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Dog Sudden Death - Pet Loss

Causes Of Sudden Death In Dogs
An updated review of most common causes of sudden and unexpected death in dogs that were considered healthy by their owners when last seen; potentially severe diseases and disorders of dogs that do not have clinical signs or become apparent in a very short period of time.

By hummer   Wednesday, September 16, 2015 10:53:31 PM

I feel the same way, My husband and i lost our beloved little girl 9-8-15. We saved her from the pound, and she brought us some much joy and happiness not sure of her age. but we think she have been a senior. She was a pitbull mix. she has never left our side since. She was only 43 lbs when we first got her, and when she died i'd say she was around 50-60 lbs.

By hummer   Wednesday, September 16, 2015 10:12:18 PM

Did you ever find out what happened to your beloved pet?

By einnjul81   Tuesday, July 28, 2015 6:42:20 PM

Our German shepard, crossed with husky seemed fine up until the end. She was 13. All of a sudden one day she would not eat and looked in pain. She also would not get up. We waited till the next morning to bring her to the vet. By that time she was urinating all over. She all of a sudden then went and laid in the snow in the middle of the driveway, something she has never done before. I went to bring her in and she almost collapsed. We rushed her to the vet who said it looked like she was in shock and having a hard time breathing. The vet's guess was a stomach virus since she declined so fast. Her temp was at 40 degrees Celsius. We decided to have her put on antibiotics for 24 hours having no idea what was wrong with her. She then vomited blood and before taking her to the vet she had blood come out with bowel movement. We were shocked and horrified to see her like this. Trusting the vet was right, we let them work on her. We left and then got a report later that day she improved so we figured we would be okay to go up in the morning. We didnt know later that night she vomited blood again and heart rate was up past 200. We got called first thing in the morning when we were getting ready to go see her that she passed away. We were so upset. We asked for an autopsy to get some answers and they found she had a tumor on her liver the size of an orange, it was cancer and it had opened up and ruptured causing her to bleed to death. We were so upset we did not know previously something was wrong. She did show signs of not being able to walk properly one day but it went away and we figured she was getting arthritis. We then learned the tumor was pressing on nerves to do with her back legs. Dogs sometimes can hide illness but there are usually subtle signs you can see. I wish I had known previous and I would have had her put to sleep before having to go through that.

By annerobin   Sunday, July 26, 2015 1:08:53 PM

I have been trying to find someone who experienced something similar. My dog died recently, he threw up, fell down and his tongue was hanging out of his mouth, it started to turn purple so I started gentle CPR. He began breathing but was starring off and panting. Before he stopped breathing he had something that looked like a seizure. He was limp and unable to move. I took him to the vet and with oxygen he did get up again but soon had several more seizures..the vet said it was fight for life..he seemed to be laying there with his body still but his legs and head moving as in a seizure. His heart rate went from 80 to 20 and he died. I was devastated as he was only 6 years old. He had gurgling sounds the night before breathing so I was taking him to the vet but this happened before I could get him there. So sad:( the only explanation was aspiration pneumonia. But how does a dog get this and how did it end his life so quickly. He was my best friend and I will always wonder what happened and how I lost him so quickly. I'm so sorry you lost your dog too, it so hard to get over.

By vovosusan   Saturday, March 28, 2015 6:57:31 AM

Our 14 yers and 9 months old schnauzer, Bailey died on Mar. 27, 2015. She was fine the night before. Took her out at 6:30 am. Went back to bed. Husband took her out at 8:30 and was fine but then started within the hour to vomit 2x with a yellow flemg substance and pooped 2x iin house When I found her she was shallow breathing and her head down I knew she was in trouble. Took her to vet and she was passing....so strange as she had eaten later than night and seemed to be her usual self......she did sleep a lot...alot but was perky enough to go outside and know us....our hearts are breaking but yes Jack Van Impede has a great discussion on pets in heaven (all biblically based) and Tom Horn has a book caled Do Our animals go to heaven....very new and insightful....what is comforting is to know Goed created the animals before Eve....there is a place for them...but still in shock that she went so fast.

By razzberries   Monday, March 16, 2015 5:25:55 AM

I just woke up 4 hours ago to find my sweet 12-13? year old dog had died in her sleep right on my bed while I slept. I never heard or felt anything. I am in shock. She was fine yesterday. She even got up once during the night and walked through the house sniffing the air like she smelled something. Didn't want to go outside. Got a drink of water, I put her back on the bed and that was it. She is a terrier mix, about 26 pounds. We've had her for 10 years. Not sure how old she was when we got her. But she was fine. She ate and ran around and acted normally. I spent all day home with her yesterday because it was Sunday. I am so sad. I love that dog so much and I don't want her to be gone. I am glad it was quick and peaceful and she didn't seem to even know what happened. Poor puppy.

By sharfraser   Saturday, March 14, 2015 4:12:51 PM

Hi I know you posted this some time ago and I am sure you have figured out by now that your beloved pet had Hermangiosarcoma. My heart goes out to you as we lost our Aussie Shepherd to this....we opted for surgery and she pulled thru and it gave us another 2.5 months with her. It is an awful cancer and unfortunately prevalent in larger breed dogs (but they all can get it). Take care!

By beastsaver   Friday, January 9, 2015 10:33:23 PM

I am so very sorry for your loss and completely "get it" how horrific the vets were with your beloved companion. I need to let you know I have seen my deceased dog in my living room, watching me, 12 years after his death. I also saw a cat I had as a kid, joyfully leaping in the air, it was incredible. They are still with us and will be in eternity. Check out Jack Van Impe on you tube he answers the question if pets go to heaven. He researched it heavily and concludes that definitely they will be there. I am at beatsaver@gmail.com if you want to talk. My heart aches for you. Please give your love to another wonderful animal.

By donleo50   Wednesday, January 7, 2015 5:32:30 PM

Dear Catholics 77777 I wonder to if it's the food. But it was cold outside here in upstate NY. And he likes to run fast outside. Wondering if the cold & running was to much for us little heart. Just so at a loss

By donleo50   Wednesday, January 7, 2015 11:43:07 AM

I lost my beloved Binx 2 days ago. Jan.5 15. He just died all of a sudden. My husband found him lying like he was sleeping. His eyes were wide open and mouth closed no sign of any trauma. He was only 2 yrs old. He likes to run fast outside. It was cold out. I only leave him outside to go potty then he runs back in house. But this time I called for him and he never came running. My husband found him lying on his side. He was healthy. The only think I can think of is he had a week heart and had a heart attack. I am so sick to my stomach. I cry over him all day. R I P my dear sweet little guy.

By faithhopelove77777   Wednesday, January 7, 2015 1:33:41 AM

I'm sorry that all of you experienced what I did. I lost my 13 yr old Chocolate Lab and my 15 yr old cat within a few months of each other. They both suddenly became ill and lethargic until they could no longer move. We had raccoons, possums and ferel cats that came through the yard nightly. I read that pets can contract diseases from the critters and the symptoms were spot on. I guess the germs from feces may have been in our yard somewhere. They had no direct contact but playing in the same area must have been enough. Just warning others to try and prevent this tragedy from happening to other pets and their owners. I thought vaccinations would prevent this but apparently not 100%. It's been a year and I still feel like I lost my children. I never imagined this happening to them being so healthy, active and happy even though they were aging. God bless you all and remember they are waiting for us in Heaven. Rip Ramsey & Mia You will always be missed and in my heart πŸ’–

By faithhopelove77777   Wednesday, January 7, 2015 1:37:39 AM

I'm now curious after seeing so many posts about sudden pet deaths, did the food have anything to do with it? Almost all pet food and treats have been recalled over several issues of contamination. Maybe we should also share brands that we used in a new category. Thanks

By phadley   Friday, December 26, 2014 5:25:48 AM

This is the worse pain I've ever felt. My lab pit mix lily bug just stop eating dec 19 2014 and dec 20 2014 went to the vet. We had to put here to sleep cause they found canser on her spleen and it was pushing on here stomach and inside blocking her up. This has been the worse Xmas I've ever had I loved her with all my heart and my family does as well. Me my wife 2 of my brothers and there wife's were all there for her. I feel so bad for doing this did I make the right choice should I have done more? She couldn't walk she lost her sight a few years before. Well for all those who are going throught this i didnt beleive in a after life and I begged God to let me see my lily bug was all right. I was at my moms that's where she lived most of her life me and my brother were in the kitchen we both at the same time saw lily out of the coner of our eyes going to the cat food wich was her favorite thing to eat I ran over and look she was gone. I really think that was my gift from her cause she knew how upset I've been. My brothers 4 year old also said he saw her too without herring that we saw her. My mom called last nite and said she saw here tail in the same spot we saw here. So have hope that your pet will still be around you even though there body is gone. So we all need to keep our heads up and try to go on. Love you always lily bug you really are my best friend

By swlewis   Sunday, December 7, 2014 1:00:44 PM

Yesterday Dec. 6th was a terrible day for our family. Our precious Shar-pei,…Reba was a beautiful 7 year old female that was truely a member of our family. The day began as many others. She had her breakfast with us and sat on the porch for an hour or so as she so much enjoyed to do. Reba became a creature of habit, much like my family. She would spend time sitting and watching from her favorite spot, just loving life. I began looking for her when I noticed she was not in veiw from the window. We search all over, called the Animal Control Services, drove around the neighborhood. We were so worried someone had taken her. My children and I were walking around our small farm when we saw her. At first we thought she was just lying in the sun but when I called her name she didn't move and I knew. We all ran over to her and it was the saddest moment my children have experienced. We all cried and are still crying today. I have no idea what happened to her. There was no injuries, her eyes were closed and she was still soft. I prepared a place worthy of our love for her and placed her near the only home she ever knew. Today, the question of why is still foremost on our minds, but I have no answer.

By mondini8   Monday, November 17, 2014 12:13:59 PM

This past Friday, 11/14/2014 my 8 year old very healthy and active husky just dropped dead. No rhyme nor reason. It was an eve just like any other. Hubby comes home and our babies welcome him with much enthusiasm. This particular night Yei bi chaie welcomed his daddy like he always does. Jumped up on him, gave him kisses. As he got back to the ground he took about 3 steps and fell. He let out a some what wail and died just like that. We are beyond devastated. I've been reading a lot of stories where this is a very common thing going on, dogs as well as cats just dropping dead. They say there is no way to tell what the reason was w/out a necropsy and even then the necropsy can't always determine the cause of death. How many people out there would be able to afford a necropsy anyway. A pet owner is just going to have to go through life always wondering "what happened and why" just as we are at this period in our lives. My baby is coming home today. I wasn't about to bury him out there in a cold hole in the ground all alone. He's been cremated and will return home to his family tomorrow. My heart goes out to all these people who have lost their loving pets not just from "sudden death" but from any form of death.

By meandmypuppies   Sunday, November 16, 2014 11:23:03 AM

My heart is completely broken here πŸ’” my 10yr old Golden Retreiver died suddenly this past Friday. My husband left for work at 5am, he wasn't gone 15mins and I called him to come back home bc something was wrong with my puppy. I called the emergency line for our vet and they said to bring him in at 8, which to me was ok. By the time my husband got home, he was just not right. By the time we had to get him in the car, he couldn't get up at all, we got him on a blanket and slid him across the floor. He was 100lbs. Got him in the car and were on our way. We were not even a mile from the vets and he just stopped breathing. 😒 he did have a couple of health issues, but they were under control. The vet came out and looked at him, said he believes possibly he had a tumor on his stomach or liver, and it just ruptured. His belly was full of liquid, he said he felt it. I am just devastated. I do have another Golden, he is grieving badly also. He is 9 yrs old.

By misabellasmommy   Tuesday, November 4, 2014 9:09:48 PM

The frog may have been a Bufala frog like we have on Florida, VERY poisonous.You have minutes to rinse the dogs now that with baking soda in a whole lot of water to them I have seen many dogs die of a bufala frog interaction

By karensharley   Saturday, November 1, 2014 7:37:23 AM

My Harley was going to be 11 years old on the 26th, he did have bad hips that they never x-rayed just diagnosed him by appearance and symptoms but Thursday morning he got up all excited to see me and go downstairs to start his day, he lost his footing and fell down the steps, we stood there and comforted him a few minutes and he seemed fine, I took him out to potty and he just piddled and then wanted to come in, our steps out to porch were awkward for him so it wasn't uncommon for me to pick him up to porch, well once he got on porch his head went down like he was going to throw up and he just stayed like that, he then layed down his breathing got shallow then panting and within a half hour he died!! I am so distraught over this I don't know what to do! I told my vet he died from the fall I presumed but no words of advice from him. I just feel like I can't go on without him! He was the best child I've ever had, I raised him and loved him so much, he was always by my side where ever I went, bathroom etc. I am wondering if he had internal bleeding cause I thought shock but why would he go to the bathroom and act fine for about 5 minutes? His gums, tongue and stuff got really pale. Its horrible reliving this, I feel like its my fault cause he hardly went upstairs anymore but that night I went to bed early cause I was upset with my grandkids I'm raising and Harley knew I was upset and followed to be by my side! Lord please help me get through this! This is so very hard to go through! I hurt so bad! Anyone else experience this please tell me how u got through this!

By aquariusphyl   Wednesday, October 29, 2014 8:57:49 PM

We lost our 7 year old Maltese, Hannah, 10/13/14. She was standing in the kitchen with me while I was doing dishes. She whimpered once, fell over on her right side and died. She had shown no sign of being ill. We have an 11 year old toy poodle and we had Hannah. The pain of losing our fur baby with no warning is indescribable.

By dlknauer   Thursday, October 16, 2014 6:17:05 AM

I just lost my 10 yr old black lab this morning. We noticed he wasn't feeling good for a couple of weeks, but he would have good and bad days. His stomach was also distended. I had plans to take him to the vet this weekend. This morning he was panting really hard and kept collapsing. I called the vet first thing this morning and they had me bring him right in. He couldn't even get out of the car, they had to carry him in on a stretcher. A few minutes later he stopped breathing on their floor. They tried to resuscitate him but it was no use. She said his abdomen was full of blood and that his spleen probably had a tumor that ruptured. My heart is so sad right now. I can't keep from crying. Now I have the task of telling my kids. They are older, but they loved him just as much. He was a great dog and I will miss him sooo much. Love you Smokey!!!

By butterflysong321@gmail.com   Sunday, October 12, 2014 1:58:04 AM

My grandparents' dog had the very same issue...Thanksgiving Day, I found her laying out in the yard, unable to move (this was a highly energetic dog). My grandpa rushed her to the EV, and came back looking sad. After dinner, he announced that she had to be put to sleep. She had a ruptured spleen. I am so sorry for your loss. <3

By billy boy   Tuesday, September 30, 2014 3:27:13 AM

Hi all. Just wondering if someone could help me please get some closure. Last Friday 26/9/14 I lost my beautiful golden labrador Bill who was 7 years old. It started of in the morning when I noticed a bit of yellow vomit at the back door but I wasn't sure which dog it came from as I have two others as well. How ever later that day when I got home from down the street about 1.00pm, bill was laying out flat at the back door and looked extremely bloated. He didn't move much so I rang the vets straight away and they said come straight down. I was there within 5 mins and once there the vet said he thinks he may have a ruptured spleen as he was full of fluid ( hence the bloated look) or he said it could be liver cancer and he's bleeding internally, so he said we either put him down now as he's in lots of pain and short of breath or we try to operate as if it is his spleen they can remove it and he will go on to live a normal life. By this time I was a mess and said operate on him, I'm not worried about the cost I just want my best friend to survive and be ok.. I left him at the vet and went to pick the kids up from school and an hour later I get the phone call to say that he hadn't made it, his heart stopped beating during the operation despite draining almost half a bucket of fluid out of him. The vet also said his liver was totally destroyed and just fell to bits. So I guess I just want to know has anyone heard of this before or had a similar experience?? I can't stop thinking about him and I miss him so so much.. He had a twin brother who died 2 years earlier from a brain tumor. Thanks for any help..

By nikopepino   Wednesday, September 17, 2014 2:01:28 PM

Bonjour! My longtime and beloved companion, Pepino, a miniature poodle, passed away peacefully at home on Friday, September 12, 2014. He was 15 years and 8 months old (I had him since he was 15 months old). I found out over a year ago that he had an enlarged heart. I gave him natural remedies, which helped his condition, but I knew he was on borrowed time. Last Friday, he was coughing and sleeping more than usual, which happened from time to time. But, in the evening, I knew something wasn't right when I heard a big thump. I rushed downstairs and found him with his legs sprawled out. I carried him outside to do his business and he also had trouble staying on his feet. When I carried him back in, I heard a rattling sound coming from his lungs and I knew what that meant (I was at mom's side during her final moments). I laid him on his bed, comforting and petting him; I also thanked him for having been in my life all those years...and five minutes or so later, he was gone. Although I knew this day would come sooner than later, it still is hard to see a beloved animal leave this earth. It's even harder because last September my beloved terrier mix walked away from my home (due to an inattention on my part when someone came at the door). Niko was 16 years old and he had been in my life for those amount of years, minus a few months (Pepino and Niko were together for over 13 years). Even with all the thousands of shares on Facebook, Niko was nowhere to be seen, even though I live in a small town. Upon checking with people in the area, I was told that he was seen laying in the middle of Main Street, and that cars stopped, waiting for him to get up (the irony is that I saw the lineup of cars while sitting in the dining room, not realizing why they stopped). Nor the drivers or passerbys bothered to help Niko, except an SPCA volunteer who helped him cross the street. However, she left him on the side as she thought he belonged to someone who was frantic across the street (the SPCA person called to tell me after she saw my message on Facebook). If only she had checked Niko's very detailed medal (with my address)...he was just across from my place. My feeling is that someone picked him up that day, with the intention of keeping him (despite his ID). I'm still mourning Niko and the worst part is not knowing what happened to him. As for Pepino, I take comfort in the fact that I was by his side and had the chance to say my final goodbyes. I have another dog, Max, who was abandoned over two years ago. He must have come into my life for a reason...

By stevosum   Sunday, September 14, 2014 10:30:45 AM

Can anyone help my shetland sheepdog was being sick and off his food for three days just thought he was a bit off then thursday night i noticed he was a bit short of breath so friday morning i booked him in the vets he was in the garden walking round within 10 mins he was lying on the floor dying i cant come to terms with the not knowing how he died just a few days ago he was running around how can he die so suddenly

By pearl armstrong   Tuesday, September 2, 2014 8:19:31 AM

I lost my 18 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier last night, she was fine upto 4pm and after coming in from the back yard she was unsteady on her feet and her eyes looked odd. She then flopped to the floor and could not move. Within 10 minutes she was vomiting bright red blood and loosing bright red blood from her bottom. I rushed her to the vet ~ they took her temperature which was 35 degrees and she was very limp. The vet told me she would not make it and asked me if I wanted to leave her there or take her home. I brought her home after the vet gave her injections for pain relief, anti-biotic and something to stop her being sick. I tried to syringe feed her re-hydrating liquid but after an hour she would not swallow. Within 4 hours she died. She had not been ill, was eating and drinking as usual and going to toilet as usual. Am so sad at the moment thinking if I missed something or could have done more. I feel for anyone who has lost a much loved pet but when it is sudden it seems so much worse.

By kirenwolf   Monday, August 18, 2014 10:52:32 PM

okay i want some of ya'lls option about the death of my dog miracle cause i just can't see her doing what they said she did and how she died it just doesn't seem right ok i was staying with my aunt and her husband i always kept miracle in a pen outside she not once tried to get out at all even when my bf was down for a month she never tried so i decide to go live with my bf he is from NY and anyways not even 4 days of me moving also i was gonna get her in a month cause then i could get her shots so i could've had my aunt to send her on plane to here but then i got a call from my mother and she tells me that my aunt's husband said my dog miracle tried getting out and that she got her neck stuck and died ok for one i don't believe it nor does my mother and hes been known to shoot a dog or any animal between the eyes and show no remorse

By freesia   Wednesday, August 6, 2014 5:38:19 AM

I bottle fed my dog at 4 days old as I took her as it broke my heart that a man was going to "flush" her down the toilet. She led a wonderful life , river tubing, oceans, travel. I came home from work on 08/04/14 and she was happy to see me I took her outside and we did our usual walk. At now 15 years old she was full of life. On 08/05/14 I woke up her her breathing abnormal. The vet is 30 minutes from out house and for some reason I knew it was the end. I brought her outside and just around the corner her back legs buckled but she regained and went potty. I walked her to the back side and she laid down. I talked to her about everything we have done together she placed her paw on my leg. I told her to get up we would go find some shade. I walked her to the front side by the porch and she laid down in the shade. A few minutes later she just got up and went under the porch I could see her through the slats she lifted her head 3 times each time gasping for air and she was gone. My heart is very heavy right now . This all happened between 10:00 am and she was gone at 10:22 am. RIP my friend

By ephogue1962   Thursday, July 31, 2014 8:33:06 PM

Hello I have a soon to be 10 year old Golden. She is such a delightful dog. She has always been a heavy panter. She also has always thrown up if she drinks to much water. When she gets anxious or excited she sounds as though something is stuck in her throat. I took her to the vet and they gave her antibiotics and something for the cough. Two weeks later she still has it. We went down the street to a local vet and he did a desert decease panel and found nothing wrong. I am pretty sure that I am still waiting to hear about her valley fever test results. He said give it another week if she does not stop coughing bring her in and he will xray Duchess. I am feeding her home made cough syrup. I am so afraid my little loyal girl of ten years is about to check out on me. I do not know what I am going to do if this happens. I love my dogs so much more than my husband does. He loves them but not like me. I think of my dogs as kids. Can anybody give me ideas? she is getting tired of not exercising poor thing! I feel really bad because she cannot get into a fetch game without choking to death. I also heard that older dogs take longer to recover from this if this is kennel cough. I also feel like she has asthma or something. Thanks.

By tamaraxo   Tuesday, July 29, 2014 6:07:23 AM

I know exactly how you are feeling. I noticed my dog was breathing very fast and hard and I thought it was cause he was so hot from having seizures. I called the Vet and made an appointment for the next day but I should have rushed him to the ER. I know they probably would have had to euthanize him but at least I would have feel like I tried. He died lying in the floor right next to my bed after intense breathing all night. I gave him aspirin and tried to cool him down with water but it obviously wasn't enough. I'm just so grief stricken thinking that he suffered all night like that...I don't know how I allowed that to happen. I'm so depressed thinking that he died some horrible painful death. He wasn't moaning or yelping but breathing was very intense like I said. I knew he was in rough shape but I guess I thought I had time...I don't know. The only comfort I have is knowing I was right next to him throughout the night...I fell in and out of sleep a lot but when I woke up id would look at him and put my hand down to touch him. I just hope it wasn't too painful for him. I keep beating myself up thinking I could have prevented this of I took him to the Vet earlier. This pain I'm feeling is like nothing I've ever felt...my poor sweet Ziggy...only 6 years old. I feel I don't even deserve to live after what I've done.

By nichoe   Thursday, June 26, 2014 8:04:53 AM

Our sweet Zoe died yesterday so suddenly. She was 11 and we had, had her since she was a puppy. She woke up fine, normal routine of going outside and doing her thing. We have two other dogs as well. She came in and visited my husband in his office, then came downstairs and laid outside my office door. I went into my office and had to walk over her. Typically she moves out of the way to make sure I don't step on her, but this time she just laid there. I thought it odd for a second, but then went in and got to work. (I work from home). About 30 minutes later, I see her walking in, or actually wobbling in and then she collapsed. I ran over to her and called for my husband to come quickly. My first thought was she was having a stroke. Not knowing anything about strokes in dogs, I assumed it was the same as in humans. I told my husband to take her to the vet and I called them and told them to expect him. He called about 30 minutes later saying that they didn't know what was wrong, but that her blood pressure was very low and she was shallow breathing. They offered to run tests to see if they could find anything, but they said that they felt that she was going to die either way. So we chose to bring her home so that she was someplace comfortable. She came home and we put her on the couch in the living room so that she could look out the window. She stayed there just staring out the window for about 4 hours. Not really moving much, but lifting her head every so often. We offered food and water, both of which we declined. My husband, daughter and I sat with her, one of us with her at all times. Suddenly she started having a stroke (I had read about stroke in dogs early that morning when I thought she had one) She was definitely having one now. I told my husband we need to take her in, it was bad and we needed to release her from her discomfort. So we picked her up and carried her to the car. As soon as we picked her up she started having a massive seizure. Her whole body went rigid and her legs were going in every direction. We rushed her to the vet. By the time we go there, she was breathing, but she wasn't really with us anymore. The vet said there was nothing that could be done, but to euthanize her. We did and she died in my arms. I think the hardest part of this was that it was SO sudden and we had no idea why it was happening. Was there something she ate? Did she get bit by something? Was there anything we could have done? I feel so awful. She chose us 11 years ago when we got her from the humane society. I saw her in a cage. Another couple was trying to coax her out of the corner she was hiding in. They weren't successful, so moved on. I went over and opened the cage a little and she ran and jumped into my arms. Well, I couldn't walk away from that! She wanted us!!! She was such a good dog. Loving, playful and always putting up with the other two dogs we later introduced to our family! I just don't know what happened and feel so lost!

By doloresgloria   Wednesday, June 25, 2014 1:50:15 PM

My dog died yesterday. When I got home I noticed my husband had gone for a walk with both my dogs and I was going to take a nap before going for a 2d shift at work and then my husband came very worried both dogs were collapsing and He did not know why since He only walk them for a few minutes we place the dogs on the floor and tried to cool them down with cool towels. I did not know my 4 year old Rocky was having trouble breathing I thought he was trying to cool off. I feel so much guilt for not rushing him to the emergency. I was thinking I had to go to work. I loved him so much and now He is gone and I am trying to find a reason but the truth is that I let my pet died because I was careless and now I am alone. He was my companion and I lost him. He did not deserve to go like than after how much he loved me. I do not know who to tell. Only people that loved their pet as much as I loved mine can understand me.

By christophdog312   Wednesday, June 18, 2014 6:13:19 AM

On may 23rd 2014 I lost my white shepard/dingo mix dog Bam ,he was 2 weeks shy of 8 years old.It was a very sudden death. We were at the park our usual routine in the early morning playing catch with tennis ball and sticks. About the 5th time I threw him a stick he grabbed it ,started running toward me , and suddenly collapsed like a horse in a western movie. I was stunned. I tried CPR and was unable to revive him. Bam was a very healthy dog, champion looking lines,ideal weight,no signs of any illness. I am still stunned that it happened. Vet believes it was a massive heart attack.Is this possible? In the recent weeks after his passing ,I have heard that dogs are being poisoned in my area.I have the stick that he last carried. Is there a way to have it tested for foreign substances?

By pattyp   Friday, June 13, 2014 4:47:06 PM

Hi, I have had dogs for the last 30 years. I always had 2 dogs. I think if you got another dog it would help when the time comes. I just lost my Dina yesterday. I am devastated. I don't have another dog right now and can't remember taking my other dogs death so hard. We want to travel or I would have gotten another dog. Hug Patty

By hollyp   Wednesday, June 11, 2014 4:32:45 PM

I got here because I'm still trying to figure out why my mother's dog passed so suddenly. It's been a year, but it bothers me daily so I try to read boards when I can. I'm responding to the person with the Labrador. You're killing me!! Is there anything I can do to help? I'm just crying reading these heartbreaking stories and I just realized how recent these posts are. So the grieving is in real-time. I'm so sorry for your loss. It's the worst feeling in the world. It's such a desperate feeling. I just wish I could help you.

By justice   Monday, June 9, 2014 8:32:07 PM

I am dealing with guilt and feelings of stomach ache daily. My 10 year old chow/akita mix died suddenly the other day. She started whining a little whimper at 3 in the morning and it woke me, It was so light almost like she saw a rabbit outside or something. I noticed she wasn't looking outside so I went to her and rubbed her belly to see if it was bothering her. She didn't seem to care at all and it didn't look bloated. She didn't want to lay down however and she kept up the little whine. I just felt something was wrong but I had thought she had eaten something and gotten it stuck to give her a stomach ache. I was on the way to the ER and I decided that if it was a blockage It would be just starting and she was still walking fine and eating and drinking so I would take her to the vet at 8 am. I put her in the laundry toom and I went to bed but I didn't sleep, I worried the whole time what it could be. I heard her light whines and checked on her twice. When 730 hit I checked on her to take her to the vet and she wasn't whining anymore. I thought great she feels better and she was dead on the floor. She had a bloated belly. I was suddenly shocked and not shocked in a way. I felt so horrible that I wasn't with her and hadn't taken her to the vet right away. Its the most horrible thing to find a pet dead. I will never forget it and I am so sad. I don't know if I could have saved her but I could have been with her when she died. I am so sad she was in pain and I didn't really know she was in that much pain or was she? She was a tough dog breed that never ever whined. I think the vet thinks it was a tumor that ruptured and she bled out for the really fast death. I am so sad and guilty. I am so sick daily

By pruhalliwell   Saturday, June 7, 2014 9:40:10 AM

I had the same happen on Monday evening.Scooby had cushings and was 14 on 1 march 2014 . He has a course of antibiotics and steroids 3 weeks ago and seemed to be recovering ,Then Monday he went for a nap in his dog bed at 5pm .at 7pm I was beside him and he started to have a seizure.Usually I pick him up and bring him round,however this time he just gasped and became limp,he was clearly gone.In the afternoon he was squeaking a bit and barking so I thought hes just tired as he always slept in the afternoon for a couple of hours . I keep wondering if he would be here if I hadnt put him for his usual nap ,or if there is ANY way to undo this (obviously there isnt,).I also think I am going mad as I keep thinking he's here and our cats keep going to his dog bed as if they're greeting him.

By mylabrador   Tuesday, May 27, 2014 2:46:28 PM

I'm so sorry for your loss. I lost my 12 year old labrador very suddenly in April. He was healthy, strong, fit and the love of my life. He sounded like he had a little cold, but was happy and playing with me. I decided to run him to emergency vet to be on safe side and turned out he went into respiratory distress from larangeal paralysis. He was fine up until he got to vet. Even happy in the car. They say I was way ahead of the curve as I have been completely obsessed with his well being. I am so completely devastated by this sudden loss. I just do not see the point of even going on without him and cannot seem to accept his loss. It feels to me like losing a child, my purpose, my sweetest happiest most carefree moments of my life. I just cannot see a way to be happy again. I would never do anything to myself, only because I would not want to mess up my chance of seeing him some day in heaven. I just cannot bear to be without him. He was my light in a strange weird world. My heart goes out to anyone who feels the depths of despair that I feel without him. :(

By vegasdude67   Wednesday, May 21, 2014 11:14:33 AM

I sincerely hope this helps my grieving process. We had a female pitbull, Skylar, who passed in October 2013, one week before her 6th birthday. Skylar had TPLO surgery in January of 2013, a tooth that was removed, and then topped it off with a broken blood vessel in her ear in the spring. As the summer of 2013 began, she was finally over all of this and seemed to be recovering. She was still sweeping the leg that had surgery, so we thought this was just a part of the recovery process for her. As the summer went on, she started to get skinnier even though she was eating. We figured it was because of her leg and lack of exercise. We walked her as much as we could, have a big yard, and made sure she ate regularly, but she still lost weight. We took her to the vet that did the TPLO surgery and he took blood and urine, all came back ok. What he didn't check was her stool... As the summer turned into the fall, pain killers and Xanax were prescribed to try to help. In October, she seemed to be delirious and out of it. We still thought it was her leg bothering her.....The Monday morning she passed, she had an episode, she hadn't had any pain meds, but I gave her a low dose Xanax. She seemed to relax and I thought she would rest until I got home from work and we could take her in for another evaluation. As my partner laid down with her, I took a shower --- when I got out, not 10 minutes later, she was gone. My partner had fallen asleep next to her with his hand on her body, so I take a small amount of comfort in her knowing we were here. Even though I've never done it, the vet offered an autopsy and I was willing just to find out what happened to my girl...no results.........no cancer, no tumors, leg surgery was fine, no infection, nothing........no answers... My brain, and all my armchair detective work, tell me it was worms or a parasitic infection that we should've realized or the vet should've realized. My heart tells me if we would've just done the fecal sample, the cause would've been found in the summer and she'd still be with us. I've had so many dogs in my lifetime and loved them all to the fullest, but this is the one I just can't seem to get over. Reading the other posts here showed me that others go through it too --- some know what happened, some don't, but we all hurt..I appreciate everyone sharing because even though we're still in pain I hope these posts help others to understand they're not alone in their grief and we're all still getting through each day. I will get another female dog; I just don't know when, but I know I will. We have two other male dogs in the house and I'm trying to get this grief out by giving them as much love as possible. I hope and I pray and I wait ---- pleading to get to spend eternity with her when I get there too :-) Thank you everyone for reading, sharing and proving we can only move forward... Steve http://youtu.be/mW85BoixBIw

By tinacris   Tuesday, May 6, 2014 6:03:56 AM

I lost my dog Pebbles in February 2011 and I still think about it all the time.. Peebles was a 4lb Chihuahua and she was my baby.. I had left and went to work and I left her with my boyfriend.. I had talked to him that afternoon and he said he let her out and she had got in a fight with a cat.. And ran underneath a storage building in my backyard. When I got home I pulled up and normally she would run to me but she didn't.. So I went in the backyard and looked underneath the building and I could see her but couldn't reach her. She was just sitting there like she couldn't move. She was making no noise just sitting still.. I kept calling for her even had my mom and dad come over to help but she would not move.. The next morning I went out there and she was dead.. When I finally got her from underneath the building her stomach was dark red almost purple but from the inside and her eyes where glazed over..but the didn't have any claw marks on her?? It bothers me because I wasn't here to see what happened to her .. Its like I went to work and came home and then she is dead...hard to get over!!!

By hcjarboe   Wednesday, April 16, 2014 12:45:52 PM

I am in shock and heartbroken. My sweet fur baby who has been with us for eight years was suddenly taken from us yesterday. Jax was a rescue, German shepherd and chow mix with golden blonde hair, floppy ears and a curled chow tail. He was fluffy and sweet, could do all kinds of tricks. He had the best demeanor with all kids and was the kind of dog you could let run int he front yard without fear of him ever running away. Over the past few months he has developed hip issues but he still jumps and runs and plays ball. I put him in the garage yesterday morning when I left for work which I do if the weather is rainy or bad. I came home at lunch and let him out in the backyard, he came in and laid with me for awhile until we dozed off. Waking up and realizing I dozed off and late to get back to work I jumped up and ran out of the house, didn't even say good-bye. I came home four hours later and he was curled up under the front windows - passed away. There was no vomit, no feces. He did urinate on himself but other than that - nothing. My dog was just gone. I couldn't afford to have tests done to find out so now I live with the misery of never knowing why this beautiful soul was so suddenly ripped from my life. Its not fair.....

By ckuchar0812   Tuesday, April 15, 2014 5:00:42 AM

My fiance and I this past Saturday became the lucky parents to a sweet and loving 2 and half month old teacup maltese puppy. She was the light of our eyes and loved everyone... human and animals alike. Anyone that met her was won over by her tiny kisses. Yesterday my fiance calls me while I was at the gym telling me or little Mochi just had a seizure and urinated all over him. I rushed home and we started rushing her the emergency vet clinic. Along the way she experienced another seizure in my arms and seemed to respond at times to my soft voice. Before we even made it halfway she gasped for breath and took one last one before her little heart stopped. Rigor mortis day in quickly. We only had our little girl for2 and 1/2 days and she was gone in a blink of the eye. I know she's now up there with my grandparents and her uncle (a dog I lost to cancer). But it just pains me to think such a sweet little girl was taken so quickly from us.

By dogsoverhumans   Wednesday, April 2, 2014 5:25:02 AM

I have had a number of great Danes but was ignorant to "BLOAT" common in large barrel chested breeds. My shiny, sweet Dane "Biscuit" died in my backyard at age two. I knew something was wrong as she was pacing and I will NEVER EVER FORGIVE MYSELF FOR NOT SAVING HER. I had her cremated and miss her everyday although I have two pits a dane and a lab/chow keeping me busy. RIP Biscado my sweet gentle dane. Always feed large dogs in elevated dish and no exercise before or after eating.

By cocoa02   Monday, March 3, 2014 8:29:46 PM

Hi there reading your post reminded me a little of my situation. Even though I can't really help you to understand his diagnosis I can definitely relate and understand the suddenness of it all. This is my story if you are interested I think you might find some similarities. I lost my 7 year old Chihuahua Cocoa on November 1, 2013. I am still reeling from this loss. She was my world! I was reading some of the posts in this forum and felt like I needed to share my story. Cocoa was diagnosed with Cushing's disease when she was 4 years old. I had her since she was a puppy and she had been perfectly healthy up until I got her fixed and the vet finally diagnosed her with Cushing's disease and diabetes. The vet suggested taking her to a veterinarian oncologist to make sure what kind of Cushing's it was whether pituitary or adrenal. So we did she found nothing on the adrenals so process of elimination was she had a pituitary tumor. Well I was told that these kinds of tumors are very slow growing and in most cases they never grow large enough to cause any problems. Over the course of three years the vet was treating her with Trilostane for the Cushing's and insulin for the diabetes. It never seemed like it was under control though. I kept having problems controlling her blood sugar and various other things. But I never thought that the pituitary tumor was growing since it was supposedly so rare. Two days before her passing she started staggering and acting and breathing really funny. I immediately took her to the vet and left her there for the day so they could figure out what was going on with her. The vet called me to pick her up and he said well we want her to go home with you tonight because one of the technicians here thinks she had a seizure today. So I'm completely stunned thinking oh maybe they are mistaken. The vet sends me home with Valium and says just in case she has another seizure give her this and bring her back in the morning. So almost as soon as we get home she starts having mini seizures then big ones we give her the Valium and it doesn't help. So I am freaking out and I know I can't let her go on like this all night so we bring her to the emergency vet in town. They say we can't really tell anything right now but we suggest bringing her to the animal specialty hospital they could probably give you a better diagnosis. So we decide to drive and hour away to the hospital at 4 in the morning. The vet that was on shift said well the internist will be here in the morning and will do some blood work and ultrasound etc. So I kissed her and told her I loved her and went back home. The next morning we talked to the internist vet and she said everything looked ok from what she did so she was leaning towards it being something neurological. In order to know for sure they would have to give her an MRI. So we discussed it and decided we would do the MRI because we felt she deserved us to try whatever we could. They told us the neurologist can't give her the MRI until tomorrow so she would have to spend another night. So the next morning the vet says she had another seizure overnight and the neurologist would be giving her the MRI in the afternoon. So we waited on pins and needles. She called us and the news was not good. She pretty much said she died under anesthesia. So she was in a coma pretty much so we decided to let her go. Of course we are devastated and crying and just inconsolable. Then come to find out she was brain dead but they euthanize them to make sure they pass peacefully. When she called I was under the impression she was already dead but I guess they can be brain dead but still breath and their heart is still beating so they euthanize them to make sure they pass peacefully. So I was wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience. I feel so guilty it is eating me up I feel like she depended on me and I let her down. For three reasons: She was there for less than 24 hours but I feel like I should of visited her. That maybe she felt I abandoned her there. But I really thought she was coming home! Second I felt like I should have done more research into the pituitary tumor and not underestimated it's potential to cause all of this. Thinking maybe we could of done treatment before it was too late. And then even though she was brain dead under the anesthesia and never woke up according to the doctor. I feel that I should of been there when she actually passed. That she gave me unconditional love all these years and I wasn't there when she actually passed. I asked the doctor if she would of known I was even there and she said she didn't think so but I am still riddled with guilt. We went and viewed her body to say goodbye before they picked her up to be cremated. But something just keeps nagging at me about not being there for her actual passing. Well it has helped me to actually type this all out maybe someone can relate or tell me what they think. Thanks for reading!

By cocoa02   Sunday, March 2, 2014 11:00:14 PM

I lost my 7 year old Chihuahua Cocoa on November 1, 2013. I am still reeling from this loss. She was my world! I was reading some of the posts in this forum and felt like I needed to share my story. Cocoa was diagnosed with Cushing's disease when she was 4 years old. I had her since she was a puppy and she had been perfectly healthy up until I got her fixed and the vet finally diagnosed her with Cushing's disease and diabetes. The vet suggested taking her to a veterinarian oncologist to make sure what kind of Cushing's it was whether pituitary or adrenal. So we did she found nothing on the adrenals so process of elimination was she had a pituitary tumor. Well I was told that these kinds of tumors are very slow growing and in most cases they never grow large enough to cause any problems. Over the course of three years the vet was treating her with Trilostane for the Cushing's and insulin for the diabetes. It never seemed like it was under control though. I kept having problems controlling her blood sugar and various other things. But I never thought that the pituitary tumor was growing since it was supposedly so rare. Two days before her passing she started staggering and acting and breathing really funny. I immediately took her to the vet and left her there for the day so they could figure out what was going on with her. The vet called me to pick her up and he said well we want her to go home with you tonight because one of the technicians here thinks she had a seizure today. So I'm completely stunned thinking oh maybe they are mistaken. The vet sends me home with Valium and says just in case she has another seizure give her this and bring her back in the morning. So almost as soon as we get home she starts having mini seizures then big ones we give her the Valium and it doesn't help. So I am freaking out and I know I can't let her go on like this all night so we bring her to the emergency vet in town. They say we can't really tell anything right now but we suggest bringing her to the animal specialty hospital they could probably give you a better diagnosis. So we decide to drive and hour away to the hospital at 4 in the morning. The vet that was on shift said well the internist will be here in the morning and will do some blood work and ultrasound etc. So I kissed her and told her I loved her and went back home. The next morning we talked to the internist vet and she said everything looked ok from what she did so she was leaning towards it being something neurological. In order to know for sure they would have to give her an MRI. So we discussed it and decided we would do the MRI because we felt she deserved us to try whatever we could. They told us the neurologist can't give her the MRI until tomorrow so she would have to spend another night. So the next morning the vet says she had another seizure overnight and the neurologist would be giving her the MRI in the afternoon. So we waited on pins and needles. She called us and the news was not good. She pretty much said she died under anesthesia. So she was in a coma pretty much so we decided to let her go. Of course we are devastated and crying and just inconsolable. Then come to find out she was brain dead but they euthanize them to make sure they pass peacefully. When she called I was under the impression she was already dead but I guess they can be brain dead but still breath and their heart is still beating so they euthanize them to make sure they pass peacefully. So I was wondering if anybody else has had a similar experience. I feel so guilty it is eating me up I feel like she depended on me and I let her down. For three reasons: She was there for less than 24 hours but I feel like I should of visited her. That maybe she felt I abandoned her there. But I really thought she was coming home! Second I felt like I should have done more research into the pituitary tumor and not underestimated it's potential to cause all of this. Thinking maybe we could of done treatment before it was too late. And then even though she was brain dead under the anesthesia and never woke up according to the doctor. I feel that I should of been there when she actually passed. That she gave me unconditional love all these years and I wasn't there when she actually passed. I asked the doctor if she would of known I was even there and she said she didn't think so but I am still riddled with guilt. We went and viewed her body to say goodbye before they picked her up to be cremated. But something just keeps nagging at me about not being there for her actual passing. Well it has helped me to actually type this all out maybe someone can relate or tell me what they think. Thanks for reading!

By debj1970   Sunday, February 23, 2014 8:28:47 AM

I was reading some of the stories about people losses their furry family members and it brakes my heart. I just lost my friend of 11 years over night. That was 3 days ago and I am still crying. I think it is because there was no warning and I don't understand the vet visit. My dog had been just fine a little slow 3 or 4 days before that but she was 16 years old so I just figured she was tired. She was still eating and drink begging for treats, walking with me to get the mail nothing out of the ordinary. Then Thursday I noticed bleed on the floor and thought she must have hurt her paw. I checked her, didn't find any blood so I didn't know where it came from. Later that day I saw it coming from her mouth so I called the vet and got her in. I thought she must have broke a tooth. Well it was a couple of hours before her appointment and by the time it was time to take her she couldn't walk. I get to the vet and she was completely limp, can't stand up or walk. The vet said it was symptoms of poisoning and I told her that wasn't possible so she did blood work and her palates and red blood cells were critically low. So she gave her a steroid shot said hopefully she will respond to that if she doesn't she will need a blood transfusion. Respond and next step to me means she wasn't going to die immediately. The vet gave me 10 days of medication and told me to call her in the morning. 10 days worth of medicine also gave me hope. Why give me medicines if you know she wasn't going to make it. So I get home my baby just gets worse and worse whining and barking uncontrollable. Then died during the night. When I called the vet she said she was critical and not surprised. Then why not tell me that and give me the option the have her put to sleep.So I am grieving, really anger at the doctor and just don't understand how she could be fine one day and die the next. She was my companion and best friend and now I am lost. Summers coming and me and her would mess in our garden all day. It isn't going to be the same.

By neelie   Wednesday, January 1, 2014 2:53:16 PM

Our beloved 10 year old yellow lab called Buddy died suddenly this morning. He seemed under the weather yesterday but we were not overly concerned until this morning when he collapsed. We immediately started to get the car out to take him to an emergency vet, but as with others I have read on this page it seems our furry family member was a victim of bloat and he died before we could move him. I feel that I have somehow let him down and that I should have taken him to the vet when he first seemed unwell. We are all devastated, it was heartbreaking watching him breath his last breath. He was truly a wonderful dog who gave us some much joy, laughter and love. My deepest sympathy to anyone else who has lost their wonderful dog.

By cinnamon   Monday, December 16, 2013 10:43:33 PM

I am so devasted and so sick. Today is Dec.16. My Maltese was a happy lil tiny girl weighing only 2.2 lbs.She just turned 2 years old on Dec.13.She has been happy healthy and acting perfectly fine.I was home with her all day today.I'm home with her most everyday.She does seem to get very exicted when mu husbad gets home from work.Her daddy she will stand at the back door and do that yap yap bark until he gets his boots off and comes in to greet her.Picks her up and gives her the I'm home treat,Well this evening unfourantely it didn;t go so well.My husband came in same Hi Gisele treat hugs and put her down and came upstairs for not even 2 min to bring me an item I needed My husband went back downstairs found her laying on her puppy pad in her fecies dead.Within less then 5 minutes she was gone,And I can't get over this.My vet thinks she suffered a sudden heart attack from over exictment,I feel like I am in a nightmare.My husband even tried cpr.Horrible.As I sit here sick sad and heart broken I'm LOST WITHOUT HER BEING next to me.. :( That's my sad story.I have all her Christmas toys and sweaters.Tears are flowing..

By sunshinejoy   Saturday, December 7, 2013 3:44:37 PM

Today is December 7, 2013. Yesterday, I lost my precious little Maltese Kate. It was all very sudden and I am in shock and also quesitoning what happened. Kate was 13 years old and had Cushings Disease. She was on 10 mg. of Vetoryl daily and seemed to be doing well. She did seem to have a decreased appetite the last few days but she has always been a picky eater. HAs anyone else had a situation of suddenly having your dog collapse and then die within a few minutes right in front of you? Oh how hard it was! She was my little girl...never saw herself as merely a dog nor did we. I'm incredibly sad. I have to decide if I will get a new dog or puppy in the future but worry at my age of 60 if I should get another dog or not. We travel a lot also so that makes it hard to have another dog. However, my home seems so empty and sad now without her. :( All the kids are grown so Kate was my little girl and I was her Mom.

By Guest   Sunday, December 1, 2013 9:00:38 AM

I gave my beautiful 80# shephard mix 3 calming pills to ease her distress when we do her nails. She was an active, happy, healthy dog (10 years) except for hypothyroidism for which she got daily meds. About 30 minutes after doing her nails we went to the grocery store for dog food and returned about an hour later. We found her dead at the patio door; obviously she had gone to the door for "help" which just breaks my heart. We had to bury her and will not know what she died of, but sudden death like this is so heartbreaking - you can't see it coming. Just in case I called Petsmart to take the GNC calming meds off the counter. I have spent the last two days inconsolable.

By Crm12   Sunday, September 22, 2013 10:19:09 PM

It still brings tears to my eyes when I think about My dog miko he's a toy dog chi Yorkie he was the best thing that I could have in my life he was my baby he fallowed Me ever where. he reminded me of a duckling I lost other dogs that was when I was a kid I can still remember my dad bringing him home he was only 10 months and my dad put him on the floor and a sat on the floor to play with him and so did my sister But he came up to me to sit on my lap and that's When I knew he was mine he choose me from then on he always went where ever I went he was sweet boy he was protective of me I know he is in a better place I think about him everyday cause He died unexpected he was not sick he was fine Playing around with my sister dog but when I woke up the next Day I called him but he didn't respond to me and he always dose that's what kills me the most cause I took him ever where. Just typing this brought tears.

By yiayia   Monday, September 9, 2013 12:59:10 PM

My little grandson's Yorkie Poo who was 4 months old died suddenly yesterday. He said that his Daddy was screaming at the dog and then he dies... can a dog be scared to death? I want to help him....

By denise   Monday, August 26, 2013 1:25:21 PM

My little RED MAN just got back from a nice run, with his brother SOX and my daughter and I, when 20 minutes later he knocked on the door swelled double his size, gagging a bit like he had something stuck in his throat, when I touched him he was almost like baby bubble wrap, where you touched him you could hear his skin make noise. he died 20 minutes after he knocked on the door, I really don't know how he got up the steps and on the porch because he was 2x's his 13 pounds, he actually looked like and felt like a small piglet.... what could have happened???? Did he get into poison that someone put out, the vet says he died of "bloating", but he didn't have any thing wrong with him when we went for run/walk.......he didn't look bloated at all, he was tiny...... anyone have any idea????

By JANICE   Sunday, August 18, 2013 9:33:43 PM


By linda   Friday, August 2, 2013 7:55:55 PM

I woke up yesterday morning, Thur. Aug. 1st2013, to a nightmere. My 12 yr. old dog was very sick and couldn't hardly walk. She was in very good health, don't know what could have happened. She died a couple hours later at our vets. I am having a hard time, with this sudden death, since she was playfull and had a strong heart, a very healthy dog.

By BrambleTamble   Tuesday, July 2, 2013 11:19:26 AM

I can't believe how prevalent sudden death in dogs is. We just lost our BELOVED six month old red heeler mix "Bramble". She was the sun, the moon, and the stars to our family. My boyfriend and I went out for 20 minutes to eat, came home to let our 3 mid size dogs out of their large kennel. They all ran to the back door like they always do to do their business. As I was turning on the light to see down the hallway my six month old heeler/shepard mix started screaming. I ran to her as she was already on the floor. We figured it was an injury as she seemed to be in a large amount of pain. My boyfriend was doing a body check on her as I was dialing our vet. There was no blood coming from her mouth or anus and she began to defecate herself. She did not appear to be in the throes of a seizure. After ten or so seconds she went unresponsive, stopped breathing. We attempted CPR for around 5 minutes but she never came back to us. We buried her after around 2 hours to fully make sure she was totally dead and to let our other dogs have a look at her, as well as stroke her fur for the final time. We only had her for 5 months but we are very caring and diligent pet owners, so I was soo darn sure short of a freak accident we would have our Baby Bramble for 10+ years. Came as a total shock I am devastated, though this blog has brought me a bit of solace. I can't imagine I'll ever forget the time we had together. Please give your dogs some lovin, wherever you are out there. It may be your last chance. RIP Bramble, the family goober.

By Skipperboy   Tuesday, May 28, 2013 5:33:59 PM

I am grieving the sudden loss of our beautiful active and happy 10.5 year old American Eskimo dog. I have photo's and video of him in the last few days weeks and months playing and barking with joy! He recently went on a road trip with me to see my son and daughter who he loved dearly and was like a puppy jumping on the furniture begging endlessly everytime we cooked he didnt get anywhere's with that.. but he ate his food well and drank water well. We went for long walks This is some where"s between a desperate plea for answers and just me going through a really really ..as usual with his cute little back legs pranced all the way down the stairs lickety split. Had to tell him to slow down? He had no problems. The most recent photo is of him in the car coming home from groomers just 6 days prior. He looks like he is smiling. Then suddenly he is gone? I just cant believe it! I am not a nut but surely sound like one right about now I am sure! I have lost pets in the past but have seen them gradually grow old and sickly and when I said goodbye I felt they had suffered long enough only to stay around for me way past a happy life and it made it easier to let them go. If nothing else I felt everything had been done for them that could have been done. Not this time...I am unable to move on because I do not know for sure what really happen to my little guy and then I was hit with the shock of losing him so suddenly when he had never been sick a day in his life. And then to be suddenly asked in shock and in a daze what to do recessitate him or not? And what to do with his remains. I just couldnt process all of that so fast! And I am pretty sure I loved him more than we are supposed to love a four legged animal but he was like a child to me. And I would really appreciate any help you may be able to give me as I walk through this step by step to see if we can find some answers to why a dog so sick apparently didnt show it other than occasional heavy panting even though we live in an area that reaches the 100's by April or May and panting was never unusal even though we kept him trimmed during the hottest months. So here is my story... The very first sign of trouble was when he jumped up as if starving and grabbed a piece of chicken bone and all out of my hand as I was pulling the meat off for him I do not give bones of any kind to my dogs.other than chew bones. But he had a huge appetite, another reason I do not think he was sick up until the last minute unless he had cushions which I would believe due to the increase of water intake and appetite over the last year or so. He was fine and never diagnosed and after the chicken incident he did not choke or show signs of choking emediately after or any problems but later as I preceded to lead him out back to the porch area with the plate of chicken .. Suddenly I see he is not as excited or interested "still do not see any choking distress at this time" he loves chicken so I emediately knew something was not right. He had to wait a bit from the time he grabbed the chicken to when I carried the plate to feed him but still do not see any choking or gagging he is breathing normal ..but he looks funny..then just as suddenly he started losing balance and dropped into a seizure..a very short seizure approx.4-5 seconds at best. He has never had seizures befor. But I have had an older dog that did. I knew what it was! As he came out of it , I got down and I loved him with soft words and rubbed his shoulders and head softly kept talking to him and he remarkably calm, still no cough or choking . He stood up ok and seemed dazed but not as I would expect..he was pretty alert as I talked to him .At this point I am so completely stunned at what I just witnessed but I also see he now wanted to eat some ... so I let him...he drank some water and rested ..I am watching him closely at this time. as I am trying to find a local vet who takes emergencies in my small town and phone numbers of a specialty clinic in San Diego 3 hours away hoping I can get him there before anymore problems or seizures occur! It is of all times a Saturday of course and early morning! Finally at best I am able to get a late appt.but not at the clinic in SanDiego,a local office one I am not familiar with. As the day progressed Skipper began to cough..and make funny noises with his throat. He coughed and gagged then would stop rest drink a little water and so on then cough some more a little then rest some more he even wanted to eat a little later . I am completely convinced at this point he had a piece of that chicken bone lodged in his throat or somewhere where it only bothered him off and on .This was all I could think of...and visually I could not see anything! Did not see anymore seizures but I can tell he does not feel good at all he seemed to be sleeping comfortably when he slept but with his head rested on a paw. I do see him breathing harder than usual not faster and again he slept pretty good that day in the kitchen where it is cool. It is now about 4: 30 pm finally and now we are in the exam room ..the vet is told about the chicken bone, the cough the gagging and the short seizure. A complete history of being healthy and playful. I tell her I asked several vets as Skipper grew up if his chest seemed barreled and if they heard a heart murmur at anytime. Not one out of four different vets ever remarked about his funny chest shape or could hear a murmur. This vet emediatly said she thought she heard a murmer! As a nurse I often listened to my pups heart especially when little befor their fires vet visit and I thought on more than one occasion his heart skipped a beat.? Anyway at this time the vet says she believes he has more than one thing going on though. She believes she sees one pupil larger than the other questioning neurological ? and feels a possible large mass in his chest area. He is not coughing at this time but he is panting pretty hard and the vet also says he is outstretching his neck especially as he lays down to be more comfortable, He remains alert and paying attention as I talk to him..and try to comfort him ..he is active and wants to jump up..but I can see he is definately not feeling good..I give the go ahead on a list of test that she feels needs to be performed starting with xrays ..four views. At this time waiting for them to come and get him to get started little did I know that I should be cherishing those few moments more than I have ever..for they were going to be my very last with this sweet little boy. As the tech attempts to lead him off he hesitates to leave me. he he stops and looks back with thoes big brown eyes full of love but also so sick and then as a good boy off he goes. As I wait in fear for the results of the test..it seemed like forever ..then here comes the assistant with such a sad face and her head tilted to the side and proceeds to inform me that his heart had stopped during the xrays. I could only frantically cry out not my skipper not my skipper..saying no no no ..is he really gone. She then tells me that I need to decide to recessatate or not ..I have no idea what to do just no idea but know I must act quickly so the only thing I could see is him so sick that his heart stopped to start with ..and my boy was too sick to live..so I chose through the grief as fast as I could.thinking about the seizures the mass felt the two different pupils..I am so frantic at this point. Then she leaves only to come running right back to tell me that there is a slight weak heartbeat.. now I have hope again! But the prognosis was poor she proceeded to tell me, I wanted so terribly to be with him when right then right now..as his heart stopped the first time that was all I could think about "he loved me so so much" But now I have to wait for them to bring him to me to what I expect would be a few moments but at least I would be with him! They did not at any time offer to let me go to him I sure wish they did. I wanted to so bad! Then as I wait to say a final good bye to my baby the vet now comes in and now tells me he is gone again and they can not bring him back. And could not make any rational decisions, I could only cry and say I cant see him gone..I want to remember him playing and happyI To be honest alone like that I didnt know what I wanted other than I wanted to be with him while he was still alive ....I am telling you it was like losing a child..and I have gone through that too! Then the choice on cremation is thrown at me..I havient even grasped my sweet skipper is really gone yet..I cant take home ashes I will only grieve more everytime I look at them. Why didnt they give me a couple of hours...but it wasnt like that ..so now In a state did I make the right decision.. I pay a bill and walk into a parking lot alone with out him . I do not remember getting into my car..and had to concentrate on driving safely home. My husband who also loved him dearly finished work to me coming home alone he never got to say goodbye either. Telling him I just left my little boy dog alone without me laying on a table in a strange place to be never seen again. I am not only grieving the loss of him .But I am blaming myself for the chicken bones. For not taking him to our regular vet sooner although I thought he was ok. For not telling his little dead body goodbye. And most of all for being so stupid that I dont even know what really happened to him. The vets conclusions are possible enlarged cardiac silhouette with dorsal elevation of trachea, possible enlarged liver, possible mediastinal lymph node enlargement or mediastinal mass, cannot appreciate fluid or other masses. Significant hepatomegaly , loss of detail of cranial abdomen .All possible other than the dorsal elevation of the trachia. The amount of seditive given with oxygen was increased due to movement and hard breathing and possible seizure, facial twitching ? So a sedative giving twice and when that didnt work they gave him Valium..this is when the heart stopped. He became agonal according to the report! This is the amounts listed ..Butorphanol 3 mg. IV. additional 1.5 mg IV then Midazolam 5 mg IM . Why give him more why not stop for a bit..see how he does .Let me go into the xray room with him ..hell I am a nurse I am not pregnant! And although in a state I say I guess not to bring him back. Once he was gone..they automatically did start compressions and inserted an endotracheal tube. More than anything I keep wondering if he was feeling horrible fear and distress with out his mama and best friend by his side through it all as I had always been or did the sedative make him feel safe and comfortable no matter what was going on.. Although the staff at this vets office was kind I did not know them.and they needed to give me a couple of hours to decide on the cremation verses burial. Please help me understand what you believe happened to my little dog medically so I can have closure? The whole family thinks something strange happend since he was running and playing in the yard and eating and drinking well!I have told them what the report says but they wonder as I do why nothing was confirmed ? The vet was very nice and she gave me alot of time to talk but as I look back I didnt hear any actual diagnoses and cause of death for sure? She did keep telling me I only gave him a tiny bit of sedative! I asked the vet what caused the tumors ? Why was he still playing when tumors dont come up over night? I was feeding him the best food with the best reviews ..and what I dont buy I make at home organic and free of grains and corn. I have to be honest and tell you that after asking all I could in person to this vet on that horrible day I really left with no straight answers. The medical report says possible but never confirms masses and how could he be so active hungry and healthy rigthe day he died..if he was dying of tumors in the brain in the heart in the liver in the lymph nodes? Why was it the chicken bones that triggered the awareness of it all? ..thank you for your help and than you for listening

By Guest_5234   Wednesday, May 22, 2013 8:27:53 AM

My 3 and half year old husky/sheperd cross rescue dog had been throwing up foamy bile etc and not really eating for 3 days, I took him to the vet, he said at first an upset tummy and gave him pills, still no good, took him to the vets hospital may 11th and had to leave him there for barium tests, they found a blockage in his intestines, tried laxatives, no good, decided to operate on may 14th and removed a so called xmas toy or vinyl part of it and sewed him up, and then he suddenly died, I am shattered, the vet says it was one in a million, the dog was but I don't think the vet is, I think they overdosed him on anesthesia, he was very fit, loved to run, having been so badly abused before we got him, even we found out after he was dead that he had been shot in the penis with a bb pellet after all that he was so good natured, never barked, never growled, loved kids, so sweet, he did not deserve to die so young, people out there always, always question your vet, I trusted mine and it cost my dog his life and really mine too.

By Lily   Saturday, May 18, 2013 12:41:36 AM

I had gone out of town for a couple of days. My husband had put my two pugs, Lola and Lily to bed in their crate Tuesday night. When he got up the next morning our Lily was dead. He didn't tell me until I arrived back home. He said that Tuesday night she was acting fine. She ate her dinner with no problem. She played with our little chauahuah some and she went to bed as normal and passed away during the night. We don't know what caused this. We took her body to the vet for an autopsy. The vet found nothing wrong. She did say Lilys Trac (wind pipe) was unusually narrow for a dog her size. So, we can only guess what happened. Heart Attact??? Maybe smothered in the dog bed??? We will never know for sure. All I know is there is an empty spot in my heart without my beautiful Lily.

By mydogsmyfamily   Wednesday, May 15, 2013 7:41:45 AM

My dearest Phoebe died suddenly this morning. She vomited a few times yesterday and my hasband took her to the vet and despite the vomiting she was wagging her tail and evem jumped into the car. She was dehydrated and was put on a drip. By the afternoon she was much better but then this morning she vomited blood and suddenly died. Shcok doesnt seem to be a strong enough word to describe how i feel. I went to see her to tell her how much i love her, and always will, and to say goodbye. We have 4 magnificent dogs but she was always my baby, my gentle precious angel. I cannot believe that I will never see her again and see her beautiful expressive brown eyes. I keep asking myself if I missed something and the worst thought of all if she was in pain. We have our beloved dogs for such a short time - every day is a blessing to have them in our lives. They say grief is a process but nothing will ever replace the piece of my heart that went with PHoebe this morning. For the magnficent 8 years I had with her I wish I could have given her more. I fully sympathise with you about the loss of your beautiful and much loved canine friends. Our one consolation is that they are now happy, pain free and playing - and we will see them again one day.

By mrinalini   Monday, May 06, 2013 10:51:26 PM

Its been more than a week since my 9 year old irish setter died and I don't know when its going to get better. I miss him every day. I don't know what went wrong. It looked like a classic case of bloat. He died overnite in my arms before we could rush him to any vet. But looking back he had been very prone to sleeping, weakness in hind limbs, inability to play fetch. I don't know what it was, but my baby never complained. Never whined even when he was in such great pain. He was the joy of our house and we loved him so much. My 11 year old golden retriever is in deep mourning. I worry for him as he has severe hip dyslpasia and can barely walk. I hope there is a happy place up there for these wonderful companions that fill our life with so much love. I imagine him running and playing and jumping in a beautiful green meadow and never pausing to rest. I hope he is happy.

By mrfutbol   Wednesday, April 24, 2013 1:32:37 PM

Never ever blame yourself for the death of a beloved pet. Sometimes you can blame yourself upon the loss of a dear one. It is almost like a loss in a football game, as coaches, and players, we try to evaluate the game. As we cut film, we see what went right and what went wrong. Based on the analysis, we try to play to win on our next contest. With our pets, we have to try to keep them healthy. Take them to the vet for a periodic check up. Make sure all their annual shots are updated. Run a periodic blood test to see how they are doing. Take them out to exercise and play. Feed them the best food everyday, and so on. I lost my dear Shar- Pei Krinkles to reasons unknown, per vet (I could have done more and instill more responsibility with her).

By teddy   Tuesday, April 16, 2013 3:30:10 PM

just yesterday, i loss my 12 yr old border collie suddenly. i came home from work, he greeted me, even stood on his hind legs, took him out, fed him, and an hr later he started throwing up, more like dry heaves with thick white foam. i was concerned...but not overly worried. he started crying...but soon settled down. i woke continuously during the night checking on him and he was sleeping. i woke at 5am in morning and Ted was just lying there, not moving. he was alive but he wouldn't move. i took my other dogs out and came back in. still not moving. i am very worried and scared at this point. i had to wait for the vet to open. i went on the computer to check and see what could possibly be wrong. all of sudden Ted came in the bedroom...but something was terribly wrong. his body was contorted, an extremely hunch back and his legs were shaking...wobbling. i followed him to the living room...he collapsed, head first. his breathing was labored, gums almost white, tongue hanging out the side of his mouth, vacant eyes. i am crying now. after 15 minutes, his head awkwardly jerked twice...and he died. i am devastated and i don't know what happened.

By kim   Saturday, April 13, 2013 4:13:41 AM

I came across this site and read the comments from you who have lost your pets. I am so sorry. A few months ago I lost my beloved toy rat terrier. Audrey Hepburn was 11 years ago..I was cleaning and as always she was under my feet...she fell down the steps. I tried to give her cps ...I tried everything. She died in my arms. I still feel it was my fault and it pains me everyday. My vet thinks she was sick...but I never thought my best friend would go like that.

By Rory   Sunday, April 07, 2013 3:16:38 PM

Ive just lost my 8 year old Shih Tzu dog suddenly , he took unwell on the 1st April and we rushed him to the vets, and we found out he had a blockage of stones , they were going to try and remove them, but they came back and said he needed to have a operation, he got the operation on the 2nd April and he was allowed home on the 3rd April , he was groggy when we got him home and he wouldnt eat or drink , we tried and managed to give him water , during the night he made cry noises which I got up to comfort him and his breathing was very strong, I thought it was because off the drugs, in the morning he was lying with his tongue hanging out and his breathing got worse , we rushed him back to the vet and on the way he took a fit , we arrived and they injected him with more painkilllers and told me he was a sick dog I told them to try everything , later that day I was told his blood wasnt clotting and the inflamation in his tummy and legs was getting worse , also his liver was starting to fail and there was nothing they could do as he wouldnt pull through , I then hard to make the hardest decsion I had to make and put my wee baby boy to sleep, as I didnt want him to suffer, I was with him and held onto him and my tears were flowing. My wee baby was a healthy dog and I cant believe he passed away so quick , and I hope he didnt suffer, I went to see the vet on the 5th April to try and get answers why it happened so quick thta he went down hill, they said when he left them to come home he was eating and drinking and walking about and everything was fine , can someone tell me why during the night he went down hill so quickly , and also why didnt the blood clot. I am heartbroken and when I think of my wee boy could I have done anything quicker. Getting his ashes next week and going to put him in the garden and get a nice bush to remember him.

By tatsu15   Tuesday, March 26, 2013 1:18:11 AM

My dog passed away yesterday. I'm heartbroken. My story is complicated, but I had to leave my dog in 2006 with my ex. I wanted to take him with me, but where I was moving he would of had to be quarantined for 4 months and I was getting a guilt trip for taking the dog away. So with a heavy heart, I had to leave my beloved dog behind. I was told he would always wait for me to come home for the first few years and cry because he missed me. I missed him too and would cry. I always hoped to see him again. I told my ex to not vaccinate him anymore for rabies shots or any shots. He didn't need anymore and he was a small dog (shih-tzu). I found out recently he had a tumor and I suspect it's from the annual shots (my ex didn't listen to my warnings). He had to be euthanized because he was so weak he couldn't walk anymore. He didn't go peacefully. He was scared and put up a fight and knowing that breaks my heart. I blame myself for having to leave him behind. I never got to say goodbye. I saw his last picture before he passed away and he looked so scared and tired. Words can never explain the pain I feel. I will always love him and miss him. I hope he will forgive me and visit me in my dreams.

By sweetiepie   Thursday, March 21, 2013 7:12:51 PM

SweetiePie, Thursday March 21, 2013. 7:12 pm. I made a decision I will regret the rest of my life. We are planning a move out of the country and decided that it would be extremely hard on our pets to take them with us. After much turmoil, we decided to find a new loving home for our SweetiePie a five year old doxie. The family was an older couple, like ourselves with a small dog already in the home. SweetiePie went to her new home on Monday afternoon and the reports were great she was doing fine. Next day still doing well. By Wednesday, I guess she was begining to worry she wasn't coming home. By Thursday, she was drinking lots of water, throwing up and not eating. She came back home on Saturday, still throwing up. She died in my arms on Monday night. I am in shock. Is it possible that she was so heartbroken that she could die that fast? She had never had a sick day in her life, but was very anxious and that is why I was so afraid to take her on the airplane in the first place. I am devastated and feeling so guilty I just can't believe what has happened.

By mommanurse   Tuesday, March 12, 2013

i am so sorry for your loss, i too am going through a horrible sudden loss of my 4 yr old black lab, last week she started getting sick, a little throw up here and there, then last weds i came home from work and she had thrown up 30 plus coins, i panicked ran her to the vet, they did an xray showing only a few more coins in her stomach, i was told to induce vomiting with hydorgen peroxide, and in 48 hrs return , well i did and she never threw up the remaining coins, i ran her back to the vet sat march 9th, she started becoming really ill, the xray was taken again the coins were still there, we got referred to a surgery center 2 hrs away in another state, i rushed out of there taking her there, she had surgery but she died over nite, the vet told me that her pre lab work was bad, she was severly anemic, her WBC's were elevated and her kidney function was only 16 should of been in the 30's. but she did the surgery anyway thinking she would bounce back, she was only 4, i am devastated, my husband and young child is devastated, but i am having a particularly hard time with this, i sob all the time, i cant sleep ,i cant eat, she gave more to me than i ever could give her, we think she ate the coins while we were at work, we never thought to check my childs change jar that he had under his tv stand, i keep having feelings of the why didnt i know sooner, and all the what ifs . i have tremendous sadness, she was an amazing 90 lb black lab so beautiful. i felt safe with her. i am taking this so hard, the grief is overwhelming, i have a great support system of people who are fellow animal lovers but it doesnt make it any easier.

By lucy   Sunday, March 10, 2013

On March 5 2013 I woke up to find my 11 and a half mixed dog Lucy dead in my bed next to me. There was no warning.A month before we had to put her mother April, down after 18 years. I cannot explain the pain.

By katiaitalia   Saturday, March 09, 2013 10:57:22 PM

Hi to all, i'm soo sorry to read all these sad stories, i'm terrified something could happen to my kika, i'm crying because i can feel your sorrow, i don't know how i'd handle if it happen to me, i got no kids, i'm married and live in another country (im italian and live in finland-) so being alone with no real friends, my dog has become my first and best friend, i always wanted a puppy and got it last autumn, i love her so much as if it was a person!!! i hope your pain will go soon away...many people don't get it how wonderfool these animals are, and why we love them and miss them so much! god bless you all and your doggies.. love. katia

By shayzzwayzz   Monday, March 04, 2013 8:22:47 PM

Yesterday morning, 3/3/13. I got up and let me 3 baby girls out to go to the bathroom (Athena-German Sheppard/wolf, Willow- German Shepard/wolf, and Cuba- Newfoundland mix. I then I fed them, like I do every morning, out on my fenced in front porch. Then they came back in the house. I went into my back room where my laptop is, and started working on my school assignment. I walked into the living room to check on them and they were all laying on the couch comfortable. About 20 minutes later Willow starts whining to go out, so I let them all out for a bit. This particular morning was sunny and not too cold out, like it had been the past few weeks, so I figured they wanted to enjoy the outdoors for awhile. Cuba always had her regular normal post, on top of the doghouse closest to the fence so she could watch guard and watch the cars drive by. Willow got in the doghouse Cuba was sitting on top of and Athena went and laid by the front steps. I noticed a car had pulled up across the street on the side with a 'for sale' sign in the window, so I thought nothing of it and closed the door and returned to the back room to my assignment. A few minutes later I hear Cuba barking and thought to myself that she was just barking at people looking at the for sale car across the street. Out of the blue I hear a thump on the front porch and Cuba yelping. So I run to the front door, slipped and fell on my behind, jumped up and opened the door to find Cuba laying on the porch on her side. I ran out there to her as she looked up at me real quick and just went silent. She wasn't moving or breathing. The other dogs were over her trying to figure out what was wrong with her. I lifted her head and her eyes still had color in them so I tried to give her mouth to nose and tried pressing on her chest. Some people pulled over across the street and just watched me from their car. Didn't offer any help or anything. I put my other dogs in the house and ran next door where there was church going on. A lady I knew came out and went to my house to see what was wrong with Cuba. We thought maybe Cuba had been shot by someone, so the lady calls 911, then tells me she's sorry, but she had to go back. I'm shaking and crying so bad that I run into my house and Skype call my friend down the street and in a panic I tell her I need help, I think my dog was shot. She sends her daughter and friend over to help. We got a sheet down on the ground and roll Cuba onto it and they carry her to the car. one of them stays behind in case the police come. We drive to the local vet, which is closed on Sunday's, to see if there is an emergency number on the door. There wasn't, so we have no choice but to drive to the Oregon vets office which is 25 minutes away. I swear, everyone that was driving in front of us was going way under the speed limit. We also had a baby in the car so we couldn't drive reckless. By the time we get to the vets, one of the emergency vets was walking out to talk to someone that had just came to pick up there dog. I ran over to her to explain to her what happened and that Cuba was in the car, so she hurried and helped us carry Cuba into the office and she put her on a table and listened with a scope for a heart beat. She checked in a few places but could not find one. She asked me if I wanted her to do a necropsy on Cuba to see if she can find the cause of her just dying like that. I agreed. Meanwhile, we sat out in the waiting room and waited. When she came out she told me that she didn't see any internal bleeding or any trauma, just a full belly of food. She said that the only way to know for sure, is if she took tissue samples and sent them to a lab to be tested, but it would cost a lot. I knew I couldn't afford it and it wasn't going to bring my sweet furbaby girl back. So I asked her if they could cremate her for me and let me pick her up when she's ready. I've been playing the whole thing over and over in my head and crying for 2 days now. My other 2 furbaby's are puzzled and confused. Cuba was protective over all of us and she was such a well behaved and sweet baby. She was only 4 years old. She was always smiling and so full of energy, but she listened really good. I'm totally in shock and devastated. I don't have any answers to what could have happened. She was fine one minute, no health problems, happy girl. Then the next minute she's just gone. I have been needing a way to get the sorrow and pain out. To vent. I'm so glad I found this forum, as I'm crying and typing these words with blurry vision. I need a way to figure this all out. I miss her barking and playful smile with her tongue hanging out and her tail wagging with her beautiful big brown eyes looking up at me. It's too quiet now, even with the other 2 with me. Willow, my other dog that would run and wrestle around with Cuba all the time, keeps whining and looking at the front door, thinking Cuba is out there.

By JoAnn   Tuesday, February 26, 2013 11:17:04 AM

It is so comforting to know there are others out there who have lost their best friends and don't really know why in a lot of cases. Such is with myself. I lost my best buddy, my soul mate, the canine love of my life Thurs, Feb. 21, 2013. He passed away in my arms. My boston terrier, Oscar, had a heart murmur but was on several meds for it and regular blood work and echocardiograms at the vet's office showed the murmur to be under control. Oscar was so healthy otherwise and loved to go on long walks. One day he seemed to have stiffness in the neck. Not knowing if he was in pain, I took him to our vet. She diagnosed him with arthritis and put in on previcox and tramadol for pain. Within 2 days, Oscar was down on all 4's. Couldn't stand at all. I had him back to the vet's for full body xrays which showed nothing. I took him to a specialist who had him undergo hyperbaric oxygen treatments to no avail and then yet to another vet where he underwent lazer treatments. Nothing did any good and my boy within 2 weeks, stopped eating, drinking, and being able to potty. He died in my arms one morning and I've been a wreck since. I'm lost without him. I want to know why he's gone. I miss him more than I know how to express. I know time will heal but in the meantime I'm a broken mess without him. People don't seem to understand how very painful and heartbroken I am over Oscar's death. I always thought I'd have him a while longer and took it for granted that he would always be there. And I also feel guilt because for 2 weeks before his death he barked non-stop and panted so hard but the vets said he was not in pain and short nosed dogs do pant a lot anyway. I even put him out in the garage the night before he died so I could sleep for a couple hours and when I went out to get him I felt so bad for abandoning him. I hope he forgave me because the guilt is eating me alive. Thanks for any input anyone has for me, a mess of a person who lost their best friend.

By Kathi   Tuesday, February 19, 2013 7:57:45 PM

Last night my beautiful 10 yr old Rottweiler got up to go to the bathroom as usual in the middle of the night. He jumped back up in bed and within seconds let out the loudest most awful howl type noise and died.He was so healthy and my husband and I are just sick. we feel guilty because he must have been sick and we didn't even notice. We are presuming it was a heart attack. I didn't cry this much when my parents died. Any thoughts on what could have happened?

By laura   Monday, January 07, 2013 6:42:24 AM

My beautiful great dane Loki died on Friday January 4/13. He had'nt been eating that well and while examining him, I noticed he had a large abcess on his canine tooth. I consulted with my vet and we booked surgury for Friday morning, I took the day off work so I could be with Loki as soon as possible. Loki was 5 years old, 190 pounds of the sweetest disposition you could ever imagine. A true gentle giant. Loki loved all other animals and loved children. He was constantly by my side and was a true and trusted friend. I received a call from my vet around noon, telling me I had to attend the office asap, they wouldnt tell me why. As soon as I walked in the door, I said tell me my baby is okay and the vet shook his head. It was the most surreal feeling I have ever had. I laid on his dead body for a very long time just stroking his still warm body, wishing to god that his big heart was still beating, but it was'nt.

By runningdog   Tuesday, January 15, 2013 8:12:01 AM

i am new to this site. i had a blk lab. she was 9 ish. she went out in yard last eve and did her duty prior to returning to the inside of our home. She was given a small snack. I went and went her kibble as I always did. About 1 hour later I went to feed her in the study as that is where her bed is. She was dead. i am devastated. shewas fine coming in and when she got a snack. there was no evidence of seizure as there was no stool, urine . there was no vomit. Her abdomen was sof so there was no bloat. I only hope it was a heart attck or pulmonary embboli as both would be quick. she was healthy and current on all vaccines and HW neg. She was well cared for and in good shape. Thoughts???

By brocksmommy   Wednesday, December 26, 2012 4:18:36 PM

My bullmastiff seems very sensitive to cold/snow. So much so he won't pee or poop outside. Then once warm and inside he does his business. What to do?

By lovesdogs   Monday, December 03, 2012 9:31:10 AM

we lost our precious shih tzu on Friday night for no apparent reason. my husband was having heart surgery out of town. I have 7 shih tzus and i took them to my sister-in-law on sunday. i picked them back up on tuesday and took them back to her house on wednesday. i was on my way home to get them on friday night and about 15 minutes before I got there she passed away for no apparent reason. My husband is still in the hospital and I can't go be with him because we are concerned about our 6 that are left. when I got there on Friday night maddie was still warm. I took her to our vet to have an autopsy done on her. She was only 4 years old and very healthy.Only people that are dog lovers and consider them part of the family can understand the grief we are experiencing.

By unclereggie   Tuesday, November 27, 2012 6:37:15 AM

On Thanksgiving Day 2012, our beloved purebred German Shepherd Longhair died totally unexpectedly. Schnell was 9 years old, was current on his vaccinations, and had never been ill or injured before. We had very little warning. He developed a very minor cough - a couple of "hack, hacks" very infrequently, more like he was trying to cough something up. Next he started breathing heavily, kind of panting with his nose tilted up into the air. Within an hour he was gone, just laid his head down and died. One day he is chasing his ball and stick and 24 hours later he is dead. When I picked his body up an hour or two later, a goodly amount of blood poured out of his nose and mouth - maybe a cup or so. We don't have a clue what happened and cannot afford an autopsy on top of the cost of cremation. We live in a rural area in upstate, Southern Tier NY, it was Thanksgiving Day, and we couldn't get him in anywhere. As it turned out, there was no time anyway. Needless to say, we are heartbroken, just crushed. Everywhere we look there are reminders of him and it hurts like hell. If anyone has had an experience like this and can offer a possible explanation, we would appreciate it.

By Guest_3674   Wednesday, August 13, 2008

I'm very sorry for the loss of your dearly loved Apache. I hope your story helps many more people and their pets. I also hope that you have found some relief in your sadness of losing him by knowing that he is in a better place and that you will be with him again someday. Take care and all the best to you

By Guest_2886   Friday, July 06, 2007

This story is about Apache our just barely 7 year old Yellow Lab. Apache was a fantastic dog, well loved by everyone, and large for a Lab weighing in at his prime at about 120 pounds. On June 6, 2007 Apache had surgery on his right rear leg to repair a torn ligament. Prior to his surgery he was put on a light dose of Rimadyl for a few weeks, but the medication did not seem to help. At the time of surgery his dosage was increased to 2 chewable tablets a day. He also developed a slight infection in the incision due to a staple pulling loose and was started on an antibiotic. Within a week of his surgery and the higher dose of Rimadyl we noticed changes in Apache. Loss of appetite, no energy, weight loss, excessive water drinking and urination. These changes were attributed to the surgery and his reduced exercise to help his leg heal. At that time we didn't know about the effect of Rimadyl, especially on Labs. By the time 2 weeks had passed, we became very concerned about his loss of appetite and weight loss and he started to vomit. Back to the vet who put him on a different antibiotic and said to put him on a bland diet. 12 hours later he still couldn't keep anything down and the vomiting had gotten worse. Back to the vet. Apache was started on intravenous fluids and medication to stop the vomiting. Blood work showed significant liver failure and his kidneys were in trouble. Apache was put on the most potent medication for vomiting they could use and after 2 days in intensive care the vomiting finally stopped. We were encouraged at this point and had gotten him to eat a little food without vomiting. Later that evening he started to vomit again and the blood tests were worse and his kidneys were shutting down. A catheter was put in to help with the fluid output and lasix was started. Neither worked. At 9 a.m. on June 29, 2007 that dreaded phone call came from the vet, that his kidneys were in failure that that there was nothing else they could do. We told the vet to unhook him, make him comfortable and we would be there shortly. We arrived at the vet office and they had a private room arranged for us. They brought him in and you could just see the agony in his beautiful brown eyes. We sat on the floor with him, talked to him and said our good byes. At 11:30 a.m. he passed quietly away. A claim has been filed with Pfizer who also authorized an autopsy. The autopsy showed "chronic liver failure" due to poisoning. We don't know where we will be going from here. Our biggest concern is that the general public is educated about then possible side effects Rimadyl. We would like to see ALL vets acknowledge the potential of this happening and educate their clients. We also have a 8 year old shepherd mix that has been on Rimadyl for a couple of years, with no apparent problems. But because of our experience with Apache, we are going to have a complete blood work done on her and look for alternative treatment for her arthritis. Please, be aware of what mediations your vet is putting your beloved pet on, ask questions and be observant to any change in their behavior. I don't want anyone else to have to go through what we went through and I don't want to see another beloved pet suffer the way our Apache did.

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