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Bergamasco Breeders

The Bergamasco is a medium sized herding dog with profuse coat that tend to form matts. Vigilant guard dogs, very intelligent, Bergamascos are gentle and protective of their families, especially children. Very powerful and sturdy, the Bergamasco is wary of strangers and makes excellent watchdog. In the USA Bergamasco can be registered with the AKC FSS - an optional record keeping service for all purebred breeds not currently registrable with the American Kennel Club.


Bergamasco Breeders Bergamasco Breeders - (Italy) 

An excellent website about the Bergamasco sheepdog that contains lots of information about the history of the Bergamasco breed, show and events information, pictures of the dogs and more.

Bergamasco Breeders Bergamasco Breeders - (Italy) 

A kennel breeding Bergamasco shepherds according to the F.C.I standard. The website contains pictures of the Bergamasco champions and puppies.

Bergamasco Breeders Bergamasco Breeders - Pennsylvania (United States) 

Silver Pastori Bergamascos, home of the Rebel Coat with the Heart of Gold. Founder of the first registered Bergamasco in the US.



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