Afghan Hound

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    The Afghan Hound is an ancient sighthound dog breed. Distinguished by its thick, elegant, silky coat and its tail with a ring curl at the end, the breed acquired its unique features in the cold mountains of Afghanistan, where it was originally used to hunt wolves, foxes, and gazelles.

    A true aristocrat, the stylish Afghan is an elegant, energetic, dignified dog combining great speed and power. An extremely agile dog, it can gallop at speeds of at least 60 kms per hour, take a broad jump of 6 meters and can leap 3 metres high from a standing position.


    The aloof demeanour and independent spirit, which is so typical of this spectacular breed can mean that it may be a little more challenging to train than some other dogs. However, kindness and patient handling will quickly make the Afghan Hound a loyal and loving companion.


    Its other important need is regular grooming, and a glance at the long thick, silky coat will tell you that this is indeed a time-consuming job. The Afghan Hound comes in a kaleidoscope of solid colors, including white, blonde, red, black, black and tan, blue, and brindle. White markings are not favoured.

    At A Glance






    FCI Classification: Group 10 – Sighthounds; Section 1: Long-haired or fringed Sighthounds
    AKC Classification: Hound Group


    Intelligent, confident, sometimes stubborn. In general, Afghans can be very stand-offish and are sometimes wary of strangers.




    All colors are acceptable

    Litter Size:


    Life Span:

    9 – 15 years

    Grooming Requirements:

    High. Afghans require weekly baths and brush-outs to prevent the coat from becoming a mess.



    Social skills:

    The Afghan Hound gets along well with other dogs and lives in harmony with other pets.

    Suitability for Children:

    Gets along with children very well.

    Exercise Needs:

    Two hours a day. The Afghan Hound requires considerable exercise to maintain good physical condition, as well as a space to play.

    Train Ability:

    Very sensitive to harsh corrections; patience and consistency are the best ways to use. Afghans will pursue and dispatch anything that runs from them and should never be allowed to run at large.

    Known Health Risks:

    The breed is highly sensitive to anesthesia. It is highly recommended to obtain an Afghan Hound puppy or Afghan Hound dog from a reputable breeder. Most common breed-related hereditary and conformation disorders include:


    Cataracts are white opacities in the lenses of the eyes that impair vision or cause blindness. They frequently develop in young animals of certain breeds, such as the English Cocker Spaniel and the Poodle. Cataracts may be present at birth (congenital) or develop later and are caused by infections, injuries, poor nutrition, radiation therapy or toxins.

    Corneal dystrophy

    a condition resulting in chronic ulcers of the cornea

    Demodicosis, Demodex Mange

    Demodicosis, also called Demodex mange, is an allergic reaction to Demodex mites. Some breeds of dogs are predisposed to this skin disorder.


    Glaucoma is an increased pressure inside the eye which is incompatible with the health of the eye. Glaucoma occurs when fluid withing the eye cannot exit causing the pressure to rise.

    Hip Dysplasia

    In general, hip dysplasia can be described as a poor fit between the two bones of the hip joint – the femur and the acetabulum – and is caused by malformation of one or the other. either the head of the femur is flattened causing it to slip out of the socket, or a shallowness of the acetabulum causes the femur to slip out. HD causes stiffness in the hindlegs, considerable pain in the more severe cases and difficulty of movement. It generally manifests itself in puppyhood and can be noticed by the time the young dog is two months of age.


    A condition when a dog’s body underproduces thyroid hormones which results from the destruction of the thyroid gland.

    Progressive Retinal Atrophy

    Perhaps the best known hereditary eye disease is PRA (progressive retinal atrophy) in which the retina, the light sensitive membrane at the back of the eye, degenerates from puppyhood during life.

    Retinal Dysplasia

    Retinal Dysplasia (RD) is a congenital, local or generalized malformation of the retina that may result from trauma, a genetic defect, or damage caused by a viral infection, such as herpesvirus and parvovirus. Most forms of retinal dysplasia in dogs are inherited.


    Choosing a name for your new Afghan Hound puppy is a decision that reflects on the Afghan Hound’s owner more than you might think. Just stop and consider what your friends or neighbors will think when they hear you call your Afghan Hound’s name aloud. We have compiled a list of male and female Afghan Hound names for your consideration in naming your new Afghan Hound dog.

    Afghan Hound Female Dog Names:

    Adiva Paris, Alanna Phe, Alfie Punky, Ali Remi, Anita Saba, Cartier Savanna, China Scheherezade, Dakota Spirit, Didge Sprinkles, Doris Thor, Duma Tigris, Eva Tully, Grace Twinkle, Gracey Via, Lizzie Zaira, Lucy Zara.

    Afghan Hound Male Dog Names:

    Andy Pally, Armilla Phobos, Bowie Pokey, Caballero Quincy, Cracker Rio, Ego Rugby, Evan Scooter, Fire Striker, Jeffie Tariq, Kyle Taylor, Mason Tyler, Nomin Zorg.

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    Image Credits: Corinne Benavides
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