Pomeranian Potty Training Problem

Arcielo writes:  I just got myself a Pomeranian. She is 5months old. I am house breaking her to use potty training pads but lately she has been pulling it and tearing it apart what can I do to stop her from doing that?

Hi Arcielo
I am a believer that training dogs requires generous amounts of affection, patience and discipline. Dogs usually respond better to love and affection than they respond to harsh discipline. I am sure you love your new Pomeranian but she may have been spoiled by her previous owner which will only make your training that much more difficult.

If your Pom's natural instinct to shred the potty pads exhausts your disciplinary patience, there are several commercial products that are made to keep the potty pads in place and deter dogs from moving or chewing them. These products are made of durable construction materials, and weighted to resist movement. Some claim to be easy to clean.

You should be able to find these potty pad trays, holders or frames at most national retail or online pet stores that sell potty pads. Wizdog.com sells a potty training product they claim will not shred and they back it up with a 30 day unconditional guarantee. Another thought would be to consider using regular old kitty litter. A few Pomeranian owners claim to have had success with this.

If you find that these non shredding products are too expensive you might try placing the potty pads on the floor of a small bathroom. Restrict movement from the bathroom with a small baby gate and see if this stops the shredding. Remember the best results are achieved with love, patience and consistent discipline. Good Luck!



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