Clumber Spaniel Breed

The Clumber is a fine tracker and retriever, albeit slower than other spaniels. This breed got his name from Clumber Park, the home of the Duke of Newcastle in Nottingham, England. The Duke favored the breed and made him popular in the 19th century, especially among the nobility. The Clumber has been described as "the aristocrat of the spaniel family." Indeed, it was difficult for others to obtain examples of them! In the hunting field, Clumbers used to work as a pack, moving slowly and systematically through the undergrowth and flushing the game towards the hunters. They are silent workers, so much so that they are frequently worked with bells attached to their collars.

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The Clumber is a very calm, serious, cautious, docile, dependable and faithful dog. He has great strength and endurance, but he often bonds closely with one member of the family.

Like with most other Spaniels, grooming consists in maintaining a neat, "natural" look.

Clumbers love children and can tolerate a good amount of misconduct from a loving child. He is not a watchdog. Although he will alert the owner about an approaching deer, squirrel or visitor, he will welcome the same human visitor into the house. The Clumber is not a nuisance barker and will bark only for a reason.

Clumber Spaniel
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