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    The Chausie is a hybrid type of cat that has wild cats as its ancestors. Not widely recognized, this breed is a cross between a domestic cat and a Jungle Cat (Felis chaus). The cat has a large athletic body and a short coat. They are known to be a great hunter with an excellent ability to jump. The Chausie inherits a tendency to a somewhat shorter tail from the Jungle Cat, but is never bobtailed or tailless. It is generally lither, probably due to the influence of Abyssinian.


    Breeders claim that Chausies are good-natured, intelligent and make loyal pets if they are properly socialized from birth.


    The overall appearance brings to mind a Middle Eastern/Asian Jungle Cat as the breed retains a strong resemblance to its ancestor. The Chausie comes in several color varieties:

    • Solid black
    • Brown ticked tabby
    • Black grizzled ticked tabby (the hair shaft is banded with a lighter color at the skin alternating dark and lighter bands of ticking and ending with a dark tip).

    The grizzled effect is the result of the use of the Jungle Cat in the development of this breed.

    Video Credits: Animal Planet, Discovery Channel


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