Brussels Griffon

This reddish-brown little dog was first developed as a rat-killer for stables where horse-drawn carriages were kept. Its ancestors were pest-controllers of the Belgian cities. The earlier dogs in their original form had a less flattened face than they do today. The Brussels Griffon of today resulted from crossing with other breeds, such as the Pug, the Affenpinscher and spaniels. He is outgoing, intelligent, affectionate, and spunky. Some of these little dogs are friendly with strangers, others are timid. The coat of the Brussels Griffon may be rough or smooth and should be trimmed about four times a year.

The Brussels Griffon is intelligent, affectionate, and highly independent dog. He suits perfectly for apartment life, but needs to be trained in a firm and consistent way.

Brussels Griffon
Photo courtesy of Tamaguci

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