Danny Goes to Onezeeland - Part 1

Danny felt exhausted and happy at the same time after the soccer game. His class team, a member of Prime Sports Soccer league, has just won big time. He finished the peanut butter sandwich made by his grandmother and drank a glass of milk. Then he glanced to the left and noticed a new pack of grocery coupons on the kitchen counter. One of them read "Prime Pizza! The Best Pizza in Town!" "Strange," Danny thought. “Once is chance, twice is coincidence, third time is a ..." He closed his eyes and tried to concentrate. "Prime time soccer league, prime pizza, prime numbers... Wait a second... Why do they call them prime numbers? What's so special about them?" Danny scratched his head. "Oh, well, it might be just another name. But still, why ..." He yawned. Suddenly, he felt very sleepy. After struggling for some time to keep his eyes open, he gave up and fell asleep.

"Danny, wake up! Wake up! We are about to arrive to our destination, the Onezeeland!" The familiar voice sounded very urgent. Danny opened his eyes and saw Ms. Nancy standing next to him and gently tapping his shoulder.

"Hi, Ms. Nancy! What a surprise!" Danny looked at the endless stream of bright spots swooshing smoothly behind the blue illuminators. "But where am I?"

"You are on board the famous DTSM Pegasus travelling to the Dimension of Numbers."

"What does DTSM stand for? "

Ms. Nancy smiled. "Dimension-and-Time-Space-Machine. Please unfasten your safety belt and follow me to the HoverCap. We will not be landing. The capsule will be only hovering over Onezeeland."

Pegasus snorted softly and stood still. Ms. Nancy took Danny's hand and led him to the HoverCap. Once they got inside, the doors closed and the capsule slid into open space.

"Please put this PegVisio gear on. We cannot talk to each other during the visit. But you and I can exchange thoughts."

Danny struggled for a while trying to adjust PegVisio blue screen to his eyes. The walls of HoverCap went down. He could no longer see himself or Ms. Nancy. “At least my nose is still where it should be,” Danny thought touching his nose. He sighed with relief. "No reason for panic yet.” He glanced at Ms. Nancy and pointed to a beautiful valley with scattered blue lakes and rolling hills below. Before he could ask about the group of three tall figures surrounded by hundreds of small bubbles, Ms. Nancy sent him her telepathic answer.

"The tall ones are numbers three, five and seven!"

"Strange, they look like people although they are not!"

"True, but these numbers are very special, they are like cousins, members of the same family, and they are natural."

"Does that mean they have special talents?"

Ms. Nancy smiled. "No Danny, they are called Natural Numbers because people use them for counting money and other things."

At that moment, number Three stepped forward and waved to the bubbles. Danny turned the volume up and started listening.

"Greetings to you, bubbles! We are the descendants of the Royal Family of Primes, the most important numbers in the whole Dimension of Numbers!"