory. At the same time I have often felt comfort from all the happy memories too. So many times I look for him to be at the window, or come running to me when I have plate food for myself. We used to hide from him whenever we ate anything. That boy always wanted his toll -- you couldn't get pass the Boomi Toll. I want everyone to know that the pain doesn't go away. You learn to live with the pain. And honestly, you don't want the pain to go away just because it has hard for you to deal with it, you know? You gladly bear that pain because with the pain you just felt you also felt near to your loved one. I don't ever want to be far from Boomer. We have visited so many shelters and looked at so many puppies online but we just haven't had the heart to replace Boomer. I know it is purely selfish but we just can't handle losing a second dog that I know we will love.

By surveytech

We just lost our 7y/o boston terrier joesie. She passed away Friday October 16, 2009. I was on my way to a Dr's appointment and saw another boston down the road and immediately called my husband. She was a hudinni and somehow sometimes found a way off her leash. When he called to her in the back yard there was no response. He called her several times and no response. I told him to send our son around there to check on her. Our son (4yrs old) came from around the back of the dog box as I was pulling in the driveway (I came back home to check on her) and told my husband she was dead. I jumped out of the car and ran to the back yard. Sure enough she was dead behind her dog box. We still have no idea why she passed away but recently she started losing weight and we couldn't figure out why. We fed her a bowl of high protien food on top of a bowl of canned food every day. She was just fine the day before and I knew she just recently passed before we found her because she was still slightly warm. I have her burried in my yard as I do with all our pets who pass (which has only been three). If anyone can shed some light on what may have killed my beloved joesie I would greatly appreciate it. She was one of my kids and I will always love her. I kept her dog tag as a memorial.

By pchofman

Our 10 years old shepherd/lab mix Duke ate at 9 am on sunday morning august 30,2009 went upstairs and slept with me and my other three dogs till 12. We all got up and duke ran down the stairs fine..no hesitation, no warning. While my wife was making breakfast i was vacuming. I came upon duke around 1240pm in a spot i had just vacumned. He was makeing a horrifying high pitched sreaming sound. He wasn't moving a muscle and never did again. The scream was constant in power yet it creschendowed up to finally end....and he was gone. We rushed him to a e-vet within 5 minutes...nothing. He had no signs of bloating, vomiting etc....He had a heartworm test within 11 months... was not lethargic, his appetite never waned. We are at a loss. BEcause of his scream (it sounded like brain injury reflex not a yelping dog scream) and his almost instant parylsis we figured...stroke or clot. The clot could be anywhere said the vet so he convinced me not to do a necropsy....i regret it. I really want to know what killed our beloved duke so quickly...ecpecially since we have three more dogs and we want to be better parents if we can. Does anybody know if i can still do a necropsy ofter 5 days...hes buried in the backyard. The ground is cooler than the air. Im reaching....cause im hurting.............As a matter of encouragement, to all you who have lost your dogs so suddenly, it seems like if it was a stroke or a clot or an aneurysem...there would have been nothing anyone wouldve been able to do for your dogs so please remove the guilt from your feelings. Think about it...a vet would have to locate a clot, remove it and reapir the blood vessel then start the heart all within a few minutes before the blood starved flesh begins to die. Same with an aneuresym, patch the vessel.....If it was a stroke the brain would die quickly without blood and its oxygen. In memory of Duke..........

By yanste

My beautiful Chiva, mixed Chihuahua and Jack Russel, died this morning.She was the smartest dog I'v ever had. She died suddenly, yesterday she was fine and playing, than she had her dinner Royal Canine Low fat food at 6PM, and after that she started to vommit at 10PM. I was hoping that she will get better when her stomach will be empty. This morning I found her dead, she was bleeding from her mouth, lying next to her kennel. RIP my best friend. You will be greately missed. Loved you so much!Chiva was 15 years old.

By janet

Even though we lost our Annie over five weeks ago, I have not posted on this site, as I wanted to be able to gather my thoughts. Annie was about 10 years old, a large mixed breed dog, and I loved her more than I have ever loved an animal in my life. She was fine when we left her that morning; ate breakfast, perched herself on the sofa, barked at delivery men, all was right in Annie's world, and when I came home a couple hours later, she was on the sofa, where I last saw her, only she was lifeless. I totally fell apart, my husband came and we grieved over her together. Even though I am beginning to pick up the pieces, I don't know that I will ever be the same. I will tell you the things that have helped me. First of all, I spoke with our vet, who is not only a friend but a veterinary scientist at NIH. She assured us that it was a cardiac event of some nature. Next, I joined and have participated in APLB, Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement. They have a wonderful website, and chat rooms for people who have lost their pets. I cannot stress how much that has helped me. The other thing that has given me comfort is the knowledge that my husband and I did not have to make a decision to end Annie's life. God made that decision. The president of the company that my husband works for called him the day Annie died and said to him "this is a horrible day for you, and a good day for Annie". Those words have comforted me more than once, even though I miss her more than words can ever express. Annie was a rescue and when she came to our home she was hungry and full of ticks. She also was diagnosed with Lyme disease three years later and was treated for it, and never compained. From the day she came to live with us, she never had a bad day. She was my baby and she knew it. She went everywhere with us and Gracie, her black lab mix sister. She traveled all over these great United States with us and camped with us and lived life to the fullest. She packed 20 years of fun into 10 years. As much as I will miss her for the rest of my life, I will never have any regrets. She was the happiest dog I have ever known. Please try to take some comfort in the fact that your dog was happy, loved you and you loved your dog. Please know that I understand, all too well, the pain you are feeling after losing your dog suddenly, and I wish I could do something to help minimize your pain and loss. If you want to email me please feel free. My email address is janet@claimsurveys.com. I hope that my words have helped you somewhat and may Annie's story bring you some peace and comfort.

By kadu_neil

we lost our dog named (BINGO) on 28th-october-2009 it was a sudden death with no clue what happened, symptoms were: difficulty in breathing, lots of saliva dripping, loss of mood and energy, blue tongue, red eyes. he died in my hands. all this happened in 45 minutes only. vet told us three possibilities: 1) poisoning... toad, pesticide, insect etc 2) snake bite 3) acute cardiac arrest its a great loss for us :-( .... we will miss you a lot dear beloved BINGO may you R.I.P. ***B I N G O*** (05-11-2003 to 28-10-2009) { if possible someone please tell me what exactly went wrong } email: kadu_neil@yahoo.co.in

By Prostat

I lost my best friend and love of my life on October 11, 2009. She was a Black German Shepherd. She would have turned 10 on 1/1/2010. I was in the hospital having my knee replaced and my husband found her dead the morning I was to come home. She had not seemed quite right to me the week before. I took her the vet and they ran blood tests, performed an abdominal x-ray and an ultrasound to rule out bloat. They said everything came back normal and they felt it was arthritis in her hips causing pain. She was restless at times and did appear to be in pain. She was not feverish. Every day of my hospital stay my husband said she ate and acted as normal as she ever did when I was gone. I was her person, we belonged to each other. That morning she was on her bed and did not come when he called her for breakfast. He went in to check and she was gone. No signs of a struggle , she just looked like she was sleeping. I would love to know why...but I can take some comfort in knowing she seemed not to have suffered. I am suffering because I was'nt with her. I miss her with every fiber of my being every minute of every day.After reading the comments I believe it must have been cardiac related. Christina Sullivan PA

By kim.morgan

Today my 10 year old english bulldog died.I am devastated.She was fine all day .She spent the most of the afternoon outside playing with my 2 boxer's .They did everything together.She came in went to sleep on the couch and that is where i found her an hour later.My family is so sad my youngest grew up with her.I don't know what to do we loved her so much.Rest in peace Kaydee Patience we will miss you so very much.

By ersnick

Two days ago we lost our 7 yr old male English Bulldog "Dante" to a sudden death. He was healthy strong and the love of our life and his sister's "Sydney" life as well. For a couple days he on and off had what seemd like little anxiety attacks when getting excited or moving his bouls .... his mouth would be agaped breath heavy in a stand still postion then back to normal. The night before he passed he was very restless in our bed ... laying for a few minutes then standing over us looking at us or resting his head on my chest or my wifes neck. Come morning he and his sister got up like normal when out for a walk and potty (no anxiety) and they wound up going back to sleep. 2 hours later I found him in bedroom on floor not breathing ... I performed mouth to snout ... and nothing rushed him to vet and we did the same but no luck. We just can't figure out what caused his acute death? If anyone has any feedback please share! My heart goes out to you all who have lost a pet. My wife, Dante's sister and I are in a daze and are finding it hard to cope without our precious Dante. Dante rest in peace my bubbies ... we miss you terribly and love you so much!

By rusara1116

Nearly 2 weeks ago I witnessed a near loss of our 10yo maltese Zuzu to sudden death after I had returned home from work. Although she did revive, it was severe and very serious. Yesterday, I took her to a cardiologist who was unable to find anything definative that would suggest such an episode. He did tell me however that Zuzu would probably not survive another event based on my relaying the severity of her collapse. I know that she is not well and I feel as if I am merely waiting again for that gut-wrenching howl, glazed-over eyes and horribly emotional experience of watching one of our 4 angels suffer. I notice that her demeaner is changing, becoming calmer and acting as, I feel, as if she is preparing for her death by the loss of interest in her favorite activites and becoming so much more affectionate as if to say "don't worry, I love you and will be okay soon." In the meantime, we will comfort her, try holistic remedies and hope for a few more precious day or more if we are lucky.

By j_cottman

My heart goes out to you... I just got a call from my mother 2 days ago that my 13 year old chiuaua Princess passed away all of a sudden, she let her out with the other two dogs and she's perfectly healthy, and they let her back in and she stumbled down the first step and my Dad picked her up and she started breathing really shallow and clear fluid ran out of her nose and she died an hr later... i'm just asking myself why? she was perfectly fine and then now she's gone, i've been crying every day and just want to know what happend.

By cabacteria

To Janet and the family of Boomer, and all the others who have had a terrible loss, what wonderful posts. Your Annie sounded absolutely wonderful and your post brings a tear to my eye. We lost our beloved 8 yr old mixed lab Molly on Tuesday. My son had come over for a visit from NC and Molly went to join him in the little routine they always did of son chasing Molly, and she faking him out. "Chase me" ended in Molly suddenly collapsing. I can't shake the image of my poor dog laying there limp and her life ebbing away and not being able to do anything. She died in my wife's arms. I never thought I would grieve so much but I am just jolted by the pain. Molly was the gentlest, sweetest animal I could ever imagine having; always considerate, never wanting to get in the way of anything. Even to the point where she would muffle her bark knowing that we didn't like too much barking in the house unless necessary. It was remarkable how that dog cued into our feelings. Whenever I was even the slightest bit upset, she would plant her chin on my knee and stare at me with her big sad looking eyes and just wait for me to assure her everything was "okay". The dog was the center rock of our family. She would often finish her supper or play with her bone only after everyone was home from work - as if to say to herself "I'm glad where all together, I feel comfortable resuming my activities now!" (That dog hated being alone in the house). I did notice over the years that Molly seemed to have not very good exercise tolerance; she would run for a bit and then kind of peter out. The vet said just last year that she had a murmur but it wasn't really a problem just yet. However, as my wife felt for her pulse at the very end, she could feel Molly's heart quiver and then stop. So we believe it was a sudden heart attack probably from an underlying condition that just wasn't obvious. Of course there are the what ifs; could I have done more? I know it's futile, but it's the way people think I guess. I know that dog was loved as much as a dog could be. We hugged her constantly and fussed her at every moment. And she would return the favor, coming up and lifting a paw over one of our arms for a few minutes, insisting we stay bonded. And that's the terrible part, not being able to do those things for her or with ever again. Molly is now buried in our yard and at least will be close to us. Anyway, I just wanted to share this and also tell others I know exactly how you are feeling. I am very sad. Stay strong all, Ron

By cabacteria

Very sorry for your loss. The grief process will take time to run its course. It hurts terribly, I know. It's hard to say how your dog passed, because you found the dog after the fact. In our case, we saw our dog collapse in front of us and she'd been in the house all day, so we could rule out poisoning, snakes, etc. But perhaps a clue is that your dog had been losing weight. That isn't normal and might have indicated a pre-existing situation. I would call a local vet, animal shelter vet, etc., and run that by them. It might give you some peace of mind. Best of luck.

By cabacteria

Very sorry about your loss of Bingo. It is tragic when our animals die so quickly. My dog was running and happy one minute, and collapsed and died within one minute the next. I miss her terribly. There may be some possibilities you could rule out. In a study that I downloaded on sudden death in dogs, 7% of the 1900 or so that were studied, died from sudden death and of that 7%, 33% died from heart related problems. In plain English, that means that about 2 or 3 dogs in a hundred die from a heart attack, the remaining 4 or 5 from GI-related problems, poison, snake bite, etc. You say that your dog was showing symptoms for about 45 minutes? If the cause of death was heart attack or something like an aneurysm or aortic stenosis, the dog probably would have passed much more suddenly. Although it is very possible Bingo was having a heart attack---just as a human would---and showed symptoms for a period of time. Do you live in a rural areas where snakes are a problem? Any possibility of something laying around the yard that could have been eaten by accident, etc.? Was the dog previously healthy with no stomach issues, etc.? If not, then probably heart related. The only way to be positive would be to have an autopsy which I believe must be done within several days. We chose not to, as I thought it would be undignified for Molly. Also, her symptoms were so sudden and occurred while she was running and excited, that I'm convinced it was heart related and nothing else. Hopefully, you will have fond memories of your pet to help you in the days ahead, but grief takes its own time. Best of luck

By janet

Christine, please, if you feel like it, email me. I do so understand how you are feeling. I am still in such horrible pain after losing my Annie, my soul mate, to a sudden death. It is so difficult to deal with her death, and I feel so bad that I was not with her. My thoughts are with you... keep in touch with me... Hugs, Janet, Annie's mom

By tonythibodeaux

i just lost my beloved chihuahua tipsy this morning she was going to be 10 on january 2010 she seemed perfectly fine last night and this morning she went out like she normally did but she didnt come back she just collasped and died right there im devastated its like losing one of your best friends and the thing that i cant except is that it happened all of a sudden R.I.P tipsy i miss you

By mel_dorman

My heart really goes out to everyone here. Sudden death is something that was completely foreign to me. I was at the dog park today with my 7 year-old and 1 year-old boxers. Everything was totally fine until my older boy, Oscar, seized up and I thought that he had a cramp. I was holding him and his eyes were unfocused. I figured that he was having a seizure so I protected his head. Well, he went limp and his eyes immediately went cloudy. A friendly neighbor at the park tried giving him mouth-to-mouth but his heart slowed and stopped. Now I am totally inconsolable and feel so cheated. Oscar was at the vet two weeks ago and had a complete physical and checked out on all tests. I honestly don't know what would be easier- to have a sick dog but be able to say goodbye or to lose a dog suddenly in your arms? Oscar was my best friend and a dog that will never be forgotten. He was an incredible companion and the most charismatic soul I have ever met. He will be missed by all! My thoughts and prayers are with everyone else who has lost their best friend!

By brahmaforces

Reading everyone's comments here gives us some solace that we are not alone. This is like losing a child it is emotionally gut wrenching. Mystique Jedi Night my beautiful german shephard puppy otherwise in perfect health with no health problems just died. My 2 year old girl german shephard vomited once when I was leaving my art studio in the evening. I ascribed this to a heavier than normal lunch that she had. I was away for the night and left her with the caretaker of the studio. In the morning he called me and said she was making rasping sounds while breathing and to come over. I drove over immediately and found her with her eyes glazed and tongue hanging out. She was dead. She was in perfect health. She ran in the park in the day and played ball. I brushed her in the day. She did her training and jumped about everywhere. The next morning she was dead. We cremeated her in the garden, it took all day and buried her ashes today. I am looking to plant some flowers over her ashes. Until two days ago we were the happy owners of a beautiful German Shephard Dog. She was going to be 2 years old on Christmas day. She was the most intelligent, loving and beautiful dog. She was loved by everyone and gave everyone a warm welcome and lived with us at my art studio. Whenever people came she sat with us for meetings on the couch and became the life of the studio playing in the garden, and standing at the gate and running with the neighbourhood dogs. I have called vets, experts, breeders and have got the following responses. She could have died due to: 1) Cardiac arrest 2) GSDs that are highly pedigreed can be genetically weak and prone to heart disease 3) Poisioning by eating a rat, insect or lizard or something that caused a reaction 4) Bloat (But she vomited and i read somewhere that in bloat this is not possible I dont know what the real cause is. She was only 2 years ago. In perfect health. Me and my wife are heart broken. We feel like we have lost our first child. Our studio has become empty and no one feels like going there now. We saw her at the gate when we came, and she followed us whereever we went there. She came as a puppy and captured everyones heart. We didnt realize that she became the soul of the place and it is impossibly empty without her. We are in shock. Only time will heal. We never ever thought that our 2 year old perfectly healthy beautiful german shephard, extremely loving and lovable good natured dog would just be dead one regular morning. Arjuna brahmaforces@gmail.com

By band26036

I am having a hard time dealing not only with the loss of my beloved Lola but with the sad way she died. We would have been together three years this February. I adopted her when her former owners, close friends of mine, died within a year of each other. She had been in the house with her dead master, the victim of a sudden, unexpected heart attack,for two days before they were discovered. She was six and I had known her as a pup. It was supposed to be temporary, until I could find her a new home. She was a Japanese chin who shed a lot. She was a quiet lapdog who I didn't think would get along with my playful Westie. I had a small apartment and a lease that only allowed one dog. But I fell in love with her funny face, the way she danced, her flood of goodnight kisses and how hard she worked to adjust to my house and to please me. She wanted to be my dog. I couldn't let her go. The first year together was one of turmoil. Lots of changes and temporary arrangements until we found a new place for the three of us. Lola came into a her own in her new home as a much loved little princess. She was so happy. How she loved being petted and groomed. For 11 months everything seemed wonderful. Then last winter, her first in a cold climate, she started coughing now and then. The vet said it was congestive heart failure. It sounded so ominous. But she had no signs of advanced disease. She was spirited, active and most importantly happy. There was only that cough. After she ate, she asked for more, please. She expected some apple in the evening and a treat before bed and let me know when it was time. She still was doing her little dances and spins up to the end. She loved going for walks when it wasn't too hot, wet or cold. We explored Central Park on my birthday in April. Sometimes the night time coughing was a little more frequent usually when it was cold or damp, but sometimes it was just a single soft cough in the evening. She had great checkups. The vet said she was doing fine. The last time he saw her was the Friday before she died. The murmur hadn't grown worse. She still had no major symptoms that he saw. On Halloween she was at the door greeting the trick or treaters with her "woo woo"s. She was jumping around providing her night time entertainment, presenting her head for petting, demanding her apple with a stamp of her paw Sunday and Monday. She seemed a little quiet on Tuesday but not to the point it was alarming. There were little changes over the months. She didn't jump on furniture quite as often, or explore the yard when she went out quite as often, maybe she panted a little more often but nothing really worrisome. I was sure we had a lot more time together. I looked forward to out third Christmas and hoped the winter wasn't a bad one. As usual I was up at late at my computer that night and woke her from a quiet sleep for one last trip outside and then to bed It was 1 AM. As usual she coughed a couple of times when she laid back down. But this night, like one night before in September, she couldn't get settled. Like that earlier night, the temperature had dropped a lot and the house was a little chilly. When she started coughing again I brought her into me bed and held her close to me and put a blanket over her body She slept there quietly for a few minutes but she wasn't comfortable. She jumped off the bed to find another resting place. Each time she chose a new place or a different room she coughed four or five times. This went on for almost two hours, Every five or ten minutes she would wander, settle down, cough and then get up again. I was going to have to discuss this with her vet in the morning. He hadn't thought the September incident was a major problem and she was almost back to normal the next day. But I didn't like this development. Finally she seemed to have fallen asleep. I could hear her breathing a little heavily in the next room. Then suddenly she came to my room and put her paws on my bed, her signal to be lifted up. She was panting rapidly and seemed distressed and frightened like she sometimes was during a big thunderstorm. It was now 3:30 in the morning. I petted her trying to comfort her and calm her down. The panting grew faster and developed a strange rhythm. My Westie rushed over to her side looking worried, Lola looked so vulnerable and scared. She laid across my lap. Now I was scared. The closest emergency vet was a 20 minute drive away. When I got up to the computer to print out the directions, half awake, afraid I would get lost, afraid she would die in the car, she came to the edge of the bed closest to me and stretched her head over the edge toward me. I patted her twice. She nuzzled her head in my hand then walked to the top of my bed. Suddenly she collapsed, a flood of yellow liquid flowing from her nose. I screamed her name and "No" No! No!" over and over. She seemed to have stopped breathing but when I touched her I felt a shallow movement. I threw on m

By auntiescrooge

We had the same thing happen to our beautiful little 9 year old female jack russell. I just wanted to say that we know how you feel, gutted and utter devastation hardly begins to describe the feeling that you feel when you find an apparently healthy little animal lifeless when you awaken. Its been 5 months now since we lost her and yet I still shed tears every day because she is no longer beside me. Had she been ill or anything I think it would have been easier to accept the loss.. So to all of you who have lost your much loved pets, you have my love and sympathy, its just as bad as losing a loved family member, but sometimes harder because you live with your pet 24/7. Di xx Tasmania

By daleflack8

My little Dalmatian Kobi Died December 26th without and symptoms, we were out walking and noticed a twitch in his back left leg...he continued running nthrough the gress then just stoppep and wet himself..I picked him up and carried him home to call the vet, he passed away in the car on the way no more than 10 min after he was bounding through the field. So sudden and so young..he was only 5 Months..absulutely devistating.

By luvingdenver

I lost my 14 year old Sheltie 2 months ago and still cry all the time. He and I went to get our mail and our nightly walk and he came home and layed at the bottom of the steps. I coaxed him up the steps, he got on his favorite chair and then on the floor on his side and his nose was ice cold and his mouth was twitching and I could see his soul leaving me. I am so devestated.

By band26036

I need to add that her vet said she had probably died after rupturing a cord that held her heart and valves in place. The vet at the Japanese Chin Club had the same opinion. They said it was impossible to foresee and nothing could have been done. But I will he haunted by the terror in her sweet face. Brokenhearted by her soft final goodbye. I will miss my funny face, pretty princess forever.

By auntiescrooge

Just wanted to say that you are not alone in how you feel. Losing your beloved pet like that is the most heartbreaking thing that I think anyone can go through or even endure through. We found our much loved little dog outside on the cement under the back porch, she had apparently just laid down and died, and like you we didn't get an autopsy because my husband said as much as he wanted to know what caused her death he didn't wan't to know. (presumambly guilt in case we had missed a vital clue that all was not well with her.) She was only 9 years old and just loved and got excited about everything we did and she did in life, whether it was just mowing the lawns or weeding the garden, she always found something exciting to do.. she loved getting the mail and bringing in the daily paper, loved going camping, walking didn't matter what it was she was always ready willing and waiting. Her only fault was that she was not a good traveller, she used to go right off, and would bark incessantly, jump, and chew anything she could put her teeth to.. although she absolutely loved the truck and going to different places travelling seem to turn something in her brain.. it was like a completely different little animal.. Even though its been six months since she left us, I often find myself in tears and the loss is still almost as unbearable. Even my husband is still struggling with the loss, our other little dog was fretting so badly we went and got another little mate for her, but as much as we love the both of them its just not the same with our Apache and never will be. Anyway all I really wanted to say is that my heart goes out to you and your boyfriend for your loss, no one can really appreciate how much love you get from our animals and what they mean to us, we live with them 24/7 as they do us, so they give us their uncondional love for whatever we choose to do for them or give them.. how little or how much they don't care. And considering where you found him, you have given him a much better life than he would have had otherwise.. a quality seven years of life.. many do not get so lucky... Hugs and Hugs to you Di x

By Rogerdw2

I never new a dog could die that quick till yesterday. My 9 yr old Golden Ret/Boxer mix Sheba Was healthy active and a perfect pet.On Jan 1 2010 around 7pm she started whinning like she wanted out to potty I let her out and had to call her to get her in.She would lay down for about and then get up whinning like she wanted back out so thinking she had a tummy ache and was eating grass I let her back out.I got her in a little later but nothing had changed she would walk around with her head down and when she laid down she would moan and wimper I called a vet hospital and they wouldn't see her unless I paid 125 dollars up front and they wanted 100 for x-ray and another150 for blood test all up front.Well needles to say I don't have that kind of money just laying around and don't use ccards so I had to wait till saturday to call my vet and got her a appointment.By the time I was able to get ahold of the vet she could hardly get off the floor by the time I got her in the car she died. SHEBA was a perfect dog we did everything together other than work if I went somewhere she was with me.She slept beside me in bed,she greated me at the door I could let her out and she wouldn't leave the yard.In warm weather I would come home from work and take her and our little dog to the baseball diamond to run and play fetch.Now I'm lost without her.It has torn me up inside and out.I have no kids so she was just like a daughter to me.I'm haveing her creamated tomarrow and placing her ontop of my tv with her picture and halter.My heart goes out to all that have gone thru this.I LOVE YOU SHEBA YOU WILL ALWAYS BE IN MY HEART AND MIND.You were the greatest friend I will ever have.Rest in peace.

By trainer

Awoke at 4:00 AM Tuesday to take husband an hour away for cardiac surgery. We went to let our three bullies out to go potty and found our male dead. He was only three years old and had spent a wonderful day playing in the snow and had a relaxing night before putting him in his bed. He did have a history of seizures, heart murmur and small trachea, but we handled all of these issues with meds and diet and careful monitoring of his activities. We are heart broken. Swaddled our boy and placed him in a safe place in our home. It was torture leaving him, no Vets were available that early in the morning and we had to drive an hour and a half away for my husbsnds scheduled surgeries. Friends came to our home and took our boy to the Vets. We spoke with our Vet and he feels it was cardiac arythmia...simply went to sleep and never woke up. He showed no signs of seizure activity or distress from the position his body was in and no soiling of his bedding, etc. . Our other two are constantly searching for their little buddy. I just pray he went the way the Vet thinks, can't dare to think of him frightened or in pain. I'll miss him forever. He was a little angel. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who have suffered a loss. Cathy

By karen.benda

I'm so sorry for your loss. We lost our beautiful lab mix several weeks ago. She was running around looking normal suddenly collapsed and 3 hours later she died in at the emergency vet. We understand that she had fluid around her heart probably caused by a fast growing tumor. Her lips and gums turned blue as we were rushing her to the ER and when they performed surgery to remove the fluid her heart stopped. I have been told that many dogs will not make it as long as she did but rather collapse and die. These heart tumors grow rapidly and will put pressure on the heart and cause collapse sometimes bleeding out as it did with her. We had just taken her to the vet the day before and had bloodwork done a month ago. There were no clinical signs of any problems she had a perfect health diagnosis. We were shocked and all I can do is cry myself. My thoughts are with you and I hope you are able to find closure. We are still questioning exactly what happened as she showed no signs.

By tracy5756

My dog Rex just died. He is the second to die in less than 4 months. I played with him this morning and feed him around 4:30 pm.,which is earlier than normal, but i was going to a christmas party and he didn't like to eat after it got to dark. I was only gone for 4 hours and whan i got home his stomach was real tight and he would not move in less than 20 minutes he was dead.This is the second pet I have lost during christmas, last year my 14 year old cat was laying in my bed dead when i got home from my brothers christmas day and she seemed fine when i left that day.I love animals and i breaks my heart to lose my best friends. I got Rex only 5 years ago, 2 days after my Ma-Ma died(we were very close)and he was such a comfort to me. Rex was not in good health when i got him, he was very skinny and dirty. I bought him from a man who did not take care of him. But with many trips to the vet and love Rex became a big beautiful baby. Rex was a redbone hound who would not hunt a thing and was scared of loud noises which most likely the reason the man i got him from didn't take care of him. But the minute i saw this scared dirty skinny boy i knew i had to have him. i will miss so much, he was my big baby who just wanted someone to hold and love him. he was alittle big to be a lapdog but we managed. he will always be in my heart. i love you rex take care of chi-chi and fat kat for me.

By jspaige00

I am suffering so greatly right now. My best friend and companion of seven years died suddenly on Christmas Day. I am so thankful that he didn't suffer long and that I was by his side, but I am wrought with the guilt that I should have know something was wrong. He was a golden retriever / great pyrenese mix - 7 years old. I've had him since the day I found him under a dumpster at 3 mos old. He was my everything - never so apparent as when he left. My boyfriend, who also loved him dearly, and I were sitting on the couch watching a movie. Simon, after a walk and playing tug - all the normal stuff, was resting on the floor. He awoke to get some water and fell fast and hard to the ground, but he bounced right back up. 2 seconds later he was down again and we ran to his side and held him, thinking he was having a seizure for the first time. He let out a short heart breaking howl and died. I'm having the hardest time with this. Even the people I've lost in my life have gone with some predictability and usually with the relief of some long suffering. I'm so thankful he went fast and DIDN'T endure long suffering and left in my arms - but now I'm just dying of heartbreak. He went to all his regular check ups, tested negative for heart worms a few months back, and was a very healthy boy. In my shock and grief I neglected a post mortem, but now I wish I had answers. We are picking up his ashes today and spreading them in the forest where he loved to go hiking. He was my first dog and I knew him so so well, and he me. We were a team, and now I feel like part of ME is missing - I'm just looking for some sort of solace now. I don't know what to do and i hate not knowing why he died at only seven. JP

By sweetreba77

I lost my dog 2 weeks ago. I am still looking for answers which is how I found this blog. December 20, 2009 was the worst day of my life. My dog who I rescued in 2004, was about a year and a half when I got her and 6 1/2 at her passing. She was a 20lb papillon mix. I am so shocked and devastated at her death. She was acting weird the day before, walking in circles a little bit, just being kind of goofy. She was a silly dog so I thought she was being weird, she still was eating and drinking and remaining with me. Usually when she didn't feel well she hid from me under my bed. She had just been to the vet on Tuesday getting a urine test. She was perfectly fine. We had done a lot of work in 2009 with xrays and blood, etc. She had luxating patellas (knees) and bladder crystals which just cleared up. I thought the strange behavior might have been reaction to the pain in her knees or her pain medicine. I called the vet but didn't see reason to worry, they didn't say to bring her in right away. I figured I would wait till morning and see how she was. I didn't know she was in distress and I feel so bad. Sunday I still wasn't terribly worried, never in a million years did I think she was dying. I got her leash to take her to the vet and as she walked towards me, she fell over. That's when the panic began. I brought her in and they said she was critical, they did xrays and blood and the only thing they could see was a slightly enlarged heart from her last xray. She had an oxygen mask on and was being given fluids. They called me right after I left her to come back as they thought she was dying. I couldn't stay in the back but I pet her and comforted her and then I couldn't leave so I paced the parking lot for hours. Then the vet said she was stable and her heartbeat was normal, I was to go home and come back to get her before closing in a couple hours. I had hope she would be fine since before they said she would need to go to emergency when they closed and now they said she could go home. An hour later, they called me back. They were doing CPR on her when I got there and she was gone. My heart is broken and I still don't know why she died. I hate that others went through what I did, but at least I get small comfort in knowing that it's something that sometimes just happens and it wasn't necessarily my fault. I still feel guilty and miss her so much. She was my child, my only companion and company. She followed me everywhere and did everything with me. My house is so lonely now. Sudden death, how awful. No expectation, no warning, young dogs taken too soon.

By kate.moulton

You do know it’s only a dog right? How could some say that to us at a time like this? Those haunting words keep echoing in my ears as both my husband and I struggle to understand why at such a young age one of our precious pets was taken away from us. There are those who can’t understand why people like us consider their pet as one of their family members. Our beautiful Suki, an 8 month old Dogue de Bordeaux, was only with us for a short 5 months but the pain of loosing her seems unbearable right now. She was a happy playful puppy one minute then paralyzed the next. We did all we could for her but her little body just gave out. We needed to know why, so in a few shorts months we'll have our answer but for now no matter why this happened it's still a hard pill to swallow. It will be all those memories of joy that she gave us in the short few months that she was with us, that will eventually bring us the strength to help mend our broken hearts. Her memory will live on in our hearts but for now January 8, 2010 will be a date that brought us great sadness.

By petpeeve

My heart is sad for everyone who has lost their pet. I've had pets before that have perished, but they were usually old and sickly so it was expected. I used to dream of having a team of sled dogs and one day it became a reality. We picked up a Siberian Husky and bred her; she gave us 8 beautiful puppies and we kept them all. They're 9 years old and we take them mushing; I've even slept in the barn with them if one is ill. I keep a close eye on their gait, breathing, diet, and weight because they're working athletes and yet, Sunday March 1st, 2009 one of them suddenly and unexpectedly perished. The loss of this pet has hit me harder than any before; I watched the birthing process, raised and trained them, and they allow me to work with them as part of their team. I have children, but somehow, this group of dogs is as important as my kids. It was a complete shock! I'm awaiting the necropsy report and suspect there would have been nothing we could have done as there were no visible symptoms. Her name was Spot because she had a speckled nose. I miss her terribly and it doesn't seem right that she's not with her litter mates. I feel bad for everyone's loss but grateful that we can all share in each others experiences and know that each of us is not alone.

By petpeeve

I'm sorry to hear about Katie. I am not a veterinarian but I have a team of sled dogs and a pet resort and have experienced many things. Usually a consolidated lung is the result of a viral, bacterial, or fungal infection. Leaving Katie outside for 4 hours in any temperature would not likely have caused this and neither would hypothermia. I hope you're not blaming yourself for not realizing something was wrong. Dogs have very different physiology than humans and their systems are better equipped to compensate for problems. The problem with compensating is that we quite often don't see any symptoms and therefore realize there's a problem. The dog is sick but doesn't show it. Fluid can even build up in the lung(s) from congestive heart failure. These things can be sudden and without warning from what I've personally experienced.

By sdsmiley

This morning my brother in law and sister lost their 14 month old german shepherd. I have two shepherds myself and bred this puppy that passed suddenly. He was such a good dog they are absolutely devasted. They fed him a hot dog for the first time last night and gave him a few treats, then let him play in the backyard. He threw the hot dog up. but was acting totally fine. This morning my brother stopped by his kennel to say hi to the dog it licked him and he was on his way. A few hours later my sister went to let him out of his kennel and he was dead. The vet said she was 95% sure it was gastric torsion a very serious emergency that cause the stomach to twist and shut off blood supply to the organ. This is a very sudden painful death in large breed dogs. he weighed about 100lbs and was lean with a deep chest. She said that was common in these body types. We wish there would have been more signs of this present. Maybe this is the case to those of you who lost a young shepherd suddenly. I am very saddened for all of you, shepherds are such good dogs and truely mans best friend.

By MShafer

I lost my 18 month old cairn terrier mix two days ago. He was outside running, chasing squirrels and cats outside the fence and the next thing looked and he was on the ground and was without resirations or heart beat. He had no vomiting, diarrhea or other healthproblems. He had been heart worm tested and was negative. I am heartbroken as he was a best buddy and it was so unexpected and sudden. I am trying to take comfort in the sudden losses others have written about, knowing I am not grieving alone.

By cherijohnson

Our beloved Cairn Terrier, Haylie was five years old and two months when she passed away suddenly Thursday evening, April 2nd, 2009. She had just had a small surgery for a broken tooth 15 days before and had a complete physical, blood panel, etc. and the works for this simple surgery to insure her safety and to give us a baramoter on her health. After our daily evening walk before bed, she came home, was happy and bubbly as usual and suddenly went to the floor on her back, legs shaking a little and an unusual sound of pain. She rolled to her side, yelped when I tried to pet her and then she was gone. Bruce and I are beyond grief - we are tormented as to what caused this and did not want to put her thru an autopsy. It was our search for an answer (and some meaning) that brought us to this site.

By adsvick11

Last night i was in the basement when i heard my mom scream. our dog, a wheaton terrior, which we got a few dyas before christmas was in the back yeard. our dog was only a few months old. she never had any health problems or anything. we took fantastic care of her and everything was great. but yesterday she sounded like she was choking on something because of the consistent gagging and throwing up of this clear-like fluid. she ate a whole bowl of food, so there was obviosuly nothing in her throat after this. as i was in the basemtn i heard my mom screwam, i ran upstairs and to the door that led to the backyard where my mom was. as i looked out, i see our new puppy, laying on the ground, lifeless. we rushed her to the vet but there waast any hope. she had already died. we still dont know why it happened for sure, but the vet was saying how abnormal it was for a 3 month old puppy to suddenly die like that. we were told it was possibly something heart related like a heart attack...or an annurism. point is: no matter how old your pet is...anything can happen. and unfortunately, i learned this 12 hours ago.

By nalugirl2nv

I share everyone's pain -- but mine is a bit different because my 6-year-old male German Shepherd Dog, Kona, has been diagnosed with ventricular tacchycardia, and I've been told that Kona will probably die of sudden death as a result. Over the years, Kona has survived more than his share of rare disorders -- if I had a nickel for every time that his posse of veterinary specialists started a diagnosis with "I've never seen a dog that had . . ." followed by the most unnerving catalog of symptoms, I would have retired long ago. And, my Kona has survived -- and thrived -- despite the naysayers who didn't expect him to live for a year, let alone nearly seven. But now, I feel like there is the proverbial axe just waiting to fall. At first, I was terrified to even let him out of my sight, let alone chase rabbits, go for long walks, or even experience the excitement of going for a ride in the car. But then I realized that he needs to live his life as he chooses to, no matter how anxious it might make me. But that doesn't change the fact that I watch him like a hawk, and wake up several times throughout the night to make sure he's still breathing. They told me last July that he probably wouldn't live six more months, and yet, here we still are. He's on a new medication (the last one left for us to try, according to his doctors), which has a laundry list of side effects (none of which Kona has exhibited yet). After that, another Holter test and then another prognosis. To say that Kona is the love of my life is an understatement. I've lost 5 German Shepherds in the last 10 years, and he's my sole (or should I say "soul") survivor. I'm trying to stay in the moment but this has been a real test of my resolve. As for all of you who are concerned that you didn't do "enough" or that you should have somehow known that something was wrong, stop, stop, stop. Look at my situation -- I have knowledge, I've been given a diagnosis, I'm doing all I can to proactively manage Kona's disease, and the outcome might still be the same for me as for so many of you. Be glad of your time together.

By stephaniesylvester

My heart goes out to everyone who has posted their stories here. Yesterday, my sweet, funny 2.5 year old Golden passed away, suddenly. I stayed home from work yesterday and I am so grateful that I was able to be there for her last day. We played and she was her usual joyful self. I was cleaning the house and anytime I go near the kitchen door, she wants to go outside. She ran outside and a few minutes later, I heard her barking and looked out the window to see that she was excited about some kid walking down the street. She ran to the other side of the house so that she could still see him as he continued to walk. I decided to call her into the house but I saw that she was lying on her side. I thought she was hurt so I ran outside and by the time I got there, she was gone. Not even a total of 2 minutes after seeing her running on the other side of our home. The vet said that her trachea was clear so she didn't choke on anything and she had no visible signs of injury. They did a basic autompsy just to rule out any obvious causes of this tragedy but they said she appeared to be perfectly healthy. Without an extensive autopsy, they can only assume that it was a blood clot. I waited 28 years to get my first dog and when I did, I got the most loving, well-behaved and joyful dog in the world. My only comfort right now is knowing that her passing was very quick so she did not have to suffer. I also believe that she came into my life when I needed her most. My husband and I had a very difficult situation that we needed to deal with, but no matter how stressful our days were, she gave us a reason to smile and laugh every single day. I am not sure how I am going to get through this. It just seems so unfair that she only lived for 2 1/2 years, but I am trying to take comfort in the fact that she had 2 1/2 WONDERFUL years. My husband and I loved her like she was our baby and we are just crushed and lost without her.

By annettemanlapaz

That is pretty much what happend with our Buster who is a Boxer. He was a very, very health pup (2 1/2) who would jog with us and was very playful. He lost him last Friday, April 10th. We were home all that day and he appeared to be fine! He was playing with us and playing with our other Boxer, Precious. We left the house about 3:30 to take the kids out for the day, came home about 10 and he was dead! Our neighbor heard him about 9:30 barking at their other dog so he was alive and well at 9:30 and thirty minutes later he was gone; still warm to the touch. We were devestated not knowing what happened, especially the kids. Since it was late on a Friday and not knowing what to do, we just buried him the next day under a beautiful tree and the kids made a stone and cross for him. This kind of puts my mind at ease, in an unfortunate way, that we are not alone in this kind of terrible situation. Sorry to everyone who has lost their beloved pet..

By lalexanderbluiz

I lost Bella, our german shepherd/border collie mix on March 28, 2009. She was just 2 1/2 years old. She was fine all day. She played in the backyard with our neighbors dog....they chased each other. She had a normal bowel movement, she ate and appear completley fine all day...I was home with her the entire day. When I left to run to the store she was in the family room. When I returned 1 1/2 hours later she was in her bed that is by the patio doors (this was her favorite spot). She looked like she was sleeping and I said she must be tired because she didn't move when I walked in (which is not abnormal for her). When I started to walk up to her I notice she didn't move to acknowledge me coming. As I looked at her I saw that she was dead. She was still warm to the touch, but no heart beat. She really did look like she was just sleeping. I am heart broken beyond words. Cannot believe something so beautiful, loving and young is out of my life. I was in so much shock that I just couldn't even dial the phone. When we got her to the vets office he confirmed she had passed. I choose not to have her opened up to satisfy my curiosity, but now it is so hard to not know what happened. She was my child and I watched over her like a mother. She never once showed signs of any problems. She was a bundle of energy and extremly intelligent. She was just so young.

By oconnellstreet


By MShafer

My last post was after my 18 month old cairn terrier had died. I'm sitting here reading recent comments, crying about our losses but also have to remind myself that these beatiful, generous, loving family members left us with much. I have not yet reached the moment when I can be comforted by those memories but Iknow that time will come. I empathize with everyone who expresses a broken heart because that is what I feel. My little Duffy was truly an "angel dog" as he helped me heal, brought happiness, devotion, etc. I should have known he wouldn't be here long because he lived so much in so short of time. I can be written at MShafer@comcast.net. OTherwise I send my heartfelt tears and hugs to all suffering and sharing a similar loss.

By jmtoots

I just lost my 9 yr old boxer, Brooklyn about 2 hrs ago. The only sign we had was that her eating had slowed and she dropped about 2 lbs. But she's always been a picky eater and for her to go up and down a couple pounds wasn't uncommon. We switched her to a new senior food about a week ago and also added some canned food like we usually do. She was just fine this morning and all afternoon, playing and barking like normal. I left to run some errands and within ten minutes my 15yr old son and 7yr old daughter called me crying that she was gone, no warning what so ever. She had just finished drinking some water and barking at a squirrel and my daughter told me she layed down in her favorite spot by the porch and fell asleep and by the time I arrived at the store 10min later, she was gone. I tried to revive her cause her body was still warm when I got home but it was no use. My condolences to all who have posted a blog about the loss of not just their pets but their family members. R.I.P Brooklyn and all the other angels. Sincerely, The Torres Family

By goodman

bigwaterscapes, that is exactly what happened to my dog very early Saturday morning. He seemed fine all day, ate and drank well but when we tried to get him to go out before we went to bed, he did his duty then just layed down in the grass. We had to really coax him back in the house. Then we noticed his breathing was labored and his mouth and gums were very pale. He would stand up and just stare. We were also on the way to the emergency vet when he passed in the backseat of the car. He is a 90 lb lab mix that my husband had to carry out to the car. He was much loved and very missed, he was only 9 years old. He had problems with his back legs and was at the vet on Thursday and at that point she told us he was a healthy dog other than his leg problems. This is just devastating to have this happen so fast. I sympathize with everyone who has gone through this.

By spacyinpdx

I am so sorry. I lost my 2 year old lab/border collie mix yesterday at the park. it was so sudden. My son and i are still in shock. i dont know what happened. he was fine that morning, eating and playing as normal. that afternoon we took him to the park, and played some ball. he ran and fetched as always, tail wagging and all. he brought the ball to my sons feet and fell on his side. he seized for only 30 seconds and went into cardiac arrest and died. we are so lost and confused. we adopted him only three months ago, but are very attached and loved him so much. we understand how you feel. and you and your family are not alone!

By bekais


By Karens40th

Hello- I'm am devasted for you because it is SUCH a great loss and I feel for everyone else's great loss on this sight. I know the pain you feel all to well. On Thursday, February 5th, 2009 our beautiful Rooney, a male 2.5 year old yellow lab died with no warning. He was fit and full of life. He excercised playing fetch at the park nearly everyday and would run and run. We were scheuduled to go to Florida on a 6AM flight the next day, and dropped him off at the kennel where he was born, to stay the weekend. He LOVED the farm/kennel where he was born and we had taken him there several times when we went on vacation. Two hours after we dropped him off the breeder called to say that he was playing in the field and "dropped dead". We are just devastated. The breeder took him to our vet and there was no sign of trauma and his stomach contents were fine so he did not ingest anything. There were no signs of snake bites. His gums were pink and his eyes were clear. Our vet seems to think that he had a blood clot that dislodged to his brain. We did not want to have his skull cracked to find this out. We cancelled our trip and researched it for weeks. He was the picture of perfect health and had his heartguard and frontline faithfully. He had been just tested for heartworms 3 weeks prior and had his heart checked as well. He was 64 pounds and VERY fit and had a special place in our heart and on our couch:>) Now here's the odd part. When I researched this 4 months ago, I did not see NEARLY as many posts about a healthy dog dropping dead as I do today. I was thinking of Rooney today and the "not knowing" part still eats at me everyday, so I decided to look it up again. I'm wondering if there is something "out there" that is killing these young, healthy precious dogs...if there is a common thread. I wonder if we were to all say what we feed, treated, routine, and the products that we used, if we could find a common thread as to why these very healthy dogs dropped dead. Like I said, it seems like since February, there is a TON of posts, that pretty much say the same thing, and the same diagnosis of "blood clot"....but why? Maybe I'm grasping at straws, but after 11 weeks of not having my baby Rooney, we got a Female Golden Retriever when she was 10 weeks old. She is a very good dog and I DO NOT want the same thing to happen to her. Rooney was my first and only dog and he was totally my baby. I got another dog quickly because I knew if I waited, I would not get another one, for fear this would happen again. I need to protect her if there is something on the market that is killing our dogs. I don't want to make the same mistake. Sorry this is so long but it looks like it's becoming very common!

By lovesacbaby

I'm so sorry to hear the news as well. These stories are tearing me up. I am in Maui on vacation and still can't sleep or stop thinking about losing my sister 4 year old german shorthair. My sister lost her full term human baby one day after she was due from birth complications, after we came home her dog started acting wierd. Puka (her dog) wouldn't go anywhere near her. Puka previously laid on her stomach every night and I think understood something had happened to the baby. Anyway we had a very similar story to yours. I was taking care of her 3 days later and she ate breakfeast and went for a ride with me in my truck. However this time she wouldn't sit in the front seat, she wasn't hanging her face out the window, she just started laying down in the back seat. Sometime between errands she died. She had blood bruised all over her stomach etc.. which i understand means there was some type of cardiovascular or kidney failure. I thought at first that i had left her in the car too long or something but that didn't make sense because it wasn't hot at all outside. Anyway I have also heard that her symptoms could possibly be from poison as well. If you guys find any more info or if there is something out there hurting those most precious to me let me know. My only current explanation to why this dog may have died is the fact that she was so sensitive to our feelings that the whold baby death may have radiated through Pukas sweet heart. I pray that none of us have to go through that again!

By jimoberg

I feel your pain. My 11 month old yellow lab died yesterday morning Apr 20 very suddenly. I understand what happened but I still DON'T understand is how this could happen to such a young dog. It is quite emotionally devastating although not like losing a child but still it is very emotionally painful. He ate all of his breakfast ( my that dog loved to eat - anything ). He played awhile with our great dane and came sat by me for awhile like he always does. All of a sudden he gets up, goes in and out of his doggy door about ten times, the last time he came in his mouth was all foamy. I followed him outside to the back yard and he'd stop to make sure I was following. He lay down in the grass. tried to vomit several times, it looked like but only foam woud come out. He took a few more deep hard breaths and stopped breathing. I held him and hoped I could somehow revive him but he was already gone. His body did a few more sudden jerks because I think he was actually having a heart attack and then he was still. I was in such such that this could so suddenly happen. I'm still in shock. I took him to our vet for creamation and he told me it could have been an alergic reaction or the stomach turned. I watched the movie Marley and me and that dog looked exactly like mine. That's the first I heard about stomach turns. Anyway, I am still having a hard time dealing with it but time heals all pain. As long as he is in my thoughts, I know he will never be forgotten. It will just take time.

By mct915

Our approximately 4 1/2 year old shepard mix died suddenly Thursday evening. She was fine all day, playing with her sister, eating, running, everthing she did on a daily basis. She was outside with us for awhile, I brought her in with me, ran outside to check on the grill and came in to find her stretched out on the floor not moving. I panicked and called for her "dad" but there was nothing we could do. She cried a bit and passed on. We are completely shocked and devastated by this sudden, unexpected loss of our sweet girl Lola. We are responsible pet owners and kept up on all shots, exams etc. All vet exams yielded a healthy dog, we are at a total loss as to why this happened. Our only comfort is that we were with her so she heard our voices, felt our touch and smelled our scents before she passed. I've contemplated a necropsy but I feel that she is resting now and she should not be disturbed. We LOVE and MISS our SWEET GIRL LOLA!

By mct915

As I'm reading through these posts I'm finding comfort in the fact that we are not alone. It does not take away the immense grief and saddness we feel. May all of our beloved pets rest in piece.

By jennylm

I first want to express my deepest sympathy for everyone on here.We lost our baby suddenly(we adopted and are not sure but think she was about 7 or 8) tonight in the driveway. She went for her normal shots and heartworm test last week. She was drinking alot and not eating so I brought her in a few days later. They thought maybe it was a reaction to the shots. We kept our eye on her and noticed last night she was very out of it. No playing and still not eating. Didn't want to get up from laying down. She went to the vet today and had blood drawn and they said they would let us know tomorrow what they found. She seemed to be better today after the vet visit, playing with her kong with tail wagging. As I was pulling out of the driveway to go get some groceries my husband threw the kong for her and he started shouting.She had collapsed. I pulled in the driveway and ran out of the car to their side. She took a few strange gasps and was gone. Bad part is we can't bring her in to find out what happended until tomorrow because it is to late in the evening...so she is still here. We are sooooooo sad right now.

By everettsteve

I am sobbing as i sit here and write this post. A few hours ago my precious 2 1/2 year old black lab died with no apparent reason. He was the picture of health. I still think I am going to wake up from a bad dream. He had followed my daughter on the golf cart and ran around like he usually does. An hour after getting back to the house, we found him dead in the yard. I keep thinking either snake bite or heat exhaustion, but everything I research makes me think that wasn't it. Is there anybody that can shed some light on this tragedy.

By cheryls_rose

Our beautiful 10 week old boxer puppy, Sasha, just died. She was fine an hour before. She was playing, and barking, was as feisty as normal. She laid down on the couch with my 17 year old daughter and went to sleep, and next thing she knew, Sasha yelped,like she was in pain, urinated on herself and appeared to have a seizure. We tried to resuscitate her, but nothing we tried worked. We are all heartbroken right now. The breeder tells us that nothing like this has ever happened with one of their puppies before and want us to have her autopsied at our expense, but I don't know if we want to do that to her. If there is anyone else that has had something like this happen, please let us know.

By sheilawick

We lost our dear Jorge (airedale terrier) 5 days ago and are hearts are broken. I came home from work and Jorge was his usual happy self, always waiting for me to come through the front door to greet him. About 10 ten minutes later he was outside on our deck and fell flat on his tummy. We took Jorge to the vet and had tests done to find out he had a tumor that burst by his spleen. The vet did surgery on him and successfully removed the tumor. Later on a blood vessel popped and took his life. We were devastated. There are some people I would like to forget but never my dear Jorge.

By jtigrrl

Please know there is someone who knows how you feel. I lost my precious Bill on this July 4th. I had to work in the a.m. and returned home at 1:00 pm to find Bill laying in the yard. It looked like he had tried to run from firecrackers, as his lead was all tangeled up. Nothing can console me at this point. I have lost my best friend and feel terrible I was not there for him. It never occurred to me that there would be firecrackers going off and scaring him at that time of day. Bill was 13 years old and was starting to sleep very deeply and was not meeting me at the door as much any more. Still, there were may times he ran, romped, and always had a great appettite. I wish I had seen the signs of his age more clearly. He did get much more upset about things he didn't like; namely rain, and firecrackers. I had lost my dog Edgar to nerve damage 4 months before, and that was another stressor for Bill. He was happy when I was there but now I can see he was much lonelier when I had to leave him, and it was another stressor for him. I struggled to make time for him during the work week, but the week-ends were mostly for him. I loved him like nothing else and cry all the time. Please know that someone out here understands. I am so sorry for your loss. TJ.

By lzoelrich

We lost our 7 yr yellow female lab, Sam, 3 weeks ago while we were out of town visiting family. Sam was the best friend we ever had. She connected emotionally and loved us unconditionally. She lived to retrieve a ball. She was healthy and in great physical condition. Everyone called her the energizer bunny. The morning she died, she was completely normal. Ate her breakfast and drank perhaps much more water than usual. We were in the car and I commented to my husband that Sam was sitting up in the car and looking out the window, which was not her norm. Then she made 2 sounds that will forever haunt me and collapsed. We pulled the car over and my husband could find no pulse. We were 3 minutes away from an emergency vet hospital. They said that she was gone and nothing could be done. They checked her and no signs of anything so the said it could possibly be a massive heart attack or an aneurysm. We put her in a cooler with dry ice and drove 23 hours straight back home so she could be buried near our home. Her 5 year old sister, Zoie is totally lost as she looked at Sam as her mother and best friend. We are trying hard to get her through this but her zest is gone. We have a hole in our hearts as we miss Sam so much but try to put our energy into helping Zoie get through this. We are devastated that we lost our Sam so soon especially as she was so healthy except we did see her slow down the month before. She was experiencing arthritis in her back hips. Our vet gave us some Rimadyl to give her as needed. We only gave her 5 tablets over a 10 day period. Looking at other blogs on others that have lost their dogs, I am concerned that this may bave contributed to her death but who really knows. We are not going to dwell on the reason or look for blame as we just want to remember our best dog ever and ensure that her sister survives as we could not handle the loss of another dog. Thanks for the ability to talk about our Sam.

By jakz

My Casanova is gone. He died on July 4th - the worst day of my life to date. He was 18 months old. This year was the best of my life becasue of him. The sweetness of him will never leave me. Caz was a Boxer, 65 pounds and full of life. I found him lifeless in the yard, 15 minutes after he was left out. He didn't return when I whistled for him - this never happened. I cannot sleep. When I do, I don't want to wake. He was the first pup ever in my life. I wish I hadn't waited so long to love a dog.

By fsa_usa

We lost our 3 year old BOOMER -- a shar pei/labrador/pitbull mix -- on Friday July 3rd, 2009 at around 1:20 PM. He suffered a lot towards the end and cried and growled before the fluids he took from baby bottle spilled out of his mouth and he stopped breathing. Just before that I called out his name. He tried to wag his tail like he always did but he couldn't move it more than a little bit. He died that following instance. My son noticed a lump on his belly a day before on Thursday evening when he took him for a walk. My wife took him to the Vet emergency. They performed several tests and eliminated snake bite and a tumor. The lump did not exist prior to Thursday. It was the size of an avocado. It was red around the borders. It had a brown center. My Boomer was chocolate brown. We brought him home that night around 2 AM. He slept with us until 9 AM. When he woke up he walked outside to the back yard to pee but he sat down right there. He didn't get up to come inside so we had carry him in a towel to our car to take him to his vet. The vet using the same blood tests down earlier concluded that it was not a snake bite given the coagulation rate was normal for Boomer's blood. His organ function was fine and his electrolytes were normal. So he gave him some more shots of penicilin and anti-biotics and told us to take him to rest. He said he will be all right. And that to bring him back if he doesn't get better until 4 PM. That was at 10:30 AM or so. We brought BOOMER back home and he passed away after crying for quite a while at 1:20 PM. I had just made a call to the vet asking him about his condition and he repeated what he told us at the clinic -- to wait and give the medications time. The guilt we will always carry is that we didn't take him back to the vet sooner. And that, given the summer heat in Houston with all kinds of snakes and spiders out and about and in people's back yard, we didn't keep an eye on him ALWAYS when he was out relieving himself. The pain of losing him was unbearable for me, my wife, and my 13, and 9 year old boys. The first day I could not breath. I did not want to go on with the pain. I wanted to go on to the other side also so that I would meet him and make sure he was all right. When he was alive we made sure he was all right. He feared thunderstorms. He hated water on him. He hated baths. He hated getting his nails trimmed. He loved turkey jerky treats. He loved KFC. He loved hot dogs. He loved Peanut Butter. He loved chasing cats and squirrels. He loved the Pecan Park by our house. He loved looking out the windows opening to the front yard -- he spent almost ALL his life doing that ...would NEVER tire of it. He loved riding cars with the window rolled down. He loved all five of us together on the bed as a family. He loved us. We will always love him. And I will look forward to meeting him when I pass away also. I know I will meet him and he will be happy to see me like he always did when he saw me back from work. ALWAYS!

By sandraanddeane

Hi.. I am new to this site, after searching for answers over the sudden death of my gorgeous Little Yorkshire Terrier...Shez. I miss her so much, she was so beautiful and so clever and I will never forget the whole weekend for the rest of my life. I am absolutely devastated and traumatized. It was a bank holiday weekend...on the Saturday, I stroked her beautiful little head and she yelped. I immediately called our usual vet and took her there immediately. She was diagnosed with an absess in her mouth. She was given an antibiotic injection and a course of antibiotic tablets. I was told to give her one twice a day, which I did, it was even written on the back of the tablets prescribed. An hour after giving her, her 4th tablet on the Bank Holiday Monday, she started panting, drool was coming from her little nose and her back legs collapsed. I would describe it as having some kind of stroke. Being a Bank Holiday Monday, I immediately rushed her to the emergency vets. She had bouts of panting on the way. The receptionist said that the vet will be with you in a minute, but as she said this, my little babe yelped and completely collapsed in my arms. The vet immediately came out and laid her on his table, he said that she had gone. He then asked would you like me to try and bring her round, he did not seem encouraging or enthusiastic about being able to bring her back and offered no explanation at this point as to what may be wrong with her...but it was obvious that she had gone, blood was coming from her mouth and she was barely breathing. In a state of panic and disbelief, all I could think of is that I did not want her to be in any pain...and therefore I said no let her go. As she was struggling to breathe, he offered an injection to make it quicker...I just couldn't believe it. I was in complete shock. I comforted her and told her how much I loved her and how much I will miss her and I watched in horror as she slipped away. Her little eyes showed pain with each of the 3 injections that she was given. I have never seen a dog, that has been given a death injection, and I will never forget the look of fear pain and panic on her little face. I am absolutely devastated that I even saw this, it haunts me every day. It has now been 10 months and I still cry every day because I miss her so much....I can't forget the picture of her little face as she slipped away....It is so quiet and lonely without her. I completely miss everything about her...going to bed at night, getting up with me in the morning, our walks around the block, her exited greeting when ever I come in the house...I truly am traumatized and devastated. I truly feel that I am going to die of a broken heart. Since her death, I did a search on the tablets that she was given, which were Stomorgyl 2...All of the searches that I found, states that a dog should take one a day...so why was I told to give her one twice a day? She was such a tiny little thing. I cannot tell you how I feel. The thought that I may have poisoned her with these tablets is driving me mad. The one person that she most trusted, let her down. I emailed the manufacturer of the tablets and asked if they thought that 2 of these tablets a day for a tiny yorkshire terrier may have been too strong. They refused to comment and said that they needed to know my dogs medical history. I emailed them back and told them that she had no medical history. She was healthy and active and was on no other medication. They refused to comment and said that they could only discuss the facts with my vet. The nearest emergency vet that I went to on that horrible day, was not that helpful and said that he was unsure as to the cause of her sudden death…although he stated that drool coming from her little nose was a sign of kidney failure, could this have been caused by the tablets being too strong? Being in such shock and in absolute tears, I just wanted to take her home. I held her and spoke to her for hours before I finally had to give her, her final farewell kiss and bury her. If a vet is reading this post, do you think that 2 of these tablets a day, could have caused her death? I am ridden with double guilt. To think that I gave her these tablets that may have poisoned her, and the fact that as I thought that she had gone, not wanting her to be in any pain, I let her go. What if the vet could have brought her back round? I am truly heart broken...I just need to know why and how she died. I will always love and remember you Shez.

By lkatora

I was just searching the Internet to try and find some answers as to what happened to our dog, Belle, and came across this site. It seems like we have all gone through something similar. Our 4 year old Lab/Chow mix died very suddently last night. We had just gotten home from a walk not even an hour before and she was completely fine. She was an incredibly healthy dog that I assumed would be around for a very, very long time. She was watching out our sliding glass window and started barking at the neighbors dog (she was always barking at something!). I went over to her to pull her away from the window and make her sit. One minute she was so exicted and then she collapsed to the ground. I thought she just laid down like she thought she was in trouble, but then she started having a seizure. I screamed for my husband. We tried CPR, but it didn't work and within a minute she was gone. I can't get over how fast it happened and how she was fine one minute and then gone the next. I feel so bad that I was yelling at her to get away from the window right before she died. The only thing we can think of is that when she got over excited and barking at the dog it triggered something in her heart or brain. I never would have thought we'd be going through this right now. It really makes you appreciate the time you have with your animals because their lives are so very precious and way too short.

By cscott

We too just lost the most precious dog in the world on July 28, 2009. It was sudden, one second our little pomchi man was his usual self, the next second he was dead. My poor husband is still devastated by it. Not that it helps any but at least with this information available it explains a bit as to what happened. The little guy was never sick a day in his life and NEVER exhibited any signs of trouble. If he had he would have been rushed to the vet, he was so dear to us. Jojo had personality and was my husbands best bud, I was very close to him also, closer than I've been to any pet in a long time. He's on our mantle now and he'll go with us if we move. Thanks for the site, it doesn't ease the pain much but it does explain what may have happened.

By liliballou

I am so sorry to read off of your stories. Isnt this a horrible thing we've all had to go through. I experience the same hearbreaking thing over the 4th of july weekend. i was traveling with my parents, and my husband was home with our min pin C-Krit. She was fine and happy and healthy when i left on the 2nd. She gave me kisses goodbye, and i had her lay down on her bed to wait for my husband to get home. he said they had some friends over, she was fine, and ran around and played. later that evening, they took a shower and got ready for bed. she hopped up onto the bed, into her very own spot, just like always, and went to sleep. my husband said he got up at 4am to shower for work, and said she was laying down, like she usually does with her legs out, and her head tilted back, just waiting for us to urge her to get up and go potty. when he came back in, he noticed she hadnt moved, and she wasnt breathing. rigger had already set in, so he knew she had been gone for most of the night. i am devistated not knowing the reason for her passing. she was 4 1/2, healthy, happy, and very active. she had regular checkups, and we gave her medication for heartworm every month, just like the vet told us. she was my baby. my husband and i got her together, before we were married, and she became our child. i am so sad, and very angry i dont know the exact cause. i have read that it is a common problem, in min pins and boxers to have heart failure, between the ages of 4 and 10. so i know what it could be. i just hope that sharing my story will give someone hope, to know that it isnt a lost cause, and we will see our pets one day, when our life is too, over. i am so very sorry for the loss of your fur child. its so hard not to be upset, when everything you look at in your home is a reminder of the fun you used to have together. i wish everyone well, and i hope you too, can eventually find the closure you need to continue on.

By drfeliciajohnson

My 13y/o Chow Chow, Sheba died suddently last night (Wednesday, August 5, 2009). She refused her dinner which was highly unusual. I tried to coax her with the viena sausages that she loved. She walked around for a while and then layed down. I kept checking on her to see if she was ready to eat. About 20 minutes after I had last checked on her I heard barking. I thought she was letting me know that she was ready to eat. When I got to her room, my other Chow, Sundae was barking, and Sheba was lying on the floor dead. Thursday (July 30, 20009) I took her to the vet for her annual physical. Because of her age, the vet suggested a geriatric battery of test. Although it costed more I agreed. He called me on the following day and told me that everything was great, her heart, liver, kidneys, etc. I thought that I had at least 2 or 3 more years with her. Not just a week and a half. We are all devastated here and share your pain. I'm becoming leery of the immunizations and the heartworm medication. Dinkins

By krazykatBJP

I was surprised to read all of these terrible stories of sudden losses of loved animals. On August 13, 2009 I let our 6 year old Akita mix outside to go to the bathroom before bed. She was outside with our other dog and ran outside with excitement as she always had. I could hear them running around outside playing with each other and came back 5 minutes later to let them in. From the doorway I could see her laying on her side in a position that she would sometimes lay, in her favorite part of the yard. I called her name with no response, after the second time with no response I tore across the yard but she was already dead, warm to the touch but completely lifeless. I am a veterinary technician and my vet met me at the clinic where we could find no evidence of bruising, no marks or lesions, and even no drool from the other dog. We could only come from the conclusion that she died instantly from either breaking her neck, throwing a blood clot or had an aneurysm. We are completely heartbroken, being a technician I do everything I can to prolong our animals lives, including monitoring them very closely at home. Hailey was perfectly normal that day, she ate dinner normally, she is a slow eater and sometimes does not finish her meal, but did finish that night. She was her normal happy self, a very happy mellow dog and I can not even remember the last time she had any vomiting or diarrhea. She had completely normal blood work less than a year ago when she had a small tumor removed from her eye. She ate Science diet Large breed adult dry food and Nutro canned food with Glucosamine powder at morning and night, and a product called Plaque off sprinkled on her food at night to prevent tartar. She did have the occasional busy bone, rawhide or dog bone from Tony's as well. I thought I would just mention all of this just in case there was any coincidence with other dogs. We are very upset about her passing, it was not her time, and we were no where prepared to let her go. She was the best companion and who would always be dedicated first and foremost to my boyfriend of 5 years that has had her from 8 weeks of age. She had the most unique personality and I am not sure how we will carry on without her. It is so unfair that we all try our hardest to keep our animals living as long as possible and for our them to die so suddenly from some unavoidable reason.

By dgeorg

I lost my 11 year old german shepherd suddenly as well this month. She showed no bad symptoms before she died and had ate 2 treats 30 mins before . She had heart arrythmia(rapid heart beat)diagnosed in DEC 2008 when she ruptured a disc in her back in my SUV but did not have heart failure or defective heart valve. Prior to that she was going to my veterinarian every 2 weeks for 6 weeks for treatment of skin infections due to allergies. My Vet and I were completely shocked over the diagnosis of heart arrythmia and the ruptured disc. The cardiologist said she had a strong heart and after many tests found no reason for this sudden heart arrythmia. She did have thyroid as well but that was under control per tests. Next, 3 months later in March 2009 she was diagnosed with Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. I am completedly devastated at losing her suddenly like this and all of the problems she had in the past 8 months including getting Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever in Winter in Ohio when she was basically an inside dog. She did not have degenerative myleopathy or hip dysplasia like my 1st shepherd who lived to be 13 yrs old. She was my best friend and the smartest dog in the world! I know she had a heart condition but she did not have congestive heart failure yet so I thought she would live a little bit longer. These heart conditions in dogs are completely devastating!

By gazing_at_stars

well, reading all these comments is making me feel like i'm not alone. yesterday had to be one of the worse days of my life..it goes up there with losing my grandma. sigh. my beautiful sweet black lab, sweetie was taken from me suddenly. i have been going through so many emotions..guilt, anger, denial, etc. my heart is missing. people always say it was her time, but to me, of course it wasn't. i am 22 years old, i got her when i was attending middle school! everything was fine, i had taken her and my other dog, gidget to the park, they always had a blast. yesterday in the morning, her legs..her whole body went limp, she couldn't even lift her head. she had vomited and peed a lot all over..and her heart was beating hard, her stomach was pulsing. we gathered her up into a blanket.. my gut knew something worse was happening. her tongue and gums were white, her eyes were searching.. i wanted her to so badly look at me, concentrate on me, please. in the car i sat with her in the back seat and she started to puke again..and then she tried to puke again, but she couldn't.. she took 2 more short breathes and then she stopped moving, it all happened so fast. i was freaking out and so upset that she passed away in the car and i wasn't able to make it to the vet. so very upset that she had to go :( and i wanted to take care of her. i know it was too late and the vet couldn't of done much... getting an autopsy would of costed over a grand.. it wouldn't matter. i miss my sweetie, she was most loving, understanding girl in the world..and i'm going to miss her dearly. love you sweetie. no one can understand the sudden lost of a pet, only their best friend can <3

By tinareneclark

I am so relieved to have found this website. I lost my precious Pekingnese, Littlebit, on 2/26. She was only 7 years old. She had seizures almost her entire life but they were very well controlled with phenobarbitol. She was actually doing better the last few months than she had ever done. The night of her death, she had been playing with the other small dogs I have and visiting the food/water bowl. I had a terrible cold and decided to lay down for about an hour. I got up and found her in the kitchen floor dead. Rigor had already set in. She had vomited a pretty good amount of clear liquid and tee-teed on herself. Her eyes were open. I have seen her have seziures before but she always came out of the just fine and resumed normal activity. The only thing I can think of is may be she choked to death on something if it was not a seizure. They did have a couple of rawhide bones (which I will never give to my dogs again) but the bones were still pretty new and a large in size. I would think that if she choked to death she would not have been able to vomit up so much liquid. My vet (who is also a personal friend) told me that without a necropsy (which I just could not bring myself to do) there was no way to know but he believes she had a breakthrough grand-mal seizure that she just could not come out of. I have been out of work since her death. I had to get medicine to sleep. The other dogs are a mess. I have trememndous guilt that I slept while she died. I hope and pray that it was a seizure that took my precious Littlebit because I know the dogs are normally unaware of what is happening to them when they are seizuring. I am absolutely devastated. We buried her in a beautiful pet coffin and I am having a little monument done for her also. I never knew that grief like this existed. If anybody would like to respond I would really appreciate it.

By Bixbyb

I too lost my male golden Brinkley suddenly, He was going to be 5 years old May 1st. He was himself...all Monday night and he woke me early on Tuesday, as if to say time for our walk. He jumped into the SUV, he barked at the lady walking the black lab, I got out of the car walked around to opened the door, Brooke my female Golden) jumped out, Brinkley was laying there. I said "come on Baby lets go"..then I realized he wasn't getting up, he just lay there. I jumped back into the car with Brooke and drove like a crazy person to the animal e-clinic...the Vets came out with a stretcher, got Brinkley....a few minutes later the Vet came in and told me, Brinkley was gone before they could do CPR. He was a healthy active dog. I am having an autopsy done. I too am so filled with grief, my heart hurts. My little girl, Brooke misses her buddy. I don't know how to say this, but finding and reading on this web site, I know I'm not alone. Steviek

By violinga1

Just wanted to send hugs your way. My Pekingese that I grew up with is going through something similar to what your dog endured. The only difference is that she's still with my parents and I visit her as often as possible. I got a call at work today saying she fainted again....she's hanging in there, but I am devastated and searching for answers online. Just wanted to say your story touched me and all the best for you and your other dogs.

By abr790

my vet tells me to stop trying to figure it out, but i can't. i want to understand what happened. she was super fine all morning, playing with the hose, her balls, my other dog. running and being crazy like always. then she started acting listless. started trembling. i thought she was cold because we were playing withthe water so i wrapped her in a towle. she didnt seem to be trembling anymore but she kept acting like she wanted to throw up and she did but it was only saliva. then she staggered and i knew something was teribly wrong. i looked in her eyes and they were glazed, which was a scary sight. ran in the house to give her a prednisone in case she was having an allergic reeaction to something. she pooped there on the floor. we raced to the vet but she died within minutes. and we dont really know why. i am heartbroken thinking was there something i missed, something i could have done. the vet thinks also that it might have been anaphylactic shock since she had a history of allergic reaction with the same symptoms. even though her blood work didnt show anything. i am devestated.

By c.weismann

I wanted to add my thoughts to the Sudden Death in Dogs posting. We lost our champion Golden Retriever, Brandy on November 16, 2007. I was late getting home from work that night and she was very excited to see me - jumping and running around - I thought more so than usual. She ran into the kitchen from the family room, slid on the floor into her water dish and we thought she was in some water and couldn't get up. By the time we realized she had a problem she was already dead and only about 30 seconds had passed. We still question what we could have done differently to save her. We did get another Golden puppy a couple weeks later. It has helped ease the pain a little but we still miss Brandy terribly.

By iashley

It is with very heavy heart that I have to say my beautiful little Pekingnese "Buffy" just died yesterday, March 2,2008. I have no idea why she has died only that it hurts so bad that she is gone. I took her outside on a leash to go potty around 4 pm and everything was normal. She always gets a cookie bone after doing her duties, two if she does #2. Which she did and so she ate one then came back for the second one and then ALL OF A SUDDEN she was screaming like she caught a nail in her kennel. I ran to her and found her lying half inside her kennel bed and thought she was choking. I tried to find cookie stuck in her throat but nothing was there. She wasn't getting any air or something but I didn't know what was wrong. Her body was totally limp, head, neck, legs, everything. I started giving her CPR, as best I could, and someone called the 24 hr vet hospital. They advised to get her into the car, keep doing what I was doing but they are so far away from my home, she had no heartbeat when we arrived there. They don't know yet what caused her death, she was only 5 1/2 years old. My vet is doing an autopsy today to try and figure out what happened because she was a normal healthy dog with slight back issues but that was all. I adopted her from a breeder who made her have 3 litters by the time she was 4 yrs old and they didn't treat her well. She got along right away with my Pug and cat. They miss her terribly also, I can tell. I miss her so much. If anyone has any ideas of what may have happened to her please let me know somehow.

By tinareneclark

I have the posting right below yours about my Pekingnese, Littlebit that I lost a few days ago. Please let me know what the autopsy shows on your little Buffy. I am so sorry for your loss. My other dogs and myself are hurting terribly. Tina.

By mveno48

Two nights ago my 6 yr old lab began acting strange very suddenly. He and I live by ourselves so I drop him off at my parent's house so he can be with them and their dog while I am at work. When I picked him up he seemed fine, greeted me at the door tail wagging as usual. Seemed ok on the ride home too. He even jumped out of the car on his own. Then when we got through the front door he took two steps and his back end just collapsed. I finally coaxed him over to his bed but he couldn't take more than a few steps before his back legs would collapse. I thought he was just having a bad day since he has severe hip dysplasia. Well, yesterday morning I woke to him howling like I have never heard from him before. He was running through the house urinating in his path. I picked him up and brought him outside where he went and collapsed on his backside again. After about ten minutes he went into another howling spell followed by him getting up and running around, this time to the door which I opened for him. He ran to the far end of the house and collapsed onto his side. I tried to comfort him and calm him as it was very early in the morning and I was trying unsuccessfully to get a hold of a vet who could see him. The howling spells continued for two hours then came the random convulsions for about 30 minutes. I finally get a hold of his vet and I scoop him up to bring him to the car. He began seizing right in my arms and I laid him out in the back of my SUV where he went into the full blown grand mal seizure. I got him to the vet where they gave him vallium but he just kept continuing with the periodic howling episode only now it was a half-hearted howl and he just lay there on his side. They assured me they were going to monitor him and that I could check in as often as I like so I went home to collect myself. Later yesterday afternoon they called me in to discuss his conditon. The girl at the front desk walked me back to where he was and said he had just lifted his head and seemed to be coming out of it. The Dr. gave him something to bring up his blood sugar because they suspected a tumor near his pancreas which was causing him to secrete too much insulin, basically a reverse diabetes. When we got to the cage the assistant just about turned white. We looked at my Bo and he was lifeless. The rushed him to another room where they got his heart beating again, although irregularly, and they were breathing for him. He never regained consciousness. The doc said it could be a million things that caused him to go into arrest. He may have had a clot or a heart condition and the seizure was too much for him. I did not opt for the autopsy. I am absolutely heartbroken today. My house is so empty without him and it is killing me looking at his empty bed and picking up his things around the house today. I just needed to vent a little bit. I will say however, if your dog is acting unusual like I described him the night before his seizure I would let your vet know right away. I now know that Bo was experiencing the "aura" described by humans before they have a seizure. I had no way of knowing about any other condition he might have had but I can't help feeling that had I been able to control or lessen that seizure at all he would still be with me.

By lalexanderbluiz

annettemanlapaz Please feel free to email me directly at lalexanderbluiz@yahoo.com. I would love to email about our loss as it is comforting to know that I am not alone in this horrible grief. Lisa

By raytock

Still missing you everyday....one year later. Sierra, sometimes I see you in the backyard...running like you should be. I love you my precious Golden. You are in my heart forever

By rememberwhen

My Sadie died this morning too. We got up, I let her out, fed her and petted her and then went to take a shower. After I got dressed and went to give her her good bye kiss kiss, she didn't come. I found her dead under he bed. She wasn't sick or anything. She looked like she just laid down and died. I cannot believe it. She was my snuggler. She bowed her head to me to get kissed between her eyes. What will I do?

By thaidnhou

It's a horribly sad day and yes, like alot of you I did a search for sudden death of dogs. Kasey passed away yesterday on 1/31/08 while I was at work. I found him in my closet when I got home and realized immediately he had left our family. Kasey was a 8.5 yrs old Golden Retriever. Being a rescue dog I only had him for 2yrs but in that rather short time he was true member of my family. He will be remembered mostly for his sweetness; always. Kasey just had his annual 2 weeks ago and came home with a clean bill of health (though he did have a bout of diarrhea and was prescribed some antibiotics for a related high bacteria count). But he had bouts of this off and on over the years. While he seemed to slow down a bit over the last 4 months he still seemed ok and happy. In fact the night before he passed he was more lively than usual and kept me up late playing tog o war. As became his recent pattern he would sometimes "sleep-in" on work days and would not be up yet when I left for work. I just pat him on the head and said seeya tonight. My wife who left after me said he seemed funny, but I wrote that off because a storm rolled through and that always spooked him. That evening became one of the worst nights of my life. Thanks so much for listening, I do not feel so alone.

By stang73

I never knew about 'Sudden Death' before this. Saturday night on Feb 2, our 7 yr old Lab, "Sheba" seemed as normal as ever..only thing was a little out of the ordinary is that she did not beg for a chip that I was eating as she usually does. sometime during the night, she passed away. What a tramatic time this is in our household. She was my dog and I can't even bring to words how upset I am. I have been a wreck all day and still hardly even type this !! I keep blaming myself...what if I did this or that. I am so sorry for all of those who have lost their aniamsl this way. Sorry...I just can't even continue typing this...57 years old and I a total basket case !!

By lummus211

Monday, February 18, 2008, my best friend, Tex, passed away during the early morning. He was a healty happy guy sunday evening and now he is gone! We are extremely sad and devasted and having a difficult time accepting that he is gone forever. I wished I knew how to prevent it.

By jesefs

My dog Zebediah, died Tuesday, February 19th while I was away. My husband was awakened by his thrashing at 3am. The seizure lasted for 45 minutes. He was 11 years old, never had a seizure, but had been acting a little senile and also had lumps on his back. He had lost weight in the last year, but was still in fairly good shape. My husband tried to call off, but had to go to work and leave him alone. He was lying quietly at this time. We had a neighbor check on him during the day and he never moved from the spot, was mostly unconscious. When my husband got home from work, Zeb was gone. I come home yesterday and have been crying all day when I see his rug and toys, all the things that remind me of him. My cat is also mourning as he was Zeb's best friend. I feel so bad that I was not here with him. I am thankful he did suffer for long. He was my buddy.

By Funneman96

I also am glad to find this site. We got a ridgeback mix puppy in 1996 when we were first married. He was our only "kid". We named him Troy. He has always been a ball of energy, never sick a day in his life. And now, over 10 years later, he had no arthritis, no hip problems, nothing at all. I took him out for his usual morning constitution, where he ran around his tree like an idiot like he always did to get rid of his excess energy, he came back in, ate all his breakfast and begged for a pig ear. I told him he had to wait for "Daddy" to get home for his pig ear. He wanted to go back outside so I put him by the picnic table, where he sat totally erect, ears forward and happy and extremely alert, and I went in to get a soda. I as only in the house two minutes, came back out with my soda, and he was just lying there. I thought it was awful quick for him to just fall asleep that fast, but then I noticed his eyes were open and his tongue was hanging out. I was shaking his shoulders and crying out for him to wake up. The neighbors came running over to see what was wrong and they started doing CPR and heart massage. They worked on him for 15 minutes with no success. To say I was, and still am, in shock is an understatement. He was just to the vet two weeks before and in perfect health. I didn't know dogs could just keel over and die that fast with no warning. He was over 10 years old, and I was worried that some day he would start to go downhill and we would have to make that awful decision to put him down, but he just went in a matter of seconds. He didn't suffer for even one second. I'm so glad that he didn't suffer. It's so much easier on the dog to go in this manner, but it leaves the "parent/owners" in such shock with so many unanswered questions. It's nice to know that I'm not the only one that this has happened to. There's some comfort in that, even though we miss our "kid" like crazy. My husband is in the military and is deployed for months at a time, so Troy was my only constant companion. He is dearly missed. Karen in Kalama

By dutys6

I lost my boston terrier Jingle yesterday at 3p.m.She was only 3 years old,I am also having a very hard time grasping that I will not see her again.I dont know how I will do it.

By tinareneclark

I appreciate your comments about my precious Littlebit. In hindsight, I should have paid closer attention to the little things but I so pamper my dogs that I never thought anything so sudden could rip one away from you. My entire family (me and my three dogs) are still mourning. Keep an eye on your baby and don't take anything for granted. When in doubt, call your vet. I hope your baby is okay. I hope that one day I will have another Pekingese but there will be another Littlebit. She was my heart. Tina

By molzak

Hello My dog also died suddenly on March 27th. Thank you for sharing your story. I did help me to know it has happened to other dogs. She was only 7 years old and I too feel like it wasnt her time to go. She was fine and she threw up the night before and I just figured she wasnt feeling well like in the past. The next moring she wasnt moving and she started shaking and her legs went straight up and by time I got her to the car she was gone. So, sad. I am beating myself up too over this. Have no clue what it was. She was a female cocker spaniel. I can not believe she is gone. I have no idea what the cause was. I was thinking an immune deficency and then I thought maybe she ate chocolate or got into something. I have no clue. It will take some time to come to peace with this.


I thought I would post on here to possibly help someone who might be going thru what I currently am. My pug Daizy just died out of nowhere with no previous problems or symptoms. She was at a friend's house who dogsat for me quite a bit and would tell me anything about her if it was unordinary. She was fine at 330 and died sometime between then and 730. It appears to be a heart attack, but i declined an autopsy because it wasnt going to bring her back...I have been beating myself up for the past 2 days thinking I should have done something different or I failed her in some way that killed her.....That dog still means the world to me and I will miss her deeply...After reading some stories on here and seeing that this happens quite a bit, it has helped me lessen my blaming myself...I have lost my 2 pugs in less than 4 months (Duke had to be put down due to cancer). Those dogs brought so much love and happiness to me that I hope I can come to terms with this so I can get another one. I am a firm believer that there is something special about this breed. Hope this helps someone else.

By june2008bride

I cannot believe the number of people on here who have had there dogs died suddenly. My dog Brooklyn died suddenly friday night (March 28) with no warning at all. She was fine ate her dinner stole some of her brothers. Had a scratch and rolled around on her back for a minute. The she came to the room I was in a went to sleep. A few minutes late she let out a noise that was sort of like a yelp but not really. Anyways, I ran over to her and her legs were all straight out. I thought she was having a seizure at first but very quickly realized it was far worse then that. I looked at her eyes and she was still there but at the same time I could tell she was leaving us. I yelled for my father to come and by the time he got there. Which was litterally less then 30 secs. she had already stopped breathing. Her heart was still beating but faintly. We tried CPR but really there was nothing we could have done for her at that point. She let out 2 gasps and she was gone! We are in complete shock and cannot believe that she is gone and how quickly it happened. I had to work Friday (which is the day I usually have off) so I didn't get to see her very long that day. In the morning when I was getting ready for work nothing was anything but routine for us. She followed me around like she always did. But my dad said looking backing on the day she was much more lethargic then usual. When I got home from work she didn't greet me at the door like she always did and after her dinner she didn't ask to go outside which again she always did. So I guess there were a few signs but nothing that tipped us off that she was going to die. She was actually going to the vet for her check up in a few weeks. I can't help but wonder if I had taken her sooner would we have found something wrong that we could have done something for. Could she had gone on a medication that would have prevented this from happen. I know I can't beat myself up over it but I just feel so bad and feel like it wasn't her time yet.

By longfolks

my kids were devasted Monday with the sudden death of their dog Masey. She was showing some signs of decreased appetite and not as active last Friday. We waited till Saturday morning to see how she was doing. In the morning she was still a bit slower, but her tail was again wagging, and her nose was moist again. You could tell she wanted to play but still felt a bit sick. Sunday she continued to feel better, her tail wagging even more when the kids went out to play, and even running around for short periods with them. She went to rest frequently but she ate some, she did throw up a twice, but we chalked it up to her just still feeling a bit sick. Monday morning the kids saw her before school and she was still slower than usual, but tail wagging, nose moist. In the afternoon, she greeted the kids, but went to lay down. By the evening before the kids went to bed, my son went to feed her, he came running back screaming that she was breathing funny. Before this point she had no indications of any respiratory issues. By the time my husband went out to see her, she had expired, he checked for a pulse for awhile and could not find one, he waited several minutes, unwilling to have to come and face our children waiting inside hysterically, (instinctly they knew something had happened). We all have been guilt ridden over her sudden death. The kids are still very upset over this and ask lots of questions. She had always been a very healthy little dog. This is the first time she had been sick. The weather had been alternating from cold near freezing nights to warmer days. But we are at a loss as to why she would die. If any one has any thoughts or ideas as to the reason, this may help bring some closure to my grieveing family.

By edmkozakjr

Our husky, Frankie, died suddenly this past Mother's Day. He was 10 and he was playing in the kitchen with our younger husky who's 2 when he had some type of a seizure. His legs stiffened up and he arched his head back and made a couple of eerie, low-pitched, almost howling noises and then completely relaxed, dead. I carried him out to the car and my wife drove to the vet while I tried to resuscitate him but nothing worked. He had had a couple of seizures when he was between 1 and 2 and had been on phenolbarbital for years, but was being weaned off it and wasn't at the therapeutic levels for the past 1 1/2 years. He hadn't shown any signs of sickness at all--no lethargy, his appetite was great, and he was very energetic until the very end.

By tinareneclark

I totally understand how you feel. My posting is back in February for my dog that died suddenly named Littlebit. It is absolutely shocking when it happens. She too was perfecty fine that day. I did not do a necropsy but my vet told me they are like people: they have heart attacks, aneursyms and strokes like we do. It almost always is not preventable. I now have a new lab, Daisy, and every time she acts funny I rush to her the vet. I have already been twice this last week worrying that the same things will happen to her. My vet has assured me that these things do happen and it has nothing to do with the owner normally. I hope this helps. I can tell you that time does heal the wound to some degree but you will always have a special place for your pet in your heart. Tina

By tinareneclark

Yes..it is very hard to come to terms with it. It makes us appreciate even more the time we do have with our pets. Good luck with your journey to healing. And thanks for doing such a risky job so the rest of us can be safe. I have a deep respect for the K-9 teams. On a side note, I am having my 18 year old dog put to sleep today. The vet is a good friend of mine and is coming over this afternoon. It is time to let her go. Her quality of life is no more. But because I have been through this before and I knew this day would come for Maggie, I feel much more prepared to deal with her death. Littlebit's death was so unexpected that it was very difficult to handle. I also know that the good memories will eventually become more prominant than the sad ones. That will happen for you too.

By dragonballzgq

On April 6, 2008. I lost my precious blonde labrador named Stubby. He was around 10 years old. He had been in kidney failure for a long time and had several episodes. A few times he had collapsed and urinated himself and was unable to walk yet he would try so hard. These episodes are what had led to the discovery his kidneys were only functioning at 20% four months ago. Stubby and his sister Lady were found on a country road by my father. A man had just shot their mother and had fled in a truck and left three puppies there by their dead mother. The cruelty of some humans will never cease to amaze me. We took Stubby and Lady in and found a great home for the 3rd puppy. For 10 years Stubby and Lady have been with me for almost every moment. I love them more than anything and they are my children. Seeing Stubby suffer for so long with trembling and episodes was devastating to me on its own. I felt so helpless. All i'd been able to do is make him as happy and comfortable as possible. Then this last Sunday tragedy finally struck. Everything had gone great that day and Stubby had been acting very happy. He and his sister sat there and watched me stack wood from a recently fallen tree and the sun was shining on a beautiful day. Stubby had just ate and wanted to go outside. While walking to the door he collapsed going into violent spasms urinated and defecated himself. He was in extreme pain and was making heartbreaking noises. I scooped him up and brought him into the yard to get some air and he seemed to be coming out of it. But this was by far the worst i'd seen and upon opening his mouth discovered his tongue white and splotched white. I brought out a wet cloth and wiped his face and he even stood up. Came back out with a bowl of water and he wagged his little nubby tail at me. While watching him from the window while trying to contact a pet ER I saw him slowly lay down like slow motion. Dropped the phone and ran outside and picked up Stubby and brought him inside and layed him on his bed. His bed was a queen sized futon. His heart wasn't beating right when I felt it. His heart was going crazy. He laid on the futon and I stroked his back. He seemed to be calming down and I brought water to him in a syringe because his mouth was so dry. Went back into the kitchen and before I made it there I heard a howl. Roooooooooooooooooooo. I ran in there to find Stubby gasping for air. He looked so scared. I felt like I was having a heart attack myself. His tongue was hanging out and he was gasping. Blowing in his face trying to help. Then 4 more gasps and he quit breathing still staring in my eyes. Tried to shake him and do some sort of CPR but I am not experienced. Beat on his chest and he was just limp and gone. What got me was 2 minutes later he took 2 more gasps and then quit for good. That just haunts me! My poor little Stubby. I am heartbroken and can't stop crying. Lady is just lost looking everywhere for Stubby. This grief seems almost too much to take. To me it is like my son died in my arms. Didn't sleep the first night and I had to be rushed to the emergency room on Tuesday because I couldn't breathe. It has been horrible. But I have to keep going. Trying to occupy my mind and time like writing this message here. Doing everything I can for Lady to occupy her time but she just doesn't understand. She and her brother were like 2 sides of a coin and as close as could be. To everyone else going through the same pain. May our days get better and our prayers heard. My prayers go out to you all. Please pray for me and Lady too. -William & Lady

By kaseymichele1

My dog also collapsed and died in my arms yesterday - I am wracking my brain tried to figure out what it could be and what happened. She was fine - she was running around the yard playing. Then she saw my neighbor whom she always liked to bark at and ran to the fence. The next thing I know she fell on her side and started kicking her legs. At first I thought she was trying to itch her back because she has flea allergies. Then I saw her go completely limp. I ran to her and she was gasping for breath and whining. I couldn't lift her and no one was home to help. So I sat and comforted her. She only took in about three breaths and then stoppped breathing. I was so upset I didn't know what to do - I should've tried cpr but I was too hysterical and didn't think to do it..so now I just feel guilty. As far as I know - she was a very healthy and active dog. She was on prednisone for allergies - so I found the comment from the other guest talking about her dog being on prednisone and dying as eerie. Does anyone know if there is a link between prednisone and heart attack and/or sudden death? I am beside myself in grief and just want to make sense of her death.

By jkcawms

Our sweet, energetic yorkie, Bogey, died suddenly without warning. He had just turned 3 years old and was the picture of health. He was tiny, only 3.5 pounds, but felt he was as big as any great dane. We are empty nesters and he became our little boy. My husband's schedule was based around taking care of him. Bogey had had a normal healthy day. We were over at our daughter's house, who has a big fenced in back yard. Her boxer, Wrigley, was running around and playing with Bogey. They were having the time of their lives, running, barking, chasing. We were all outside with them. My other daughter was throwing frisbees for the boxer to catch. Bogey was following along. The next minute, she looks over and sees Bogey lying motionless with his legs outstretched in the middle of the yard. She knew something was wrong. We picked him up screaming. He had made no sound, his tongue was blue, his eyes were not him anymore. We rushed him to an emergency vet knowing he had died. WHY? The vet surmised that he had a type of aneurysm or ARV which was a time bomb ticking in his little body. I worried that I had let him run too much. She said it was probably better because he died suddenly instead of slowly and panicy. We miss everything about this little guy. We buried him in the yard with a marker that says JOYFUL on it. We feel God made sure our whole family was together when he died and he was not alone. We appreciated that. We are heartbroken and depressed.

By mkennedy001

Thank you for your comment on Steiff. It has been a week now and I too had been going over things in my head and on the internet and soul searching to see what I miss. A friend emailed me this morning and was telling me how often pets die the way people do and wait to be alone before they leave us. We have no way of knowing if we did the right thing or if we missed something we should have seen. I feel such pain whenever I get into the "what if onlies" that I need to remind myself that Steiff would have forgiven me anything even if I had missed something and he would not have made me feel bad about it if he was able to talk. I have to forgive myself, and remember all that he did for me. I have been on petfinder.com, and I see how many wonderful animals are out there by breed, area etc. I know that I will get another silky at some point as my remaining dog Teddy is not the same without Steiff. The house is too quiet. I don't want to replace Steiff as I know no dog, even if they look like him will be him but I want to honor the love he gave me by passing it on to another dog in need. We can only know joy through comparison with pain, I hope that joy will return to you and all those who understand how it feels to lose a beloved pet. Thanks Steiff's mom


It has been over a week now and the holiday was miserable without my Duchess. The animal hospital just called to tell me her ashes just came back. I feel better knowing that I can now take her home where she belongs. We planted a tree for her in our backyard and I swear that she is still with me. I can see her out of the corner of my eye sometimes. My kids are bugging me for a puppy now but I have to heal first. It may be easier for me because I already have another dog at home (who also misses duchess, but I can turn my attention to her. We will also get another dog in the near future. The time has to be right. My dogs have always found me, never the other way around. I think I prefer that way. Hope you are finding ways to cope and you are right you will never replace her because she/he will always have a special place in your heart. Duchess' Mom

By holmenportables@yahoo.com

On Sept. 9th I was playing with my almost 7 year old baby girl Michie and one minute she was fine and the next she swelled up 3 times her size and tipped over and just died!! I was BEYOND freaked out. I miss her every day. So sorry for your loss..

By holmenportables@yahoo.com

On Sept. 9th I was playing with my almost 7 year old baby girl Michie and one minute she was fine and the next she swelled up 3 times her size and tipped over and just died!! I was BEYOND freaked out. I miss her every day. So sorry for your loss..

By kaseymichele1

The same thing also happened to my dog Zooey - she almost looked like she was having a seizure and her legs stiffended and she cried for a minute..took a few labored breaths and then died. I have since talked to my vet who said that he thought it might've been a tumor in in pancreas that had ruptured or some sort of aneurysm since it was such a sudden and quick death. She seemed fine before this. I did notice a couple of weeks before this happened her breath smelled kind of bad - this is what led him to think it might be a pancreatic tumor. I truly know what you are going through and our home will never be the same.

By debsdoor

My sweet girl Sandy died instantly today on my kitchen floor. I am feeling better finding this site, and reading the other shocking stories of a sudden dog death. Sandy was 9 1/2. By phone the vet said it could have been an aneurysm or stroke. She died literally within a minute of collapsing on the floor in front of the refrigerator. We had just come in from a typical long walk, and she made it up my 18 steps to the door and into the kitchen, as if she knew she wanted to die at home with me. There was a tiny whimper, and I got down to see she was shaking, and I petted her neck, so I thought it was a seizure and she would come out of it. Then she stopped moving after 30 seconds, and I ran down the steps to tell a neighbor to run for the vet on my corner. I came right back up. THe vet was not in, but it wouldnt have done any good if he was. SHe was dead, tongue hanging completely out of her mouth sideways. I would like to know what happened, but declined the autopsy, as the vet said its not always conclusive. Four months prior she did have a bout of throwing up and not eating, and not wanting to go for walks or even get off the floor. I felt it was her hips, and she was getting older. SHe also had excessive thirst, and was unable to hold her urine for even half an hour. I had all the bloodwork done, checked for diabetes and nothing turned up. The vet had recommended antibiotics for a SLIGHT infection, but a family decision declined them for her, as she had never been sick in her life and we dont like to medicate unless absolutely necessary. Of course now I second guess that decision, thinking that if it was an infection maybe it would have cleared it up. BUt since that bout, she was fine and back to normal everything-eating, urinating, and walking, playing. Everything was normal, so todays death is so shocking. Any of your thoughts /knowledge on possible cause would be appreciated.

By eakin3

After reading this post i felt alot better myself. On May 23, 2008 I just graduated from dog school with my K-9 AROS. Aros was a 3 year old Dutch Sheppard with no health problems. Aros was shipped in from Holland and has been a working dog his whole life. After 14 weeks of hard training I never once saw any sysmptoms of anything from AROS other then he did tire easily. On May 31, 2008 at around 1030 in the AM, I took AROs to a small softball field only 3 miles from my house. I pulled out his soft Jut Toy and began doing throws with him like we have done hundereds of times. The temp here in Georgia at thattime awas only around 75 degrees. After doing about 10 throws, I loaded him back up in his crate in my Yukon, withthe windows down and AC on. By the time I got home and opened the back gate, AROS was already unresponsive , with his tounge all the way out and eyes rolled back. After rushing him to the vet, there was no hope. The first vet, in his autopsy stated taht he could not determine a cause of death, and that everything was normal withte dog. After a 2nd look, the vet told me it was CARDIAC ARRYTHMIA. It's still hard to bealive and hard to stomach how fast it happenend. The dog showed me no signs of illness and his eating habits were fine. I always wondered if I over worked him or if I could have done something, but the vet said it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time. If anyone has any input, please reply, I would love to hear from you. I am still amazed how this dog can go through 14 weeks of training, and then you simply take him out to the field to play and then he passes away......... AROS will be missed by all.

By agapiloren

I am sorry about your loss I am blessed that my Bichon survived the vet's prediction of her dying from breast cancer within 14 months it has been 2 years since the diagnostic and she just gave birth to 5 healthy Bichon puppies on July 7th, 2008. I am searching the internet to find out how to wean and avoid constipation because the puppies tummies are very hard and they are straining. I am from Boca and I am willing to give one away for grief therapy to someone who has lost a child or a pet. Agapiloren@yahoo.com

By sunshinesherry711

I havbe four pit bulls and they are my life. I do not work and have only time to spend loving these beautiful beast. But my world was shattered on August 24th as my 11 month old "new addition" let out the most horrible moan and scream i have ever heard and will certainly never forget. At 2:45 a.m, my Bugsy screamed, i grabbed him and said "Bugsy, what's wrong!!!???" It was too late, his eyw=es were fixed and his tongue fell onto my arm. I still can't understand what went wrong. Even with an autopsy, i got no answers as the vet said tht even though she found no poison and the fecal test showed no poison, she could not come up with an answer. All i know is that his lungs filled with blood and he died. This incredibly health, happy dog was just gone in an instant. I tore my house apart looking for this "POISON" and found nothing. I have no answers and yet I refuse to believe that my Bugsy Wugsy, who happily came to bed with me that Saturday night, showing no signs of even a stomach ache, is just gone. Devastated and bewildered, I am now even more protective of the three I still have even though it just did'nt matter for Bugsy, I couldn't protect him. My heart knows the pain you feel.

By crystal.oleary

I read many of the posts and most seem to be about older dogs. In my case, my Yorkie just turned 4 in February. He was the picture of health in every way. He was my constant shadow so even in hindsight I can't think of anything out of the ordinary. He was energetic, ate well, healthy stools, no vomiting, no listlessness, etc. We went to bed at 11:00 and when I woke up at 6:00 he was gone. He sleeps right by my head and I never heard anything. No signs of losing his bowels, vomiting or even a wet mouth, just gone. I am thinking it was a heart attack, but will never know. Thinking back, I remember the vet mentioning a slight heart murmur at his 8 week old checkup, but said not to worry about it and it was never mentioned again on any vet checkups. He underwent anesthesia for teeth cleaning without any complications. Sorry to everyone who lost one of their beloved family members.

By ajtemple

I wouldn't blame yourself, its unlikely you could have saved her. Our almost 4 year old black lab died last Friday very suddenly and I was right there with her. She ran across the yard to get her ball, came back to the driveway, collapsed, convulsed for a minute or so, then her heart and breathing just stopped. I tried my primitive, untrained CPR but she was gone. Cried like a baby that night (I'm a 44yo man), but there was absolutely nothing I could do. Didn't even have time to get the vet on the phone much less get her to the vet. I miss her terribly.

By ksobiera

My beloved shih tzu died on Friday, March 4. I am devastated. He was (5) years old. I came home from work on Thursday and he wasn't moving. I immediately took him to an emergency vet and they diagnosed him with a blood disorder. They pumped him up with steriods and Friday morning I went back to the vets to see his progress and their was nothing they could do for him. They advised me to put him to sleep. So within 18 hours he was fine and then death. There are no words for my pain. We were bonded together and I just can't seem to pick up my pieces. I miss him so terribly and loved him with all my heart and soul. My son purchased him for me while I was going thru advanced chemo from breast cancer and he helped me survive. Thank you for listening...God Bless Kathy S. ksobiera@hotmail.com

By shalync90

I can NOT stop crying. We got Bandit as a puppy last Christmas from a family giving cattle dogs away from the back of their pick up truck in the grocery store parking lot. We named him Bandit because he had racoon stripes around his eyes. He was very active and doing fine when we all went to bed. He jumped into bed with my son as usual. My husband and I fell asleep on the couch and was woke up around 2am by Bandit standing next to the couch. He was drooling a foamy drool and held his head up high. We thought he was going to throw up so my husband yelled for our son to take him outside. He quickly brought him back in and Bandit continued to breath hard with his head held high and foamy drooling. I started reading from my vet book about his symptoms and we all tried to recap the days event as to what might be wrong. We continued wiping the drool from his mouth and all of a sudden he started to move toward my sons lap and then he passed out and stopped breathing. This all took place within 15 to 20 minutes!! We did NOTHING but cry!! Why didn't we do anything? We were all in shock! He just turned a year old! He was trying to ask us for help and we did nothing!!! WHy? All we can think of is that he either had something stuck in his throat or it was the really bad tuna in a can that the neighbor gave him earlier that day. Either way we just accepted his sudden death and didnt do anything. No cpr, nothing! It happened so quick. Its been since February and I still cry uncontrolably every time I think about it. Mostly because I keep seeing the look in his eyes trying to ask us for help right before he passed out and I hate myself for doing nothing!

By twofishers1

We lost our sweet "Hope" on Saturday April 17th. She was 17 but the day before she died, she played with me like she was a puppy, though she was a bit slow due to her arthritis. The next day, while I was at a flower club meeting, she began acting strange. My husband stayed with her and said she began walking in circles and was trying to bark but no sound came out. When I got home, I saw she needed her vet and we rushed her in. She continued trying to bark during the trip to the vet, it was heart wretching. I will never forget the way she looked at me and I know she was trying to tell me she was hurting. Our vet gave us the devastating news that she was going through catastrophic organ failure and her temp was 107. But as she lay of the table, she laid her head on my arm as I stroked her head and relaxed and closed her eyes. I feel she knew she was dying and it gave her comfort to know her "mom and dad" were with her. At least, I hope so. My sister said that when she was trying to vocalize but couldnt bark, it was called "silent cries", I was wondering if anyone had ever heard that terminology. I found a wonderful poem that I am putting on her tombstone. IT BROKE MY HEART TO LOSE YOU, BUT YOU DIDNT GO ALONE. PART OF ME WENT WITH YOU, THE DAY GOD CALLED YOU HOME.

By twofishers1

This goes out to all who have lost a pet and especially Pumpkinlisa. I just lost my dog on Saturday. I know that it must be different, now that I am no longer there. I realize how much I was loved and how all of you did care. I know it will be hard at first when you look around for me, expecting to find me on my bed or beside my favorite tree. Someday you will begin to see although it'll take some time, the happy times you shared with me, the memories are yours and mine. I'll remember you, my friends, and how much you meant to me. So please don't grieve and don't be sad, it was just my time to leave.

By pumpkinlisa

How do you comfort the dog left behind? Bindy died yesterday leaving her best mate Penny behind...Penny keeps going to the place in the back yard where Bindy was found...she keeps going to the grave that we put Bindy in and it's heart breaking to watch. The sparkle in Penny's eyes has gone and I don't know how to comfort her..I find that when I cuddle her and talk about Bindy, I'm crying and she's licking the tears off my cheeks. When do the tears stop?

By sublime7714

This afternoon we also lost our 2 1/2 year old yellow lab Lucy. She was very active and healthy. We adopted her 10 months ago, took her to the vet and got a clean bill of health. She loved to run, she would chase after the tennis ball all day if we would let her. She was extremely loving and well mannered. I had her running last night around 11 pm and she seemed fine. However this morning when i woke i was surprised to find that i had awoken on my own, rather than having her place the ball next to my ready to go play outside. She seemed a little lethargic this morning but i just attributed it to playing outside so late last night. She ate her breakfast this morning and had no vomiting. I was in the living room with her and she was lying on the couch sleeping, she let out a long whimper and the hair on her back stood up. I immediately called out her name, and with no response i scooped her up into my arms and took her outside trying to get her into my car and to the nearest vet. As soon as i laid her in the grass i knew she was gone. She had a sever coughing episode about a month a go and we took her to the vet where they diagnosed her with Boardatella. She was put on trazadone and an antibiotic. Her cough went away and we thought everything was fine. She had also had past episodes of vomiting and diarrhea which we attributed to a sensitive stomach. Like so many others of you, i wonder if there was anything i could have done to prevent this. I dont know if the medication she was on could have caused any problems with her heart? Its just so tragic to love an animal and member of the family so very much and have them taken so very suddenly. Lucy was such a wonderful girl, and she touched many hearts. She will be so deeply missed. Leah, Anthony, and our girl up in heaven ~*Lucy*~

By Nikkirn5000

Thanks for all if your posts. I lost my baby today and am utterly beside myself. Suki was a 10 yr old Maltese rescue. I checked on her at 2am and she was her normally bouncy self. At 5am she let out a few yelps/ whines and was gone... In a matter of minutes. I loved her sooo much as many of you love your pets. I find comfort in knowing that she didn't die alone and that she didn't suffer. And as Janet wrote, I find it reassuring to know that it will get better and that I will stop crying. Thanks for listening. There's a little peace in knowing I'm not Alone. Peace and blessings... And continue to hold on.

By survsylvania

This afternoon, about fifteen minutes ago, Charlie died from what the vet said was probably a congenital defect, but she doesn't know the cause for sure. I think it was poison of some sort. He might have eaten something in the forest. The vet thinks that is a possibility too. He had been very low key the night before last and then when he walked the next day, he seemed to have had a stroke of some kind, causing him to be very, very wobbly. We took him to the vet yesterday and she gave him a shot of a steroid. It worked, we guess, because soon after we got home, he did run across the yard to bark at Pumpkin. She said yesterday she didn't know what was wrong but that if he didn't improve in a week, we would have to take him back for xrays. She also gave him doggie aspiirin for muscle pain to start today, but we never gave him any. Last night he vomited. He still couldn't get up on the bed or down the stairs by himself. He seemed to be resting comfortably on the deck while I gardened, but then later when Tom went to check him, he was unresponsive. We realized he was going to die. Then he started convulsing and foaming at the mouth, still unconscious. We rushed him to the vet and she gave him a shot to stop the convulsions. By now there was blood in the foam that was coming out of his mouth. It was only a few seconds after the shot that he just died on the table. The vet said she couldn't believe it happened so fast and that it was the worst convulsing she had ever seen. Tom is digging the grave for him now out by Abe and Maggie. We are so sad. ....Above is what I sent to my friends who knew Charlie, a sweet two-and-a-half-year-old mini-poodle who had been born with undescended testicles, which the vet said might have been just one birth defect he had but might have more that hadn't been manifested before. He wasn't very bright as poodles go. But he was SO sweet. He did once go blind but got his eyesight back. The vet said at that time she thought it was allergies. Maybe the change to spring weather triggered something in him. I know it was making us choke and sneeze today. Thank goodness for this site. I now realize it was most likely not that someone poisoned him. Apparently it's all too common for our dear little friends to die suddenly and for us and our vets never to know why.But a moment ago as I pulled my chair closer to the computer, I looked down automatically to be sure he wasn't in the way, as usual. How will I ever get to sleep tonight? The other two dogs, much as I adore them, can't keep their own spots on the bed and fill Charlie's too. Each of them is beloved and unique, and oh, we are so sad.

By sublime7714

I lost my precious Lucy a month ago today and im still asking myself that question... When will the tears stop?

By dtobin

My 7 year old Dalmation died on Friday evening, I got home from work and she was her usual self, running out to greet me, circling the car etc. Then suddenly I turned around and she was lying on the ground howling and wetting herself, I ran over to her but her tongue was out and her eyes were blank, I thought she might have been choking and tried to put my hand in her mouth, She had blood in ber bottom teeth, I put my hand on her side and felt her last breath. She was gone in a matter of seconds. I have never heard of this type of death in a dog before, She was perfectly healthy and in good form up to her death. I can think of anything that might have happened. A couple of people have suggested poisoning, but I though she would have been sick first, Is this usual in a dog of her age? She jus went so quick.

By corinnal23

I am glad the poem struck a cord with you and your wife, we are all here to find some comfort with our losses.This was my first dog, i really call him my soulmate...he was like this little person to me..All the best...

By pumpkinlisa

I lost my little 8 year old Jack Russell x Mini Foxie today. My little puppy I bought from a junkie who came into my work and said to give him $20 or he'll put her down. I gave him the $20 and took her, she was only 4 weeks old at the time. I have no idea what killed my little Bindy. She's been fine the past few days, no signs that she was ill at all. This afternoon my husband came home from work, played with Bindy and our other dog Penny then came inside for lunch. Half an hour later he went outside and she was laying in the grass dead. She'd done a sloppy poo and I found some vomit on her bed. My husband rang me at work and I rushed home. She was still warm to touch and I kept expecting her to bounce back up but she didn't move. Her tongue was blue and I could get her eyes to close. We wrapped her in her favourite blanket and buried her in the backyard. I hate to think of her in the ground but neither of us could handle taking her to a vet where they would cut her up or perform tests on her. We're thinking that maybe it was a snake bite or spider bite given that our neighbours have long grass and we've found a snake skin in the backyard a few years ago (we live in Sydney). We don't use pesticides or have chemicals anywhere because we have a baby so she didn't get poisoned as far as we're aware. She was so healthy and happy, we can't think of anything that was wrong with her. There was no whimpering, crying or anything at all...she was just gone. Our little girl was so gorgeous - I miss her so much and it's only been five hours since she died.

By pumpkinlisa

Thank you twofishers1. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.

By tattoostix

hi im ian i lost my 18 week old dogue de bordeaux yesterday and for the life of me cannot figure out why one minute fine the next laying down struggling to breath no movement i tried absolutely everything to bring him round but nothing ,i am absolutely heartbroken and can not understand why this happened hooch is away for post mortem which i hope is going to help me with the grieving process has anyone had any info on sudden death with this breed ?

By stablesk

Hi stix, so sorry about your little one, rich has probably told you i lost a little one at 15 weeks, there are so many many congenital problems puppies can be born with, some hereditory, some not, some just really bad luck. serious liver shunts and heart shunts, stenosis etc can cause sudden death in any dog, strokes, smaller vascular shunts in their circulation system, millions of causes, heart valve malformations. Your right to get a necropsis done, you will get some answers, but it will take you a long time to get over this, its just too much when its a little one, give me a call anytime if you want to talk, rich will give you the number. I specifically came on here to look up all the different reasons these things happen and came across your comment. I'm still in shock at losing the little one in my litter and I got all the answers from the cardiologist, non hereditory just one of those unlucky things that happens one in a million litters, just our luck right. take care christina

By bretlsmith

We lost our beloved Tasha, a queensland/akita mix, about 1:30am this morning. We were watching late night TV and she started to walk across the room when her body just suddenly went limp and she collapsed and lost all control of her bladder. She couldn't move at all and she was whimpering softly and moaning. We rushed to her side and after a few minutes she tried to sit up but collapsed again. We called the emergency veterinary clinic and they said to bring her right in. We rushed her in as fast as we could, but her breathing started getting real shallow and she died in our arms shortly after we carried her in. The Vet said she thinks she died of an Aneurysm.

By kim_kandles

I came home today and went outside to feed my dogs and spend time with them. When I opened the back door my rottweiler did not get up and greet me. He was gone. He must not have been gone long, he was warm and cuddly with only a bloody nose to give me any sign of what happened. He looks like he died in his sleep, his eyes and mouth were closed and he was in his normal comfy position. I can't stop crying. I keep thinking that he had diareaha last week and I did not take him to the vet, and he had lost a little weight, but I was feeding him less because he was getting too fat. He was only 7 1/2, it wasn't time for him to leave me yet. We loved each other so much. My Siberian Husky is going to be lost without him, they have grown up together. I feel like I missed something, that I should have known something was wrong and taken him to the vet. But he was acting like his normal happy self. My husband saw him at 5:00, an hour before I got home and he was fine. I feel horrible, I want him back so bad. I should have been able to do something. Rest in peace my baby Gatti.

By brownysabre

Yesterday was the worst day of my life, my best friend Molson who was just 5yr old female cockerspaniel who was acting normal was running by the truck one minute and the next she gave one yelp and my mom hopped out of the vehicle and said her face and eyes looked funny and within in a couple minutes she was gone not even time to get her in the vehicle! I don't know what I am gonna do without her she was my best friend in the whole world wherever I went she went. Any ideas as to what might have happened to her?

By TSharp109

I lost my beagle "EP" (short for Elvis Presley) yesterday very suddenly. He was fine all day. All of a sudden I heard a loud painful bark. My daughter went to check on him and told me he was shaking. By the time I got downstairs he was dead. There was liquid on the couch were he was sleeping, but it wasn't blood, it was clear and it didn't smell like urine. I keep thinking there was something I could have done to prevent this from happening. He was 9 years old and I had inherited him from my mom when she passed away 2 yrs ago this month. I promised her I would take care of him and now he's gone. He was my buddy. We grieved together when my mom died. I can't seem to stop crying. He had such a presence about him. I just wish I knew what had happened.

By corinnal23

The loss of a pet hits home very hard, Uk Man (48)...unlike death you are exposed to on a professional level..they are like your family and in my case , my pet "Ollie" was my only family...your pet will be waiting, i do hope you saw the poem I posted just s short while ago.....

By ckroberts

There is an illness called HGE where the blood thickens. It is an acute form of gastroenteritis and if not treated within 24 hours I understand it is fatal. I lost my beloved Maltese Aristotle who was two weeks past his 15th birthday last September. He died very suddenly of gastroenteritis but to this day I believe it was HGE. I was and continue to be devastated. My heart goes out to all who have posted. I am grateful to have found this blog.

By roisindixon

I can only bring myself to write on this forum which has comforted me in some way to know that other people have lost their best pals to sudden death. Scrappy was a 7 month old chihuahua x Jack Russell terrier who was a lovable and feisty little bundle of happiness to everyone who came into contact with her. She had no problem taunting and teasing Evo who was her 'big sister of her family' and who was also a doberman x rottie. Scrappy went everywhere with me for the past 5 months, to work (I'm a veterinary nurse here in Ireland), to my family home every week which is a 3 hour car journey and basically everywhere except bed. We went to the beach on the morning of 12th May 2010 and I was laughing to my friend as to how fast her little legs could go when she chased Evo up and down the beach, we went home and she played with Evo out in the back garden and would come in and out of the house just to check out what I was doing and was in great form. She jumped into my newly hoovered car expecting a trip but I had a flat wheel so instructed her to go outside to the back garden, I went upstairs to go on my treadmill for 20 minutes and came downstairs to feed Scappy and Evo and she was laid out on her side as if she was sunbathing, eyes looking straight ahead so I knew immediately she was dead, I tried to revive her but she musta been gone at least 5-10 minutes, there was a little bit of clotted blood at the back of her throat. My colleague did a post mortem on her wee body and there was no sign of poison, trauma eg (choking, struggle with Evo), haemorrhage, all her organs were perfect although her left ventricle was a little more thickened than the right but I was informed that this was normal. I didn't sent her to the Vet college for an intensive PM as I was too traumatised and wanted her wee body intact (they would have to open her skull to take samples of brain tissue) and at home with us to bury in the back garden. Apparently it was either a brain or cardiac related. She was spayed a month previous and her anaesthetic was very stable, she took a reaction to the catgut stitches which where just below the skin but with anti-biotics the infection had cleared up well, maybe it was a septic embolism due to the catgut used(very rare but a risk all the same with catgut), I'll never know but I do know that the bond I had with Scrappy 9even after the short 5 months) was so deep that I find had to imagine having again a bond so strong, she was my little angel. If anyone, vets include has had a similar experience or can shed any light I'd love to hear from you. God bless you all and we are not alone.

By corinnal23

I posted my loss on 6/9 regarding my Sheltie/Corkie Soulmate..i have been working hard thru my grief...the loss of a dog so close to you is very difficult when they were your bestfriend who slept in the same bed, drove with you most of the time,played with you...and the many other daily rituals you had together...i found this poem and hope it brings comfort to anyone reading and posting here, i am very spiritual and for that matter there have been two very profound messages from the universe regarding my "Ollie" since... I will say i have been researching info online about sudden deaths in dogs and what surprises me is i keep reading it's unusual???? how can that be when there are so many of us just on this site.. CorinnaL23@aol.com I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep. I could see that you were crying, you found it hard to sleep. I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear, "It's me, I haven't left you, I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here." I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea You were thinking of the many times your hands reached down to me. I was with you at my grave today, you tend it with such care. I want to re-assure you, that I'm not lying there. I walked with you towards the house as you fumbled for your key. I gently put my paw on you, I smiled and said, "It's me." You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair I tried so hard to let you know that I was standing there. It's possible for me to be so near you every day To say to you with certainty, "I never went away." You sat there very quietly, then smiled; I think you knew... In the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you. The day is over... I smile and watch you yawning And say "good-night, God bless, I'll see you in the morning." And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide, I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand, side by side. I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see. Be patient, live your journey out... then come home to be with me. ~Author Unknown~

By bhutun2000

We had a Labrador named Pupu. She was our joy, our dream our everything. One day, she suddenly started vomiting and we could not stop her vomiting. We consulted our regular vet. Also she was was examined by another so-called very famous vet. We did everything, whatever the vet asked us to do. But Pupu died. She just passed away. Till today we don't know why she died. The vets are nothing, but f-g fools - only interested in money and playing with our sentiments. But Pupu taught us the meaning of love and patience. She was not a pet - but our own daughter. We will miss her as long as we live. We understand and sympathise with all of your loss and pray - let their soul rest in peace.

By doc

I am from the uk, male 48 years old and this weekend was the worst 2 days of my entire life. I am a medical practitioner in the Uk and you would have thought death was something i could cope with having lived with it so regularly in my job. Our 2 1/2 year old king charles cavalier Mikey died suddenly after a swim and walk in our favourite parkland 2 days ago, and i have been more traumatised by this loss than from anything else i can imagine. The only comfort i have had is from reading the very sad stories of others and trying to reasure myself that it was nothing we had done wrong. He will be waiting for us I told my daughter but I truely meant that.

By auntiescrooge

Thank you.. lovely poem.. its been over 12 months since we lost our girl.. but it still hurts worse than anything else I have ever known.. so to all you parents of much loved pets please accept my heartfelt thoughts and hugs.. Di

By corinnal23

I am devastated, i took my 9 year old, very healthy Sheltie/Corkie mix on our usual walk..Totally fine in the recent days...Happy,playing,eating..no warning signs...As we got out of the car, we walked maybe 100 feet, lets out a huge yelp/scream....i pick him up, horrified...he tilited his head up as if he died..went limp.i called to him, he came back...got him to a vet, they sustained him for a few hours, transfered to an ER facility on the way, he went into arrest again, they did cpr, he was paralalized and found it hard to breath, they tried a temp trach..he held his own for 30 hours and i had to put him to sleep because the breathing was too difficult as he was paralized..He was compared to Christopher Reeve..I am heart broken, this happened over the weekend.

By klc2306

Last Mon. my Schipperke mix and i drove home from a weekend at the river. She was perfectly fine in every way except panting a little more than usual on the 2-hour drive. She was 2 years old, and i had adopted her 6 months before. We had a rocky and challenging beginning because Schips are a very unusual breed - extremely high energy, bordering on hyperactive. They need a very, very strong, dominant Alpha person, and i had to work with a trainer to become that for her. Once we were past our challenges, i fell head over heels in love with her. She truly loved every second of life more than anyone i ever knew. Her energy was boundless. Her love was endless. She gave me mouth kisses when i asked and love nothing better than to lick me as if i were her puppy. Although crate trained, she had started to sleep on my bed for at least part of the night until she got bored and jumped down. This little Schip was by far the most beautiful dog i've seen in my lifetime. Her little pointed triangle ears were adoreable and so expressive. Her feet were the cutest little compact feet i've ever seen. We came home, and i left her in my bedroom to go out for business. When i returned 2-1/2 hrs. later, she was dead. Her front legs were stretched out together, as were her back legs. She had defacated before she died, and there was a small amount of opaque liquid under her head, obviously from her mouth. Otherwise, she looked perfectly normal. Her eyes were more open than closed. There was no need for CPR or taking her to the vet; she was gone. She was much stiffer than i would have expected in such a short time, but there was no clue whatsoever as to what happened to her. As all of you have been, i am utterly devastated and keep asking myself why and was there something i could have done. Most of all, i wish i could have been with her so that she did not die alone. i cannot imagine ever getting over the loss of my Schip (skip). Thanks for letting me share. Hope it helps. If you need to talk, my email is klc2306@comcast.net Let's all try to remember the wonderful times we shared.

By guruchik

I am so grateful to have found this forum. My beloved, wonderful, amazing dog Snickers died just over a week ago on June 4th. She was a 10 year-old black lab/ rottweiler mix with the best goofy, laid-back, tennis-ball loving attitude you could ever ask for in a dog. She had her spleen taken out over a year ago and it was found to be non-cancerous, and other than that, she has been a pretty healthy dog. She had been having diarrhea for a few days prior to her passing away, but I didn't think anything of it. Both her and our other dog have diarrhea from time to time and it doesn't really raise any red flags. My mom and I took Snickers and our other dog for about a 40 minute walk early that afternoon. On the walk, she had diarrhea and I noticed a really small dab of blood in it. I thought that was weird, but nothing crazy. She seemed her normal self on the walk and got home and drank some water before we all went in the backyard. Right when she got outside, she threw up her meal from the previous day, which didn't look digested at all. Then she walked over to our pool and got sick again, but this time it was clearish and mucous looking. She then laid down underneath our deck, which is when I got really concerned. I called the vet and they didn't seem too worried and I made an appointment for later that day. In the meantime, she seemed to be having a hard time getting comfortable and was starting to dig a little scooped out area for herself under the deck. This dog is really not a digger. She was panting really heavily and it wasn't that warm out. I called the vet back, but they said to keep an eye on her. She then started to make almost like gasping or little sounds like a hiccup. I was terrified and talking to her, petting her, trying to make sure no bugs got on her. I was so scared and there was nothing I could do. I had a bad feeling and this was happening so quickly, all within minutes. I went inside and looked up some information and ended up calling the emergency vet. They said to bring her in right away. Thank God my Mom was outside with Snickers. That is when she passed away. My Mom was sitting with her and had a cool washcloth on her forehead. As I type this I don't know how to put into words how terrible I feel for not being there for her. I was inside the house looking up information, talking to a neighbor on the phone, and finally talking to the emergency vet. I don't remember what the hell I must've been thinking to have of left her and I am so grateful for my Mom. My Dad rushed home from work and we immediately put her into the back of his suv and we rushed her to the regular vet's office. In my desperation for her to still be alive, I could've sworn I saw her chest move ever so slightly. I thought maybe she's still alive! The vet rushed out to the car and tried pumping on her chest. I was so torn apart I was in a heap crying and thought I heard her gasp for air. No one else heard that. She was dead. Even now, just over a week later, I MISS HER SOOOOOOOOO MUCH. I always tried to treat our two dogs equally, but our other dog Sheiba who is 13 is a survivor (against all odds) of liver cancer. I feel like I always babied and protected her. I never realized how much I relied on Snickers to always be there for me with her wonderful, dopey grin and constant enthusiasm for life. My Mom said she's happy we didn't have to go through the painful decision of deciding whether or not to euthanize the dog. We have been through that with our Cocker Spaniel Randy, and that's also extremely tough. But this was just so unexpected and out of the blue! I know the pain you all are going through. You're not alone, and I wish all of you the best and know that you gave some lucky animal a life filled with love.

By amy-ogden

I lost my beautiful little girl a month ago now. Libby was a 2 year old cavalier king charles spaniel. She had seen the vet only 4 days before we lost her and was given a clean bill of health. We took her for a walk with her brother and she was playing in the water as usual and came out of the water creeping around. Sometimes Libby did eat the water as she was playing which sometimes made her sick, so we thought that she was just feeling sick so we decided to make our way back to the car. She was quiet walking back and was sick twice. We got her to the car and she was drooling alot and lifting her head up, which again was what she did when she felt sick. I am a veterinary nurse so decided to take her up to work to see the vet as we were going to be driving past on the way home. I was sat with her in the car and trying to comfort her, she lay down so I left her alone to call ahead so they new we were going to be popping in. I was on the phone for only a few minutes and when I looked at her after the call she wasnt breathing. I pulled her onto me lap and could feel her heart was still going so I began to breath for her while my husband rushed to the surgery. By the time we got to the street where the surgery was her heart had stopped. My vets tried everything to try and bring her back but I knew she had gone. I was devistated. She had been playing in the park only 15 mins before and was having the time of her life. I decided not to have a post mortam as she looked so perfect I didnt want her to be messed with, instead we drove her to a crematorium and said our goodbyes. I miss her so much and know exactly how you all feel, I still break down everyday because I miss her, she was an absolute joy, such a huge character and a massive part of our life. Everyone says it gets easier but we are still a mess even a month after. My thoughts are with all of you who have lost a part of their family. We feel cheated that she was taken so soon from us but are thankful we had the chance to know her.

By bjc70storm

I'm so sorry with what's happened to all of your pets. And, I've been hit with the same tragedy. By best friend passed away yesturday and it just hit me so hard. He was a 3 year-old German Shepherd, named Big Papi, and was the best dog I ever had. I was just throwing the ball with him and my other 2 dogs, his mom Dustie, and his brother Bucky. After a few throws he just stopped going out for them, and I thought he was just tired so I just threw it to Bucky. But on the last throw, he ran as fast as he could to get it, which he did. However, he never returned with it. He just stood there, limping on his left back leg. Then, he layed down and I ran to him and thought he had broke his leg. But then he got up and layed down by the fence. I went to get help and rushed back to him. But when I got back he was dead. I held his face and watched him go. It was so devastating, and he was in perfect health. The vets checked him out in March and they said he was fine. I still don't know how but we think it was either a clot, stroke, or heart tumor. He was a great dog. Whenever I would go outside he would be the first and sometimes the only one to notice I was outside. He would always have the ball in his mouth, ready to play with me and whenever I would throw it he wouldn't come back with the ball most of the time. He would run around when I would try to get it from him. He loved to play sports, especially football. I remember he used to chase me down when I had the ball and tackle me. I always loved playing with him. Whenever I would come out sad or angry, he didn't care, he knew that a few throws with him would cheer me up and they always did. I remember when he was done eating, he would lay down by me, and I would pet him. He was such a fuzzy dog. I would often call him my "Fuzzy Buddy". Whenever he ate, he would always have that ball with him, and just about everywhere else too. He was very special to me and I know I was special to him too. I alos remember how I picked him to be my dog: I heard him yelp for help when he was dangling from the porch and I got there in time to save him. And ever since, we were buds. One time he protected us from a dog when he was only 4 months old. He was my one true best friend. I'm gonna miss him so much. I'll never forget Big Papi. I loved him so much and I know he loved me even more.

By doc

I am from the uk, male 48 years old and this weekend was the worst 2 days of my entire life. I am a medical practitioner in the Uk and you would have thought death was something i could cope with having lived with it so regularly in my job. Our 2 1/2 year old king charles cavalier Mikey died suddenly after a swim and walk in our favourite parkland 2 days ago, and i have been more traumatised by this loss than from anything else i can imagine. The only comfort i have had is from reading the very sad stories of others and trying to reasure myself that it was nothing we had done wrong. He will be waiting for us I told my daughter but I truely meant that.

By sandi2mike

Hi, I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...

By memorykubanda

Tear up, not rear up. Sorry.

By mrbmoran

Happy Birthday Buddy! We miss and love you! Well that was my attempt to make him a cake!

By jpmalibu

It is so sad to read all of these tragic stories. When I first began researching the "why", I felt guiltier by the minute, since these events are considered "rare"-I was thinking that I missed the warning signs. But as I read through each personal, heartbreaking story, I, like all of you will always question the "why". Last week we were on vacation out of state. All was well until Friday morning when we received a call on our cell phone from our house/dog sitter. Our Zoe, 4 1/2 yr. old, 22 lb. labradoodle, had collapsed and died. Nothing can describe our feelings at that very point in time-we were devastated. Zoe and her sister, Roxy (6yr old Labradoodle) were our perfectly healthy "kids". (We have 3 grown children, all married, so my husband & I are "empty nesters") and Zoe and Rox have truly become our kids. We caught an earlier flight home so we could bring Zoe home from the vet-I needed to see her. The dog sitter told us that she had heard a loud whimper, and she found Zoe lying on the carpet moving her head to her chest-she called the vet and rushed her over, but it was too late, Zoe was gone. I talked to the vet over the phone-he explained that this was a fluke-similar to what can happen in humans-heart attack; blood clot etc. He felt that an autopsy would not show anything different. She had no trauma & nothing lodged in her throat. She was healthy-had regular vet check-ups and about 4 weeks ago was in to have her teeth cleaned-under anesthesia-but uneventful. By the time we got home from the airport, Zoe had been picked up from the vet and brought home. She was curled up as if she was sleeping…..but I couldn’t wake her up. We wrapped her in a pink flowered towel & placed a new tennis ball with her-(she loved to play catch with her tennis balls-it was her obsession as most of our pictures of her are with the ball in her mouth ), and laid her under our magnolia tree with newly planted flowers- "Zoe's Garden". Thank you for listening…….it is very helpful to share with those who truly understand the sad, sad feelings of experiencing the sudden loss of our dear and loyal friend. I’m told that she is in a better place……but she was never in a bad place….She was young and loved very much. My consolation is that I do believe we will meet again…

By wing7

Every dog is special to it's owner but the poem struck a chord in myself and my wife.We lost our beloved Casper, an eight year and half Lhasa Apso 2 weeks back .He had a bladder stone,was operated successfully,then 3 days later collapsed on the vet's table while on the IV.We were asking the vet to do do a blood transfusion but he delayed till too late. Casper had forged a special bond with our family,my wife and 2 kids.He would wait for us to return home,even after a short interval,and the raptourous welxome was his way of saying Welcome Back. His HB count had dropped to 7 from 14 in 15 days but the vet did not connect the dots in time.I am told that an IV drug called Oxyglobin could have saved him. We would like anyone with similar experiences to respond. He was a member of our family,and gave us so much more love and affection that we will never forget him. mp,sweety,bobby,nikita.

By akrantz

Was your dog given CAPSTAR? I just posted a really long story about my wonderful dog Charlie and can't seem to find it. I don't know if I'm crying because I lost my story about Charlie or because I've lost Charlie. Charlie knows how much we love him and how much he is missed. I just need to get this out. I feel like Charlie had an allergic reaction to the drug CAPSTAR. It's a drug to kill fleas in 30 minutes. Vets give this drug to the dogs without calling if they find a flea on them. I called the company and they told me they have not tested this drug on animals with diseases, only healthy animals. They claim it is safe, but how can they really say this? Charlie had diabetes and they never tested this drug on diabetic dogs. Was your dog given CAPSTAR? Mine was! :(

By doc

Mikey was never given capstar, but i still wonder about blue green algae in the lake, it is the hottest and calmest weather i have known in the UK for many years, and the poison from these algae can kill within an hour.The vet seemed to think little of this when i mentioned it. I have seen the poems, and I thank you all for your comments on this site and the way it helps me each morning including this one to get over that horrible emptiness that i feel especially in the mornings when he is not waiting for me to let him out into the garden. From this one event alone i believe there is more to life than the one we live in, so much powerful love cannot dissappear forever.Love that is stronger than any other need in life, by an infinite margin.

By ccpetcare

Hi, I just lost my boy Sonny to a sudden cardiac event last Saturday July 24th 2010. He was only going to be 8 next month he had no history of heart disease and was just running around and playing the day before. We were out taking a small pee walk when he started to act like he had to vomit so we headed for home after wetting him with some water in case he was too hot. We turned to find our cat who had been following us and noticed Sonny wasn't trailing behind like he usually would so when I turned to find him I witnessed him come out of some bushes go completelystiff and fall over sideways. We began to carry him down the sidewalk towards home when I noticed he was starting to turn blue. By the time we got him to the E vets he had several more "attacks" while they were trying to treat him and his body began to shut down, he had no circulation whatsover and we had to put him down before he died slowly. We were devastated to say the least at this completely unexpected and sudden event. He had just had his physical and bloodwork last week and all was fine so I am wondering if something in the new 3 year distemper shot reacted with his boy in the wrong way. In any event I will be getting titers to check antibody levels instead of vaccinations in any other dogs I may have. he was my doggie "soul mate" a very special guy he went everywhere with me and was by my side most of the time. Lori Light Rocky Hill CT

By sanchez_terrace

It's hard to believe there are so many of us that have lost a beloved pet to sudden death. Yesterday July 4th, 2010 we lost our Husky, always happy when we came home rain or shine. We had two Huskies, Sitka a female (Malamute) and Juno a male (Husky). These two dogs both born in the same year just months apart became best of friends. Actually, Juno was our friend’s dog, we happened to all move to Terrace BC during the same year. Two couples venturing into new territory along with our newly added family members. Over the next 6 years we hiked, swam, skied, skated, ran, biked, and walked together. Of course having two young fearless huskies ended in long hours, back at the vehicles waiting for them to return. Always, half expecting to camp out for the night. We had many adventures together in and around the Northwest most were wonderful, some very costly! It wasn't unusual to have $300 vet bills for pulling out quills! During their seventh year, Juno merged into our family. Like our two children they played, ran, protected and loved. Sitka and Juno relied on each other’s strengths. Sitka was solid and strong-minded, but with age she became arthritic and stiff. Juno was leaner, standing taller with long legs. He aged without notice, looking the same as he did in his youth. Juno would sit patiently overlooking our driveway and the road, waiting for our children to get off the school bus or for us to get home from work. Juno watching over our family, protecting us from the odd bird or squirrel! One year later, Juno roaming the alpine in the Yukon enjoying life suddenly died. Like most of your stories, Juno showed no earlier signs. He threw up some bile, but seemed normal by night. At three in the morning he whimpered, cried, and took his last breath. We had always expected to lose our Sitka first, but to lose Juno like this was wicked. I often would think about how one day our dogs would die of old age. But for some deranged reason I had comfort in knowing we could euthanize when their pain was too great. Sudden death leaves you helpless and unprepared. After reading your stories I've been able to find some closure, thank you.

By sandi2mike

Hi, I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...

By sandi2mike

Hi, I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...

By sandi2mike

Hi, I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...

By sandi2mike

Hi, I am still in shock and thought I would share my story. My wife and I were walking our beloved 4 year old Alaskan Malamute, Sakari,down the street Wednesday night. She was a big girl, about 125 pds, but in very good shape. She was happy as can be, bouncing away. Some kids and there parents were coming up to greet her when I noticed she had stopped in the street. I turned around and noticed that her eyes seemed to change. She then went down on her legs and rolled over on her belly. She moaned a few times, urinated, and her tongue turned blueish and came out of her mouth. She was dead in about 7 seconds total. Time seemed to stop for me.I am devastated by this. I will never forget the way she stiffened up and those last sounds coming out of her throat. Why would this happen? I am still in shock, but we are trying to get through it. We have two other Shelties that we love very much. I decided not to get an autopsy done, but now I question if I should have. Our vet said it was likely a heart attack, but I guess I will never know. Has anyone had a Mal that had a similar experience? I miss her so much and this hurts very bad...

By c.rae

My heart is broken as I write this... My girlfriend and I purchased two Yorkie's on a whim from a Pet store just over two years ago. The Yorkie's were biological brothers as per their documentation. We acknowledged that both Yorkie's had kennel cough upon purchasing. Of course we had already fallen in love with them and named them Teddy and Brody. The kennel cough lasted two to three months. One of our boys however continues to experience health problems. This is Brody. He has had minor to semi-serious health problems that include: rashes, infections, skin irritations, dietary problems, extensive allergies and subsequent depression, fatigue and exhaustion. For Brody, we have purchased creams, ointments and special foods to minimize his allergies. This has amounted to thousands of dollars in veterinarian visits and associated costs. These various treatments have yielded marginal results. Brody is now on a three phase shot/injection schedule in which we have administered over the past several months. This will continue well into the new year. We continue to medicate and spend money willingly on our babies, Teddy and Brody as we love them more then life itself. The Pet store at present is no longer in business. Furthermore we have learned of poor management practices that have contributed to many cases of unhealthy animals. We are to understand this contributed to the closure of this franchise. We have had our boys two years and two months at this point in time. On December 13th 2011, we were looking at Christmas lights with our friends and their dog. Our boys were with us as usual. Teddy was in his reindeer suit, Brody was in his Santa suit. Teddy suddenly started crying. He had never done this before. I picked him up and brought him into the car to see him in the light. He didn't appear to step in glass as I thought may be the case. In the light I could see Teddy's eyes were dilated and completely black. His body had become limp in my arms and his breathing slowed. We thought he may have ate something. It seemed so strange and unexpected. We rushed over to the local hospital. The veterinarian wasn't certain what was happening with Teddy. Teddy couldn't focus his eyes on anything and he kept falling over. The vet said he would watch him for a few hours. My girlfriend took our friends home. I stayed at the vets as I was concerned for our Teddy. I sat down in the waiting area of the Hospital. Moments later the veterinary's assistant ran out into the waiting room to grab something. He then ran into the back area. I followed him back there. I asked if everything was ok. He wouldn't answer me. In the waiting cage Teddy's was contorting in every direction. His motions were forced and unnatural. My heart started beating fast and my anxiety sky rocketed. I asked is he ok. The veterinarian didn't answer me. He then took Teddy into a back area and put him on oxygen. The veterinarian told me to take Teddy to emergency. He told me the number and I dialled it into my cell phone. He then asked me to give him the phone in order to speak directly to emergency. The veterinary hung up the cell phone and told me to take Teddy to emergency immediately - he gave me back my cell phone. I called my girlfriend and fortunately caught her before she went back onto the Highway. I told her to come back as fast as she could. I called the 24 hours emergency vet that was 15 minutes away and said we were coming. I handled the administrative questions as fast as I could. The veterinarian could not reassure me things would be okay as I waited for my girlfriend to arrive. My girlfriend arrived seconds later. I got into the drivers seat a sped to emergency. Teddy was shaking and his breathing was slowing. My girlfriend and I were in tears. We were praying that Teddy would be ok. We arrived at the Emergency Hospital. Immediately Teddy was taken into he back. We were told to sit in the waiting area and the doctor would come out if there was a concern. My girlfriend and I were in tears and just trying to consol each other. We were there for less then two minutes before the nurse asked us to come back into the ER. We were terrified as we walked into the ER as we now expected the worst. Our beloved perfect little Teddy boy was on the operating table having his chest pumped. There were tubes going into his mouth and IV into his leg. He had urinated on the white cloth. The lead veterinary said, you may need to make a critical decision, Teddy is not breathing on his own. We asked will he make it. She replied, "he will have significant brain damage even if he does". My girlfriend and I fell to the ground in tears. We were watching our baby struggling to stay alive. The nurse asked if we wanted to go into a private waiting area. We didn't know what to do. The vet blurted out she will continue working on Teddy and told us to go into the private room.

By dmmcmah

Sounds like your 11.5 year old German Shepherd died of bloat. The exact same thing happened to my GSD Sam who was also 11.5 years. Exact same scenario and he went into a bathroom. I took his body to the vet for a necropsy so i could find out what happened and they said it was bloat.The best thing to do with large deep cheated dogs is to have their stomachs tacked, you can do it when they are spayed/neutered.

By roverbegood

My heart goes out to all of the families who are still grieving over the loss of their pets. Many people here talk about heart diseases as the major cause of sudden death. But there are other, equally devastating diseases. Take infectious canine hepatitis, for example, which is caused by CAV-1 virus and may be transmitted by external parasites, such as fleas and ticks. Dogs younger than 1 year (especially older than 14-16 weeks) are at greatest risk, but all unvaccinated dogs are at risk. Common signs are vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Sometimes, neurological signs, such as disorientation and seizures, follow quickly. Dogs die within a few hours after the beginning of the signs and dog owners often believe that their dog was poisoned, but in fact, a dog dies from severe damage to the brain, lungs, and sudden internal bleeding.

By dalejr929

On Thurs. Dec.22,2011 I was awoken by what I thought was my dog having a dream, with her legs moving as if she was running and having a pleasant dream, NOT A NIGHT MARE. I was shocked and siok to death and ready to die before my dog. She was a 12 1/2 yr old chocolate Lab. Her health was good. My poor friend was foaming from the mouth massively and I could not get her to stop convulsing or seizing. Living by myself I had to get dressed, carry her down stairs, lay her down, pick her up, get shoes on, take her outside, put her down , lock the front door. Go to the car, put her on the trunk lid, unlock the car, put her in the car and then drive 5 miles at a very fast speed.I quickly rushed her to the Emergency Vet and she managed to get out of the car somewhat when I got there. After 10 minutes the Doctor came out and said she had had a seizure and she may have another seizure or never have one again, but needs some blood work and possible an MRI or Catscan of her head. WHY WOULD THE EMER DOCTORS NOT DO THIS I HAD A HEALTH PLAN, MONEY WAS NO OBJECTIVE, I JUST CANT FIGURE OUT THE COMPLETE LAZINESS FROM A VET WHO GOES TO SCHOOL LONGER THAN A GP. IT JUST EATS ME UP THE LAZINESS OF THIS CLINIC. She had NEVER had any seizures, before and they advised she would walk into things, pace around. I stayed at this Emerg. Clinic who did NOTHING except take her rectal temperature and apparently examine her. The receptionist was more wanting to get paid and get home than give the proper and descent care on the OATH That ALL VETS TAKE, to Save and Preserve LIFE FIRST. The Emerg Clinic was closing, so they suggested to wait until my Regular Vet opened to go and see her Doctor. The drive was less than 1- 1 1/2 minutes. My dog walked into the exam room on her own steam, she had a pee outside and we went inside. She DID NOT LOOK LIKE A DYING DOG,My "pup was pacing around and I finally managed to get her to lie down, she had a poo, smelled it and laid down. The second collapse started, she fell to her right side and her body stretched out, I yelled out to the Vet, she came in listened to her heart and said it wss slowing and I asked her to try to save her. They took my only friend in the universe and they gave her epenephrine but could NOT save her. Regrets. I did NOT do a necropsy, but it may not have found out the reason. How in the heck can a dog go from unconscious, convulsing, foaming at the mouth to conscious, moving around what appeared to be normal and then within 5 minutes she is gone????? I am extremely upset at the emerg clinic who should have kept her a while later, at least started and IV Line in case she needed any meds, monitor her more closely than pass her on to another vet. What a shame, she was eating, playing and NO tell tale signs of anything brewing. I just dont get it why so lazy. Devasted a week later and even worse, my dear "pup" was the only family I had and cannot stop having flashbacks regarding the entire incident and to boot, how lacadasical the emer vet was and NOT doing more and possibly save her rather than let her die needlessly and helplessly. I would NOT want anyone to go through such a grafic and tragic and not to mention life altering incident that has changed my life forever. I work in the 9-1-1 profession I have had people die infront of me and in my arms. I feel that PTSD is setting in and I hope I can survive because I cant do this on my own. My dear puppy was my lifeline, conifidant and most importantly the ONLY thing I had in my life with NO family. Please I have been searching the net for answers, the Vet has none so this makes it even worse, not knowing and this dog went to the Vet just like a person, for all her wellness tests, regular visits and never neglected or forgotten, she was just like a person and understood two languages that I speak. Ive tried looking for pet loss support and found NO books at Barnes and Noble or Chapters. Life sometimes is NOT fair. I hope no other pet owner has to endure a nightmare like this one that keeps playing over and over and wont stop. Thanks for reading my Tragic Story and welcome all and any ideas. I would have given my life for her right there in the Vets Office at the blink of an eye, NOT FAIR, NOT RIGHT, just as an added insult, I had a regular Doctor treating my Mom for Cancer and killed her. She didnt have a stitch of Cancer in her body, the pain meds stopped her heart and liver.

By Fmrich

I also lost my precious dog, Chief on Jan 1st. He was a retriever/chow mix just turned 8. I boarded him at my vet for a few days while we went on vacation. He was happy and healthy when I left him. Three days later he died in a cage alone at the vet in the middle of the night. He was found the next morning. A necropsy was done and the vet said he was a perfectly healthy dog. He does not know why he died. I am devistated and feel so guilty for boarding him. I truly feel if he was home he would not have died. I feel the stress of being boarded in a strange place and away from home killed him. I pray that he will be there waiting for me when my time comes and that he forgives me. I miss him so much. He died alone. My heart goes out to everyone who has lost their faithful companion. Losing them is bad enough but when it is so sudden it is devastating. God bless our pets and God bless all that have suffered such a great loss.

By schabacker

Hi. The trauma of seeing your dog die is real tough. Happened to me on the 10th of December at 4:20am. My 6 yr old girl (a Bichon) shrieked, waking me up, and immediately went into agonal breathing. That lasted a couple of minutes. She died as I put her in the car to go to the ER, which I only found out when the tech looked at her eyes and gave me the horrible news after a freeway dash. Perfectly healthy the day before. The most helpful comment: After living a great life and making our family happy for 6 yrs, or 12 yrs (fill in the blank), her job was done, and it was time for her spirit to go and help another family. Like you, we are still wondering why she died and can only guess. The vets cannot say. We are thinking of burying her ashes in the yard she guarded from many varments and wild critters so faithfully for the past 6 years. Each day it gets a little easier. We are looking to adopt another, and the thought that we may get one a little like her is soothing. Good luck!

By tim.eileen

i just read the sad story about the dog who had the seizures. I hope my story will help you. When my boxer girl, Holly was 9yo she started frothing at the mouth while I was walking her. I had to carry her home. When i got her to the vet she was overheated. She had another seizure that night. No cause was ever found. The vet had her on a drip and valium for several days. We just wanted her home because we could keep an eye on her 24/7 and we didn't like the side effects of the valium. When we got her home she was disoriented and acted like she was brain damaged, wouldn't eat etc. After about 2 days at home she started eating and gradually improved. we found a good vet who supported us all the way. She returned to normal and we then got a boxer pup and she was really happy and well. She had another seizure months later, and another and eventually she was put on anti-convulsants. She got to 12 but unfortunately the seizures got worse even on medication. Sadly, we had to have her euthanased in April this year. Towards the end she was circling and pacing continually. No cause was ever found for her seizures but we believe (and our vet agrees) that she likely had a brain tumour. We were blessed to have Holly for those extra years after the 1st seizure and for her to have quality of life for most of that time but it was really hard at the end seeing her suffering and having to make the decision to let her go. I absolutely loved Holly (who was a rescue dog) as you did your beloved dog but in time you will feel ready to get another dog. It will never replace the dog you lost but it will be special in its own way and you will grow to love it too. Take your time, grieve, remember the happy times you had together but please let your heart open to another dog who needs your love and care-and that will add immensely to your life.

By cris3528

I thought I had lost my baby this past Sunday morning. My husband had fell asleep in the chair with her and when I walked in the room I heard her hit the floor. She was on the floor and wasn't moving. I think she got up when I walked in and when she did she just fell over. This was at 1:45 a.m. in the morning! I thought she was dead. I performed baby CPR and started massaging and lightly pumping around her heart and rubbing her. She couldn't move. I was hysterical. We took her to an emergency vet and she said her heart rate was low and her body temperature was low and her glucose was high. All of these things came back to normal with IV fluids within 4 hours. They said her liver looked enlarged on the x-rays, but didn't see cancer. We let her stay until 3:00 the next day, but decided to bring her home. Her vitals were fine and the vet couldn't tell us what was wrong. She has seperation anxiety and I told my husband that as long as her vitals were up I thougth she would be better off in her own home. I don't think the stress of being in a metal cage with dogs barking around her was the most conducive environment for her. She started having diarehea(sp) 24 hours later. She is only 5 lbs. We have been given her chicken and rice and I gave her some pumpkin today. I have also been giving her pedalyte. She acts like herself just a weaked version. Please pray she recovers. I don't know what happened and neither does the vet. They said they could do an ultrasound, but I don't put a lot of faith into what they can do for her at this point. She is 8 1/2 years old and she is like my child. I just pray she comes back to her old self soon.

By dawnacinderella

i was so shocked and so up0set this past sunday 3 4 2012 my husy suddenly died in my arms i dont know why he seem ok usual self he was my best friend and my only companion of ten years i am so filled with guilt i wish i could of seen something in his behavior no signs i feel i lost my child i took him fot granted, he was always here with me my life will not be the same without him miss him so, he droped his hind legs couldnt move lost bowels and died in my arms why i dont know i thought he had a heart attack i left it at that my husky named king born sept 19 2002 to march 4 20012 was a great friend a great fam member a good dog he has been creamated, and i had a piece of my hair cut of to burn with him , i know in time ill be able to walk by his bed and not cry as i loved him so much god bless our animals piece my best friend we will meet again run king run mom xxoo i love you buddy amen.....

By ubiratanguedes

I love animals and especially dogs. I had 12, most of them street dogs who I adopted. Yesterday I lost one who was born at my house. He was 2years and a half, beautiful, happy and almost human. I had gone out to feed some street dogs as I do every day and when I arrived, he had just died - suddenly - without any previous symptons. In fact, I have already lost 5 of them; each one with a different but beautiful story. Every time I lose one of my children - that is the way I call them - it seems I am going to die as well. But I know I need to be fine to take care of the ones who are still here. I am so sorry for anyone who loses a so pure and sincere friend. I wish people could be more careful about animals. They deserve all our love and care. Geraldo

By mypalmergirl02

We suddenly lost our 10 year old boxer 3 days ago. He had no signs, he played all afternoon in the front yard, the house with our lab and cuddled with us on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I let them out back in our big fenced in yard that he loved to hang out in when the weather was nice and it was this past Sunday. They ate about an hour prior and were barking a lot at a cat or something within minutes of going outside, I looked outside and asked them to stop, they did and my lab came within a few minutes. I was freshening up for dinner and noticed that he still hadn't came in but I just thought he was enjoying the nice weather or still trying to take care of his business. I went outside to see where he was and found him laying in the yard, i knew immediately he was dead. I listened for a heartbeat and there wasn't one, his tongue was hanging out and turning purple, his eyes were glazing over, his body was a little cooler and he had released his bowels. I tried to give mouth to mouth and pump his chest, but I knew he was gone. I just hugged him for a while. I feel so guilty that I wasn't there for his last breath. I really hope he didn't suffer and went immediately. I feel he did as I found him about 2 feet from the fence where he was barking with all 4 legs straight out and a peaceful look on his face. All of the 24 hour vets are at least 20 minutes away. I called the one I usually go to and they said to bring him in if want a necropsy and have him cremated. I did considering I had no idea what happened. The vet said the only thing she could find is an enlarged artery. She said he could've had some type of heart disease that they never detected, a seizure, a stroke or an aneurysm. She said I could take him to another vet to get a full autopsy, but I wasn't going to take my dead dog to another vet. I know we gave him a wonderful life and he had an amazing 10 years. He made it through pneumonia when he was 2, getting struck by a car when he was 4 and losing all of his front teeth and tearing his ACL when he was 9. He was on an arthritis supplement and a medication for his leg. He was such a lover. He made my life so fulfilling. I pray that our 10 year old lab will be ok. This is the hardest thing I've ever went through. The comment on this post was comforting and the support of friends and family have been amazing. The comfort of knowing that this isn't uncommon helps. I know one day this won't be so hard and the tears will be fewer. He was such a special boy.

By mayzee67

We lost our boxer of 10 years just after christmas. He was suffering brain tumors and having seizures so it was expected that we were going to lose him. I didnt want another dog but my wife talked me into getting one. We got a beautiful black little cockalier (King Charles Spaniel x Cocker spaniel). We only had her for 7 weeks and she was so full of life, she turned my world upside down, our kids are older and pretty much have their own lives now but Bella was my baby girl she would sit in my arms and snuggle. She love unconditionally and was always their to greet me when I came home from work. On sunday the kids took her to the beach for her first swim and she was running around playful as evr. We had a BBQ tea and were sitting outside enjoying the sunset and evening breeze, Bella layed down at my wifes feet (something she loved to do) and was there for 10 minutes then she let out this loud painful moan cry, i raced around and picked her up, she was gone, she had relieved herself and even before we got her into the car to race her to the vet deep down I knew we had lost our baby. My wife was distraut and I felt so helpless. The vet tried but she was long gone. I just dont understand how a beautiful little girl who showed no signs of anything, good appetite, regular bowl momements etc, could just die so quickly. It has left me devistated and heart broken. I lost not only my dog but my baby. I will never forget my Baby Bella. Does anyone have any idea what it might have been? God bless and thank you in advance.

By joshualillie

Last Sunday, March 11, 2012, I lost my beloved Boxer dog Stella to what I suspect was cardiomyopathy. Stella would get allergies, but aside from that seemed like a very healthy dog. Every day when I came home from work she would run up to me with her whole butt wiggling and after a little smooching and petting she would zip off to get her toy for me to toss across the house. She was my best friend and my pride and joy. She went everywhere with me. Stella loved everyone and everyone loved Stella. She seemed almost incapable of being mean. We were inseparable. When Stella was about 2 and a half years old, she developed a funny cough one day. About every 5 or 10 seconds she would make a hacking noise like she was trying to cough something up. After almost a day I took her to the vet, and of course, the cough completely stopped as soon as it had started even before we got there. The vet told me it was probably allergies since it was fall and I didn’t live too far from fields. I remember the vet listening to Stella with her stethoscope for a very long time. She closed the door and again listened carefully with her stethoscope. When she finished I asked “listening to her lungs?” The vet replied “I was listening to her heart.” She told me that Boxer’s were prone to heart problems and said that I needed to keep a close eye on Stella. About 6 months later, soon after Stella turned 3, my worst nightmare would come true. I was in the kitchen with my sister in law hanging a ceiling light. The dogs were all playing, and I had just recently let Stella back in from a bathroom break. The 3 dogs went into the next room playing while we finished up with the light. After I finished, I started to walk up stairs when I noticed Stella lying on the floor and Rucker (my sister’s Doberman) used her snout to lift Stella’s leg up and it dropped back down limp. I realized Stella was not just sleeping and shouted to her “Stella”. She did not move. “Stella!” I yelled. She did not move. I knew immediately she was gone, but freaked out and drove her to the vet just the same while my sister tried desperately to give her CPR. When we got to the vet, they rushed her in, but I already knew. My poor Stella was gone. My only comfort is that we were home with her, and it had to have been quick. I’m devastated, but quickly learning I am not alone.

By edseevers

We have a two year old Jack Russell terrier who is my pal. We love our dogs like they are our children. I recognize what you are describing. Your terrier had a seizure. Buddy has seizures about every three weeks, they started Christmas morning 2010. We will eventually have to put him on medication but are trying to wait as long as possible. Many of the medications will cause other issues for him such as organ failure. It is a terrible thing to witness knowing there isn't much you can do. What we have found is that we can make sure he is not where he can injure himself if the seizure intensifies; we can speak soothingly during the seizure and gently stroke his back or legs once he starts coming out of the seizure...do not put your fingers near the mouth..and it helps. After the seizure and once he is over his confusion, we clean him up (he is to the stage where he will urinate and evacuate his bowels), give him lots of love and he will act normally again. One more thing, track when the seizures occur and see if weather patterns, changes in routine or anything else may be triggering these episodes.

By jeoangeljohn

Hi, my name is Donna. Melissa was a peekapoo 11yrs. old and July 17,2011 she had a cough and white mucous coming up. Took her to the first of 3 vets, xrays revealed a colapsed trachea. Antibiotics, then steroids, then hydrocodone for cough etc. another round of antibiotics, and she seemed better. Cough still small but there. 2nd xray as well as first showed lymph nodes above heart swollen. Checked for valley fever. Negative. On to the next vet, more xrays and 3 xray showed trachea improved., lymph nodes down. But now Missy was getting lethargic, not wanting to eat, etc. cough controlled. Now mucous and food coming up but only periodically. Vet wasn't concerned. On to my 3rd vet, who did blood work and another valley fever test. She called and said Missys blood was perfect and no valley fever. Now breathing is not right. Didn't want to take her walks, lost 2 lbs. not a good sign. She said I need to go to a internal medicine vet which I did. He was terrific and spent over 3 hours with her with another thoraic xray which revealed pleural effusion which was not there 2 wks. before. Breathing not good. Removed a large vial of fluid which was a pale cloudy orange. Not good. Results next day was neoplasia (cancer) cells, and 3 days later I put her down. Horrific that a healthy dog, in 7 wks. went down. White count was normal, and nothing ever pointed cancer till breathing became labored at 48 respiratory beats a min. Don't understand that less than 1% in dogs is cancer with a pleural effusion. Inflamation etc, abnormal cells in this fluid present, yet 3 xrays before never found anything. Thanks so much for allowing me to vent. This vet met with me, e mailed me and tried to explain the findings. I don't understand the medical reports and want to send them to another vet who could see that I tried everything and after 2700. still couldn't save her. I just hope by not choosing a oncologist I did the right thing. Thank you

By jeoangeljohn

Hi, my name is Donna. Melissa was a peekapoo 11yrs. old and July 17,2011 she had a cough and white mucous coming up. Took her to the first of 3 vets, xrays revealed a colapsed trachea. Antibiotics, then steroids, then hydrocodone for cough etc. another round of antibiotics, and she seemed better. Cough still small but there. 2nd xray as well as first showed lymph nodes above heart swollen. Checked for valley fever. Negative. On to the next vet, more xrays and 3 xray showed trachea improved., lymph nodes down. But now Missy was getting lethargic, not wanting to eat, etc. cough controlled. Now mucous and food coming up but only periodically. Vet wasn't concerned. On to my 3rd vet, who did blood work and another valley fever test. She called and said Missys blood was perfect and no valley fever. Now breathing is not right. Didn't want to take her walks, lost 2 lbs. not a good sign. She said I need to go to a internal medicine vet which I did. He was terrific and spent over 3 hours with her with another thoraic xray which revealed pleural effusion which was not there 2 wks. before. Breathing not good. Removed a large vial of fluid which was a pale cloudy orange. Not good. Results next day was neoplasia (cancer) cells, and 3 days later I put her down. Horrific that a healthy dog, in 7 wks. went down. White count was normal, and nothing ever pointed cancer till breathing became labored at 48 respiratory beats a min. Don't understand that less than 1% in dogs is cancer with a pleural effusion. Inflamation etc, abnormal cells in this fluid present, yet 3 xrays before never found anything. Thanks so much for allowing me to vent. This vet met with me, e mailed me and tried to explain the findings. I don't understand the medical reports and want to send them to another vet who could see that I tried everything and after 2700. still couldn't save her. I just hope by not choosing a oncologist I did the right thing. Thank you

By mrsskaut

Our dog just collapsed. He howled, arched his back and collapsed. His breathing was labored and I think he stopped breathing. My son and I were rubbing him and talking to him so he was trying to stay. He and my husband took him to the ER vet. He knew we were sad, He tried to stay. I don't know what's happening. My son is 21, this is not going to go well.

By olliecans

Hello I had a Jack Russell for 14yrs and I loved him very much. Sept 1st 2011 we were sitting on the couch and all of a sudden My loving dog Oliver howled like i never heard it before. it was really awful. I looked over as he howled and he also arched his back out. Right then an there I new what was happening I knew he was leaving me it was his time. I gently picked him up and brought him to the vets and they did concur that it was time. I was there in the room as they injected him with muscle relaxer and then gave him the final shot. I was there for my dogs last breath and i'm tearing up just typing this. Oliver papa loves you very much. glad I was able to give you a good life as you enhanced mine.

By patterson.kimberly

I really am at a loss nearly four weeks after both of my furbabies died September 2nd, and 4th 2011. Rexi my nine year old healthy HuskyShepherd mix died for seemingly no reason. I took him out to go potty then he seemed agitated or fearful so I brought him in, he grabbed a bit of food and a bit of water and seemed fine. Five minutes later I heard a short shrill howl and he was dead, just that quick. My Red Golden BudBud had been sick for about six weeks no amount of antibiotics and prednisone helped. He seemed to get better when I radically changed both their diets to complete organic (I have cooked and made their meals for years, even their milk bones) BudBud seemed to respond then two days to almost the minute after Rexi died BudBud wanted out laid down in the grass started to have seizures then just died. I'm devastated and cry at the drop of the hat over my babies. I just three weeks later started to clean my bedroom where the boys stayed and played and lived. I can understand BudBud since he was a few years older than Rexi and came to me as a stray (had him for eight years) Rexi I had since he was five weeks old. But Rexi's death hit me hard he was so healthy. I am doing up a scrap book for my precious ones and waiting for the day I join them in Heaven with our Messiah and our heavenly Father, GOD! Numbers Ch 6:24 The LORD bless you and keep you; 25 the LORD make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; 26 the LORD turn his face toward you and give you peace.”’

By d.sarileejane

My posts on websites never print. I'm trying sooooo hard to find out what happened to my Cane Corso. He just turned 4yrs old. He dropped over in our yard, we didn't see what happened, he was only outside about 5 hrs. My husband went to let him in & came running in telling me Kane was dead. He was laying on his side, no vomiting, no diarrhea, nothing in his mouth (foam). I am destroyed, my son is taking it really bad. He was active - walking, running along side my son's bike, swimming. The vet suspects a toxin because of his age. He couldn't get over what top shape our dog was in. The necropsy showed nothing. The lab wants $1,000 and we are to tell them what toxins to test for?? I can't get this out on the internet, I'm having a hard time w websites, they never print my posts. So I'm trying the comment section since I can't find orig post. I've tried vet websites, but they won't print my info either. Facebook only reaches our friends. Please - if you have a Cane Corso & this happened, please tell me if you found anything. I am heartbroke, he was such a fantastic dog & I'm concerned about my other dogs. If it was poison, but the vet wouldn't do any testing I guess because Kane was already gone? The necropsy showed nothing. Not knowing is awful, I don't know how long he layed there all alone. I don't know if he suffered. We don't know a thing, & I can't get anywhere on the internet for help. I've registered, I've put in passwords, ect and my posts don't get printed, so if you can read this finally - please spread the word for me. I can't leave my email because some idiot got it thro facebook & sent a bunch of viruses to my contacts, so I hope this post goes through. My orig post is gone. I need to know, my vet still has his samples & I'm STILL looking for a research lab to send them to. I'm sick. I need to know what happened. I'm getting my female's heart checked at a different vet. (She's 2) We have no idea if he was poisoned, or if it was "natural causes". Thanks, Sarah

By susannavy

two days ago, my beautiful 4 year old chocolate lab died for no apparent reason... as usual he was outside playing with our 3 other dogs.... they were out for about 2 hours because the weather was beautiful... when i went to call them in..the others came but he did not...my husband and I searched our 10 acres and found him about 45 min later...he was lying on his side..no injuries, no vomit, just a little bit of blood on his tongue ..it looked like he may have bit his tongue... we are completely distraught....all the dogs had bones, i called pet smart and told them to take the meaty knuckle bones off the shelf in case he choked.. we are not sure... all i know is my heart is broken..he was such a joy and always brought laughter to our home and my heart...my children miss him terribly....

By karenmarie.white

hi I lost my GSDStorm this morning . She has always been healthy and active . she was 7 Nov 4th. At 6.30 this morning she let out an almighty howl and collapsed. her breathing was laboured and she coughed three times. she was gone within seconds as my husband and i tried to comfort her. we are heartbroken as so unexpected. we love and miss our big girl storm, a more loyal dog wiuld be hard to find. RIP storm .

By cathyaguero

Our American Staffordshire Terrier who was 11 years old passed away last night in my arms at home. She had arthritis and was on a medication called Rimadyl.On Christmas morning she vomitted 2 times, I thought my son gave her too many christmas cookies and that she would be ok.The following day she seemed to be ok. She ate, went outside to do her business.The last year she was fatigue, slow and slept alot.The vet said this was one of the side effects of her medication. Dec. 27/2011 she was fine we went for a ride in the jeep, hung out outside and basked, ate, and did her usual. That night she threw up and died within 15 minutes.She had what looked like muscle spasm, quit breathing and passed. My husband and I were devastated. She was a bit overweight and didnt have alot of health issues other than her osteoarthritis. We had no time to rush her to the emergency clinic, it happened so fast and unexpected. When we took her to the vet after she passed to have her cremated , they told us she had a cardiac arrest??. I blame the medication she was on. If your vet prescribes RIMYADYL for you beloved pet. please research this product..it is not good. We miss our precious "JADE" she will always be with us. It just makes me cry to think I might of been able to save her.... Rest in peace our angel...mommy and daddy...

By nealeyjulie

My story is slightly different from some on here, but concerning none-the-less. I own my own Professional Pet Care business and have regular clients that I walk daily. In particular I have a regular client that is a 9 year old rescued, Retriever/Chow mix. She is not as large as a retriever, and has a little more of a "barrel" chest, otherwise she is healthy, laid back and eager to walk everyday. She is not a puller on the leash, (unlike her walking buddy) I walk she and her room mate, M-F for one hour a day at a fairly brisk pace. They have been walking at this frequency for over a year. I try and switch up their route so that we have intermittent hills and valleys to walk as well as new scents and stimulations. I have been noticing for the last two weeks that she has seemed to be scraping her toenails more frequently as well as she seems to almost stumble, particularly with the right front leg. She always recovers quickly and never actually falls. I have observed her at pretty intense levels and she has an episode sometimes 3x an hour on our walk, and then go the next day without anything but the scraping toenail. The days vary and the severity of the "faltered step" never upsets her and rarely if at all causes her distress. She simply recovers and plods on as happy as a lark. I have palpated the area along her flanks and legs and can find no evidence of inflammation, pain or sores. Is there anyone that has experience with this sort of incident and if so, what did you do to figure out what it was, and or how to rectify the issue. I have alerted her owner, but only as a puzzling precautionary thought, not a deep concern as I did not want to worry her unnecessarily. I would appreciate any advice, thoughts etc.

By eyefordetail2

Oh my God, your dog died today? You must be totally devastated. I cannot imagine what you are going through. I am soooo sorry. I have been looking for solutions for my sick dog trying desperately to prove to myself that my dog will beat the odds, when I ran across your post. I am sorry for the sudden loss.

By bolotrail

We lost our beloved black lab Quincy yesterday and it was very sudden and unexpected. Quincy had been fine, never had any issues so that makes it that much more devastating. Mom called me and said she thought something was wrong with him and started crying saying she thought he was dying. I raced over to her house praying the whole time. When I got there he was sitting by the back door and he looked at me and wagged his tail a little. He was drooling and breathing a little heavier than normal. Mom said he had been fine all morning, got up at one point and acted as though he were drunk then collapsed. My brother and I got him in my SUV and we took him to the emergency vet. By the time we got there the breathing was more labored, they immediately took him back and we signed the consent to do CPR if needed. We waited for what seemed like an eternity then the vet came in. We were told they were doing CPR and that he had a large mass which had ruptured. Mom asked if it was cancer and the vet said "most likely". Mom said to stop the CPR and broke down crying as did I. The vet came back a few minutes later and said we he had passed and we could go see him. I let Mom go by herself while I sat and sobbed then went in and broke down while I said my goodbyes. The vet told Mom the mass was most likely a fast growing one and it had ruptured that morning. He had no signs of anything wrong with him which is why it is so hard to believe. She said it also may have mestastacized to his heart. We had thought Quincy was around 8 yrs old (Mom adopted him about 6 yrs ago from the SPCA) but the vet said he was actually more like 12 or 13 yrs old. We gave him a good life with lots of love, he was a great dog...very sweet...never growled and loved everyone. He loved getting his ears rubbed and would nudge your hand to make you do it. I will miss him terribly.

By gallantcrm

Until I found this website I was sure we were the only one that this had happened to and I was almost loosing my mind. Our loving 2-year old Cairn Terrier, Sydney passed away on September 19, 2011. I went for a walk with her and my son came with us on his bike. She did not have a very good walk but I was thinking it was because of the bike, as she never did like it when the kids were on their bikes. When we got home, she barked really loud (I had never heard her bark that loud). Within a few seconds she was laying on her left side and her legs were straight and stiff and she was gone within seconds. We could not decide on sending her for an autopsy but the vet figures it might have been a birth defect that was never detected. My husband and kids are dealing with this better than I am but now that I have found this website and realize that we are not the only one that has gone through this it makes me feel a bit better. Last year I had sent her picture for a contest for the 2012 Calendar 'The 365 Puppies A Year' and exactly a week after she passed we got a letter congratulating us for our dog and a 2012 calendar. She was selected to be on the calendar for December 6 and 7, 2012. We miss Sydney very much.

By renemark342

i just read a sad story similar to mine about a lab that died suddenly. We also had a lab. He was a yellow lab, and just turned 6 years old.He was always healthy, and he weighed 100 lbs. He was acting normal all day,outside playing with our other dog, barking at the neighbors dog like nothing was wrong. He ate his food like he always does that morning. At about 4:00 pm,we gave him his second feeding. He didn't eat all of his food. We thought he might of had an upset stomach.Our dog had a habbit of eating everything he could sink his teeth into. well, he was laying on the floor like he always does. about an hour passed by,he let out a cry, and then we knew something was wrong. So, we called the vet, and while we was on the phone with the vet,he stopped breathing. The vet was on speaker phone walking my husband and I through cpr. My husband was pushing on his chest, while I was blowing air into his mouth. It was too late we lost our dog.He was like one of our kids. I just dont understand how a healthy young dog full of energy can die just like that. R.I.P. Taylor we love you

By sea00nymph

My dog Chica died last Monday, October 24th. She also was in good health or so I thought. She had some problems with not eating enough this past summer, but the vet attributed it to the fact that she may be in pain because of a knee problem. On Saturday, we went for our usual walk, with my other dog Daisie, who is older about 10, Chica was 9, also a rescue like Quincy. Saturday she had some trouble jumping in the truck. But acted her normal sweet self. On Sunday, we also went for a walk, and about 4pm, she came by my side and was shaking uncontrollably, like she was very cold. I took her outside and massaged her, and called our local vet who was out of town. She told me to give her a tramadol for pain, and to bring her in the next day. I brought her to the vet on Monday, October 24th, and they gave her intravenous most of the day, and she appeared to be better. I picked her up at 4pm, we drove around while I did some errands and I notice she was whimpering, not a lot, but here and there. She was even in the front seat one time when I went to Safeway to get her some chicken breasts and rice. Well, when we got home she walked herself to her kennel in my house, and then her labored breathing started. I called the vet and she told me to take her temperature, ant it was high, it was 103. The vet tech suggested I take her to the emergency clinic down in Paradise Valley, we live in Sedona, so I got her ready to go, and when I got her to my suv, she got worse and died in my arms. I held her until she took her last breath. I am so overwhelmed with sorrow and just can't believe she is gone. A week ago she was happy, playing and her old self, and now she is gone. I was told that a tumor on her intestines ruptured and she was gone. I have cried for a week, she was so sweet and so loving. Daisie and I will miss her forever. Sylvia and Daisie

By Chad_E_Ault

We just lost our beloved big girl Mystic. She was a beautiful newfoundland. I had found her in the paper when she was about 2 and a half. She gave us five and a half great years of love. After reading some of the other posts I was compelled to write our experience. It was sudden as well. She had just celebrated her eighth birthday the day before. It was Sunday. She had just started not feeling well. Just the night before I could barely keep her from rushing the trick or treaters at the front door. Every little kid who she greeted with great curiosity commented on how beautiful she was. The next day, she was laboring. She started having a hard time breathing. If she laid down it became worse. So she sat up. I took her to the vet Monday. I had always had her checked out. We went to the vet on a normal basis. They always did a thorough check up. Other than being a little over weight she seemed fine. The morning I took her to the vet she was noticeably not good. But like a trooper she went for the 30 plus minute ride to the vet. I think it took all the energy she had left to get out of the car. The vet checked her temperature and took blood. He said he didn't like the sound of her heart. Her temperature was okay but she had started to retain a good amount of fluid in her belly. He wanted to put her on a ACE inhibitor a lasix for blood preasure. I raced home to get her comfortable and gave her some medicine. Unfortunately, it was too late. She really started to labor in her breathing and our big girl passed away five hours later. I am truly heartbroken. No disrespect to anyone and there pets. They are all very special. This is more a comment on other pets I have had than in comparison to anyone else's pet as I know they are all amazing. Having had several dogs growing up, all of which were great, great dogs. For me, there is some so very special about a newfoundland. She was kind and gentle. Innocent and sweet. Loyal and protective. Clumsy and cute. Proud and honorable. Obedient and trusting. She was our big girl. She was literally a big part of our life. Something that cannot be replaced. In time I will remember more of the joy she brought us in such a short time, but for now my eyes and heart are filled with tears knowing she is gone. She will never be forgotten and always missed.

By mommapeepz

We just lost our male Boxer, CJ Marmaduke, he was only 71/2 years old. He died suddenly on October 29, 2011. I am still mourning over his loss. I am broken hearted because I was watching him play with the other two boxers as usual, he stopped and staggered as if he were drunk, and then collasped and was gone. Only 3 weeks earlier, he had a similar episode, but in less than a minute he was back on his feet, back to playing. I wish I would have taken him in then! We told the emergency vet this and he said he suspected it was a blood clot that took our lovable Marmaduke. He was gone in seconds. My husband tried CPR on him, but that didn't do any good. He had the most soulful eyes, he could look at you with those eyes and melt butter. I came across this site, trying to find an answer to what happened to my beloved Marmaduke. After reading some of the other stories, I am finding I am not alone. My heart goes out to each one of you that have lost your beloved family member. I too, lost. I love my animals more than most humans I know. Their love is real......no games. It will take a long time to heal. I am fortunate that I was able to hold him when he took his last breath.

By kpernsky

To the owners of Storm lost Nov 7, 2011: I am so sorry for your loss. I also have lost my beloved Storm this morning very unexpectedly! :( I found her lying on her bed. She was also 7 years old. A beautiful malamute who's had some joint issues, but has been very happy as of late! I will love you forever Stormy-Girl! <3

By kevalashawn

I just lost my toy poodle Sonic today, he would have been 5 on Christmas day this year. I put him to bed in the garage last night where he's been sleeping for the past week, (I normally don't do that but I've had radiation treatment and didn't want to get him exposed). When I woke up to feed him i saw he was still sleeping and that's not like him at all so I went over to him and started calling him and then flipped him over and he wasn't moving. It really scared me because when i flipped him over to his left side his mouth was pulled up like he had been growling or drooling. Probably drooling because he looked so peaceful on his right side. I gave him a little rib peice from when we went out yesterday, do you think that could've choked him in his sleep or could he have had a stroke in his sleep? I don't know what else could have happened. I just feel horrible that I couldn't hold him a last time while he was alive because of my radiation treatment. I've been crying all day and when I stop I'm in shock that he's really gone and I start crying all over again.

By kjhughes

My beautiful black Labrador Guinness died four weeks ago today.He was only 4 1/2 years old. He had heart failure and there was nothing that money could buy to put it wright. He was the love of my life, my soul mate and we were never apart. Being a housewife and mother meant we were together night and day ( he slept between my husband and I).I would never go anywhere without him and would spend countless hours playing in our local parks and beaches every morning.He never used a lead and would walk attentively by my side always looking up at me wagging his tail. The grief I feel is profound despair. I can't move on. His face is constantly etched in my brain.I miss him so much and feel that he's been robbed of life. My heart goes out to all of you, and I feel your pain. We will all be reunited one day! God does not give you a companion in life, to separate you in death x

By Anniecholakyan

My 5 1/2 year old Maltese was having his daily walk on September 29, 2011. The least I new was it was the day I was never going to see my baby again he was walked by my mom and while my mom was looking over my other dog who's very sick with severe seizures the sound of a crash was the sight of my baby thrown in front of her feet he ran middle of the street when my mom didn't realize and a car hit him and drove off. I grieve like a part of me is gone I hurt inside like a deep open wound I can't explain how I'm hurting. I quickly rushed him to local ER to have him resesitated found out that he had instant death his neck was broken. I'm in severe depression I can move I can't go on knowing the was he passed. He was my everything the only soul that understood when I needed love I wish I can turn back time and change that day. I think was he hungry, did he suffer? Oh god why did you let this happen why???? I just am very angry at life ... I can't blame my mom more than she's punished her self for taking her eye off of him for a second and his life was taken away. Everyone's telling me to buy another dog to get my mind off of my Pucci but I can't my 4 1/2 old Boy Maltese Pucci's brother started getting seizures march of 2011 till today his seizures have gone to another level he runs all over the house now hitting his head on walls I barely maintain to catch him n when that happen it happens about 7 to 8 times back to back I mean Dr's say it might be a liver shunt he's on 3 different medications about 3 times a day. I lost one dog to a car accident and now my one and only to a sickness no Dr can detect all vets want is $$$ but they don't know nothing!!! I'm at a point where my little one is suffering and only choice left is to put him to sleep to take him out of his mysery how is it possible to lose 2 dogs you've raised from birth and have them leave you right about same time !

By acn726

Last friday when I got home from work my precious little 11 month old puppy Jingles was laying on the floor barely breathing. I ran to call the vet and just that quick he was gone. He was a healthy and happy little guy. My heart is broken, and I can't stop thinking of him. Today he would have been 1 year old. It's killing me to think that he was alone at the time, and it maskes me so sad to think he suffered. My eyes are full of tears right now and I can barely see the keyboard so I'll say bye. Bless all our beautiful, furry children.

By high.pockets

Thank you all who have shared your stories and my heart goes out to each and every one of you. We lost our beloved 9 year old lab/beagle mix one week ago today from a sudden collapse situation. It's so hard when it's so sudden but I have to be thankful that she didn't suffer. She was playing with my son and his friend collapsed, let out a long, loud howl and died. I did CPR on her but it was obvious she was gone. We believe (through talking to our vet) that this was probably a stroke. It's hard not to feel guilt and I want answers but I don't believe there was anything we could have changed or done differently to prevent her passing. These stories let us all know we are not alone in what we have gone through and in the intense grief we feel. There is a poem called The Rainbow Bridge that was given to me about losing a dog. It has given me great peace and something to look forward to when I see Dixie Lee again when she and I will be reunited and we walk over the rainbow bridge to Heaven together to see our God.

By bycefam

dear high.pockets, I am glad you know you did all you could do - I on the other hand feel at complete blame. I am a Dental Hygienist, and over the last several years we have learned that bacteria from the mouth can get into the heart stream creating an infection of the heart. That is why they tell us to have our dogs teeth cleaned. Pixie had bad teeth from the beginning - we used to call her "snaggle-tooth" and so I should have been even more concerned. I just didn't take her in to do it! I feel like she would not have gotten the heart murmur in the first place had I had her teeth taken care of! The vet told me they have diagnosed heart murmurs in dogs, cleaned their teeth, and the murmur has gone away. I feel so awful I can't even tell you! Very grief stricken right now.

By junista

My heartfelt sympathy. I how how much love you can have for a pet....my dog is very sick and in the hospital now. I pray he survies his low platelets and further testing. I am so sorry for your loss.

By dkj

My dog Priddy died on Saturday he was 15 1/2 years. I feel totally heartbroken and also guilty. Prior to his death he had been diagnosed with Heart Failure or a Tumour, we had medication and he seemed to pick up. I went out Saturday for a few hours to come back home to find that he had been sick. He wanted to go outdoors so I let him out where he led. I phoned my husband to say I did not think he was well. By the time my husband arrived home I knew he was dying. I feel so guilty that we could not get him to the vet in time to put him to sleep. Yes he died naturally but I hope to god he felt no pain.

By goldpalms

Like many readers I lost our schnauzer of 11 years to a very sudden onset of illness, then rapid death. Others at my children's school also have mentioned to me of their pets sudden death. For anyone reading this comment and the others posted in the fall of 2011 with knowledge of what this may be, please comment. Sparky presented with some stiffness in his hind legs 10 days before his death. The stiffness was progressive. He displayed increased thirst 4 days before he died. I want to comment to the readers that for 11 years we have always be on top of his vaccinations and he yearly had his "checkup" with our local vet including blood work with No Issues! The day before he died Sparky exhibited increasing difficulty getting up. Was passing normal stool, but began to urinate more frequently with dilute looking urine (no smell). This was on a Saturday. Sunday I came down stairs and found him sitting back on his haunches, like you may see a bear sit. He was struggling to get up, rolling around on his rear. I had to hold him up to let him take a drink, were he could support his weight on all four legs which he did without problem. From this point on Sunday the vet knew he was to come into the clinic Monday morning when it opened. He was insistent to be standing up, which he could not do on his own. I carried him for more than an hour outside were he was very aware and was looking around our yard. When I placed him in his bed he was noisy and passed very quickly. I have added this detail because I have never observed such a rapid decline in a dog over a few days. I have had dogs for more than 20 years and experienced dog illnesses, but never like this. Sparky had never been sick since adopted him at 4 mths as a rescue dog. The only point that strikes me as very unusual was everyone in my family had a very intense illness 3 weeks before Sparky showed signs of illness. Could the dog have picked up something from one of us? The high school were my children posted one of the highest absence rates in California for October, due to illness. Interestingly, several friends of our kids attending the same school recently talked to us about loosing their dogs, with symptoms nearly identical to that of Sparky. If anyone has heard of similar deaths in dogs (cats in our area don't seem affected) please comment. If this was an unusual virus capable of transmission from people to dogs, it could also go the other way. Our corporate Vet Pharmaceutical companies should be made aware and make available to the Veterinary community a vaccine to protect our neighbors pets and, in the end us.

By willocat

Please don't think I'm crazy but there have been too many sudden deaths of young dogs. Do any of you feed your dogs Pedigree canned food, Nutrish dry food, Waggin Train treats (Pig skin Twists with Chicken Liver Centers) or Pedigree Dentastix. The morning my dog passed I had given her a sausage patty from McDonald's. When I left her she was fine. I'm so sorry for all of your losses. I wish I had been there for her like she has always been there for me.

By hardttx

While he's not dead yet, his chance of survival is 30 percent, and that's only for 60 days. The impending death of my baby is taking me by storm because he was barely 4. In 1 night he went from being a playful loving dog to not even being able to support his hind legs. We took him to the emergency vet who diagnosed him with IMHA. Pretty much his body is destroying his red blood cells--it's a rare autoimmune disease. While he's not gone yet, i mourn him every day. He's at a specialist vet receiving expensive treatment, but he's not responding well to it. He's given me so many memories. Helped me get thru the hard times, helped me enjoy the good times. I just hope he's comfortable and that he knows how much he's loved.

By imhis2011

I would contact a company called Amber technology and ask them if they have a natural cure for this condition. It may sound unbelievable but I have personally witnessed a 3 day cure for deadly Parvo in 14 puppies. There may be a distributor in your area, and they are the most helpful, caring, knowledgeable people you will find. Their web site is ambertech.com

By dennyjames

goldpalms, i posted above but i wanted to share a few similar things with hayley who was also a miniature schnauzer. she was having trouble getting up on her hind legs for a few months, but the vet was thinking it may be spinal. this is similar to your sparky. also how she went was similar and she also appeared to be fairly healthy as to eating, appetite and stools, etc. you have an interesting theory. wonder if anyone else has a similar story.

By 4yorkiemom

On Thanksgiving night I lost one of our precious fur kids, Rosie. She was 16 and lived a long loving life, but it was so sudden that she passed. She was very lethargic and not eating, just sitting and staring at "something". During the holiday dinner, she ate turkey, but continued not acting like the baby girl we knew. Suddenly she started breathing hard, and it sounded like a she had some fluid on her lungs. She howled twice and died... in her daddy's arms. I can't believe she went so fast. She was seemingly normal up to that moment. She did have tumors on her skin, but she had had them for years. I don't know if it was old age, or there was something else that took her. I have a huge hole in my heart and three yorkies that saw their sister die. I know she is in heaven and will watch over me, but I really miss her tremendously. Melanie

By bycefam

dear anniecholaykan, I am so sorry for your grief! I wish I could give you a hug and share it with you because mine is so deep too. I feel depressed and like I will never get past this - or even that I feel guilty getting past it! I don't want to lose her memory! Part of my wants to get another Shih-tzu right away to help me be busy to get through the pain, but I feel too guilty. I need to honor her memory. But it hurts so bad I can hardly stand it! Pixie and I had a connection that I only felt as deeply with her. She understood me too, and has been with me through thick and thin, and traveled all over with us (several moves). I just want her back so bad! I want her to trot out from under my daughter's bed, or scratch the wall to tell me she needs to go our, or put her paws up on the side of my bed at bedtime so she can sleep with us. My husband travels for work during the week, and I am so going to miss my ritual of putting the kids to bed, putting on my shows, grabbing a snack, and giving them (I have a Boston Terrier - Chilie as well) little bites of cheese or applesauce while they sit next to me. I will also miss her bark when we she begs while we are eating our dinner at night. If you need to unload, please feel free! I am feeling for you!

By dennyjames

hi there, coincidentally, my mini schnauzer Hayley died suddenly and also on November 25, and it was her birthday (12 years old). she had an enlarged heart but was just at the vet and he said it was at a "2" so we were managing it and i was giving her supplements and herbs. she had lived with a heart murmer and the heart condition for years. what happened friday, on the 25th was, we were walking her and her buddy Kai and Hayley was walking a bit slow. Suddenly, her back legs gave out, then her front ones moved forward, almost like a seizure. i ran to pick her up and while in my arms she started making a pained crying sound and within about 5 seconds she was limp. I couldn't believe she had actually died and when i got home with her, we called the vet and he asked us to hold a pair of glasses up to her nose and check her eyes with a flashlight, and there was nothing. I wanted to tell the above person who just lost their baby the same day, that this is the second dog i have lost and in the last few minutes and seconds, they don't realize you are there, so you shouldn't feel guilty that you weren't there. the vets have told me this is so. i am glad this time she was in my arms, but i know it is me, and not Hayley who feels this. Hayley and any of our pets we love, know we have taken care of them and they are appreciative while they are alive and perhaps even looking down upon us from their doggie heaven. God bless our animals who give us more than we can ever return to them. my heart is broken, but we have to be glad for the time we have with them. best wishes to all, denny

By bycefam

Hello! I just read your post and have a terrible, similar story. My brown-eyed-girl Pixie (Shih-tzu) was diagnosed with a class two heart murmur mid-May, by our vet in Colorado. He said have it checked in 6 months. Fast forward to this past week..... Pixie was doing fine, or so I thought, when on Sunday night she came out of the bedroom, sat down, and I noticed her head bobbing up and down slightly. She then just started at me. After becoming alarmed, but deciding to keep an eye on her, I noticed she was restless and moving about. She threw up her dinner at one point, and then I listened to her chest as I noticed her breathing had quickened. Her heart was racing. At 2 am I took her in to the emergency room, where they put her on oxygen. They told me at some point she had coughed up some blood - not good. The ER doctor - who was wonderful and compassionate, told me she thought it was Congested Heart Failure, and that I should see our vet first thing that morning. Monday morning I went to see our vet, who told me her heart murmur was now a class 5, and was alarmed that it had increased from a 2 to a 5 since May. She highly recommended we see are cardiologist, and believe me, if we could have afforded it, we would have! She put Pixie on meds to keep the fluid out, and a heart med, and took blood work. Blood work came back that something else was going on, but not sure what. Put her on antibiotics. She refused to eat. Had to syringe feed her - horrible! Poor baby! The meds worked ok for a couple of days, then on Friday morning we had her back in - breathing harder again. Had a chest exray done, to see how large the heart was which would determine the prognosis. Doc said has seen many dogs at a class 5/6 (6 is worst) and truck along. Still thought something else was going on, and if we could just get her appetite back, maybe she could fight the CHF and live a bit longer. (At this point, we knew that going to the cardiologist would only tell us what was going on, not fix her heart). Doc gave her a couple shots and sent her home. She got worse, and we ended up having to put her to sleep the Friday after Thanksgiving. I am absolutely heart-broken, and was not ready for this! Pixie was to turn 11 Jan 29th. Shih-tzu's generally have a longer life span, so I was banking on at least a few more years. I feel depressed and so very sad. I loved her so much, she meant the world to me!

By agreenberg

My dear Mollie, 12 year old cocker spanial, died Saturday morning. She got up at 5 am and something happened on the stairs. We don't know if it was a heart attack or a seizure or what. By the time she landed she took a few breaths and that was it. She had been having breathing problems and was coughing badly for the past few weeks and had a bout with cancer three years ago. Given her age it was probably her time. This post is about what happened before she died. Friday Mollie kept staring at me until I pet her, she was always a sweet affectionate dog but this was extraordinary. She kept leaning against my chair and trying to get as close as possible. She stuck around with me until bedtime. Her death is heart breaking as I'm sure all the dog lovers out there could imagine, but the feeling that Mollie wanted to spend as much time with me before she left is tearing me apart. Has anyone else had an experience like this? Alex

By LQHerring85

This morning around 4:00 am, my husband and I rushed my 9 week old minature pittbull to the ER. He had coughed up blood and seemed as if he was trying to cough up a hairball. while the vet was giving us options of how to handle this issue, Kaine (my puppy's name) died. I wasn't even given the opportunity to save him. I had my tubes tied almost two years ago and found out that i was pregnant in August. My husband that that an abortion (which is against my religion) was the best choice for our family. So when we got Kaine, I was a new mommy again. I loved him with all my heart. He was my child. So I feel robbed that he too was taken away from me. The doctor did not know what was wrong with him, execpt that he was suffering alot. And the lady at the fron desk said that in her opinion,she would have Kaine put to sleep. Noone knows why this happened and my heart feels empty because as a mother, you are suppose to protect and care for your children and keep anything from happening to them. Or at least see if there is a problem and try to fix it before it gets bad. I was not able to save Kaine nor have the opportunity to play catch with him in the summer or watch him chase my little girls around in the grass. The funny part to all of this is that I was never a huge animal lover and was treeified of dogs. But I would have given up EVERYTHING to save Kaine.

By marilynllogiudice

Yogi my pride an joy operated on about a mon.ago.3 fatty tumors,1 cyst near eye,teeth cleaned,nails trimmed.now it looks like i may have to put him down.holdin bac tears,only at night, comes lookin for help.panting,havin trouble breathin,drools,can only walk half a block,maybe,appetite goin,fearful of noises &certain sounds,sits up next to me all night,so tired in day wants to sleep.when he does or goes into rem he jerks.feet,head,heart pumpin,doesn't look like he can breathe properly,looks like a seizure but block is missin.doesn't fall down,paws don't stiffen,an he knows who we are.losin some hair not just sheddin,vet has seen him at least 1xp/wk says hes ok cause gums r pnk,ears ok,vitals ok.but he isnt with him at night.he sees a tired dog who wants to get the hell out of his office which before he loved goin there. this all happened after operation he got a hot spot under chin.dr.shaved hair, gave antibiotics an prednizone to stop itching, that was the beginning, now he thinks i'm nuts callin sayin its an emergency. IT IS!!!no tests were takin of him afterwards. live on limited income from SS can barely pay rent. takin nitro myself.me or Yogi is goin together or who first?help someone!opinions,suggestions,...stay away frm money-don't have.Yogi,Yogi,Yogi. i feel so guilty for havin these benign tumors takin out-all because i was told he wouldn't be able to walk if the ones near inside of paw an near groin didn't get removed. all was done for $500 his regular vet wanted $1200 to remove 2 of them. someone talk to me.i'm pullin up all kinds of info onp/c an its about little dogs. Yogi is 8 an weighs 107.on diet. never hurt a fly loves kids an adores an welcomes hugs an pettin from others. omg!help me!please!!!

By dennyjames

dear marilynllogiudice, if you are giving your baby any medications, antibiotics etc, please tell your vet to think about if there may be an allergic reaction or adverse effect from the drugs. Also if you are near any university where there is a vet school, and if you don't know call your vet or any other one in the phone book, and talk to them or take your poochie to someone else. don't wait because things can happen quickly. God bless you and your baby.

By texasjo

My beloved Beanie Baby, a 13-yr. old Bichon had convulsions while I was driving, and it took me 20 minutes to get to the ER on George Bush and Custer. They came out and grabbed her. I visited several times. She looked better at first, then the next day I was told she would never be normal, walk, hear, or even drink her water, so it was time to say a tearful goodbye. She's all I had left from family and friends, all gone, and we did everything together for 12 yrs. I wanted to die with her. I'm better for reading Pet Loss on Google, and writing to the woman who wrote it. I'm signed up for this because of the story told by the person (Philip?) who took their dog to the Forest Lane Animal Clinic, and they killed it without even saying "I'm sorry!" How awful. I live in Plano, and I'll tell everyone I know about that. I got many cards, and everyone at the vet's place signed it, plus they brought Baby to me in a beautiful quilt, with sorrow in their eyes, and the doctor who administered the three shots said how deeply sorry she was they couldn't help her more, and she had to do that. They were so sincere. I wish I had an autopsy, and one reason is my other dog died after a rabies shot. Now, both Bichons were not in the best of health, and I wonder if I get another one is it because of overbreeding. I'm going to a Bichon party tomorrow evening, and hope I get some help. I'm sorry for all who lose their sweet pets. Baby meant the world to me, I'm all alone now. Everyone says "get another one " but I have to grieve first, and besides, I hate loving anything that much again. I may die before the dog, then what? JoAnne B.

By edna.hilario

Hi i'm so sorry for the lost of your baby. I myself have lost my pee-wee (shih tzu) last Saturday (dec. 3, 20011) at the age of 5 months old. We treated him as a son. We took care of him as i took care of my kids. He was very sweet and playful. He cools me down when i feel mad and makes me smile when im sad. I did my best to make him alive. I brought her to the vet and bought all the medicines prescribe by the doctor. My kids and I loved him very much and it is so much pain that we were not able to save his life from his illness. I cried in pain until now and i wish i can see and hug and kiss him again. My husband and friends tells me to get a new one. But I feel the bonding and attachment i've got for Peewee can never be replaces by any new puppy. We love peewee very much. I still cry... i miss him very much

By renee.rancourt

Joanne B.. wow.. you are very close to me.. I'm in McKinney, Texas and that is the ER vet we have used. I feel your pain. I lost both of my yorkies within a year (10/21/10 I lost Sadie and 10/3/11 we lost Samie) Samie spent the night at the ER on 10/2 and we got her home but she suffered from collapsing trachea.. I had oxygen here for her to keep her comfortable but I had NO IDEA she was not going to survive. It was so very sad... The staff at that ER vet are amazing. In fact, they were on the phone with me when my Samie passed away. I'm so sad.. We do have a sweet puppy Yorkie (Bella) that we got this past June.. IF we didn't have her, I'd be crying more than I already am. It's so sad to lose them. Sadie and Samie were my first dogs and losing them was a first for me. I never felt such pain. Renee R...

By schabacker

We just lost a beautiful sweet 6 year old Bichon quite suddenly. Thursday, she was fine and spent the evening on my lap and the night in the bed. Friday morning, she was a little lethargic but still interested in eating and socializing. She vomited once and seemed nauseated in the evening. Gave her some water and put her to bed. She welped once at 4:20 am was in respiratory distress. She stopped breathing while I was on the phone to my wife who was away on business. I think she died as I was putting her in my car to go to the animal ER. This dog was my best friend and was 100% sweet. She wasn't even grumpy with me as she was dying. We will always miss Pearl. Cannot figure out what she died from. We declned the necroplasty. There was no blood, swelling, paralysis, discoloration or fever. If anything, her body was too cool. Sad in San Diego

By ostarraann@yahoo.co.uk

I recently lost two German Shepherds in two days. I came here four years ago with five darlings, one Mummy Two Daddies and tw0 'babies' :) The first Christmas here Loulou died suddenly, quicker than a canary. She was one of those beings who are like Angels, they are never really of this World some how. Her loss was devastating to the pack as well as to me, she was our joy, funny little thing.She was only three. The vet had refused to get out of bed telling me 'it's just a bug !' ..... I left her body for 24 hours so the others could realise she was gone and then buried her in the garden so the others could see. After her death Daddy No1 started to become noticably frailer,she had alwats run next to him, I could see after whe was gone that he had been leaning on her, so sweet and so sad to see him struggling back with his ball alone, very slowly he became more debilitated, It was in the end DM, he could only move his head by the time it was right to have him put to sleep. Up till his end he still caught a ball and woofed and woofed happily but that morning he was in distress for the first time so I called my newly found vet to come and put him to sleep here, at home.He was 13. The night before I made the decision his brother had had to be rushed to the vets too, screaming in agony with Bloat, he made it though, that time. Daddy No1 was buried next to Louly. Mummy had a massive stroke just before Easter but was recovring amazingly and then !!!! A week after Easter 'baby's breathing started to become fast and shallow, he went to the vets, vet wanted to do tests. That night Daddy2 had a minor stroke ! The next morning I took 'baby' in for tests ..the dreaded phone call ................... I said yes do it but wait for me, I bought his dear little body home for the others to say oodbye too and buried him the next day. That night Daddy No2 started screaming, bloat, rushed him up to the vet ...I've never moved so fast in my life. There was no saving him my darling darling Teddy Bear ..........Oh God it is a melodrama isn't it ? I had to take his body home to MaMa who was still hiding in the bathroom .............. I buried him two days later, I couldn't do a thing the next day but what I had to do. MaMa and I only now ....needless to say she is unbelievably spoilt now .............. No matter the last horrors of my darlings lives and we always know they are going to break our hearts ....I saw them all born, bottle fed three of them and helped MaMa wean the others ............ the pain is too too aweful now when I allow it but it will pass and the lovely memories will take over. Their life span is shorter than ours and most of our darlings do live out their lives ........... It is so unbelievable empty when they leave us though, isn't it ? :) xxxx

By helenleona2000@yahoo.com

we had 7 shih tzus in our home. my husband went out of town for heart surgery and I left my dogs with my sister-in- law on Sunday. I came back and got them on Tuesday and took them back to her house on Wednesday. On Friday night I was on my way to get them and about 15 minutes before I got there the youngest which was 4 years old passed away suddenly. My husband and i are both devastated over our loss. I am having an autopsy done on her to find out the cause. This not knowing is tearing us both up



By rcresmen@comcast.net

We lost our dear Angel yesterday. She had 8 good years with me but died outside when I let her out to go. Found her outside the door lying in the snow. I lost it! I tried everything from CPR to praying. But she was gone. Took her to the vet office as I had to know if I had killed her. Maybe out too long or what had I overlooked. Vet told us she had a tumor on her heart and it had stopped the blood flow. I just cannot believe she is gone. I was going to retire next week. And traveling with her was in my plans. So much for plans. It shows how your whole life can change in one moment.

By muirismac@live.com

hi mary sorry to hear about your pet,i lost my boxer dog today he was only 15 months,he always had a bad heart,was on tablets for it,doing ok the vet said to try a new brand,said they were better,my buddy died 4 days later today,im gutted,should i have stuck to the tablets i knew,you miss them when they gone

By muirismac@live.com

hi mary sorry to hear about your pet,i lost my boxer dog today he was only 15 months,he always had a bad heart,was on tablets for it,doing ok the vet said to try a new brand,said they were better,my buddy died 4 days later today,im gutted,should i have stuck to the tablets i knew,you miss them when they gone

By muirismac@live.com

hi mary sorry to hear about your pet,i lost my boxer dog today he was only 15 months,he always had a bad heart,was on tablets for it,doing ok the vet said to try a new brand,said they were better,my buddy died 4 days later today,im gutted,should i have stuck to the tablets i knew,you miss them when they gone

By 1mississippigirl

I am so glad that I found this site. My daughter's boyfriend was killed in a car accident in January 2006. At the time, I was living in VA and had just taken my daughter back to MS to be with him. They had just registered for school and gotten an apartment and all their classed together when he died in a car accident. We were both devasated. I returned to VA and decided to get a dog hoping this would help me deal with the the loss. I had never had a pet before. I found my special boy "Frank" a pug quite by accident. I had told my daughter that I was getting a dog and was considering a pug or boxer. My husband said that I should think about my decision since I had never had a house dog before. He had previously had dogs when he had lived with his previous girlfriend. Taking his advice, I decided to wait and think about a pet. Just a few days later, we were in a carpet store to pick out carpet for a house we were building but what should the carpet salesman bring with him to the store but a beautiful pug named "Frank". I said to him, Give me that dog." He said that he would be working out of town for the week and he would let me keep him. That was all it took and "Frank" was mine. I have said that God sent Frank to me and he was all that I had ever imagined he would be. My daughter fell in love with him as everyone he encounters does. Since she has been in college we were unable to get a pug for her but 2 years ago this Nov. we got her a sweet little girl named "Fortune". She and I loved her name and said that God had sent her to us as well. She has been the most amazing gift for my daughter. She would get so excited when my daughter would come back home after she had left her for awhile. I would be on the phone with my daughter and Fortune would just squeel with joy when Deion came in the door and would keep it up for a few minutes. It was so heartwarming to hear the joy that they both felt for it other. It made me so happy as I am sure everyone can imagine. But that came to an end this week when my daughter came home from school to find her dead. Unfortunatley, she was home by herself and called her boyfriend to hurry back to her apartment but Fortune was dead. He had been by 2 hours earlier to take her for a walk before he went to class. He said she didn't really want to walk and kept sitting down but he didn't think anything of it. There had been no signs of any problem other than breathing problems occasionly which pugs have. My daughter and I are both heart broken. I can't sleep and have trouble eating. I wonder what could have possibly happened to our little girl. She was so loving and loved to snuggle with you any time day or night. I don't know if the pain will ever go away. I am trying to find another pug for my daughter now. Please tell me how long it takes to stop crying. Any ideas as to what might have happened to our baby girl?

By susan.prendergast1

Hello, I would like to share my experience with you. Last night at approximatly midnight, my husband and I came home after being out for a meal with friends. Our beautiful Newfoundland boy, Hugo - he would have been 3 on 29th of this month, greeted us as usual with lots of waggles and kisses and slobbery love. I let him out onto our deck and called him back in - this is our usual night time routine - and in he came. He lay in his usual spot by the kitchen door, and made himself comfortable. My husband and I went to bed, but my 20 year old son and his 17 year old brother were playing on their x box in the next room to him as they had been all evening. At 1.30 a.m my 17 year old came and woke us up quite hysterical, saying that there was something wrong with Hugo. He had heard him cry - he said a cry like he had never heard before - which went on for about 15 seconds and when he went into the kitchen, Hugo was lying there on the floor in the same spot with his eyes open. My husband and I frantically tried to see if he was breathing, which he did appear to be for a minute or two, but then his eyes just glazed over and that was it. He was gone. I phoned our emergency out of hours vet, who advised us to shine a torch in his eyes to see if there was a response, my husband was at this point trying desperatly to revive Huge with cpr, but it was no use. Our baby boy had gone. To describe the absolute devastation that we are feeling at this moment in time is impossible. There have been lots of tears, questioning, why, if onlys?? Hugo was a very active, very fit pedigree Newfoundland who came from excellent breeding background - his dad having won crufts. The vet feels that he has had a heart attack, however, it still goes around your head - did he eat something wrong, did we do something wrong? I cannot go into the kitchen today,Hugos things are everywhere, needless to say his hairs are probably in every room we have. He was a stunning, beautiful, loving, affectionate baby boy who still had so much life to live. I miss him so much, not only his physical presence which as you can imagine being a very large newfie boy, was huge, but his love. He was a special boy. I m trying so hard to come to terms and rationalise what has happened, but I cant. I will try to post a photo of my beautiful boy if I can but for now my prayers are with all of you who are suffering in the way my family and I are at this moment. Susan United Kingdom

By schmidtkoff

i've just spent 2 hours searching for reasons my 11 yr. old active and healthy chi mix moxie could have died suddenly in her sleep. she died on june 15. she was healthy, we had played, i let her out to do her business around 4 am. she came back inside, we played fetch the ball, i fed her treats and she laid down behind me and slept as i watched tv and surfed the internet. like susan, who posted on oct. 3rd, moxie let out a cry like i had never heard before. because of the tv being on i didn't realize it came from her. i muted the sound and turned to look at her. a little bit of her tongue protruded. i picked her up and her head just lolled and she was completely limp. i panicked and laid her on the bed. i attempted to give her cpr. she rallied for a moment, then appeared to have a seizure. her legs began to flay in different directions. then she was gone. i just don't understand and after 4 months i still cannot understand what happened. i was going to have her autopsied then changed my mind. now i wish i had done so. i honestly don't know which is worse, sudden death or the slow decline of an aging pet, such as what happened with my 16 1/2 year old shep. mix, whom i finally had to euthanize. but what causes this sudden death? i am still so devastated.

By cclaussen

when i had to put my sweet boston simon to sleep in june of 2010, i got cody, a 12 month old boston from a rescue group. i knew he had a heart murmur but i planned on getting it checked out in october. he died suddenly 10 days ago, just collapsed and died. i did nothing but cry for about 5 days straight. he was a super sweet and loving dog and my house was too quiet. today i adopted another dog from a rescue group and feel so much better. even though she can never replace cody or simon, she needed a good home and is wonderful in her own ways. i know cody and simon would have approved of her. my other dog who was devastated after cody died in front of him is now playing and running around like he used to. the balance and harmony of our home is back, just in a different way. for everyone who has lost a pet, giving a homeless animal a good home is one great way to acknowledge what your deceased pet meant to you. it also helps the pain go away a little.

By janet

It has been over a year since I lost my Annie suddenly. We were devastated. It has gotten better, but I still miss her everyday. Please post your email address if you need a shoulder. And please visit Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, they have chat rooms that I found to be very helpful when we lost Annie. If you feel the need to chat with others who have lost a pet, let me know and I will join you in one of their chat rooms to introduce you. My email is janet@claimsurveys.com. Take care.

By jseitz@bellsouth.net

Just this morning I lost my beautiful boy Duke after 10.5 years. It was sudden and unexpected and our hearts are breaking. . He had eaten dinner and been fine earlier in the evening - getting underfoot and looking for attention as his 85 lbs. of love always did. He was lying with my daughter and I, and when I went to bed he was by my side as usual. Because he was always nervous and panted heavily with storms when I awoke to his panting at 4:44 am with the thunderstorm, I thought nothing of it. And he and his best bud Shadow even wanted to go out for a quick potty break which they often did so all seemed normal. So normal that I shoed him out of the room so my youngest daughter wouldn't wake up. At 6:15am my daughter got up to use the bathroom and came running back to tell me that Duke didn't look good. He was laying on his side almost gasping for air. He lifted his head and looked at me vacantly with his tongue to the side. He made one last effort to turn away so the children wouldn't see and within minutes he was gone. I can't believe he is gone. What presence and personality he had - just an amazing spirit. He came to us with a severely deformed leg at just 6 months old and never ever, ever complained. He was an incredible dog - so full of life despite his issue - always happy and making us laugh. Everyone who met him loved him - even kids who were afraid of dogs would leave our home unafraid and eager to come back to visit our Dukie. And at his size and stature that was a tribute to his sweetness - what a gem. I am so so sad and will miss him terribly. What brings me some peace is that my father who passed almost a year ago to the day adored him as he did my dad - and I know they were happy to see each other on the other side. I will love you and miss you always Dukie my sweet boy.

By michaelgrefe@yahoo.com

I am sorry for your loss. Please don't blame yourself as I am going through that right now. I lost my beloved Tinkie who was approximately 14 years old a few days ago. She had been struggling with walking and I knew that she was having issues with her heart as she had a heart murmur. It was very hard for her to take a long walk anymore or walk more than a few blocks. She had a lot of pain in her back leg and had trouble walking. I encourage her to get more exercise and placed her on a strict diet. I added additional vitamins and she seemed to be doing better and then she started to throw up but she always had tummy issues so I was not worried and I was more worried about the carpets. I took her to be groomed and she seemed to be OK and when she came home that night but she was very disengaged and did not want to eat. I thought that since she was a little overweight that would be OK so I didn't force her as long as she drank some water. About 10:00 that night she threw up very heavily and I put her outside because I did not want her throwing up on the carpets anymore and then brought her back in and she could not stand up. The last time I took her to the vet it cost me $500 and they ran a bunch of tests that basically could not tell me anything. I thought that maybe she was just feeling really badly and that she would be better in the morning and I wasn't sure if running her to the vet in the middle of the night was the best thing to do. I'd tried to get her to sleep as she was trying to get up but kept falling over and I did not want her to hurt herself. I had no idea she was having a stroke otherwise I would have rushed her to the vet immediately. I was exhausted that day from work and taking Tinkie to the groomers as I have my own health issues. I suffer from chronic fatigue and cerebal palsey. I had to take a nap right by her bed and thought I would wake up and check on her, I ended up sleeping for 2 hours and woke up and she was gone. I feel guilty that if I wasn't so tired that day or if I did not have to work as hard as I do to keep my job to keep a roof over my head for me in Tinkie that I might have seen signs and help her but maybe it was just her time.

By pgavares@gmail.com

On March 5 2013 I woke up to find my 11 and a half mixed dog Lucy dead in my bed next to me. There was no warning.A month before we had to put her mother April, down after 18 years. I cannot explain the pain.

By cconway

I too lost my dog last night . I have never felt so lost, sad, or alone. I would give anything to have her back . I don't even know what happened. I feel guilty. It is not fair that such a sweet, loving, and loyal animal had to go like that . She ate a handful of food and next we knew she was hiding under the bed. She just looked frozen, and eventually her eyes glazed over and she was gone. I'm devastated. I want her back . I want answers. I want to know why this happened. Life is incredibly unfair.

By cconway

I tell myself the same thing . Nothing has helped me more than knowing I'm not the only one that feels this way ..

By angiegould

I understand what you are going through. I lost me dog Sat morning suddenly without any warnings. She just turned 1 years old and was in perfect health. The night before she eat like normal, and she even played fetch like we do every night. She showed no signs of being sick. When we woke up the next morning she had passed away. We are lost and have no idea what happen to her.

By shawna1502ob

It has been 9 days since our "Tucker" has passed away in his sleep. I still can not get over or begin to understand why would a healthy almost 2-yr. old dog die??? This is driving me crazy. I keep going over the last few days of his life, and playing every event over and over in my mind. Nothing makes any sense. He was normal, healthy loving , sweet, playing, eating, smooching, sweetheart that he always has been. And 9 days ago he never woke up. I feel like I am missing something?? We have his 9-month old son "Clifford" and I am worried that whatever killed our "Tuck" may harm his pup. I just can't figure it out or stop thinking about it. I do know that having an answer to his death will not bring him back, however an answer that made any sense would ease my wondering mind. This is such an unexplained death. It has me questioning every lil thing. My aching heart needs to be reassured I couldn't be missing something. Still dealing with this and nothing makes any sense, it's killing me.

By csca2

I am devistated, Saturday my 10 month old toy poodle Huna started coughing in the morning, the previous day she was her usual playful and neurotic self. Because she was coughing I though she might have something stuck in her throat and better take her to the vet. So in the car at 10.00am to vet, they said leave her she needs to have a tube put down her throat and airway with xrays to see if anything is blocked. So I get a phone call to pick her up at 1.00pm after her procedure. The vet said there is nothing blocking either but he did notice some fluid on her lower part of her lungs. Not a lot but looks like pnemonia. So he has given her a shot of antibotics, antihistamine, steriods and a relaxant. She seemed a little better, I take her home and she has a cuddle with my husband whom spoils her rotten. He stays by her side, she lets out a couple of barks and keeps nodding off. At 5.00pm that same afternoon, she lets out a couple of little cries, my husband picks her up to cuddle her and she releases fluid and blood from her mouth. She stops breathing, my husband performs cpr whilst I call the vet. her little heart stops and my husband says she is gone. He gets a towl and wraps her up and I sit on the floor for an hour in shock that my little princess is gone. She was my baby because I could have no more children. My two boys come home from friends and my husband has to tell them that thier precious Huna is gone. My children and I have not stopped crying and keep thinking what if's. I have searched and searched with no answers to her sudden death. She was fine, and looked after like the princess she was. I dont understand and I am lost without my little darling.

By k0brakaid0j0

Today, October 26th 2010 my 8month old German Shepherd "Brimstone" passed away just suddenly. My girlfriend and i took both brimstone and his brother onyx for their evening play time with thei favorite to. We took them to there special tree they love to play under. About 20 minutes into playing, Brimstone ran off to the side and he looked like he was getting ready to make poopy. but for a minute he stood there just looki g at my gf and I. all of a sudden Brimstone could not hold his balance and he fell to his side. we ran to him asking if he's ok. Brimstone was breathinf rapidly and as he looked up at as he made a final whimper and just like thathe stopped breathing. my gf was frantic tryig to do cpr on puppy and i was i ln shock as i could not believe he just sropped dead! we started crying not knowing if we shoul call the police or what! luckily our vet was in town during the early evening and we brought brimstone to his office. he did an autopsy and noticed that being that we just brough Brimstone's body just moments after he died, Brimstone's hewrt was very hard and rigid, unusual since body has not even come close to regermortis. Anyways he is sending specimens to the lab but he thinks thatmy Brimstone had hypertrophc cardiomyopathy, something congenitaltothe heart and uaually has poor prognosis. i am crying my ys ot but i cane believe he died in our arms: He had no symtoms whatsoever, he just died. i miss him. i sti csjt believe this mhas happened. i kiss you brimstone my 8month old GSD.

By sylvie

finish from prior post: i should have taken him to the vet saturday evening, or noticed after the walk sunday night if something was not right. on monday, when he woke up different and then spit up in the afternoon twice - what person would not say time to go to the vet. i never, ever thought he would die. does anyone know why he twisted and closed his eyes tightly and straightened out his legs? his gums were white - i know that is a bad sign, and i know now that is a sign of shock. i ask everybody to please go to vet even for spit up. don't wait. he was treated for heartworm two years ago. i just love him and cannot face he is not here right now and i will never see him. i know he knows he was loved, but you hurt knowing if he had gone to vet earlier he could have lived. i wonder if we had got out of the house quicker would we have made it to the vet two miles away? but bottom line i loved him so much - i should have taken him to the vet when he was whiney and spit up in his carrier.

By dedereimer

Yesterday morning, I woke up at 5:00 a.m. to use the bathroom. When returning back to bed I always check where my Gucci is, livingroom, office, bedroom? Since I didn't see him I turned on the lights and immediately saw a poopie pile in the livingroom and in the office. I noticed him behind the office chair with his eyes open and cleaned up the poop & one was good but one was runny. I did not reprimand nor petted him and went back to bed. In the morning I heard a dog barking in the distance and thought "oh, my Gucci is going to start barking" but he never did. Then my husband got up 7:00 a.m., he yelled at me "there is something wrong with Gucci, I think he is dead!" I dashed out of bed and went to where he was laying. I yelled "Gucci wake up!" I cried out "What happened? What I did I feed you?" He just layed there. My husband felt he may still be alive because he did not feel cold. We immediately went to the vet who pronounced him dead. I only had him for 4 months from an elderly lady. He had other issues; not neutered, bad tooth, flaky skin which we slowly took care of one by one. We had not resolved the constant itching and licking and once in great while I felt him tremor. I thought I could change all that with good diet but it maybe wasn't fast enough.

By sylvie

i don't know if this is going to post on the board or as a comment to a post. i noticed that my bent had spit up that gallon of water thing with some food, in his carrier. he was doing more of his seal type howling, as a hound pit. but i thought he wanted to go out for a walk. just the slightest detectable difference. but still. i noticed it. that was around 7:00 saturday night. next day, he was in his carrier on and off, rotating with the lab pit. they love everyone but each other. sunday night at 9:00, that means a day into the first spit up, i just kept him out the whole time and we went for a robust walk. you know how pits can pull and he had a great time. running, happy. we went out for about an hour. within five minutes of the walk down the alley to the block, where we always walk, he went by the side and i tugged him away cause he 'sounded' like he took a few licks on the ground. now, i ask myself, what fool would go down the alleyway to the block, when you can go out the front door and walk around? he was perfectly great. we got back and i was pretty unusually tired and stayed up with bent for about four hours. he's the kind of dog who doesn't always jump to sleep with you but will always show up to sleep back to back around 4am. for about two weeks, i had noticed he was wanting more snuggle time and was not moving off the bed in his independent way if you snuggled him a lot. now that i'm saying it, he very often stayed close by. if i went into one room, he followed and sat on the chair next to me. monday morning, he got up early and seemed to be a little whiney, and would not settle down. he wormed around and made two like retched mouth movements like he couldn't breathe - silent tho. he used to open his mouth like he was going to talk, in general, and we would say what? what are you saying now? but this was more anguish for a split second, and surprise. a minute or so apart. but he was moving around, maybe agitated, but i was petting him like he likes in the morning, tummy rubs, but he did seem like he wanted something. i thought he wanted to go out. he spit up in the afternoon, water bucket-like. and then later water like again with some of the food he ate the night before - which was not a lot. he drank water easily. i thought spitting up and a cold nose meant whatever was making him feel not good was getting out of his system. i saw later he had spewed diarrhea. i went to sleep at midnight for four hours. and got up at 4:20 or so, bent's best time to cuddle. he was on the floor resting. five minutes later i looked and he was about 20 ft by the front door, laying down. two minutes later, he came back 25ft and i pet him and tried to look in his eyes and he seemed like he couldn't look up - his eyes were open but he did not look well. he took three steps and he looked suddenly skinny, but he was not skinny, and just as i wondered why, he started to shake a little on the back leg and put his front paw out to walk or lay down and it curled and he could not balance on it, then the other did the same and he went down on the floor. within seconds his legs were stretched out and his tongue was out, he looked like he could not breath. you never believe it is happening. i did throw water on his face - and now i read that can cause shock - i did not know. i don't even know if it was a seizure but he was stiffening his legs and shaking a bit. i had to look to see if he was still breathing, but just before that standing up he had been breathing more rapid. that was at 4:36 - i called emergency the vet and cab - and ran outside to get a neighbor to drive. he was with another family member while i was outside. i came back and and they said he's gone. i didn't think i was out there that long, but no one was on the street, i didn't have a car, i knocked on the next door neighbor's door where i knew they drove - worrying that would take time, then ran to the alley and there was the miracle. a man and his son were heading out in their car and yes they would drive my dog to the vet. i ran back inside - could not have been more than five or six minutes and the family member said, he's gone. he died on the floor, shaking, making a twisted pained expression and closing his eyes tightly, his legs stiff out in front of him, and then he opened his eyes, too a breath, and died. i think it was 4:43 or 4:44 when he died. i ask what took me 8 minutes? could i have got a ride and got him to the vet to save him, should i have stayed inside with him, should i not have thrown the water on him? like everyone, i say: why did i not go to the vet at the first spit up, the second, the third? it probably cannot be what he may have licked on ground because the spit up was before going out. but the unusual howling, whine, agitation, he wouldn't eat cheese on monday night, the slower than usual movement except for in the morning. was he telling me with staying by me for more cuddles that he was in need? i shoul

By lavernemac

I would not be reading this site, but for the fact that last night 12/17/2010 our Shetland Sheep Dog, Gabby, came in for the night with all her usual vim and vigor, and went to bed as usual at the foot of our bed, and never woke up this morning. I know she raised her head as I got up once during the night around 4:30a.m. but by the time we awoke for the morning around 7:30, she had passed, and was still warm, no rigor yet...so it had just occurred. We are devastated as are our children and Gabby's two best friends, Cody and Levi

By jessdoc

Earlier this evening our four year old chocolate lab, Cooper, passed away. We let he and his brother, Red, out before we went shopping this afternoon. Later when we got home and went to let them in for the night, only Red came running in. I saw Cooper laying lifeless on the patio. I knelt down thinking he was still alive, but in trouble. I quickly realized that he was gone. We have looked his body over for signs of bites or trauma and there is nothing. We could see the wet marks on his face where Red had been licking him, which just breaks my heart, but no signs of physical distress. I wish there had been some sign that something was wrong before we had left so that maybe we could have prevented this, but he seemed like his playful, loving self. I am still in shock. I started looking for answers on the internet which led me here. I would like to say I feel better after hearing the other stories, but I feel physically ill. I am truly heartbroken...

By kim_crnll1965

dear jessdoc i really feel your pain .thats pretty much what happend to my doberman skye why i ask myself would a perfectly healthy dog die so suddenly with no symptoms at all i have been haunted by this since she died .i truly miss her sooo much that i feel like i cant get past it.i wished i could have prevented this .she was only 7 years old .

By neuroticsbuildcastles

we have just come back from burying out beloved Alaskan Malamute, Maico in the local park; we opted to personally handle all aspects to the end and beyond and to be honest, it has really helped me to reach closure and acceptance in bidding farewell to my special dog. just like a lot of you, it was sudden and only about 3 days ago he was his normal bouncy self.......jumping and barking with excitement when we asked if he was ready for his walk/go outside....but looking back, he also exhibited especially clingy behaviour and pawed me for attention which he only did especially when he wanted to sample whatever i was eating. it started with vomiting bile and all up he probably threw up about 4-5 times and a day or two before that we noticed his movements were softer. he wasn't his ravenous self and we checked he wasn't suffering any illness which needed attention. he was still able to go outside to relieve himself and didn't suffer accidents within the home. he stayed away from our other dog Baader but seemed content to have us around him. as he wasn't taking calories in, he definitely exhibited fatigue but he didn't seem to be in any pain, i noticed his breathing was different but not in a way that was particularly bothersome to his comfort. the day before his passing on, i spent the whole time of the evening from 9pm onwards till 3am making sure he was well hydrated and knowing that i was there. he was still about to move around and i respected that and gave him an respectable distance but came up to give him water and love at regular intervals. i knew already then that he was dying and just wanted to support the digified and natural death he deserved. Maico passed away at roughly 1pm the next day with my daughters and i with him closely. we assisted his comfort right to the end and gave him a moment's privacy when he went up to move to another place within the room he died. it was important to me he be buried and i respect however any pet owner wishes to say goodbye to a loved one. with our other dog and my daughters i wanted for us a spot to visit - closeby and with sentiment. we live in a warehouse with a rooftop and middle courtyard - all concrete and if we had a backyard, i would definitely opt for that option. cremation, perhaps if he died a different death but burial for natural causes seemed more organic and personal. Maico was our first dog and i do not doubt we will bring many more into our lives; our first one filled our family with a love we hadn't experienced before. i will miss his smiles, him sleeping about a foot away from my bed, his stretching and pawing and his enthusiasm for walks and out. i spoiled and saved him from certain death and granted him luxuries he didn't experience prior to me owning him. i was never able to resist his charm and beauty but most of all his love and gratitude he shown me and my family every day he shared his life with us. RIP MY MAICO X WE LOVE YOU TO PIECES XXX



By robynreeson

I thought about having a necropsy done too, but could not stand the thought of it either. I was also told that sometimes even after a necropsy they still do not always know the cause of death. The worst thing for me is Molly showed no symptoms of not feeling well, was always happy, and jumping around and barking (especially when I would get home from work) It's almost been a month and I still just cannot believe it. Another thing is I wish I could have been there for her, I never got to say goodbye, and why in the world did this happen at the groomers? I am so devastated.

By willocat

I,too, lost my black lab cocker mix. It was Saturday, November 12, 2011. Totally unexpected. I keep hoping I'll wake up. No lead was needed, she followed me everywhere. I will forever miss Lily.

By happycatpaws

I just lost my dear Japanese Chin baby 6 days ago and I miss him so! I don't have a clue what happened to him. He seemed fine. We were going to take him and his "sister" poodle to the park for a walk. We had to take them for a drive to get there. I put his little coat on and he jumped into the car, seemed fine. When we got to the park and got out, I immediately noticed something was wrong. He was walking very very slowly with a confused look on his face (the little dear never muttered a cry the whole time he was dying). He stopped and peed straight down which he had never done. I knew something was wrong and picked him up and put him in the car. I never imagined he was going to leave me! When we got home we called our vet. It was Sunday so his office closed. He told me he didn't have facilities for emergency care in his office and convinced me that it was an inner ear infection. My poor baby, at that point flopped into the floor trying to walk, when I was on the phone, but the vet said that is how the infection worked. We have no other emergency clinic in the community that I know of and he didn't give me any recommendations. He said call him back if he went unconscious and that he could see me in the morning. I wanted to believe him. I wanted to think it wasn't serious, but the next 3-4 hours my baby never stood up again until in my arms, he took his last breath. I wish I knew what happened to him. I wish I didn't believe the vet. I wish I demanded he see me or tell me what to do. I won't go back to him for my other pets. I feel like I accepted substandard care all along and should've educated myself on what health problems Chins could have instead of just counting on this man to let me know on annual well checks if there were any tests or measures I should be taking. Right now, I am just in mourning and wishing I had answers. My husband said we could send him in to be autopsied, but I couldn't bear the thought of having him cut apart. I am so sorry for everyone here who has gone through a similar experience. I am sad for your loss as well!

By mypomdogs

I'm very sorry for your loss. I too, just lost my little pom three weeks ago. I found her at a rescue shelter about three years ago. She was almost 12 at the time. She also had a collapsing trache so I knew that if no one took her that they would put her to sleep. She was my companion and gave me lots of kisses and unconditional love. I let her down and now I have to live with the fact that I feel it's my fault she's gone. I also have a very sweet border collie/lab mix. She has always been very sweet and never showed me any of side. Chi Chi like to get a few pieces of dry food out of the kitchen and bring it into the living room to eat. There was a piece that was left on the floor beside Big Girl and of course Chi Chi saw it. As she was headed over there, Big Girl turned her head to see what was next to her. Chi Chi barked at her and she grabbed Chi Chi by the throat before I could do anything. It was only maybe 3 or 4 seconds before I got Big Girl to drop her. She was still breathing so I tried to give her CPR but within 5 minutes she was gone. She crushed her throat. HOW DO YOU GET OVER THAT??? At least, I hope she's at Rainbow Bridge with all the other animals playing and having fun. I will see her again one day.

By suewh14

My two year old pup went outside to go..was out for 1 minute heard whining ran out and she was dead. What could cause this..no drolling, no signs of any kind afterward that she was still not fine..except she was dead. I dont know how to deal with this. I have cried for the last 12 hours non stop. I keep thinking did she get into something that was laying around. She slept great was happy and never even made it 3 feet before she whined and died.

By jessicaweber1985

Im devastated right now :'( My puppy dog that was 9 years old died suddenly last Friday, Feb 18th. We got her when she was 6 months old, two months after my dog Sadie was hit and killed by a car. (oddly enough she also died on a friday the 18th, just different month/year) I have no idea what happened to Waggers. I just walked in to get her out of her cage, and she was gone. Her eyes were closed, and she just wasnt with us anymore. Tore me apart. I started shaking really bad, and was on the phone with my friend, and all I could do it tell her I would call her back, hoping Waggers was in a deep sleep or something.. It didnt really hit me until I called my mom and my husband, and I was just devestated. I couldnt believe what happened. I got scared and started thinking about my other dog, Cody and how he would do with her gone. He has been apart of Waggers life since he was 5 weeks old, and anytime Cody would be away from her for even a couple days, he wouldnt eat. My husband came home, and took her to the Humane Society where she was then cremated. I didnt sleep at all that night and even though its been a week, Im still in shock, and cant talk about her without at least tearing up. We got her ashes back today, and all I want to do is pet her again, hear her bark that drove me crazy, and just give her all the love that she deserved. I miss her so much :'(

By bettyboopbb

I too lost my little Pom girl. She was 18 months old. She seemed fine, I let her out with my other dogs and my husband saw her laying on her back. We ran out and she didn't seem to be breathing. I tried giving her CPR and rushed her to the emergency vet. They said she had pass. We were both devastated. What an owful experience. I have had dogs all my life and never experienced such a sad ordeal. She was only about five lbs. We got another pup, not a Pom as we are leary now of the toy breeds. It took our attention away from our tragic loss. I know how you feel. You can email me if you like. bettyboopbb@verizon.net So Sorry for your loss!!!!

By footballmom1117

I lost my dog last Wednesday March 23 2011. He was a golden retiever 9 yrs old. The week before he had his teeth cleaned and had a bad reaction to a pre-med the vet told us they almost lost him but he was now doing fine. I bought him home and he was shakey but recovered quick started to eat and drink water the next day (thurs March 17). He seemed to only get better as the days went by I was giving him an antibiotic twice a day clindamtcin 300 mg. On Wednesday 23 I was home at 1:30 put the dogs out I have two others everything seemed fine when I got back at 4:00 my dog was on the floor head jerking and had vomited by the time I got down on the floor with him he was gone. I can not understand this please help if anyone can help. Footballmom1117@aol.com

By robynreeson

I lost my Molly (shih tzu) on 1/15/11 at the groomers. I had adopted her on 4/4/09, she was a puppy mill survivor and had come so far. When I got her she was a dog who did not know how to live life out of a cage. After some time with me and my other dogs, she blossomed into a gorgeous dog with a personality, not to mention she was very happy, and as far as I knew healthy. She was up to date on her vet appts and had been tested for everything since she did come from a puppy mill. On 1/15/11 I took her to the groomers for her appt (she went every 2 months) and about 20 minutes later got a call on my cell phone that something was wrong and I needed to come back there and Molly had went limp and barely had a pulse. I was about 10 minutes away and by the time I got there she had passed. I was in total shock and took her to the emergency vet clinic anyways, where they tried to bring her back but obviously could not. I wanted answers. I talked to a couple of vets and they said this does happen and it could have been an underlying heart condition with no signs, and since I do not know anything about her past medical history or genetics, its hard to say. I felt so guilty because I thought I had caused it by taking her to a different groomer, but Molly had been doing great going to a couple of different groomers over the past year and a half. Needless to say I am devastated and miss her so much, she had come so far and was so happy. To make it worse, the grooming place was not very compassionate and I had to keep contacting them to find out exactly what happened. I do not blame them, but I don't like how they handled the situation, I will always wonder if there would have been a vet nearby, if she could have been saved. My heart goes out to anyone that loses a pet suddenly with no warning, it's the worst. Robyn

By kim_crnll1965

to be honest i love all my dogs and if one of my large dogs killed one of my chihuahuas i dont know if i could ever look at them again .and if i could ever forgive them .i always try to avoid any situations like that my large dogs dont get the cjance to do that .but sorry for your loss .i lost one of my dogs on new years day.

By mreilly24

I recently lost one of my Pomeranians that has always been healthy and had no concerns to worry about. He just turned two December 16, 2010. On February 24, 2011 I got up just like I always do with my boy jumping up and down next to the bed until I picked him up for his morning belly rub before I let him outside to do his business. He went to the bathroom came inside, sat on the couch with me for a few minutes. I then got up to feed all 5 of my poms including the puppies. He ate a little which is normal for him and then proceeded is chasing my female pom which was in season. He never should any signs to worry about him and was his normal happy crazy self. My boyfriend and I left the house at 11:30 and when we came home at 7:30 I found him dead on the floor. I freaked out and started screaming for my boyfriend and cried while holding my Koda's body in my arms. I couldn't believe what just happened. Blamed myself for not taking him with me. If I did he would of been okay I kept telling myself. My boyfriend had him cremated for me. I couldn't even look at a picture of him without crying. It has now been a week and can finally look at his pictures with not breaking completely down.

By mporcaro

This just happened to our 10 year old peek a poo Piper. We woke up yesterday morning to a screaching sound (which I thought someone got a paw stuck somewhere) to my peek a poo lying on her back on the floor. I picked her up. She was covered in urine and vomit and a piece of feces was behing her. She was unresponsive. When I picked her up, her head flopped to the side. I was so panicked. I wrapped her in a towel and held her. We called the vet who didn't open til 8 (it was 6 am). She had been diagnosed with renial failure. We were controlling it with diet as well as various other medications. I really felt like we had the renial failure under control. The day prior, she was totally healthy and her behavior was very normal. She ate, drank, played and did not appear to be in any distress. I am conpletely shocked by her sudden death. The vet feels like it was something vascular...heart attack or stroke. She was my best friend and I feel so broken hearted. I am so shocked that this happened. My best friend was cremated today and I realize today that she is gone for good. I am totally devistated by her death.

By mtuohy4

I lost my 8-year old American lab sometime between 10:00 pm on April 12 and 6:00 am April 13th. I did not see it coming. He showed no signs whatsoever. Everyday I would come home for lunch and let him in for the rest of the day. On that Monday I had put him outside because it was beautiful which I had done so many times before and when my son came home from school at 2:30 he had let him in and said he was acting like normal. I came home later that night after work and he greeted me at the door and we than left to take our son out to dinner for his birthday. We came home and he was acting normal as always. He came over to me and I rubbed his head and he went and laid back down in front of the couch. I went to bed a little bit before the kids and my youngest said he followed him and laid down on this blanket. I woke up the next morning and saw him laying on his blanket and went to take a shower. When I came out he was still lying there and I did not think anything about it. Finally I went to him and I realized he had passed away. I feel so bad right now. I need someone to help me to understand.

By beacher4321

We just lost our 7 year old Bernese/Golden Retriever mix on Friday night. He had lost a nail and when he started limping we took him to the vet to make sure it wasn't infected. It was and the vet prescribed 1500mg cephelexin two times a day as well as two doggie type tylenol and a foot scrub. We had him on that starting Wednesday the 20th. With his evening dose on Friday the 22nd he started foaming at the mouth. At first I thought he just hadn't completely swallowed his last pill and it was mixing with his saliva. He wasn't acting any differently. He stood there just letting us soak his paw. A half hour later we found him dead in the backyard. How do you deal with that? The vet said the bloodwork showed nothing. The xray showed shrunken kidneys. The vet claims the pills had nothing to do with that. That there must have been some type of cardiac event or an underlying condition. Should I believe him?

By jd_lickly

I took sufffered a quick loss with my male Border Collie Rodrigo. Rodrigo was taken from meon March 25, 2011. He suffered multiple seizures and eventually status epileptis. Rodrigo was a male border collie with possible austraulian shepherd. He was a rescue dog, believe he was originally from a Ranch. I live in rurual Nevada and where he was from was about 2 hrs away in a very small ranching town. I received him when he was about six months old. He was very timid and cowardly, leading me to believe he was abused. He was found in a very small ranching town and taken to the shelter, which was two hours away in my town. It took a long time to teach him trust and in him I found love and he become a companion for me. He always seemed very nervous and on edge. Once I taught him to play fetch, something that took a little time for him, it was love for him. He revolved around playing fetch and he often would not eat or sleep unless his ball was next to him. The only times I had witnessed Rodrigo calm and asleep only when he was in his kennell, where he felt safe. I know think that if I didnt have him rest in his kennell, his mind wouldnt have shut off and he would stay up all night running the house. His first witnessed seizure was on March 23, 2011, a wednesday, in which i looked outside to see him on his back twitching and unable to control his urinating. He was confused and his body still after suffering the seizure. He was able to get out of the seizure quickly and within a mintue or two he was back. The vet told me that unless he was at least six a year they dont like to medicate him. He had another seizure approx an hour after the first, not as bad, but his body was in colvusions with his legs paddly and his head shaking. Again, he snapped out of it quickly, but I took him back to the vet. They placed him on overnight watch with Valium and Pheno medication. I was able to pick him up the next morning, grateful he had no more seizures. These meds worked for the first day and I found later the Pheno would have no effect on him. I was not prepared for what could happen next. He seemed normal and eager to play fetch once he was with me, his regular very happy self. I took him home at 12 to play with his sister (not biological) Bella. She was worried for him and Rodrigo seemed okay to play. These dogs were inseperable so it was hard for Bella to be away from him even for five minutes, let alone almost an entire day (she is a lab/border collie mix). At approx 1:30 I took him for a walk in which he started breathing heavy and having anxiety; I knew he was going to seize so I laid him down and positioned myself to cushion his head. This seizure was mild, but I took him home and placed him in his kennell, hoping he would sleep. An hour and a half later, he was out of his kennell and once outside, he suffered another seizure. I went to the vet and recieved the PB pills. He suffered another seizure at approx 5:15 before I could give him the medicine. Per the vets instruction, I gave him two grains pills, which didnt stop or slow any of the seizuring. He acted okay for about another hour, until the seizures began to become worse. They now were at every thirty minutes-45 minutes with him having the convulsions, foaming at mouth, urinating, and attempted to bite at the air followed by very heavy breathing and need for food and water. The seizures become much worse from here. He was very confused and seemed to have lost his vision, he was running into walls when he would jump out of my arms and I would try to guide him to lay down. Eventually at 3am the seizures were coming every ten minutes in which they wouldnt stop. It was like clockwork, with the same symptoms only more severe and he had no ability to walk. I laid with him this entire time until I could get him to the vet at 8AM. Unfortunately, I live in a small town with no emergency care for animals during the hours of 5PM-8AM. I had no idea why his body reacted to the Pheno the first day, but it could not stop the seizures once I had given it to him at home. This is what is most upsetting to me. I also had no knowledge of seizures in my boy Rodrigo, let alone other dogs, and did everything I humanly could on my basic care skills for him. Once I got him to the vet, they tried anesthesia to give his brain a rest. At this point he could lift his head and still had some control over his body while he was on the ground. He continued to have seizures until the anesthesia kicked in. They also gave him valium and more PB. I am sad to report that nothing the doctors could do helped Rodrigo. He was given a lot of drugs in attempting to get him out of the seizures and control them, but his brain couldnt come out of the seizures. I am curious to know if anyone else has had this happen, in which my dog went from very healthy (he had his checkup a month before) to having gradual to very severe seizures and having to be put down in a matter of just a couple d

By dchrz

Just lost our 4 year old beagle chase today. He was being treated for what appeared to be a neck injury. He was on an anti inflammatory on and off foe two months. Last week we took him off pills was great for 5 days then started acting as if in pain again. On March 28th we started back on pills again two days later he seemed like his old self again. Last night we woke to him having a major seizure that wouldn't let up. Took him to emergency animal hospital and they couldn't stop seizures. He was given various drugs but wouldn't respond to anything. On the morning of March 31 chase passed away.

By lilsexy828

I lost my dog on Thursday the 24th 2011 At 12:30....Lucky was a mix of yorkie and poodle i had him for 15 years... there was nothing wrong with him i woke up on Thursday morning and he was fine then my brother came and told me that Lucky peed on the couch and then he pooped on the floor i went upstairs to see what was wrong with him he was laying on the floor and couldn't move i wrapped him with his favorite blanket and i put him on the couch i sat there for 10 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong with him but i was so confused i told my mom to sit next to him while i went down stairs to call the vet to see what was wrong with my dog the vet was closed i called the emergency line they did not answer i called 3 times while i was down stairs calling his vet i heard a 3 time bark and then my mom started crying as i went up stairs to see why my mom was crying she told me that Lucky had passed away :( i dont know why and what happened he was my best friend i don't have any kids so he was my baby i treated him like he was my son im so lost with out him i cry everyday i talk to him every day i dont know how to live with out him he was gone in 15 minutes not knowing why can someone please help me.

By prest204

I just lost my chihuahua at 11am and I'm still crying. I'm devastated and feel guilty. Woke up late and found her panting w/a blue tongue hanging outside her mouth. She was so very loved and a joy for 5 years. I feel much guilt for not "putting her down" eventhough she was diagonosed w/a severe heart condition. Even as I drove to vet I knew she was dead, I could not look her in the face. It's 11pm and I still can't accept her death, tears still flow. GOD I miss her so.....

By jknowles022

So sorry for your loss! I lost my 9 and a half yr old cocker spaniel yesterday morning. It is so devestating. I am trying with all I have to fight the tears today. Yesterday was prob the worst day of my life. My eyed are so sore and swollen today. Tyler was the best buddy anyone could have. There were no indications that anything was wrong. I found him on the living room floor when I woke up, he was so lethargic. I picked him up and tried to arouse him.... he layed looking at me. Then within 5 minutes he burried his head in my lap stretched his legs and stopped breathing. I have a yellow lab also, she doesnt seem to notice yet. I truely feel like a part of me is missing. Completely feeling your pain right now.

By spicecakes

Your story about the recent sudden death of cocker spaniel brought me to an overflow of tears. Fortunately you were there holding your loved one. I lost the love of my life last September 8, 2010. She lived a great long life (13.5 years) my Spice-girl. I miss her terribly and feel for all the stories I read. I just signed onto "gopetsamerica.com". It's great to have a platform to support the grieving and platform to grieve.

By kingbrod

My dear dog Ginger died last night. For the last week or so the vet and I thought she was having seizures. They were scarey things. Then last night she seemed to be doing well and her usual self. About 8 PM I thought she was having another one but it just seemed different. She kept wandering around like she couldn't get comfortable and then she lay down, lost control of her bowels and died. With-in an hour she was gone. I am so heart broken, it was so unexpected and fast. I guess this is better than if she suffered through a long terrible disease but still the suddeness and she was gone. I buried her this morning. I am so, so sad. It doesn't help that my cat died a little less than a month ago and now my Ginger. Rest in peace dear girl, I will see you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge when it is time. Love David.

By Hickory_86

I lost my 4 year old Chocolate Lab on Saturday. I don’t know what happened. I put him in his kennel at Midnight and came to feed him at 7am and he was already gone. There were no symptoms or anything. I feel lost I do not have children so much like others he was one to me. We are outdoorsman and so was he! Any where we went he was with us. I am not sure how to feel. I am very broken inside. We have bred him 2 times and right now he has a litter that is 4 wks old and I feel like if I do not get one of his pups I will never forgive myself, but on the other hand I feel like I am cheating his memory! My husband feels that I need this for my grieving process but I am hurting so bad I am not sure what to do? Knowing that there are people going through this helps. The world is going to miss a great Sportsman and an even better friend! R.I.P Hickory "The Bird Dog" Beauregard "Watch those Birds Hick, Watch em."

By hickory_86

*mtuohy4* I am not good at this blog thing but i hope you get this... i know just how you feel. I am so lost. I have so may questions and noone to answer! I had a 4 yr old chocolate lab that passed away suddenly this last wkend. But i do not have children he was it! I never knew that your heart could physicaly break or atleast feel that way. I cry in my sleep. I feel him on the bed and wake up thinking all of this was a horrible dream! I want you to take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. I just found this website by chance and it is nice ot see i am not crazy! I know nothing anyone says will help with the pain trust me... But just know that you love that pup with every ounce of your heart and they did to! never for one moment blame yourself or second guess your love! I hope this helps.Like i said i am not sure how this works but if you need i am here to talk!

By joannegoguen

My beloved Maya a Siberian Huskey just three years old died suddenly last night at 6:28 pm. She was trying to spit something up for about a week, she is shedding so I just throught it was hair in her throat. I took her for our usual walk yesterday and she stop half way through, tried to spit something up. Last night my boyfriend took her to the park and she wouldn't get out of the car. He drove to the vet and she died on the way. I had them open her up and they couldn't find anything that caused her death. I dont understand I really dont. She was so young, playful and full of life. It just doesn't make sense. I cant stop thinking if we only took her sooner. I loved Maya more than anything in this world. My eyes are swollen and I cant stop crying, I cant eat or sleep. Why did this happen ??

By achanceofrainn

@volchko1028 The same thing happened to my baby Zoe! It happened on May 14, she was sick the night before, throwing up water and panting. My parents took her to the hospital in the morning and she died on the table. Did the doctors say anything about it? I've been searching for answers since it happened and I finally came across this blog and your's was the first one I read. She was a black lab/collie mix and she was about to turn 8.

By y.briggs

I am sorry to all who have lost their beloved pets suddenly. I wonder what is worse, knowing they are going to die because of an illness or, like we have experienced, suddenly! Having lost my Yorkie Dilly suddenly last year I know the heartache it has caused. I miss her more as each day goes by and even after 15 months my loss is so great. How do others cope with their loss? I would like to hear what has helped them get through this terrible time.

By memorykubanda

I am so glad this website is here. My Heidi girl, aussie/border collie was the best dog, faithful friend, and more. She passed away about 4:30 AM on May 6th. I too thought if I would taken her to the vet sooner but because of her age and at other times she would rebound, I didn't. After reading so many of the entries, I'm a bit comforted by knowing that just taking our dogs to the vet doesn't guarantee our dogs to live longer. Heidi was almost 13 years old and hated car rides, being touched, brushed,and especially hated going to the vet. She began declining on May 5th. She only was being a bit lathargic but still ate, drank, and went outside for awhile. However, at about 10:00 PM she could hardly get up, fell and stayed where she fell. She urrniated, there was some blood in it, I laid beside her for awhile. I knew what was happening, but thought she would make it through the night and we'd go to the vet in the morning. About 1:00 AM her breathing got fast and heavy. She was now laying on her side. Her legs begin to move and her head stretched back, eyes begin to bounce. It looked like a seizure. She stopped breathing, bowels discharged, and she was gone. I think all in all, I did right by her. I felt guilty, but at least she passed naturally, was loved, and was not tested, proded, and medicated into a stooper for her final days. To all of us that love our pets as much as we can, we must realize this is part of life and at least these pets had a good life while here. Some dogs and/or cats never get love or a home. I don't want a replacement at this time, we still have our little Chihauhia at home (I don't think I spelled that right), but eventually, I will want to share our love again. Good-bye my Heidi girl.

By memorykubanda

Thanks for your response. I too am having a hard time. I think I'm okay, but begin to rear up as I come home from work. I think we just have to be resolved that we gave our pets a good life and try to realize it was just their time. I don't think we could do too much but care for them and love them. My daughter took her 12 year old basset to the vet last year for kidney stones. The poor dog underwent a critical surgery, was in pain, and then one week later she died in the backyard while my daugher was at work. The vet bill was $1600 and the dog should have never had this surgery at this age. Hopefully, when ready, we will open our home to another puppy. Take care. I am really glad we can write our feelings about our grief.

By mrbmoran

We went camping Memorial Day weekend and came home to our dog who was just as active and playful as usual then my husband comes in from mowing to get himself some water and goes back out to where Buddy was and he had passed. Buddy was a beagle and we had only had him for 6 years. He died May 30, 2011. Well He was to turn 6 on June 1st. I just couldnt believe that one minute he was barking and the next he just laid down and was gone with no signs of sickness. Healthy, Active,Happy, and definitely loved. What really has got me is that he waited until we got back home. I still hear him at the door like when he wanted to come in, his howl, and even thought I heard his very distinct bark. I know he is gone but I still get up to look out the window as if I am going to see him playing in the back yard. I have two boys who are taking this extremely hard and want to go get another dog immediately but I just think I am not ready to go through this again. Its ripping our hearts out. Budddy was definitely a true member of our family. RIP BUDDY- JUNE 1,2005 to MAY 30,2011 YOU ARE SO MISSED AND LOVED-OUR PRECIOUS TRI-COLOR-BEAGLE

By aliciagalante

Our healthy 14 yr old cairn terrier got deathly ill with infection/toxin and died suddenly after taking temarilP...I can't help but think it was a side effect from a bad batch of medicine or perhaps some bad dog treats or food that have poisoned him...on all of these sudden deaths posted on this site, aren't you trying to put it together. Perhaps there is something in common with the sudden death to our loved ones????

By elainek8382

Does anyone understand what Bloat is? So many of your posts talk about your dogs running around your home not being able to get comfortable or trying to vomit something up... Look up BLOAT...it's symptoms and it's prevention and practice this. I'm sorry...I try and let everyone know about Bloat...hundreds of dog owners..play rough with their dogs or take them hiking, biking, let them rough house with their fur siblings and then you feed them and what do you think that does to their stomachs? Like a kid...you have to wait an hour or more to feed them after a long hike..or heavy play...don't feed and give water either as you are just contributing to their stomachs blowing up and that is why they act the way soo many posts have touched the symptoms of BLOAT... I have this info on my refrigerator and If I need to leave for work or go out.I would rather wait and feed my dog when she has rested then have her die suddenly or have a painful few hours to few days and then bloat... when you feed a dog..wait a few hours before heavy play again.... I'm sorry..I thought most people knew about this.... Thanks and very sorry for all your loss's

By dawgdouglas.td

My name is lee a cple weeks ago my female boxer died suddenly she would've been 10 in september. That morning she acted fine then later that afternoon i heard yelping. Thought it was next door heard it again opened my bedroom door and Boo. That was her name was face down in rent of the couch yelping i thought she was stuck. I picked her up N noticed smting was wrong she begane panting heavily she couldn't stand her head was moving back N forth she then went limp i put on the couch i didn't know what was wrong i checked if she was choking but nothing then she gasped for air and that was it she died in my arms we had a good run Boo and I i really miss her i had since she was 6 weeks old for 10 years. I miss her every day she was my medical dog she took care of me and i took care of her iam a grown man and i don't cry for anything. Its like i cant control. It why did my Boo die suddenly. That day? The signed point toward. A heart attack. But why so suddenly. I took care of her. Can someone give a lil closure. On this. She call's out for me call's out. To me one last time iam thankful. I was there for her i think she was letting me know and i was there for her i didn't want her to go i miss her very much

By volchko1028

I lost my oldest baby yesterday, he was only 9. My sister and I went out one day to look for sweet corn and came home with a puppy instead, his name was Mak and he was a Husky mix. Rotten as you can imagine and always made us laugh, I have 5 other dogs and they are special to me also but the loss of Mak is devastating. I came home from work yesterday and went outside to feed my 3 boys that live in seperate kennels behind my house. Mak and Thunder are always sitting at their gate waiting and Mak barking for me to come in and play with them and give them their food and treat. Yesterday, however Mak was not out so I called him and he walked out of his house real slow and just sat down and began breathing heavy and shallow. The sitting down was not uncommom for last year he somehow tore both of his Achilles tendons in his hind legs and only could afford one to be fixed ($2300) was just a bit much. I went into his kennel and he usually ran to his gate with his little soccer ball in his mouth to greet me but not yesterday. I scooped him up and asked what was wrong and he seemed to just have an upset tummy but there was what looked like a raspberry smashed on his nose which turned out to be bird droppings, so I went to my house to get my phone to call the vet, by the time I got back to his kennel he could barely sit up and when I picked him up again he threw up straight water. I rushed him to my car where he threw up again this time it had a tint of blood to it and drove as fast as I could toward the nearest vet with my baby dying on the front floor of my car. Mak looked up and me and let out a little whine and just let his head fall so I started talking to him and telling him he was okay and I petted his head and screamed his name while my eyes welled up with tears I smelled that his body was letting out his gasses and knew that he had passed but I kept driving thinking someone could help me. I got to the vet and the Dr. examined him in my car and told me he was gone. I will forever remember that look on his face the last time he looked at me. He had come so far with his little legs being messed up and I had to lose him so fast. I wish there was something I could have done and there wasn't, he showed no signs the day before or even that morning that he wasn't okay. He was such a happy little boy and loved me so much as I do him, it hurts so bad to know I don't have him anymore. My only saving grace is knowing that he is in Doggie Heaven with his buddy Ike who passed away July 5, 2004 also unexpectedly. Ike always watched over Mak and was his buddy, now they can pee on anything and everything and have as many pup peroni sticks that they can fit in their bellies. I am completely devastated and haven't stopped crying since yesterday.

By yvana05

Hi All: My heart is broken reading all your comments. I have a 4 years old Gold.Ret. and I always thinking if I loose her.........I don't how I will live without her. She is everything to me and we are extremely close. I have a friend who mentioned to me one day that when we have any pet in our lives, and they very close to us, "they will give their lives for the owner". I could not believe what she told me but at the same time I was thinking about it because my pretty Gold. when she sees me crying or very down she will never leave me at all not even to eat or drink and she won't go with anyone or my kids either. My mother is very ill with a terminal breast cancer and every time I'm calling her my heart is pumping so hard, in so much pain thinking this call could be the last one. At the same moment my Baby is with her head on the top of my laps and she is looking at me trying to comfort me in every way, pushing me to get up or to follow her to play.She never gave up till she takes me with her. Then my friend called from the Hospital that she had a heart attack and the only thing she remembers when she waked up beside doctors and nurses it was her Little Princess a beautiful yellow cockatiel bird that she was flying beside her in her dreams saying her good bye. This pretty princess died at that moment when she waked up and till today my good friend is missing her so much. She said to me I will never ever can forget my Yellow Princess who save me. I owed her my life. Well my prayers and blessing are for all of you. ivana -

By semper

Hello everyone, It's just over 5 weeks since our beloved German Shepherd died suddenly the day after her 2nd operation for Spindle Cell Sarcoma. Thought I had written this before but now can't find it so may have not done it properly. The pain should be getting better with time but no,still crying every day,just can't believe she has gone.Had planned to do so much with her over the summer,find new walks,start agility training. It just seems so cruel when all the birds are singing and the sun is shining that she should be lying in the garden instead of enjoying her life like she used to. Miss her so much and though would love a dog am feeling very guilty at even the thought of getting another one. Have been looking on the GSD Rescue site and there are some heartbreaking stories. We may go up to Yorkshire tomorrow to see a young Shepherd whose owners are ill and not able to look after him now. No other dog could ever take Willow's place but maybe we could give another dog a loving home. I know we all have to find some way to move on through life in spite of all the tragedy but for the last few weeks it seems as though we are having a nightmare that we can't wake up from.One day maybe i will write to you all with more cheerful news. My heart goes out to every one going through this same grieving process. Love to you all Jo

By bettyboopbb

I have found, for me anyway, it is better to get another dog to love. It eases the pain and diverts your attention to the new member of the family. I know the pain you are all feeling, I lost my little Pom at 1year 6 months old. It was one of the sadist days of my life. My heart goes out to you all. Betty

By gotyakat

Its been a week since suddenly losing my 2 year old boxer! I'm stiIm crying, waking up thinking about her and seeing her eyes when she passed. What happened? Doesn't sound like BROAD! The day before she had thrown up everytime she ate. She gave me looks that should've told me 'get her to the vet'. Over the past couple of weeks she began hating sleeping in my room. I sleep with door closed. Every night it was as if she was chlosterphobic. Plus she'd pant a lot. But on her last night, going to bed, she suddenly freaked out! She was jumping all over me and things in my room. She scared me acting 'out of control'. I couldn't get her to the back door fast enough! She immediately ran under our low deck. I could hear her panting very loud. Within minutes she let out 2 barks. That was her last breath! Harley, my boxer had died! Why?????? What happened? I feel so bad and miss the way she would spoon at night! She was the best boxer ever! Someone tell me what you think happened? I'm Kathy n NC...

By hhe2025107

I am so sorry to hear about your Jazzy. Sat night on the 18 my Taylor is was almost 6 was normal and playin as always he was a chimaumau and was like my son we went to bed as always he ate before bed and layed with me and always lick my leg when i woke up sun morning he was near my leg and when i said lets go outside he never did I thought he was sleepin in but to my worse dream my little man was gone. I will miss you my boy.

By sam

I'm sorry for your loss Jazzy will be missed too.. It leaves a big hole in your life. God Bless.

By tagalong.geo

I have read all of your comments and my heart goes out to each and every one of you as I know how these pets cling to our hearts. I have just left my beloved 18-month old miniature poodle at my vet's hospital in what he called a "comatose" state. When I came home from work today, she did not greet me as usual with the "barking, jumping up and down at the door" sort of thing that she normally does. Instead, I found her in her crate (which she goes to oftenly, especially when she is stressed) unresponsive. I called to her very loudly, with no response. Then I shook her crate, no response. I first thought that she was dead, and naturally went almost berserk, before checking for breathing and heartbeat. I could not find a heartbeat, but able to find some breathing (although shallow) after a few minutes). By this time I was very hysterical trying to get a call thru to my vets office (on a Sunday of all days) and waiting for some 10 - 15 minutes for someone to call me back, which I assume everyone who has gone thru this feels like it is "hours" when only a few minutes has passed. In my heart, I know she is in the best of hands, but my heart also aches because I do not know what her fate is. As any of you know, we ache for our pets' sake. Please, someone, help me get thru this difficult time in my life. Just say a prayer for my little Sassy Suzi.

By tagalong.geo

I was amazed at the responses I've seen since I posted my initial post about my "Sassy Suzi". It's still too early for me to know her prognosis, but I'm touched by the postings of others who have dealt with "sudden death" of their beloved "babies". I thank all of you for sharing your feelings of pain in losing your beloveds, because I have lost other pets before. It is not a pain that goes away easily. The only "comfort" I've ever had is when I could finally adopt another pet. And when I did, I think I gave that next one even more love. This is what I gave to my Sassy Suzi (my other poodle that died last December was named Sassi) So this one is still so special in my heart. I thank all of you for your input and heart-felt stories. I am so sorry for your losses as well, as I think talking about it to people who have been through it somehow helps us heal. So...thanks to all of you who posted, and God Bless!!

By lightbright2877

i lost my miniture poodle 2days ago she was a big part of my life & wen i lost her ijust didnt know wat 2 do but the thing iwant 2 know is what caused her 2 die her symtoms were limpness, wouldnt eat & wouldnt responed to nonthing like if the door bell rang she wouldnt bark so if any1 knows what could have caused this plz help me because imiss her alott even dough she is gone

By Cealamcg_58

Last night I came home from a night out it was about 3am when my lhasa Aspo met me at my door barking and jumping up on me as my playful 14 week old pup usually does, she seemed normal as I tucked her into her bed for the night. This morning my mother got up at 8.30 to find my beautiful loving pup not as playful she took her outside to let her to the toilet when she noticed her breathing was getting very heavy she took her to the vet at 10 as it was a hours drive, by the time they got there she was breathing very heavy, very limp and her temp had dropped dangerously low, the vet put her on a drip to try and help her she stayed on it for apx 2 hours when we got the phone call to come back by the time they got back she had passed away, the vet reckons it was very unuasuall and the cause is unknown but he had said her lungs had busted and she was bleeding just as much as a dog that got knocked down by a car would. I am totally heartbroken even tho we only had her for 6 weeks we got so attached to her she was so playful and cuddly still in shock about the lost of my pup I am searching for answers why this beautiful little puppy would die just like that so suddenly on me, such a sad day for our family :(:(:( Any one with answers I would appreciat everything I can get.

By sylviamarie09

In reference to my prior post about 'Milly', my email is sylviamarie09@yahoo.com Thanks so much.

By davelockin

My 16 year old lab/golden nearly died suddenly last spring. She turned blue and couldn't breath. We rushed her to the UGA Emergency Animal Hospital in Athens, Georgia. They put her in an oxygen box and ran tests to determine that she was eligible to undergo tie back surgery. The tissue around her voice box was blocking her breathing. They tied one side back. It wasn't that invasive, she has recovered great. I took her back for a check up after 4 months and they said that she is the healthiest 16 year old dog they have ever had in the clinic. The surgery was $1,500. It has already been worth it. She is running and playing like a puppy again.

By deaniea47

Am not a vet, but here are my best guesses. #1- All that drinking...Has she been checked for diabetes? #2- take her to a canine chiropractor. If she has a nerve impingement or damaged her jaw during that fall...or subluxated a vertebrae in her neck during the fall, that could be responsible for the inability to swallow sufficiently. Mini stroke or Brain trauma(a bonk on the head)can cause nerve damage, which can also cause aphasia (difficulty coordinating the swallow response) in people. She may be having TIAs, or little mini-strokes. Give her 250mgs of Magnesium when the lack of coordination or aphasia happens and see if it doesn't resolve after an hour or so. If it does, then, she is having strokes...So, at least that gives you a place to look. (Magnesium is also a great clot buster for people in the same situation, btw) I hope you find a solution for your sweetie. We lost our 10.5 yr old male Standard last week to an unknown ailment. So, we can sympathize... Deanie & Ed

By eyefordetail2

Sorry, I just saw that your lovely dog passed two days ago. Same thing. Probably will feel raw for a long time. It hurts when you lose those that you love.

By Mzklowngirl

2 day is a sad day my tea cup chi died this morning I've had her for a little over a year she was a happy dog n the thing is my kids r so sad my other dog is also sad she didn't have any signs she was sick sadly torn

By cris3528

So sorry for your loss. It is like losing a family member:(

By sweetharden1

My heart is broken. I got Simba and Nala a little over four years ago. I went to the breeder to get Nala - a 10 week old sable pomeranian. She was beautiful! We had looked at so many other dogs...she was ours! My 4-year-old daughter was upset that Nala was so bouncy and playful, she couldn't hold her as she wanted while were finalizing the details of Nala's purchase, so the breeder asked if I would allow her to hold a different puppy. She brought out Simba. He was so mild mannered and sweet. He sat in my daughter's lap motionless allowing her to pet him. He was so still in her arms, it almost scared me...what puppy just sits in the lap of a child? Simba did. So...we had to get them both. Simba and Nala - litter mates - brother and sister - new additions to our family! They had never spent a moment apart. If one needed the vet, they both went. If one needed groomed, they both went. The service providers (although it might have been against policy) knew it would be a mistake to separate them even for a few hours, so they boarded together for grooming, "fixing", etc... They were never apart...until yesterday. My dear, sweet, loving, Nala didn't come in from the yard when I called her on the way out to get my (now 8 year old) daughter from school. My 2 year old daughter was waiting in the kitchen next to the crate door while Simba came inside, without Nala. this wasn't too unusual, as there were times one was digging for pig ears while the other was sun bathing, so I continued to call for Nala, almost irritated that she wasn't responding when I was running behind. Then I saw her beautiful tail blowing in the wind... I continued to call her as I walked toward where she was. The closer I got, the faster I went, knowing something was wrong when she didn't respond. She ALWAYS came to me when I called for her. She was my baby...my Nala...my puppy. There I found her...lying on a small pile of sand and grass. I was panicked, but I was afraid something had bitten her, or attacked her and I almost didn't want to touch her for fear of what I would find...but I couldn't leave her there. I carefully went to retrieve her from the ground and I knew immediately she was gone. Her whole body was limp. Her head just fell to the side when I picked up her body...I screamed "NO!!! NALA...THIS ISN'T HAPPENING...NO, GOD!!!!!!!!" I ran inside with her limp body in my arms...she was alway so heavy...but she was light this time. Lighter than she'd ever been that I could remember...and so limp. Her eyes were open and her tongue was still a shade of pink...but she was gone. She was still warm, but I knew she was gone. I paced the kitchen while Simba and my 2 year old watched in disbelief. I didn't know what to do, so I called my mother at work screaming for help..."Nala's dead, Mom. What do I do? Nala's dead. She is dead!!! She went out to the bathroom with Simba and I found her dead...What do I do???? What do I do with her???" I remember telling her I had to get my daughter from school but I couldn't leave Nala. She told me to wrap her in a blanket and she would come home to her or get my daughter. I had to go...I wrapped her body up, leaving her head and neck exposed, and laid her beside her brother Simba. I left to get my daughter. Somehow on the way I thought I would wake up. I thought that somehow, miraculously I would come back to find her roaming the house getting into things. I thought perhaps I was just overreacting, and she had just choked on a pig ear, and she would start breathing again. I thought Simba would wake her while I was gone and they'd be together again...fine. I thought all wrong. I returned home to take her body to the vet. She was perfect. No bites, no swelling, no sign of struggle, no broken bones, no warning. She had been jumping in her crate begging to go outside with her brother when I began getting my 2 year old ready to pick up her sissy. The dogs were rowdy, so I had crated them while we got dressed. It had been less than an hour since they'd been out, but they were jumping (like usual when they were crated and we were home!) to go outside again. I let them go...even though I considered not letting them for a moment. She was perfect...then she was gone. The vet assumes it was an anurism or a heart problem. She couldn't find anything unusual externally. She was beautiful and perfect...even in death. It was hard to say goodbye because she still looked as though she might get up and walk out of there. She didn't. She hasn't. She won't. Her ashes are supposed to be ready on Monday. I still can't believe she's gone. Simba is distraught. He keeps looking for her. He doesn't want to let you put him down. He won't go outside without force, as he has never been out without her. I keep filtering my talking to/about them. I keep wanting to call for THEM, not just him. I keep thinking THEY need to be fed, not just him. I

By mae

How, can one know the pain of losing a beloved pet unless they are going through the same pain of loss. Nell, my Sheltie was breathing hard so called the vet. (special appointment) found out she had advanced lymphoma and an enlarged spleen. X-rays showed a grave condition she had to be euthanized. That, was Nov. 8 08. I, am devestated. God in heaven she was so beautifiul trusting and sweet. Can't understand why she had to be sick and not come back with me. Nell I will love you forever.

By mae

I, keep saying God why did you let this happen. Nell and Ginger was my family Nell is gone as of Nov 8 08 have cried every day. I loved them both all my human family is gone most of them in tragic ways. I, always prayed that God would help the hurting people and animals and protect mine. I,am numb with grief.

By bhargava

I just lost my Katie , poodle of 9 years. she was outside for 4 hrs early morning. when i found her she was breathing fast and feet cold. the vet told me to put warm blankets. within the hour she died in front of our eyes in our arms. We did an autopsy. the vet says one of her lung s was completely consolidated.. could 4 hrs of cold [30 degrees] have brought this on. the vet says this is not hypothermia since she was warm and no other changes, Any thoughts any one. i need some answers asap

By tarantaise

My heart cries out for you. My beloved Rotti, Dilli died on 22 October at 12-36pm. She came up to see me and I heard her play with my daughter on the landing and when I came down she was gone. I screamed and screamed for her to not die but it was too late. My neighbours must have called the police who sent out their helicopter because it hovered over us and I could feel the downdraft. I screamed up to them to either get me a vet or buzz off but not so politely and they eventually left when my husband and vet nurse daughter arrived. I tried CPR for 40 minutes before they arrived but deep down I knew it was useless. She had left us and I feel she is so lost where she is because she didn't know what hit her. She was my soul mate. I loved her so much and there is a huge void where she once was. The other animals miss her as she was 1st foremost and last. She didn't walk into a room she exploded in and everyone loved her it was just the right thing. Even my daughters partner loved her deeply. He was terrified of Rotties till her. We have another little girl now and I feel guilty to hold her and tell her I love her for fear of upsetting Dilli but I will have to get over that bacause she is no longer with us and this little one is a sweety and I will love and cherish her but she isn't Dilli and I will take a long time to get over her loss. Even now as I write this I am crying. Not a day goes by when she isn't the first I think of in the morning and last at night. It's just the shock of it all. I feel so cheated. She was only 3.

By theguzmans2

I grieve and feel your pain, unfortunately. I too have just lost a wonderful pet. This morning I went to let the dogs out and my Bella did not move. I let her stay there and sleep for a while longer while I drank my cofee and watched the early morning news. Then I thought it was time for her to go out so that the parrot could come out of the cage. She still would not respond to me over her. I bent down to maybe wake her (I guess)and the thought of our 1 1/2 year old Cane Corso (thought to be in perfect health) being "dead" was not on my mind. It only took a light touch to her front leg and I took off running crying out for my husband. I told him to check to see if what I thought happened actually did. Yes, she had passed away in her sleep. Appears that way. I just wish I knew what from. I called the vet, but don't want her to be "cut open". That just sounds so awful. No. Instead my son and brother-in-law buried her on her bead with her little stuffed "Bart Simpson" toy. She will always be here on our land and in our hearts. We are taking the other dogs to the vet to be fully checked out. They all were at the vet in September. I do not understand how this happened. My entire family grieves with you and feels your pain. Thank you for reading our story. We love you and miss you Bellazul aka "Bella"!!!!

By sdesousa15

I'm glad I'm reading this story...my 9 year old German Shepherd died last night as well. I let him outside in the morning he ate his treats, and seemed himself. Later that afternoon I found him throwing up acting very strange and lethargic. We took him into the vet thinking it was a cold or something, but we had the bad news of internal bleeding, they weren't even sure what it was but they were leading to a hemoabdomen, and the hemangiosarcoma. We ended up taking him to another vet an hour away to see if he could go in for some sort of surgery, but they weren't even sure of the prognosis. You could tell that the vet knew the outcome, but was scared to tell me. We made the decision to put him to sleep, something just told me that was the right thing to do, I didn't want to put him through surgery after surgery. I just wish he knew that was the best for him, he was a great dog, and I'll miss him forever.

By kitb08

We just lost our beautiful Belle yesterday. She was happy and active, playing outside with her "sister" Bailey. I called them in and she went over to my husband and collapsed, then died. I tried to do cpr on her but it didn't do any good. She had an earlier fainting experience on Friday and I was going to take her to the vet today. She had these fainting episodes when she was very active. After looking online, I'm pretty sure she died of aortic stenosis. She was only 2 years old. She was a crazy dog but I loved her very much. She was a mixed breed. I had done a DNA test on here and 3 of the breeds she was mixed with has aortic stenosis as a problem in them. I felt very alone in this sudden death until I ran across this site. My heart goes out to each and all of you that has had to go through this. I will never forget her.

By Sumisubeth

This Sunday, our German Shepherd died. She was only three and a half years old. We got her as a pup, after we had lost our previous German Shepherd of 13 years. She seemed in perfect health, strong, energetic and beautiful. There were no symptoms, no signs of any kind. She passed her vet visits with flying colors, other than once, when she had some sort of bacterial infection (I forget the name) that birds carry, but she was treated for that. She had been outside with our other dog for a while, as usual, I let them inside, and she was bounding around, happy to see me. I stepped back outside for less than a minute, and came back in to find her lying there, already gone. We are devastated. They did a necropsy, but found nothing that could be considered a cause. We're having samples analyzed, but I'm afraid we might have to live with the mystery. But if I can, I want to know. If there's something I could have done to prevent it, at least I'll know next time, and I can try to let other people know, as well. I've read about some heart issues that can cause sudden death, but it seems that it is usually picked up on at the vet. I thought about an aneurysm, but apparently that's very rare in dogs. If anyone has any insight, I'd love to hear it. And for those of you who have suffered a similar loss, I share your grief. I love all my animals, and both my dogs—now only one, very, very much. But this one was special. She was, without a doubt, my very best friend.

By sweetharden1

The holidays are much harder to face this year without Nala. We all miss her dearly. I bought an ornament that resembled her and placed angel wings behind it. I know she is in a better place, but still miss her here dearly. My thoughts and prayers go out to all of you who might be missing a member of their families this season.

By deand710

I had a german shepard who was 18months old die jan 5 for no reason. I went out to get the paper and he went outside and watched me I came in he was playing with my other dogs I give them all treats. Him and the other 3 dogs were in their sunroom sleeping. I left to do somethings and when my husband come home and give them treats as he does everyday he would not get off the couch. My husband called and called and then when he went to see the dog was dead. He was up on the couch looked as if he was just taking a nap with his head on his paw. Their was not saliva on his mouth nothing. His eyes were just rolled back. It had been 3 hours from when I left and my husband come home. My son was in the other room and did not even know. It is such a heart break to me as he was always so full of himself playing all the time etc. I am beyond myself thinking of the loss. Even though I have 3 more dogs he was my baby. He was the greatest dog he loved us so much and slept with my husband everynite. I am so comfused. If anyone knows of any reason please reply. I am getting a new puppy at the end of the month. I feel like he steered me to find this puppy that everytime I kiss and hug it my other dog will be always with me. I have been heartbroken over this.

By caseyjanegreen

My dog died very suddenly after 2-3 weeks of trying to battle a severe lung infection. He walked into the bedroom where we were, collapsed, spit up a large amount of blood and was clearly unable to breath. He died very quickly. I am confused about what may have caused this. It was a very traumatic experience for all of us. Although he was quite ill neither of the vets treating him even mentioned the possibility of this sort of death. If anyone can give me information about what could have been the actual cause of death I would appreciate the knowledge. He was my best buddy. My vets don't seem interested in helping to explain this sort of death. He was a large lab/hound mix and 9.5 years old. He is greatly missed.

By christylugi

I am so sorry for the loss of your little yorkie Mandy. I can so relate to how you are feeling as I lost my precious yorkie Jag on Monday night. Jag was 9 years old and seemed to be perfectly healthy. In December he had his yearly check up and everything seemed to be fine. Monday was a great day. It was snowing where we live and my husband and I were off from work. We had a great day with Jag. He walked in the snow and napped with us... a perfect snow day! Monday night Jag was sitting on the couch with me. I was on one end of the couch he was on his blanket on the other end of the couch. My husband walked over to Jag and was petting him when our cat walked down the hall way. My husband simply spoke to the cat and Jag turned on the arm of the couch and simply fell to the ground. At first , we thought he had lost his balance and fell. He did not try to brace the fall or land on his legs at all. I did not see this happen but heard the loud thump. Jag only weighed 3.8 pounds. I ran over to him and picked him up and he was stiff. My husband and I thought that he had broken his neck and was paralyzed. We have since, spoke to our vet and he seems to think that something catostrophic happened to Jag before he hit the ground. He said it is not normal for an animal not to try to catch themselves when falling. He told us that even if he had broken his neck when he fell that he would have lived longer than 5 minutes. Jag only lived 5 minutes, that's it. He looked over at my husband and then looked at me with his soft brown eyes, and with one last breath... my best friend was gone. I know exactly how you feel, not really knowing what went wrong. I do know that the past 48 hours without Jag have been empty and I'm heartbroken. I'm not sure how you are supposed to get over losing a huge part of your life. I have been clinging to all the pictures I have of Jag and plan on making a memory book. I am lost without him. My husband and I do not have any children, so Jag was my baby! Please know that I am going through the same thing that you are and that you will be in my thoughts and prayers. Again, I am so sorry for your loss.

By rita1450

To the one who lost Gucci, I know how you feel.... my beagle was 10-11 years old, I had him for many years He was like a child. One Friday I noticed that he was vomitting. I gave him water and he drank it. I decided to give it a day because he has vomitted before due to grass. So i waited, I made him a cozy area and kept giving him water but he would vomit right away. Saturday morning he was totally weak, gums white etc .... rushed him to the hospital and he died a few hrs later, I was too late. This is a very short summery of what happened but what makes it hard is that, had I taken him the minute he vomitted the first time, he would probably be alive!

By Ssassman

My beautiful standard poodle Cinder...the light in my life after the death of my son and the terminal hospilazation of my husband who is on life support all within the last year.. I got home from work she was fine...she ran around the yard and I put her in and took my 80 year old Mother shopping...got home and let Cinder out again...noticed bloody diarhea...immediately took her to my vet....she collapsed walking from the car into the office...and totally bled out...blood everywhere...we do not have a clue what happened...but I miss her very much...I would do anything to know what happened...she was 11 years old and I had her since she was 6 weeks old....she was my life.

By suman_topper

I want to share with you people regarding my dogs sudden death. My wife had left out of town and i offered him his dinner on wednesday. He did not eat his dinner and started drinking water only. His movement was slowing down when i took him for a walk. Next morning also he never had his dinner and kept on sleeping and vomitting. I left for office and when i came back from office on thursday night, to my utter shock i found him lying on the floor and he had passed away. What could have been the reason for that, i am not able to figure out. He was extremely vibrant and energetic and i miss him.

By nkwltrs

Hi my dog died the same way on Aug. 3rd. She stopped eating, was listless and within 30 hours she was gone. Would loved to know what caused this too.

By deand710

To the ones that lost their pet like my German shepherd that died after 18 months. It has been almost 3 weeks now. It is very hard for me as I loved that dog even though I have 3 other dogs. I will never know what happen. I have put up photos of him to see each day go to his grave to talk to him and write many poems to him. I had decided to get another german shepherd and am getting it next Sat. I searched the pets on line for days and I was lead to one dog in which the one I am getting. I have lost many pets before but this one makes me feel so empty. My new puppy will be called Shiloh which means (he who has been sent) This puppy will never take over his ledgency but will give me great comfort in all it can be. I will never get my dog back so everytime I hug my new puppy tight I will feel a presence of my other dog for the nite. My new puppy will be a special dog and will be like a angel from heaven that has come to look over me. Animals are a joy and comfort. It is not wrong to get another pet. If you get another pet it does not mean that you will forget the one that died. Their are many pets out their that need a loving home and they will give you the love you so much need. Just think of any pet you get will be a angel from heaven to look over you. My husband lost his german shepherd 6 years ago and he said he did not want another dog. I got him another any way and to this day he thanks me for getting him that dog. The dog is the sweetest thing their is. We still have great memories of the other dog but the hurt is not their just the moments we remember.

By bhargava

I just lost my Katie , poodle of 9 years. she was outside for 4 hrs early morning. when i found her she was breathing fast and feet cold. the vet told me to put warm blankets. within the hour she died in front of our eyes in our arms. We did an autopsy. the vet says one of her lung s was completely consolidated.. could 4 hrs of cold [30 degrees] have brought this on. the vet says this is not hypothermia since she was warm and no other changes, Any thoughts any one. i need some answers asap

By mkennedy001

Steiff's mom back again. The holidays have passed and I decided to leave the manger down and not remind myself of Steiff as he was in my thoughts more than normal anyway. I decided to be thankful for my new healthy grandson and for the dog I had rescued, Juno, who is a wonderful companion and has taken a special place in the family keeping Teddy, my other silky company on our long walks. Teddy is still head of the pack after me, although he is smaller than Juno. I am still missing my Steiff and will still feel guilty that I do not know why or how I missed him not being his usual self. I know that I did not replace him as he is still in my heart everyday, and I still cry when I need to but I also know that rescuing Juno was the best thing I could have done as there are so many animals in need. So many pure bred dogs end up on Petfinder.com because of all the rescue work dedicated people are doing. For the person who was unsure as to if she should get another dog, I encourage you to go on that site or any shelter near you. Take your time as everyone needs the time they need to grieve but your journey in healing will also be better knowing that you have taken the suffering from another animal in need, where you could do nothing for the pet you lost, helping another will be good for both of you. They are not substitutes they are as another post said angels sent to help. Good luck on your journey. Steiff's Mom

By sumisubeth

Thank you Kit. It's amazing to me that so many people have experienced this. I wanted to be sure that there was nothing we could have done differently to prevent this, and also to rule out any chance of poisoning of any kind. Especially because she was so young. So we had the vet do a necropsy and send samples for further testing. In the most basic terms, it was a heart attack. Like your vet told you, there was nothing that could've been done, even if we had known there was a problem, which we wouldn't have without extensive testing. And even if she could have been saved, her quality of life would have been greatly diminished. Like you, I miss my friend so much, and even with all our other animals, the house seems very quiet and empty without her. I guess it is true that the light that burns most brightly also goes out most quickly. But if I had it to do all over again, I would be even more sure of choosing her to bring home.

By sumisubeth

Deand710, it is so true that it is not wrong, or disloyal to think about getting another pet. I heard someone say once, that it is actually the greatest of compliments because you valued the relationship you lost so much, you want to find the same kind of joy again. And there are so many animals out there that need to be adopted into a kind and loving home.

By tjeannont

Yesterday, December 12, 2010, we suddenly and inexplicably lost our 9 year old border collie, Angel. She was perfectly fine and frisky in the morning, ate breakfast and played outside. I brought her inside and ten minutes later, she was dead on our living room floor. We have no idea what happened, there were absolutely no warning signs; and we are devastated. She will always be our precious Angel-girl.

By pfb1226

I lost my 13 year old German Shepherd Lab Mix Coty on April 10, 2010. He was declining rapidly since last February, while it was a devastating lost it was an expected one. However, on September 29, 2008 I had 4 dogs Coty, 8 year old Kayla a Black Lab mix, Chelsea a German Shepherd 2 years old and a 2 year old Pug. On that date I went to work as usual but took ill and had to go home. Kayla was my shadow so it was no suprise that when I went to lay down she was at my side. I got up about noon to let her out (the BF took care of the others earlier) and went inside to read the mail. Kayla was chasing after the 2 younger dogs and then I heard her take a drink and lay down under the kitchen table like she always did. About 10 minutes later I felt ill again and decided to lay down again, so I called to Kayle but she did not respond. I went to the kitchen and found her dead. I never knew what happened but the vet said it was probably a stroke (her tung was blue). I almost consider it a gift that I was there, only because if I had not been ill I would have been at work when she died and I don't think I would have been able to accept that. No words can ease that kind of loss since it is never easy to lose a pet and I while miss my old timer Coty I will never be completely healed by the sudden and unexplained loss of my beloved Kayla. My thoughts and prayers are will all of you.

By kitb08

sumisubeth, I'm so sorry about your dog. We lost ours the same day and almost the same way. We actually saw her die. I looked up aortic stenosis in dogs and it sounds alot like what they both could have died from. From talking to my vet and reading the articles, there was nothing that could have been done either before or during. Belle had just had a full check up just after Christmas and nothing was detected. I had a 15yo nephew that the same sort of thing happened to him. There is just no rhyme or reason why this happens. We just have to remember our loved ones and be happy for the little time that we got to have them with us. Belle was a very happy dog and I take comfort that she didn't suffer as my old 18yo dog did before we finally had to have her put down. Try to remember the happy times. I know it will hurt for awhile. I'm crying as I type this because I miss her so bad. I know it will get better. I hope this help you in some way. Kit

By biggwaterscapes

I lost my best friend the other day, unexpectedly. Bandit seemed 100% when I fed him dinner. I come back an hour and a half later to find him laying down and didn't want to move. He got up for me, stared straight ahead, then back down. His breath, paws, and nose were cold. He didn't want treats or anything. I stood him up to go out. He ran out like a good boy and urinated, then did a small poop. He then stared off into the darkness. We called emergency vet after I carried him back inside. He just laid down, then kept getting up and moving, to lay somewhere else. His breathing was irregular, his mouth was clamped shut. He passed on in the car on the way to emergency... I am a wreck. However, at least it was quick and I didn't have to put him down. That is what I wanted for him. I miss him dearly...

By miryamb

Hi, i just read your post. Obviously because i am reading these blogs it means i have to suffered the same loss. My beautiful little chihuahua agatha passed away 2 weeks ago aged 9. I am devastated. She was fine one day and 24 hours later she was dead. She was at the vets when it happened, her breathing was not too good that day so took her straight to the vets. They said they would keep her in and gave her shots of antibiotics and dieuretics as she had some fluid in her chest. 3 hours later i get a call from them saying she has died. I am heartbroken. The reason i am replying to you is what you described as your little dog crying out and being limp, is one of 2 things. She either had an undiagnosed heart condition that could cause her to have a type of fainting episode or she had an epileptic fit. People always assume that a fit involves dropping to the ground and legs paddling and so forth. But some fits cause the dog to become unconcious, no ridgidness or leg paddling. I know this as my little chihuahua had the same thing happen about 7 weeks ago. She was asleep and made this awful crying out noise. When i went to her she was totally limp as though she was dead. The vet said if it was caused by her heart they come around very quickly, but if it was a fit they are spaced out for up to a couple of hours. She was spaced out for a couple of hours so i know it was a fit. The fact that your poor little dog didn't come out of it but passed away would lead me to believe she had a heart problem that was just not picked up for some reason. My heart goes out to you but you must not blame yourself. She passed away while with you and she wouldn't have felt a thing. Its the ones left behind who suffer and grieve. As for your little friend, just try to imagine her in a beautiful place, where one day you to will also go and you will be reunited once again. Thats how i try to console myself. We must believe there is more to this universe than just what we see.

By charizagnes16

On the 26th day of Dec. around 6pm I notice that my 4 yr. old dog, "BONA" is very weak, for about 2 weeks ago I noticed that she seldom eat, and vomit each and every time she eats.. I wonder why it's happening to her knowing that I never let her eat bones.. I always clean her stuff... my regret is that I'm ignoring her and don't even bring her to the dr. during her sickly times.. Me and my boyfriend were so worried, so we let her take "biogesic" just like their dogs who used to take this human medicine when they are ill, i put sugar on her water and let her eat her food, but she still not eating even the smallest food i'm giving to her. I know on that night BONA is dying but I'm still hoping she will get well I'm planning to bring her to the dr on the following day.. when I'm calling her on that night she didn't response, not even a glimpse, she change her lying position from time to time.. I woke up 1:30 am and i called her, she stare at me knowing that it was the last time we'll see each other.. i get back to bed I woke up early around 6 am when I saw her she didn't breathe anymore but i really don't believe that she's dead.. but when i touched her body it's very hard and the blood was all over maybe she vomit before she dies.. i started crying and crying and crying believing that it was me who killed my dog but i'm still wondering what's the real cause of her sudden death i love you BONA hope you will forgive me for being so relax despite of your condition... I'm so depressed, i want you back, if i can turn back the time... I will...

By kim_crnll1965

we just lost one of our dobermans named skye she was only seven years old .we are so heart broken to lose her .we cant figure out what could have happened .she seemed fine when i fed all the dogs had no sign of illness when i went out to call the dogs to come eat the next morning all the dogs came to get there food but skye so my son went to look in the shed and found her in front of the shed door dead .i try to go back and think was there any symptoms of illness .and no there wasnt she seemed fine but know she is gone .i feel so lost with out her.

By katmama

My two-year-old, medium-sized Lab/Hound mix died about an hour ago on my bed. She has never been sick nor did she show any signs of not feeling well. She had been asleep on my bed, sat up and fell over. She tended to flop around to get comfortable, but this time she almost fell off the bed and her head dropped over the side. She heaved about ten big breaths and then let out a quiet whine and was dead. I'm in utter shock. No blood. No vomit. No diarrhea. She had been fine. I'm assuming it was a brain anomaly. I was going to have a necropsy performed, but instead decided not to. I work for a humane society and we manage the local animal shelter and I've never experienced "sudden death" in a pet. I'm glad to have found this site.

By pnwtennis

For the second night in a row, I've been awakened by my 13 year old English Setter, Alex, at 3:30am. If he whimpers, I jump out of bed now ... Setters generally have a lifespan of 10-12 years.... I read with sadness all the posts about sudden death and wanted to share my story about Alex's brother "Baby", who died unexpectedly on July 3, 2010 while we were on vacation in AZ. At 10, he was healthy, happy, had just eaten his dinner and 10 minutes later, I heard shrill screaming, ran to the living room and found Baby on the floor writhing in pain. He was screaming and his rear leg was gerking. For an instant, I thought he had slipped on the tile floor, but realized immediately something else was very, very wrong and if I didn't get help he would die. He was in so much pain, and was not responsive to my words and comfort. I screamed for my husband but by the time he got to us, my beautiful, wonderful Baby died in my arms. The entire incident took less than 2-3 minutes. I was devistated. I closed his eyes and sat on the floor petting and rocking him and crying. I had lost one of my best buddies. I struggled to pick up my 65 lb Baby, but his weight was too heavy for me. I asked my husband to help me carry him to the car, I didn't want Alex to see his brother lying lifeless on the floor. We got Baby out to the car and drove to the emergency vet where we left his remains for cremation. We never found out what happened, the vet thought it was a massive heart attack. When we got home, Alex was obviously wondering where his brother was. He seemed confused, like he knew something bad had happened. The next day, we decided to return home to WA. I just couldn't look at the spot where I found my Baby on the floor. Alex continued to miss his brother and became extremely depressed. I felt certain he was slipping away from loneliness. Alex was always the one I thought I would lose first, he had not aged as gracefully as Baby, but there I was with my feeble old boy and now I felt sure he was going to give up and die as well. I decided he needed some company so I went to my sister who raises English Setters to see if she had a dog I could take home as a companion to Alex. After looking over 15-20 dogs, I ended up deciding on getting a puppy instead of an older dog. In fact, I ended up getting two puppies, 13 week old female littermates. At first sight, Alex was not real excited about two rambuntious juveniles being in the house, but incredibly, the next day, he seemed to be perking up. Three weeks later, we drove back to AZ with all three dogs and our two cats. Things were getting better, the puppies, "Hannah" and "Nicky" brought new life to all of our lives, including both of our feisty old cats. And here we are now, 2 years and 1 month after Baby's death and this morning as I write this, I'm trying to come to terms with the decision to put my wonderful Alex to sleep. I've been struggling with the decision for months, watching him deteriorate. He now struggles with getting up and walking ... his hind legs don't work too well, I have been having to help him up more and more each day. He's also had real trouble holding his bowels over the past few months and now I believe his kidneys are starting to shut down. I kept telling myself that "he would tell me when he was ready" but he has been an incredible fighter. One day I would think the next day would be "the day" and that next day he would be up with tail wagging when I came home from work. He wasn't ready to go. I still wonder if he's ready ... I don't believe he is, but I am afraid his body is going to be the decision maker this time. I don't want him to suffer ... but I am having such a hard time letting him go ... I love him so much. He's been a wonderful friend ... the best pal in the world, never one ounce of trouble. Both my boys, Baby and Alex, have positively impacted my life in so many ways and now at the ripe old age of 64, I'm finding it harder and harder to accept the void in my heart and the absence in my home, even though I have my two girls, it will never be the same around here again. It's not like I have not faced this situation before, I have been forced to make the "ultimate decision" many times .. "Lauren", "Sean", "Buttons", "Poison", "Griffey", "Baby" and now .... all my beloved English Setters ... 40 years of unconditional love and devotion ... sadly, the circle of life. I pray this morning for God to give me the strength to make the decision for Alex if/when the time comes. The sadness, fortunately, will be softened by the wet noses and wiggly tails of my two little girls who will greet me at the door when I return home. I understand the pain everyone else has felt over losing their best friend. I hope you find strength in knowing there are so many who have shared the same sadness and so many who have found new joy by adding a new puppy or dog to the family. May God give you strength

By tinkerbell198789

Iam 24 and I had a dog named tippy I got tippy wen I was ten years old I grew up wih him. Tippy passed away almost two days ago and its sooo painful. He appeared to be ok and then all of a sudden after a family outting tippy began to breath heavy. A day later we took tippy to the vet I thought he ate something like a kids toys but that wasn't the case my lil old man had an enlarged heart and fluid covering his lungs wen we bought tippy home he began to breath more heavy the whole family came to say their goodbyes tippys breathing got really fast that night and I watched him take his last breathe as he passed away. Its so weird because a week ago tippy was running eatting barking jumping and now he's gone. Iam truly devistated because I grew up with tippy and had him for 14 years. I truly feel like I just lost my bestfriend.

By scouse

My terrier lab cross has been through a lot in her 12 years, but on the 25th august the vet put her on dexmethazone for lameness in her front legs, she had had replacement ligament surgery ( tightrope 6 months prior and seemed to be doing well, on the 31st of august she had to go our 3 times to do her business, she appeared fine then started breathing really heavy, tried to stand up several times, threw up twice then sttled a bit then started breathing really hard, by this time it was 4am, she stood up collapsed in my arms and stopped breathing, just like that, i was and am still devastated, I have asked my vet what could have caused it but he does nor reply to my emails now.

By sylviamarie09

I have to say first that I too, keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. The pain of losing a pet is right next to unbearable. The only reason I say next to, is because we somehow are still breathing. I am dealing with the rapid deterioration of our youngest boxer, Milly, who is about 41/2. She has been diagnosed with Ventral Spondalosis. It's a severe case although at first they didn't think so. But apparently there's something going on with one of her discs. The neurologist at Auburn has agreed to look at the xrays our vet (who schooled there)is sending up there. Just a few weeks ago she was jumping like a gymnist, running, playing trying to get our older one to chase her by nibbling her ankles. She is unbelievably precious. Now in a matter of a week, she is barely able to support herself on her hind legs. My husband broke down this morning after taking her out, Milly was unable to hold herself up while using the bathroom. To see her walk like this is heartbreaking. She is healthy for the most part in all the other ways. She's eating. She started acting strange as if something was wrong almost a month ago. Initially we thought and the vet thought she has a stomach problem. Or had a stomach problem. After taking the xrays, they found this. The vet has referred us to Auburn Univ small animal hospital. Which is where Milly is known anyway. We adopted her out of the Auburn Humane Society. The MRI will start at 1700.00 to see what or if surgery will be of help. So now I'm looking online to see if there's any organizations to help with this. If anyone knows of anywhere that we can go for help, I beg you to please contact me and let me know. I'll enclose my email address at the end here. I do not want to give up, I've never had to face a decision like this one and our hearts are breaking to watch her this way. The medication seems to be keeping her comfortable. She wants to walk and go down the steps on her own. I have this constant lump in my throat. And the tears keep coming. I am so sorry for all of your losses. We have two other boxers and I can't even imagine going through something like this or anything again. We love them so much. They are so much more to us than we could ever describe. I know already I won't be staying here if we lose her. These girls have been all I've had the last 6 yrs. My husband has a back problem and stays on meds in his room for the most part. He does help alot with them and loves them dearly, but the everyday to day living is pretty much with me. Please say a prayer for Milly as I will keep each of you in mine.

By lindie.key

Josh and I have two Siberian Huskies. Both of which have been relatively normal. Bella (Female 2 years) acquired glaucoma and cataracts around a year and a half ago. We have spent many hours with our vet, and specialists to try and save her eye. We have spent quite a bit of money seeing the specialist and for her medicine. Each visit cost us around $300.00. Our Vet at Petsmart has been very legit with her condition and mostly doesn't charge us to test her pressures when her check up's come around. She has been on many medications and drops. Her eye used to be blue but has now turned brown. She is completely blind but managed to snatch a bird out of mid air at the dog park! She definitley has such a loving personality. She will kiss you forever. We are no longer keeping her on the meds just testing her pressures which now have been normal for almost 5 months. Now with our precious Bluford (male 3yrs). Yesterday 8/25/11 Josh and I were getting ready for work in our normal routine. Once I leave I make sure they have water and food, and I give both of them a treat and a kiss before I leave. Blu seemed normal, nothing out of the ordinary. He was diagnosed 1 week ago with Valley Fever. We live in Arizona and this disease is common among humans and animals. The spores live in the dust and spread rapidly. A few months ago Blu was limping and I thought that he must of slept wrong. I let it go because like I said he was perfectly normal. He kept limping for a couple more days and that was when I decided to take him to the vet. The vet put him on some anti-inflammatory medicine. It helped 100% and he stopped limping, just a few weeks ago it started again. When I would massage his leg under his shoulder he would yelp in pain. I then again took him back to the vet and he said we will put him on more medicine but I think it could be VF. I said OK what are the next steps. He said Blood work and X-rays. We choose the blood work. It came back and the vet found a small trace of VF in his blood, the next thing he thought it could be was cancer. He had been on his new medicine of Diflucan and Tramadol for about a week and a half and wasn't limping. He was back to 100%. Until I came home for lunch yesterday and saw him laying by our bedroom door (what looked like to me sleeping) I yelled out BLU!!!!!! And Bella came running, she was howling and whining. I went over to him and his eyes were shut and his tongue was hanging out. I was hysterical and ran to the neighbors house. I was trying to call Josh while I was running over there. He couldn't understand me because I was crying so hard. Our neighbor Scott told Josh Blu has passed man. Josh came rushing home, and walked in the door and laid next to Blu.. I don't mean to tell everyone that my Fiance was crying, but that was his best friend, and our son. He was apart of our family. Everyone who knew Blu had a special bond and he was too young to die. The vet called me this morning and sent his condolences and said that he could of had cancer and it advanced to his lungs and heart and took him. He also said he went peacefully, the vetn said that he hasn't had many cases of diagnosing a dog with VF and then dying a week later. We lost a piece of our hearts yesterday. I want to know if anyone else out there has experienced the same thing. I was going to get a nechropsy and toxicology but it was going to cost $1400.00 which was way out of our budget and Josh said why spend that money to hopefully get an answer when it isn't 100% accurate. It won't bring our puppy back. Please comment or send me an e-mail with your thoughts or if you have heard of anything like this. I appreciate your time in reading this I just need some answers. I need closure, which may happen this weekend or even months from now, or never. I just miss my puppy very much and so does everyone else including his other best friend my Bella girl. Thanks, Lindie, Josh and Bella girl

By thestrada

From reading most of these comments I can see that my confusion over the sudden death of our lab/pit mix Jack is not an islolated event. Apparently this happens to a lot of Dog owners of all kinds of breeds. Perhaps by adding our experience there might be someone who sees the same warning signs in their dog that will act quickly and be able to buy some more time with their special friend. Jack, 11 yrs and 3 months old, and roughly 65 pounds, seemed relatively healthy for an older dog as recently as two weeks ago. Just last week, however, he started to hack and cough occasionally like he had some kind of phlegm build up in the back of his throat. Neither my wife or I are vets but we thought he might have some kind of respitory infection or something that was causing him to cough. Because we had a very busy weekend we decided to wait until after the weekend to take him to the vet. Last Friday night he had some kind of Event take place where he seemed to lose the ability to support his own weight. It was like he suddenly could not stand up and walk for a few moments and was falling over. Total loss of coordination and balance. But it was only for a few brief moments. Less than five seconds of this and then he was "back to normal" He seemed ok. He responded to commands. He did not seem dazed or anything like that. He was Jack. I just assumed he tripped on his own feet or something in his haste to get to us because he was all excited that my little sister was there and he wanted to see her and be with all of us inside the kitchen. The very next night he had another episode. He was staggering around and could not stand or walk when I took him outside before we went to bed. I ran into the house then and told my wife that he could not walk. She went outside and collected him and, you guessed it, he was able to walk again and seemed relatively fine. The only thing my wife noticed when he laid down on the bed was that his eyes had a faraway look in them. He dutifully did his thing though and laid down on his little bed next ours and went to sleep. When we woke up the next morning we tried to wake him up by saying his name and touching his paw. It was obvious then, to our total dismay and shock, that he had died in his sleep at some time during the night. We are still devasted 3 days later. To me it seemed to happen so suddenly, with so little warning, that I am still floored by the swiftness of his demise. My heart goes out to all of the people who have the same sort of thing happen to their best buddies with so little warning.

By bascomlynn

Our beloved and wonder american Eskimo Maximus died suddenly tonight. We were eating dinner, as usual Maxey boy was begging, getting a few small nibbles. We never fed him too many table scraps, he had a sensitive stomach, but he was fine! Healthy happy goofy and LOYAL! Max was like the sun and the moon to me and my daughter. He was just always there, always happy. Cleaning up from dinner, he was suddenly different. I had dropped a price of chicken meat on the floor. As usual, call the dog in to "pick it up", and he didn't come in the kitchen. I knew something was wrong, I figured he was going to throw up. I took him out, and he laid down almost immediately on the grass. Totally put of character. I brought him in, he would barely get up, and I watched him. He seemed to start improving, tail wagging when I called his name, but then 20 or so minutes later, he started panting hard and slow. His nose ears and extremities were cold, i immediately then rushed him to the emergency vet clinic. The vet examined him, determined he was BLIND! He suspected stroke. We were talking about options for TREATMENT, when he took a big breath and died. Right there, in my arms. I crushed! My daughter is devastated! He was a healthy happy silly 8 year old American Eskimo who died suddenly. I have never been so sad over a loss of an animal. He was an irreplaceable member of our family. We are so heart broken...

By floydvv

Our rough collie, Precious, went through a similar set of circumstances. She was 12, healthy as a bull all 9 years we had her, then in mid-June she was "clicking" her rear claws along the ground more frequently (it had been intermittent over the past year). I gave her a break from walks for a couple days, but she had difficulty sitting and had lost mobility in her hind legs. The first vet said she had a slipped disc near her rear legs (only took xrays of that area), while a second vet took more xrays and said she had a slipped disc in two more places along her spine. Then about five days later, her front legs went out. Her complete loss of mobility and incontinence caused her to have a urinary tract infection, which raged out of control, leaving her with a 107 degree fever. After a week of critical care with three vets and with no hope of recovery, we tearfully said goodbye to her. She died at home surrounded by her family and cradled by her highest love, my daughter. The extreme rapidity of her decline is what shocked us most. The slipped discs explain some of her mobility issues, but the rapid degeneration from rear to front legs leads me to suspect that it was degenerative myelopathy, but I have no way to prove it as it's mostly a diagnosis of preclusion (when everything else is ruled out).

By mfrisby

Our dog (13 1/2 year old small terrier mix) had some sort of episode last night. She howled twice, very loudly. She has never done anything like that before. We jumped up and she was laying on her side with her eyes wide open. We tried to stroke her and her eyes would move, but nothing else. All her legs were stretched straight out, not the way she normally sleeps. We laid on the floor with her for about 15 minutes, but she wouldn't even respond when we stroked her paws. She seemed to have some sort of paralysis. We did believe she was dying, since she has a major heart murmur and almost died 6 weeks ago. Eventually she got up (with help), but was leaning. After a couple of moments, that went away and she seemed fine. Today she seems normal. Does anyone have any idea of what happened? Marilyn

By wlarnold

I posted this elsewhere and it got lost from this category, so I'm putting it in again. Hopefully all those who have lost a pet can share in this. I lost my Pom of 8 years yesterday (She was a rescue possibly 10-12 years). Came home from work and there she was, just laying there in my grandaugher's room. NO reason, no pre-warning. When I left for work she was fine! As I read through the blogs here and the pain associated with each of our losses, it is comforting to know someone else "knows" this empty feeling and loss of control. Despite the rationale that this just happens, it doesn't make it any better or easier to understand and accept. What I try to continually remind myself is that when I got Princess, she had lived mostly a kennel life (a small kennel; which I got as well and put away). And over the last 8 years watched her come out of her seclusion to be a normal part of the family (with my other pom and chihuahua's). She had grown from an inward, scared little dog to a courageous and quite vocal little giant. She very quickly captured our hearts with her "smile" and frisky personality. So I KNOW that she was a happy dog and that her life was full in every aspect. We were able to give her a good home and made her years good ones. She was our Princess and she was very much loved. So when you grieve, please keep in mind all the pets out there that our outcast, left in the streets, maybe even euthenized in a shelter and KNOW that you loved your pet and gave them your best. A dog will love you regardless, but when you have given them a good life, you have done them right. So try, as hard as it is, to remember the good things and keep in mind that they loved you and you made them happy and fulfilled. They would never blame you for the loss of their life, so don't blame yourself (altho' I know it's hard to not look for "if I had..."). Be at peace with the wonderful life you gave to your pet while he was here. Not all are so fortunate. Know that your love was the absolute best you have to give to them and in return they gave you, albeit maybe a short time; a wonderful, unconditional love. I also belief that if there is a Heaven, then our pets are there waiting for us. It's not over, it's just a few sleeps away. I am sorry for all your losses!

By eakin3

Thanks Tina, that means alot, it is just so hard to come to terms with on how fast and sudden. Aros was in great shape, so I guess thats were me being confused comes in. My department is in the process of getting me another dog, but it wont be the same, and working in law nad K-9 you have to expect to loose your partner at any time, but i never thought it would be this way... Glad to hear that your moving on also.....

By mkennedy00l

I came home yesterday after my last day of teaching, retiring after 35 years to find one of my silky terriers Steiff acting very quiet. His buddy Teddy barked and greeted me, but Steiff just had a sheepish attitude. He had urinated on the floor, which he had done on occasion when the weather was very hot and he drank a lot. I had him tested for diabetes but that came up negative last year. He was 8, he went out for a walk, with me came in and was thristy again. Then he vomited up bile, and I thought he had just eaten grass, when he went back for more water he again vomited that up. He had acted normally that morning eating his morning dog cookies and was just fine the night before as well. I thought it was just an upset stomach. We had a retirement party to go to so we left. I thought I would give him a few hours to pass whatever was bothering him, When we returned at 11. He had peed on himself. I took him outside and he didn't want to walk. We came in he was panting but had no signs of poisioning, breath was good, eyes bright, he did not appear to be in pain. I checked his stomach he didn't flinch or act as if that was a problem. His bowels were fine that morning. There are no pesticides use here, anyway he crawled under the couch and I planned to take him into the vet this morning if he was still moving slow. I got up at two and he was not panting just sleeping, I came down at 3 and he had been into the kitchen had more water, left a puddle and when I went to look for him he was under a table, his head was up eyes opened, mouth closed with his body flat and his back legs in the reversed splayed position that he loved when he wanted to spread out and gather all the coolness of the floor. He was dead. I can't believe it. It happened within the hour of my checking on him. I am in shock. I am waiting for the vet to open so I can call and see what to do now. Teddy was laying about 5 feet from him and is just very quiet. Has anyone had something like this happen? This little dog was so loyal and sweet, non challenging, loved children and strangers and was just so happy to be on the planet. He just seemed a little off...He loved to eat so the stomach up set did not seem unusual. I am numb. My fiance said we should have taken him to an all night vet, but I have had every manner of animals from horses to hamsters and have seen all sorts of things but nothing like this. This whole thing happened in about 6 hours and seemed so benign or I think I would have not thought twice about the all night vet. Please if you have anything than can help me let me know. This silky saved my life after my husband died, he was the first thing I was able to love again after 7 years. I got him when my children left home and I walked in for a bag of bird seed at the local animal feed store. I walked in for seed and walked out with a one pound ball of love. Steiff was so wonderful, and so attached to me that I bought him a puppy two years later because I felt so badly leaving him alone all day so Teddy was Steiff puppy. Now what will I do.

By mc15jewels

on 8/13/08 we had just returned from a wake of a dear friend stephen who loved our 5 1/2yr old female siberian husky named bellamia. an hour after eating dinner we heard our baby screech the loudest howl we have ever heard, we ran to our deck to see what was wrong and i found my baby had just taking her last breath and her head collapsed down, it was over in 15 seconds, i screamed in fright held her in my arms and said no this can't be happening not tonight we just lost stephen only 23yrs old we thought we would of had another 10yrs with her never ever crossed out minds we would lose her so suddenly and so young the only thing about this death is there has got to be a reason she was taken on this night, god must need her for some puppies, or little child or something, that is what i believe everything happens for a reason, it damn better be a good one maureen & rich massachusetts

By sallyjbailey

My neighbors dog, a Sheltie died very suddenly, she was fine on Tuesday, on Wednesday she could not even keep water down, and was vomiting water, she died suddenly, he did taken her to the vet, he is older, I feel so sorry, it was very sad for him, I was wondering if the animal was poisoned?

By kellyk216

We lost our 10 year old yorkie early Sunday morning of last week. My husband and I had just left for vacation the day before, dropping off our two dogs for my parents to babysit. My mom told me that our little one was normal all morning but seemed a tired in the afternoon. In the evening, after jumping off the couch, he pooped a little on the carpet and lied down on his side with very labored breathing. My mom and sister quickly took him to the emergency vet but as soon they parked, they heard him take his last breath. The vet tried to resuscitate him but was unsuccessful. Our little yorkie Rainbow was always full of energy up until about 2 1/2 months ago. He had a harmless cyst on his ear he was getting removed, and the vet recommended teeth cleaning. After he came home from the hospital, he had this hoarse cough, which the hospital said was normal because they put a tube down his trachea. Our little one did have a mild collapsing trachea. When the coughing did not get better, we took him to the vet again, and after x-rays, ultrasound, and EKG, we were told he had signs of early mitral valve disease (and possibly lower respiratory illness), and he was put on Lasix and Enacard. The vet said he should be ok, and we were there two weeks ago for a follow up. Two weeks later, he was dead. We loved our little baby so much and although I shouldn’t think this way, I can’t help but to think ‘if only, if only I didn’t put him through the surgery’. I have been driving myself crazy trying to figure out why and how this could happen. Reading through other’s experiences on this site has helped ease my guilt a little and also knowing that others have experienced the sudden death of their pets, which just doesn’t seem to make any sense. I wish we were here with him when he passed. We found out when we got back from our trip two days ago and had to at least see his frozen body at the emergency vet before getting him cremated. The last couple days have been extremely difficult, and we are trying to stay strong for our other dog. Every single day, our little one brought us so much laughter and joy, and we can’t even describe in words how much we miss him. We love you, little Rainbow!

By gnbrulle

I am so sorry to hear about your loss. I too lost my dog on June 28th (this past Saturday) and am having a difficult time with her death. I came home from work and found her lying at the bottom of the stairs. She had only been alone for 5 hours. She had been fine the day before so imagine my shock. It was especially difficult becuase she hadn't been ill and was playing tug of war the day before. Duchess was a 13 1/2 year old border collie/ husky mix. Still am going over everything in my head trying to figure out if I had missed some sign. I just hope that in the end she didn't suffer but I still regret that she died alone. Nancy

By jena7483

my Husky who was seven years of age died suddenly yesterday. He was fine all day and was sitting normal. All of a sudden he started yelping loud and kicking his hind legs. They quickly collapsed and he fell to the floor twitching and crying. I thought it was a seizure but he stopped breathing and his tongue collapsed to the floor. All of this took place in 30 seconds.We tok him to the vet knwing he was dead but i was still in denial. The doc confirmed he was dead. I asked what sh thought had happend and she said it sounded like a blood clot in the brain. She said she would not know for sure since she did not know his medical history. He never had any problems other than weezing from allergies. i feel so bad, what if i had taken him to the vet for a checkup and they could have saved him. I miss him terribly. Im not ready to say goodbye. Everytime I like at his empty bed i loose it. I just wish i knew why??? I feel like its my fault. Jen

By agapiloren

To mmoershell I loved your comment if you like Bichon Frise just contact me agapiloren@yahoo.com

By mkennedy001

Rainbow was love in a vessel. He gave it to you freely, and without expectation. I have tried to comment twice before but I must be doing something wrong. My Steiff left me on June 28, and the pain is so raw I go through my day busy but not really functioning. I know from losing my husband when he dropped dead at 34 which was 15 years ago that this pain is real and I never thought I would feel this intensity again not even when my mother passed did I feel like this as hers was in the natural order of things. When we lose someone we love unexpectely things do not feel the same. I too am worring about my surviving pet. He is mopey. I am trying hard to spend time and give him attention but I do not expect him to be the same dog until he gets company. I know that I feel I did not do enough and you felt you did the wrong things, the only thing I can tell you is that this is a normal part of the process and that we have to beat ourselves up as we think somehow we have control in this world when we do not. We do what we can and we hope for the best. The bowling ball size hole in your chest will not go away, but the edges heal enough to let in the light and love and memories of our loved one. It is a slow process, one step forward two steps back. It took me 7 years to get Steiff and let love in my life. I know from the rescue sites that there are silkys who need love and when we are able to we will not try and replace Steiff but honor him by giving what he gave to us, unconditional love. We will never forget his happy tail, loving snuggly way, and the joy he gave us for the 8 years and five months he was with us. His joy in living is a lesson I wish I could remember every day. I will continue to cry and grieve, and I will be thankful that he was in my life and let me see love again. I know that love does not die although the vessel may be gone. Rainbow still loves you and Steiff still loves me and I can only hope I will see him again if there is a better place. It is hard to not dwell on what we think we may have been able to change but it does not change anything. They fulfilled their destiny, learned their lessons and left us in love. Peace on your journey. Steiff's Mom

By kellyk216

Steiff's Mom, thank you so much for your supporting words. You and Steiff, and the others grieving over their lost ones, are in my thoughts.

By mkennedy001

Your tree planting idea was a very nice tribute to Dutchess as you will always think of her when you see that tree. I still have bad days thinking about the whys and if onlys but the past two days have been better thinking about Steiff. The more research I did the more I found that I will never truly have an answter. I feel too that my animals come to me. I went into a feed store for a bag of bird seed and had no plans for a dog as My Wheaten terrier had been gone after 14 wonderful years for several years and I was traveling a lot. I went in for seed and walked out with a puppy, but tried hard not to be impulsive. I did go home and research the beed and then went back to get him. I know that even after going on all the rescue sites that what is suppose to happen will happen. My other silky Teddy is getting lots of attention but he is still down in the dumps and I know that he needs companionship of the doggy variety as the cats just aren't doing it for him. Even on long walks he just wants to come back home which is not the way it used to be as he would have trekked us on endlessly and it was Steiff's difficultly with walks over two miles that made us stick to our routine. I bet Dutchess is still wizzing around the yard and probably happy that you honored her memory with a tree. I have always believed things happen for a reason no matter how awful they appear at the time. I just hope Steiff left me because it was going to prevent him for suffering more in the future if he did have Cushings disease or cancer or some other underlying condition. There is no good way to lose a pet you love. Hoping things will get better for everyone. Hope your children will be ok as I know from losing my husband suddenly at 34, my kids grieved in a totally different way. They grieve in comparentalized segments. I also know that my younger daughter didn't stop missing him but when she went off to college she had it hit her all over again. She still starts crying over her horse that we had to have put down after a knee disintergration that had the pain meds being as difficult as the injury for the horse. This was 8 years ago and this horse was like a family member too. Things will get better, I hope. Steiff's Mom

By sweetharden1

I shouldn't have let them outside again. I shouldn't have let her die alone. She was all alone. I don't know if she cried, or yelped...she was all alone. I didn't even get to say goodbye. She was gone when I got to her. My daughter (the oldest) is crushed. I am a wreck. I haven't stopped crying for more than an hour since she passed. I keep asking God why/how he could do this. I keep asking myself what I have done to do this to Nala?!?!?! What did we do wrong? Why would this happen to her...to my sweet Nala? She was the best companion ever! She never bit a human...never...she was playful, and smart, and sweet...she was perfect in every way...except apparently on the inside that I couldn't see. I miss her. I will miss her forever. I hate myself for wishing it was Simba. He is a good boy too. He is loving and gentle. He is just not Nala. And he is here. She isn't. Perhaps I would feel differently if it had been him, but I feel ashamed that I would even contemplate losing one over the other. But I can't help it. Has anyone else had these feelings, or am I just heartless toward the only part of Nala I have left...her brother, Simba? I haven't treated him poorly, I have held and loved him as never before...I just hope he can't sense it. I do love him...I just miss her!

By jeeph2ofun

This afternoon we lost a very important and deeply, deeply loved member of our family. Foster our 8 year old rescued Rottweiler. I remember the day I found him, all 37 pounds of him, some 7 years ago. Our vet did not expect him to survive, he proved them wrong and maintained a healthy and solid 80lbs until today. I returned home from errands and was greeted as usual by the gang, all happy as can be. While addressing laundry in the basement I heard a loud "thud" and my wife screaming, I assumed it was her or one of the children and ran upstairs to find in horror my wife clutching a lifeless Foster. He had collapsed while sitting on the floor in front of my wife. My attempts to revive him were in vain. My only reassurance is that I know that he did not suffer. My angel is gone, he is and will continue to be sorely missed. There is an unfillable void on my sofa and in my heart. We miss him.

By mmoerschell

After reading many of these comments I felt that I should post my own story in hopes that mine will help comfort someone else and maybe bring me some closure as well. I lost one of the loves of my life on Saturday, June 28th. His name was Sig (Segal) and he was a 10 year old Pomeranian. He loved everyone, and made you smile even when you thought there was nothing to smile about. I always say that he picked me instead of the other way around. On the day before he died, my husband and I took all three of our dogs to the lake for some fun and relaxation. Sig loved to go to the lake, and always had a great time. We have a camper at the lake and are right on the water. It is really beautiful and peaceful there. On the morning of Sig's death, we were doing all the things we had done so many times before and he seemed to be feeling good. We played, loved on eachother, and most of all relaxed. As always, the routine that morning was to let all three out to go potty and stretch their legs. Then I would bring them back inside, give them water, and let them relax in the camper for a few hours while I went to the store. About 2:00 that afternoon I came back to the camper to let them out again so they could go potty and have some fun. By then, there were several people on the shoreline fishing or playing. All three dogs were anxious to get out and have a good time. Sig was so ready that he bounded out of the camper before I even called his name. I put the dogs on their leads which allow them plenty of room to do their business and run around. The leads are staked in the ground and have about a 25 ft lead that allows them to do a complete 360 around it. As always, they were barking and playing. Two young girls even came up and were playing with Sig. I went back inside the camper to do some work and about 20 minutes later I heard a scream from outside. My friend Matt who was staying with us said he had just looked out the window 45 seconds ago and Sig was fine, but now he was lying on his side. I ran outside and scooped him up, and made it to the store within seconds. My father-in-law had been a medic in the army and had always treated his own pets, so I knew he would be able to help me. We immediately administered CPR to Sig, but I realize now that he was already gone. I was absolutley devestated and shocked that my baby was fine one minute and dead the next. Like many of the other comments I wonder if I did something wrong or maybe if I had done something different then Sig would still be here. Looking back, there were things that I noticed but didn't seem to be major issues at the time. He was starting to show signs that he was getting older. He had started getting some hip dysplasia, which is common for the breed. He ate his food a little slower, and seemed to get tired a little more easily. He was still able to keep up with the other two younger dogs though. Several months before he had vomiting spells. I thought he had eaten something he shouldn't have. The vet had me give him some meds and he recovered. Sig had always had the "honking cough" (they call it tracheal collapse), but over the last 2-3 months he had been having a very difficult time breathing through his nose. Like any other responsible parent, I took him to the vet to get it checked out. It was also time for his yearly exam and vaccinations. The vet performed a thorough exam and stated that he was in good health, but would need to have his teeth cleaned. He also mentioned that the breathing issue was probably allergy related and gave me some medications to give him. After a week of antibiotics and Benadryl he still could not breath well through his nose. 2 weeks later, I took him in for his dental and to have an abcessed tooth pulled. I had worked as a vet tech for both doctors, and have complete faith in their care of my children. Sig made it through the dental with no problems, and seemed perfectly fine when I picked him up that afternoon. Again, antibiotics were given for several days, but the breathing issues persisted. I used to lay in bed an listen to him breath. I was always concerned that it was wearing him down. These signs never seemed to be indicators that were life threatening, and my vets didn't seem to feel they were either. I will never know if there could have been something I could have done to keep him with me a little longer. The Christian in me says "it was just his time", but I still feel robbed. I feel so empty inside without him. It's like a piece of me is gone, and I can't seem to let go. His love was unconditional and there was a bond between us that I can't even explain in words. How do I go on without him? I have experienced so much loss in my life already, but this tragedy has just changed me forever. My hope is that my story will bring you some peace knowing that your not the only one who has experienced such unexpected loss. May you always keep them in your heart and memories until the day you see them again in heaven.

By ematacotta

My 7 year old yellow lab, Dixie, just died this afternoon. She just laid down and died. I had just turned my back to her to look out the window as my wife drove home from school. This morning she was just fine. She was in shape and cared for and so loved. She laid down and that was it. No sound, no whimper nothing. I looked back to see why she wasn't coming to the door with me to greet my wife. My heart is broken. I have never had a dog like her. I picked her up when she was seven weeks old and trained her myself. I worked with her almost everyday for a year. I made flash cards for my kids and wife to follow when I was gone. She was brilliant. My daughter called her her sister. My 18 year old son would cuddle with Dixie on his bed. My daughter, 12, called her to go to bed with her everynight. My dog would look back at us as she went up the steps , as if to grin and say here I go again. She wouldn't leave her room until morning. My dog would hunt with me and was a good dog in the field. I was so proud of her. Everybody that knew her thought she was an amazing dog. She taught herself to retrieve under water. I have pictures of her underwater. I can't stop crying like a little baby right now.

By julie

I'm very sorry for your loss of Dixie. Our 7-year old, healthy cocker spaniel Brownie died last night, at the side of our bed, without making a noise. This morning she was curled up in her usual sleeping position. We're left wondering what happened, and of course, what we're going to tell our son (we told him before he left for school that Brownie didn't feel good in the night and I took her to the vet). My thoughts go out to you--and us--at this time.

By djpoints

Two weeks ago while on vacation for the first time in almost 10 years I received a call from the kennel where I boarded my beloved 8 year-old extremely active dog, Dooley that he had all of a sudden died for no apparent reason. He was supposedly acting normal up until the moment he suddenly collapsed. I share in all of your devasting and sudden losses, and hope that the simply wonderful, happy, hysterical memories of our dogs will eventually erase a lot, if not most of the excruciating pain that persists today. For the past 8 years, Dooley was my best friend and my most loyal companion during a terribly difficult time in my life - and we went everywhere together. I really cannot put into words what the short handsome little guy with the giant head meant to me - just wish I could hug him one last time.

By minahuf

I lost my Yorkie Poo a week ago. He was 3 years old. The whole family was playing with him outside. He went up under a chair to rest and shortly after let out a yelp. I thought maybe he was stung by a bee. He was limping a little. I asked him what was wrong and he came down to where I was. I pet him and kissed him and he went back up under the chair. He yelped again so I decided to take him inside. I tried to give him water but he didn't want it. I took him out on the porch to sit together and noticed he was slobbering. I also noticed his tongue was gray. I took him inside and noticed some poop on the floor. He was panting and still slobbering so I told my husband something was not right and I was going to change because I wanted to take him to the emergency room. My dog tried to follow me upstairs and stumbled. I picked him up and took him upstairs with me. When I set him down in the bathroom he fell over and could not get up. I screamed for my husband and we left with him within 2 minutes. We were rushing to the emergency room when my dog started having convulsions. I was panicking, crying and screaming his name....we kept talking to him telling him to hold on. He had 3 convulsions on the way to the emergency and was focusing on us and then losing focus repeatedly. As soon as we ran in the doctor took him. He died minutes later. They told us within seconds of handing him to the doctor he stopped breathing. He was my best friend. He was constantly with me. We took walks and played every day. Just 6 days before I took him to the vet for his annual booster. They also wanted to check him for heart worms. They gave him his shot then attempted to get blood 3 times before they were successful. He was going crazy. One woman held him down while the doctor stuck him in the front foot, chest, and back foot....twisting the needle around trying to get blood. A few days after that he thought I was drowning in the pool because my son was dunking me. He jumped in to try to save me which was funny because he was afraid of water. The night that he jumped in the water, I thanked him for trying to save my life. I told him that he had already saved my life in more ways than one. I often talked to him. I can't help but wonder if I had not taken him to the vet if he would not be here today for many more years. I have never experienced such a painful loss in my life. I have had nightmares all week....one even had him falling and when I picked him up it said Renal Failure on his chest. I thought that was strange because the doctor said it was probably a blood clot or anurism in the brain. We buried him in my flower garden. I got a statue from Toscano called the Grieving Angel and put it on his grave. This site has helped me to know that I'm not alone. I just wish I knew why he died so suddenly. I love him so much and will miss him forever.

By mmoerschell

It has been exactly a month since I lost my precious Segal, and I still can't believe he's gone. I have learned over the past month that time does heal the pain, but it takes a long time to get over losing a furry child that you love. I wrote my story in hopes that it would help someone else, and in the process help me grieve for my loss. I know now that I am not alone and that is a big comfort. I have also learned that you can't stop loving those special little furry children because there are so many that desperately need us to love them. They are only put on this earth for a short time and we must cherish every minute we have with them. At some point in the future, I will honor my little boy by getting another baby to love and giving that one the same care and attention that he enjoyed during his 10 years here with me. Most of all, I have come to realize that God really does do everything for a reason. I truly believe that He took my little Sig in order to save me and him from something much worste in the future. I worked in a Vet's office for several years and I have held many furry children in my arms at the end of their lives. I can honestly say now that I would rather my baby have gone quickly than to have ever suffered like so many do every day. To all of you who have written in this blog, take comfort in knowing that you gave all the love and care to that little life that you could, and that in the end they ultimatley knew that you did. Now they sit with Him at his side waiting for you to come home too. They truly are the representation of "unconditional love". May God be with each and every one of you.

By klsrains

Dusty my golden retriever and i were playing in the front yard at 6 . twenty minutes after we came inside my son said something was wrong with dusty. Suddenly he could not stand and his breathing was labored. i stayed up with him until 3 when he died. there was nothing peaceful about it he seemed scared and i could not help him .we have no emergency services available after hours so i could do nothing i will miss him dearly he was such a loving well behaved best friend

By rmackenzie

Forgive yourself. Some dogs are easier to love than others, some are just more special. Love him for who he is and he will respond to that love. Both of you can heal.

By mkennedy001

I just returned this afternoon from a wonderful 10 days in Botswanna,Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe and South Africa watching elephants swim and lions, hippos, etc. in the wild and through it all I knew that I would not be coming home to my Steiff who died on June 28th. I thought that being on the other side and other end of the world would give me relief from the nightmares but I think that the guilt follows no matter what decisions we make and where we run to, and after reading the last three comments, I am even more sure, as if I had only known how ill Steiff was feeling or if he appeared in pain I would have taken him to the all night vet but then he may have died alone with tubes and sitting on wires in a cage. The grieving and beating up on myslef continues. I selfishly wanted him to be here forever because he did save me over and over again as all our pets do in little ways and in big ways. I visited a school in Namibia where we, as group of teachers on tour brought school supplies, note books and pencils and pens, crayons, frisbees, etc. to a small island where students walk 7 miles to come to school. Children with shoes tied on with string to hold the soles on, and who have one corn meal mush lunch a day, yet they still had their pets with them and when school was released they were happy to see their dogs, all mangy, and skinny outside waiting to walk them home and protect them from the crocs and hippos. They had nothing, yet they had everything because they too had the love of their dogs. It is such a universal thing this bond between people and their pets. When they are in our lives they make it better and when they leave us so unexpectedly we hurt as we do when we lose someone we love and sometimes more because the love they give us is in a form I wish we all could give as humans, to each other as well as our beloved pets. Perhaps then there would be less war and starvation etc. I guess as human we are slow learners. Steiff had it right, as did all the dogs we have lost. They loved hard, and true. And I truly hope I will see him again. My other silky Teddy was so happy to see me return. He spent the week with my daughter who would not let him get lonely, but it still too quiet here. If I could turn back time I would but I cannot so now I have to deal with my nightmares and crying and get down to business and find another silky who needs a loving home to continue the legacy of love that our pets leave us with. My vet told me to stay off the internet trying to find out answers -for each answer I found I would find 10 questions, I did tell her about this blog and how it helps to hear other peoples stories so we don't feel so alone and awful in this kind of grief. Thank you to all who shared your loss. You know we all know exactly how it feels. Blessing. Steiff's Mom

By raytock

We are devastated with the passing of our beautiful six year old Golden Retriever, Sierra on Nov. 2, 2008. The morning was absolutely normal. At 6 a.m. I went outside to let my Rocky, an eight year old male, and Sierra out of their kennel/ dog run. They both RAN to the back porch, anxiously awaiting their morning biscuits. I turned to do a small task, and when I got to the backdoor, I stood in horror, shock and disbelief that Sierra lay taking her last breath. I was numb. In a matter of seconds she was gone. I awoke my husband to bury our faithful friend in the garden she loved so much to venture into. Rocky sat and watched my husband lay her to rest and cover her with earth. All I could tell myself is that she went quickly...she did not know what happened. The first twenty four hours found me in denial. Because her body was soft and warm when she was laid to rest, I invisioned her still alive underground....I thought I may need some professional help with grieving. I called the breeder to see if anyone had something go wrong with their puppies, and she said "no". I called my vet to see if something went unnoticed or undetected. I was trying to justify this nightmare. Sierra had been so active the day before. She would sit down, lift her face to you, close her eys, and lick your words out of the air when given attention. I will miss her forever. I was much informed when I came to find this site on the computer. I have learned that sudden death occurs in all breeds so it seems. My heart goes out to all who have gone through this. Love the animals that God has intrusted you with....spend as much quality time with them as you can....never take it for granted that they will reach life expectancy...you never know what tomorrow brings. Dan, Denise, Dana and....Rocky Mountain's Shadow

By nick.taymour

My dog Benny, a two year old bejon died last night at 3:15 (1/4/09). He was very healthy dog and very active. He cried load in sleep, like he suffered a sharp pain and just died. I tried everything, but in less than few minutes he was gone. I tried to revive him but failed. It has been a very hard night and day for me and my family and it is very hard to cope with his death.

By loriahutchinson

I just lost my beloved yorkie Mandy on January 2, 2009. She was fine my husband let her out a t 8:30 a.m and when I came downstairs at 9:30 a.m she was gone. She had vomited and her other functions let go as well. She was 11 years old but in great health. I feel so guilty because I did not see what happened but her tongue was hanging to the side. I just held and cried till my husband got home from work. How do yo begin to heal from this she was such a big part of our family she was so loved. Our other dog who is a maltese seems actually depressed she won't wag her tail or even play and she is only 2 years old. They were best friends. Peolpe keep telling us to get another dog for our maltese Molly but that just seems wrong to me. Does anyone have any suggestions for me.

By lalexanderbluiz

stephaniesylvester.......please feel free to email me directly at lalexanderbluiz@yahoo.com It has been so difficult for me to deal with this sudden loss. Bella was like a child to me. Lisa

By issiebelle

On July 4th, my daughter lost her much loved sharpei the same way. We all had been at her house all day with him and he was happy and loving every minute. He had no fear of the firework sounds and all the people around the neighborhood. He was out with us and ate and drank and played just like normal. We went up the hill for 30 minutes for the nighttime fireworks and left him and all her pets in her home. When we returned he was asleep in his usual spot and position. Only he didn't wake up. We tried cpr and everything as only 30 minutes had gone by. We were all baffled. But he was gone. Seemed peacefully. He was almost 7 and she rescued him from owners who were no longer able to care for him around 7 months ago. at that time he was emaciated and had bad skin conditions but she had him back to perfect condition in only a month or two. He had been vet checked and neutered in her care as soon as she took him in. A huge hole has been left in our hearts as we loved him so much and never ever expected him not to be part of the family for several more years. We can only explain it as a heart attack. So I share in all your shocks of losing a beloved member of your family out of the blue. The pain is trememdous. It's the last thing anyone expected. We were blessed to have him in our lives and he will be so very missed. I love you, Owen. See you again!

By fsa_usa

In an effort to eliminate pet food issues I want to offer up what we fed our dog BOOMER: Pedigree Canned Chicken and Beef Waggin' Train Chicken Jerkeys (2 to 3 per day) Can others please let me know if their dogs also ate either of the two types of food? Boomer's vet told us that it was a snake bite. But snake bites normally don't kill a dog -- just 2% die. And Boomer had a lump on his belly, not on his neck or face where snakes bite. Pet food may have been the cause. But I can't seem to link it to that lump/bruise on his belly that developed in one day before the day he died. We all need to try and warn others if pet food is the culprit. It hurts too much.

By zguy1949

Our dog Goldie died today at 3:05pm. She woke me at 5:30 this morning, when she threw up and then collapsed next to the bed. She seemed better, and I went to work. I came home at noon for lunch and she did not greet me, just layed in her bed and she had thrown up again and was laying in it. Then she got up and went into the kitchen and collapsed and did not try and get up. I called the vet and rushed her in. I had to carry her. I called the vet at 2:50 and they said she seemed a little better. We were going to go visit her, and then the vet called and said he was going to take blood, and she thew up again, collapsed and went into cardic arrest. I am just in shock. She was the best dog I had, and she had more personality the most 10 dogs put together. She was a constant source of amusment, and the best friend I could every hope for. She will be deeply missed. RIP good friend..

By drfeliciajohnson

My 13y/o Chow Chow, Sheba died suddently last night (Wednesday, August 5, 2009). She refused her dinner which was highly unusual. I tried to coax her with the viena sausages that she loved. She walked around for a while and then layed down. I kept checking on her to see if she was ready to eat. About 20 minutes after I had last checked on her I heard barking. I thought she was letting me know that she was ready to eat. When I got to her room, my other Chow, Sundae was barking, and Sheba was lying on the floor dead. Thursday (July 30, 20009) I took her to the vet for her annual physical. Because of her age, the vet suggested a geriatric battery of test. Although it costed more I agreed. He called me on the following day and told me that everything was great, her heart, liver, kidneys, etc. I thought that I had at least 2 or 3 more years with her. Not just a week and a half. We are all devastated here and share your pain. I'm becoming leery of the immunizations and the heartworm medication.

By twgbg

when reading all the comments about sudden deaths of dogs you then realize how many people have gone thru this sadness that hits you so hard and so quickly. I took Mandy,who was 15 yr old,for her quarterly grooming. She was older and certainly slowing down but was overall healthy for her age. I went to pick her up and the groomer,who has been taking care of her for such a long time,stated that she acted funny when she was doing her grooming. She let out with a loud cry/and then she seemed ok after that. She watched her but then seemed fine. I went in to get her and she was laying there but seemed a little more lethargic but nothing that unusual initially. We started to walk to the car and she collapsed on the sidewalk and that was it. I knew right away that she was gone. Very slight heartbeat but I knew it was the end. We took her to the nearest animal hospital and they took care of her so well. What happened we will only guess - possibly her heart. We, as everyone else, loved her very much and we will never forget what a great dog she was and as gentle as can be with our grandchildren. I felt that she at least waited for me to come for her before she just gave up.

By jscarfia

My best friend Sasha died yesterday morning. She was 10 years old a mixed breed. She and I did everything together along with my family. She loved camping.going on walks and just being with us. The vet thinks she had a heart attack, there were no big symptoms except a couple of days before she died she became lethargic and I had a vet appointment in a couple of days. I am so sorry for your loss I feel very much in the dumps right now. My dog was a stray I got from the humane society; she couldn't have been a beter companion. jim

By krista.hankins

On Saturday August 15, 2009 I lost my best friend Vern. He was a Mastiff mix and was the sweetest most loving dog. Everyone always commented on his wonderful disposition. Vern was never sick a day in his life. I have had him since the very minute that he was born, other dog Brandi gave birth to him and from the very first day of his life I have had him. He was over 100 pounds and afraid of the dark since day one. When he was a baby he would sit on top of my foot when I would take him outside to go potty because he didn't like touching the concrete. If he saw his reflection in the oven door he would yelp and then run and hide. We had to leave a night lite on for him or he would sleep with our boys. Vern was perfectly fine on Saturday morning at 5:30 am and then at 8:30 am my son came downstairs and said that "Vern isn't moving mom, I think that he is dead." I went running to him and he was gone when I got to him. His body was still warm so he hadn't been dead that long. I called the vet and they said that he was up to date on everything and that their guess was either a heart attack or a blood clot. What a devistation to not have him in my life. I feel a hole in my heart and in our family.

By jamjen72

I lost my 9 year old German Shepard two days ago, and I am still hysterical. I came home from work and was taking her some fresh water. She didn't come over and jump to greet me and didn't respond when I called. I found her laying dead by the side of her pen. She was fine the night before, running around and had eaten her food. She had shown no signs of being sick or that she may have been ill. We called the vet to ask what he thought could have caused her death, but he said there was no way to tell without an autopsy. We didn't really have $300 to spend for a proceedure that wouldn't bring back our dog, but not knowing what killed her is pure hell. I, too, have spent hours on the internet trying to find answers. I'm so sorry for the loss all of you have experienced, but it is some comfort to know my family and I are not alone in our intense grief over losing our pet. Our Mille was a wonderful dog and will always be in our hearts.

By ruby

Your dog's death on August 13 is eerily similar to mine. I left for work mid-morning on August 14 after playing with my 4 y/o border collie who's in excellent health and came home at 7 pm to find him dead for several hours on the front porch. When I found him I noticed he was bleeding from his rectum indicating some sort of internal bleeding, but no external physical injuries were apparent. He was fed Science Diet for large dogs with occasional meat or cheese treats but no table scraps. He had had blood work done 2 weeks prior to screen him for getting his teeth cleaned and nothing was found then. He was an active, healthy dog by all accounts. In the interminable mind-scanning to come up with what I might have done wrong I can think of a couple things. 1. He had become somewhat reluctant to eat his dry food in the past month. I may have been feeding him too much (he has never been a food hound in any respect), but I often wondered if he wasn't having some chronic upset stomach issues. He always eventually ate. I also questioned the food brand in light of recent issues with bad dog food. 2. When I layed down to cuddle with Buddy after he had been snoozing for awhile in the evening, he would often pant very quickly, noticeably quickly for having been sleeping for over an hour. 3. Just prior to the teeth cleaning 2 weeks ago, he had been doing this coughing/gagging/choking thing with a little bit of regurgitation intermittently. I had meant to have the vet check it out at the cleaning, but he had stopped just prior and I didn't bring it up. I noticed this because it was very similar to what a friend's older, small dog had been doing recently and she told me it was a symptom of a heart condition that had been diagnosed in her dog. I'm calling the vet tomorrow to discuss Buddy's sudden death and would like to have an autopsy if that's still possible. This broke my heart as well as he was my best friend and had to be one of the best dogs ever.

By jane-corso

My deepest sympathy to you and all that have lost their pets suddenly. We are still looking for answers. Although I've never been to this site before this week; it seeems as though there has an abundant number of posts ina short amount of time (particulary in the past two weeks). Does anyone else have any thoughts? Still heart broken.

By ericacollins1

I just lost my best friend MOJO on August 18. He was a 12 male boxer. He was very healty for his age. He had his yearly exams with everything good. We were playing in the yard at 9:30am and he was running around the yard like usual. He ran up the steps to me and then fell back. I thought he just lost his balance and told him to get up. He started kicking his back legs trying to get up but his front legs were not moving. After he kicked for a minute he just laid still, that was when I realized something was wrong. I ran over to him and he was just laying there breathing normal, but not moving. After about 5 breathes, he just stopped. I was in complete shock, I never dreamed that he had just died. I started yelling his name and holding his head up, but he was gone. I dont know what happen. I am glad that he didnt suffer, because from the time he was running until he took his last breathe wasnt more than a minute, it happened so fast.Does this sound like a heart attack? He wasnt gasping for air, he wasnt whining in pain, and he was running around normal, eating normal. I feel like my heart has been ripped out, I wasnt ready to loose my friend friend and I know he wasnt ready to leave me either he had so much life to live. I have never experienced a sudden death like this and I am very confused. It has helped me so much to read these other stories and to know that I am not alone. It does help to ease the pain.

By carenhnelson

Our Wonderful Chocolate Lab , Tucker passed away Tuesday morning. We are still in such shock and it just make any sense. Tucker took his normal mile walk with my husband to get the newspaper, came back had his normal breakfast, play a little catch with his ball, went swimming, and came into the house laid down . I found him not moving when I walked by him, I knew instantly that something was wrong. He had died. We had an autopsy done and the Vet said he was very healthy , no problems with his organs. I am just mystified how this big , loveably , healthy dog could die so suddenly and they can't find a cause,\. Tucker had been on prednisone for itching. Could this have caused his heart to fail?? If anyone has this similar experience with this drug , please let me know. Tucker was the love of our life and he has left such a big empty space.

By aemeyer99

I am so glad to have found this site. We lost our German Shepard, Buster, on Friday morning. I got up and went to let him and our other 2 dogs out, and I found him dead. There was urine and feces around him - just a little. The only symptoms he had were that he had been slowing down on the end of our daily walks in the last month or so But we thought it was just because it was hot and he was tired - he would spend parts of each day wandering around our farm -chasing mice in the hay field, etc. The night before he died, he did seem sick. We thought it was a virus and were going to take him to the vet the next morning. He just laid on the floor and only got up after much prompting. We think it must have been his heart. We miss him so much - he was the sweetest, kindest dog. He always wanted to kiss and climb on our laps - just like a big lap dog. It helps to know we are not alone in this. RIP Buster.

By cimaru

As I write my heart is so broken. On August 23 at 3:12 a.m. my sweet precious Caymee, who was only 7 or 8 woke me with four long agonizing screams, it sounded almost human. I'll never stop hearing it. Since I was sound asleep took a second to listen, then jumped up and turned the light on realizing it was Caymee under my bed. She loved to sleep under the bed. I turned the light on and looked under and called her expecting her head to move but it didn't so I pulled her hind paw. When she didn't move I knew, I just knew she was gone. I pulled her out and her tongue was on the side her eyes glazed. I thought is this a dream? This can't be this just can't be. After hugging her & crying, I told myself not to panic and try CPR. After about 30 seconds she started to moan when I breathed air into her. I listened and got a faint heart beat. I thought she was back so I called the emergency hospital and got her there in 15 minutes, but she was gone when we arrived. Oh how I wish I would have just kept giving her CPR, I feel so much guilt & loss. Nothing will ever heal the hole in my heart. I keep asking myself why didn't I just keep giving her CPR -- she might have lived. Because I have other dogs, they did an autopsy. Basically it showed bleeding from the stuff the doctor did, and nothing else. He thought maybe heart attack or aneurysm but I will never know what caused her to scream out like that and it's killing me. I can't go to bed without reliving every step over & over. She was on Temaril P ( a small dosage of prednisone & antihistamine) for itching off & on over the years. She hadn't had any for months and I gave her some that night because she was licking herself a lot, but that's all. I live in California and adopted Caymee off an internet ad from a shelter in Kansas City in Dec 2000. Her ad said "urgent to be euthed soon". She was literally on the euth table when I called saying I wanted her and to save her. I flew out to get her, it was love at first sight. I have other dogs but she was my baby, the most special dog ever. I had just thanked God the night before for giving me her, that she never did anything wrong and how mellow and perfect she was -- even after 7 years I couldn't believe she was mine, and so perfect. She was gorgeous -- Spaniel-samoyed mix, all white with a carmel ear, and dark pigment around most of her eyes, with the curled samoyed tail. She was so gentle, so easy & mellow, nothing phased this dog. She loved to be held, and pranced like a deer but was very agile, and could sail over doggie gates with ease. She would go limp like jello if you picked her up. I have footage of her playing with my kitten and she would kinda of nuzzle the kitten with her nose then jump up then plop down again right next to it in fun. She would take food from your hands ever so slowly and never even touch your fingers. I can't seemed to go on and can't eat or sleep. I miss her so much I will never get over how or why this happened to her and not one of my already ill dogs. Especially right after I prayed to God to thank Him for her. I thought Caymee would live the longest of all my dogs and someday it would be just me & her. And now I must live with this pain the rest of my life.

By mkennedy001

Summer has ended and I still miss Steiff and still have guilt that I did not see he was in trouble the night he died. Later when I returned from Africa I decided that the only way I would be able to deal with the pain was to offer a home to another dog. I rescued a mostly silky from a shelter down south through Petfinder.com and he arrived 2 weeks ago. Although my surviving silky is happy he is here we both know he is not Steiff, but this guy is taking the pain and remorse I feel and putting it to positive use as this year and a half old dog is wonderful, generous of spirit and a bouncy happy soul. He had parasites and was very underweight, I found him eager to please but very skiddish when he made a mistake. (No more mistakes since his parasites are gone.) I think that perhaps he may have been abused as he would cringe and blink his eyes when he thought you were coming to get him. He knows he is safe now and although I still beat myself up everytime I think about coming home that last awful day of school and not realizing Steiff was throwing up more than from an upset stomach from grass. When I read the last two entries on Caymee and the losses of the couple from Mass. my heart ached all over again knowing that feeling of the hole in the heart all too well from the loss of my husband at 34 and then Steiff. My parents had long good lives and I did not feel that same pain, I think when there is a loss and we think that somehow we could have prevented it it just keeps haunting us. Time doesn't heal the hole but it does soften the edges so that it can fill with light and the good memories of those lost...not just the pain you feel now. There is such pain in the world and if we just move toward acting in some positive way you will honor the memory of your lost loves and it will keep you busy enough so you don't dwell on what you were not able to do. That moment is gone and our regrets can keep us from seeing the moment we are in. There are no substitutes for our losses only ways to cope. Love I know for sure does not die and I know that those bonds always remain. Greif cannot be ignored, you can't walk over it or around it only through it, all in your own way and own time. Adopting this new dog worked for me in helping to rebalance my life as I felt myself slipping down a very serious and slippery slope into depression which is what happened after my young husband died so suddenly. I saw what was going on this time and I took a chance on life and it helped. I wish you peace on your journey it is not an easy or understandable one. Steiff's Mom

By chaussures105


By bweigly

I don't know how I'm going to survive this, but it does help somewhat to know that we're not alone. My husband and I lost our precious guardian angel, Bailey, on January 14th. I was so blessed to have had her for almost 15 years here on earth and I thank God for that. But the hard part is that she was fine up until she collapsed suddenly on Thursday evening...we rushed her to the emergency vet but it was too late. My husband blames himself because he let her out and she was fine. He turned around to get one of our other pups and when he turned back she was on the ground. At first we thought that maybe she fell and broke something and that put her into shock. But the ER vet told us that she fell because she had a fatal arrythmia...probably due to her age...and that there was really no way of knowing and nothing more we could have done. I believe him, but I still have a nagging doubt that maybe he just said that to make us feel better. I mean, how could a dog be fine one moment and dead the next? Reading your stories, I've realized that I'm not alone and that this does happen. I'm so sorry for all of your losses and I truly believe that our pups are all together playing happily and waiting for us to join them on the other side. We love you with all our hearts Bay and we know you're still here with us and you will never be forgotten. I hope we are all able to find some peace. ~Bridget

By janet

It's me, Janet, again. It's been over five months since we lost our Annie suddenly of an apparent cardiac event, and even though I posted a couple of times since then, I just wanted to visit here again and let everyone know that I understand and do so sympathize with your loss and sadness. And for those of you who have recently suffered a sudden loss of your dear pet, please know that it does get better. I feel as though I am starting to come out of my coma. It's been a rough five months, and I still have many sad moments, but have hope, there is light at the end of the tunnel. I loved that wonderful dog more than I can express, but she is with me, I know that for sure. If anyone wants to email me, please feel free. And remember, as Dr. Sife says, who is the founder of the Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement, "we are all in this lifeboat together". My email address is: janet@claimsurveys.com. Take care and let yourself heal. Hugs.

By trainer

I am so, so sorry for your loss. Did she have any history of heart murmurs, shortness of breath after exercising? I am at a loss as to what could have caused her to go. Heart problems are all I can think of. We lost our bullie in his sleep a week ago...same thing was fine all day, put them to bed that night, all was fine and woke to find him gone. Our Vet said he must have had some type of heart arythmia. Wish I could be of more help. I truly do understand what you are going through.It hurts so much to go through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Cathy

By karen.benda

Our 12 year old lab mix died 3 weeks ago. My husband came home from work and she was her usual self racing around. Minutes later he went to the yard and she had collapsed with a bowel movement and her gums and tongue were blue. We rushed her to the Vet ER and they discovered fluid around her heart probably caused my a extremely fast growing heart tumor. They operated on her to remove the fluid but her heart stopped near the end of the procedure. She was my baby and I am so extremely sad. In a matter of 3 hours she was gone and I am glad she hardly had to suffer. It is such a shock and I don't know how to get past her death. The surgeon said even if she had made it through surgery it would not have been a good outcome as she would have had to suffer much more. Apparently this condition can happen in humans too. She had just been to the vet the day before...she showed no clinical signs of any problems. My thoughts are with you in your grief. You will grieve as much as you loved that furangel. I will be grieving forever.

By cool.allison

My name is alley, i had a aussie, weimer, and lab mix one year old named Zoey. Im 21 years of age. my husband and i have no kids. so zoey was our baby girl. we saved her form the shelter on feb. 27th of 2009. she was so happy and outgoing. well on saturday the 20th of February of 2010, my worst nightmare happened. at 8:30 pm i let her and my 5 month old Aussie Shephard out because i was working all day. so i went out into our back at 8:40 and i called her name, and bear my 5 month old came running and whinning. i had no clue what was going on. i walked out on my deck and called her name again. i turned to my left and she wasnt breathing. she had passed away. this was my baby and i couldnt do anything to bring her back. i am so heart broken and just can't stop crying. i took her to the er vet and in virginia they couldnt do an autopsy they could only cremate her. so i have no clue what took my little girl away from me so sudden. my husband was out to sea when this happened. every day i blame myself. i could have saved her!

By a.oha

Today I lost my dearly beloved Chinese Sharpei dog, who was only 5 years old. He was found on the side of our home by my oldest son, who adored him and was the primary caretaker. We have no clue what could've happened to him other than the possibility of an heart attack. There were no signs of distress as far as I know of and according to my son he was doing just fine when he let him out in the morning. Gods knows best and I believe he's resting peacefully up in Dog Heaven. RIP! Your Momma.

By dagmarezy

I am so glad I found this site. I'm still looking for answers as to how my precisous little westie died. He was 9. Reading all these heartbreaking stories is like reading my own diary in how I felt after he died. IT was just a normal day, went outside to pottie before he went to bed and 20 min. later he began panting. So i jumped up and he was trying to walk to his bed and was having trouble standing. I picked him up and laid him downstairs talking to him telling him everything was okay. I will never forget how he looked at me with his eyes. He looked so scared. I had no idea he was dying. he was diagnosed 2 months before with lyme disease, took his meds and he was fine. I kept thinking, what did this vet miss? There's something terribly wrong. I picked him up and put him in his bed and carried him to the car to rush him to the vet where he died 15 mins later in the car. I was devestated, heartbroken. I cried for days and days and still do. I feel such regret that i did not just hold him in my arms while he was going through this. I just rushed him to the hospital, I'm so sorry for that. I am not the only one who misses our little Spike, my whole family misses him, our neighbors are devestated. He was the funniest little person in my life and he gave me so much love and joy. I dread coming home from work because he's not there at the door to greet me anymore. THe house seems dead. It's beyond words. It's been 2 1/2 mos and I still can't get over it. I had a tiny bit of his ashes put in a tiny vial wrapped in a little angel and wear it on a chain around my neck. He's with me always. Mary

By theinletbum

I am so heartbroken right now I can hardly find the words to express what has happened today. Our precious 15 month old yorkie who was fine one minute is now gone. This morning began like every other morning and all the dogs seemed fine. I walked upstairs to walk exercise for 30 minutes and when I came back downstairs she was lying on the kitchen floor not moving. No visible signs of anything. No vomit, no accident, no blood, she was just gone. Could a 15 month old really have just had a heart attack? This not knowing is driving me crazy. Is there something I missed?

By atraylor00

Our sweet dog passed this morning. Allie was a black lab mix. We have had her for 9 yrs. We got Allie when she was just 4 wks old. Her mom had been killed and the owners were unable to care for all of the pups. This morning Allie was doing her usual barking and jumping at the front door when someone knocked or rang the bell. Around 11:15 am the neighbor kids came over to play with our kids and knocked on the door. My husband went through the dining rm and let the kids in the garage door. By the time he came back through the kitchen and the family room he looked in the foyer and Allie was laying there with her tongue blue and hanging out of her mouth and she had already had a bowel movement on the floor. Our neighbor is a vet and came over right away and she said there is nothing that she could do. My son is devestated and is crying off and on. I told him that Allie went to heaven to live with his grandmother (who passed November 09) and that she is taking care of her now. Allie was such a wonderful pet, she was really a fanmily member. She was my only "child" for a long time. I work from home and she would "go" to work with me everyday and lay next to my desk. I cannot believe how suddenly she died. I have a headache and my eyes are swollen from crying all day. I am going to miss my sweet friend!

By haarle9

I lost my toby today. can,t rest and found this site. Toby started with the shakes about 7 days ago, then started to be lagargic. wouldnt eat or drink,took him to the vet they blamed it on infection. gave him a pain shot and a antibiotic shot. seemed to get better for two day then got bad again. took him back then they blamed it on his spine. called them today and they said give it another day. he dies 2 hours after i called them. the day before they gave him a steroid shot. and pills. I just feel they didn,t treat him properly. he just never recovered. he was 12 and very healthy utill 7 days ago. i feel for everyone. never knew it could hurt so much. plese let me know if any one lost there dog this way. what could of been the problem. love to all and God Bless. Arlene hall

By te_kartika

Thank you for posting all of your stories here. I'm still griefing over our rottweiler, Buffet's death. But at least I know that I'm not alone. My heart goes out to all of you, too. We lost Buffet last weekend. We have 4 dogs at home and he's the strongest and healthiest one. We took him to the hospital after he have difficulties breathing and lifting his head after a walk session. The doctor said that his artery has been strictured. At around 11pm, his body temperature went normal and he breath more calmly so we left him and go home. I was deeply hoping that I won't have to receive any phone call from the hospital because that will mean we get to pick him up in the morning, being still healthy and naughty. On 4.15, Aphro, our other rotts, howled so loudly. At the time, I knew something was not right. Buffet passed away at the same time Aphro howled, neither us nor the vet knows exactly the cause of his death.He's always been my brother's best buddy and our lovely big buddy. I still can't believe he's gone and wishes he'd come back every night before I go to sleep. We miss you, buddy. But you're completely unleashed now, so you can run as far as you want and ruin any grass you want.

By dalycc

To my cotton. Has your vet looked into Addison's disease? My dog was diagnosed having similar symptoms, and is totally treatable. Hope you have figured it all out already.

By thebatcave64

Thanks all for this posting. Like so many others we thought we were cursed, alone, unique. Two weeks ago my hubby commented that our little pug Arnie was too good to be true. A week ago, he was running around but a little lethargic, had eaten OK as usual but had a wheeze. We checked on him several times during the night, no change, but at 5 am my husband called me to say there was something wrong with him. He was gasping, not moving any air. I had an ambubag as I am in the medical field, so I tried to bag him but it was like he was completely obstructed. I have seen many humans die, but nothing as quick as this. He was only 18 months old. Once again like many others I found this blog by a search engine. What is very curious though, is that very little research seemed to appear on the results page. Just story after story of broken hearts and years of life wasted. For those who found this site for all the wrong reasons, perhaps if you really want to make this posting the last one of it's kind, think about making a difference. Ask your vet if there is any research happening, and be willing to take it that step further, even if it means donating your beloved's body. Our little boy had an autopsy, and nothing but pulmonary edema showed up. Heart size normal, no foreign bodies,nothing. In the long run, not having any answers is far more painful than not having that box of ashes sitting in the cupboard. I can't accept not having any answers, and I suspect the reason why there aren't any answers is that our love for these animals stops it. Just something to think about.

By aufsee

This morning my 10+ year old shepherd-husky Emmy and I did our usual routine of meeting our friends to romp around in the park behind our house. She had never been sick and was always up to date on check ups, shots, etc. At home this afternoon he suddenly collapsed and started moaning and couldn't stand up. We raced her to the emergency animal center, but she was gone by the time we got there. I'm glad that she didn't suffer and that she had a happy, healthy life until now. But the shock is great and I'm so sad and empty and can't stop crying. The hospital did not guess as to a cause and I just hope there wasn't anything I could have done. I wonder about the symptoms--Poison? Heart? I don't know, but my sadness is overwhelming... Thanks for listening; I'd appreciate any comments.

By janet

It's me again, Janet, Annie's mom. I want to say, again, that I truly understand everyone's loss and the pain that you are feeling. It was six months on Friday what we lost our girl the same way. She was about 10 years old (not positive, because she showed up at our back door about nine and a half years ago). I loved her more than I have ever loved an animal in my life. She was fine in the morning, barked at the window at the feral cats, barked at the delivery man; I left for 2.5 hours and when I came back I thought she was asleep on the sofa, and went to say hi to her and tried to wake her up, I knew she was gone. It was horrible and I will never forget that moment. Please know, however, that it will get better. I am living proof because I am better. I still miss her and will always miss her, but I see the light at the end of the tunnel and can remember her with smiles now, and not always tears. We often say that she packed 20 years of fun and life into 10 years. She never had a bad day, only fun days, and she gave so much to us. Please don't hesitate to email me at janet@claimsurveys.com, and know that my husband and I have been there and we so totally understand.


I remember it just like it was yesterday but it was in 1958...52 years ago. I was newly married with one baby, my little Pojo, He was a two year old rat terrier and I loved him with all my heart. It was a Sunday morning and I opened the front door and let him out in the fenced yard to go to the bathroom. In no more than five minutes, I let him back in and he went to the couch and started to jump up on it but fell backwards onto the floor. He was just lying there. I called the vet and he said he would meet us at his office. I got Pojo to him and he started working on him but he passed away right away. He said that he apparently had been poisoned with strychnine(msp). Later that week it was in the local paper that there was a rash of dogs poisoned that Sunday from strychnine! Back then, it was just a sad story in the newspaper with no action from the polce but if it had happened today, I believe that the person could and would be caught. I think of Pojo very often and the awful hurt is still there. I can still feel him in my arms. There was so much love between us. Claudette

By thedingo8yrbaby

I just found this site and it's been a bit of a comfort to read the posts. 5 days ago I lost my little 3 pound chihuahua, Choney. She was almost 10. Needless to say, I am absolutely heartbroken and lost. She was laying on my chest lounging with me and watching TV. My girlfriend came home and she jumped up excited to see her and then suddenly fell to my side. She was yelping and seemed to be having some sort of seizure. She urinated and then just collapsed. All of this lasted about 5 seconds. I was in complete shock. We rushed her to the emergency vet, doing chest compressions on the car ride there, but she was already gone. She did have aortic stenosis but was not symptomatic yet. The vet believes she had a blood clot and reading some of the posts here, it sounds like that may have been the case. I'm trying to take solace in the fact that she was happy up until her last moment, but my heart is aching since I had no time to prepare for her death. I'm driving myself crazy wondering if there was something I could have done to prevent this. She was the light of my life and I don't know what I'm going to do without her. Thank you for your stories. I share your grief. I picked up a book called "How to Survive the Loss of Love." It's a very simple book about losing someone, although it is not specific to losing a pet. I would definitely recommend it. Pati

By beky87

Hey hearing your stories breaks my heart as my vet says this is something that will happen with my boxer puppy daphne before she reaches her first birthday. I discovered yesterday that she has severe aortic stenosious. As the blood pumps through a narrow valve for the left chamber to the rest of the her body her heart worka harder and harder building the heart muscle up to a point where it will close that valve completely. At barley three months old she has a pressure of already 110 and although she shows no physical signs of a problem that was enough for my vet to say " if I see you in a year I will be very surprised." I feel as though most do not understand how upset I am over this. My first dog being so obedient and sweet won't be in my life for as long as she deserves to show the world how great she is. She is on heart medicine to slow her heart rate down but it is just a waiting a game as to when enough activity will be too much for her little heart to handle. I am trying to spoil her rotten because I'm only blessed with a few months with her but it is difficult to try not to limit her fun and enjoyment in things as I try not to worry watching her run around. I do not know if I can handle seeing her wiggle towards me with excitement returning the ball from fetch and clapsing right before me. Why can't we fall into the average of 3-4 years of life. Why do we only get a few month together?? Dogs are the most amazing pets with their unconditional companionship and loyalty. Right now daphne is my best friend the person I can't wait to come home to and never get sick of being around. Please pray that she beats the odds and that the love I give her will be enough for her to have a chance at life

By corinnal23

In regards to Daphne below, i symphathize totally, that would be very difficult to deal with i feel for you...all of or most of our plights have been with pets already suddenly dying with no warning and with you, your fear is that this would happen in a year or less, all you can do is make the best of your time...I am grateful that i was with my Ollie when he died over the weekend Memorial Day..i am fortunate in that way...be with her all you can and start to semi prepare yourself.So sorry. Corinnal23@aol.com http://ezinearticles.com/?Strokes-in-Dogs&id=3463151

By nancy.lucky

I lost my little Chihuahua, Sami last October 10, 2009 he was only 2 1/2 years old and he was my whole world. I had to retire from my job early due to an illness and I got Sami shortly afterwards when he was only 8 weeks old. I always thought Chi's were little yappy dogs but I feel in love with my friends and when his dogs mother had another litter I got my baby. He helped me so much during my illness as many nights I would lay awake in pain (my legs) and he knew and would lick my legs for hours. I got him registered as my service dog and he went every where with me. I never let him outside except to go to the bathroom or to take walks with me - he was never alone. I never knew I could love an animal like I did him. I took him to the vet every time he sneezed and I just had him to the doctor the week he died because he had a little limp. I had taken him to the ER one night when he was only 10 months for vommiting and after paying over a 1,000 they said he was find. Well one morning we woke up and he vommited so I called the Vet and made an appointment for him at 1 pm. Since this has happened befoe I was not too worried but still wanted to make sure he was okay. I got him in the car and by the time we were at the end of my street he started seizing. My vet was 15 minutes away so I stopped at the nearest vet and ran in abd begged them to save his life. By then his heart rate was 10 and his eyes were fixed and dialalated. They tried but he died. I was in such shock, I went home got into bed and just screamed and cried. I live alone so he was my whole world. I had to be put on zanex. My daughter and grandkids came and stayed with me. I did not want to live anymore. My sweet daughter was on line and before I knew it she brought me a little 3 month old new chihuahua that I named Abbey-rose. Abbey saved my life because she gave me a reason to go on and I love her to pieces. She will never replace Sami but for anyone who loses a pet suddenly I recommend to get another pet ASAP. Some people did not understand but we all have to do what is right for us. Every day I say my prayers and feel blessed that I got to be Sami's mom even if it was only for a short time. I would not trade one second and would do it again even if I knew what the outcome would be. My problem is now I worry every day that Abbey will die young too. It scares me every day and I do not know how to shake this. thank you for letting me share my story it helps to talk about it. I also do not know why he died, my vet thinks he had some type of congential heart problems but I guess I will never know. So treasure every day you have with your babies and do not be afraid to get another one. It really helped me heal and I adore my new little girl. Nancy

By tessa_59

We are still in the mourning stage. On August 20th, at around 2:30 am - we lost our beloved Flat Coated Retriever, Missy. Missy met me at the door as usual the evening. Bouncing and happy as usual. Missy was 10 years old this month, but Flat Coats have a bit of a Peter Pan Syndrome and are always puppy-like. She ate like normal and drank water that evening. At about 2:30 am we were awakened by a horrible howling sound. My husband stirred first so I let him go check it out and see what the dogs were up to. He found our 4 year old Border Collie standing over Missy - howling in grief. I heard my husband join her in tears and rushed out to see what had happened. Missy was laying beside his chair with her legs flattened out like she does when she sleeps. No sign of any struggle. She exhaled a couple breaths, making us think perhaps there was hope - my husband grabbed the phone to call the vet - but she was gone. 4 days later - we still can't beleive she is gone and that it has only been that amount of time.

By ccpetcare

Hi, I just lost my boy Sonny to a sudden cardiac event last Saturday July 24th 2010. He was only going to be 8 next month he had no history of heart disease and was just running around and playing the day before. We were out taking a small pee walk when he started to act like he had to vomit so we headed for home after wetting him with some water in case he was too hot. We turned to find our cat who had been following us and noticed Sonny wasn't trailing behind like he usually would so when I turned to find him I witnessed him come out of some bushes go completelystiff and fall over sideways. We began to carry him down the sidewalk towards home when I noticed he was starting to turn blue. By the time we got him to the E vets he had several more "attacks" while they were trying to treat him and his body began to shut down, he had no circulation whatsover and we had to put him down before he died slowly. We were devastated to say the least at this completely unexpected and sudden event. He had just had his physical and bloodwork last week and all was fine so I am wondering if something in the new 3 year distemper shot reacted with his boy in the wrong way. In any event I will be getting titers to check antibody levels instead of vaccinations in any other dogs I may have. he was my doggie "soul mate" a very special guy he went everywhere with me and was by my side most of the time. Lori Light Rocky Hill CT

By pneuma

Early this morning our little pup, Owen, died suddenly. He was only four months old - a yellow lab mix. He was an unexpected addition to our family - an abandoned dog that our daughter brought home on Mother's Day. We hadn't planned on any more dogs, but this guy was impossible to resist. He was potty trained in just days. He learned quickly how to sit, shake, lay down, speak, and roll over. He loved to play with his squeaky duck as my husband taught him how to point and wait. He had been listless this past week. He had some vomiting a few days ago, and the vet told us to take him off food for 24 hours. After that he quit vomiting and coughing, but his energy level wasn't what it had been. Last night, my husband said that he was worried about him, and he told me he planned to take him in to the vet in the morning. My daughter let him out of his kennel at 5:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom. She watched him go, and then called to see if he wanted to come back inside. He loved being outside, and so he didn't respond to her invitation to come back in. Just before 8:00 a.m., my husband woke me up to tell me that Owen was dying. He had gone to check on him outside, and he was gasping for breath, lying limp on his side. I tried to get ahold of the vet, while my husband tried to rouse and revive Owen. A stream of liquid had come out of his mouth, and it was tinged with blood. Then, my husband and son drove the 10 minute or so drive to the vet's office. But by the time they got there, Owen was gone. We buried him out behind our house with his duck. We didn't have him long, and to be honest, I didn't even want to keep him at first. But he filled our lives with such joy and laughter. We talked about him all the time, and we took so many pictures of him. It really seemed like he was turning out to be a good dog - intelligent, faithful, sweet. We are struggling with such guilt and remorse that we didn't bring him in to the vet sooner. How could this have happened? He was full of life - vibrant, happy. And then so quickly, he was gone. His was just a short little life, just a summer with him, and yet the hole he leaves feels enormous. We have been crying all day. I just can't believe it. It doesn't seem real or possible. I read some of these posts from others who have lost a dog to sudden death, and I wept over your pain, but I have to say that I felt better knowing that there may have been nothing we could have done. Hang in there, everyone.

By silva.emilie

I had a lhasa apso female dog. About 2 1/2 years old. She was a lovable dog. Cuddly, and very playful. Our house helpers will know if theirs strangers near the house. She barks aloud. She barks louder when we are nearing the house. Our house helpers will say Oh! Sir and Mom are coming. And in seconds, they will hear our car honking asking one of the helpers to open the gate while Coco, the lhasa apso dog kept on barking. She will jump on us while entering the door asking to play with her or asking to be carried. Anyway, one morning, last August 16, 2010, we just found her laying down, stiff and breathing very slow. our helper said she once vomitted in the morning but that was it. We rushed her to our vet. She was given intravenous injection and was revived by pumping on her heart. But when we came back that afternoon, she was again breathing very slow until she died. The doctor said she still don't know what happened. We all cried, my husband, my 2 working children all rushed back from their individual offices to see our Coco. Goodbye Coco!!!! Thank you for adding a special cheer in our hearts all those years that you were with us. We will MISS you dearly!!!!

By rmyoder

Hello, In response to the post by Sandi2Mike below. I completely understand your grief. My 6 year old Chocolate Lab, Joe, suddenly passed away today. We were out with the kids for most of the day and he was happy to see us when we returned, as usual. He brought a tennis ball and wanted to play. After several minutes I went into the back yard and threw the tennis ball, which he lumbered after (as usual). Our other Lab then jumped him and they played hard for a few minutes. The other Lab then returned, with an anxious demeanor. Our daughter then walked behind the bushes and said that Joe was lying in the grass. When she threw the ball and he did not get up, I checked on him. His tongue was blue and out of his mouth, and he took about 2 more breaths. We chose to have him examined, but the necropsy did not reveal anything abnormal. His heart, lungs, intestines, etc. were healthy and showed no problems. At this point we are still in shock, and the only plausible explanation is an aneurysm or other brain dysfunction. I hope no one else has to go through this.

By pneuma

Early this morning our little pup, Owen, died suddenly. He was only four months old - a yellow lab mix. He was an unexpected addition to our family - an abandoned dog that our daughter brought home on Mother's Day. We hadn't planned on any more dogs, but this guy was impossible to resist. He was potty trained in just days. He learned quickly how to sit, shake, lay down, speak, and roll over. He loved to play with his squeaky duck as my husband taught him how to point and wait. He had been listless this past week. He had some vomiting a few days ago, and the vet told us to take him off food for 24 hours. After that he quit vomiting and coughing, but his energy level wasn't what it had been. Last night, my husband said that he was worried about him, and he told me he planned to take him in to the vet in the morning. My daughter let him out of his kennel at 5:30 a.m. to go to the bathroom. She watched him go, and then called to see if he wanted to come back inside. He loved being outside, and so he didn't respond to her invitation to come back in. Just before 8:00 a.m., my husband woke me up to tell me that Owen was dying. He had gone to check on him outside, and he was gasping for breath, lying limp on his side. I tried to get ahold of the vet, while my husband tried to rouse and revive Owen. A stream of liquid had come out of his mouth, and it was tinged with blood. Then, my husband and son drove the 10 minute or so drive to the vet's office. But by the time they got there, Owen was gone. We buried him out behind our house with his duck. We didn't have him long, and to be honest, I didn't even want to keep him at first. But he filled our lives with such joy and laughter. We talked about him all the time, and we took so many pictures of him. It really seemed like he was turning out to be a good dog - intelligent, faithful, sweet. We are struggling with such guilt and remorse that we didn't bring him in to the vet sooner. How could this have happened? He was full of life - vibrant, happy. And then so quickly, he was gone. His was just a short little life, just a summer with him, and yet the hole he leaves feels enormous. We have been crying all day. I just can't believe it. It doesn't seem real or possible. I read some of these posts from others who have lost a dog to sudden death, and I wept over your pain, but I have to say that I felt better knowing that there may have been nothing we could have done. Hang in there, everyone.

By docnaomilchaney

hi, i found this site very helpful. ironically im an md and when my dog died i was still in shock. her name is samantha and she is a chocolate lab - pit mix. she has addisons disease and requires a shot once a month to live. she recently had her shot and interestingly some booster shots as one of the commentors stated. we all went out to san diego and my beautiful dogs stayed with my son. they were taken to the dog beach daily, walked 3 times a day which is more than their ususal. that day, we had gone to the dog beach and samantha was swimming deep in the water looking for her ball. she was so happy. we went home and slept for 4 hours and they were walked again. my son and i went out to dinner and came home and took them to the dog park my son threw samantha her ball and she retrieved and brought back the ball as usual. he threw the ball again, and as she was bringing back the ball another dog collided with her. my son said it wasnt hard and that samantha tried to turn her body as to avoid the other dog. dogs running into each other at the park and beach has historically been a normal experience. as samantha fell backward - it looked funny like a tree falling. her legs were stiff, and as she landed she didnt move or breath. her eyes were fixed. she still had her ball clamped in her mouth. my son, said "mom shes dying" her tongue was turning blue and then she let out a high pitched, very small sigh. we tried cpr,to no avail. when we got her to the local vet they put in epi and a few other things but said she is dead. she was dead. i was in shock. i had her transported back to our home state to have a necropsy done by her local vet. no obvious cause. in my experience with people,lack of findings and the vet we believe it was a lethal heart rhythm. everyone who posted their stories sound so similiar. it makes me feel that the Lord sometimes takes them when we're not ready and that the appearance is rather similiar in the taking. that gives me some peace.

By plederman

Yes, this site is helping me also maybe understand ehat happened to our dog. Yesterday he was no different then any other day....ate his full breakfast and hung out in the back yard with my husband while he washed windows. My husband when inside for a little bit and when he looked out to the back yard the dog was on the ground flailing/convulsing and by the time my husband made it outside he was twitching and then went limp/died. It was so sudden and there were no systems we noticed prior. We are very sad and would love to know what caused this.

By cclaussen

2 days ago we lost our sweet boston terrier, cody. he was only 14 months old. we had adopted him from a rescue group about 10 weeks ago. i knew he had a grade V heart murmur and we were going to take to to a specialist in gainseville next month. he was running and playing with our other dog, he went and laid down. i looked over and he was breathing funny. i got up to go to him and he stiffened up and began to make the most awful screaming sounds i have ever heard. it only lasted about 25 seconds and then he was gone. i tried mouth to mouth and chest thumps but he was gone. i am a critical care nurse and always thought i could handle death. this was the most horrific thing i have ever seen so far. he was the most gentle, sweet and beautiful dog. i know he probably had a lethal arrythmia, clot, or aneurysm and he probably did not suffer. however, i miss him so much. he was the life of our home. his best friend the miniature daschund, chester, misses him so much. he just lays around and doesnt want to eat. to everyone who has ever lost their pet, there are people out there who understand the pain. so sorry to everyone on this board.

By dana.green

On Sunday, 6 September 2010, I just got back from the groomers with my 12 yr old Black Standard pooddle, Ollie and 10 yr old White Statndard, Kobe. They ran down stairs out back to take a quick pee and then back up to the porch. Where in a couple of minutes my wife let them in and proceded to give them a snack. However, Kobe, refused the snack, went over to the door, then violently hit the floor. My wife started screaming to me while I was in the other room. I came out and Kobe was on his back with legs up and his tonge out! My wife continued, while crying, to help him.. even attempting mouth-to-mouth and chest massaging him. I called the vet and they said bring him in. However, within seconds Kobe went limp. A neighbor drove me and Kobe to the Vet. At the time I decided not to have him examined.. because the damage had been done. I guess at the time i was so torn up. I did have the vet check to see if he was bit by a snake and concluded that was not the case. My wife and I are still devastated and it still hurts alot. We miss him so much. We expected 5 more years out of him, because he was so healthy. We speculate a massive heart attack. In reality, hes gone now and we appreciate the 10 years of love and affection that you can't get anywhere else in the world. We hope to start over again and get another White standard. Ollie is doing pretty good but a little lonely. Benbrook, TX

By lauracroft311

My name is Laura I lost my baby girl bella on Saturday September 9th of this year. She was 10 weeks old and I had only had her for two weeks but I fell head over heels in love with my baby. Saturday everything was fine until about 6:00 p.m when she fell asleep in my lap and suddenly yelping like I have never heard before, then urinated on me and never woke up. That was the worst day of my life Im still greiving, I found out that my niece accidently dropped her on the cement floor in the morning while I was asleep. I understand what your all going through I still have anxiety attacks when I realive the last few seconds of her life. R.I.P Bella I love you. I feel for you all, Laura

By buckpinne

We lost our buddy Rex, a pitbull mix, on September 11th. We are still in shock and deeply saddened. He was about 10 years old, but still very fit and active, and in what seemed to be great health. We had a normal day like any other that Saturday, and Rex and I curled up for an afternoon nap together. I was awakened because he had gotten down off the bed, and was breathing heavily almost panting with a sort of croupy sound, and I noticed that he had vomited up some dry dog food that he had eaten earlier along with a few blades of grass in it that he must have consumed. Since he has had upset stomach and eaten grass before I assumed that it would clear up like any other time, and that he was just finishing his bout of vomiting. Then, while online researching grass-eating behavior in dogs, I noticed that he stopped the coughing sound. This had been after maybe 10-15 minutes or so. I leaned down to comfort him and pet him, and I thought that everything was going to be just fine. Suddenly, he made a choking type noise and laid on his side, and when I looked I saw that his tongue was discolored and hanging out the side of his mouth. I immediately picked up the phone to call the emergency veterinary hospital that was open on weekends about a half hour away. Before I even had time to dial he made the choking noise again (bear in mind his air-pipe was not obstructed), and as I pet him once again to comfort him he let out a last breath, and I knew he was gone, I could just see it in his eyes. Our family is still in shock and wondering how this could have happened. Our condolences to all of you who have lost a beloved member of your family. We miss and love you Rexxy, our little buddy!

By pagansanctuary

I need to know what could cause sudden death in a two month old puppies. In the past two days i have lost three puppies who were healthy and full of life and then in the morning they were dead. Right up to the point of them passing away they ate heartly, had no signs of heart worms and were frisky, i have found they did tear up a sponge foam cushion could this cause them to die? If anyone has any idea please email me ASAP at pagansanctuary@aol.com

By shawna1502ob

On 10-07-10 I lost my pitt bull "Tucker". He would have been 2-yrs. old this November. He was in top fit health and had no signs of being sick. We went to bed as usual and when I awoke the next morning @ approx. 8:00am he looked like he was sleeping comfortable. When he didn't move, I touched him and he was stiff and cold. And a very strong odor throughout the house. The last time I remember him getting out of bed was between 2am and 4am. So his death occurred within 4-6 hours before I found him. I also have one of his puppies that is 10-months old. He is perfectly fine. At first we thought maybe someone had poisoned him. They spent a few hours a day in their dog run. But, I am just so heartbroken at this point I don't know what to think?? What would cause a perfectly healthy dog to die suddenly in his sleep. He wasn't just any dog, he was my baby, my world. I want my boy and wish I had an answer to explain why he was taken from me. Completely Heartbroken over his death that makes no sense????

By sjbjacky

hi everyone, glad i'm not alone in feeling like this. my little boy jack, a jack russel cross died only yesterday :( i'm completely heartbroken. he hadnt been ill, an we had just gone out for our normal walk. he ran off ahead of me an never re-appeared. i found him under a tree an i knew straight away he was gone! he was 3years old... the vet said most likely a heart attack, at 3?? :( i had 2 carry him all the way home, an leaving him at the vets was awful! i'll never get that imagine out my head. he's still there an i wont 2 fetch him home but he's being put to rest for me... he was my first pup an i'm completely lost with out him :( sorry to any one who has felt like this...

By scootxl1

I weep today for everyone who has lost a dear trusted friend suddenly. I just lost my friend this past Wednesday. I had just come home from the hospital with my hubby who had been in for 2 days with chest pain. I have a whole house full of dogs. Seven chihauhaus (now 6). Sparky was 4 years old. He was always small (though not my smallest) and was always thin. i always paid him more attention than the others I guess because I sensed he needed more than the others. He was always healthy and could jump like you wouldn't believe. he was the only one who could jump up on the bed (flat footed at that) and when he would get after something he would come off the bed or couch and jump as far as 6 feet. He was awesome. He was my baby more than all the rest. Anyway he was fine we we came home. Jumping around and so excited that I was there. We sat down in the living room and he ran around all excited. He went down the hall I assume to use the bathroom because that's where their pads are at. we decided to go take a nap cause we hadn't had any sleep and I saw him lying at the end of the hall at the living room. It looked like he was asleep. My husband spoke to him and he didn't move. When he bent down to pick Sparky up he was already gone. He had a pool of blood under his head but not a mark on him. I fell to pieces and cry everyday. The only thing I can figure is he had a massive bleed from the brain. He made no sounds before this happened and he didn't fall down, you could tell he had just stretched out and died. The blood was coming out of his right ear. There was nothing he could have hit his head on or anything. I can only guess it must have been an aneurysm. I feel as if my heart has been jerked out of my chest. I don't know when the grief will subside, but God Bless you all.

By tina_chad_sheppard

We are devastated, we just lost our beautiful 9 year old golden retriever Buddy suddenly with no warning on November 4, 2008. He was fine, outdoors playing with my husband, he got up to chase some birds, when he just collapsed, he died instantly. My husband was there with him, but we didn't get to say goodbye, it happened to fast. We thought he had at least a few more years with us. He is greatly missed now and will be forever.

By rmackenzie

My beautiful Flygirl died just after midnight on saturday morning. She had been to the vet that day and got her shots and wellness testing. The vet marvelled at how healthy and youthful she was for a dog of 9 years. We sat down for dinner that night and my husband recounted the vet's comments to us and I recall thinking that we would have her with us for a long time to come and the thought made me happy. In retrospect my husband told me he was thinking the same thing. She was so affectionate, emotional, communicative. She talked, yelled, cried and smiled all the time. I have never known a dog like Fly. We went to bed and she took her place lying down beside my husband's side of the bed. We had just turned out the light and she broke into a long, painful howl. We jumped out of bed to see what was wrong. Her back began to arch and her arms and legs went rigid. We knew something horrible was happening to her. Then she went limp. Our eyes searched her body to try to understand what happened and my husband said; I think she's dead. I just started screaming NO!NO!NO! but she was gone. In an instant she was gone. A few seconds later her head moved and she seemed to gasp twice. We thought maybe she was coming out of it and called the emergency clinic. The nurse on the phone was patient and kind and she told us to check a few things and then told us that she had passed. Our family is heartbroken. She was one of us. The tests came back negetive, no illness, no heartworm, she was in excellent health. The only thing that was different that day was the vaccination. I know if she did not get that shot she would be alive now. There is nothing I can do now but love the memory of my beautiful Flygirl and tell our story so others can consider it for themselves.

By mkennedy001

I just got on this site again after several months since Steiff's Passing in June and lots of life changes going on, my marriage, a new grandson, and retirement, but now that the holidays are coming up I dread part of them. I adopted a resue mostly Silky Terrier from Petfinder and Juno is wonderful. Bouncy and loves our 3 mile walks along with my Silky Teddy who I knew missed Steiff so much. I have a hand made manger with all my animals that I have sculpted over the years from clay, my horses, dogs, cats, birds etc. I dread bringing it out this year as Steiff's image will now be there as a reminder all over again of how much I still miss him. He will be moved to the animal heaven section of my manger which is now getting more and more full. I love having animals around me and regardless of the pain that we all feel in losing them, especially so unexpectedly, I will continue to hope that I will see them all again. My 19 year old cat Emma passed after a long problem on Oct 15th. She had more than her alotted 9 lives and had more vet visits and treatments that gave her 20 lives and I love and miss her desperately too, but I knew it was coming and it is a whole differnt thing when they leave us so suddenly. I wish you all well on your journey during this difficult season when their absence is truly felt. Steiff's Mom

By afrances2004

My dog Dolly, an 8 year old german shepherd died yesterday. She seemed fine in the morning but by the afternoon had become sluggish and lethargic, more by the minute. I came home and her nose and mouth were ice cold and so was her breath. I took her immediately to the vet, only to have her leave before they could even finish evaluating her. They said she was in shock, probably from internal bleeding, infection or heart problems. I'll never know but I do know that she was a really good dog and I loved her so much and my heart is just broken. My other dog won't leave my side now. Thank god I have him. I miss Dolly so much. As I look back, I wonder if there was something I should have seen. I can't believe I've lost her.

By sue979752

On Tuesday, August 31st, our 6 yr old wonderful Labrador Retriever had TPLO surgery (knee surgery). She was recovering just fine although we knew it was going to be a long recovery, especially keeping her from running or jumping. Because we could not allow her to jump, we blocked any furniture she might have wanted to get on, so we made a bed on the floor to sleep with her. Yes, she was spoiled..but I would do it all over again. On September 11th, she never woke up. She was fine at 4 am, acting perfectly normal. Everything seemed normal, we actually just thought she had slept in some and did not disturb her. We had been up for about 2 hours and then after a knock at the door and the fact she did not want to run to the door, we called her. She was gone. There was no evidence of any struggle, she appeared to be asleep. We were shocked..crying...screaming why....what happened. The only thing I could think of was some Waggin Train Pork Twists that I had bought for her only a few days before and she had one that afternoon. The reason I mention this, is that I have avoided buying any treats made in China because of the recall a few years ago. This is the first time I broke that rule of mine...and my dog is now gone. It may not be because of those treats but I doubt I will ever know for sure. There was no indication of stomach problems, but I will not rule them out. We took her body to our vet to be held for "Little Friends" to pick up to have her cremated and return the ashes to us, but as the weekend went by, we wanted more and more to know why this happened. Her surgeon and regular vet told us that Texas A&M could do a necropsy and possibly determine the cause of death, but there was a good chance we would never really know. We picked her up from the vet clinic on Monday morning and drove her to A&M. There are a few more tests being done now, but so far they don't know why this happened. I was told that blood clots could possible disinegrate and if it was something in the brain, it would be difficult to find. I was so pleased with how my vet, A&M, and Live Oak crematory handled our situation. They were all very compassionate and caring and did everything with the utmost care and respect. We lost a very important member of our family. I can not prove it was the treats...yet...but I urge everyone to do their best to avoid anything edible or possibly ANYTHING made in China. She is missed more than words can describe. My husband has not even complained once about the $3000.00 it cost for the surgery and only 11 days later she was gone. Maybe it was a blood clot. I have read many of your postings and I am so sorry for all of your losses. I know that than likely I was about a foot from her when she died and I would give anything to have her back, even if for just a short time.

By bettyboopbb

On Sunday Oct. 24, 2010 our beloved Pomeranian Gigi passed away. She was ony 1 and a half. She was fine all day. We were getting ready to go out to eat. I let the dogs out and a few minutes later, my husband went to let the dogs in and saw Gigi on her back on the ground. Her foot quivered abit. I ran out and picked her up, it seemed she was still alive but barely. I tried giving her cpr and we rushed her to the emergency room, but it was too late. I'm glad to see I'm not alone. The death is so unexpected it is devastating. I've had animals all my life and this is the first time I've experience such an ordeal. It just doesn't seem fair. I have other dogs but it doesn't compensate for the lost. She was very tiny and slept with me every nite. She was my little princess. I still can see her little face looking up at me. I did get another puppy, he doesn't take her place, but he helps me cope. I'm sure some people feel the same. It is comforting to read all the blogs. The pain is unbearable. And I guess we all question, what went wrong. She was only out a few minutes. But we'll never know. It helps to talk about it. Thanks everyone for listening. Heartbroken Betty

By mberastain

I am obviously here grieving and in shock from the death of my lab mix J. Lo. I rescued her and had her for only 6 months. She was doing yard sprints (which was normal for her) when she suddenly spun around in circle and collapsed she let out a whimper and then her breathing changed.I gave her CPR and took her to the vet. They intubated her and gave her epi but she didnt make it. Im just so sad . . . holding her lifeless body.She taught me so much about myself.I just miss her. Could have been a neurotoxin(mushroooms maybe), brain bleed, i dont know but Im glad to know there are others who grieve like I do. that care

By sam

Saturday June 18th we lost our beloved Jazzy she was a 10 year old miniture schnauzer she loved to play in the yard we made for her and bark at anything that moved. She had eaten her dinner about an hour before then whent out to play with our two younger schnauzers my wife hand been outside with then pulling weeds then went insude and took the puppies with he because Jazz was looking for poty spot my wife was in the house 1-2 min and went out to check on her and found her dead. We can only think that she had a heart attack or stroke. She gave no signs of trouble was playing and looking well. Just gone, I will miss her very much she would walk me out when I went to work and meet me at the gate when I came home, she was always with us! Good bye baby I will see you someday soon. I Love You!!

By tagalong.geo

I am so sorry for your loss, as I have recently been expecting it myself, as my very deer miniature poodle is now in a comatose state in the vet's hospital. I came home from work the other day and she was completely unresponsive to me. I took her to the vet and he believes she may have been poisoned, but I will not know for a day or two, which I don't know how I can stand. If you have lost your pet, I know it must be a terrible pain for you as I have lost one years ago with no explanation of its death, and that's a terrible thing to go thru. I am at a terrible state at this time, but if I can be of any assistance to you, please let me know. I think that we can all help each other in times of need. If you hurt, please call me, Della 970945432

By vbestassistance

I have a 4 1/2 old Standard Poodle that appears to have lost coordination and ability to control her entire hind leg area - or it is very weak. She has been panting and very noticeable change in the way she drinks. We raised her bowls thinking this would help, but she drinks and drinks, and the bowl doesn't go down and like the water just goes all over the place when she moves her head out of the bowl. She is a poodle so she never makes a watery mess or slops the water out of her mouth. Almost like the water is not going down, since it doesn't decrease very fast from the bowl and pours out of her mouth and leaves a slimy foamy mess in the bowl. One day she was fine and the next she fell down 5 steps, which we thought led to all this. She started with a limp and then this caused the fall and loss of coordination/strength in the hind leg area. Vet thought the fall caused a concusion gave us, steriod, pain/antiinflammatory meds, also said she could not knocked her jaw out, or possible stroke, Blood work was normal, moving her legs and hips all around showed nothing, mouth/teeth normal to the vet. ER Vet and regular Vet visits have shown nothing. One minute she seems like she can walk fine, and then she gets all clumsy and falls. Wont go down steps or up, and even eats and food just seems to fall everywhere. She doesn't prance, she appears to just drag her feet along. Any thoughts suggestions, please help, I don't know what to do and I do not think my vet does either. Thank you, Velma

By vbestassistance

I have a 4 1/2 old Standard Poodle that appears to have lost coordination and ability to control her entire hind leg area - or it is very weak. My email is vbestassistance@gmail.com for any thoughts suggestions help anything. Has been going on for approx 4 weeks. Thank you, Velma

By raelenem

hi Lindie, Josh and Bella. i too experienced a huge loss, cause of her death which remains a mystery, and i didn't want to do anything with her beautiful body other than a cremation (of which i remained next to the Kiln most of the time and even looked in half way through so i could see her body before it completely dissipated). two things not so sad as yours: she was almost 13 so lived a pretty full life (even though i think she was healthy enough to live several years more), and she didnt die quite as suddenly, it took a few weeks of moping around and unable to lay down without heavy breathing. I wonder if what your dog had was the same as mine: some sort of silent cancer that went to their heart and lungs. and no blood tests or xrays could find it. I do know my furchild had a small tumor found in her lower intestine near her colon, it was found by accident when the vet gave her xrays since he thought her weakness could have been pain from arthritis (which it was NOT i am sure of it). It was August 13th, a full moon, 5:35am when she passed, not able to move, open her eyes, or keep her tongue in her mouth for 10 hours. And she had very labored and heavily breathing until around 2am which slowly turned to slow difficult breathing. I wonder, did he seem uncomfortable the days before lying down? did it take him a while to lay down after pottying? I noticed this symptom worsen for weeks and it worried me the most. it didnt make any sense to me that she wouldnt want to lay down. she would lay down if forced, then pop up again and act like it hurt her too much. so i watched her symptoms of exhaustion worsen each and every day. oh and another thing, she started getting seizures. she was epileptic and so this wasnt new but they were more violent and they occured as dangerous cluster seizures and every time she slept. no matter what caused our darlings to perish i know they were very loved and we did the best we could given the circumstances. I hope you can heal one day, i know exactly what you are going through and its hard to get up in the morning knowing another day will go by without her beautiful soul by my side, which it was for over 12 years.

By philip

My dog just died a few days ago. The doctor is blaming it on low platelets. Instead of offering to do a blood tranfusion imediately, they held me out for a long drawn out period so as to charge more money for her care. then they said everything could be cured with a cheaper blood transfusion. but it was too late. Karen seized up and the doctors weren't watching her carefully enough in their ICU. Karen couldn't breath do to her holding her mouth so tight. So she suffocated in a small little cell by her self in their ICU. I didn't want to do a creamation, due to not knowing if they actually give you back your dog. So she is getting buried in the yard with two other pets. that had died years earlier. I got a huge bill from Forest Lane Animal Hospital in Dallas and and not even a sorry, we killed your dog due to us not watching her while she was in ICU. To top it off, they charged me 14 dollars for 1 pill of preg and 13 for a pill of doxicycline. all these drugs are at sams for 30 pills for 4 dollars. There should be a law!

By Jules0864

Hi, I have also lost a dog who died very suddenly.He died on 25th sept 2011. He was a black lab and was only 8 months old. He went into the garden where my son got his football out of the shed. Within 2 minutes he let out a howl like I had never heard him do, he had collapsed right outside the door. My husband stayed with him while I ran inside to call the vet but he died within seconds, I hadn't even got through. The vet found nothing wrong with him, he said he may have had a bee sting which brought on anaphylactic shock, but he would have yelped if he'd been stung. He had only been in the garden a couple of minutes and my husband was on the drive checking over my son's car. I feel so lost and miss him so much. He was a wonderful dog and went everywhere with us, everyone who met him loved him. Finding this web site today and reading all the other posts has helped me a little, knowing other dogs have died quickly. My heart goes out to everybody here, a dog becomes a member of your family and is missed more than words can say.

By jihnnyfrederick

Hi my name is patty, I am so sorry for all your losses, I myself lost my 2 year old boston terrier pistol. My preecious boy was fine when I let him outsde in our backyard the night before he passed the only thing remotely different about him was that he seemed a little restless and everytime his brother would come lay by him he would get up and move away from him he has 2 brothers named duke and jake, the morning he passed I got up on sunday morning to go to church came home went to the window and 2 of them came up to greet me and pistol didn't. I went out to look for him and he was right behind the house under the bathroom window and he was dead, I am still in shock and my heart is broken over losing him, I feel such guilt that I didn't check on them before leaving for church that maybe I could have done something to save him or at least held him and showed him how much I loved him one last time, my husband and I buried him in our backyard and made a plaque for him that read our beloved pistol with his birthdate oct 10 2009 to his death mov 20 2011 and we spray painted a toy pistol gold amd glued it on top of his memorial plaque,he deserved so much more for all the joy and happimess he brought us everyday of his life that was taken so suddenly or home will never be the same we had 3 babies and now we have 2 we miss him and his brothers do too, my heart aches for him to come back even if it was just for one day to tell and dhow him how much he was loved. His memory will be in my thoughts forever and I believe I will play with him again someday in heaven.

By jojagal

I found my 11.5 year old German Shepherd on the bathroom floor last week. She had died in the night. She had vomited in the family room about 5-6 times and then gone into the small bathroom where I found her lying on her side. No blood, swelling, feces or any more vomit. She looked peaceful. She had really struggled with her arthritis recently and was less eager to move about the house. She had been eating well, and had normal behavior. I feel SO guilty for not knowing anything was wrong with her. I just went to bed that night and never heard a thing. She went out with me at 10:00 pm for her potty break and seemed perfectly well. There was nothing around for her to ingest so I know it wasn't poisoning. I just wish I knew what happened to her and I hope that she did not suffer. The vet said it could be a multitude of reasons and I can't find much on the internet about vomiting/sudden death. She had no other health issues and her checkup was normal 6 weeks ago.

By schabacker

Your dog's experience sounds like sudden cardiac failure. We have continued to research Pearl's death, which was preceded by one vomiting episode and some lethargy. With heart failure, the body compensates for a few weeks or months until it can't, and then the death is sudden. They say there is not much that an owner can do on the last day or two. Even early detection can't save a dog with cardiac failure for more than 6-12 months. With heart failure, you don't necessarily see diarrhea, swelling, puffiness, dark urine, blood or much beyond some tiredness or panting with exertion, which is easily written off. In hindsight, our little 6 year old Bichon did slow down in the last 2 months. The most comforting statement we read was that the sweet dog did its job really well for 6/9/12 years, and then its job was done and it was time for her spirit to go and make another family happy. Best Wishes. Sad in San Diego

By lilac241

Sorry for all your loss to all on this forum. Its been 18 days since I had to put my 13.8 year old German Shepherd "Bracco" to sleep. He was unable to walk for the last year, his hind legs gave way....one vet said it was possible Degenerative Myelopathy....degeneration of the spine. But I did not want to put him down then....he still had his spirit, playfullness and personality. He had a great appetite also, even though he was once 90 lbs he now weighed 65. His back legs were atrophying and wasting away. I took him out with a towel to make a sling to defacate/urinate outside. At first he was frustrated that he could not walk himself....his front legs worked, I just was supporting his back legs. Anyway on Dec. 14th at 9:00 pm I heard him bark or yelp in pain. I went to check on him and he was frothing some foamy slimy stuff from his mouth, and he looked as if he was choking. I immediately put him in the car to the ER vet. There they took x-rays and found it was bloat. I just never expected that as i always made sure he never excercised before or after eating, soaked his kibble in hot water for 5-10 minutes before feeding him/ with boiled hamburger. I pampered him! I made him comfortable as possible. Anyway...I did not know what to do as the vet said the surgery would cost $4000 plus maybe $700 each day he was at the vet after surgery....so we were looking at $5000+.....not the kind of money i have laying around. I called my mother and husband quickly to decide what to do....they both said the dog was old, cant walk and the expense was great, plus their was no garantee that he would survive. He did have surgery at 12 years old and removed an 8 lb tumor and that was sucessful, but now he was not able to walk anymore, getting more frail looking and old.....so I made that painful decision to put him to sleep. I also have FLASHBACK movies in my mind of how it all played out. I wish he would have lived to age 15, but in reality I had to keep saying that he was going to die someday! I had to put another sweet Black and Cream German Shepher down 6 years ago 12/26/2005. She had seizures since she was 1 years old.....She was on Prednisone but she still continued to have grand mal seizures every two week for 2 days straight....it was a horrible cycle. So right after Christmas in 2005 she seized 2 days and I looked at her and she was looking so tired and I felt helpless....I did not want her to die in front of me having these seizures. I did have an MRI done on her and they found no tumors....no explanation of why she had them. So that was a devasting time for me...my husband thought i went off the deep end...I kept saying I wanted to go back in time and change my decision....that I did not want to put her down. I had another family dog when I was 22 yrs old that died of hemophilia anemia....my mother put brand new carpeting down not 2 weeks prior and our dog "Buster" was not feeling well....we took him to the vet and he found nothing wrong. not four days later he bled to death on this brand new carpet. It is so graphic and I am now 42 yrs old and this image is still in my mind. I will never get over the way my 3 dogs died! At least my Bracco lived almost to 14....and he did not suffer too long.

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