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Dishwashers: Friends or Foes?

A recent study identified 503 fungal strains inside 30 residential dishwashers. Black yeast that are commony found at the dishwasher rubber seals may produce a range of infections from superficial to deep infection called phaeohyphomycosis.

Parapoxviruses Affecting Ungulates

Parapoxviruses could be transmitted to humans as a consequence of wildlife activities and manipulation of carcasses.

New Promising Treatment for Equine Wounds

New rapid, painless healing of hard-to-heal equine wounds; an alternative solution for treating infected wounds in horses.

External and Internal Abscesses in Horses

External and internal abscesses in horses caused by bacteria.

Harmful Effects of Cannabis

Cannabis smokers are at high risk of contracting fatal microbial diseases and experiencing mental deterioration.

Koran angelfish

The Koran Angelfish, also known as Blue Angelfish, Semicircle angelfish and Half-circled angelfish, is one of the most common and best known angelfishes. It is native to the Indo-Pacific coral reefs and can reach about 40 cm in length. The juveniles have wide and narrow semicircular bands.

Internal Parasites of Cats

Domestic cats can be infested by a large range of parasite species. Parasitic infestations may cause very different clinical signs, from mild gastro-intestinal disorders and failure to thrive to anemia.

Pomeranian Spitz

The key to how good of a pet your Pomeranian is, will be how well you train it at an early age. If you don't train it well, then you will find that it doesn't listen to you with easy to understand commands.

Dogface Puffer

A frequent inhabitant of coral reefs from East Africa to the central Pacific, including the warmer waters of Australia. The species is famous for its ability to swallow water (or air), causing the body to inflate several times its normal size into a spherical shape.

Yellowheaded Sleeper Goby

Gobies lack gas bladders, internal organs found in many bony fishes which provides natural buoyancy. As a result, gobies live on or very near the bottom. Many remain relatively small, less than four inches in length. They are easy to feed and nonaggressive.


People who keep them will tell you that these fishes will quickly become tame and will respond to their owners, beg for food, and generally behave like true pets.

Foxface Rabbitfish

Foxface rabbitfish form pairs when they are still small which are believed to be maintained throughout life. This colorful species can be housed with more aggresive fishes.

The Culture of Verbal Abuse

Human disrespect towards animals is deeply rooted in our culture and has resulted in the endless exploitation of animals for comfort and profit. We can do better.

If you ever get called "bird brain" you should take it as a compliment.

New research has overturned the old views: birds are far more intelligent than we ever imagined.

Gouldian (Rainbow) Finch

These remarkably colorful and beautiful little birds are now widely bred in captivity where they produce color variants.

Acinetobacter - Microbial Weeds

These bacteria are known as microbial weeds, but unlike weeds they may cause severe disease both in humans and animals.

The Toughest Bacterium in the World

Humans can learn a lot from this hardy fighter that manages to stitch its genome together within a few hours after lethal irradiation.

Neva Masquerade

These cats make an excellent family pet as they have a reputation of becoming particularly fond of children.

Clown Loach

The Clown Loach (Chromobotia macracanthus) is an excellent addition to a community tank. You may keep several young clown loaches, but only a single mature one. When first imported, it is very delicate and prone to diseases, but once established it is very hardy.


Rainbow fish are perfect companions to many kinds of cichlids. As a group, they are easily fed and highly adaptable to a wide range of pH and water hardness.

Electric Blue Acara

Electric Blue Acara is easy to maintain and feed as long as the water is kept clean pH is stable. Blue Acaras are carnivores with a set of well developed pharyngeal teeth in their throat along with their regular teeth.

Chinese Sucker, Chinese Hi Fin Shark

The prettiest of the small suckers live in fast, shallow water with rocky bottoms. It has some of the most unusual body shapes in freshwater fishes.

Vibrio algunolyticus Infections

The marine bacterium has been implicated in serious disease outbreaks both in fish and humans.

Limbic System

The limbic system (from the Latin limbus, for "hem" or "border") is an assembly of linked structures that form a loose circuit throughout the brain. This system is a fairly old part of the brain and one that humans share with many other vertebrates; in reptiles, it is known as the rhinencephalon, or "smell-brain," because it reacts primarily to signals of odor. In humans, of course, the stimuli that can affect the emotional brain are just about limitless in their variety.

Diseases Spread by Rats

Rats carry a variety of infectious agents both internally and on their hair. Fleas from rats and mice occasionally spread diseases such as plague, typhus, tapeworms, among others.

Animal photography by Larysa Johnston

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