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Many of you, being busy with this and that, will be unaware of the therapeutic value of cats and will not know what good company they provide. Their presence brings a tranquillity of the mind that benefits the sick and pleases the well. And they are such tidy animals. Always grooming themselves and each other. Almost always content. They do not need to be taken for walks- and, even though marvellously independent, still snuggle warmly into your lap as you read the evening paper. However, cats like any other animal can get sick or injured and you need to be prepared to spend money and time to keep your cat healthy. Cats do have some behavior problems that may need an extra effort and lots of patience on your part. Still, many cat owners believe it is well worth it.

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Your Cat Sneezes a Lot. Should You Be Worried?

Sneezing is a protective reflex that manifests as an explosive expiratory airflow that dislodges and expels foreign particles from the nasal cavities. The onset, nature, duration, and progression may be important. If you notice that your cat sneezes a lot, has watery eyes, or and sleeps a lot, these might be signs of a potentially serious problem and the reason to take your cat to a veterinary clinic.

fuzzylop Sunday, January 8, 2017 9:15:05 PM
        My cat has been trying to catch an imaginary thing in the air and on the floor. Is she mentally ill?

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