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    In the past, Siamese litters occasionally included a kitten with longer-than-average fur, especially around the ruff and hindquarters. In the Balinese, these kittens were the product of carriers of the long-hair gene, present among certain Siamese who have the Angora ancestor many generations back.


    Like the Siamese, the Balinese craves attention and enjoys human companionship, though it usually relates best to one person.


    The standards for Balinese is very similar to those for Siamese. Elegance is the essential feature since the length of the Balinese fur tends to give a slightly heavy look.

    The Balinese has no undercoat, so shedding is less than in most other longhaired breeds. The body is usually of even pale color with the main contrasting color confined to the points (mask, ears, legs, and tail). The mask covers the whole face, but not the top of the head and is connected to the ears by tracings. Older cats may have a darker body color.

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