Chewing Of Electric Cords

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    Is there a way to make your cat stop chewing on electrical cords? Did you have to replace the telephone cord because she chewed on it so much the telephone stopped working? What can you do to make her stop before she cuts off your communications again? Chewing on an electrical cord is a dangerous behavior that you must correct immediately, before your cat or kitten electrocutes herself, shorts out your wiring system, and burns down your house!

    Why Do Cats Chew Cords?

    Electrical cord chewing is not an unusual activity for kittens. It is most likely a combination of their desire to chew on something because they are teething and the fact that the cord may resemble a small snake. The telephone cord is incredibly tempting to kittens because it moves, making it appear even more prey-like. Generally, the cords to lamps, radios, and televisions sets remain stationary, but many people drag the telephone around the house while they are talking. This makes attacking and chewing on it even more delectable.

    Stopping Thier Chewing Habits

    The way to make your kitten stop is to cover the cords so she can’t get to them, or to make them taste very bad. Playtime, involving your toys that your kitten can stalk and pounce upon (the way she attacks the telephone cord), will help, but this behavior is so dangerous that you must make her stop completely, not just slow down.

    Provide your kitten with a small and chewable toy to work on while she is teething and spend a little extra time playing with her by dragging or tossing toys she can chase and pounce on. If you don’t want as much exercise as you get by dragging the toy around the room for her, use a kitty tease or other toy-on-a-string that you can flick or drag around for her to chase while you are sitting in a chair. But distraction and substitution are not enough to assure a quick end to this dangerous behavior. You must make the cords uninviting.

    Being Tidy

    Out of sight, out of mind is a good rule for electrical cords, whether you are dealing with a toddler or a young animal. Gather up the excess cord behind your entertainment center and coil it into a small bundle. Tape or tie-wrap the bundle so it won’t come unwound, then secure it against the appliance’s back with more tape. Cords, such as lamp cords that must run across the floor, should be taped down so your kitten can’t get to them.

    Coating The Cord

    Cords, such as telephone cord that can’t be secured or taped down, should be treated with a bad-tasting substance or wrapped in an aluminum foil. Many cats hate the taste of “Bitter Apple”, a chewing repellent sold in pet stores. Joy dishwashing soap is also highly effective. Either of these substances can be applied to the telephone cord and any other cord that can’t be secured or hidden from your kitten. Wet a cloth with a generous amount fo soap or “Bitter Apple” and rub it down the full length of the cord.

    Conventional Approach

    Use the magazine toss, sharp clap, or hiss if your kitten approaches an electrical cord. Say in a loud, sharp voice, “No! Bad cat!” Be very aggressive in chasing her away from the cord.

    In extremely stubborn cases, wipe the cords with Tabasco sauce. This should be used as a last resort because Tabasco is a very painful pepper preparation. However, it is not as painful as electrocution and should be used if all else fails. Always try the “Bitter Apple” or “Joy” approach first. Always start out the way you plan to continue. Don’t let your kitten get away with dangerous or destructive behavior even once, no matter how cute she looks.

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