Burgos Pointer (Perdiguero de Burgos)

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    History & Overview

    The Burgos Pointer, known in its native Spain as Perdiguero de Burgos, is much appreciated by the hunters who want a robust dog with a keen sense of smell, working on any terrain and skilled in this type of hunting.


    Obedient and very strong, he is also calm and persistent and is an excellent retriever. Although usually used on small game, he can hunt big game, a task where he shows great courage.


    The coat is dense, of medium thickness, short, smooth and evenly distributed all over the body down to the tissue between toes; finer on the head, the leathers and the legs. The primary colors of the coat are white and liver. These colors mix irregularly, giving a liver-marbled or greyish liver or liver-speckled coat as well as other combinations. A very frequent characteristic of the coat, although not necessary, is a distinct white patch on the forehead; the leathers are always spotted in self-coloured liver.

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    1. FCI-Standard # 90/09.11.1998/GB


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