Anglo-Français de Petite Vénerie (Medium-Sized Anglo-French Hound)

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    The Medium-Sized Anglo-French Hound, sometimes called Small French-English Hound, or Anglo-Français de Petite Vénerie, as it is known in its native France, is the result of planned breeding by crossing Poitevin, Porcelaine, Beagle and Beagle Harrier and is the smallest of the French hounds. This is a balanced and solidly built pack scenthound bred for trailing small game such as rabbits, pheasants and quails.


    With his family, he is docile and very obedient but somewhat reserved with strangers. At home, he is a tidy and calm companion. The Anglo-French Hound is expected to live up to 12 years.


    The ideal height is 19 – 22 inches at shoulders. The coat is short, dense and smooth. An occasional wire coat may still occur. Tricolor: white and black with bright tan markings, black nose. White and black with pale tan markings, black nose. Bicolor: white and orange, brown (tobacco) nose.

    Video Credits: Migdonia Kennels
    Image Credits: Jwh, Wikipedia


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