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    The Bombay is a miniature panther produced by outcrossing to black American Shorthair in 1958. The cat was named for the city of Bombay because it looks like a smaller version of the Indian black leopard. Unlike its wild cousin, however, the Bombay loves the company of humans.


    Although it looks like a small black panther, the Bombay is a particularly affectionate and gentle cat. It has a healthy appetite and a soft voice. It is also confident, a good hunter, active, inquisitive, and patient.


    The primary characteristic of the breed is its glossy, jet-black coat—a fur so short, smooth and close-lying that it resembles patent leather. The Bombay is a patent-leather coated cat, medium-sized with a substantial bone structure, good muscular development, and deceptively heavy. Large, round eyes, described as new copper-penny eyes, give the face a sweet, open expression.

    Colors Recognized by CFA

    Black is the only color permitted in this breed.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel


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