Arabian Horse

The Arabian is the oldest purebred in the world bred first by the Bedouin tribes of Arabia. The Prophet Mohammed, founder of the Islamic religion, incorporated the care and management of the horse into the religion. The careful breeding of the Arabian horse proliferated after Mohammed's time. Bedouin legend says the Arabian horse was created by Allah out of a fistful of Southern wind. When God created the horse, he said to the magnificent creature: I have made thee unlike any other. All the treasures of the earth lie between thine eyes. This shall be the seat from which prayers rise unto me. Thou shalt find happiness all over the earth, and thou shalt be favored above all other creatures, for to thee shall accrue the love of the master of the earth. Thou shalt fly without wings and conquer without sword.

Arabian Horse

The Arabian is the foundation horse for all light breeds such as Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse and Morgan. It has a refined and beautiful physical appearance called "type" which includes a dished or concave face; large, dark, expressive eyes set wide apart; arched neck with clean throat latch; high tail carriage; light, elegant way of moving. The average weight of the Arabian is 1,000 pounds and its average height is 15 hands at the withers. They are renowned to be intelligent, easy to train, and truly enjoy human companionship. Arabians are good performers in many disciplines, and are commonly crossed with other breed to create sport horses. Their characteristic short, strong back, allows them to carry substantial weight in comfort; large nostrils and trachea provide greater lung capacity; dense, compact bone; and lighter muscling dissipate heat and lactic acid readily, making the Arabian unrivaled as an endurance horse, and capable of amazing stamina.

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