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Dogs That Do Not Shed

Dogs That Do Not Shed

All dogs shed, some more, others less, particularly in the spring or fall. But if you are not prepared for handling fur, you're better off with goldfish. Many breeds, particularly curly coated or wire-haired tend to be heavy shedders. However, these breeds require special grooming on a regular basis.

Some double-coated breeds shed profusely once or twice a year. Others shed year-round. If your dog has little tufts of hair that look like pieces of cotton candy scattered throughout his coat, he is blowing coat, or shedding. You can pluck these tufts of hair out, but most dogs find that annoying. A better solution is to use a shedding blade or an undercoat rake.

The shedding blade looks like something you'd use on a horse. It's a flexible piece of steel with small saw-like teeth that catch the hairs. You can operate a blade in a one-handed U-shape configuration, or you can keep the blade straight and use both hands. The undercoat rake is a rake with either long sets of teeth to pull the dead hair out or a dual set of teeth that work both the undercoat and topcoat.

Shedding blades need to be used carefully on thin-coated dogs because the blades can scratch the skin.

Dogs that you see on the left shed very little hair.

Breed Shedding Size Energy Level Indoors
Affenpinscher None Small High
Bedlington Terrier None Medium High
Bergamasco None Medium Low
Bichon Frise None Small High
Bolognese None Small High
Brussels Griffon None Small High
Chinese Crested None Small High
Chinese Shar-Pei None Medium High
Coton De Tulear None Small High
Dandie Dinmont Terrier None Medium High
Giant Schnauzer None Large High
Havanese None Small High
Irish Water Spaniel None Large High
Lakeland Terrier None Small High
Maltese None Small High
Miniature Schnauzer None Small High
Polish Lowland Sheepdog None Medium High
Poodle None Large High
Portuguese Water Dog None Large High
Puli None Medium High
Pumi None Medium High
Shih Tzu None Small High
Soft-Coated Wheaten Terrier None Medium High
Standard Schnauzer None Medium High
Toy Poodle None Small High
Welsh Terrier None Medium High
Wirehaired Pointing Griffon None Large High
Yorkshire Terrier None Small High




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