Truperella (formerly Arcanobacterium) is a genus in the family Actinomycetaceae which was named after Hans Georg Trüper, the German microbiologist.

Originally, Truperella species were part of Arcanobacterium genus, but were reclassified as members of the Truperella genus on the basis of 16S rRNA signature nucleotide comparisons and menaquinone and phospholipid compositions 3.

Truperella species produce a number of virulence factors, including pyolysin, a hemolyitic, exotoxin of the thiol-activated, cholesterol-binding, pore-forming family of toxins. Additional virulence factors are two neuraminidases that play a role in adhesion of this organism to host epithelial cells as do neuraminidases of other bacterial pathogens 4.

Truperella Species

  • Trueperella abortisuis (from an abortion of a pig)
  • Trueperella bernardiae (named after the Canadian microbiologist Kathryn A. Bernard)
  • Trueperella bialowiezensis (pertaining to Bialowieza, Poland, where the type strain was isolated)
  • Trueperella bonasi (of the European bison (Bison bonasus) from which the type strain was isolated)
  • Trueperella (formerly Arcanobacterium) pyogenes (pus-producing) is an important opportunistic animal pathogen, which in European bison is associated with different pus-forming infections mainly of the urogenital tract 2. In cattle, this bacterium causes purulent mastitis characterized by pus-filled, bloody secretions. Affected animals are usually very sick and in severe pain. The infection is thought to be transmitted by flies. If not treated promptly, the infection may progress to abscess formation and will require a prolonged antibiotic treatment 5. In pigs, this species causes abortions 6. A number of respiratory disease cases in cattle have been documented in Northern Ireland 7. A case of endocarditis with concurrent pneumonia in a four and a half year old Holstein cow was recorded in UK.


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