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Briard Puppies for Sale

The Briard, or Chien Berger de Brie, is the oldest sheepdog of France that derives from an ancient type of dogs called livestock guardians. During the World War I they were used as messengers and search dogs to find the wounded. One of the rarest breeds in the North America, the Briard is gaining steady popularity as an excellent watch and guard dog. Browse our listings of Briard breeders with puppies for sale.


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Mon Amie Briards

Briard breeders of both black and tawny champion hearts wrapped in fur. We pride ourselves in breeding dogs of both a sound mind and body that depict the elegant style and grace so characteristic of t


Briard Puppies Enchanted Briards - New Mexico (United States) 

A kennel breeding champion Briards. Located in Albuquerque.

Briard Puppies Bigtree Briards - New York (United States) 

Breeders of Briard, participating in conformation showing, obedience and herding activities. Dogs also have taken part in Agility, Tracking and Schutzhund sports, as well as being Therapy dogs. Provides an extensive list of champion Briards bred by the kennel. Located in Hemlock.

Briard Puppies The CoastLine - New York (United States) 

Briard dogs and puppies for sale, bred with care given to all the features mentioned in the breed standard, including character. Located in Bridgehampton.

Briard Puppies Sendero Briards - North Carolina (United States) 

Breeder of champion Briards in High Point.

Briard Puppies Deja Vu Briards - Ohio (United States) 

Breeder of numerous winning Briard dogs at specialties, producer of over 100 Briard champions with excellent temperaments and clear hip record for the breed. Located in Cleveland Heights.

Briard Puppies Chaotic Briards - Ontario (Canada) 

Breeder of Canada's first Canadian Best In Show. Lots of pictures of beautiful Briard dogs and puppies. Located in Orangeville.

Briard Puppies FairyTale Briards - Pennsylvania (United States) 

Breeder of award-winning Briards in Macungie.

Briard Puppies Eiledon Briards - Pennsylvania (United States) 

Breeders of award-winning, versatile Briards. Briard dogs and puppies for sale, bred for beauty, character, instinct and intelligence. Located in Chambersburg.

Briard Puppies Aigner Briards - Pennsylvania (United States) 

Breeder of Briards offering quality Briards since 1972. Located in Tannersville.

Briard Puppies Cacharel Briards - Queensland (Australia) 

Breeders of Australian and international Briard champions including Best in Show winners, working with quality bloodlines from a large gene pool. All the breeding stock is rigorously screened for hereditary defects such as CHD (Canine Hip Dysplasia) and the Briard specific eye disease CSNB (Congenital Stationary Night Blindness).

Briard Puppies Aladax Briards - Texas (United States) 

A kennel breeding healthy, sound tempered Briards. The dogs are consistently competitive in the show ring often shown by owner handlers. Puppies are raised in the home environment and are well socialized. Located in Dripping Springs.

When visiting a litter, a potential owner should ask to see documentation of the Briard litter's parents' clearance from OFA or PennHIP for hip dysplasia and CERF for eye diseases. Do not buy from a breeder who concentrates solely on physical beauty at the expense of personality. Although gastric dilatation-volvulus (bloat) and hyperlipoproteinemia are not widespread in Briard breed, you should be aware of them and ask the breeders if any of these problems are seen in their bloodline.



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