Danny, Twin Brothers and the Order of Operations

Danny was sitting at his desk and looking at his math assignment. He sighed. " I wish I were a math magician and could solve this problem of multi... pli.. cation, addition, subtraction, and expo... nen... ti... ation without thinking so hard."

He looked through the window. His younger sister Jill was in the yard throwing frisbees to Roxy, their new puppy. "I wish, I wish, I wish..." He waited a couple of minutes. Nothing happened. Danny sighed again and started copying the long line of numbers and symbols into his workbook.

"I wish, I wish, I wish..." Suddenly he heard a loud buzz sound. Danny looked up and saw a bee landing slowly on his desk.

"Hi, Danny. I'm Ms. Exponentiation, but you can call me Ms. Nancy. Did you just call for mathemagicians?" Danny thought he was dreaming but just in case he said "Yes, I did!" He heard a soft humming noise and in a split second four figures materialized in front of his desk. They were humming, whistling and whispering softly. "How is it even possible?" Danny thought. He pointed at his assignment. "Please help me!"

The small band looked at the long line of numbers and symbols, blew their tiny horns, and a few seconds later three more members joined them.

"Danny, your plea sounded pretty dramatic," said Danny's buzzing guest.

"My plea?"

"Yes! You sounded so desperate. It is our rule to help boys and girls who need us most! This is why we are here."

"Thank you! But who are you?"