Amazon Parrots

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    Amazons are the most popular of the larger pet birds. They are usually very friendly and loving, especially if purchased young. Older Amazons can be difficult to tame. Amazons can be playful, so be sure to supply lots of toys for their enjoyment.

    Unfortunately, some Amazons can be noisy during the early morning and evening hours. These birds are capable of learning a large vocabulary and are usually curious and playful. During the breeding season, some males are known to become moody and may not talk even though there is no female present.

    Yellow-naped Amazon

    Yellow naped Amazon parrot
    Image Credits: Matt edmonds, WikiMedia

    The Yellow-naped Amazons are almost all green, except for some yellow feathers at the nape and maybe above the nostrils. The feet are dark gray, and the beak is black. They may range in size from 12 inches to 15 inches long.

    Double Yellow-head Amazon

    Yellow-headed Amazon/ Double Yellow-headed Amazon
    Image Credits: palindrome6996, WikiMedia

    The Yellow-head Amazons are the most common Amazon parrots in the United States. They can be good talkers, playful and affectionate. The most striking feature of this species is the amount of yellow on its head at maturity. There are varying amounts of yellow and red-orange at the bend of the wing, and the thighs can have some amounts of yellow. There are many varieties or subspecies.

    The Blue-fronted Amazon can acquire an extensive vocabulary. It can be playful but noisy at times. The species has a blue forehead and lores. Parts of the cheeks, crown and sometimes the upper breast are yellow. The thighs are yellow, and the end of the wings have yellow and red. The rest of the 13- to 15-inch body and tail is green.

    White-fronted Amazon

    White-fronted Amazon (Amazona albifrons)
    Image Credits: Christoph Anton Mitterer, WikiMedia

    Spectacled (Amazona albifrons) amazon is the smallest Amazon. It can be playful and affectionate and can talk. It does not develop an extensive vocabulary. The species has a blue, red and white head coloration. Males will have red in their flight feathers, while the females may have little or no red at all. The rest of this 10-inch bird is green.

    Red-crowned Parrot

    Red-crowned Parrot
    Image Credits: Liam Wolff, Macaulay Library

    The Red-crowned Parrot, also known as the Mexican Red-headed Parrot is another popular Amazon species. Although these parrots are not known as good talkers, they are affectionate and playful. The color of the lores, crown and forehead is deep scarlet. There is some blue-lilac behind the eyes, and the cheek feathers are iridescent light green. The rest of the body is green, and the beak is horn colored, This Amazon is about 13 inches long from the head to the tip of the tail.


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