Berger Picard (Picardy Sheepdog)

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    History & Overview

    The Picardy Sheepdog has very ancient origins and it is believed that the breed originated from the Picardie region, France. It was recognized as a distinct breed in 1925. The Picardy Sheepdog is a medium-sized dog with a somewhat rugged appearance.


    Even-tempered, hardy, obedient and fearless, he is neither aggressive or shy. These qualities enable him to do an excellent job of driving and protecting flocks of sheep. It is also a very good guard for the home and an excellent family dog who enjoys close contact with children.


    Males are 60 – 65 cm at the withers, while females are slightly shorter, measuring 55 to 60 cm. Its harsh, semi-long outer coat feels crisp to the touch, while the dense undercoat is fine. The coat color varies from fawn, fawn with dark overlay, to fawn brindle and gray.

    Video Credits: Emma Picardi
    Image Credits: American Kennel Club


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