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Low Activity Indoors Dogs

Dogs with low energy levels don't even need extensive walks or workouts as long as they get sufficient exercise and are not overfed. Toy breed and most medium-sized dogs have high energy levels, but they are small enough that they can satisfy their needs running about the apartment. Any individual dog can have a higher or lower energy level than is typical of its breed. High energy dogs can be destructive if left alone too long or if not given a job to do.

Breed Size Energy Level Indoors
Akbash Dog Large Low
Atlas Mountain Dog Large Low
Basset Hound Medium Low
Beauceron Large Low
Belgian Tervuren Large Low
Bergamasco Medium Low
Bouvier des Flandres Large Low
Bulldog Medium Low
Bullmastiff Large Low
Cane Corso Large Low
Chow Chow Medium Low
Clumber Spaniel Large Low
Curly-Coated Retriever Large Low
Dogo Argentino Large Low
Dogue de Bordeaux Large Low
Flat-Coated Retriever Large Low
German Shepherd Dog Large Low
Great Dane Giant Low
Great Pyrenees Large Low
Irish Wolfhound Giant Low
Kuvasz Large Low
Labrador Retriever Medium Low
Leonberger Giant Low
Mastiff Large Low
Neapolitan Mastiff Giant Low
Newfoundland Giant Low
Pharaoh Hound Large Low
Rhodesian Ridgeback Large Low
Rottweiler Large Low
Saint Bernard Giant Low
Scottish Deerhound Large Low
Thai Ridgeback Large Low
Tibetan Mastiff Giant Low



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