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    The Chuck-will’s-widow (Antrostomus carolinensis) is nocturnal and rarely seen during the day. When flushed, it flies off a short distance, then drops to the ground again. Chucks hunt low to the ground, catching flying insects such as moths, beetles, and winged ants and termites.

    They have occasionally been reported to take warblers and sparrows. Its sound, chuck-will’s-wid-ow, repeated over and over, the chuck deep and low, the rest of the call whistled. Also utters a froglike croak when flying.

    The species is found in open woodlands and clearings near agricultural country in Kansas, Indiana, and Long Island south to the Gulf states. The bird winters chiefly in the West Indies and from Mexico to northern South America.

    Video Credits: tavovalero
    Image Credits: Melissa McMasters


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