American Foxhound Dog Breed

The American Foxhound belongs to the scenthound group of dog breeds. It is believed to be descended from foxhounds imported from Europe. Fox hunting was a popular sport among the landed gentry of Maryland and Virginia as early as the first decades of the 18th century. Maryland hunters can be credited for introducing both Irish foxhound and red fox to this country. It is a relatively large hound standing 21 to 25 inches at shoulder.

American Foxhound

Today's standard for the American Foxhound no longer calls for cat feet as found on the English Foxhound. Developed to hunt fox, the American Foxhound possesses good muscle, stamina, speed, nose and a grand earnest voice. American Foxhounds are used today by a number of hunt clubs. They are hunted in the same traditional manner as English Foxhounds. Foxhounds are taught and trained from an early age to ignore all farm animals or other dogs. He is never referred to as a "dog," he is always a hound. It is important to fox hunters that a foxhound hunts the fox and only the fox. If a hound goes off on the trail of any other animal at any time during his training or while on the hunt, he is immediately pulled from the pack. If he can be placed with a deer hunter (in those states that allow deer hunting with dogs), that may be done. Photo courtesy of