Alpine Dachsbracke

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    The Alpine Dachsbracke, originally known in its native Austria as Alpine-Erzgebirgs-Dachsbracke, is believed to descend from an ancient hunting dog. Later on, it was crossed with local hounds and Smooth Standard Dachshunds. The breed was developed to track wounded game as well follow cold scent deer trails and was a favorite of the Austrian royalty in the late 19th century.


    This is a muscular, strong, short-legged scenthound that is longer than it is tall. The Alpine Dachsbracke is an intelligent, efficient, slow-moving and hardworking hunting companion. The breed is very robust and capable of working in high altitude conditions. Although these dogs adapt well to country, suburban and city home, they are rarely kept as pets.


    Their double coat consists of a very thick top coat and a dense undercoat which covers the whole body and lies closely. The ideal color is dark red with or without black ticking with black clearly defined red-brown markings on the head (Vieräugl), chest, legs, feet and underneath of the tail. White star on the chest is occasionally seen in some individuals.

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