Ariege Pointer (Braque d’Ariege)

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    History & Overview

    The Ariege Pointer, also called Ariege Pointing Dog and known in its native country as Braque d’Ariège, originated in France and is probably descendant from the stem hounds of the Ariègeois area. Being near Italy and the Pyrenees Mountains, he traces back to the Spanish Pointer or Italian Pointer (Bracco Italiano), both of which he resembles.

    About 60 years ago, the Ariege was modified by crossing with the racier Braque Saint-Germain and even the Braque Francais. The dog is big (stands 23.5 – 26.5 inches at the shoulder and weighs 55 to 66 pounds) and robust, the largest of the French pointers.


    For all its power, the breed is graceful and elegant, a tireless worker for the slow pace of hunting in rough terrain.


    The coat is fine and short. The color is white with orange and chestnut spots and may have some ticking. Braque d’Ariège is lively and independent and needs a master who knows how to dominate him. Although an excellent retriever and a hunting dog with a good nose, the breed is known only locally in France. Even at home, it is becoming a rarity.

    Video Credits: Geoffrey Darmani


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