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By gpateam8   Friday, April 24, 2015 10:41:43 AM

I am reading a heart-wrenching book by E.M. Remarque "Funke Leben" ("Spark of Life"), a novel describing life in a German concentration camp. There was a German shepherd dog trained to hunt camp inmates who left their SS masters and joined the inmates. The inmates thought the dog went crazy because instead of going after the inmates, he licked their hands and feet and would have been euthanized if found as unfit for the job he was trained for. The inmates shared their meager food with the dog and kept her in their barracks hidden from the SS officers and Lagerpolizei. It appears that unlike humans, dogs belong to "Betterkind."

By cockie   Tuesday, February 3, 2015 12:56:33 PM

I had a toy schnauser Moses who passed away recently, he was 14. Our Maltese who is 14 will not go poop outside anymore. We have to stand out there and force Jody to poop. The dogs grew up together and Jody had no problem going outside and pooping until Moses passed. Can some tell me why why why. Other than this we have no issues. He will pee outside but he will not go poop without being made to do it. Can anyone give me a suggestion or tell me hwy he would do this after 14 years.

By bullenbeisser   Friday, April 12, 2013 1:50:47 PM

Rubbing the nose on the ground could be a sign of canine nasal mite infection. A white mite Pneumonyssoides caninum can infect a dog's nose and nasal sinuses. The mite has also been found in the bronchi and in the fat near the kidneys.

By cherami   Friday, April 12, 2013 1:50:47 PM

Why does my dog rub his nose on the ground?

By cherami   Tuesday, April 09, 2013 4:50:47 PM

Marion Schwarts, in her excellent "history of Dogs in the Early Americas" collected many American Indian storites involving dogs. The dog often appears as an intermediary between the world of nature and human communities, a kind of half breed, at home at both. The Cree of northern Canada believed that the dog and the wolf had a contest to decide which would get to live with humans. The dog won, and the howling of wolves outside their camps was an expression of the jealousy that dogs had found such an easy life.Schwartz also tells several stories that seem to explain why the dog should be treated with respect. "It is true that whenever anyone loves a dog he derives great power from it," said an Iroquois storyteller. "Dogs know all we say, yet they are not at liberty to speak. If you do not love a dog he has the power to injure you with his magic."

By Meetoo   Saturday, April 06, 2013 8:20:22 PM

Rabbits eat like Billy goats. They have to be contained or they will eat your furniture, plants, and anything else in your home. They will use a litter box. They are very sweet.

By martianknight   Thursday, April 04, 2013 12:21:28 PM

My Italian grayhound seems to have some kind of canine version of ADHD :-) It is so hard to make him focus on training. I am getting desperate because it takes for ever to teach him a new trick. I tried several methods but none seems to help. Are there any medications to help him to calm down and focus?

By livealittle101   Sunday, March 31, 2013 1:50:47 PM

I am considering a small pet for my 8 y.o. son. Our first choice was a puppy, but after thinking all things through, we decided on a small pet, rabbit maybe. Which breed of a small or medium rabbit would you recommend? Thanks, Grace.

By meadowlark   Sunday, March 31, 2013 1:50:47 PM

I work with computers a lot, emailing, texting and videoconferecing mostly. So my dog is something of real flesh and blood that connects me to the real world and keeps my virtual world from falling apart. My dog also brings discipline in my life, a valuable asset to have when I am ready to start a family. If you can't take care of a dog, you can't take care of a child.

By Gsdnut   Saturday, March 30, 2013 1:50:47 PM

Why do we need dogs? Is this need rooted in our strife for domination? Of course, we love them for their cuddliness, their "unconditional love" and just for stirring emotions which otherwise would be buried in the commotion of our ever busy lives filled with meaningful and pointless activities. We want them for ourselves, but do they really want us? We know little about their hidden emotional lives, pains and sufferings. We know that they suffer from loneliness, but to what degree? Is a dog's life so much shorter than ours simply because its intensity cannot be conceived by our selfish minds?

By Gsdnut   Thursday, March 28, 2013 4:50:47 PM

Turn your dog into a super sniffer by adding corn oil to his chow. Researchers have discovered how to improve dogs' smelling skills through diet, by cutting protein and adding fats. Fat somehow improves nose-signaling structures or reduces body temperature or both. But lowering protein also played a part in improving sense of smell. A sled dog or greyhound may need more protein to keep going. But detection dogs tend to exercise in shorter bursts and need to recover quickly and smell well.

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