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Cedar Waxwing

Only two species are in this family, the cedar waxwing and the Bohemian waxwing. And only one of the two, the cedar waxwing, is wide-ranging. The larger, plumper Bohemian waxwing is seen mainly in the northern states, but a bird of this species may hook up with a cedar waxing flock and appear far outside its usual range.

Cedar waxwings live year round in the northern third of the country. Waxwings are easy to identify because they wear a distinctive crest on the head. PLus, they hang around in small flocks.

Waxwings' food consists mainly of flying insects. These birds are nomads, with no particular home base except at nesting season.

Length: 6-7 in.
Habitat: open woods, a scattering of trees in old field, water edges

Cedar Waxwing By Dawn Huczek from USA (Cedar Waxwing) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons




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