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ckuchar0812 Tuesday, April 15, 2014 5:00:42 AM

My fiance and I this past Saturday became the lucky parents to a sweet and loving 2 and half month old teacup maltese puppy. She was the light of our eyes and loved everyone... human and animals alike. Anyone that met her was won over by her tiny kisses. Yesterday my fiance calls me while I was at the gym telling me or little Mochi just had a seizure and urinated all over him. I rushed home and we started rushing her the emergency vet clinic. Along the way she experienced another seizure in my arms and seemed to respond at times to my soft voice. Before we even made it halfway she gasped for breath and took one last one before her little heart stopped. Rigor mortis day in quickly. We only had our little girl for2 and 1/2 days and she was gone in a blink of the eye. I know she's now up there with my grandparents and her uncle (a dog I lost to cancer). But it just pains me to think such a sweet little girl was taken so quickly from us.




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