Belted Kingfisher

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    As it leaves a favored perch overlooking a pool or lake, the Belted Kingfisher (Megaceryle alcyon) often utters its rattling call. Still calling it dashes over the water, keeping its head slightly raised as if it were trying to see just a bit farther.

    It may fish by swooping close to the surface, dipping for its prey. Or it may climb to a considerable height, hold there on beating wings with head cocked, and then plunge. This species usually nests in a burrow in a steep bank, preferable near water. The tunnel may be as long as 15 feet, ending in a slightly elevated nest chamber.

    Length: 11 – 14 inches

    Habitat: Shores of lakes, ponds, streams, coasts.

    Video Credits: Tim Torell
    Image Credits: PublicDomainImages


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