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Australian Shepherd Puppies for Sale

The Australian Shepherd was developed by herdsmen from Australia who came to North America in the 19th century. They were called "Australian shepherds", hence the name of the breed. The Aussie is a highly trainable dog and an excellent children's playmate. These dogs are very devoted to their family and need a lot of human companionship. Browse our listings of Australian Shepherd puppies and dogs for sale to find breeders of Australian Shepherd.

  Australian Shepherd  Puppies for Sale in ARIZONA (United States)

Breeder of quality Australian Shepherds. Top Ten dogs in the ASCA Merit Award Program and also a few in the ASCA/AKC Top Ten for agility. Located in Tempe, Arizona.

  Australian Shepherd  Puppies for Sale in MARYLAND (United States)

Owner/Breeder/Handler of champion Australian Shepherd dogs. Located in Westminster, Maryland.

  Australian Shepherd  Puppies for Sale in TEXAS (United States)

AKC/ASCA registered Australian Shepherds. Health guarantees. Member ASCA, TASA. Colors: black tri-color, blue merle. Located in South Texas.

When visiting a litter, a potential owner should ask to see documentation of the Australian Shepherd litter's parents' clearance from CERF for hereditary eye diseases (retinal dysplasia, etc.) and from OFA for hip and elbow dysplasia. Other diseases that may be inherited in Australian Shepherd breed include entropion (eye defect), cystine urolithiasis (urinary tract stones), cerebellar abiotrophy (poor movement coordination), cervical vertebral instability (spine cord defects), and neuroaxonal dystrophy (poor balance). Ask the breeder if these diseases are seen in the line and what steps he or she has taken to avoid these diseases.


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