Foxface Rabbitfish

The Foxface Rabbitfish is sometimes called the badgerfish because of its highly contrasting facial markings. This species is an algae eater, but it will also accept a variety of foods as long as vegetable component is offered. The Foxface rabbitfish also feeds on soft and hard corals.

Foxface Rabbitfish
Foxface Rabbitfish (Siganus vulpinus)

Foxface rabbitfish begin to form pairs when they are still small which are believed to be maintained throughout life. The pairs appear to patrol territories on coral reefs. The species can be housed with more aggressive fish, as its venomous spines afford a natural protection, but it can be aggressive to its own kind.

Photo by Larysa Johnston Bicolored Foxface
Bicolored Foxface (Siganus uspi)
Photo by Larysa Johnston

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