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Bloodhound Puppies for Sale

The Bloodhound is known for his exceptional scenting ability that cannnot be found in any other dog breed. Bloodhounds are very calm, affectionate dogs and love everybody, especially children. Their coat is black-and-tan, red-brown and tan, or tawny. The Bloodhound is unsuitable for city or apartment life. When looking for Bloodhound dogs for sale or puppies for sale, remember that Bloodhounds have several health problems: hip dysplasia, ear and eye disorders.

  • Baskerville Hounds - Kennel background, photographs, and news. Lexington, South Carolina.
  • Bauer - Breed information, photographs and pedigrees of their dogs, and breeding philosophy. Brighton, Illinois.
  • Boxford Kennels - Photographs, news, and tips for new owners. Granite Falls, North Carolina.
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  • Citation Kennels - Pictures, pedigrees, and litter announcements. Corcoran, Minnesota.
  • Legend - Pictures, pedigrees, and memorials. Minnesota.
  • Mayflower Kennels - Mayflower Kennels, located in Ramer, Tennessee, is a breeder of both pet and show bloodhounds. This site has information about the breeding program, their champions, their planned litters, and procedures for acquiring a puppy.
  • Sherick's - Includes photograph gallery including information on upcoming litter, questionnaire, pedigrees, and links. Quenemo, Kansas.
  • Shiloh Hounds - Photographs of show ring successes, questionnaire, and announcements. Linden, North Carolina.
  • Southern Bloodhounds - Photographs, litter announcements, contracts, and tips for new owners. Located in Alabama.
  • TLH - Photographs and show news. Emporia, Kansas.
  • Twin Oaks - Photographs of their show hounds with pedigrees, OFA details and links. Ham Lakes, Minnesota.

Reputable breeders of Bloodhound will be willing to share information about common inherited diseases in the breed such as aortic stenosis, entropion, ectropion and keratoconjunctivitis sicca. Ask the breeder if these diseases frequently occur in his/her line. Beware of breeders who tell you that their dogs are not susceptible to inherited diseases or potential problems.




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