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    It is a big step to decide on a Borzoi as a pet, as he is a large, sensitive, and incredibly demanding animal. One Borzoi needs as much food as a pack of little dogs, and you’re inviting death through stomach torsion if you feed inferior quality food. Borzoi are large to manoeuver in the bathtub and will make the house very wet when they jump out to avoid the towels.


    Borzoi retains instincts of a sighthound. Once they start running, they are oblivious to anything done to call them back. If a rabbit or even a pet cat bolts out in front of a Borzoi, instincts take over and the dog will try to catch and kill what seems to him a fair game.

    Never forget this when you are out with your Borzoi. If the mood strikes him, your Borzoi will run through mud and hedges in the middle of a blizzard; if it does not, he will refuse to go out in a light drizzle.

    The brain of a Borzoi is filled with at least two contrary ideas at the same time: he wants to be the center of attention with his loved ones but wants nothing to do with strangers they have been formally introduced on several occasions.

    Aloof with strangers, the Borzoi is very affectionate to his family and enjoys playing with adults and children alike. However, since Borzoi were bred to hunt in large packs, they should never be considered as pretty toys. The Borzoi gets on with other dogs and children if they know him, and if they are well behaved.

    Borzoi will not tolerate boisterous behavior from any other breed or species and, as they get older, they become less tolerant of other Borzoi as well. The charm of the breed is the sweetness that they show to their own families, while scorning the rest of the world, as if they remember their aristocratic past.

    Compared to other breeds, Borzoi have a much smaller list of breed-specific health problems.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel
    Image Credits: Charlotte Yealey, Pixabay


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