Artesian-Norman Basset (Basset Artesien Normand)

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    History & Overview

    Short-legged dogs were present in northern France for many years where they were known as Norman Bassets. The man generally credited for creating the modern Basset artésien normand is Leon Verrier whose hounds dominated the exhibitions in the early 1900s. After WWII, the breed was reduced to very few pure specimens, but several dedicated breeders saved the Artesian-Norman Basset from extinction.


    This is an athletic dog with long, smooth muscles. The Artesian is a happy, good-natured dog who is courageous and headstrong in the hunt designed to go in the heavy cover.

    Image Credits: M BARON Emilie/Dominique (Owner)

    Originally bred for rabbit shooting, he is now adapted to hunt a variety of prey. His short legs allow him to penetrate the most dense vegetation, there where the big dog cannot go, and to flush out the hidden game. His favorite is hunting the rabbit, but he can just as well hunt the hare as the deer. He tracks and flushes with great determination.

    As a house dog, he is kind, obedient and very patient with children which makes him a great family dog. Some owners say that he has a “melodious voice.”

    Video Credits: Gary Yokoyama
    Image Credits: Pedigree Database


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