Pet and Animal Cool Facts, Questions and Answers - June and July 2015

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  • Snow-on-the-Mountain
    Snow-on-the-Mountain (Euphorbia marginata) plant. Where it touches the skin it causes itching and inflammation, accompanied with pimples and blisters, much like these caused by Pacific Poisonous Oak.
  • Rose Mellow
    Rose Mellow (Lavatera trimestris) is a hardy, easily grown, tall (47 in) annual, producing shallow funnel-shaped flowers in summer, in shades of white and pink, with maroon centres and maroon veining on the petals.
  • White Gazania
    Picture of white Gazania.
  • Gazania
    Information on Gazania, a striking drought-tolerant African flowers that grow in every soil, making great groundcovers.
  • Prarie Sundrops
    Information on Prairie Sundrops Oenothera pilosella, sometimes called meadow evening primrose, midwestern sundrops or common sundrops, is a herbaceous flowering perennial plant in the family Onagraceae evening primroses, that is seen in a wide range of habitats.
  • Ageratum
    Information about Ageratum, a species of fluffy, purple low-growing and tall flowers in the family of Asters.

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