Dog Training

Well-trained dogs are not created with magic. Such dogs are the product of an important investment made by their owners, an investment in time, patience and a good training program. If you are willing to set aside some time and can be patient, you now have all the ingredients that are needed.

There are two objectives in training your dog: the major objective and a minor one. The major objective of friendly, intelligent pet dog training is to teach dogs do things we want them to do. The secondary and minor objective is to teach dogs not to do things we don't want them to do. Dog-friendly dog training zeroes in on the major objective. This is the easiest way to train your dog. After all, there aren't many things we consider "right" for pet dogs to do, so you really do not have many things to teach. On the other hand, the list of "wrong" things that pet dogs can do is endless, so trying to train by punishing your dog for each mistake would be an unpleasant process for both of you.

Preventing undesirable behavior during the formative first two years of a dog's life is more effective than trying to undo those behaviors after they have become bad habits. However, even ten-year-old dogs make remarkable accomplishments when trained correctly.

The following articles focus on fundamentals of dog learning process, why dogs behave in a certain fashion; basic commands to use in training sessions; house training an adult dog or a puppy; teaching chasing recall and teaching your dog to go out.

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