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Akita Puppies for Sale

Akita is a large, sturdily built dog of faithful, docile and receptive temperament. It originated in the 17th century in Japan where it was used for bear-hunting and as fighting dog. Akitas are powerful dogs which are not suitable for inexperienced dog owners. They come in many colors including red and brindle. Browse a nationwide list of Akita breeders to find an Akita dog or puppy.

When visiting a litter, a potential owner should ask to see documentation of the Akita litter's parents' clearance from the OFA or PennHIP (USA) for hip dysplasia (HD), and from CERF for hereditary eye diseases. Ask the breeder if the following health disorders are common in his line: entropin (inward-turning eyelids), glaucoma, PRA, microphthalmia, hypothyroidism, phemphigus foliaceus (skin disease), hemolytic anemia, VKH (skin and eye disease), thrombocytopenia (blood-clotting failure), epilepsy and chondrodysplasia.

  Akita  Puppies for Sale in CALIFORNIA (United States)

Breeders of Akita dogs in North-East Los Angeles County near Lancaster/ Palmdale. Shipping available.

  Akita  Puppies for Sale in FLORIDA (United States)

Breeders of champion Akita dogs, members of the Akita Club of America. Located in Bradenton, Florida.

  Akita  Puppies for Sale in LOUISIANA (United States)

Akita dogs bred for the show ring/companions to approved homes. Health cleared. Genetic tested, shipping worldwide. Located in Baton Rouge.

  Akita  Puppies for Sale in MASSACHUSETTS (United States)

Quality Akita dogs and puppies. Located in Royalston.

  Akita  Puppies for Sale in NEW YORK (United States)

Small hobby kennel breeding Akita dogs with the emphasis on excellent temperaments, good health, sound mind and body, and correct in conformation. Located in upstate New York.

  Akita  Puppies for Sale in OKLAHOMA (United States)

Breeders of champion Akita dogs in Claremore, Oklahoma.

  Akita  Puppies for Sale in OKLAHOMA (United States)

Breeders of Akita dogs in Jay. Produced, owned or co-owned over 135 champions in fourteen years.


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