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The Basenji Blog welcomes Basenji breeders as well as current Basenji owners to share their knowledge of this wonderful dog breed. We hope that this information will help prospective Basenji owners to raise happy and healthy Basenji dogs and puppies.

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I wouldn't have anything but the Basenji!!

Hi, I have read the reviews, and can't help but come to the defense of the Basenjis!! LOL :) I have owned and bred Basenjis for 14 years, and I love them. Although they can be extremely destructive for about the first year and 1/2. Lots of attention, love, exercise and discipline goes a long way. A Basenji is stubborn and he/she needs to be made aware that you are the boss, and your rules have to be consistently enforced. If you don't, you are in for much trouble including attitude problems, destruction and so forth...Yes, they are very time consuming, but if properly trained, make excellent pets and great companions!! I wouldn't have anything but the Basenji!!

Posted by Dee - Tuesday, May 23, 2006

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