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Chow Chow Puppies

The Chow Chow is considered to be one of the oldest dog breeds. The breed originated in China around 2,000 years ago where it was used for home protection, herding cattle and hunting. The Chow Chow comes in two varieties- smooth and rough and can be black, red, cinnamon, blue or cream. Chows are very independent, one-person dogs that need early socialization with children and other house animals. They can be aggressive and are not suitable for families with young children. Browse our listings of Chow Chow breeders with puppies for sale.

  Chow Chow  Puppies for Sale in FLORIDA (United States)

Chow Chow puppies from champion blood lines (so called Blue Bloods). Breeders of Chow Chow dedicated to improving the breed.

  Chow Chow  Puppies for Sale in IDAHO (United States)

A.K.C. Registered Purebred Chow Chow puppies for sale in Burley, Idaho. Show potential and pet quality puppies available. Stud services and shipping available. Pedigree's posted on our website.

  Chow Chow  Puppies for Sale in OREGON (United States)

Breeders of Chow Chow puppies in Boring, Oregon. Colors: red, white.



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