Bird Watching (Birding)

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    What Is Birding?

    If you enjoy watching birds, you stand in good company. There are 70 million bird watchers in the United States, people who in the course of their lives make time to see and enjoy birds.

    Some people who like to watch birds are very dedicated, traveling widely and frequently to view new species or gain greater bird-finding or identification skills. These are the people commonly called birders.

    Most people who enjoy birds are more temperate in scope, if not in enthusiasm. They are most fascinated by the birds they find in their own yards. These people are frequently referred to as bird watchers. But there is no sharp distinction between a birder and a bird watcher, since all birders are bird watchers.

    Getting Started

    Binoculars are almost essential for bird watching. Magnifications of up to 10 times are suitable for most purposes. Telescopes are useful for observing distant birds such as Waders and Ducks. Do seek advice from other birders before buying as only certain types (and rather expensive) telescopes are suitable.

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