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Bolognese for Sale

The Bolognese, also known as Bichon Bolognese, is a small white dog with non-shedding coat that does not require trimming. Intelligent, gentle, docile, curious, affectionate and highly interactive with their humans, the Bolognese makes a wonderful family pet suitable for children of all ages. Browse our listings of Bolognese breeders with puppies and dogs for sale.


Bolognese Breeders Bolognese Breeders - (Italy) 

Breeders of champion Bolognese. Located in Tolè.

Bolognese Breeders Bolognese Breeders - Colorado (United States) 

An accredited breeder with the Bolognese Club of America whose goal is to produce a healthy standard of the Bolognese and Havanese breeds. The dogs used in the breeding program are tested for eye and joint hereditary diseases. Located in Delta.

Bolognese Breeders Bolognese Breeders - Ontario (Canada) 

Breeders of Bolognese. Lots of pictures of beautiful Bolognese dogs and puppies.

Bolognese Puppies

Bolognese breeders in Oregon.



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