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Dogs Suitable As Watchdogs

Any breed, large or small, can be trained as a watchdog dog. As they mature, dogs naturally develop the ability to bark moderately to signal the arrival of a visitor. The ideal watchdog does not bark too loudly or insistently and, generally speaking, does not bite or attack. Puppies usually start barking between the ages of four and six months. If the owner fails to immediately correct the problem or encourages the barking, the dog will bark too much and guard his environment more aggressively.

Airedale terrier

Breed Size Good Watch-dog Good Guard Dog
Affenpinscher Small Yes No
Airedale Terrier Medium/Large Yes Yes
Akbash Dog Large Yes Yes
Akita Large Yes Yes
American Bulldog Medium/Large Yes Yes
American Staffordshire Terrier Medium Yes Yes
American Water Spaniel Medium Yes No
Atlas Mountain Dog Large Yes Yes
Beagle Medium Yes No
Beauceron Large Yes Yes
Bedlington Terrier Medium Yes No
Belgian Malinois Medium Yes Yes
Belgian Tervuren Large Yes Yes
Bergamasco Medium Yes No
Bernese Mountain Dog Large Yes Yes
Black Russian Terrier Large Yes Yes
Bolognese Small Yes No
Boxer Medium Yes Yes
Boykin Spaniel Medium Yes No
Bracco Italiano Large Yes No
Briard Large Yes Yes
Brittany Medium Yes No
Brussels Griffon Small Yes No
Bull Terrier Medium Yes Yes
Bullmastiff Large Yes Yes
Cairn Terrier Small Yes No
Cane Corso Large Yes Yes
Cardigan Welsh Corgi Medium Yes Yes
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Large Yes Yes
Chihuahua Small Yes No
Cocker Spaniel Medium Yes No
Collie Large Yes No
Dachshund Small Yes No
Dalmatian Medium Yes Yes
Dandie Dinmont Terrier Medium Yes No
Doberman Pinscher Large Yes Yes
Dogue de Bordeaux Large Yes Yes
English Toy Spaniel Small Yes No
Finnish Spitz Medium Yes Yes
French Bulldog Small Yes No
German Longhaired Pointer Medium/Large Yes Yes
German Shepherd Dog Large Yes Yes
German Shorthaired Pointer Large Yes Yes
German Wirehaired Pointer Large Yes Yes
Glen of Imaal Terrier Small Yes No
Gordon Setter Large Yes No
Great Dane Giant Yes Yes
Great Pyrenees Large Yes Yes
Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Giant Yes Yes
Irish Red and White Setter Large Yes No
Irish Terrier Medium Yes Yes
Japanese Chin Small Yes No
Keeshond Medium Yes No
Kerry Blue Terrier Medium Yes Yes
Komondor Large Yes Yes
Kuvasz Large Yes Yes
Lakeland Terrier Small Yes No
Leonberger Giant Yes Yes
Lhasa Apso Small Yes No
Maltese Small Yes No
Manchester Terrier Medium Yes No
Mastiff Large Yes Yes
Miniature Bull Terrier Small Yes No
Miniature Pinscher Small Yes No
Miniature Schnauzer Small Yes No
Mudi Medium Yes Yes
Neapolitan Mastiff Giant Yes Yes
Newfoundland Giant Yes No
Norfolk Terrier Small Yes No
Norwegian Elkhound Medium Yes Yes
Norwich Terrier Small Yes No
Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever Medium Yes Yes
Pekingese Small Yes No
Pharaoh Hound Large Yes No
Pomeranian Small Yes No
Poodle Large Yes No
Portuguese Water Dog Large Yes Yes
Puli Medium Yes Yes
Pumi Medium Yes Yes
Rhodesian Ridgeback Large Yes Yes
Rottweiler Large Yes Yes
Saint Bernard Giant Yes No
Samoyed Large Yes Yes
Schipperke Small Yes No
Scottish Terrier Small Yes No
Sealyham Terrier Small Yes No
Shetland Sheepdog Small Yes No
Silky Terrier Small Yes No
Skye Terrier Medium Yes No
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier Medium Yes No
Standard Schnauzer Medium Yes Yes
Thai Ridgeback Large Yes Yes
Tibetan Mastiff Giant Yes Yes
Tibetan Spaniel Small Yes No
Tibetan Terrier Small Yes No
Toy Fox Terrier Small Yes No
Toy Poodle Small Yes No
Weimaraner Large Yes Yes
Welsh Terrier Medium Yes No
West Highland White Terrier Small Yes No
Wire Fox Terrier Small Yes No
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon Large Yes No
Yorkshire Terrier Small Yes No


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