Pekingese Coughing, Gagging

Natalie writes: My 7 month old Pekingese Sandy seems to have something caught in her throat. Not all of the time, but twice now since we have had her. She will start making this terrible coughing/gagging noise like she can't breathe, it sounds really dry and hollow like a kid with whooping cough. What could this be? Dehydration? PLEASE HELP I LOVE HER!!!!

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Hi Natalie,

I know the feeling of utter frustration and helplessness when a family member or pet shows signs of being sick and you want to make them well. As much as I would like to, since I am not a Veterinarian, I can not diagnose, treat or cure the problem with your Pekingese.

Coughing and gagging is sometimes caused by a blockage of the airway. Open your puppy's mouth and look inside. Give it some liquid to drink. Stroke her neck and throat to feel if there are any lumps which might be causing a blockage.

A possible cause of your Pekingese's coughing might be Tracheal collapse. Tracheal collapse is a narrowing of the inner diameter of the trachea. The Trachea is a tube or system of tubes that carries air. The trachea moistens and warms air as it passes into the lungs, and protects the respiratory surface from an accumulation of foreign particles.

Another possible cause is Dry Heaves which is hard gagging or attempting to vomit without a discharge. It is an indication of a potentially serious condition in dogs and cats that requires the attention of a veterinarian. Environmental factors such as exposure to cigarette smoke, new perfumes, or new bedding or carpeting can also aggravate coughing.

Pekingese dog graphic

If your puppies coughing and gagging continues, take her to a Veterinarian. You should note any other symptoms that accompany the cough and make a list for the veterinarian. Ask your Vet to conduct a thorough examination which may include X-rays of the throat and chest and blood samples.

Best of Luck

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