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sofieg Monday, January 11, 2016
        You can't go wrong with Labradoodles! They are so loving and cuddley. They bark wanting to protect you, but they are big cowards! When your sick, they just want to follow you and be with you all the time. They never turn on you. And are the BEST with children. Even babies. They love the attention and lick them and cuddle them. So, if your considering a labradoodle, do it! You won't regret it. There isn't one person who has a Labradoodle that ever regrets it!!! Oh, but you should check out your local dog shelters first. You shouldn't go out and buy dogs from breeders when millions die each year in shelters.

mint12345 Tuesday, June 16, 2015
        I was thinking of purchasing a Goldendoodle. In the past I owned Golden Retrievers who have were great dogs, but really shed and my children have allergies. 
My sister just purchased a Goldendoodle from a pet store. It's very cute, 
10 weeks and it looks like a Golden Retriever puppy. The tempermant seems alittle more "type A" than "type B like my past Goldens". Are poodles more hyper. For example, her 10 year old daughter was picking it up and apparently it didn't want to be, and tried snapping at her daughter. It also snapped at her 16 yr old son who tried to pick it up. My golden retrievers never snapped as puppies. 
Is this because the dog, perhaps, doesn't like to be picked up or is that a poodle trait ? Will the Goldendoodle be as gentle as a Golden Retriever or will it usually be alittle more hyper like a poodle. 
It's not a problem to have my 2 children, 8 & 17, not pick it up as a puppy if we should decide to add one to our family. I would imagine that some puppies don't like to be picked up. 
Are poodles type A ? My past Goldens were definietly type B. 
Thank you so much for answering my e mail. How very nice of you !!!! 
I looked for this information in books and on the internet, but I just couldn't find it. Thanks again, Barbara

agrissj Monday, May 04, 2015 10:09:01 PM
        hello i want to know if hovawart dog is good with kids and what else you can say about this breed, like if they like to swim, and something else. thanks in advance. jose

clprince Sunday, April 19, 2015 9:09:01 PM
        You are right that Keehonden are great with children. My Kees and I are a therapy dog team and we go to a children's hospital every Tuesday. I must make one correction in your description above. Keeshonden were bred and used as watchdogs and not guarddogs. They are way too friendly to be guarddogs but will always let you know if there are any strangers around.

nicoledezarn Saturday, April 04, 2015 8:09:01 PM
        I have to throw in a vote for Boston Terriers as great pets for kiddos. My boston was over a year old when we got him from an co-worker whose brother was trying to get rid of him. He had no particularly focused socialization or training, but I had to have him. My daughter was two but very animal savvy when we brought him home. I now have 4 kids (9, 5, 4 and 3) and 3 have special needs. Ralphie has been a true prince with each of them and my fellow boston lovers all echo my finding.

marilynmansonmom Tuesday, March 10, 2015 1:09:01 PM
        I see as I have browsed that no one has said a word about the "nanny dogs" why? My home was robbed a month ago and my mentally handicapped adult child was home with our American Bullys (for you who don't know. Hybrid Pitt Bulls). My son was worried (we were one block away at the laundry) but he was so proud of our big male. The man walked into our home and the dog stopped him dead. My son called me and I was home in less than a minute.I have had my Bullys around newborn babies.

foxforlife Wednesday, February 25, 2015 12:21:28 PM
        What does a dog good with kids behave like? He is people-friendly, calm, tolerant of being petted and handled, easygoing, and not shy or skittish, not fearful or overly confident (fear and dominance are main sources of aggression in dogs), and not too independent. Most studies have shown that terriers are more reactive and more likely to snap at children, although many dog behavior experts recommend Westies and Cairns for even small children.

fanfantuilip Fri, January 09, 2015 01:21:18 PM
        One reason children under the age of 5 are bitten by familiar dogs is because the children unknowingly provoke the animals.
  Young children cannot recognize the emotions or behavioral signals of dogs provoked by rough behaviors. For example, children aged 2–5 years frequently start risky interactions with the pets by pulling dogs' tails,
  hair or paws. On nearly one-third of such occasions, the dogs bite or attempt to bite the children. Running and screaming can scare and anger dogs.
  Child-dog conflicts over toys and other property can lead to biting incidents too. Recent findings suggest children's individual differences may play a role in risk for dog bite injuries. Current dog bite prevention programs tend to focus primarily on changing dogs and their owners via policy and regulations concerning matters such as use of leashes, controls on high-risk breeds, and obedience training. Educational programs for children have also been found to be somewhat successful in children's behavior around dogs. Children who are not shy and live in homes with dogs may have increased risk of bites and therefore require more intensive adult supervision while playing with the family pet or for more intensive training in dog safety lessons.


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